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Super successful people and the average person view the world very differently. Having spent massive amounts of time with successful people, Clay has methodically detailed out their different perspectives and on today’s show he shares with you the biggest differences he has personally witnessed between “Diligent Doers” and “Happy Hungry Hopers”

FACT – DEFINITION – Diligence – Steady, earnest, and energetic effort : persevering application

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” – Proverbs 10:4

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Grabbed the duck tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach, Clay Clark.

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the conversation. My name is Clay Clark, and on today’s show we’re breaking down the difference between diligent doers and happy hopers hungry, happy hopers by the way. What will, what’s a diligent doer and what’s a hungry, happy hoper? Well, a diligent doer diligence means the consistent application of effort, so if somebody can consistently apply effort over time, they will definitely be successful in our business coaching program. If because we’re going to implement the proven systems, I mean as long as they have a a product or a service that people really do want diligent doers do very well in our program, and the reason why they do so well is because that’s what it takes to run a successful company. Think about the biggest companies you can think of today. Thinking, think about starbucks, think about apple, think about Quik trip a convenience stores.

Think about southwest airlines. Think about whole foods. I think about target. Think about these big brands. Those brands have consistent hours of operation and yes, occasionally maybe once a blue moon or once a year or there’s an emergency or an act of God or something that happens that keeps these top brands from opening their doors as they typically do, but by and large, what 99 percent of the time they are open on the hours that they say they’re going to be open, which means that on a very small minute, very up close level, somebody had to get to work on time and turn on the lights. Somebody had to turn on the lights. I’m going to get to work on time and turning the lights. Somebody had to make sure they had enough inventory on the shelves. You know, if you go into target, typically now this is just my experience going to target.

I worked at target and I do go to target every week with my wife to buy groceries when I go to the super target over at 101st and memorial and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Uh, so far every time I’ve gone in there to buy batteries, they have them. Every time I’ve gone in there to pick up pretty much any food product I’ve ever wanted. A, they have them. There’s been a couple times they were out of fresh Avocados. That’s kind of a seasonal thing, but they’re usually, they usually have what we want when we go there and we go back every week and we buy. We’re pretty much the same stuff. We buy organic grass fed beef, we buy organic chicken, we buy organic, uh, anything we can, we buy batteries for things. We go in there, I buy books sometimes I like to get bestselling books and read them just to kind of stay relevant with what books that are trending that are popular today.

Um, I’ve gone in there and bought a hammer. I bought the nails just whenever I, whenever I go there, they pretty much have what I need and I wouldn’t go there anymore if they didn’t have what I need consistently. Now, if there’s once in a blue moon with I think one time I went there to buy a TV and they were out of that particular brand of [inaudible] or the particular size and model of that Vizio TV, so I went to another target, but I still stuck within the target family, a starbucks. My wife goes there, she loves the Oprah Chai Tea and she loves the Oprah Chai Tea. That’s good, but also because it’s consistent. I’m sure she loves the flavor, but she loves the consistency as well. Probably 70 percent flavor or 30 percent consistency, but what if they got rid of the consistency? What are the flavor was there, but it wasn’t consistently open a whole foods. My wife loves the smoothies at whole foods. My wife loves the the meat and the quality of the food that she feels that she can buy at whole foods, but what if whole foods offered great quality services, great quality products, great quality groceries, but they weren’t open consistently. Well, now we enter into the world of small business and this justin inconsistency is probably one of the most consistent things I see with dysfunctional businesses. Inconsistency is perhaps one of the most consistent things that I see from chronically dysfunctional and failing businesses.

I’m going to read off the attributes to you have clients that do very, very well and the game of business people I’ve seen. I’ve worked with thousands of business owners at conferences as well as on a one on one coaching level and I’m going to contrast what a diligent doer does versus what a happy hope or does a happy hoper isn’t dilligent. They’re not consistent. They don’t like the steady application of effort on under that person’s kind of happy because they always have a new idea there. A neo file always chasing the new idea, but when they get to the end of the new idea and the FDA and they actually have to start doing something consistently like marketing the company selling something, then it’s not fun anymore for them and then their business begins to fall apart again. A Happy Helpers are always hungry because they’re always looking for the new idea, so here we go.

Diligent doers, they know their why, they know why they’re in business. They know their goals and their goals are not going to be dictated by their coworkers. They’re not going to be dictated by everyone around them. They don’t view their business as one big giant democracy. They don’t need to get everyone’s feedback on everything. They know who their ideal and likely buyers are. They know their mission, they know the hours they want to be open. As an example, at elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge, I chose because of my values to be closed on Sundays. That’s why we’re closed on Sundays because my partner I our values are that we wanted it to be closed on Sundays to provide our grooming professionals with more family time. That doesn’t mean that it’s most convenient for everybody or that all the customers like it or all the employees like it, but it’s not a democracy.

It’s benevolent dictatorship known as a business. Now, the happy hope or the happy hungry hope or this person is not committed to their why. They changed their, their goals daily. They changed their vision daily. They don’t have a clear look at where they want to go. The diligent doer knows their daily key performance indicators. They know if their numbers are on and they know if their numbers are off happy hopers don’t want to look at the daily numbers. Would they want to do is they want to focus on new ideas, new industries, and not the execution of their previous ideas. Diligent doers use weekly meetings to assign action items and to follow up with their teammates. That’s what they do. Happy hopers love communicating every single action item they’ll ever want via email. They love taking screenshots of emails and texting them to people they love being on facebook.

Twenty four slash seven. Happy hopers love to not have a weekly meeting and if they do have a weekly meeting, they’re going to skip it or miss it or run behind to it because they can’t say no to things because whatever seems like the new shiny object of the moment. Now takes the place of the consistent thing they’ve already committed to diligent doers when they assign an action item to their teammates they give them, they tell them who needs to do it, what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and why it needs to be done. Happy, hungry, hopers. These people assigned vague general concepts and ideas. They don’t have any details. They’ll write things on their, on their, uh, uh, action items. Or they’ll, they’ll, they’ll tell their employees things like, hey, we need to make the website look more clean.

We need to make this script more inspirational. We need to close more deals, but they don’t want to get into the details. No, no. Happy Helpers want to be vague. They love vague visions and stories and they, they really love charlatans, diligent doers. They follow up and they build accountability. Happy hopers hate following up because that may involve holding someone accountable, which can make someone feel bad. And finally, diligent doers insist on organization and proper nomenclature. They name things right and consistently right. They’re fastidious about where they save things, how they save things, when they save things, where things go. Everything has a place. That’s why a target doesn’t look like a third world country. When you go in there. That’s why when you go into a third world country, you’re going to find some pretty crazy stories there and if you run your local business or convenience store like a third world country, you’re going to get third world country results.

You’ve got to be consistent, put things into proper place, and a happy helper insists on disorganization in the absence of nomenclature, and that’s the difference between a diligent doer and a happy hope. And now without any further ado, as we often do, as we always do in this show, with a three, two, one and a boom, boom, boom, boom. The idea of the word poom stands for big, overwhelming, optimistic momentum. And if you’re out there and you cannot conjure up within yourself the big overwhelming optimistic momentum needed to take your business to the next level, I would encourage you to embrace reality as it is and to solve that problem. And what are the three ways one, hire a coach, whether it’s our program or somebody else. It sounds like you might need an account, an accountability partner. You might need an accountability partner and there’s nothing wrong with you.

If you need an accountability partner, a lot of us need accountability partners in a lot of areas of our lives, but you might just need someone to show you the way to hold you accountable. You might need a coach option to find a business partner. Find somebody who’s had more success than you and a team up with. See if they can push you to the levels of greatness that you aspire to achieve. And option three is a just go get a job for somebody who does bring the boom on a daily basis. Because if you are around enormously successful people for any amount of time at all, you’re going to discover that all successful people bring a high level

of energy, low energy people lose. So thrive nation. Let’s bring some passion as we bring it home. Here we go. Three, two, one.


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