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Want to know how to conduct a group interview? Clay Clark shares actual audio of himself conducting a group interview.

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Grab the duct tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind expanding knowledge bong from America’s number one business coach, Clay Clark.

Recently I’ve had more and more members of the thrive nation asks me, clay, what do you actually say at the group interview? How does the group interview look? Do you really interview all the candidates at the same time? Seriously, every Wednesday at 6:00 PM you interview everybody at the same time. How do you do it? When do you do it? Where do you do it? Why do you do it? How do you do? What does it sound like? Well, I do it Wednesday nights at six why do I do it? Because the notion interviewing everybody at the same time as efficient, where do I do it at our office and 1100 River Walk Terrace, Jinx Oklahoma who attends a lot of people. Yeah, like 50 people confirms, Hey, they’re going to be at the interview and usually 10 to 15 show up. And last night we had a great group of people who attended the workshop and we’d found some really, really great people. And so now let me further ado. This is what our group interview sounds like. Oh, okay. So I’m a clay Clark and this is my office and we’re hiring for a myriad of different positions and I’ll open it up for you guys to ask questions. So justice, is that right? I’ll start with you. So, cause you’re in the back, sorry, justice. What questions do you have?

Sure. What position do you, did you remember reading about online? Okay, cool. Let’s talk about that one. So Marketing Assistant, I’ve already taken, I know everybody. If you’re looking for a product for service, you typically search on


Probably. Randy, what would you, what would you, how would you find, do we want to go live here in Florida tonight and you’re going to go and do a movie or you’re going to go, I don’t know. What do you typically do to find them? What do you do? That’s right. See, 94% of people who are informed right now use Google for everything. But I think in any room, like 1% of 1% know how Google works. So I grew up crazy poor and I was coming about DJ connection still exists, but I grew up really poor and I was 16 my dad just delivered pizza, I’m 38 and my dad was 38 and delivered pizzas to get a degree from or are you top of the class? Tom Clark and my dad just didn’t know how, you know you have a good business degree of don’t teach the business. And so my dad, we just grew up really poor and so my whole thing was I had to find a way to not be poor. So I started a DJ company out of my dorm room. Do you know why I started the DJ company in my dorm room? Fine. Even

Joining. And they’re really good at this. At what’s meeting? What did he justice [inaudible]

And I’ll say, I wish I had it was that deep. It was like, I’m crazy poor and the barrier of entry is pretty low. Most djs are terrible. So I’m, I’ll give you to, if I’m bad, I’m better than them. So I had it service called DJ connection. This was my pitch. And your name is Barbara. So I’d say, Barbara, I’m a DJ for your wedding, your birthday, whatever. And it’s a dollar if you hire me, what it costs. And then if you’re happy you can pay me based on your happiness. So if a 10 perfect 10 I’d love to get paid $600 cause everybody else charges that. But if I’m terrible, it’s a dollar and everyone charges four hours. I do unlimited time. And everyone’s like, are you kidding me? I go, nope. And I help you plan your wedding first. So pretty much every bride at every wedding show said yes every single time.

And I just grew it until I sold it. We were doing 4,000 weddings a year. So it was like a big, you know, like 80 [inaudible] 80 weddings a weekend. And then my wife pointed out to me in 2006 or five I was entrepreneur of the year for the state of Oklahoma from the small business administration. She’s like, you know what you do works for other things. You shouldn’t be a DJ. And I’m like, why? She said, because you’re a grown man. Okay fine. So we have five kids. And I built that business and then I started teaching people how to grow their businesses, but not in like a, and if you’re in a multilevel, I’m not attacking you. I’m saying not in a multilevel kind of way, not in a hundred percent commission kind of way. Not In like a get rich real estate kind of way, but like, hey, you’re a chiropractor and we’ll sell some stuff.

Or Hey, you’re a home builder. So now my client, we worked with Maurice Kanbar who is the founder of Sky Vodka, you know, so when he bought a third of downtown Tulsa, if you look at my name, Clay Clark, Tulsa world, you’ll see the articles we helped lease were, you know, downtown used to be dead. We helped to lease the rent. We helped physically bring tenants downtown. Here you go. We did went with the deals we did was the low tay was the first downtown restaurant, Mayo Hotel. We worked with them with the bar and all that. Anyway, that’s what we did. And so then people kept reaching out, reaching out, reaching out, reaching out, reaching out. And so now we work with 160 clients. So number one, six year old, hundred and 60 clients are, most of them are not in Tulsa. And a Shaw homes is the largest home builder in Oklahoma. That’s one of our client’s total lending concepts. It’s one of our client’s Barbee cookies was one of our clients. Papa gallows pizzeria as a client. Oxi fresh is a client. UPS has been a client. Maytag has been a client. So Ben, come on up here. Ben. Woo. Yeah. What’s ever been, yeah, Ben. Yeah.


Then where were you working at? [inaudible] How long have you been here? I’ve been here eight months. Before that I was at Lowe’s for eight months and that I was working as a handyman for about 10 months. Oh, you shouldn’t have told me that. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Can you do a lot [inaudible] is he handy? I’ve done ceiling fans. I can do a dry rights and stuff. I hate tiling. I hate tile. No, no doubt. No, no. I just think we, my wife’s been like praying for handyman securities, this kind of Haman. Anyway. So and then Ben, where did you start? Like what was your role? I was on the search engine optimization team. So I write to the search engine contents of the content that is going to be going on to the the webpage for all of the, all the clients.

Had you ever done this before? I thought I was illiterate. I like, I think got cs in English, like high school and college. So I never thought I’d ever be writing for my professional career. And what do you do now? I am the SEO, I think I promoted to czar, actually am really anti SEO czar. So I manage a team of h now and they’re writing a content all day long because it’s my job to make sure that the quality of the content is gonna be good and make sure that there’s not going to be any duplicate because Google loads do contents with a passion. So I loaded it with a passion. How much can you get paid per hour? Right now at your current, our current rate, I can do about 25 to 27 an hour. Questions? Yes.

Where are you talking about programming? So I joined that program and I don’t know that yet, but yeah, so we use so it’s called a dragon diction. So we just like speak it and instead of typing it, cause that would, that would take forever. Plus I can’t spell. So but then we decided just right talk. I just kind of write that content as in like two, 500 [inaudible] word articles. And let me tell you how this system was created to yet. I was building DJ connection. I hired Bruce Clay, which by the way, eight grand a month as six. While a lot of money contract 12 months. I’m not bitter about it, but it’s expensive. I still pay him now, but he’s like a lot of money. So you’re like, I’m a DJ. Let me tell you about being a DJ. You make $167 of profit a show if charged 600 so you’re, you’re not making like, you know what I mean?

You’re getting like a, after I pay the Djs and the equipment breaks and hiring and sales and marketing, it’s about 150 bucks. Well, it’s cool. We are doing 80 a weekend, but it’s still a lot of money. You know what I mean? So I’m going, there’s gotta be a better way. There’s just got it. There’s just, Ah, just ah, you know, so I try to make it really affordable and so I used to type the articles and I wrote the best crap ever, man. It was like, oh, and just, you’re going to love working with our djs because we have just, I’m using big words, like plethora. Cornucopia is just, Oh, it’s just a fabulous, I always [inaudible] like working it. I thought, I thought that’s what mattered was the, I thought having really good words was what was that? I thought like just, and my wife was like, have you ever asked women if they’ve ever read these things? And I’m like, cause people go to the website and call, they don’t like read your 40 page manifesto about DJ. And so then I’m like, wait a minute. So that’s when I came with the dragon diction thing. And then that’s Kinda, anyway, so that’s how that worked. But in your questions for Ben, yes.

Do your training process where you, where to start and where you are now, what is, how do you go about it?

My quick interruption is two weeks hands-on. You can pay the whole time, but two weeks is about how long it took you. Two days. It might ruin my right. Two weeks. Yeah.

And then just start off [inaudible] to be joining your team.

You’re still getting paid on your, on the team right away. Yeah, we still, we just, ah, I think there’s someone the third day on. And so they’re slowly picking up little by little. And we had a young lady today who is great and I think her head was gonna explode cause it’s like your secondary or third day, my sweaty. But it’s like, you know, you’ve never had before and it’s like riding a bike and unless you’re a weird person, you don’t mock babies, they’re learning to walk and all they did the baby can this stupid baby, you know lazy baby, you just, you kind of business coach up mentor up, you know you’re teaching, right? Yeah. So that’s, that’s, that’s the vibe there. So you learn that. And then one day Ben was like, hey, check it out. My wife is smart and I go, your wife is smart. What is this? And then, you know, I’m like, well let’s meet said person. So I’m gonna bring up your wife. Is that cool? Cool. So we got to go over here. I go in now. This was a trip event. Alright. Hi, this is Amelia and she happens to be married to that guy. And can you explain your path, how long you’ve been here and what you do now?

I’ve been here for about six and a half months. I started in elephant in the room call center and then I moved from there to sales. And then from sales, I’m now in business coaching, so I’ve got my first three clients this past week. So I’m doing business coaching now.

Hey, questions for a million. She’s been here a while, but not super long. No, six and a half ish. Six and a half months. Oh, good for you. Yeah, I know she’s going through very fast. She’s plowing through it. Probably the fastest rate of anybody we’ve had so far. So, but that’s only it goes Ben’s your life business coach and just like telling her what to do. Again, you see the clients

Pathways occasion of starting them, setting up the websites and what do you mean by pathway?

Yeah, so clay runs all the pathways. That’s like their business plan.

You Sir? What questions do you have and what is your name?

A sharp shock. Not, hey, spell v a. J. J. K. Z. H. A. J. Yeah.

Zsa. Yeah. is there like a family name? Is this common?

Oh, that was very common in Michael’s room. [inaudible]

What does it mean? [inaudible] Dragon. That’s cool. Can you give him a copy of dragon energy? My new book is called Dragon Energy. Oh yeah. Any questions for Amelia about it? Cause she, she’s here every day. That’s why I try to have her here cause she could tell you and you can ask her anything.

Yeah. Do you do personally make a lot of cold sales?

I did when I [inaudible] yeah. So I did when I, when I, it’s kind of split now. But yeah, so when I was doing sales, that’s what I did. I did cold calls.

Can you explain who you were calling for though?

Yeah, so it’s for a company called, did you security systems? They’re a client of ours, so they actually contract out their cold calling to us. So I would call their leads. They’re doing one,

We don’t cold call on behalf of my business. We call on behalf of our clients because a lot of our clients are afraid of the phone. At first, we ex explained to them, nobody woke up today with a desire to pay you. And they were like, Huh. Like nobody cares about your product. You got to go call. And if it’s a retail store, you got to get in front of them. And every business has its own path. But if, but for Digi they did to the security systems for the gallery place. Oh, I see. Oh it’s you. Oh, you be okay. And they get all their accounts by called gone. So she’s calling on their behalf. Does that make sense?

That’s the call center score.

The other call center would be for elephant in the room. So that’s men’s grooming lounge. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it. Yeah. So no matter which location you’re going to to call, they’ll come into us and then we can,

And if you move to Denver the company I worked with for a long time up there, Denver my partner that I, who, he and I have elephant room together. The other business that was called Oxi fresh, and there’s 406 locations, carpet cleaning. And there’s a major call center that books like 8,000 carpets a day. Lot of carpets. Yeah. So that’s, that’s, yeah, but inbound calls for elephant basically. Any of your questions, you feel good. Okay. And it’s shock. Am I saying that right? Yeah. Right. Okay. Sure. And what is your culture, by the way? You said your culture. What’s your phone

Monk? Mono. Mono.

And where are your, how as you were you born here? In this country? Yeah. Okay. Are Your parents first generation immigrants?

Huh. Okay. [inaudible] okay, cool. Awesome. I’m excited John. Okay. So Cause Ya, yeah. Got Ya. Yeah. I’m just curious if I could get the job, how long would I have to get everything in order to move up here because I don’t know.

And what’s your name? Boy. Roy. And you drove here from where? Roy Really for this interview. [inaudible] How’d you hear about us?

Online. I saw something that you said it was about graphic design and I looked into what the company was research that looked really great. So

We have about half a million people listened to our podcast. So we have had, I don’t think the workshops you were at, but shall we, are you doing, we had people from Guam here. Yeah. So we have you over Guam and Canada and Australia. I know, I’m always amazed though, cause our, you never wrote the podcast where it’s going to reach. You know, we’ve hit number one on iTunes six times. So we get different like people that find it. But that’s so you, you have, how far did you drive? Nine hours. That’s impressive. That’s impressive. What are you doing now? Right now? Just a little part time job. What they use it to pay for college. What are you going to college?

That local junior college.

I’m super impressed that you had this wild. Okay. And you’re a graphic design guy. A lot of stuff. The program at this school with video game and computer simulation program. So program. Got It. Right. Design a, to answer your question, what we do is we have to think of the shadow process. Is it Carol? Is that right?


Barbara, why would I sit Carol? I’m like, oh, okay. So Barbara note, so we do is we’d have you guys shadow. So if it was like we, we read it, we go through all the resumes, I want to meet you cause I go through them and I kind of want to like put a face with the resume and figure all that. And then we’ll call you guys tomorrow, bye by nine. If it’s decide I want to move forward. I tried to get your aura and then we have a lot of people. I’m the one always meets everybody, but then we’d have a shadow where you actually, we’re going to shout out like for an hour or two. I tell you, I’ll just plan on like from nine to 12, but you don’t have to be the whole time naturally. And I’m just wanting you to meet everybody who would work here to see if you’d get along and that kind of thing, you know? And then Barbara, what, what two questions do you have?


How’d you hear about this place bro? Oh my mother-in-law. Cool. Yeah, I wasn’t sure. Yeah. Well, what are you what questions do you have?

I’m just interested to hear the jobs. And she told me were ready.

Yeah. well I have I have I will basically the search engine optimization role, the marketing assistant, that role is open today. Tonight. It’s very dynamic cause there’s always growing. So there’s a lot of people coming in. It’s like Google, they’re always hiring, but then you have the sales thing I’d feel, I don’t think we have a position open for that time. Right? Yeah. But we do sometimes. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. But but we do have three spots. We’re looking forward to the currently tonight, so, and, but in your questions you have about what we do up here,

Do you have the time or describe that [inaudible]

Yes, I do. My attorney represents TD Jakes and Joel O’Steen and Craig Rochelle. And somehow he got stuck with me and we handle all the marketing for them too. And they are looking for somebody who’s really, really sharp to fill a long term position benefits. It’s could they want people who’ve been on the planet a longer period of time? Because if you were born yesterday, one might think that, oh, this person has the best of intentions and if you’re working for a law firm, there’s always kind of squirreling us. So they want people that are mature and kind of dress sharpness. This what they’re looking for. People are detailed and, and, yes. And so that, that position just came open yesterday. So I know about that. I can be, I’ve talked to more about that. Any questions you have? What skills do you need to be on candidate skills? Just be crazy coachable, like off the charts coachable and then tried to go like years without yawning cause it’s like a, it’s a, it goes fast in here. And so we’re meeting here after one’s gone home, but Monday through Thursday from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM, it’s like a sprint. Then it’s just, if you like energy like to go, you’d like it. But if you’re like, I don’t like, you know, now we’ll quit. What is your name? My name is Terry. Terry. And what questions do you have, Ms. Terry?

Well, I want, first of all, I think here to make sure it wasn’t just a sales position because like I have two degrees and a SME, rapid communications and MBA design. Okay. And the reason why I feel like it’s sufficient to bring it up is because I’ve been looking for something like in the advertising world. Yeah. Okay. Now I have, I live in Fort Gibson cause me and my husband oh cool. Okay. Yeah. And so I’d go all the ranching and stuff like that with him and plus a do industrial design and stuff like that. But I’ve had a lot of ad agency looking at me but I didn’t want to relocate. Got It. You see what I’m saying?

You don’t want to move? No. You want to stay where they are because if a farm, the ranch, the husband, the whole thing. Yeah.

Okay. Right. Cool. And like he’s a literary artists. We were all in the art. My daughter’s an artist, she’s in the air force on top of it. She also did like her squad for these like and stuff like that. But I saw this on envied. Okay. And I was like, this is probably an opportunity for me, but I’m not with insurer because all the positions that I’ve applied for, for a rapid line position, you know, I want to grow first of all.

Well there’s, there’s different kinds of, and I’ll just tell you this and I’m not trying to be negative, I just make sure that my buddy owns a firm called Hampton that might suit what you want to do. Cause it’s very artistic, like very creative and they do really cool stuff. And I, and I don’t view them as a competitor, but they are like, like he wears like a flower in his shirt and it’s cool, you know? And he’s very like, I don’t know, it’s fabulous. And, but they have huge accounts and there and that’s what he does. And I’m all about like helping people get unpure real fast. Like I’m all about like, that’s cool. We could spend seven weeks talking about the logo, but instead I’m going to just get you to the top of Google and make a bunch of money right now.

And by the way, when you shoot your youtube video today and make a performer and fire that guy and do this, and then they’re like, I’m more of like, here’s the show, the profit. Yes, I’ll make kind of like that. It’s like, you know, no soup for you. It says like a high energy, fast paced. It’s like people are like, are you like what is your deal? Have you like a bowling ball? I just go, you know, just go. And then, but the graphic design typically more like the high design. I would say Hampton and cubic are probably the best in town for that. I’m probably more like low design, but fast design and to make money for clients. Does that make sense? [inaudible] I count winning as like the client making more money than they’re paying me as soon as possible. That’s how I do skills, but just super coachable. Being able to, Ben can talk to you more about that, but then you were at Lowe’s. I mean, were you typing like a boss at Lowe’s?

I was not, I was a moving lumber,

Actually. No, I have no discernible skills. When I took Algebra three times, now you see t three times. My wife rejected me multiple times when I proposed crazy. It’s crazy. Has she said yes. Blindness. She’s got blind. She can’t see. But all I’m saying is like that’s a [inaudible] you don’t need a whole lot of skills, you know, that grind. Does that make sense? And your name is Alex. Alex and Alex. Where are you from? Dude? Tulsa. Okay, cool. And where do you, where do you you’ve been doing previous to now?

I was going to TCC.

Okay. Yeah. So you tried it out in your kindling, Huh? Okay. Okay. Any questions you have? Certain, what’s your name again? John. John. Okay. John. Eric questions you have? Yes. So there’s a graphic design. Yup. True Marketing. Yep. Graphic design and the marketing system. Marketing assistant will be SEO search engine and on those will be the two spots tonight I’ll have them three. Okay, so those are the two. Yep. Two, they’re open for search engine tonight. Shaw homes is looking to hire somebody. Steve Curtis is looking to hire somebody I believe on Nathan’s. Hiring somebody for the carpet side. D One technician tonight.

One or two. Yeah. And what does that pay approximately?

Yeah, so I’m kind of a matchmaker. I trying to find the right fit for the right people. So there’s a couple of different spots there. And ma’am, your name? Lily. Okay. Willie and Willie, what questions do you have? You’re good. Okay, I respect that. And your, your name again, sir. Austin, what questions do you have

More about the rapid design position?

Okay, well what I’m going to do, I’m going to get the daisy here real quick and really I’ll let you get back to me and I’ll over there. It was great for daisy. Daisy.


You’ve been here two years. Okay. Where were you doing before you were here?

So before I was here I did a, I was in education, which is surprisingly Seoul, South Korea. I love the kid, the politics and the bureaucracy of it all. [inaudible] Yeah, I’m kind of cynical with it. Before that, I managed to donut shop two locations. I’ve done banking. I’ve done a myriad of different things, but none of them as [inaudible].

Great, and you are not white

Last time I checked. And

Your Buddhist? Yes. How does that impact our daily interaction? You know that I’m a Christian. I’m like trying to convert you and you know that Ben’s a Mormon and he’s always trying to convert me. He never mentions it, but I know what he’s doing. I know he’s now. He is. Is He? This is [inaudible]. He’s sneaky. Sneaky. He’s like, I’m not going to talk about it. I’m just going to live it and then if you want to ask me about it, see that’s what he does. He just like sets this. He didn’t talk about, I made it very sneaky. His wife’s the same. Sneaky. They’re both like this guy. The other day we had barbecue. We’re serving barbecue for a person who’s like a celebrating somebody and a alright Ben, do you want barbecue? Tempting him? He’s like, no, I’ll wait for a million. It doesn’t know where she is.

Says it sneaky though. And if multiple were like, this dude’s not gonna have barbecue wise waiting for anybody, has no idea where she is in the building. He’s a good guy. So all I’m saying is, but we have different faiths in here. It doesn’t have to be like you’re pro way, but we capitalism is probably the religion that we all have, you know. So what course did you ever daisy, cause she started off on the phones and now she manages the call center and she’s a great lady and has a great kid named Atticus who says I’m old. You’re old. Yes.

So the paid training is just two weeks or whatever that you’re starting,

You’re going to get paid to do, like you’re going to be like doing it like day one,

First unusual two inch training. Like what do you have? Is there the ability to then get further training on as you go?

Yeah. Well you do is you’re going to work in a 90 day tour of duties, Howard. It, I’m just asking you mentally to commit to work here for 90 days cause I, I shouldn’t do it. And my wife’s kind of helping me through this, but like, I don’t know, you don’t mind mother-in-law, but she really cares about facials and I’m like, can we let it go? No, no, no. Cause she, she like wants to deliver a great experience. He’s into that, you know, and like I can’t explain to you why, but she is, that’s just her love language. She’s into it. And I think clients of hers experienced that, you know? And for me, I kind of view every employee is kind of like the personification of my dad, where I’m like, I don’t know why my dad was so poor at the age of 30 I don’t understand that.

But I think it’s because he wasn’t taught certain skills cause he had a degree and was a top his club. He literally was the very top of his class. Nor are you. And I’m like, I have to believe that if somebody would’ve pointed out to him, Tom, don’t do this and do this, I have a belief he would’ve done it. He always worked hard, but because he worked at quick trips in the night shift and he worked at dominoes, I stuttered as a kid and I got made fun of, I couldn’t talk til I was 13 years old and I got made fun of all the freaking time and my parents couldn’t afford a speech pathologist and I have to believe they would have hired one if they could have. And so I just kinda like, I want to teach you the skills needed to pay the bill.

I’m just all about like, do this, boom. And then if you want to be here for five years or six years and become a partner in one of the businesses, like a law firm, great. If you want to on the podcast with me every day, and that’s your goal, great. If you wanna become a real estate agent, great. If you wanna become a supermom, great. I don’t care. Super Dad, great. I just some say I wanna help you get where you want to go. And I view it as like a tour of duty, not like a wage cage. So upward mobility is my game, you know? So every 90 days we kind of reevaluate. Can you speak to that a little bit?

Yeah. Yeah. So I started off in a call center and as a call center rep and I came into the group interview and I was like, I literally don’t care what I have to do, like any beat, I need to be here. So what we have, and at the time Vanessa was like, well we need somebody in our call center. And it’s like, okay, so you know, I, I really want to work for thrive, but if it means being here in this environment, I will do whatever I need to do. And so I started off in a call center and within the first 90 days are like, we want to promote you to call center manager. I was like, okay, cool. And I’ve been doing that

And she was the worst manager of all time. My opinion and the best sales person at the same time because when she’s good at like she’s good at her job, but then managing people, that’s like where you’re going like, hey, quit vaping. So constructive criticism is awesome. Yeah. And she like absorbed it though, you know what I mean? And so I’d be like, Hey, don’t argue with her. Just tell her what to do. Cause they’ve had one coworker he used to like go out there and do the Hula Hoop member. I do the middle of the day, she would just go out there and she’d be like walling roaming around and just hula hooping and I’m like, what? You know what I mean? And then she would like get into a debate with him as opposed, you know? And then now she’s great at it though. And then she messed up and said she wanted to become a speaker lady. Yeah. And so now she speaks to the conferences and we have a conference in here every two months, clients at 120 people. We’re here for time. But to answer your questions for daisy about being here, no.

Oh, when you first got here? Yeah, I think that my first payment, I was like, this is so great, you know, because the way it’s set up and everything that I went that for the workstations, this is that look, this area right here, it was like a photo shoot. You know the backdrop about the photo shoot and everything like that. Yeah. And then I was going over there on the ground. Yeah.

Every picture on every role has been put there specifically. And then all the writing is my handwriting, so I’m always, my dad died. There is rip Tom Clark, Palm Tom Balm. Let’s tell him Bob. So I put that there because I felt like I needed to have, I see it all the time. I’m speaking some of the conferences, I’m always thinking of my dad, you know, so and then like victory. I think that’s a big word. It’s important. But anyway, so we is this a different place? It’s a fun place. I would like for you to meet the teammates before you to kind of decide the arb but want to do is I had questions for justice and jaw and for Barbara had some questions for you guys based upon your resume. And I would like for Amelia to give a tour of UC, can see everything. Okay.

So you guys here, you three can go with Emilia. That’d be great. And then if you three can go with a daisy and Ben on tour, let’s give him a tour at. Cool. And then I have some questions for you guys. And then do you have your printed resumes tonight? Okay. Cause I have a few questions. And then those of you who were interested in graphic design, have you all emailed in your portfolios? Yes. Okay. Those are all been emailed. Okay. So before you go today I would like, yeah. So before anyway, graphic design comes down to me. I have to like obsess and look at your portfolios because we’ve got so many talented people applying and I like to personally look at that. So before you leave, if you have access to a mobile device or something, if you could please, I want you to verify they do it, send it to [email protected] intapp is how we do it. And now without any further ado, three.


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