The Curious Mind Wins All the Time | Breaking Down Tillman Feritta’s Knowledge Bomb

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 See why Houston Rockets owner and billionaire Tillman Fertitta says, “People who ask questions are often the smartest in the room because they have the humility to ask about what they don’t know.”

DEFINITION – Pay Per Click – Pay-per-click (PPC), also known as cost per click(CPC), allows business owners to send traffic to their websites in exchange for money that the advertiser is paying per click.  

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Two men, 13 multimillion dollar businesses. Eight kids, one business coach radio show. It’s the thrive time business coach radio show. Get ready to enter the thrive time show. Yes,

yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation. I could not be more fired up than to have today’s guest, Matt Klein on the thrive time show met Klein from Denver, Colorado. How are you sir?

I am doing awesome. How are you done

Ben? I’m just telling you I’m excited about you. I’m excited about Denver. I’m excited about Oxi fresh. I’m excited that Matt Klein. Guess what happened last night at the Clark House at the Clark Pool

Double Back Flip.

Here’s the deal. I have no coordination. I’ll let you find that. There was one guest. I’ll give you one more guests. We have it. We have a basketball goal in the pool. I did not do a double that back flip. You have one more chance to win 17,407 mega points.

Um, I think you kicked a ball from the front. Bounce out twice at one of your kids in the head, in the hoop.

Nope. Something better than that, Matt. If it’s possible for you to imagine. I actually challenged my four daughters. The oldest is 14 two a good healthy game of four on one pool basketball, you were playing that the game 21 you know where you shoot, you shoot the ball, you shoot the ball from a distance equal to about a free throw. If you miss the shot, the balls, life, anybody can now score. But anytime they score, if any of the four of them score, that’s a point for them. If, if any of them scored all that, they get a point all towards the team, the team of the as team estrogen. Now if I score all the team, all of the points go to me, you know, and so I was winning. It was very dominant, mad. I was crushing and I’m good. I’m just decimating and nine year olds and 11 year olds, we total domination that they cannot compete.

And then my wife is like, that’s not fair. So she comes in and putting on her goggles, you know, her horse grant goggles. She puts those things on and she comes in there like, like a honeybadger from, from like jaws though. It was like jaws and the honeybadger come in there and she comes in and she starts just doing crazy stuff. Dude, she’s grabbing me, she’s pinching, she’s throwing, she tried to dunk me. She’s tried to. And I’ve narrowly up a a one, a 30 to 28 in the backyard brawl at the Lampoon Lagoon there at the Camp Clark and chicken palace. I was able to pull off a victory and the bet was they could have ice cream if they beat me and if they didn’t, they got nothing. And so I’m mad. I sat there last night enjoying our family dinner, knowing that they got nothing.

You were a vicious competitor, my friend.

It was an incredible performance. Now tonight, uh, barring Reno, but whether, whether it is this time of the year, whether it could be a factor, but I’m willing to get back in there and do what I have to do and to make it happen. I mean, if I’ve got it right now, I’m shooting at least Matt, probably 52% from the free throw line. Incredible.

52. How about from like five feet out?

Oh, five feet out. I’m a good probably. So now I know these are, I’ve about five feet. I got, I got about 60%, but if I’m from a free throw line there, you know, again with the water conditions, I mean I’m near the hot tub and so there’s water. It’s, it’s almost like a wave pool in there is it, you know, there’s wind and there’s, there’s, there’s things happening. There’s a lot of distraction of cats. I have 13 cats what going on, but despite, um, it feels like I’m playing on the road, I’m still able to, uh, score at least 50% in, you know, of the time from the free throw line. Is it, isn’t it? Isn’t that impressive, Matt?

Yeah. That puts you at about, um, Shaquille O’Neal numbers.

Yeah, no, no. I am the Shaquille O’Neal of the pool. I mean I’m dramatically bigger than my components I make up for lack of finesse and skill with just physical force and because I have no problem throwing women around in the pool, I have no problem at all. And outside of the pool I’m not going to do that. But in the pool anything goes because we’re talking about me. I mean if I were to buy them all ice cream mat, that would cost me between 12 and $16 and if I shut them down, that money can be saved and put into the scrooge account and it doesn’t get purchased. Nothing that gets purchased at all. Matt,

I feel like you’ve got a pretty good strategy. I kind of want to hear the other side of the story here. So maybe one day you’ll get your daughters on here and I get to the two and the other side here.

See, and that’s what this ties into what we’re talking about today, Matt, the curious mind wins all the time. You’re the kind of guy and Oxi fresh or the franchise brand developer. You help people discover whether an oxi fresh is the right franchise for them to achieve their goals. You’re the guy who always asks those great questions. You’re like the John Stossel of Franchisee. You’re like the Barbara Walters of franchising. And Matt, I like that. I want to read a notable quotable from Tilman Fertitta from his new book. Shut up and listen, this is the guy who started, um, many, many successful companies, but Landry’s, he owns the Golden Nugget Casino. Uh, he owns the rain forest cafes. He has Morton steakhouse, Bubba Gump, uh, as the shrimp company he’s doing, he’s doing very well. This, Justin, he, but he’s doing Tilman. Fertitta is doing well. And I will read from page one 15 of his book and I want to get your take on this and I want to get Josh’s take on this. And then bins take on this. This, this topic of the curious mind wins all the time. So he writes, Tilman Fertitta writes, people who ask questions are often the smartest in the room because they have the humility to ask about what they don’t know. Matt, why don’t you worry when somebody comes to a discovery day to buy an oxi fresh franchise and they ask no questions, but they say, yeah, let’s do it. Well, why is that troubling?

Yeah, well, because it’s a two way street. I mean when it, when it comes down to it, if, if by the time someone gets to Denver, if they’re not asking specific questions about themselves and their market and individuals on our teams and how all this can come together, I mean, we’re going to get there eventually, but it makes the process nice because if there’s no dialog back and forth and I don’t know what you know and what you don’t know and it’s a very scary proposition to be having a conversation. So I’m going to just talking the whole time. Most of the time if that happens, they’re not getting to that discovery process because it’s not just going to be a good fit on my end. I have to know that the person that is coming out to Denver that’s gonna meet the team, we’re going to spend valuable time there that they can almost recite back our conversations at least to a point where they can potentially sit in my seat and talk to somebody else about Oxi fresh.

And a lot of that comes from the dialogue, the question right? And the back and forth scenarios, breaking down their individual strengths and weaknesses. Right. So very much this process has to be a back and forth. Um, you know, because I’m not a lecturer, I’m here to, to, to learn about you. You’re here to learn about us. So comparatives that somebody is engaged enough to be asking top of mind question. If you’re afraid to ask questions, I very much am afraid of how you’re gonna run your business to them to be honest. Cause that’s, that’s a lot easier than running a business. There’s asking questions,

you know, uh, John Barnett, the founder of oxi fresh and your, your boss, the guy you work with up there. Um, and it’s, it’s not, it’s not polite to, uh, say disparaging things about people when they’re present or not present. Um, but I have, I have, I have some hot takes about John Barnett here. Debt Guy will obsess about a question and we’ll not get off it until he understands it. I remember when he started asking, how does, how does somebody get to the top of Google? You know, and people are going, well, you know, it’s complicated JB. And he goes, well, you know, I know, but I want to know. And I think he has stayed on that topic for 12 years. I mean, I’m serious. The, he’s not, I don’t think he’s stopped asking the question. You’re like, you know, JB, how are you doing? He’s like, uh, you know, Google’s done some updates. How do we get to the top of that? Three-Pack I mean, wouldn’t you say he’s obsessed with making sure that the oxi fresh franchisees have the best marketing tools possible?

Yeah. I mean we just had an hour long meeting about PPC out of our pages and the type of pictures that need to be on there, whether it’s appropriate to above an Oxford vehicle or the franchisee picture. And we looked at l all the analytics from all the pages across the country. So yeah, I think what you just said is a little bit of an understatement to be, to be honest.

Talk about the PPC cause you’re, you’re, I mean I’m down with o p p but we talked to me about PPC.

Yeah, you can be down with PPC, right?

I don’t really know. Actually. I just wanna make sure that, you know, I’m not down with OPP. I’ll tell you if you’re out there and you know what that means. I’m not down with that. I’m done with mp3s. I’m done with DVDs. I’m done with, I’m not done with PCP or Opp, but I can tell you this, I am down with the, the uh, the, the, the p.

That might be tough. Maybe that’s why you’re wearing all those games in the backyard.

Tell me a little bit more energy. Oh,

Matt, are you down with ed?

Ah, I don’t know what the candidate that Trump did that could be,

I don’t know. You had to, you’d have to kind of say the word. Who am I? Who am I to, uh, say that kind of thing on this show? This is like this family friendly show. So tell me about, tell me about the PPC. What does PPC mean?

He can see his paperclick that’s another marketing option that we use. Um, to make it easy, you have your Google page. Um, typically there’s, there’s, you know, three companies that show up and it’s right next to the map. And then on top of that you’ll have ads. Okay. And these are typically you pay per click and customer comes in, sees your ad, clicks it, and you pay for that click, right? So it’s a very nice way when you have a very good Google page to stack on top of that. Like, for instance, if you’re on a cell phone and you type in carpet cleaning and you are fortunate enough to have a very dominant Google page and you also do an ad, you’re probably gonna show up twice on one screenshot. That’s a pretty powerful marketing presence on a cell phone. But to get there, you have to manage those.

And so what we do is we really go into the analytics of a PPC program, how much money we’re spending per click, what words you want to actually invest in. Because there’s some words out there that are too expensive to invest in cause it’s all about return on investment. You spend a dollar, you want to get something back, right? And so we want to basically play with those. And we have a company that really works with us and manages these programs, tie traffic times, buying patterns, um, certain key words that get a great return. And so those are the things for me as a business owner, for our franchisees that are really comforting because anybody can go out there and try to run a PPCs. Very few companies and very few people do it successfully. So you want to have some backing there with professional people that understand the lay of the land that can understand things that are going to be changing down the road. So PPC is another marketing program that we’re going to want to utilize to really grow your online presence, but it needs to be managed appropriately.

So what happens to oxi fresh? If a guy like j B John Barnett, the founder of Oxi fresh stops being curious, what have you started to say man? Yeah, we’re there. We’re done mean this is, this is the thing about success is it’s Kaizen, the DD Japanese term, the oriental term of continual improvement. What happens when you coast and you’re like, okay, I’m there, I’m good.

It is so, so important. And I think you know a lot. It goes two ways and I’ll be, I think it’s important to kind of talk a little bit about that. So first and foremost, if you are with a company that doesn’t know the current trends of the marketing programs you’re using, that means that you’re behind the ball. And anytime you get behind the ball it’s, it’s stumbly hard to get the head of it cause then you have to implement new programs and then you have to learn how to work with them. And then for a franchise you have to let all the franchisees understand how it’s working too. And if you don’t have those going, then you’re going to be behind the ball. And I can assure you somebody else is going to be taking that spot where he used to be. So it’s vitally important to stay on top of, of like whether it’s Google trends, right?

Google changes their algorithms. I know a lot of people talking about algorithms for forever now, but it’s real. If you’re not staying on top of that and understanding how you actually show up on a Google search to the very, very depths of what you can understand, then you’re going to be behind him. Same thing with PPC. Same thing with our Home Office. If we are not investing time and understanding the back ends of all these programs, then it’s going to be very hard for us to keep up. And if you get one behind and you get too behind, you might as well just go and do something else because it is going to be hard to get back. So I’m very, very, um, fortunate to be in a company from the top or investing in our, our knowledge of these programs. And it changes this year we’ll have two or three different, in the next 12 months we’ll have two or three new marketing company that we’re going to be utilizing that we’re not even talking about now, right? So we just need to be able to be open to new ideas, investing time, and understanding them and an implementing across the country. So we can take advantage of us where our competitors are typically about six months to 12 months behind the ball.

Now, a Josh with living water, you, you own an irrigation company and, and a, a BTW, you know, I’d love for you to, uh, uh, uh, share your answer asap, you know, uh, with Alyssa, it’s out there. Gee. Oh yeah, there we go. So, um, seriously living water, irrigation. What happens if you’re not curious about how to provide your customers with the latest and greatest technology? Cause how has the irrigation technology changed in the past 10 years? So the big thing would be just the, the influx of the technology with a Wifi and wireless sensors and, and things like that. And who doesn’t? Why five sprinklers? Oh absolutely. What am I getting in my yard right now? I’m doing well actually right now in your yard, you’re getting nothing. Nothing. But you will. Oh, that wasn’t very nice. You will in the next week to 10 days, have the ability to operate your sprinkler system from your phone. I have audio, a, uh, this is Matt of, of me in the future. Turning on the sprinkler system. Do you want to hear it? Here we go. Wow. Wrong clip I guess, but going, going with that, you know, I think curious people, I think entrepreneurs as a whole are very curious. If you look at at the, the questioning everything, and if you’re not asking questions and if you’re not curious, then you’re dying cause you’re either growing or dying. So if you’re not asking, how can I improve? What can I do? How do I grow? How do I learn? Matt, do you cry in


What was the movie that was a real serious, what was it? Real tear-jerker was a movie you saw and you said, oof. Freedom. Braveheart. Yes. [inaudible] where you really, it got ya.

The best man on fire. Last. Last seed. Oh Man.

On fire. What’s man on fire manifesto. Is that a real thing? Is that a moon? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Okay. Okay man on thought man on fire. Yeah, man on fire. This is an emergency. I go, what am I doing? Why am I hosting this show right now? I got to go see man on fire. What the what the crip? I feel like I don’t know if I’ve seen that movie.

Sure. Kim series. Daddy, you

okay? So this is what I have just started. This is what I decided to do a couple years back. I thought,

why am I crying right now?

It’s hard to deconstruct it, you know like why and it’s interesting how the music in soundtracks can impact how you feel about something. So then I started watching videos by Hans Zimmer. I watched the Oprah masterclass with Hans Zimmer where he explains how music, you know, sets the tone and creates the atmosphere and it’s crazy mad how like certain music could make us kind of scared and certain music can make us kind of happy, you know? So man, I’m going to cue up some, some scary movie man. Mo movie music. Real quick, let me get some movie music and we’ll just kind of, you tell me if this would be great stuff for you to go to sleep listening to. Okay. I’m queuing up here. I’m going to get this going here.

Okay. One second. No [inaudible]

could you sleep with the head? Okay. Is that okay for you?


would that bother you mad if you slept with this music?


well as long as we keep adding the intermittent like a in between the song. Yeah. I don’t think anyone could speak to that.

Let me try this one. See if this is one movement. Maybe you could see if this would help you sleep really well. Let me just queue this up. See if this could help you


hearing this. Would you, would you be able to sleep well

the night there?

Although I’m a big piano guy. I don’t, I don’t think so

but the one the corner but did that crazy and that was just why like why is that music? Why? Why is it scary? Like why does it, why does it universe? It doesn’t matter what culture did you get? People from America, people from all over the world, any country Canada, people from Japan, people from the u s and they all listen to it and they go, oh that’s scary. Now this is right here. Why is this funny?

Or at least like kind of curious. You know what, where are we going? Like why does it seem like this is a bunch of third graders planing like eliminate stand that somehow is like a ploy to trick their sister. Like why? Why does this seem like a bunch of third grade boys are planning an attack? They’re there. They’re there putting a rubber band around the, the, the, the, uh, what’s that?

[inaudible] your mom goes to spray off the dishes. What’s that thing in sink? What’s that thing? Mist sprayer. Yeah, the sprayer. You know, you’re the whole, you know, the, the whole trick where you put the rubber band around it. Have you ever done that to your mom before? Oh yeah. That’s a huge overwhelm. Let me tell you, I promised my wife I’m not doing it again this week. You know what I mean? It’s a thing where I’ve [inaudible]

I’ve matured over this. Seems like I’m going to go put the spray, like I’m getting the rubber band out, putting it on the, on the sprayer and getting ready to spray my one. And so I ducked down behind the counter and I wait for hours. She comes home from work, she turns on the, she turns it, she turns on the [inaudible]

water and then this happens. No, but I’m saying, why is there a certain music that makes us feel a certain way? I don’t know. So I started deep diving into it and once I started starting to discover why certain music impacts us, I’m going, this changes everything. This allows you to make better commercials. So this allows you to put, oh, but only the curious mind wins all the time. Josh, what would, what is something that you got curious about? Was it, was it becoming self-employed? Was it, how to scale a team? I mean, because you’re not coachable unless you’re curious. When did you first become curious about how to grow living water?

So the very first thing is when I came to a conference couple of years ago, and you started talking about Google rankings and Google listings and all that. And I knew nothing of it. And I mean nothing like less than nothing. And so I’ve read a little bit and a little bit of Bruce Clay’s book and, and started to read and study and realized it wasn’t this mystical, magical thing that everybody says and the Web guy says of, Oh, it has to. But it was really fascinating to realize what is necessary to get to the top of Google. And that you have to consistently do so. So that would, uh, when we first started, it would be that, um, professionally speaking, the technical aspects of sprinklers, I kind of nerd out on that really as far as just the hydraulics and the design aspects and all those things. Um, but I think what our listeners really want to know is Matt Klein, can you make it through Rudy without crying?


Not Possible. It’s impossible. No prompts for it’s unethical and not possible. If there is one, there is, one can emphasize it and that I can’t, it’s like hard for me to watch. Yeah. You know, and he goes, who was the wild man? Now you’re seeing that the guy in the stands, oh, that one makes me tear up for different reasons and then I cry at the end.

Well, I’m getting goosebumps, right? And I’m not kidding. I’m getting goosebumps right now. I’ve watched Rudy 437 times in my life and I’m a 41 year old man. I could watch it right now when he gets in the game and oh, it’s, I mean, I’ll start crying right now and I’m not kidding. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing

when Rudy gets in the game, that gets you going. Absolutely. Positively. Ben, if you ever seen the scene where Rudy gets in the game, I’ve actually never seen,

oh my gosh. I know. It’s your life right now. Uncultured Oh, here we go. Oh, his music. You gotta watch this. You gotta come around. Hey Stan. There we go. I’m going to kick the ball off. Some guy went to school with parents or their kids are going crazy.

What happens right there? That’s, that’s you’re missing the sack. Well, I’m only, I ha I had to tweak him. He can’t play the entirety of a movie. It’s beautiful and beautiful. This was shameless now. Oh, Hey Ben. Um, could you share with, with Matt what it is that you do? Uh, I am the search engine optimization manager here. So you’re obsessed with Internet optimization? I am now, yes. How do you, how do you, I’m just curious and the listeners are curious, how do you stay consistent and keep the team consistently pumping out content? Because you know, it’s content is king. How do you, how do you motivate yourself every day? What, what do you, what are you doing? Your, your wife works in the office too, so she tastes, are you still or is she stopped or how do you, how do you stay motivated? Uh, luckily she hasn’t stopped yet, so, no, I’m kidding.

But I mean for me, um, I was, um, so I mean for me, sorry. No. Um, but for me I do it because I do, I do it for the clients. Um, cause I know, let you know Josh, you know, and being on page one in Google means everything to him. Um, with these other clients, you know, they’re on page two, they’re on page three. And finally getting to that number one ranking on Google, um, can really change the life. I do it for that reason. I do it. Um, so I can pay my bills and so I can, um, have a happy wife. Happy life. And Yeah. So I’m, and so that’s one of the reasons why I do it. So, and a Taser and a Taser, Matt client, wouldn’t life be easier if everybody had that mindset that Ben towns there?

It sure would. But, um, there’s two sides to every coin. I mean, for me it’s been better. I’m glad that people don’t care about that.

Oh yeah. [inaudible]

right. Cause I can spend my time on my market and grow and put the effort and make sure my employees understand the value of reviews and how it impacts their paycheck so that we don’t 50 reviews higher than the next person. I can focus on another area and then dominate that small upon. So yeah, I mean, you know, everyone on my team and everyone in the office team, it would be a, an absolute shame to not approach it that way, but it happened. So if you want to be successful currently, right now, you better focus on the things that make you the most amount of money with the least amount of effort and that’s one of them.

If you’re out there listening today, I have some homework for you. I want you to ask yourself the following questions. Okay? I’ve got five questions for you. Ask Yourself, what’s one, what is the game changing move that you need to take with your marketing? Like what is the thing that’s separating you from super success when it comes to your marketing? Now in the event that you’re getting leads, what’s the one thing that you could do to take your sales to the next level? Not just leads, but actually converting stuff. We’ll get you to take your sales to the next level. All right? Be Curious about that. Ask yourself what, what is the one leadership trait that if you could improve that area, you dominant. You just saw me, Josh, just deal with an employee situation. Yes sir. Somebody having questions about pay or something? Yes sir.

Knocked it out. Boom. Out of the park. But a lot of people get all weird right there. When employees start asking about pay, you still let me deal with it though. So maybe it’s just co communication, maybe that’s the thing. [inaudible] and then the next question is how could you improve your accounting systems, your, your processes? And then five, how could you make your business more repeatable? And if you don’t know, perhaps you should reach out to the good folks at oxi fresh and schedule a discovery day or discover to schedule an initial call Matt with you. And then Matt, if somebody does go to thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh thrive time, forward slash oxi fresh. And they do schedule a initial call with you. What’s going to happen? Give us kind of a six in 60 seconds. What, what’s, what’s the, give us an overview of what we can expect if we are curious about learning more about an oxi fresh.

Yep. So once you thought that for one line, oh, you can put them to our, our, our program. So you can have your information where you’re from, some details about you, you’ll automatically get sent a just a quick text saying, Hey, this is Matt or Mike would occupy [inaudible]. Let’s set up a time. You’ll just get an email and then we’ll call you. So once we set that up, we’re going to go through the exploratory process. I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions about yourself and your background and what you believe you are good at and what some things you maybe don’t believe you’re good at and just the whole history of yourself, right? If I know a little bit about that, then we can talk about Oxi fresh, how it may fit into your goals, the things that you can really be, um, do good with extra things.

We can help you with our express. Eventually we’ll get to a common ground where there is no more talking than needs to be had. There’s no more documents that need to be reviewed then mixing that we need to do. And this honestly could be a month, it could be two months, it could be three months down the road. But eventually we’ll get you out to Colorado and meet our entire team. You’ll be tired of speaking to me at that point. Um, you’ll meet them, you’ll go through the process, see how our technology works, our cleaning system, you’ll see our individual staff, how they support you. So we’ll take you through the entire process. And the next step after that is becoming a franchise. So in less than 300 words, that’s what’s going to happen.

Matt. Um, I’m going to cube an audio clip here for a chance for you to win massive mega points. Um, this is for six mega points and we’ve been, we’ve been, uh, recently, um, adjusting our currency. A lot of times we’ll give away thousands of mega points, but recently Dr z said, you know, burn a lot of the currency. Get it down to where you know, mega points are worth more. So we’re going back to like the 18 hundreds and what a mega point was worth in before hyperinflation. Right? And I’m going to Cuban audio for you and I want you to hear this audio clip. And I’d like for you to tell me what you think it is because, um, one of the things is listeners out there who are thinking about buying an oxi fresh, uh, they know, and I know that you really shouldn’t buy an Oxi fresh from somebody who can’t, uh, guess sounds very well. It’s just of a thing. I mean, Matt, have you heard that? Is that something you’ve heard? Say that you wouldn’t be okay. So I’m going to cue it up real quick. Um, this is an audio and I just want to, uh, see if you can tell me what this is here. Here we go. Let me, let me get it going and tell me if you can hear. We go. Can Matt Klein named this sound?

Which way are you going with it? Which side? Is that a good shot, Amy? Man, are you asking about the shot again? Boom.

No. What was that man, I’ll hear it one more time.

Play car donkey on his daughter’s in the backyard.

No, that, that is not, that is not what that is. And the listeners are very frustrated. A lot of people will put their hopes and their dreams and you, I’ll cue it up again this time. If you could take the competition seriously. There’s many people all across this great country who want to know if you can guess that sound, because if they’re going to trust and you to lead them to franchise Nis, they need for you to be able to name sounds. Cause it’s a huge thing. I mean, think about the Franchisee. It’s like Matt, Matt, I have a new franchise in Toledo here and I’m making all this money and in a quick, I don’t know what the sound is, Matt helped me. And if you’re like, I don’t know. I don’t know. Let me queue it up here. Let me try again.

Oh Man. Nothing like air con.

Was that Matt [inaudible]?

Yeah, man. Uh, was it Porky’s?

No, no, that actually Matt was a sound clip of a man slapping another man with a fish. Fish. Slap it on youtube right now. And type in fish slapping contest. King Mackerel. Ah,

president show. I watch this show often. I’ll tell you what that’s gonna do. That’s gonna pay me off if you hit me with that. Oh, here’s a retaliation. No, no. Here we go. One more time. Let’s go. Pounder. Here we go. Close down a real fish. He smashed a real fish. Look, there you go. He’s going to smash him with him. Oh, here we go. Gyms. These are two like buff guys whacking each other. Yeah, there we go. Do you want me to do it? Try to get me right there. I don’t break my nose. I’m like a break.

Matt. One more time. You got to hear it. Just let it happen. Here we go. Here. Go here. Kinda up here. Let me get ready.

Yeah. How do you want me to do it? Try to get me right there. My nose.

Matt, do you, do you guys still slap each other in the face?

Yeah. It’s only a 10 minute video with fish, so rest to sir. I think it might be better to know that I’m now. I’m not watching 10 minutes.

All right, well I’ll let you go early so you have nine more minutes. All right man. You take care and have a great day.

Alright guys, thank you.

See you man. Bye. And now, without any further ed do

to what.


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