The Diligent Hand | Deconstructing Success (Part 4)

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On this Thrivetime Show podcast, Clay Clark and Dr. Zoellner are discussing the importance of diligence when running and growing a business.

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Want to attend the legendary drive time show Best business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes leave. It objected review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. Come on today show, where deconstructing sixth sense we’re breaking down people that are doing above-average people that are into the hundred-thousand-dollar club. People are making copious amounts of currency. Would you rather deconstruct them and figure out the moves and what got them to where they’re going to then then sit there and wonder? Learn more at our best business workshop.

Or wouldn’t it be nice to have lots of money? So you could buy the crap that you want it it it be nice to have lots of cash. So you don’t even worry about itgroupons or living with your mother. You know what groupons that’s right, but here’s the here’s a bit, here’s the thing we had somebody who was a paramedic paramedic, what they do they. They have a fever for a resuscitating people for sale in the vibe. There are, they are first, responders, dui I salute you mr. Paramedic, and he says you know I’m going to do I want to make more best business workshop money in a month, then paramedic makes in a year so I don’t know if paramedics make them when this is okay, okay, we will start it. He says I’ve got. What I need I need is a guy who can turn things into gold. I need the kind of guy who see. What’s the thing where the guy he can turn in alchemist about $7,000 5000 hours of cameras and I gotturn, that in to like $85,000 a month, wow of revenue, going to do how am I going to do. His name is thomas full package. Me.

You met this man, oh yeah, from dallas. He literally this month is tapping at $91,000 of sales come on and he started we’re doing the math we’re going to 18 months ago. You weren’t even do a $9,500 a month of sale. Oh my goodness, dallas real estate photography there. You can see a dude who’s having success. So I would like john kelly, he’s kind of our office operations, guys. My partner is my right-hand man. This guy helps execute the system, so john was going to share that the moves at their use and I like to share what you and the team did to help get them into that position to their top of google. How did that we help him get to the top of google search resultsjust by running the most amount of content just over and over and over again just every single day talking all day everyday about dallas real estate, photography beating against the incumbent I pulled the big screen during the bank um, but the best business workshop person was previously in the position that they wanted. It’s called shoot to sell a multi, multi million-dollar company, and how is it possible john that you’re beating them on reviews are there? Second, there right behind home, snappers on search engine results and major market like dallas me, 1.3 million people in the metro area. How is it possible to carry more complicated?

It’s just doing the same thing over and over again every single day, I just never giving up until your top, so they have over a hundred reviews and the people that I wanted to be I believe had 10 backup and then so they’re just getting reviews every single day from all of their ideal likely buyers and they just writing. You know content every single daywe’ve done too, as you help them set up retargeting ads. Can you explain the letters out there? What are we targeting me to add is and how that works? You have any ads of the ant that follow you around in the internet. So, if you’ve ever gone to amazon and you checked, you were looking at a pair of shoes and then you’re right, i, just don’t know if I’m ready to commit to those shoes yet and he start searching the web me looking at your cat videos and things like that and I’ll. Send you notice that your shoes that you were just looking at are also right there on any best business workshop website. You go to that’s what retard mean is are okay, so here’s the thing an attorney for a long long time, just see you for a long long time. Why do you have to say to people over and over and over the name of your company, to your ideal unlikely buyers before somebody saysi actually do?

What do you do with getting me? How many times do people have to hear that you’re, an attorney before they go, do again the first few times it’s listening to you and then use a few more time until they actually can remember it the next day, and so it’s I mean it’s just that you in and ate them with the same information over and over, so that wouldn’t that need arises. What it’s illegal need. It’s an optometry need the person they think of it hit so hard. The first thing:what is an attorney z I mean you do whatever you want to burn it into their memory. You keep advertising you’re the reason why, whenever you meet someone, you should say their name over and over and over and say my name say my name when no one is around you now the best business workshop reason you do that it’s shown that, if you repeat it enough you’ll remember their name now. Why does that? What you’re, just you’re reinforcing them sent out to see her at the big word for you play clark when you said so, I thought I’d just make sure we’re getting this.

The brain learns hi. This is a huge topic. Albert einstein discover this. The brain learns by repeating something yes and not as just like memorizing cuz you’ll forget everything, because it’s just a memorize put on the test. Forget memorize on the test for getting rid of branding is all about just the cat full package. What’s that full package media and they call that in the business the business end of it is because you have put yourself there, you give me the effect that you bought that bad within a guy’s brain or they just bring whichever you prefer. You know, he’s he’s inclusive. He cares about the backs of all of us. There we go. Com his his phone number is 918-749-5741. I want 874-9574 in tulsa, since I can remember, and you got a good memory. I’m saying this guy’s been a chiropractor for over 20 years in the area is not a young whippersnapper that says he hasn’t got some other spines inline previously, and he said you know what I love the demographic of the people that listen to the drive time show business. Apparently most of them have spines show have a spot if you spineless, snakey snakey this. In a few know this some people with lots of mason and i, so I got some mammals. You got some mammals and support myself he’s paying this best business workshop money to advertise in marketing works. It works, no I mean the guys over at classic clean.

These guys said they had like what three leads coming in already the first week appetizing in this, because people advertise with god say this:if you put your money where our mouths are we’re going to talk about it, oh yes, I say no. We come back, we’ll talk more about deconstructing success. How do successful people move beyond just surviving it’s so easy just to coast along and barely make it on this earth on this existence. But if you choose to believe that this is the day that the lord has made-and you should rejoice and be glad in it and to take advantage of it if you’re going to be the kind of person who actually seizes the day, you don’t wanna miss out on the next segment as we break down the doctors on her story, I mean really bad after the lottery after the infusion of cash. How did he throw his uptown to collect from scratch? They too attend the world’s best business workshop, led by America’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t, and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, alright, tribe, nation, welcome back to the spinal segments of a drive time radio show. My name is clay clark and today we are deconstructing success. How do successful best business workshop people get to where they are, and so I’m ugly little preamble before I turn the mic over to my partner, my friend my business father? This is this is what doctors e grew up without a lot of cash in a family with minimum bucks and he decided you don’t want I’ve got the midas touch. She goes out to college and it’s you and what he does is. He gets an idea. He overcome some adversity, but here’s the deal after getting rejected by pretty much every bank in tulsa.

He continue. So i, want to hear after college. What did you do? How many times did you get rejected? What did you do then? I mean how did you get so many people that get rejected for 5 times and I tap out and it go okay, I guess uncle uncle I’m done what you got rejected a lot. Then you recalibrated that’s what the doctors east job when I got out of school with the guy that was going to buy out of practice, and so what we did. He said we’ll, listen until you! Actually, you know I can give you the money for it, which I’m sure you’ll have no problem, getting obviously you’re going to work for pennies on the dollar, because you’re learning and it’s almost like you’re interning, you know I just won’t take long to get a loan I’ll. Do this just seems like a good idea is opposite of matter Fact:i’ll be right over. Are you west, where I’m, where you guys are really going good and I went got my little package put together and I went to put on my best clothes that I had and I went and knocked on every bankers door in tulsa and every one of them and they were you at the time I was 25. So let me just see if I was meant, hi I’m, dr. Zoellner i, was born yesterday. I want to see, if you guys would give me some money and give you some cash and vision. How many best business workshop guys would you like to do? I mean most every bank account banks and take it down now than they were back then, but I would 2 dozen I mean 24 problems, but a harsh with you today, buddy just hilarious I have other than one I had security escort. We have the bank so for whatever reason, for whatever reason he looked at me and said, you know, but i, like you, I believe in you and you’re going to do the money. Yes, but you have to put a half of it in a cd for 6 months, just to make sure you’re going to make these are popular. We haven’t been an mp3 as yet. This is a good move. I was so excited, so I’m marching to the practice. The senior doctors are buying off. Other side got the money. The money, baby. Here’s the deal, here’s the deal. They were to give me all the money, but you have to keep half of it in a cd for 6 months, in a compact disc, on my payments and if I’m on time, if I’m good, if I’m, if I’m, if I’m rollin I’m rollin release that money to the 6-month cd I would like to go out for my throat punch you right now, so I thought so I went out that way about a banks, or else you find money.

I started finding myself, I started fighting myself driving by quiktrip cuz I figured you best business workshop guys, could rob a few of those. Maybe get some construction guys. If you’ll just give me all your money, I will leave what you got on the corner. That didn’t work very well for attempt to sell your body. I did I got me nothing. I said:okay, you know what this guy is not going to get cheap, labor anymore, okay, I’m punching out so I punched out, punched out and I went and got a crazy. How did you get a job working at multiple places, working 7 days a week, 7 days a week, 7 days a week, but this is bonnie said that I should have been more than 37 hours a week. I mean I mean. Is that even right? It was my choice and yes, it was right to know until I put body party turn working hard. I didn’t did the dream? Was it down for me, but I knew that I had to get more chest. I did get some money going to have to get some dollars. I took several jobs and work work work in about a year later. It’s not to give that up to get that out. I can give that up, but they also had the marketing bulk of that company drawing bizview drawing patience towards this is amazing stuff for your help, you’re so I said to myself. You know I’m willing to give that up now in order to get the partner showed speak, come on out to help draw stuff. To me talk to that was a deal.

How far is the saying hey doctor will give you want you set up next to us and we’ll we’ll make your rent good when it gets good will do this? What is that market-oriented shop with bars on the windows in front of a bail bonds place in neck liquor? Store? Yes, there’s a whole tires together to make it all section 8, possibly doing that I worked hard and I was kinda. Why does that optical company that you had me come to dallas to be there president, their company stores, when I run the country learned a lot and also learned that corporate, america and and working down there wasn’t for me, you do have a job I’ve, never fired from which 3 and 64 days later I was fired, fired it sound, like you said, fired or let go. Is that better I mean just terminated, terminated uniboot, give him the boot early retirement going to the exit door was promoted to customer status. What I was doing working at taco, bueno 1997 six years after I’d, been in best business workshop practice for myself, I started selling glasses and then it was on like donkey kong coming here was it was on this one. John’s. Mr. With john first year she probably pray the least prepared he runs the office. He prepares like a machine and we put on a rash with no notes. There’s no preparation, just like a fine, be like that. We work with that are successful in your mind. What big, how big of a role does persistence play in their success? Persistence and consistency wins over anything else. Talent. You know natural ability. Anything else. Just doing the same thing over and over again and just committing to excellence on a daily basis will always win.

Will just write outwork anybody in the office all the time, it’s almost ridiculous, cuz i, remember i, would get to work like at 4 in the morning in this in this business joker he asks you know what do I need to do to get promoted or something like that answer me to work everyday. That’s how I know he got my attention. After working for 2 years on her search engine team, but it’s that grind and that’s how I got the attention of people I need to get the attention of to get where I got in and just it’s just it’s a socket of the world of the legal eagles. Does best business workshop persistence planned at all, or is it just? You know, rainbows rainbows and lawyers in lawsuits and cans. Super big deal, I think you have to have the ability to forget the bad days and keep moving forward and just do the same thing the next day and hope it’s going to be better because you’re going to have those victories eventually and I mean like you, I had to I had to grind it out work a lot of long nights to get the attention of the people I needed to to get clients to get promoted to partner. To do a lot of things. He just has a lot of people there, 1 nights grinding it out.

Could you please articulate what that means? I mean working going to the bathroom working while you’re in the bathroom working till you fall asleep. Getting up dreaming about work, are you billing people, while you’re dreaming that dreaming about work? Is that take me to get to do that? Writes a real case? Is there a shout out to people out there who believe in themselves enough to get that business going looking cranny cleaning service so exciting to you, morrow and lai dentistry up by over 40% your mri this year, river city, church and 40 new families a weekend break out creative in san diego, blowing up body central and arizona growing tip top k-9, going from one location to five locations in less than 2 years? It’s just exciting to see these wins and that’s why we do this, but we can’t help you. If we don’t get a chance to know you, that’s why we would humbly submit z. We believe that you need to be shown the proven path by a business coach and see what’s the best business workshop website where they can find all that the buffet the correct copy of knowledge.

This is my time. Show.Com all one word, thrive time, show.Com show.Com we’ve been doing this journey 3 years ago. Home again we have a in-person conference. Is the whole deal with thousands of videos? You can download mean it’s unbelievable check it out there. It’s an odd. You can’t get in college at best business workshop thrivetime, show.Com business school without the bs and yes, it is drivetime. Show.Com a321


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