The Curse of Knowledge, the Importance of Selling Something and Life Balance 101 – Ask Clay Anything

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Clay answers Shawn’s questions about how most people learn, the curse of knowledge, the importance of selling something and life balance 101. Get ready for an endless supply of knowledge bombs on this mind-blowing episode.

  1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “Average American watches 5 hours of TV per day, report shows”
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “”Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “There’s no such thing as work-life balance. There are work-life choices, and you make them, and they have consequences.” Jack Welch – (American retired business executive, author, and chemical engineer. He was chairman and CEO of General Electric between 1981 and 2001. During his tenure at GE, the company’s value rose 4,000%.)

  1. Sales Process
    1. Rapport
      1. Script out 5 questions
    2. Needs
      1. Script out 5 questions
    3. Benefits
      1. Script out 5 questions
    4. Close
      1. Use the “this or that” method when closing
        1. Do mornings or afternoons work best for you?
    5. Isolate Objections
      1. No time
      2. No need
      3. No money
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Audio Transcription

I’m back to a show, that’s cooler than the other side of the pillow he’s the thrive time business coach show the, business bureau provided the fuel to make. You want to go with him to start up a big-time ball that will teach you the system to increase ship. List, optimize self x who’s on call. So we can get yourself at the truth out of paper. My name is next to me:it’s easy on staples and you can too, if you unplug, the cablecan owns stables. If you unplug, the cable guy have done that since tables are in my future. Have you unplug your cable years ago? Don’t realize the study statistics I’m going to put this on today show notes, because it’s the chantix out there are really really awful according to according to get to a nielsen. The average american show no show me anything for maddie or I’m going to have to ask you some questions. How many hours a day do you think the average american is watching tv right now? It’s got to be like for 5.2. 5.2 hours is also on social media for 2.8 2.3 hours a day. Job too long I try to block out the statistics that I keep memorizing by the results of going over them all the time, but so you think about how could you possibly have a business coach success if you’re watching tv 5.2 hours a day and you’re doing social media for 2.3how? Could you do it when you don’t have any time to work your plan, so you won’t have sex position, get him ready, so we can ask it any question. Here’s how it’s going to go. Sean has to ask a questions and rapid-fire succession and he can ask the question to any of the three of us. You can ask a question to dr. Sibley.

He can ask the question to eric church opry. You can ask any question at all, except you can’t get. This is the thing this thing you can’t ask about my a step-by-step procreation guide that I’m working on and how I created five humans, and it’s that you can ask about that’s too early to get into it and the drawings aren’t done yet. I. Don’t want you to ask about how you can’t see any of the drawings. It’s a step-by-step guide on how to produce a family of 5 kits and i. Can’t talk it’s too early to talk about it. I think I should wear to keep it private between me. You all the listeners. Is it private anyway now we coming here so go ahead for it. I’ve been mister. Mister someone your point! Okay! So earlier this week you were talking with me and a clay stairs being two different types of learners out there, experiential learners and text learners. So I’m curious. How do you cuz I’m, working with clients now and you’re, trying to help people? How do you figure out how to what type of learner a business coach client is going to pull up here? A picture of a benjamin, franklin notable quotable here? So you can get the business coach quote by behind you, benjamin franklin. If you were here today, couldn’t couldn’t be here:cuz he’s dead, that’s a bummer! He invented the bifocals I’m, not impressed the franklin stovethey hated the british more than they hated us cuz, the french rated like the colonist either, but they hated the british more to the cousin.

If you’ll find us, we can, we can work. That’s like how the america hired the communist to beat the nazis. We hated the nazis and we hated the comment earlier than we teamed up with the commies to be the nazis benjamin franklin was a great diplomat, a great inventor, a task of the inventor of a skullet blue hairstyle. It’s like the moment, but no lettuce on top, he says, tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn. So I would say this to all all listeners out there. Everybody I’ve ever met is a learner who learned by one being told picture of todd. Bentle second, is by being involved like interactive engaged to this is how I have beat live, learn to learn. I have learned to acquire knowledge through text, so it on my desk at shop. I think we have the chip gaines book, maybe more so I can pass it over to you there, but this is at the chip gaines books. This is how I read books. This is how I devour books. This is just one business coach book here, that’s not quite fully developed. Yet, but it’s very close to being devoured I think it’s on the is it on the mpc is it,. Maybe it’s over there by the the boxed wine i. Think it’s by the box one there and you said you were going there. It is yes, so this is how I learn through books okay. So I’ve read the book. The book is called capital gains by chip, gaines really clever, and what the book a lot now I open up the book and you open up the book I take notes as I read. He knows:i go through it so like yours example I tab this but I put tabs on it too. So I’ve read the book taking notes everywhere, but then he talks about basically certain life. Lessons in the business coach book and I want to learn from it and I know that I’ll forget because chip gaines wasn’t there to involve me because benjamin franklin says tell me I forget teach me remember, involving I learned how to involve myself, otherwise I’m not going to get it so chip gaines. On page this is page 31 of his book. He says. Perhaps you have to be crazy to choose the life of an entrepreneur, I realized, but you have to be stupid to choose it without counting the cost.

It’s about trade-offs and i. Think to myself that be a good thing to sharon our show so I wrote it here. Different are trade-offs and I do the next time. I’m actually read this book and you can have her here or you can look at it. I’ve read this book in st, petersburg, beach, florida and I took note of those reading. It then I’m going back and tabbing it, which is why I have tabs on my desk over there I’m having it today and so I will have basically essentially assimilated the content two to three times every single book over here. I’ve done that with so i. Involve myself and reading reading to me is not a passive thing, so that book itself will take me a month to finish. Reading in the problem is I read that book and filling up and a book called feeling up by leslie odom jr, which is the business coach lead star from the broadway show hamilton and I read the books. I have no interest in broadway and I like to broaden my interests, so I read it cuz I have no interest in that and I read it and I actually now have an appreciation for hamilton that I did not previously have so that’s what I do and I’m in the process of having that so I screwed up when I went on vacation, so I read three books and now I’m having three books today, but I’m involving myself and that’s half tab by the way. How you know what kind of learner you are i, don’t know.

There’s anybody out there that can read a book without taking notes in the margins who’s going to learn anything from the book they can apply. You got to learn and write in the margin, something a doctor. Sibley, take on this doctor said:there’s a difference between like going to college and memorizing things to get to pass a test and then learning actual skills. You have to apply in your business when you read a best practice book or a case study on bun practice or chiropractic care or running a company or whatever do you take notes? Do dog, ear, pages? What’s your? How do you involve yourself in the condom? What are you do? I’m an underwire underline or highlight ur. Yes, i! Do, though, because there’s certain jewels or morsels that are in these pages-and you can’t remember so:i underline dog year I’m going to start using tabs now in there, so that I can share that with my patients, we were with my family there’s those business coach jewels and nuggets that we read in these books at just blow the top of our head off, and we think why didn’t I think of that, it’s as powerful as what I do is whenever I get to the end of my wisdom, which is everyday I didn’t go back to my library and I dive into it. So jumpy debit credit. Yes, pn book there. This book isn’t incredible that right there to the left that book right there this book, just this book, is dirty.

How awesome this book is. This book is by stewart a b e v e y, and he was the former chairman of espn and so jay paul getty was his boss and jay paul getty used to come back to america because he doesn’t like being around lazy people and he was convinced that most people are lazy. So we built the castle for himself in europe and he refused to come back. But all this business ventures were in america, so he gave this guy stewart the job of running adventures and so stewart meats. These two brothers who have been trying to start a sports network for years and then I have the money. So he gets jay paul, getty, jake, okay, doesn’t even carry as listen. If you go to the financials and it makes sense underwrite it, but stick within the business coach budget, so they’re starting this network and he calls jay paul getty, says:hey boss is the only called once a week. You couldn’t call him everyday. It’s like once a week all his hey boss, we’re out of cash and i, want to know how to market he’s like i. Don’t care figure it out. So this is like how jay paul getty would manage. You know is, if you can’t figure it out, then I’ll come there and I’ll take over and I won’t need you.

So this guy realized, you know what we don’t have a way to market espn’s. This is what they did. They went to the kentucky derby celebrities were all the celebrities go to the kentucky derby and what they did was they pulled up famous actors like robert redford. You know what do you like most about today’s race in there, like all the energy? Here’s amazing v, the race, it’s so fun and they said what do you? What do you like most about sports in robert? You know sis, i, love, entertainment, i, love, it excites you and pulls you in I left and he’s the running man interviewing celebrities, asking them what they think about horse racing and sports. Then they take all of their quotes without their permission and they added it into their first espn business coach commercial. So their commercial says why do people have espn? Because and it’s all these is every celebrity doing it, and so they get complaint calls coming in from all these people. Actors love it. They will be on tv get their name out there, but their agents are like. You did not get permission from my celebrity to run the ads for them. It will run or we couldn’t afford to do. It can I get so dirty so stewart’s like we can have to apologize, but it we all the sudden got really popular.

Then he had the team wear red coats and he said no matter what shot abc has or cbs or nbc has just get in front of an extra. We can’t even get into the football stadium. We don’t have press credentials because you to make lanyards that say whatever they need to say to get in and just show up. If you put up cameras and enough guys they’re not going to question so these guys are showing up at games are not even allowed to film and then every time that’s cuz. You can see the red light on the camera. Whenever you did, whatever cameras live still say, take the camera one take the camera to take the cvs camera would go, live the espn guy would stand up right in front of the camera, so you can see on the back to espn your total business coach sports network until they kept blocking the shots of everybody else in this jackass to be continued for 13 years until they finally made a profit, and so we talked about the nitty-gritty nasir on page 112 of this book. He says in the early days espn, although on the air, was still under construction, with no single office to serve as a meeting place for the architect or construction executive potential sponsor or espn sales representative. Instead, meeting sprinkler took place at the nearby farmington in a comfortable, modest motel that we literally took over in 1979 until the broadcast center was completed and the executives and senior staff and relocated their families 2 permanent residency. The commute inevitable for some meant that the company had to spend a lot of money on hotels in new york. To partially minimize these costs.

We decided to lease a two bedroom apartment on 57th street in new, york city, complete with the doorman louise, was approximately 2000 each month and provided a nice clean economic, economical place where executives in others could stay I and other getty executives would often stay there on the way to or from bristol, but is espn crew. The need for some of us to spend time in bristol lesson about this book is it’s. The same book is I am ted, so ted turner ran out of money, so he actually bought a country club. This guy bought a motel. He bought a country called both of them, told her staff. We cannot afford to pay you, but we will give you free room and board and you can be on tv all the time you don’t understand. Like chris berman, he literally was not being paid. It was living in a motel as compensation, they said, but you can be on tv for 13 years. They get they built this and so ted turner tells his staff guys good news get enough. Cash in the bank I bought a country club was able to get a down payment, so we can afford, afford the payments. What’s the bad news, we can’t pay you guys anymore, but we’re all going to live together at the business coach country club and that’s how we’re going to keep cnn on the air. We were going, sir, we’re not making money, cuz i, know but I’m waiting for a tremendously terrible or historic event to happen, because that’s when people will see the value of 24 news 24 hour news, but until we have a horrible thing happen, we have to wait you’re waiting for a disaster and then oj got in the white bronco after killing his family and next thing. You know all the sudden see an inmate profit, but that was over a decade that cnn didn’t make a profit. So when you read these books, whenever I get to a low point in my life, I pull out this book it. When I read this book, I go cash, you know what this right here is. This was worse than what I’m dealing with I mean. This is, you know, I think about cash, I’m, so tired, I’m, so tired, so I turn the page 139 cuz I’m.

So tired and I read a page 139 where mr. Eddie rights I left the meeting. Thinking of a huge potential success, premier could I still didn’t understand the proposition fully do I had a detailed portrait, I categorized, I categorize, this ideas at 4 a.M. Thinker I’d, surely be rolling and tossing over at night time. The the later the better. This one was worth plenty of all-nighters I’ve been sleep with lately anyway. To talk to any time he gets a good idea. He gets up at 4 a.M. Work through it and so I think about cash. I, don’t want to get up today and i. Think about well I mean it yes pn, so I should probably just shut the heck up and get up at 4 a.M. At least to me. These are my well that I go back to sweet time that I run out of water of life giving water passion, energy, which is every time I get up and I go to back to my well and i, pull these out and that’s why these books are on the shelf shop. That’s why there’s a lot of them too! That’s why I got to follow up on this and you’re asking was what part of your question how to know what learning style a client has play? Would you say one good option is to just ask them:i, guess:i, maybe i, maybe I’m I’m, experiencing the curse of business coach knowledge. I, don’t think. There’s anybody who learns to reading question burning just learning it all the entire education system is, is totally screwed up. Albert einstein wrote in great detail about it, but the idea of memorization is stupid test and then take another test. Could you forget everything along the way right so far, I got dr. Sibley. You have to memorize all these things, but then, eventually you you learn by doing it, and so now I mean dr.

Sibley. Could you explain how what causes shingles? Could you, without any notes in front of you, explain what causes shingles and how you can’t read it I’m just watch the power of somebody’s been doing it for decades. What causes shingles and how can you help it virus? It’s the virus, the same virus that causes chickenpox and that’s why, if you’ve had chickenpox you’re very susceptible to the virus, one of the wise we treated when I learned this technique. When I was director at cancer, treatment centers is the cold laser and we can take the cold laser, put it directly on top of the lesion and within 4-5 days the shingles are gone, but you’re not looking, but you weren’t, looking at any notes when you said that answer. How do you know this because of experience with your client they’re going to have it doesn’t learn by involvement and that’s why socrates was matt, call the socratic method and so socrates the method? Is you ask rhetorical questions you ask when I will go? Do a sermon in owensboro kentucky you’re, going to see the rhetorical I’m going to be like on a rhetorical, just retreat emily smashing rhetorical, so messy? Have you ever thought to yourself I’m, not where I want to be financially never thought about it? Is? It may have been around through his enormously successful and thought? What are they doing differently than I’m doing I have a good idea. They had a good idea ever been driving down the road and thought I wish I would have thought. Well, let me tell you what I don’t think that you don’t think that you wished. You would have thought i, don’t think you you wished. You were the business coach person she thought about espn, because when once he had the idea, it was 13 years of trade-offs before they made a profit, they were to talk about work ethic and people will be involved because they’re going to go, I have had that I did remember driving by a restaurant. I wish I had thought of that. We don’t realize that the iceberg. You just see the iceberg above the water but below the water. That’s all the trade-off, the work ethic and so be careful. What you wish for, if you have a new business idea when nothing works without a work ethic, but it’s it’s it’s rhetorical.

Nobody learned by just here’s a book go read it. You have to take note and I’ll. Tell you this, the members of our team that don’t last very long I’ll give him a book I just on purpose by, the way I’ll give him a book and I’ll take it. You read that this weekend and then I’d like to see it after and they want to have no notes in it. Usually. Never usually they never work out the people that read a book without taking notes. Cuz, you really read it. What you do to get through seven or eight pages, you know what was that about and i. Do it all the time to read this capital gains book if you grab them to pass that book back to me, I’m reading the book I’m thinking to myself? What does this mean? So much to me find my first highlight here that I first one that remember what I highlighted here we go I’m reading here we go opening up to page 3 took you awhile to get to it. He says:i was in first grade, I wasn’t three or four I was seven and a half years old. Yet I was struggling to read basic business coach sentences. I thought hit the age of seven was struggling to read and I feel like henry ford struggle to read, I feel like einstein I start making a list of my mind of all the people that struggled and school that are successful and when I got to about 50 people, I’m picking I turn the next page page 5. He says people that struggled learning, walt, disney, albert, einstein and I’m going.

This is good encouragement for one of our listeners out there. This may be dyslexic or something I mean tim tebow’s dyslexic, the founder of virgin airways to grant’s richard branson, he’s dyslexic, I mean there’s so many of them, but yet the school system teacher that you’re dumb, if you can’t read and memorize and so I just thought that be helpful for a listener but i. Just that’s how I read i, don’t i, don’t read like it’s. It’s a passive activity is active and there’s nobody I’ve ever met, who learns at all. I didn’t talk to doctor silly about that ahead of time, but I knew that he would highlight take notes or something anybody who struggles to read it cuz, it’s not an aggressive activity for you. Interactive. It’s like you’re passively looking at words on a page, make sense knowledge of your type that into google it’ll tell you that when an individual is a cognitive bias that occurs when an individual communicates with other individuals and unknowingly assumes that the others have the background to understand I’m getting so much information working up at thrive in and working with these clients about what works and I just tend to find myself talking about it with them and they’re like wait. Wait wait, hold up your. How do you? How do you combat that I want to be the most effective I can with them? Well, there’s. No bad students are just bad teachers, so that’s where you first have to to grasp that. You’re silly I want him to talk about this cuz i. Remember it’s in the medical world! How you treat a patient when you’re with him? How would you call that what’s the business coach phrase for how you treat patients rapport, rapport., banner, bedside manner? You know I want to get your take on this in a second but like I used to dj and when you started dj company you, basically only it he’ll gigs to every event.

I had was a hell. Gig I mean I’m talking about dude rough I’m over there’s one. There was a hospice center off of pine flying to north tulsa, a hospice center dj hospice party, and these are people that are dying and somebody booked a birthday party for their dad who’s like 85 and he’s just like really into jello and doesn’t know who anybody is and he’s got a walker with the tennis balls on the bottom of it. The whole place smells like death, washington, high, school I mean this is the first place. Was a disaster and I went out there and I just was I was I was I was not well received and I came back and talk to one of my mentors and he said it’s because you did a poor job. If you were a good entertainer, you could entertain anybody. You need to fix that. That’s a problem we have is with the mindset you have. If you have, if you want to go to crowd your it wasn’t a good crowd tonight, wasn’t a good crap today, we’ll look at the people, they’re not coming to you, because they are already entertained, they’re coming to be in order. So if not you’re, just a complaint or not entertainer, your complete! That’s a good job. I complain about my professional business coach complaining, though that will talk about all my patients,, none of my patients. These guys need to pay and the end in so rather than try to get better at the way they treat patients.

They just complain about how their patients are the importance of bedside manner, with your chiropractic facility, their your chiropractor practice doctor silly bedside manner is everything that’s how your patients develop. Trust in you! That’s how your patience know that you care about them. They feel that they can talk to you. They can open up to you, there’s different conditions, whether it’s headaches back pain. What ever usually there is a emotional psychological side to that that maybe stress at home or stress on the job that they don’t really feel comfortable talking to you about. Unless you have their full trust, and that comes through the way you care about a patient through your bedside manner or your personality to care, somebody right now and I were to teach them how to get to the top of google. This is me doing it:okay, chuck, twinkie, roleplay, back and forth, with virginia the client, okay and you taking off in people price searching for some concrete online, so so just so that I can get an idea of where would you where you’re coming from and what you know about the internet? How much do you know about google? Optimization? Absolutely nothing! Okay! Well, let me just if you can drop these down there for business coach books. Out of advise you to read. This book called get rich clique by mark, ostrosky. Okay, it’s the only book endorsed by wozniak, so wozniak co-founder, appleton ebookee endorses that’s just this. Is it second and searching for dummies written by bruce clay and every year there’s another edition that comes out okay? Is there a book called the honest seduction, it’s about how to generate internet leads through friday. No brainer offers essentially you’re going to want to read in this is again these are these. Are books are going to want to get into it and you just got to have to grind. You know to get it it’s how google works in trenton by eric, schmidt who’s, the ceo of google now. The totality of those pit books would be about a two thousand pages, those those those four business coach bucks. As a search engine expert every year, freshen up sorry, I read the updated versions. Okay, so I want you know. Reading these books is terrible and so I I don’t like reading them.

So I have condensed into a checklist time to go over with you, but to save you the time I’m giving it to you, but you want to read it. That’s where it comes from so there’s four variables that impact your rank and google reviews. Whoever has the most reviews so I’m going to show you an example real quick here. So this is a carpet cleaning business that I’m involved with coach with them and very excited it’s it’s a full disclosure. Just so we’re clear just so you can understand what my bias here is. It I in imminent have been involved for a long time and I and I want the company to do well, and so therefore, I put a lot of intensity on it. Oxyfresh, because my partner jonathan barnett, we also own the elephant, the room together. We have a 129000 reviews today, intermountain, so if you go to a website called spyfu.Com spyfu.Com allows you to see how much web traffic somebody gets everyday estimate to do the estimate it’s in it’s it’s, it’s very accurate and it’s the best that you can get for free. Unless you want to subscribe to sem rush.Com this month, he’s at 89000, first-time visitors, and if you were to pay for pay per click, it would cost him $423,000 a month and we’ve been doing business coach search engine for 10 years and two months, wow:okay, to break that down for your business. If you’re going to type in-let’s say tulsa concrete all right now, you might not need to get a hundred and twenty nine thousand reviews what you need right now to win your competitor right now, summit concrete has 25 reviews, okay, oklahoma mobile, concrete, has 14 reviews and the other guy has to review. That’s one of my competitors right so you’d want to get three times as many reviews, as your competitors right now be. Google gives the incumbent the person already there the benefit of the doubt, because they want to keep scammers from dominating search results.

So you need to be consistent about getting one review a day. I pay your front desk people, I pay your office staff to get reviews, and people aren’t going to want to get a review. They’re not going to give you a review cuz. How many reviews have you left, I mean applebee’s or outback, or a restaurant you gone to win every time. Do you get out of your car and write a review? I’ve never done it. But how often do you read reviews before taking your wife out to dinner almost every time right? So who’s writing reviews the trouser, so you got to get rid of. So if you type in tulsa men’s haircuts, another bias is a company that I own and operate, and just you know right now or topping google for the phrase. Tulsa men’s haircuts and we have 407 reviews and are the closest competitor has 49, but they sell cleavage is their marketing strategies and so I’m not competing with them, but they think they’re competing with me. But any person has self respect will not go that business coach and so what? If you look at, how much content we have? We have 2890 pages of content today and that’s how we’re talking to google and it get. If we go to what website do we need to go to the check or how much content of traffic going to tell you said like spyfu right, so I go to spyfu and I look up here? Okay, and we look here and we have 3000 visitors that good or side every month, which would cost me $3,000 a month. I was going to pay per click with the problem with pay-per-click. Is it people don’t trust ads? Okay, unless you ever get so it’s taken, whoever has the most reviews right is going to win.

Okay search results, sochi one more example, so we go back to tulsa, iphone, repair, tulsa, iphone, repair and your mind. Who would you call if you were looking for iphone repairs in tulsa? Who would you call well looks like my choices are found doctor’s phone doctor, yes and phone doctors with them and we’re franchising until i? Just want you to know and my office, it’s not a suggestion for my staff to get a review. You will get a review once a day or you’re fired right, i! Guess not like it. I’ll write you up for you know like I’d write you up for stealing your line. I’ll write you up for not getting review it. One review, google reviews on the map here now is content words for the word dog, I typed. The word dig, which is different. Those other word dog, very close, the word dog type it into google searches. You see how wikipedia comes up top I do and do you have any idea why wikipedia I do not it’s, because they follow. It’s called the google canonical rules, it’s the cannon center established rules and larry and sergey when they invented google. They did it when they were in college and they were studying to be phds at stanford and it’s stanford. They wrote these things called papers and they were written in mla format, mla format, a standard format, and so they decided they got to find a way to determine what’s the most relevant search results, and so they decided to any website that followed. Mla format could win okay, so you think about this. I’m in college and professors always tell you that the paper has to be at least 20 pages. You start making crap up the gobbledygook. What henceforth, basically recently k9 is the canine erectus domesticus is a widely known carnivoras and you just keep hoping that business coach professor doesn’t read the last five pages.

What they told you, the paper has to be at least 20 pages. Long. You can’t possibly read all of them play drivers, making crap up. That’s how google works okay, so you type in the word many times in the word dog 704 times on the page about dogs. It’s a lot of lot of dogs. Let’s go to elephant the rim, let’s see where we put all of our contact. If you were going to get your haircut and you lived in jenks oklahoma, what would you type in the jinx men’s haircuts, jinx men’s haircuts and how come i? Would you know how many pages of contact me? How could you maybe I just look at the buttons on that bar at the top of your website and know you could excite colon and for the site and hit enter? This is how many pages google account. You have to at least a thousand words of content per page order for google to count it so you’re saying the elephant room website has 2890 pages everyday and every 90 day every 90 days we ate reindex is rochelle, oh okay. So what book in the barnes & noble? Have you ever thought about what book, how they determine what book they’re going to put on display what books document baby the bests? The one that sells the best it’s based on the business coach purchase volume of supply chain. So basically, if a book being purchased a lot, it gets into the front of barnes & noble. So how do you get to the front of barnes & noble at the question? Don’t know by your own book on the heat seekers list and that’s how the 4-hour workweek became a top seller. That’s how most books become a cop says. Are you basically by enough of your own book, that you end up on the heatseekers list and its track using isbn number k and that’s how it works for google, you get the most content and they figure. If you have the most content in your consistent, you probably couldn’t building to go.

How many reviews do you have to turn likely that you would be a start up in at the most reviews and not have a lot of content? Irvine’s first question:i one-time thing right, so you go to our website. You check out elephant room.Com. Where do you think we put our content? No idea, we put it on the site map and why don’t? We hide the content. Why don’t we hide it? No idea, how does it we’re proud that we’ve written 2800 pages in google says, if you hide your content, you will be penalized and blacklisted from the business coach internet seems kind of scam if you’re trying to hide stuff to hear all my pages and if you have a hold the down arrow down, while talking to you at the bottom of the itr lounge on the site, map I can hold it down there, I’ll, probably another beauty itr lounge.Com, you click on site map. You can see him go down there, while talking to you and I can have about a 10-minute interview about this, and I would still be going to do this for 6 years homie. And how much does it cost me per article I read if you want to sit down and write an article about haircuts in jenks? How long has got to be? What would you write about and how long would it take you to ride it thousand words. I probably try to talk about, maybe where it’s at so jinx. How long would it take? How long would it take you think, most likely hours what I mean? What am I going to i, don’t know so our staff has to write about company. They have no idea about no an industry, they have no knowledge of for like 2 hours and they switch to another company.

So they have to write about tulsa, men’s haircuts or jinx men’s haircuts, and it typically takes them about a half hour to write an article and then, after you write the article. Somebody else has two then upload it jump. Why can’t the person who writes the article upload their own or don’t know people lie cheat and steal the quality, control, loop and I have to have somebody other. It’s like a counter. You wouldn’t want the person to check a drone commissions yeah. You know you want to have a square account ability, so you write it up there and then this right here at the top. This is this is called the h1 text and you got to have which one text it’s about what you want for your try to optimize for optimized, for, in this case the best of awesome business coach haircuts. Do you have the title tag which is like the title of the research paper? Would it be weird if your research paper was about dogs been appointed, use the word dog in the title, pretty weird? Okay, so then the most words in your key word and it just have to follow the rules and so there’s a meta description at me. Pull it up here on the description, so you can see it and by the way, for those out there. If you right click on a website and you click view source, you can see the source code and you can see the key word and the description to be right. That long story short I pay, our people 12 bucks an hour.

Does that seem fair to you, yeah combs, like a fairly tough jobs, article rewrite we charge, clients $12 and for non-client we charge you 15 and depending upon some industries, we have to charge 15 cuz, it’s a little bit more intense, and so because we have how many pages is a continue. Maroney page, we have a content on a 2980, maybe yeah. So if we were to just get a calculator-and we were just thinking-i could be a fence up and say to 890 x 12 how many 21 * 12, how much money would we do we spend on searching and so far $34,680 correct I forgot about that yeah I got it to most content. You feel good about that. Most, most words 3 the canonical compliant to meet. You follow the layout that google likes see. You have to have with a checklist. I’ll show you here in a minute. If you were coaching time we have in the wall, you can see it. If we have to have a horizontal navigation bar. You know, I have to have one I have no idea, i, don’t either so then you decide map the bottom have to have a html sitemap. Why do you have to have an extremist i? Don’t know i, don’t know, i, don’t know if they’re actually I do know in the business coach book. How google works explain to take the work cited page tree can find everything and we go through for compliant. Why does this I’d have to work on mobile devices? I can just imagine that is probably a lot of people on their cell phones and they probably wanted to look good. So over 80% of searches are now done on smartphones, as it has to adjust for samsung came out with a new phone like 2 months ago, so I knew his phone is the newest samsung. It’s got like a rounded edge, then there’s an iphone to do. Iphone is an ipad or the samsung tablet in your device has to your website have to work on all those business coach devices. Okay, and so you can hear you have to go to adjust all those devices and it never end in. Do you think that people going to stop making devices you think samsung is going to for your convenience as an entrepreneur stop making new devices, probably not right, which is why we have to update your website every single month to make sure that your website maintains canonical complaint so much like getting a garden yeah, you can buy the plant to plant that you plan to the vegetables.

How often do you think I should pull the weeds suit much as possible? I would say daily yeah at least weekly yeah. Every month we did and then we’re going to each month, I’m going to send you a search engine report and that search engine report is going to show you transparently, where your ranking. So we have clients i. Think of one client, particular roy and royce he’s just he’s he’s right with rc auto specialists until I’m going to type in rc auto specialists. So you can see the search engine report that I sent roy this this this month. So roy now he’s topping google for ford diesel repair, tulsa, ford diesel, repair, tulsa, tulsa, ford diesel repair have to put tulsa before it for one key word and after won’t have to be top for ford diesel, repair, tulsa and also for tulsa ford diesel repair, i, don’t know for f-250 truck repair, tulsa people probably searching for that. What about powerstroke repair tulsa people are searching for that? These are all the terms. People search for all these different terms and invest in about a hundred articles a month. So how much is roy spending a month in your mind about $1,200? Okay? Now, if you got out the business coach specialty that was different, like some in industries in inches, are a little harder. She has $15 on it. Okay, I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t have to do any of this. What all can you guys do?

Well, one is a search engine company. We could do it for you or you can do it. Yourself is two ways to write content I endorse bo1 is you could do a podcast everyday at ten, minute, podcast, and then we’ve actually invented a technology which are all I can think about to realize that we’ve actually been to this technology. It’s called and quote, and I hired an mit student and we teamed up we partnered. So this is like 99%, her brain child in like it’s, but it’s for me, I saw I need right because we are paying over a dollar fifty per minute to transcribe, so I talking to chad, alan and inch allen actually took the effort and did it but trans it transcribes your audio files and turn them into text real time, and so this program for about 30 cents, a minute will transcribe anything you’re saying, and so, if you want to do a daily podcast, you can be topping google as a result of just having the most words. But you have any clients with ever. Had there been a daily broadcast and have no idea am I 12 years coaching I’ve never had anybody do it. The closest I’ve ever had was dr. Edwards and he doesn’t as needed, and he stops every time in tulsa, prolotherapy prolotherapy and he hot he has about a hundred articles a month for him there is he top and google for every possible term there. If you type in like tulsa vasectomies this something he’s doing now too and I know you’re excited about that base. Vasectomies at cvs tulsa vasectomies, and if you want to be topping google chap, how would he have to do it he’s going to have to have more reviews and work on tennis sounds like there is starting to pull up pss right. Contemporary has a podcast and he’s done. 95 podcast so far is equivalent to one article, but I’ve never had a business coach client outside of him.

That’s ever done now we have one company called peak medical and they actually have landed. Huge deals were talking huge with, like stanford ucla, like huge companies like the university of washington, but he does a podcast and i. Think right now, I could be wrong, but he has 19 podcast. What the problem is, how many articles does elf in the room have almost 3,000? Yes, you need 3000 podcast, you better get started:10, minute, podcast for 3000 days in a row or pay our team to do it. Aka, nine and a half years just for fun. A lot of people say it be so nice I wish I would have been the person who invented the pioneer woman. I d I mean i:would I must be nice being her doing that block out there in pawhuska got she hasn’t made she’s at walmart. Now that pioneer woman that lady, who teaches diy projects? How many articles you think she’s written overnight success, write 14300 articles and again that right there sean is how I would teach a client now search engines work gotcha, it’s not like he’s how google works. Basically, just boob and people want to know anybody has a rational mind is going to want to know how it works and make sure you know what you’re talking about right now is site where I’m getting my information from and my entire time of coaching I’ve only had 2 business coach clients ever that have read those books and the one I did. It was pretty cool ways in oklahoma city. He calls me I’m going to use it dude I’m, reading, I’m reading right now, the bruce clay search engine for dummies and I’m like on chapter 4. It’s like a 500-page book and it’s awful. What are you doing to stay awake, red bull ice? It’s awful is it. This book is terrible. I’m a I know cuz all technical. It’s like reading the manual for your car door about a car with a manual in the grove locksmith. That’s what you got to eat that microphone and we we are using unidirectional microphone for the listener qualities. He just your face has to just eat that glorious mic microphone. Okay, so robert kiyosaki, the rich dad poor dad has a quote from that book. He says:if you look at any successful person at the start, they were not found her.

They were not balanced. Balanced people go nowhere. They stay in one spot to make progress. You must first go unbalanced, just look at how you make progress, walking so I’m like learning about these f6 goals of starting to live my life by these f6 goals and I’m. Finding that, like i, just don’t want to spend time and some of them I don’t even want to. Is that all? Is that my religion, my christian faith and how much time I spend on everyday. Just being blunt, so I can get his got. The good judgment, i, listen to td jakes. Every morning every morning, I listen to jake’s and that’s all I can do and I’ll pray throughout the day, but I’m telling you what I have no interest in traveling overseas i. Don’t do business coach missions I’ll support the missionaries of people. Have someone feel like? That’s that? That’s it are calling is to do missions. I will write you a check. I will do it and you I want you to go. Do that job, but I’m, not i. Just am not I’m not going to attend a min seminar I’m not going to a men’s summit I’m not going to a marriage. Counseling seminar is I’m going to do I’m taking my wife on a date, every wednesday I’m going to send her a text of encouragement, everyday I’m, going to be home by a certain time every day and my phone’s going to be turned off for boom and I might be home on the weekends, but I’m not going to an endless series of faith, building seminars and services because I don’t understand, i, don’t even understand the concept of free will like people during easter or like oh, my gosh I’m. So appreciative of christ dying from the feeling that I have every easter is confused. I’m like what, if you’re the creator of the planet, why would you create a scenario where you kill your own son to win? This doesn’t make any sense. If chuck was a football coach, he said for us to win.

We have to kill our own quarterback this, but god i. Believe it’s smarter than me. Infant, intelligent I’ve, just just resigned my mind that my smartphone works and I have no clue how it works. I resigned to my mind that every country that implements the judeo-christian philosophy does well. People have more peace, so I resigned, it. It’s, real christ as his son. He died for my sins. I, don’t care at all about anything beyond that because I went to or you were, I studied theology ever the old testament and new testament multiple times and I kept asking questions and I did my teacher’s assistant and my professor would eventually say sun. It just requires faith and I have no idea at all, but maybe somebody else out there. That’s what you feel called to do, but you just got to do trade-offs. Man I mean if you don’t eat right after going to lose just I mean your tire practic practice I mean, and you had a lot of business coach success. I mean jack welch, the number one ceo of all time who grew ge, buy 4000 %. He was interviewed, it’s in the wall street journal about life balance, and how do you find life balance of jack welch says:there’s no such thing as work-life balance. There are work, life choices and you make them and they all have consequences. Good or bad. Can you talk about trade-offs you made in your career, maybe like anywhere, you said you know:i wasn’t doing that because I was doing this, so many trade-offs you make cuz. You obviously are very successful now, but what trade-offs did you did? You have to make to get there I think mistake.

Wise I was so motivated and so caught up and being successful. That I probably sacrifice some of my family time that I should have been with my family, but I finally realized that and I made up for that. You realized I realized that my kids were growing up and I was not being a part of that. So I reached rearranged, my entire life, so that I could do that and just like you were talking about your church life or your christian. Why I got out of balance in that area too, so I started correcting that and after that, everything else seems to this fall into par on the place. Like you just said, if you get that the face in the family right first, everything else will fall in box and plus here’s a little thing. You could try. Try this for 7 years. Will you do if you don’t get the family part right is make a ton of money and you’ll find that when you get to the top of mount success and you’re in my case, I had made it where I was just at a horrible business coach husband. I was honestly just actually the disaster. There’s no peace. There can be no peace at the office when you’re not having a piece of home I’m, just telling you just so. You got to get that right. That’s, that’s the only faith and family have to go in first. What you want to listen to td jakes every morning, I just have to I have to get that right every morning. Otherwise, I just installed our meetings at 6 and usually by 7 I’ve committed my first 15 to 20 sins by 7 and I was send free between, like 4 a.M. And like 645, but there’s about 6. That’s dishonest at 6:04. I’ve usually committed my first degree just sent because it’s like I get i, don’t understand why it’s so hard for humans to just do what you’re supposed to do at work, and so usually by 6:04 I’ve, got a text message from some employee that can’t be there or has a life issue or is going through some drama, and it makes me crazy and so I’ve really got to a place where I don’t curse as much but I curse.

In my mind, which I think is worse because my mom out loud I’m, like shucks but in my mind, i, might want to camp out their eyeballs, and you know what I’m like when i, just think that I watch people that that was a full metal jacket, there’s one around. So it’s your final question to ask and then we’re going to kick myself up all right. So I’m just curious. You still a lot of different things in your life. You just selling tons of stuff i, don’t want to get formula to make feels like work. But what is the most difficult thing that you’ve encountered? That’s like hard to sell silly is really easy. Bro. It’s like a mindset. Think so you just blew me break it down, for you don’t sell something you don’t believe in true to don’t sell something that cannot be supported by business coach facts. So, what’s get into sales, step 1 you build rapport, so you need a script out, 5 or 4. Building questions for every sales process spot. It’s at 5, don’t get more than 5. If you can’t scale at 554 building question, if I was selling men’s haircuts, one hey they had to hear about us to. Let me ask you this:how familiar are you with the elephant? The room free? Have you tried other men’s, grooming lounges in town right, that’s about 3 I mean i, can give you five. Just three bill needs. Let me ask you need this is this is this? Is this is not read all the brian tracy books, there’s like 30 of them? This is how you do it, but you want to read all the other great books, but who do you say in a perfect world if all haircut places charge the same price? What are you looking for from your haircut and then they say:i won’t charge the same price I’m going to get in on time. I want this one. The most people are focused on price. It’s like an obstacle. He know he’s a second. Let me ask you this on a scale of 1 to 10. How happy are you with your current haircut play?

Why you have to be nice, you know what they want. So I can trust you you know. If I can trust complemento, why can trust step to just find the problem? They have don’t guess, tote gas, don’t guess what problems are. Customers have asked them. The entire elephant in the room. Experience is based upon me. Asking epic photography was literally me going to a bridal show without any cameras or the ability to take photos and me asking bride hey. What are you guys do? How much you charge and I said? How familiar are you with epic photography and they said or not? I meant just launched the website. Yesterday, you know website I stole off of other people’s websites. Real real nice I stole I bought them at a friend of mine is a photographer in a different city and I said:can I just put your images on my side as my portfolios? Yes, sir, for a grant to pay immigrant phone. So let me ask you:what are you looking for from the photographer look at her photos? Are awesome cuz it drove in the booth, proud of them. So let me ask you:this. Have you looked at other photographers wedding? Date? Are you getting married? You know that kind of thing needs to charge the same price. What are you looking for? Every bride, imma get a hundred rides. 80 of them would say we’re looking for unlimited time, but no one here. Doesn’t they all do like 4 hours, okay cool? So what’s it say that we do unlimited time which we do the second. Second second thing all the rides tell us:how important is it to get your photos back quickly make up to my sister got married last year it took 6 months to get the photos back on. We actually do a two-week turnaround time and they go. Sad yeah. What else? What else are you looking for, and what’s your big concern? What’s keeping you from booking with us or someone else today, mother say this mother’s go when we want to try it before we buy it, which makes sense, and they sound kind of cynical at the business coach trade show, because I talk to all these charlatan photographers of which I was one. So. What are you looking for? Mom says what we want to try it before we buy i. Don’t want to see you, that’s what we do to each other. What we do is we shoot your engagement for free and your bridles for free and it worked horrible. You don’t pay us anything and if we’re good, you still have to pay anything.

But if you do book with us, you know we can book your wedding with us. Like that’s included, you know I’m saying so:you’re you’re you’re going in there is no cost to it. But if you you hate the photos, I’m not going to give them to you, but if you like them, I’ll give them to you as part of your packet to make sense so you’re you’re getting it included like 3, but you only if you book your wedding and the bride, you like we went out there and we did some horrible engagement. I mean stuff that didn’t make sense but didn’t pay. Anything over bridals were a disaster and we did it for about 6 months. So we just it ethically horrible bridal photoshoot ones were like everyone’s facial expressions was wrong. The lighting was for the guy shooting you guys. Would it be cool if, like your business coach photos, were like you guys, look like you’re scared of the truth, I’m not making this up, and it looks like you guys, are kind of scared and like there was like i, got like a pterodactyl chasing you and his bride was just a little bit nerdy enough to go with it and she’s like yeah, so we photoshop a pterodactyl flying but I’m not kidding.

It was the craziest thing and I don’t like these. We did super dark like morbid lighting. Sometimes we did like overexpose any taffer chirp screw up. You could do to dinner, we’re doing then once we got it where people said,. These are good. These are really good. Then I started taking those photos and replacing the bad photos we had ann arbor bridal show was good, but this point I’ve never collected $2 I’ve, never taken $2 from some. You have the right to take a dog from somebody in case unless you can deliver so this point to go back to the shelter about six months. We’ve got awesome, photos everywhere and now we’re saying wait. Let me ask you what you looking for photographer more questions, then we build it needs. Let me see, benefits are the benefits. We said what is the only photography company in tulsa? What does unlimited time fact to the only photographer in tulsa that does a two-week turnaround time fact:3 the only photographer the charges, 30% less than everybody else fact we’re the only photographer that does a bridal or engagement session for free before you decide to book with a fact and I’m going to give you testimonials of the last 10 weddings with done so you can call the bride to make sure they were happy. And if you don’t have your questions, it’s not going to work. You know if your 5 needs-based questions is not going to work. If you don’t have any facts to support your claims, it’s not going to work and if you don’t ask for the clothes, it’s not going to work so see a lot of people, scamming business coach people and their head struggling with sales, cuz they’re selling, some they don’t believe in. That’s not good. I see a lot of people not scraping your questions, so they don’t know what they’re not did it snow up there, no method to it and the way that you can read a lot of books is one called new.

New conceptual selling explains the psychology the paisley, someone doesn’t know who you are so you have to build rapport. If you like and trust, you then step to like a combination lock to unlock it. The first combination is the second is needs. You have to find their needs you to find what they want. Don’t just tell them what they want. What they want, then benefit. You got to support him with the fact and then called action. You absolutely have to call people to a point of action when you do try to get a deposit or book an appointment. They’re going to have an addiction and people always have the following three of the options. No time no need no money, so build a script for how to handle those and then just go dominate, but I didn’t people japanese people like fight scripting yeah, and then they fight recording your calls. I used to be put a video camera in her boots, so I saw our own chilling. I watched video footage of me getting rejected, I mean we recorded or call so. If you don’t video your office or record your calls, you really can’t get better cuz. You just were to give people general ideas, there’s something weird going on with that too. Whenever you don’t want to look at yourself or listen to yourself to get better like what are you scared of you got to figure out what that is, and then, if this is approved, sale system, it works every time we implement it, and so, if you’re, fine you’re working with somebody sean that that is having a hard time with his, you got to really make sure they analyze that their business coach product or service is something. People want right. People think they have a great idea or the best next thing, but if nobody else cares about it or want it, if you’re going to have a real hard time since the name of the incredible float tank lady example of something this is so funny. This is so I just I love, I love eating crow on radio, listen bridgepoint.

She has a company called: what’s it called h2oasis float center in ts3 explained it was not there. What her business model is what he does so these are float tanks, they’re called sensory deprivation chambers and it’s a floating pool. That’s filled with a solution of salt and epsom salt and water, so that you or your body literally floats out of it and the it’s the same temperature skins. You can’t feel what is air touching your skin and what is water? Touching your skin there’s no light, there’s no feeling! There’s nothing touching you whatsoever, and you get in this thing for an hour and you just float there and it’s super relaxing and it’s a really cool thing. So here’s the deal there’s a lot of people who swear by it and a lot of people that absolutely love this business. So we got to the top of google and she has how many leads is she does she have now before we even started running ads in like the first month and a half her new site was upset over 200 web leads. Cuz apparently has a need for a float tanks, and so we just feel the need when we first discovered this lady. She was referred to us from the hub gym. I, don’t go to afloat, takes it right under the business coach pastor I work with pastor brian. He really wants to take people to israel cuz, you believe in the holy land and believe it’s important to see the origins of christ in the bible to place in my wife is pump. She wants to go i, don’t know like. If you struck me a check for 10 grand to go per day. That I would ever want to go.

I don’t want to leave the country i, don’t i, don’t like leaving ever oklahoma stressful flying, but the same time it turns out. People want to go there right, so it’s not about whether I have a need for it or you haven’t, eaten enough of a I need. Who are those ideal? Unlikely buyers got to find him dr., john sibley I mean what percent of the american population are just terrified terrified by chiropractors I would say, probably at least 30 40%., yes and so and if you ever had somebody come in cuz they’re back pain is so bad. They. Finally, like okay I broke down I’m, going to see you and now there a committed lover, correct. Most people get desperate and I look for different remedies at through other different vehicles for healthcare. And finally, they say:well:let’s try something natural, let’s try not medicating or do some surgery or whatever whatever gets, quick results, so they’re believer and they give us a google review just because your passion about chiropractic does it mean when a hundred percent of tulsa will be correct, but there’s people. We are passionate about providing solutions people that have chronic pain and eventually most people will go visit a chiropractor once they have a break down there, ready for the break through but again like he’s not out there selling like solar-powered flashlights, you know I mean it’s:it’s like you’re, not selling ice to eskimos you’re, not out. There I see a lot of y’all trying to do that. I’ll. Just take example for something in my life that was frustrating as anything.

My frustration is it in the everybody would want to become an entrepreneur or even 1%, of people I’m frustrated that one out of 100 is a 1-100 like one of a thousand people, in my opinion, have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, 27 I thought I could teach people that’s and I would go to the speaking events and I teach people, but they wouldn’t execute it, and so it’s really needed that are less than as we have a lot of people that actually are diligent, dew or sprite, but we’re weird if you watch how they comment on twitter or facebook, or when the email or emailing like their questions at 4. In the morning yeah he’s sick brakes are getting up at 5 a.M. Every day, we were at workshops to start at 7 a.M. That’s right and all of them have been up for like 2 hours before the workshop I mean the ones that show up an hour and a half early, just going to see. What’s going on, I’ve experienced a drivetime business coach, it’s not for everybody. In fact, if you go to business coach tony robbins seminars, frequently you would hate our workshops. Cuz, it’s like and not at all, focused on just relational things were focused on executing a proven system, and so again, when doctors and I were talking about that recently, I mean it’s. It’s honesty, are you show me 160 clients in the portfolio really can’t do more than that? That’s all you guys have to like have a waiting list of new folks out of a thousand thing. I, don’t know if anybody in my family, outside of my brother-in-law justin, who has what it takes to be an entrepreneur and I can’t on all sites I mean work talking as far out as you go.

There’s nobody on either side, no matter how far you go and occasionally people want to be an entrepreneur and then they try and they fail cuz you’re lazy, but it’s like i, don’t think out of my head was i, don’t know about you. How far. You can go out if you have in your family, but we do right now right now, $1,000 to my wife’s family, my family, all their family. Are there family there’s? No there’s nobody I mean there’s just nobody in that family who has any interest at all? Being an entrepreneur mean to your family from entrepreneurs know now when it turns me dude, you feel like you’re talking to another planet when you explain to them the passion you have for entrepreneurship. At some point, I feel like that. What are the premiership is is teaching others and if you can teach it to others, then you’re going to live the life yourself yeah for a lot of times and I think one of the reasons I feel so at home, working at thrive natural since day one my parents, ron fournier, is my grandfather’s on trimmier, my aunt and uncle’s own their own business. My brother-in-law’s, not renewing my father-in-law’s, not for new york, like I’ve, been surrounded by these people, my whole life, and so it’s like it’s normal to me to like what time you want to record the day before christmas eve, play, 3 a.M. Okay. Let’s do it supposed to eat in french or the 7th my grandfather grandpa. His name is a bin meinhart’s describes electrician and I’m minnesota. This sick, before he passed away about 7 8 years ago, this guy, just as sick freak, he would get up I’m, 12 years old, right, so I’m, staying with him for the summer to wake you up at 5 a.M. And you get to go to burger king to have a breakfast whatever sandwich in of the drive-thru, and then you don’t get lunch and you don’t ask about lunch. If you do, you get the evil eye until like 6 p.M. And he would get to a crew of about 40 people for the electricians working for him and the job you had to climb up high on the business coach poles or fix like a stadium lights. He wanted those cuz. He said they were like the toughest ones. Then this sick freak every five years would sell or shut down the company and move to another state just because he wanted to do the thrill of starting it again.

That is crazy, show my mom goes to college or roberts university and she calls her dad like dad want to come visit you you know, and he says, okay. Well, you need to fly out to colorado springs. If you move to colorado springs, south dakota, he moved to california cuz. He heard it’s hard to start a company there. He just wanted to show it. It’s like a problem like i, just love it I love. The grind. I can explain to you like the thrill had yet so I like i, told vanessa, like i, wouldn’t do that now, cuz of the kids in the things that I mean this guy didn’t care about, pulling his kids out of school, ripping them out of all their friendships, all their activities. Here we go to hawaii, so the daughters who are there stores five daughters and one business coach son. They all nothing in common with where they went to school school. All different states, you, member, how prom with no I don’t know, maybe that’s why they run so far away from entrepreneurship.

Maybe I just like. Please teach me to be a nurse I want a job and bad taste in there any way that, hopefully she doesn’t answer all your questions today really helpful. Thank you, okay! Well, that’s. A special edition of the time show the ask clay anything podcast here, because today, with a member of our business coaching team and then ask it any question, but I want to make sure that the business coach listeners know on her next podcast are we had an individual who teaches  tumbling? He teaches gymnastics and tumbling, and he took the audacity to hope for a better future and he started his own company 2 years ago and he is doing great, but he wants to know how do I take it to the next level. How do I go from it being a job, a jobs in for just over broke? How do I go from being just over broke right? Do it all myself to being a business that is scalable and i? Am super excited to answer questions and talk about how to build a scalable gym. I popped, a lot of gems. Do this and I’m telling you the proven system works and graduated with a boom, so that need further ado 3 2 1


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