The Dennis Rodman Story | Crawling Through 5 Miles of Crap and Picking up the NBA’s Trash (Part 2)

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NBA Hall of Fame basketball player Dennis Rodman climbed through 5 miles of sewage to get into the Texas State Fair each year and he gave everything he had on the basketball court every night. During today’s episode of the Thrivetime Show, Clay Clark breaks down the work ethic and intensity that Dennis Rodman brought on a daily basis to make it to the NBA’s Hall of Fame.

Special guests on today’s show include Amber & Charles Colaw of

From the book, Bad As I Want To Be –

Page 87 – “Guys wanna dunk”

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Guys want to dunk and be flashy and see themselves on ESPN’s SportsCenter every night. The teams themselves are contributing to this feeling. Walk into any arena in the league and look at what goes on outside the court. It seems the basketball is secondary. You get hit with a constant barrage of music and dance teams and stunts. You’ve got guys flying off a trampoline to dunk a ball, you’ve got dancing gorillas and highlight shows during time-outs. These things detract from the game. The entertainment might be okay during halftime and maybe even time-outs – I guess I can live with that – but you’re seeing more teams pulling that s&$t during the game. Public-address announcers are screaming and music is blasting while we’re out there trying to play the f&*$ing game. When I think back to when I first came into the league back in 1986, the game was the most important thing. People came to see basketball. It’s not the same now. They’ve taken the game and tried to turn it into a big family-entertainment center. Everything is geared towards making the family comfortable and happy. It takes away from the emotion of the game.” – Dennis Rodman

Page 77 – Working out before and after the game

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “How many people in the NBA will come in before a game, work out, go out and play forty minutes, and then come back in after the game and work out again for another hour and a half? How many people in the league do you think do that?”

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” – Proverbs 10:4

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.” – Proverbs 13:11

Link to George Foreman Photo with Aubrey –

George Foreman – God in My Corner

Page 90 – Notable Quotable – Trying to Fill the Hole In Your Soul

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Most of the guys who come into the league buy into the image of what the league is selling, they’re going to regret it. That life provides you with nothing but a lifelong hole inside you. There’s going to be a hole in your life you can’t heal up. It’s going to grow and grow and grow until it’s so f&#@ing big, no doctor’s going to be able to stitch it up. The hole is created when you’ve got the opportunity and the wide range to have everything in your life. Everything. There are no rules and no boundaries to the things you can experience. But when that stretch of time is over, when you’re all used up and nobody wants your autograph anymore, what have you done to prepare your mind to fill this f&*$ing hole? There’s nothing out there to prepare you to fill it.” – Dennis Rodman

Page 99 – Too Many Quite Collar People

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “They’re too f&*$ing white collar to bother with some lowlife bum like me. They can’t “associate” with me off the court because I’m too different. I don’t wear custom clothes and go to the right parties. I hang out with real people in real places and they can’t let anyone like that into their f&*#ing club. I don’t give a s&$%. Don’t talk to me because I don’t want to talk to your a#$ anyway. Don’t invite me to your f&$&ing parties, because I won’t come.” – Dennis Rodman


I never talked to Michael Jordan

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Page 112 – I Need to Get Every Rebound Just to Stay in the League

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I need to get every rebound just to stay in the league. If I don’t get the ball, I’m going back to Dallas, back to the streets, back to hell. I think of myself as a lion or any other wild animal in the jungle. They go after their prey for survival. IF an animal’s hungry enough, it’s going to attack anything that moves.” – Dennis Rodman

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We need to re-create boundaries. When you carry a digital gadget that creates a virtual link to the office, you need to create a virtual boundary that didn’t exist before.” – Daniel Goleman (Psychologist who wrote Emotional Intelligence)

Colaw Fitness Dragon Energy with reviews –….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..0.7.891…0i67k1.0.r7sUdgS_lfA

Page 113 – Grinding During Practice

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Every time we scrimmaged, I would go against the first-teamers and look at every possession like it was survival. If I stopped Dantley this time down the floor, I’d get to stay in the league. If I got the next rebound, I’d stay in the league. I started thinking like that, and the guys I was playing against started looking at me like I was crazy. These were veterans, and they knew how to practice without killing themselves. Now they were faced with this wild-a$% kid who was playing every second like it was his last.” – Dennis Rodman

Page 120 – “I’m cool, I can take a lot of crap…”

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I’m cool. I can take a lot of crap before I get around to fighting. It’s like those days in Oklahoma, when people were calling me n$&%#@ and telling me to go back to Africa. If I didn’t take that step then. I’m sure as hell not going to now.” – Dennis Rodman

Page 135 – I Thought I Wanted to Be White

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “There were times when race confused me. There were many times I thought I wanted to be white. I wasn’t accepted in the black community when I was growing up. I was teased and picked on for my looks, and this was where I was supposed to feel comfortable. When I got to college in Oklahoma, I found out I didn’t fit into a white community either. I wondered if I would ever fit in as long as my skin was black. I can remember when I was a little kid in Dallas during the civil-rights marches, in the mid-to-late sixties. There was a lot of hatred toward white people in my neighborhood. In 1968, after Martin Luther King was killed, I watched these men beat a white man to death. On the streets of the Oak Cliff projects. They just stomped him and hit him on the sidewalk, until he didn’t move anymore. I was seven years old at the time, and I didn’t think much of it.” – Dennis Rodman

Page 135 – F&$$ the Race

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you’re black and a high-profile athlete, you’re all of a sudden under pressure to be a spokesman for the race. It comes with the territory. Sometimes I think: F&$% the race and the people. I’m going to be honest with myself. That way, people – no matter what color – can make their own judgments about me.” – Dennis Rodman

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Optimism, pessimism, f*** that–we’re going to make it happen. As God is my bloody witness, I’m hell-bent on making it work.” –  Elon Musk on August 5, 2008, speaking to Wired

Page 186 – I Went Through Training Camp without Saying Two Words to Michael Jordan

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I went through all of training camp without saying two words to Michael Jordan off the court. That’s the way I am with everybody. It doesn’t matter where I am or who I’m playing with. You could put me on Miami or Minnesota and it would be the same. It doesn’t mean I don’t get along with Michael.”

Page 252 – Somebody Who Understands? A Coach Who Understands? One Thought Came to My Mind: Finally.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “During that first game, I had a little temper tantrum. The replacement referees were way out of their league, and they made a foul call on me that I didn’t like. I took the ball and threw it against the shot clock on top of the backboard: naturally, I got a technical foul…So I looked over at Phil Jackson and I couldn’t believe it. The man was laughing. He was kicking back in his chair and he was laughing. I thought this was cool. Phil Jackson knows the game. He knows I can go out and spark a team with the outrageous things I do. He knows all of the ins and outs, all the angles, and he knows I’m going to bring something to the team that it needs.” – Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman’s Hall of Fame Speech –

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “They intoxicate themselves with work so they won’t see how they really are.” – Michael E. Gerber (Bestselling Author of The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It)

Where is Dennis Rodman in 2013? –  

Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

On today’s business conferences show, we’re talking about the life and times of Dennis Rodman, the art of grinding part two. What are we doing? A two part show Marshall. Why would we devote to shows to breaking down the life and times of a grinder? Because I mean Dennis Rodman is a guy who just basically frankly and actually literally climbed through five miles of sewage to go to the state fair each year while in high school because his family couldn’t afford to go there. He didn’t play organized basketball until the age of 21 and he went on to play a very, very, very high level. Why would we devote an entire show to discussing the life and times of a grinder? Well, we wouldn’t be grinding unless we went super deep into this topic, and so we have to actually grind.

If we’re talking about grinding, we gotta grind, absolutely thinking of grinding. We have a grinder that just showed up in the studio here. We got to invite this wonderful man and Mr Charles Cola with Kulapat and amber Cole. While we’re talking today about the life and times of Dennis Rodman, what are the peak, one of the hardest working grinders I’ve ever seen? If you’re out there and you want to start and grow a successful company, there really is two things you have to grasp. Thing number one is if you implement the proven path that has been shown to work time and time again, you will have success with the second. The second concept you have to embrace is nothing works unless you do

Charles Cola with co La fitness. I want to get your take on this and then I want to get your wife’s take on this and this is how I would describe you to and tell you, you can. You can tell me if I’m describing you inaccurately, but I believe that you are sort of like the authenticity of your business at co La fitness and your wife is sort of like the defense. Your wife is, appears to be the strategist and the catalyst for all things related to systems and processes and you seem to be kind of like the rainmaker, but both of you, uh, put forth aggressive action as it relates to getting things done, both of you. So I wanted to what’s going to fitness first and then we’ll get into business. So if somebody out there is listening and they’ve been watching all of the Ted talks videos that are available, they have an Mba, they’ve read all business books, but they for some reason won’t pull the trigger and take action.

Where if somebody signs up for your personal training course, let’s say it back in the day when you did personal training at La fitness, but they don’t show up. They, they can’t be helped. You’ve helped so many clients though Charles go from where they just, they want to do it, but they just can’t, for whatever reason, get the self motivation to do it. They struggle with the discipline of doing it. How do you stay disciplined on a daily basis because your company is huge now and now you have that momentum, right? You’re kind of had the momentum that pressure, but when you two are starting culottes fitness together out of your home, $115,000 home, where did you get that work ethic man? What was, what was, what was motivating you, Charles, to really to grind and to get it done when so many other people struggle to motivate themselves?

Well, for me, I loved what I did, so I mean, I, I, I was over 300 pounds in high school and I had a, you love to eat. I did. I loved to eat and I love to work out. Okay. So anyways, I ended up getting big and strong, but I was overweight and a little bit chubby and stuff. So when I got done I want it to actually look good and I thought if I’m not going to continue to play football, I want to lose some of this body fat. It’s probably three of the three was my heaviest and I had a trainer helped me lose 83 pounds in about nine months. Wow. And I thought, hey, if I can do this, I want to help other people do this. And I felt comfortable in my own skin. Again. I felt like I looked good, I felt good and that was very encouraging.

So for me, I thought let’s just, uh, start doing that. So I loved what I did and I could easily sell it because I was passionate about it. Just like you’re passionate about business. I loved helping people, like say, Hey, I did it. You can do it to show them pictures and then. And then I kind of walked him through that. And most people they just lack a little bit of discipline and the lack of motivation and after a couple of weeks of showing them and helping them, they generally get pretty self-motivated and they can carry, carry it on for about six months or so.

But you have to get the, you have to start somewhere which is what we teach at our business conferences. And this is something that I want to, I want to get your take on Charles and I’m going to take on this because Dennis Rodman pointed out on page 87 Marshall of his book, bad as I want to be. He writes, guys in the NBA want to dunk. They want to be flashy. They want to see themselves on espn sports center every night. The teams themselves are contributing to this feeling. Walk into any arena in the league and look at what, what goes on in the court. It seems that basketball is now secondary. You get hit with a constant barrage of music and dance teams and stunts. You got guys flying off a trampoline to dunk a ball. You’ve got dancing, gorillas and highlight shows during timeouts. These things detract from the game. The entertainment might be okay during halftime and maybe even timeouts.

I guess I can, uh, I guess I can live with that, but you see, but you’re seeing more teams pulling that during the game. Public address. Announcers are screaming and music is blasting while they are out there trying to play the game. When I think back to when I was first in the league back in 1986, the was the most important thing. People came to see basketball, so Charles IC trainers that are into fitness, but they never have any success in the game of business and I’m gonna get your wife’s take on this in a minute, but they’re all about getting people in shape, but they never think about are we winning the game financially and that’s where I see you and your wife working together on that. Can you talk about that? He’s talking to Dennis Robbins pointing out a lot of these NBA players are into dunking and scoring, but they’re not into winning. You’ve turned your passion into a profit center. I’m just curious how you did that.

Well, the big thing for me is I didn’t really. Money was the secondary thing for me. I just love what I did and I loved helping people and I was. I honestly undersold everything. I’ve kind of always been an under seller am in a big go-giver in. It kind of worked itself out if you’re really conservative and so I was really, really just trying to say, well if I could sell training sessions for like 30 bucks a session and be phenomenal, I’m half the rate of everybody else’s 60th session so I would just sell it, sell it, sell, but I, we be compact full of like 12 hours a day, so I just sold, sold, sold, sold, sold under undercharged by far and overperformed. And so what happened was, is everybody would just say hey. And I was like well, like a big waiting list. And so I’m like hey, I gotta give it off to other clients and stuff. So I do their diets and the workouts and then I’d sell it out.

But then your wife probably brought, brought up at some point or maybe the girlfriend or wife. I’m not sure you all at amber shared the story, but at some point your wife. I don’t, my wife did. You have to point out stuff like, hey, you know, it is awesome that you were deejaying like six nights a week. It is awesome. You have a waiting list, but you’re not depositing the checks or you’re not making a profit.

I didn’t do that. I, I would sell it. Not even take the checks to the bank. I’d have a bag full of checks and not even know I grabbed my bag and say what you haven’t even taken. These are like three months old there like a thousand dollars in checks. You don’t even taken it to the bank.

It for me, I actually, for me, I scored points based on the monetary of success of the DJ business, but I never thought about the time freedom. So here enter into now baby strategists, ms dot amber. Co Law here, your strategist of co La fitness. Can you explain how you sorta coached or steered or mentored your husband into being profitable and having a schedule that was sustainable?

Yeah, he just told me one day, he said I’ll sell it and you make sure it gets to the bank because I was the organized one. So we’ve just stuck to that plan. It’s just being consistent. Um, we had to, there was a point he would sell and then we would have to take the sale sheet away from them and ring them up at the front because he was notorious for giving away the farm. He always wanted to do it for free. Um, he has such a love for people and such a love for helping them that he would want results for them more than they wanted it for themselves. Um, and then he did realize that unless they had money on the line, it had no value for them. So then I think when that kind of sunk in, it was easier for him to charge people a because he knew that if they had skin in the game that they’d actually get better results. So that’s kind of how we, we talked him into.

Yeah, it was a process. I mean, for me, I, I just, uh, I would also know if I, what my bills were and I know if I just worked like 60 hours a week, you know, it was always going to be okay. And I know some people wouldn’t pay and some people would come through, but it didn’t bother me that much because I just love doing it and I love making people feel good. So

Marshall, this is what’s exciting to me about the business conferences story is Charles was doing something that he loved to do. He was doing something you love to do. Passionate. How many of your coaching clients have you worked with that you get the feeling that they just love doing what they do? Oh my gosh, there. There’s a number of clients that I work with that just you can feel it. They, they come in with an enthusiasm and the ones that are coming in with the enthusiasm to apply the strategic best practices into their business are the ones that are having the most success. There is one client right now that I’m working with that is having phenomenal. So tell us, tell us the story. I’m like, Kay would refinish it. Repeat it one more time. And Ds Wood refinishing. They do a renew process for cabinets. Wood Cabinets. Okay.

They do a color change process. If you want to go from a kind of like an old school vintage light color to more of a modern, darker color for your cabinets or they do painted finishes, they do a phenomenal job, but they have this. When were, we just launched a bunch of new branding for them. Uh, you know, one sheets, websites and now they are getting leads from Google that they previously weren’t getting because their site was never optimized for Google. Can you personify who they is? Okay. So this is a, this is Kelsey and Danielle Harris. Okay. Kelsey and Danielle Harris. They are too young business owners, but they do a phenomenal job. You would never know that. They’re a little bit younger business owners, but they assert themselves as so professional. So, uh, in the know on what they do, but you can tell because they’re so enthusiastic about what they do as well. Now I’m going to be the rude guy here and maybe encourage somebody. Hopefully you don’t find this to be discouragement.


if I have sat down with 100 potential business coaching clients or Marcia, you’ve done an evaluation with a 100, 13 point assessments, correct. What percentage of the clients bring the passion that Charles and amber bring or the passion that this a k and d company bringing? What percentage of the 13 point assessment is not your clients, but of all the 13 point assessment? Forty percent, and so I think there’s some people who are engaged in their business and then some people who are on that next level, I would say five to 10 out of 100 are on that next level, five to 10 out of 100 or at the next level or at the next level and can consistently stay at that high level. That’s the important thing. I’ve seen a lot of business owners get passionate for a short duration of time in their business and engage, but it’s unsustainable.

The ones that are the that are the most passionate have the most success, the most diligent are the ones that can sustain that enthusiasm of growth for a long period of time. Dennis Rodman, this is from his book a as I want to be paid, 77. Marshall, he writes, I go into the weight room before a game and loosen up with lightweights. I like to feel strong when I go out on the floor, but I don’t want to be bulky and stiff. I might warm up my legs on a stairmaster or the stationary bicycle. I listened to Pearl Jam and I get my mind right after the game. I’ll lift heavier weights. I find if I lift after the game, I have a longer recovery time than if I come in the next morning. I do have water repetitions to keep my upper body toned. He goes on to explain how many people work out before the game and after the game and are obsessed with setting records every night.

Well, Dennis Rodman was, and if you’re out there listening right now, you might not have a whole lot of talent. You might not have a whole lot of skill, but if you are a diligent person, you will. You will be successful. So we come back. I want to tap into the wisdom of Amber Co law and Charles Cola and talk about where they get that fire, where they get that, that desire needed to figure speaking, get into the weight room early, stay late, where they get that fire of desire needed to do the accounting to do the sale to the marketing, to stay focused for well over a decade, and if you’re out there and you’re saying, no, I’m looking for somebody who’s focused and committed. Somebody who’s as focused and committed as I am to my business, I want someone like that to be focused on my accounting. I would strongly recommend that you check out hood CPAS DOT com. It’s hood CPAS DOT com. Schedule your free consultation today and they’re gonna. Give you a free copy of Warren Buffett’s only authorized by biography. That’s snowball hook, CPAS DOT com. Stay to get ready to enter the thrive time show.

All right. Thrive nation. Welcome back to the business conferences thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former U s SBA entrepreneur of the year and on show we’re breaking down the life and times of Dennis Rodman, a man who literally climbed through five miles of sewage year after year to attend the Texas state fair, a man who did not play organized basketball until the age of 21. Amanda was not an NBA rookie until the age of 26. A man who made his entire career based upon rebounding the basketball and playing defense. And really today, Marsha, we’re celebrating the grinders werber for celebrating diligence. Diligence. Oh, do you know Marshall? You don’t just happen right there. That was the thrive time show miracle. That was a moment. So I want to get Charles take on this before we celebrate some thrivers out there that are really winning with their business. Charles, what role does diligence play in running a successful company? That dds steady application of effort. What role does diligence play and running a business and in fitness?

Well, for fitness, I, I’ve learned that you do not get in shape at all being a hard starter and a bad finisher. It’s about being consistent, steady over and over. So like a lot of guys will come in the gym and they just start rocking it out like crazy. But then like two weeks later they’re not even coming to any more. And it’s like, what’s the, what’s your, your body is a reflection of what you’ve been doing over the consistency. Over six months, not six days. And same thing with business. Same thing with business and money. Like for me, I would always sell knowing that there’s never a really good good. Like a steal of a deal is only a deal in both. People feel like they’re, you know, it’s really honestly pretty fair. And um, when I would sell over and over, you’re building your reputation, you’re doing really well for them and you know, you’re making enough to make it 20, 30 percent margin and you just move on and over time you just keep grinding. But that, like you talk about in business, that one time home run fast money, big margins, it’s always, you know, it’s just not sustainable. Same thing with working out. You’ve got to be consistent and diligent.

Amber, I want to get your take on this. So what, what role does being dilligent play in the success of Koh La Fitness? I mean, do you think it was the big idea? Do you think it was having a big idea? Was it, was it a revolutionary approach to getting in shape or, or what? What would, I guess if there’s a pie chart, what percentage of it was diligence? So what percentage of it was the big idea?

I would say Charles and I would remind each other we’re on the same team and the consistency and the diligence, we would remind each other. It’s the delayed gratification every day, the workout, Liz long or it was hard. It was tiring. Um, it was just rep after rep and you don’t see the results when you leave the gym that day. And like Charles said, it’s six months later, it’s eight months later, depending on what your goal is. And our goal in business, our goal financially, even our goal for our family, it’s just being diligent. It’s being the grinder, but it’s knowing that the delayed gratification is the wind and the wind’s going to be in the long run. It’s not, it’s not today and it may not be tomorrow and we would constantly have to remind each other that because the world around us kept telling us we needed instant gratification. We deserve that new car. We should move and live in that neighborhood that the all the Jones’s are living in a. We deserved array.

How long did you live in the same house to a hundred and $15,000 house in Bartlesville.

We stayed there for 13 years and we’ve, for the most part, raised all three of our kids there. That’s huge. It was the delayed gratification and it was a lesson that we taught our kids have about the delay of the gratification.

Now thrive nation, if you’re out there and you’re going got, seems like there’s a lot of focus on delaying gratification. Well, proverbs 10, four lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. Seems like a lot of discipline, a lot of talking about discipline. This isn’t a very fun show. Well, I’m going to play a little audio clip from one of our thrivers who had some massive winds with their company this year. Witness security witness securities had massive winds all year this year because this former member of the United States military has done as delayed gratification, has showed up to his coaches meetings every time this year and has implemented the proven path. So then any further ado, meet the good folks at witness security.

My name is Keith and my company has witnessed security here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For the past 18 months that we’ve been working with clay. You know, our growth was averaging pretty close to $10,000 a month on a regular basis. You know, shortly thereafter we doubled out to close to 20,000 and now we’re close to $40,000 on a regular basis. Every month. Class helped us increase our sales in every aspect when it comes to the calls that come into our business, helping us hire people to be able to do that and follow a good script, you know, setting up the appointments and how we do them when we go into the appointment, the sales pitch and how we do it, you know, and then from then on forth, just the Seo and everything he’s done has increased our sales exponentially, has helped us grow our business and the aspect of individuals, you know, how to hire people, how to manage people, how to necessarily organize our business, how to structure, you know, the functioning of our business.

Though we’ve been in business for close to nine years at that time, clay has revamped everything we do, you know, to a much more better operational business than what it ever was before working, going the class a little bit different than what you’d find in most. You know, clay pushes you to the point you, you get out of your comfort and as long as you continue to do what he asked you to do, you will continue to grow, but if you don’t, then you won’t. We heard about clay Clark on the radio. My son heard it on the radio and med list, been listened to it for a couple weeks and said [inaudible], listen to it, gave him a call and within a day or so play it gave me a call and we came in for an interview. He’s helped us in our search engine optimization by helping us with the actual google ratings when it comes to being placed on the map in multiple locations so that we dominate the industry on the map as well as organically so that when people are searching and variety of different words, we always pop up on multiple locations on the first page, you know, that of which he did it.

It’s a long process, but it works very well and you know, Google how their algorithms work. It doesn’t change in what he does, so we all are always on top. Claire’s restructured everything we did when it comes to selling the security systems, you know, being a local company, we do things quite a bit different and by doing so and restructuring and everything he did in the nine years that I was in business trying to do it on my own, he came up with a package deal and within less than 10 minutes and revamped everything we do. You’re looking for come into clay Clark for asking them in the group, help you grow your business. I can guarantee it’ll be a success if you follow through with what he says, you know, you have to follow through with what he says in order to make it work. And so you have to come to the table making sure that you’re going to do what he says. Be teachable and you will be successful.

Thrive nation, if you want to know, a little bonus tip has worked here as we’re talking about Dennis Rodman and the keys to being diligent and having that grinder mentality. A little bonus tip. Don’t waste your time picking up office supplies and printer supplies. Save Time and money. Do not by your office supplies and printer supplies at a big retailer. Go to onyx imaging today. That’s onyx imaging Dotcom, and those things deliver to your office. Stay tuned.

The one you are now entering the Dojo of Mojo and the thrive business conferences time show, thrive time. Show on the microphone. What is this? Top of the charts in the category of business driven down on business topics like we are a dentist provided you will need to shift lacking plant. If we go past that, you might get motion sick in the stomach. The best. Some fruit like some

three, two, one. Here come the Business Ninja.

Oh, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. And before we get too far into the details of today’s show, the Dennis Rodman story, the art of grinding part to Marshall, I want to celebrate to quick wins with the thrive nation quick ones to quit because I feel like the thrive nation has been a big part in making this happen. Marshall, are you? Are you? Can you handle it? Can you psychologically have you prepared yourself for these two big ones? That is more metaphysical, but yeah. Okay. When number one. My main man, my friend George Foreman reached out to me today. Oh yeah. And he will be on the show like v George Foreman, like selling everybody. Grills ou like the lean mean grill machine. Like the guy who prayed for my son, like I was driving in a car to Florida. I had just bought a book called God in my corner, not because I was a Christian.

In fact that was not a Christian and I found out my son was born blind and I was in line at Sam’s and I saw this book and I said, Vince, I should buy the book. And she said, you have the mental capacity to buy the book. And I said, I know, but I just said you had the financial capacity and I know she says, just buy the book, buy the book. I don’t want to buy the book. I hit this religious books. I hate the religious books. So I bought God in my corner by George Foreman and I said, Vanessa, can you read it to me? And in the book George Foreman explains that his cousin was born in his cousin, went into a coma. I’m sorry, his cousin went into a coma and he told God, he said, God, if you’ll heal my son or my cousin in this case, even though my cousin, uh, I’ll become a Christian, but if not, I don’t believe in you because you’ve never done anything for me.

So George foreman cried out to God for his cousin to be healed is I believe it was his second cousin or his nephew. I can’t remember what it’s called. God and my corners the book. And he prayed. He said he didn’t tell anybody else to prayer and he said, God, here’s the deal, if you will heal my nephew or my cousin, who of his character was, I will retire from boxing immediately. I’ll never fight again. I’ll just serve you. I’ll become a pastor. So he gets a call, ring, ring in the locker room. They said, George, your nephew, your cousin just came out of a coma and he said, it just came out right now, like, you know, so he said, he goes into the fight and he cannot physically gather the business conferences strength. Like it was like Samson had his hair cut off and he said no one knew what was going on.

So he retired from boxing after losing a fight that he should have won. And he said he just didn’t have the strength. And a long story short, George Foreman became a pastor. And uh, so anyway, I read the book and I said, God, if you’ll heal my son, I promise I will sell Dj connection and I’ll become a Christian because I worked every second of my day run them Dj And uh, I’m out at the beach in Destin, Florida there. Um, and if you have a child with a disability, it’s just so hard to deal with. The day to day I’m reading this book called a straight from the gut by Jack Welch. Good Management Book to share with your kid. And I’m reading the book and my son grabs my highlighter, makes eye contact with me for the first time in his life and smiles at me. And if you’re a dad and you can make eye contact with your kid, it is rough.

I tell Vanessa, Vanessa, Aubrey can see. She says, I know. I told her. He would see I had faith. What are you talking about? Long Story Short, I called George Foreman’s office over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Not Kidding. Marshall Unit. Hi. Cold calls. Yeah, relentless. I keep calling. I get ahold of hopes and when they said I said, I said, hey listen, your dad is responsible for planting the seed of faith that caused me to believe that, that, that my son will be healed. Like what? Because all of his sons named George. I talked to George One, George for George Seven. Whatever. Long Story Short, I’m in Houston. And make a note on the show notes of Marshall will put a picture of George Foreman holding my son with my wife and I. and that’s how I met George.

And then today George emailed. And the only thing we can’t talk about Marshall’s, we cannot talk about politics per request from George, but big George Foreman, the man who sold everybody in America. A grill will be on the show here in the next week or so. Also, John Lee Dumas, the number one podcast of all time will be on the show here in a couple of days. And Marshall, we hit the top of the itunes charts in all categories. Yes and no. A category. Now this is our sixth year of making content, by the way, our third year of putting it live on the podcast player. So if you’re out there saying, I struggle with motivation, this shows for you because you’ve got to press on. That’s all we have to grinders on the show today. Now, part of grinding though is you must set boundaries for your life. So I’m going to ask amber, amber, a cola, and Charles Co law the same question.

I’m, I’m asking you guys about boundaries in just a moment on Marshall. Want you to break down this notable quotable from page 90 of bad as I want to be by Dennis Rodman, where he says in the NBA, it’s going to grow and grow until it’s so effing big. No doctor’s going to be able to stitch it up. There’s going to be a hole in your life and you can’t heal it up. The hole is created when you got the opportunity and the wide range to have everything in your life. Everything. There are no rules, no boundaries to the things you can experience off the court. The wind, that stretch of time is over and you’re all used up and nobody wants your autograph anymore. What you have done, what have you done to prepare your mind to fill this? Ethical. There’s nothing out there to prepare you to fill it more than anything.

This game is a diversion. It’s an escape. The people who watch us love the game because it takes them out of their daily routine. They could put aside the problems with their husbands or wives, kids and bosses for about two hours of entertainment. Okay, amber boundaries. You’re a husband, wife, team. You’ve grown a company together, co La fitness, you have thousands of members, uh, your husband is super physically fit. I’m sure you’ve never had to lay down the law with boundaries with female employees or customers or I don’t want to create a burning fire on the show today, but talk to me about because there’s somebody out there who’s got to relate to the, to the setting boundaries and the importance of not being the Dennis Rodman of business off the court for Sarah. We had a couple and life situations, I think like every married couple. And, and we decided a long time ago to set the boundaries not only in our marriage, but personally for our own personal self. We each have boundaries that we’ve set.

We have boundaries in our marriage. We’ve set boundaries for our family, uh, to protect our family time, to protect our children within the four walls of our home. We’ve set boundaries on, you know, when they were young all the way up to when they’re old and you teach them the boundaries of TV. We have boundaries at work. We, um, I have to work real hard to set boundaries for Charles because he’s a workaholic. He would just work more than he would do anything else. So we have set boundaries and I think you just got to start with yourself and you need to decide who you want to be and where you want to go and work your way out from yourself to your family, to your job, but you had used the words a fire of desire and you have to know who you want to be and where you’re going and that fuels that desire to be that person, the setting those boundaries.

Oh, Charles, you’re great at setting business conferences boundaries in terms of like, I’m not going to eat this. I’m going to work out at this set time. This is going to happen. How are you so disciplined? What, what, what is wrong with you? Did you hit your head on the toilet seat? Did you, uh, what, what, what’s caused you to be so disciplined by default?

For me, I, I just, I break everything down to being really, really simple. And you know, for like food, you know, meat, vegetables, protein shakes in water and then you just don’t need anything else. And I hit the repeat button and for a few months so you just kinda forget about everything else. And for me, of course I was three or three in high school, so I love to eat and I could eat large pizzas and route 44, Dr Pepper’s three or four of them a day. I could eat two large pizzas in the city. I mean. And so I love to eat. And food is very addictive and I love the big thing was, is after a few months you kind of break that and I just have chosen to always hit the repeat button on that.

Now Thrive nation, you were listening to the Voice of choice of Amber Cola and Charles Cola with co La fitness, c o l a w Co la fitness. And we’re talking about the rise and grind mentality of Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman story

part to stay tuned. It’s the thrive time show on your radio casting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr Robert Zellner with us Sba entrepreneur of the year, Clay Clark. It is the show where we drop the knowledge bombs for you the so make sure you could produce the greener we’d like all over again. Super Twitchy. Japan’s cookie just bought. You’ll be black and white. Pumpkin central wallet used to broadcast the with Quintin. Can I get no sleep? The you before the room was. He is in his health. The C and r beat the scene that was teaching business seals play. We both grew up no more. The goal with this show is to help you sleep. Yes, yes, yes. Thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. It’s rob you out there who’ve been helping our show.

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Yes, but somebody is actually recorded a video and put it up on Youtube. And so we have over 600 video reviews, so thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to do that because I recognize that, that, that takes a little bit of a grinder mentality. And today we’re talking about the Dennis Rodman story, the NBA Hall of Fame Basketball Player who didn’t play organized basketball until the age of 21. Why he graduated high school at the age of five foot nine in his book. Bad as I want to be. He said that black people, African American people made fun of him because he was ugly, so I always wanted to be white than age 21. After being arrested at his job, working at the DFW airport for stealing watches, he grows to the height of six foot eight. At the age of 21, he grows a foot, so now his sister who played division one college basketball asset says you should try out for a team.

He tries out for the team, he makes the team. He fills out academically. He tries out for another team. All of a sudden he living in Duran, Oklahoma, everyone makes fun of him because he’s African American. He thought white people would love him, but he realized that they like him either. So his best friend was a guy by the name of Brian B r y a n e dot. He’s 21. Marshall, if you’re 21, how old is you? Do you think your typical best friend will be? Twenty one. Typical best friend will be like, you know, anywhere for 20 to 22. I think really deeply. If you’re 21,

my best friend and you got made fun of a lot as a kid for being ugly African American and African American community. You’re African American. Yeah. You move to Duran, Oklahoma where you’re a celebrity basketball player. You’re 21 and people are yelling racist things that you in the stands. How old would your best friend be? Marshall? Probably probably a teenager. Thirteen,

13. He says, because he hadn’t yet lost his innocence. Turned up. Come to find out though, Brian, who we met at a basketball camp, the 13 year old Brian, who by the way, he partnered with Dennis Rodman to build the Frisco Texas based company called Rodman excavating, which is still the most successful excavation company in Texas because Dennis said, if you’ll stay with me and be my only friend, I’ll never forget you. And so we made it to the NBA and built his friend to company. True Story. Thirteen year old kid. So when Dennis was 26, he was a rookie and he. They’re the age separation was eight years, so 26. So he’s 18. He bought his free built. His friend had give them, gave his friend the money to start a company, and today that’s how Dennis lives is off of the money that Brian built with him with Rodman excavation.

So a page 99 of Rodman’s book, bad as I want to be. I’m going to read you some notable quotable that are kind of harsh, but I relate to them, which is why I read this book and is why I’m breaking it down for you. I stuttered as a kid. Nobody was nice to me. Nobody, not a single person was nice to me until about age 14. So I frankly do not care at all whether I’m liked, which is my superpower, but is also somewhere people go, you really, really prefer to be alone. This is true. So Dennis Rodman rights are on page 99. He says there are too many effing white collar people in the league to bother with some low life bum like me. They can’t associate with me off the court because I’m too different. I don’t where the custom clothes and go to the right parties.

I hang out with the real business conferences people and real places and they can’t let anyone like that into their fan club and the that and then the part that really put them off the most is I don’t give up, don’t talk to me because I don’t want to talk to your poop anyway. Don’t invite me to your parties because I don’t want to come. A lot of players in the league are afraid of me, especially the guys just coming in, they’ve read about or heard about me roughing people up on the court or sleeping in a truck with a loaded rifle, attempting to kill myself or dating Madonna. They get out onto the floor and they look into my eyes and they don’t know what to do, what to expect. That’s my edge against them. I keep the edge sharp by not talking to anyone on the court.

I did not say a single word to Michael Jordan or Scottie Pippen while playing for the Chicago Bulls. Not a single word. They didn’t talk to him no at all. So I’ll put a link put on a show so I don’t forget to do it. I’ll put a link to the video or Dennis Rodman explains how he never said a word to Michael Jordan or Scottie pippin and while being on their team, I think that is a little bit of the mindset of an entrepreneur. You guys have to hunker down and really focus on your life because no one else cares. People say, I’m praying for you. People say how it’s gone. Well for you, but no one really cares. So I want to get into the foxhole of amber and Charles culottes. When you guys lived in $115,000 house in Bartlesville and you’re training clients out of your house, amber, how does it feel to have strange men and women being personally trained out of your house? For how many years did you do this class to too? Okay. How does that feel as a woman, as a wife, when there’s random people coming in your house starting as early as what? Four in the morning by five in the morning.

How does that feel to walk us into your foxhole? Help us go there with you. Uh, it just felt like there was never any privacy felt like our whole life was work. It felt like it never shut off. It was awesome. [inaudible]. Now Charles says, it was awesome. I want to be a team. Switzerland. I had over 20 grown men working out of my house at 90 Person Lynn Lane, and the only reason that I am married today is thrive nation. Take a guess. What is it?

The grace of God. Because if my wife was not filled with the grace of God in reverence for the sanctity of marriage, anybody with a sound mind would have absolutely left because I had 20 plus men. Let me tell you where it reached the low for me. One day, Vanessa walks down the hall to talk to the guys about a discrepancy on paychecks. She walks down the hall. One man has a screensaver that is full of pornography and the next band has a screensaver that’s filled with homosexual pornography to taunt his friend. The next day she comes up

stairs and Amanda’s beating another man with a chair as they argue about commissions. And then I tried to call my wife down and so I grabbed it. I might sip for my coffee. So Vanessa, it’s all good. So I grabbed a coffee and I began to take a sip. I felt I was drinking from another man’s spitter at my house, his skull Spitter, his dip spitter man pitcher. And I said, oh. And I, I honestly felt so sick and it’s the first time I empathized with her because I thought I was drinking my coffee and I was drinking from another man’s spitter Marshall. Can you talk to me about the grace of my wife to put up with a man who is a human dive bar? I am dive bar. That’s right. She, she is the one that has to go behind all of the constant goers of the dive bar and she has to clean up.

And she was mentally drinking the spitter, the spitter. She was mentally putting up with that one. One of our top guys, Josh, one day he goes downstairs, he’s like, are you down here? We click, click, click. I need to grab you. And he walks into my wife’s bedroom and there he finds a wife and Josh comes upstairs, not really making eye contact the way he used to and he’s like, Hey, uh, I, uh, I think we need to put like signs up on the doors because I, I, I don’t know, I got to go home. And so these are things that happen when you have a home based business and they’re not good, they’re not moved, never can relate to that. So, and I want to do, we come back from the break. I want to talk about the rise and grind of being a self-employed person and really the business conferences dysfunction that is inherent that comes with having a home based business where you are literally officing out of your home thrive. They should subscribe to the thrive time show podcast today on itunes. We’ll send you a free conference to get ready to enter the thrive time show

from the bottom. Now we’re on the top, knew the systems to get, but we got hooks hopper down the books, brick and some wisdom. And the cookbooks. That’s what I’m adapt. So if you see my weapon kids, please tell them seat and seat. And now three, two, one. Here we go. All right. Thrive nation. Welcome back to bad as I want to be the Dennis Rodman store,

the art of rising and grinding, part two. We’re talking about this subject because I frankly feel Marshall as a business coach and as a guy who’s a, between Dr. [inaudible] and I were talking about the other the other day, uh, between the two of us, we now have grown 15 multimillion dollar team. Yeah, because we haven’t talked about it in like a couple of years, but you know, a tip top canine now has multiple locations. And so now we’re at 15 and full package that’s 15. So the point is with this is what we do. And so, but he, both of us do whatever it takes. We’ve listened to the imagine dragons song, whatever it takes too many times. And so we both were willing to do whatever it takes. Unfortunately, we have put people in our lives through a personal hell multiple times. I’ve stopped doing that about 10 years ago, but I used to put my wife through a personal help.

I remember as recently as five years ago, I was dipping my toe back into personal hell one. Oh one. Just to see what would happen. Just to see Marshall. I want to dip my toe in crazy town just to see what would happen if I dipped my toe into the lagoon of the food. And so I scheduled myself in June. You, you know this because I was gone as I was dipping my toe into the lagoon of the buffoon during the month of June. I had something like 13 speaking events in one month. Oh yeah. And because it was like, you know, I’ll do a couple and then another one and I found myself alone in Toronto eating lamb with a very wealthy man who was telling me how great my speech, my speech was, right. While talking to a wife at home that was crying because I was gone all the time.

Those. Right. Because I’m a horrible person. So you, you’ve kind of observed that. I’ve known you for nine years now. Yeah. And so I want to go into the trench of what it’s like Ms Dot Amber Cola with fitness to be working with a person to be married to a person who’s running a home office out of your home. It’s $115,000 home in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The company now today is called co La fitness. It’s grown out thousands of members. But what is. What was it like when you had thousands of people or at this time, hundreds of people getting personal trading out of your home? What were the kind of awkward scenarios you found yourself encountering on a yearly basis? Daily basis. Talk to me about just that personal hell that people like Charles and I probably put you through there. What am I having a home based business.

Oh, it felt like thousands of people and our kitchen became the break room. It was the official place where all the guys stuck. All their protein shakes in my fridge. I’m lead their dirty dishes in the sink on behalf of all men, not nap on our couch. They were everywhere. Our driveway was full of cars. And finally, that’s what led to your female clients. Did you guys have female clients?

We did, and at the time I did hair, so we had revamped my laundry room into a salon and so we’d have the guys train them at the front and then they’d come to the back and get their haircut and it was a revolving door of people all day long. So I don’t want to, uh, you know, open wounds. I just want to know because I’ve been married to an incredible lady for 17 years. When you, when you’re, when you have a feet with female personal training client, was that cool with you? Is it not cool with you? How did you process that as a woman? You’re married to a man, female personal training clients. Was it okay? Not Okay. Did you freak out? Was it cool? Was a group training? How did you do it?

I think every marriage is different and every marriage has different seasons as well. So some clients you could read intentions very well and we would just pass that person right onto the next trainer. And we tried to always have a female trainer on staff and be very intentional about the female clients training with her. Um, we try to be very cautious and protect our marriage as well as the trainers that work for us. Um, if they are married, we tried to make sure they didn’t have female clients. Um, the integrity of them and the integrity of our business and the culture that we had was always very important to us. So setting those on many different levels. It was very important to us always. What was the worst part, amber, about having a home based business where you said that right there, if I could, if you could coach the thrivers now we have hundreds of thousands of people that download the podcast looking for sources of wisdom. So I have to make sure that I only have people on the show who’ve been there. Done that. So you and Charles had been there, done that. Can you talk to me, amber, about what was the hardest part about having a home based business for you? I think it was that knowing where to draw the line in those boundaries of when it was time to work and when it was time to have family and it just send people. Mainly your customers didn’t remember or realize that it was your personal home, so the boundaries was harder.

It was harder for them to see the boundaries sometimes than it was for us to set it up, but you felt like you never left work, so we had to be very intentional about family time and marriage time and winded to shut it off. No, Marshall Morris, Charles Colaw is a business conferences grinder in many ways, in a positive way. He has that Dennis Rodman mindset, so I’m gonna read a notable quotable from page 111 of Dennis Rodman’s book. As bad as I want to be, and I want you to break it down. I want Charles to share kind of his experience with this because I really do feel like that Dennis Rodman, Charles Cola, and myself, we all share that similar. I call it dragon energy. We talked about Kanye West Calls Dragon Energy. Donald trump calls it dragon energy gets where you’re just like insanely driven and you don’t know why and no one taught it to you.

You’re just driven and so I’m going to read this from page one. 11. Dennis Rodman rights in 1991 through 1992. I averaged 18 point seven rebounds a game and I had 20 or more rebounds in a game 39 times. Think about that almost half the season with at least 20 rebounds a game. That was the year I broke the Pistons, single record for most rebounds, a game with 34 in a game against Indiana Pacers and that game hill and that whole season I felt like I knew exactly where every shot was going to come off the rim. I think I’ve always been able to predict things. I think it had a lot to do with. I think it had has a lot to do with aggressiveness and alertness, but it also gets back to desire. I’m hungrier than those other guys out there. Every rebound is a personal challenge against me.

I trained my mind to believe I need to get every rebound just to stay in the league. If I don’t get the ball, I’m going back to Dallas, back to the streets, back to hell. I didn’t play organized basketball until I was 21. I think of myself as a lion or any other wild animal in the jungle. They go after their prey for survival. If an animal’s hungry enough, it’s going to attack anything that moves. I see a ball that out there. I’m going to get it simple. How many guys go all out to do it? My desire is always there, but as my career goes on, as my career goes along, I have to work at it a little more. Marshall talked to me about the importance of having that kind of intensity. The clients that you’ve worked with, Derek, research k and D, Travis Williams, people that are having big success.

How important is that? Just aggressiveness to get every ball to close. Every deal, every lead that comes in. It’s like the only lead. When I get a lead in, dude, even today you see me in our meetings. I’m going to lead comes in which we get like 10 a day. It’s a problem because 10 people a day say, I want business coaching. Ten people a day. I want business coaching. You see me Marshall Everyday I follow up with it. It’s like a relentless thing. It’s like every lead is like the lastly because I grew up with nothing. Talk to me about that. That, that, that. The balance of having that, that dragon energy and then also like, you know, being sustainable. So great women like my wife don’t leave me living alone in a van down by the river. That’s right. So what you have to do is as long as you are going to be in the business, you have to be able to turn it on and go 100 percent. There is none of this 50 percent, 60 percent. Let’s just kind of, in order for it to be sustainable, let’s just participate a little bit, you know, so that I can do it over a long period of going to give you permission to preach for a second here. Oh really?

You go off, you’ve got at least four to five minutes to lay it out. I’m going to go off here because there’s a lot of people that do not get this idea of just going all out. Give those. So I do the 13 point assessments for a lot of business owners and I am very proud to say that there are a number of business owners that we won’t work with. Go ahead because they are not as serious about their business as they need to be. Okay, so here’s the differentiating part in amber talked about this is you don’t know when the business date ends in when family time starts preaching, but you trying to balance it out by being 50 percent in your business and 50 percent and you’re falling right and therefore you sacrifice both. You have a mediocre family life in a mediocre business. Ouch, that hurts, but what is better to do is better to flip the switch. Be a hundred percent in your business when you’re participating in your business and then turn it off as fast as you turned it on and participate. Pay

In family time and you have to be able to create those boundaries because like amber said, when you’re operating a home based business, the lines are blurred and so there’s this quote by my main man, Daniel Goleman, come on out and you’ll Goldman clinical psychologist, best selling author Daniel Goleman, g o l e m a n awesome book, emotional intelligence. Read that book. He says, we need to recreate boundaries. When you carry a digital gadget, it creates a virtual link to the office. You need to create a virtual boundary that didn’t exist before and this is what I see for a lot of business owners is are working about 50 percent in the business and 50 percent in their family and they’re just kind of average.

I think a lot of people nowadays, Hey, I have digital gadget. I have a digital gadget. I carry more computing power in my pocket than apollo 13 used to go to space.

It is crazy and so I must respond to it.

Every business conferences social media post, every comment, every second day, and if you are unwilling to put that phone away and turn that phone off and not answer that one more deal, everybody that’s listening can close. Just one more deal. If they push them. Now I want to get Charles Kllauss take on this because he and I share the same psychological problem. I believe by default, when somebody writes a bad comment about elephant in the room, if I look at it, I want to immediately respond and say, we’ve never seen you as a customer. If you’re not in our database, you in fact, your name is Mike White. Mike, if you’re listening, you’re name is Mike White and you do own the competitor’s company in Oklahoma City and I know you’re coming into the alpha in the room just to stir up emotion and to create a problem and you’re just freaking me out and I’m going and then all of a sudden I go, whoa, Whoa, whoa. I’m at home. So how do you Charles? I mean, are we perfect? No, but how. How are you learning or how have you learned to turn it off because you’re a naturally born dragon energy guy. You get it done. How, how, how, how do you do it?

I’m still struggling, but I am doing a lot better in this last year working with you. You’ve really helped me shut that off. I’ve turned off all notifications. Oh yes. And um, there’s only one or two people I’ll answer the phone for. Amen. And we are getting more done and been more efficient and I’ve been delegating more than ever. I’ve got a great gatekeeper and so we’ve been doing a lot better and I’ve been able to think about bigger picture and future growth the whole lot more.

Can I brag on you for a second? Is that it’s a cool. Sure. Um, it co La fitness, if you look up co La fitness right now, a lot of our listeners don’t know who you are because we have people listening from South Korea, from New York, from Canada. Um, and I’m not saying that fitness is going gonna Franchise today, but I think in the future it will happen or at least to have more, more, more, more locations like our business conferences, but you guys are probably the most diligent doers ever. And if anything it’s about more about boundaries setting in terms of your aggressiveness. It’s not about like channels you kind of wake up and be motivated and I’m just saying this as a business coach, I’d rather work with someone who’s too aggressive than someone that’s not. And so if you’re out there listening today and you say, you know what I want to team up with, I want to partner with somebody. Maybe I want to invest in something. I want to open up my own business. I can’t say it’s gonna happen tomorrow, but I encourage you to check out [inaudible] dot [email protected]. Uh, Charles and amber have unbelievably high integrity. They are both natural grinders and is anybody perfect? No, but if you want to team up with people have unquestionably high integrity and people that are focused on the long term results and not just get rich quick schemes. Coal off fitness is here for the longterm. Check them out [email protected].

That’s [inaudible] dot com state to attend the world’s best business workshop, led by America’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it and your contact information to [email protected]. All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on

your radio. As we’re breaking down the life and times of Dennis Rodman, the art of rising and grinding bad as I want to be. We’re breaking down his book and Marshall, I’m the reason why I read this book. The reason why I got this book is because Dennis Rodman is perhaps one of the most intense basketball players that I remember watching every. He played every play, like it was his last play and I feel like that’s something I identify with as a business guy. I, I that, that grind and that mindset. And I’d like for you to share what is it like to be in a meeting with me when you’re in a meeting with sort of have been sort of a business. Didn’t Dennis Rodman? Now I haven’t. I don’t cross dress. Um, I haven’t had extra marital affairs. Um, I, I do a show up for my kids’ events, but I’m intense.

You don’t have tattoos all over your body either, like for you to share. I mean, for the listeners out there who aren’t in our meetings every day, what’s it like to be in a meeting with somebody who is intense? I would say it’s a maniacal focus. So this is how I see other meetings go. Other meetings, meetings that don’t have a business, Dennis Rodman in them. It’s where, okay guys, today we’re talking about x, Y, and Z. and first of all, how did everybody’s weekend go? Uh, because that’s more important to talk about in this meeting other than the things that will actually earn us more money. And you know, when I asked our team in our meetings, how was your weekend? I hate that question, right? Because I don’t care that it. And so, but you know, it gets everybody on the same page. Get the moment I was part of the moment.

Here we go. Okay, so let’s do that. Alright, so, so has he had his weekend, but then it turns into a sally sue or billy, you know, telling a story and then we’re all laughing about it and you know, pretty soon 30 minutes has gone by and we’re not even talking about it. And then you say, hey, you know, what did you get this done? I talked to somebody their day, a good friend of mine. I said, hey, how was church? Because I go to church a lot, you know, I said, how was church? I said, great. I said, what was the service about missing? I don’t know. And I thought to myself, mentally, why are you going? I’m intense. I take notes. Do you take notes and you don’t do things half hearted, and if you’re gonna have a meeting, don’t do it half heartedly.

If you’re going to read a book, you don’t read a book, don’t read it half heartedly, so all of the listeners right now, they can’t see the book that we’re going through that can see the physical book, but you have devoured it. You’re taking notes, you’ve made a stickies, you, me and my own cover made your own cover for the book. Serious dog eared it. You’ve written in the book, but now it is tangible. It’s actionable. There’s things to never forget it. I’ve interacted with it. That’s that Dennis Rodman writes on page 13 of his book, bad as I want to be. Marshall, she put it on the show notes. Page one, 13. He writes, every time we scrimmaged in practice, I would go, go up against the first teamers and look at every possession like it was survival. If I stopped Adrian Dantley this time down the floor, I’d get to stay in the league.

If I got the next rebound, I’d get to stay in the league. I started thinking like that and the guys I was in playing against started looking at me like I was crazy. These are veterans, and they knew how to practice without killing themselves. Now they were faced with this wild guy who was playing every second like it was his last. Chuck Daly encouraged me to do this. My head coach, it was fine with him that I wasn’t interested in scoring and he put a lot of energy into telling me how good I could be if I didn’t let myself get off track whenever I was down. He’d always find the right way to tell me to pick my head up. Demand kept me going. Marshall, I pretty much play every play like it’s my last. That’s my mindset in business. So what happened to the mindset of Steve Currington with total lending concepts?

Another man who shares the dragon energy, and I want to get into the mindset of Amber Cola, another lady in my mind who shares the dragon energy. Now the dragon energy is this mindset of like, hey, listen, it’s great that we’re, we’re, we’re buddies. I respect your, uh, your, your, uh, your ability to be a human on the planet earth, but this is how it’s gonna go down. So let’s start with you. Steve talked to me about when someone fills out a form on business conferences total lending concepts and says they want to get alone. Why do you reach 90 percent of the people who fill out the form and why did most of mortgage guys reach 20 percent of the people that fill out the form? Because we call until they cry, buy or die. Is that like a figure of speech? No. No. Like people will cry.

They’ll be like, oh my God, stop calling me or I’m going to sue you. Will, we’ll stop calling them then or they’ll die if someone filled out the form on your website, a mortgage for me, that’s why they filled it out. So I’m not going to stop calling them until I talked to him. According to Forbes, most people do business with the first person to call them. Yeah. According to Forbes, over 50 percent of people do business with the first person to call them back. Yeah. Why are you doing just like hot on it, man. You’re just like, as soon as someone fills out the form, your team calls them right away. What’s wrong with you? We like win. Or are you offended if they don’t answer the first time or. Yes. I’ve called people before while they’re still on my website, like they barely hit enter about that last week and he was like, Dang.

It’s been like 33 senators, one guy who filled in a form at elephant and the elephant in the room, our men’s grooming lounge, and he said those guys called me like 30 times. Yeah, because you filled out our form. Yeah. Formative scheduled. First dot first haircut for a dollar. We’re going to reach you to all business owners out there. If somebody fills out a form on your website, they want the answers. Now they’re not saying, oh, I hope he calls me in three weeks. You know what’s fun to do though? You know what’s fun? What’s fun? Go fill out a form on any rent, like you’re going to do business with somebody. Go fill out a form on their website and wants to call you. You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to ask amber this because amber has kind of a quiet calm in that.

This is more of like a Cobra energy. You’ve been around a cobra. It’s like the cobras. It’s, it’s, it’s a very kind of calm. It’s paying attention, but I have a feeling that amber, if you mess with her, if you push her over the line, she’ll probably. She’s cool. She’s talking to me about that intensity that you. Where does that come from? That intensity? I mean, you, you handle a lot of the strategy, the accounting, the corporate governance, the systems. Your husband’s a great rainmaker. How do you control that energy? Could you see him like kind of an intense person in a good way? I mean, you’re, you seem like you’re aggressive, you’re intense. How do you control that? Talked to me about where, where, where does that come from?

Um, you know, I don’t know where that comes from. I’ve just learned that I do have it and I have to use it because if I don’t use it, it’s um, it’s almost like a, like a bottled up, something that’s going to explode. I’ve just always been wired that way. Very busy. Um, I’m a doer. I don’t enjoy sitting down. Um, I’d rather do an audible book and would like to listen to it while I’m cleaning the house. I want to get multiple things done. I love the term multitasking. I don’t know why they say multiple things can’t be done at once because I can do probably five things at once.

Cleaning House when you’d rather listen to an audio book while cleaning that just clearly.

Absolutely. Um, I don’t, I don’t know where that comes from, but what I do know is God has a purpose in that and so I try to do everything with a purpose, try to walk with a purpose to try to do my job with a purpose, whether it’s a. So that’s just Kinda what I try to remind myself as. There is a purpose. It, I was given that for reason. There’s some days, I don’t know where it comes from, I don’t know why I have it, but um, I do enjoy the grind. It’s not, it is stressful. It’s not always fun, but I do find that there becomes even sometimes a personal gratification because you can help others with that grind. Uh, you can make the world better than you found it,

you know, and I try to do every show with a purpose. The purpose is to create more revenue for our advertisers that may pay us. And Dr John Sibley is the chiropractor of choice for Wayne Gretzky. That’s Dr John Sibley and I, I would argue he should be the chiropractor of choice for you and your family if you live in Tulsa. Chicken Melt Today, Dr John Sibling

Dot Com. But for John broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur. Dr Robert Zellner with us Sba entrepreneur of the year. Clay Clark is the time show that will be dropping knowledge bombs taught you, teach the system to make in so you can produce the greener. We’d like all over again, super twitchy cockpit, jump dance, your pin cook you just bought and then you’ll be back into the white pumpkin. Topo used to be thin, some some lightness broadcaster with the with the focus St Quentin Kidd. I get no clean. The to before the room was. He is in his hip hop. Beat the scene that was teaching business sales plate place. We both grew up poor no more. The goal of this show is to help you slow.

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio. The dojo of Mojo for so many of you were talking about

today. About bad as I want to be the Dennis Rodman story, the art of grinding. Now Marshall, I’m going to read quite a few pages, some read from page one, 20 page 1:20 of bad as I want to be and I’m going to read from page 1:35 and I’d like for you to break it down and so it’s not socially awkward. I’m going to queue up some epic music to kind of make myself feel more calmer, so because reading in front of 100,000 people could be. Imagine you’re in front of like the Wolverine Stadium of Michigan and you’re reading slow pros or words from a book. A gay could get up. Here we go. He says, I’m cool.

I can take a lot of crap before I get around to fight it. It’s like those days in Oklahoma and people were calling me and telling me to go back to Africa. If I didn’t take that step, then I’m sure not as going to do it now. Besides most guys in the NBA are scared to fight me because they think that I’m all crazy. They don’t know what I might do. They just look at me like, okay, let’s just go about our business. A lot of guys are afraid to put me off. The only time I had a real knockdown fight was during my rookie year in Boston, page one slash 35 Dennis Rodman rights. There were times when my own race confused me.

There were many times I thought I wanted to be white. I wasn’t accepted in the black community when I was growing up. I was teased and picked on my looks and this was where I was supposed to feel comfortable. When I go to college in Oklahoma, I found out I didn’t fit into a white community either. I wondered if I would ever fit in as long as my skin was black. I can remember when I was a little kid during the civil rights marches in the mid to late sixties, there’s a lot of hatred towards white people in my neighborhood. In 1968 after Martin Luther was killed, I watched these men beat a nice white man to death on the streets of the oak cliff projects. They just stomped him and hit him on the sidewalk until he didn’t move anymore. After he was dead, they continued kicking him. I was seven years old at the time and I didn’t think much of him.

Think about that. Dennis Rodman just wrote in his book that he was made fun of by black people because he was ugly, made fun of by African Americans, but he also is self aware enough to say they also, the people in my community kicked a nice man to death and after he was dead, that continued kicking him. Then he went to Duran Oklahoma where people made fun of him because of his race. Why am I telling you this? Because it doesn’t matter what race you are or what background you come from or what if you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, you have to solve a problem for your ideal and likely buyers in a way that they’re willing to pay you. For Dennis Rodman adds a little cherry on top with little notable quotable from page 35. He says, this is an incredible quote. He says, the problem is some people won’t move beyond it.

If you’re black and hope on a high profile athlete, you’re all of a sudden under pressure to be a spokesman for the race. It comes with the territory. Sometimes I think to myself, if the race in f the people, I’m going to be honest with myself, I didn’t like them either, so whether you’re white or whether you’re black, you’re going to be under attack all the time, but I honestly don’t think at this point in American culture people care whether they have a a white business owner they’re dealing with or a or a black business owner and Dennis Rodman’s when the first people to point it out, and I disagree with Dennis. Rodman is a is a husband I didn’t agree with. I disagree with the choices. He’s made a lot of areas and I’m going to play a little excerpt from his hall of fame speech.

She can get to know Dennis Rodman a little bit from him directly, but I think there’s something incredible Marshall, but somebody can be transparent and say, look, African American people made fun of me in Caucasian people made fun of me, but people are going to make fun of you so I don’t even care about what race you are. I just cared about your work ethic and your mindset. Marshall, talk to me about this victim mentality, this idea, this side, this entitlement mentality. There are certain people I’m sure that you’ve never met, but people who fill out the 13 point assessment form on the thrive time show website and they said, the reason why I’m not having having success we’ve had. We’ve literally had people me. The reason why I’m not having success is because I’m a Caucasian American and I’m in a predominantly African American community or vice versa.

Marshall there, there’s A. There’s a a couple situations here and they’re all the same. Dennis Rodman says, black people hate me. White people hate me. Who Cares? I’m just going to go dominate. Okay. Then you got Elon Musk, who after you’ve blown up his second rocket trying to get to space, he goes, pessimism, optimism, who cares? We’re gonna, make it freaking work, and then you have, as a business owner, your family, your friends, they’re like, are you sure? Hey, maybe it’s just not for you. Hey, the timing’s not right and people are going to speak that into your life all the time. That doesn’t change at any point. The cavalry is not coming to aid you in your business. You have to go out and just take it. And that’s what that business conferences dragon energy that Dennis Rodman is talking about.

Charles, I agree. Uhm, talk to me about your perspective. I think it’s easy to say, listen, my dad was a pastor. I was never taught entrepreneurship. Your Dad was a pastor, a minister, great guy, and you and he wasn’t an entrepreneur, am I? Am I correct? Correct. And I, I’ve heard people say, I was raised as a pastor’s son. I never really was taught business. I don’t know how to sell. I’ve heard people say, I was raised by a salesperson and I wasn’t taught compassion. I was never taught how to love people. I mean anyone can say that. What, what happened in the past has caused them to view if they are in the present. Talk to me about not being a victim. How have you decided not to become a victim as the owner and founder of the cofounder of co La Fitness?

Well, uh, not being a victim. I’m not really sure, but I do know what people want in my opinion. I break it into simple things like in my brain, I think you’ve got equal or better customer service, equal or better quality of product, equal or better price. And you got to hit all those. And

could you repeat that again because someone’s taking notes right now and I want them to have a chance to write that down because it was simple but powerful.

I, I do all that crazy. Whatever. Where you came from. Black, white, religion. I mean, I don’t, I don’t, that’s not my main focal point right now. When somebody is looking for a product or service, they’re going to look it up and they’re going to say, who’s going to give me equal or better customer service? Come on now, quality of the products and the price powerful and that’s all you need to know, and then grind, grind, grind, grind, grind, and whoever grinds the hardest wins. As long as you hit those three, that’s all you have to do. Now, thrive nation. If you’re out there and you say, I want to work with a grinder, I’m going to add onto my building. I’m going to expand my business and I’m looking for a commercial construction company that grinds as much as I do, someone who’s going to deliver on time and on budget. I encourage you to reach out to a thrive time show client and a friend, Travis Williams with Williams contracting. Visit them online today. Will Dash conduct comments? Will Dash conduct come? And these guys are going to get your project done on time and on budget. That’s Williams contracting. Will Dash

Dot com. They do attend the world’s best business workshop, led by America’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it and your contact information to [email protected]. All right, thrive nation. I want to talk about a deep

subject here on our final segment of today’s show and that is turning your bitterness into betterness. That is turning your pain into gain. Uh, Dennis Rodman. We’re talking about today about the Dennis Rodman story, the art of rising and grinding from his book bad as I want to be. Dennis Rodman was a fertility. Just tuning in. Dennis Rodman was a basketball player that didn’t play organized basketball until the age of 21. Why? Because he graduated from high school at the age of five foot eight or five foot nine, but the age of 21. After being arrested for stealing watches at the DFW airport, he had grown to the height of six foot eight. Some would say six foot nine. And his sister, who played division one basketball and said, Dennis, you need to try out to play college basketball. He tried out. He made a team. They had to kick him off the team after one semester for filling out academically.

He moves to Durant, Oklahoma. He plays as a great career. Ends up being drafted in the NBA, is a 26 year old rookie. Well Dennis Rodman. Went on to play in the NBA and to play at a high level for year after year, was seven consecutive years. He had the most rebounds in the League, is an nba hall of fame player. But to lead you into his mindset, his father had over 40 plus kids and lived in the Philippines. A Dennis’s father actually wrote a best selling book about dentists, but never actually talked to Dennis. So he wrote a book using Dennis’s name but never talked to Dennis. And so dennis crew up feeling like nobody loved him and nobody cared, and he had a hole in his soul that I believe I know personally that a relationship with Jesus Christ could have filled, but he never did find that solution or hasn’t yet.

And I believe Dennis, you’re going to find it. But Dennis says on page two, 46 of his book, he says, I went through all of training camp without saying two words to Michael Jordan off the court. That’s the way I am with everybody. It doesn’t matter to me where I am or who I’m playing with. We get along on the court because that’s where it matters. But Dennis has built a protective layer around himself to keep himself from getting to know people because he has been hurt so much as a kid. He was abandoned. He never had a father. So on page two, 52 of his book, he talks about playing for the Chicago Bulls during their summer league he’d ever played in the bowls before. So He’s playing on the team for the first time. On page 2:52, he says, during the first game I had a little temper tantrum.

The replacement referees were way out of their league and they made a foul called on me and I didn’t like it, so I took the ball and I threw it against the shot clock on top of the blackboard. Naturally I got a technical foul one year with Bob Hill had trained me to look over at the coach. As soon as I did something, the coach of the San Antonio Spurs, he’d be standing up yelling at somebody to go in and get me out of the game. He had this awful look on his face like the world was going to end because I did something stupid. In this case, Bob Hill would have had somebody at the scores table ready to go checking in for me before the ball landed on the floor. Then he would have brought me over to the sidelines to tell me all the things I shouldn’t be doing on the basketball floor.

So I looked over at Phil Jackson and I couldn’t believe the man was laughing. He was kicking back in his chair. He was laughing. I thought this was cool. Phil Jackson, the head coach of the Chicago Bulls who had coached Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan to multiple championships, my business conferences coach, one 1111 nba championship rings. He knows the game. He knows I can go out and spark a team with his outrage with the outrageous things I do. He knows all the ins and outs, all the angles and he knows I’m going to bring something to the team that it needs. Phil Jackson played and he played during the late sixties and early seventies when not everyone followed the same program. He was one of them, but he goes on to explain that he looked over and Phil Jackson wasn’t freaking out because he freaked out. I think when you grow a business to a certain point, you can’t grow beyond yourself if you’re not willing to learn how to manage people.

And so when, uh, when Dennis Rodman was being recruited by the bowls to play for the team at Phil Jackson was the one who recruited him and he, he, uh, Phil Jackson met Dennis one on one. They started talking, they built that relationship, and Phil Jackson picked up early on in their conversations that Dennis Rodman never had a father. He never had a dad and he was very bitter end. He wasn’t coachable and he felt like everyone hated him. So want to play for you. The audio excerpt from Dennis Rodman’s, uh, acceptance speech into the NBA Hall of fame. It’s filled with tears and didn’t. Dennis is going through a lot of stuff and he said, I want Phil Jackson to stand next to me when I get my speech or I can’t do it. And so let’s play the audio from Dennis Rodman’s acceptance speech into the NBA Hall of fame. That any further ado, here we go.

No, and you know, this guy here, ain’t no. Phil Jackson asked me, Phil Jackson asked when it comes to Jerry Krause, his house. And he asked me, he said, Dennis, you know, we’d like you to come and play, but you got to do one thing for me. Could you go into the kitchen and tell Scotty pippin? Oh sorry, but you know what, okay, I’ll do that. So he asked and he asked me another question and he said, a dentist, would you like to be a Chicago boy? I said, my exact words was, I don’t give a damn. And Phil Jackson said, welcome to the Chicago Bulls and I get, I can hug him because he’s the only. He’s the only man that ever cried for me because I was, I was really, I was really brought in. Both ends are accountable for a long time. That’s the reason why I say that I’m surprised I’m still here and everyone knows that my top. I like to set the record straight just for the time being and maybe hopefully in the future that I can actually try to be somewhat of a good individual and a good father to my kids and hopefully that I can love you like I used to and I was born and uh, thank you guys.

Everybody out there just tuning in. We’re breaking down the life and times of Dennis Rodman, the NBA Hall of Fame Basketball Player who was going through some stuff. And by the way, who out there is not going through some stuff. The problem is that Dennis Rodman went through a lot of stuff while everybody was watching and judging and forming an opinion and I think that is where I’d like to to to end today’s show and tap into the wisdom of co La fitness and Charles Law and Umbraco lot because how many members do you guys have now? I mean, do you have hundreds or thousands? Do you have dozens? A amber, I mean, do you have dozens of members at La Fitness? Do you have hundreds of thousands? Walk us through what your. How many clients that you have in at Co Lafayette is that you’re honored to serve? We have a few dozen wherever. Probably 15,000 members today.

I’m just currently in. That changes every day. It’s constantly climbing where you’re serving them. Absolutely. You’re not perfect. I’m not perfect. No, Charles isn’t perfect. Talk to me about that pressure that my bus put on you, amber, because you want to do a great job for all the members, but you also have to set sort of a mental boundary because there’s probably never a moment of the day where somebody doesn’t have a positive thing to say about co La fitness. I mean, there’s never an end. There’s never. There’s an endless stream of positive comments on facebook and on Google. I mean, you’re just an endless time all the time. All the time. We try to remind each other when we do get discouraged by those negative comments, you know, we can’t please everybody. That’s not our job and we’ve gotta focus on the masses and we do have a purpose and we keep living by that purpose and we know will provide the best service that we can.

Um, Charles, with 30 seconds left to go, how do you set those boundaries in your mind when knowing that you’re never gonna be an end to the positive comments or negative comments? People are just going to keep commenting about the business that you have really invested a lot of your life into. Basically make sure that we’re always winning our customer service, quality of the product and the price, and then always glorify God through the whole process and point people to the cross. Marshall, you are a business coach and there’s a lot of listeners out there who are saying, you know what, man, I want to get that grind that Dennis Rodman has. Man, I went through something. I wanted to share my bitterness into bed and it’s just like, Dennis, I want to take that frustration and turning into motivation. How do they do it? Marshall?

Uh, well, we got four different things that you can do. Number one here on the podcast and the radio show, you can download that and subscribe. You can get all of the different podcast sent directly to your phone so it makes sure that you subscribe on itunes. Yes. And then the second thing is you come out to one of our business conferences or two day business workshops are incredible. You got to come out. Then we have the online business school and the one on one business coaching. You got to check them all out at thrive time. Check him out at thrive time. We always want to end every show with a three, two at a one and a boom. So here we go. Three, two, one. Boom.


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