The Four Phases of Financial Freedom | Discovering the Proven Path to Financial Freedom (Part 1)

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Learn the four phases every entrepreneur must go through to create both time and financial freedom.

The 4 Phases of Financial Freedom (Page 24)

  1. Phase #1 – Decrease Your Business’ Reliance Upon You
    1. When you can get by financially, pay all of the bills and have money left over then it is a good time to hire someone.
  2. Phase #2 –  Unlock Your Company’s Fast and Sustainable Growth Potential by Listening to Your Customers
    1. Make a list of all the things you do during your day and delegate everything you can to someone else.
      1. Pareto’s Principle – Spend 80% of your time doing the 20% of things that matter the most.  

 Unlock Your Company’s Fast and Sustainable Growth Potential by Listening to Your Customers

  1. Make a list of all the things you do during your day and delegate everything you can to someone else.
    1. Pareto’s Principle – Spend 80% of your time doing the 20% of things that matter the most.  

Phase #3 – Take the Limiters Off of Your Growth

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Broadcasting live from the center of the business coach universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields trucks like to know more brinks tribe nation in boca. Back to the conversation is the drive time show on your radio. My display clock on the former united states small business administration entrepreneur of the year and I am super excited tulsa to introduce you to a great guy, eric chubby. We have a great guy in the studio today for how many years now, dr. Sibley, over 30 years, there you go over his third italy everybody. Welcome on the show my pleasure be here. We’re happy to have you so we’re talking about today. Is the four phases of financial, freedom and I’m excited to get dr. Sibley’s. Take on this, because you know yes, he’s a doctor. Yes he’s also an entreprenuer I mean other people realize this. When you go to chiropractic school or medical school, any kind of business coach schooling you come out of school and i, don’t know how much training there was provided in marketing or how to lease a space or how to negotiate a lease or how to pay your employees or two doctors.

That with you did you remember what it was like starting your chiropractic business many years ago when, when I started, my business, you just learned by the school of hard knocks heard of that. What’s the first phase, we’re going to be breaking at all four phases today on your path to achieving financial freedom as a business owner you, okay, do you have dr. Sibley I mean you obviously are the doctor, so you’re the one who has to sit down with the patient in end diagnosed them in the just them and in what you remember what it was like to hire the first person I mean you never do that, but when you finally got to a place where you thought I need to hire somebody to help me with my business coach phone’s I certainly did, and she was excellent. God sent her to me and she just fit like a glove really I was so lucky to have an extra set of hands. It just help me grow quicker and quicker, and did you hire this person? You know after you had been in business for a long time or is it by pretty quick?

When did you know it was time to hire that that that first person on your business coach team. As soon as I fired my wife at 6 months, and then we thought you know she needs to really be at home, so I hired someone to come in and help me and she did and it just started growing from there and I would just say if your listing here today and you say well, how do I know when it’s time to hire somebody in in chippewa to make sure you put this on the show notes here when you’re financially able to get by when you can financially get by, we are financially able to pay those bills and have a little left over. That’s when I would hire somebody, and some maybe some you say:hey i-have to give the I have to get a small business coach loan to hire somebody. But this is kind of how I would tell you, but in the startup phase is when you can pay your bills, and you have just a little bit left over and you said you know, I could get another car and I could get cable and I could maybe get a nicer house. I would delay gratification and that’s what I would hire somebody, because you really do have to delegate certain core tasks to your team and there certain for things you have to do is call the pareto principle, but you want to spend 80% of your time focused on the 20% of things that only you can do, and so, if you’re listening up there-and you are a doctor-we have so many doctors and so many at the conference. We had so many chiropractors that it were at the workshop from tennessee and from michigan to north michigan north michigan 3 hadley had chiropractors there I want it to happen.

It your siblings wisdom on this when you see a patient now the new patients at some listing here to the show-and they say I’m looking for a chiropractor i, want to let you know maybe reach out to dr. Sibley and and come in there and and see what your all about. What part of the procedure do you have to do or what part of the treatment do you have to do and what part of the treatment can you delegate your? What part of the experience can you delegate as a chiropractor? Well, first of all, it’s service you’ve got to have great service, and if you can’t get sick people well, then you’re not going to have any patience. I delegate, all of the administrative functions of the practice to my staff, but I do the one-on-one patient contact, yep, patient treatment, and everyone sees me they’re, going to see you personally as their chiropractor. But someone else answer the phone for you correct and someone might do billing insurance or handling all of the business coach or building. I mean we, should you say, administrative, the phones, that the billing, the maintenance to cleaning those kind of things. Absolutely okay with you, I mean if somebody’s listening out there and they say I want to get it I want I want to meet you at mike. My. How do you think a lot of people are scared of chiropractors in a lot of people are a little bit scared who never been to one before.

How do you know it’s time to see a chiropractor? Well, chiropractic is come a long, long long way and if you’re having pain, that’s not responding to self help or medication. It’s probably time to check out a chiropractor when you go into that. First exam, a lot of people, chapel hill outdoor kind of you-know they’re worried about that. First, going in, what’s going to happen, there’s a jerry seinfeld episode about this. Where jerry’s like i, don’t do chiropractors, you got to do an injector just keeps pushing back. Sooner. They freak me out anyway goes in and he ends up having a great business coach experience and it becomes of thing or a stigma about chiropractors. What’s that first consultation, look like they’re, not your sibling, it’s very easy! We just sit down and talk about your problems and we design a taylormade treatment program. That’s especially made for you and your problem. It is somebody have to go, show up once a week to get in better. You know shape as far as with their spine and getting an alignment or is it like. I may be a monthly thing or what what’s normal normal was at least once a week for a while. Until we get control of your business coach symptoms and how much we gets control of your symptoms, then we want to talk about strength in your spine and getting you where you can take care of yourself. That’s the role of a doctor, the doctors to get you better, but doctor means teacher. So we want to teach you how to maintain your health. That’s super important, cuz I know that’s what a lot of people can think like I’m at feel like I might just have to keep going back, and you are also engaging in high-risk activities, physical activities, maybe rectangle few go-karts and dirt bikes and four wheelers in the white part of your. What part of your body hurts I’m 33 year old man, what part of your body hurts hurts okay, right angle, both feet. Both knees left hip, back right, shoulder and left side of my neck from the bottom to the top.

That’s all got some pants with dr. J is one of the clients out there in nashville, tennessee he’s been stretching exercises and different lot of stuff, basically trying to realign my pelvis. My pelvis is apparently twisted to the left, which makes me walk. Weird, which makes me have weird I have to tour both my acls grown up playing soccer. So why not? It’s not like I feel like this coming in he’s got all sorts of things to hurt at the age of 33. What are you going to? How could you help a guy like this we’re going to start up from the ground up? We, we do all types of sports-related injuries, ankles knees, hips wrists, elbows shoulders. We treat them all, but I just realize is that your practice is actually like a quarter mile from my business coach house. So there’s no excuse to not busy I’ll see you monday, please website for me listing out there who’d like to maybe who lives in northeast, oklahoma and you’re, saying you know what I want to get out there and and and visit the good doctor silly. What is the what what’s the what’s the website and what is the phone number where our listeners can? The good doctor john sibley,? That’s dr, john, sibley, so j, o h, n s, I b l e y.Com, dr. John, sibley. Com. His phone number is 918-749-5741 again:918-749-5741 dr john, sibley. Com. If you do sketch appointment today during the time of today show on the 23rd here, we’re going to give you a free copy of the book thrive for me free copy, the book thrive. We can you just have to come by the riverwalk office to pick it up, but you got to schedule that consultation during the airing of today’s show talking about the path to getting to financial freedom face number 2 is what my friend you got to unlock your company’s fast and sustainable business coach growth potential by listening to your customers, but I want to make sure you put this on the show notes, you’re going to look at you’re going to make a list of all the things you do during your day make a list of all the things you do during your day and you’re going to want to delegate that to somebody else if possible, and it’s it’s really not that complicated, but it’s impossible. If you don’t make a list of it, it’s called the pareto principle.

You want to focus on doing 80% of your time doing the 20% of the things that only you can do so as an example, my own life’s, like for elephant, the room I cannot delegate the creation of a franchise disclosure document. I cannot delegate the creation of our proform. I cannot delegate the leasing of our spaces. I cannot delegate, are some things. I can’t delegate when I can delegate is the daily operations of the shops. I can delegate awesome answer the phone I can delegate delegate doesn’t mean abdicate. It means that you assign somebody things to do and you follow up as a business coach applications. Were you just give somebody a task and you do not follow up, so you have to delegate effectively and follow up with face to unlock your company’s fast and sustainable growth by listening to your customers, and so we come back from the break of doctor said. Please take on this because you’re going to have to listen to the customers when he first started his chiropractic business years ago, I’m sure there’s an innovations and improvements in a lot of things that you’ve done to make your experience better over the years that maybe you didn’t do day. One I would just ask you mister and missus listener.

What what are some innovations that your customers are asking for? What are some things that the customers are asking you for a girl, like, her thrive time show workshops be a lot of people coming from out of town and a lot of people asked hate, I hate to leave in like rush to lunch. Right and i. Don’t really eat lunch, which is not a life too, but just something i, don’t do it so anyways we reached out to some of our sponsors and we apollo hood with hood cpas, agreed to provide lunch for all the listeners and a business coach client steve currington with the total lending concepts, as also agreed to provide the food on friday. So we had breakfast, tailgating atmosphere and then on friday. We had to los cabos. But again that came that innovation came from listening to our customers if you’re out there-and you are listening right now-you’re looking for a great chiropractor shop. What is dr. Sebi’s website, one more time after john, sibley., com, dr, j, o h, n s, I b l e y.Com, or you can call him at 918-749-5741, and if you set up an appointment during today’s airing of the radio show, we will give you a free copy of my book called thrive with it will give it to you. Just come to our riverwalk offices attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving mission objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it and your contact information to invoice drivetime show.Com. Welcome back to the conversation is a drive time show on your radio. My name is blake clark in the father of five incredible human kids, I’m sipping on a niagara purified drinking water right now, apparently, I probably been doing this since 1963.

Since saturday were talking today about the four different phases of growing a business that will produce financial freedom in this, the second phase that I think a lot of entrepreneurs. It gets stuck at, they don’t move past. Is they refuse to unlock their companies fast growth as a result of not listening to the request of their customers? Customers are asking for things like I mentioned it at our conference. Is customers about this over and over he is there a good place, you’d recommend for lunch and I would say yeah at the riverwalk here right down the the way there’s los cabos. It turns out when you go to los cabos we’re going to be really really really sitting a lot of people over there. So now you’re, if you could tell me, was cabos there’s a line kitchens backed up yes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, then you sit down and eat the food. Even if you are a speed, eater right, you’re, probably not going to be able to finish eating, wrap up and pay and time to have enough time to get back to the next session. After the one shut, the lunch session of our two-day workshop and outdoor show or business coach sponsor hood cpas, total lending, concepts and I take paul hood. Would you be willing to provide lunch for the folks on friday and he said oh yeah, so now paul has been catering in los cabos to the attendees at our 2-day interactive workshop and then provided all the meat and we had like a devin and his wife I mean they did on believable job and I jumped in there to help him get it knocked out. So we serve bratwurst to 100 gas. Does a lot of fun is going to tailgating atmosphere on in the cool thing? Is it’s not only that okay awesome to haters at time, efficiency thing? Let’s change! This up, I had a good idea, but there was an awesome byproduct. Now all of the people at the conference get to hang out together at lunch and I watched, they switch tables. They go and sit with other people to each other.

They discuss questions that they were all entrepreneurs all of the same line since it was really awesome to see them not have to scatter up at two separate restaurants and I was just kind of a good byproduct of a decision we made based on time efficiency, but it was listening to the custom that let us tonight so I’m going to ask dr. John sibley a question:you’ve been a chiropractor for many many years and an inductor john. As far as over the years as you started the chiropractic business, what are some innovations or adjustments or improvements you’ve been able to make over the years. One of the biggest things is wait time. Does anybody like the way nobody i? Don’t like the way right? Are patients, don’t like the weight, so efficient, see and no wait time cause of growth? So I agree with that and by getting our patients and respecting their time getting them in getting them out with good quality. Chiropractic care taking care of their health problems in their health needs is paramount. I would like to voice a formal complaint against the chiropractor’s of america. This is happened to me, I booked. An business coach appointment to this is private, but six, seven years ago, I thought you everyday after work, I’m going to book an appointment and I’m going to go to this chiropractor he’s a chiropractor that was on the broken arrow arizona details. I’ll, give you a book that appointment was at 5.. He says you open till 6 and I thought that school is open until 6, that’s great! It’s a good move may be busy I guess his strategy was all the open, an extra hour, ok google text. If you want book that means I book, the appointment at 5 and I am not exaggerating, as as the lord is my witness. I get there at 5.

That means I’m. There now I know how I roll I get there at 4:45 right, so I get there. I pull up in the hummer and I’m not kidding i. Look at my watch was my wife. Calls me about 5:45, hey babe, where you at cuz i, told her I’d, be home by 5:30 to drop by my house and in the end I’m still I still not been seen. The guy would use you see me at 5:45 if I am so sorry we’re backed up and who hasn’t made a mistake. Grace of god that I’m saved by grace is enough forgiveness. You know so no big deal. You know next time get in there. I, don’t remember what time when I got seen, but it was definitely after 5:30 and you’ve. Definitely remember this. Yes, third time it was probably after 6 cuz I’m ever tell my wife. I will get them till 6:30 4th time we had a discussion as a couple or she’s like the whole purpose of this movie was so you could be home and be adjusted by 5:30 you’re, not getting home till like north of six. Where are you going like I serious I am literally in the lobby of his guy, and it was like I’ll facetime you babe, what’s going on at 5:30? Are you looking at 6? What are you doing so I had to have that discussion when I’m showing her my business coach schedule, I’m showing her the thing I’m sure in this guy ever and I just had to stop going and so I I would just say right there. If you go to dr. John silver, they pride themselves on having no wait time. Are there websites, dr. John, sibley., cummings, dr, j, o h, n sibley, sibley., com phone number, 918-749-5741 918-749-5741, and then we will give you a free copy of my book start over every copy. My book thrive, if you schedule your appointment and where are you located here, you go get 51st and harvard. What’s the best way to describe two listeners how to get out to your offices, we are on the corner of 51st and harvard right behind chili’s restaurant, okay, right behind you behind the chili’s right there listening to the customers and we’re improving our service eye doctor said we didn’t really get any fishing with that I’m, assuming that we are hosting your customers to get that new innovation.

What’s the next phase to take the limiters off of your growth? Okay, if you are listening right now, you have a business, it’s doing more than a million dollars of revenue. This is what you have to do. You have to ask yourself what are my biggest limiters, what are they and he’s able to get there? This is this is where a business coach can help it right. We make a whiteboard and you want to get your workflow on that white board. Your! What were your workflow is a documented, the documented sketch it’s the documented blueprint of how your business works from left to right. Seven, the left you start with the marketing. Then you move over to the sales. The name of over to fulfillment. Can you move over to accounting? Then you move over to a public relations. Did you move over to human resource? It’s like every place that the client is kind of handed off in between your business systems, so from marketing from a lead to getting into the sales department to getting into like clay, said the fulfillment of the product or service and every linkage of the chain in between there, where the call could possibly be dropped. You want to have that documented in all of the systems within that portion of the workflow elephant in the room right now on. One of my business is our biggest limiting factor is that we sincerely cannot accommodate all of the customers. We, we actually turn down three hundred haircuts last week, and so it’s when people go and they visit elephant the room they want to get into the next meeting or they what they want to go ahead and schedule the next appointment, because it’s the only way to get in and I live realized that all of our members, we like 4000 business coach members and if they don’t pre-book the next appointment, you can’t get in i, so I see the sadness on your crazy. How many people hired for new stylist last week I mean we’re just trying to keep up with that grow. It’s like heard you during the break to think about what is your biggest limiting factor for your business growth stage


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