The Founder of Curtis Music Academy Explains How Systems Are Allowing Him to Scale

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The founder of Curtis Music Academy shares how the systems and processes being taught to him has allowed him to find high-quality staff, increase sales and to begin to scale his business.

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Andrew, you know, each week actually, each day in our coaches meeting, we put at the very top of the agenda, the sting called wins. Oh yeah. Could you explain to the listeners out there what those wins are all about? When we have our 6:00 AM daily coaches meeting? Absolutely. So the winds are what we go over at the beginning of the meeting to get everyone hyped up to go over all the positive stuff that’s been happening the previous day. The previous week we go over, client wins, we go over ’em our personal wins, our company wins, all of that. Just to kick off the meeting on a great foot, do you remember the, the win of the this morning, the win that you had with a Papa gallows pizzeria there in beautiful Florida? Absolutely. They had some, a couple of big wins. Yeah. What kind of big wins? This this past week they hit a huge sales record that they’d been trying to hit for quite a while. Then just knocked it out of the park, knocking, knocking the record out of the park. And they’re getting a ton of reviews by the way. Oh yeah. A good like 15 a week. They’re killing it. These guys are killing the game. Big shout out to Papa Gallo’s pizza RIA in beautiful Florida

Wins. Do we typically have in our morning meetings? Look at a client wins. Have you heard this week? If you think back this week and you’re going, okay, this week there’s a lot of wins. Is there another win that registers in your mind? Maybe one of the other coaches had a win or you had a winner. What, what other, when did you have? I don’t remember exactly which company. But I know that one of our clients started doing the dream 100 and they started doing drop-offs and they dropped off some Krispy Kremes does true. It was a, an ophthalmologist who’s had big wins in Alabama. And then we had a builder that Mr. Clay stairs is working with in Texas, I believe having big wins since we doubled, huge, doubled his sales. So on today’s show, we’ve got yet another edition of wins of the week where today we feature Curtis music Academy. I don’t know, this guy has a music, a training facility for young kids, teaching piano, guitar, voice lessons, drums, that kind of thing. And before we started working with him, he was looking to try having a hard time finding good people, having a hard time creating financial freedom and having a hard time generating leads. And so on today’s edition of wins of the week, we celebrate the success of Curtis music Academy. And it’s not any further ado. It is time for [inaudible]

You can do it. Real companies, real wins. You can have success and they are having success right now. Check them out online. It’s Curtis music Now, here’s their story

My name is Ron Curtis. I own Curtis music Academy here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They’re, they’re awesome. I mean, they, they know, they know exactly the steps to take I think through their business model, in the steps they’ve taken in the past growing their own businesses. That I mean, you can’t go wrong. There’s, they know exactly how to grow a business and it’s awesome to have them help coach me to do the same for mine. So I was having trouble finding instructors to teach music for our company and we were just running out of time for me to teach lessons. And so we just kind of plateaued our, our business at that point. We were able to free up a little bit of time to have other instructors come in and teach. We had, we have implemented a hiring system to hire instructors and not only that, but also where to find them.

And so we have, we’ve hired some really quality instructors at Curtis music Academy.. And yeah. So we’re just freeing up time and having the ability to, to continue on, to grow new students. Yeah, I think, I think the reason a lot of people might be skeptical or maybe not skeptical just hesitant in hiring a coach is probably just because they might think that they have it all figured out and they’re doing fine. Like, Oh yeah, my business is growing. We’re doing great. Yeah. I think the reason that I would recommend it is that having somebody else as an external perspective looking into the business and how how they can grow the business is going to be really beneficial. So I would absolutely recommend this to anybody who, who has a business. I think it’s very, very important to you to grow it. So

Andrew, I have some encouraging news for you. All right, let’s hear it. Did you know that nine out of 10 small businesses [inaudible] are startups according to Forbes fail? That’s incredibly encouraging. There’s only one that there’s actually one that doesn’t fail. At least there’s some rough news right now. Why do you think that nine out of 10 franchises don’t fail? Oh, franchises? Because there are systems, there’s a system proven system, a proven process. If you’re stuck today and you don’t have any proven systems or proven processes and you essentially want to bring those proven systems processes almost like a franchise into your business today, don’t delay. Schedule your one-hour consultation today by going to thrive time Now mind you, we only take on 160 clients. So if we are booked out as we often are, don’t stress out. We have an awesome workshop you can attend. It’s a two-day business conference. We have that every two months. Book your tickets today by going to thrive time and Andrew, without any further ado, we’d like to in each and every show with the boom three, two, one boom.


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