The Importance of High-Water Marks and High Expectations (Breaking Down Notable Quotables from Steve Jobs and Colin Powell)

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Clay Clark and Dr Z are breaking down the importance of setting high expectations for your friends, your family, your faith, your finances, your fitness and your friendships and how creating new high-water marks can positively impact your life.

The Importance of High-Water Marks

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs (American entrepreneur and business magnate. He was the chairman, chief executive officer, and a co-founder of Apple Inc., chairman and majority shareholder of Pixar)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off.” – Colin Powell (American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. Powell was born in Harlem as the son of Jamaican immigrants)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” – Aristotle (An ancient Greek philosopher and scientist born in the city of Stagira, Chalkidiki, in the north of Classical Greece.)

You Must Have High Expectations for Your Friends

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The less you associate with some people, the more your life will improve. Any time you tolerate mediocrity in others, it increases your mediocrity. An important attribute in successful people is their impatience with negative thinking and negative acting people. As you grow, your associates will change. Some of your friends will not want you to go on. They will want you to stay where they are. Friends that don’t help you climb will want you to crawl. Your friends will stretch your vision or choke your dream. Those that don’t increase you will eventually decrease you.” – Colin Powell (Colin Luther Powell is an American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. The first African American Secretary of State for the United States of America)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you run with the dogs, you will get fleas.” – Dr. Robert Zoellner

You Not Get Advice from Unproductive People

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – ““The goal is to be able to live your life the way Michael Jordan played basketball or Marvin Gaye sang a song. To be able to feel the way you feel when you laugh at a joke but to feel that way all the time.” – Russell Simmons (American entrepreneur, producer, and author. The chair and CEO of Rush Communications, he co-founded the hip-hop music label Def Jam Recordings)

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Be not mistaken. This is applicable to family as well as friends. Yes…do love, appreciate and be thankful for your family, for they will always be your family no matter what. Just know that they are human first and though they are family to you, they may be a friend to someone else and will fit somewhere in the criteria above.” – Colin Powell (American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. Powell was born in Harlem as the son of Jamaican immigrants.)

  1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – Forty-four percent of adults say they either could not cover an emergency expense costing $400, or would cover it by selling something or borrowing money.
  2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs
  3. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 90% Of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10%

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Consider this: Never receive counsel from unproductive people. Never discuss your problems with someone incapable of contributing to the solution, because those who never succeed themselves are always first to tell you how. Not everyone has a right to speak into your life. You are certain to get the worst of the bargain when you exchange ideas with the wrong person. Don’t follow anyone who’s not going anywhere.” – Colin Powell (Colin Luther Powell is an American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. The first African American Secretary of State for the United States of America)

Your Friends Will Determine Your Normal

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “With some people you spend an evening: with others you invest it. Be careful where you stop to inquire for directions along the road of life. Wise is the person who fortifies his life with the right friendships. If you run with wolves, you will learn how to howl. But, if you associate with eagles, you will learn how to soar to great heights.” – Colin Powell (Colin Luther Powell is an American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. The first African American Secretary of State for the United States of America)

You Are Guilty By Association

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A mirror reflects a man’s face, but what he is really like is shown by the kind of friends he chooses.The simple but true fact of life is that you become like those with whom you closely associate – for the good and the bad. Note: Be not mistaken. This is applicable to family as well as friends. – Colin Powell (American statesman and a retired four-star general in the United States Army. Powell was born in Harlem as the son of Jamaican immigrants.)

Surround Yourself with People Who Are Doing Better Than You

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.” – Proverbs 13:20 (The Bible)

The Stairway to Becoming Friends

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” – Proverbs 18:24 (The Bible)

  1. Step 1 – Diligence
  2. Step 2 – Coachability
  3. Step 3 – Loyal
  4. Step 4 – No Greed
  5. Step 5 – Tenacity

It’s Better to Be Alone Than to Be Surrounded by Bad People

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” – Booker T. Washington (An American educator, author, orator, and advisor to presidents of the United States. Between 1890 and 1915, Washington was the dominant leader in the African-American community.)

Be Careful. You Are Becoming Like the People Around You

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You are the average of the five people you most associate with.” – Tim Ferriss (The best-selling author of The Four Hour Work Week, The Four Hour Body and Tribe of Mentors. Ferriss is also an angel investor and an advisor to Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Evernote, and Uber, among other companies)

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When You Change the People You Are Around and You Will Change Your Life

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.” – Reid Hoffman, Founder, LinkedIn

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Broadcasting live from the center of the best business conferences universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re super kourtney pregnant with the focus function like san, quentinis, hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields. Yes, yes, yes and yes, drive nation, walking back to the flat time show on your radio. It is always is always a joy is always a privilege to be on the show with you each and every day, and it takes it to another level. Whenever dr. Z is next to me, my friend and his goodness I feel like we’ve, we reconnected again I’m excited for the shock and you have to give the tribe nation out there. The gift you gave me before the show, if you have to give them a birthday party at the birthday party, you’re welcome to share with you birthday party.

This moment still would have happened here in the past week here:okay, my son, aubrey clark is friends with jonathan barnett’s son, so it’s kind of weird but the guy doing business together, all the sudden. We have sons, the same age and so it’s kind of like batman and robin. These two guys, you know, and the back yard the backyard backyard. 15 16 acres back to the woods and there’s are spending the night together. It’s it’s a aubrey and jackson and jaden I thought to myself. I need to check on him. Cuz I woke up like 2 in the morning. I wake up and I’ll get a glass of water and I’ll walk out there. Some walking out there trying to return to quiet a bigfoot in the restaurant, and somebody makes a a best business conferences fopa robert I’m sure you’ve been to a restaurant. We’ve seen this for somebody’s having dinner you’re having dinner, and somebody next to you is maybe had too much to drink and what is dropping a lot of bombs.

Oh yeah, and you hear certain buzzwords, you turn hugo. What what you just did you see that power words he’s a dirty words to get me going? Yeah I hear the boys talking like a subconscious tractor, pulling me through the woods to find their tent there, campsite and I hear what, I hear 11 year old, just say:workflow. The the best way to establish merit-based pay in the men’s grooming industry at the age of 11 years old is hillary, said, listen, here’s my deal. How many dj one show week I’m going to mow 2 yards a week right and therefore he has already achieved when in july. Dre 78 bucks z, that’s that’s event center they have those tiny houses and you can afford one for like payments are like 300 month he’s like you know that I just do like a big one. Gig may not put that back there that takes care of that I’m telling you the 11th, he’s already thought about that. That was that was our best business conferences story, never one. That was fabulous yes to get into today’s topic, which is the importance of high water marks and high expectations, and this is kind of night by tie into it.

My final 3 * 2 in okay I’m over there this week, I go to atwoods i, go through what you’re going to hobby lobby I go to reasor’s it’s the same day, which places that I went to where I had this happen to me, but I go in to buy tvs and I discovered that the mind is a muscle muscle and if you don’t use the muscle, atrophies overtime, so I went in there and said I want 55 inch tvs any brand at all. Just not that tcl brand I’ll do sony. I’ll do samsung all do lg i, don’t care what the cost is. I’ll do. Sam’s song is the other I just want it to be. I told him 2 specifications, there’s many tvs at said place, there’s no, probably 10 tvs at to the criteria and the guy that fronted. What was that I’m? Looking at him he’s on his best business conferences cell phone and I’m looking for 55 inch tvs any brand, you want just not the tcl brand and I want to get those on tcl brand brand. It’s not brand people don’t know because I’m giving it away to a member of the elephant, the room, it’s tcla, a cheap line for a prize I want to give away a brand people know we don’t we don’t have any 50s there, but I did find this 55 and he comes back with the brand that I specifically asked for and I told him I wanted 55, so I had to repeat them again, teaching them to the kids. I said kids go over to another store and have read that it does it’s a big r store.

You can get 10 of these ice drinks for $10 at dollar, piece to the lady. She says, I’ll be $16 and I said:hey I’m, not like it’s a big deal, but it’s like $10 a piece if you like 10 of them at acts like maybe 1090, maybe $11 11.6 powered weed eater at all of the the weed worth of the cord, the gloves all the stuff that goes with it. The pre-mixed gas, by the way check before you leave. If you can help imagine string, I can’t figure it out. I’m checking out the way to goes well with a great deal on this. It’s only $60 cricket’s I’m going all just a few hours at least 60, and then like this actual best business conferences gas-powered thing is I know it’s like 289 and then and I just sent you and I said i, don’t know what it cost, but I do awful, paying $60 for just whatever so she goes gets her manager comes back when it’s like 600 yeah.

It was going to give it to me for $60 and I said well, it was a. It was kind of making light while there’s a 6 in there. You know how does the best of us as I can with her but like i, just feel like most people are not mentally present. Being present is a present. As we talked about the importance of high water marks, we had one of our listeners, who decided to be mentally present, I’m, going to actually reach out to see info on drivetime show.Com by the way, if you want to have your question answered with dr. Z or myself on the phone, this is a new feature, just email. Your questions to info at thrive time, show.Com and your phone number and will call you in a special at a specific time, during the taping of a show and we’re going to put that on the show you can actually have a cool just got a call out $60,000 a month of business, 70,000 50,000 just overwhelming, and you said:hey, it’s a watermark, your best business conferences normal. Pretty soon this will become a high water mark. Pretty soon just wanted to be a thing, and you said that little piece of mentorship-it might seem like just an obvious thing for you, but he said that was a huge for him to realize.

That really does he had never dis? Is foreign territory never been into the situation? Right now is due to a hundred thousand dollars a month of revenue at full package media, and he was talking to me. That was a huge moment for me. Tell that to dr. Z talk about it more on the show, the importance of high water marks and setting those high expectations, because that little phrase that concept helped him dramatically and that’s what’s so great about this show is that if you and I just kind of you know, we probably forgotten more than we can remember, but as we kind of remember the best business conferences, it’s fun out there and we can set things that we say really stripes according you. Let us know so we can do a show on it, so we can elaborate more on it. I mean there’s so many nuggets out there so much great mentorship and teacher element day to attend the workshop. Okay, his daughter now I was in turn age 16. We just hired roberta full time, 817 show, the movie this emotion you want to have any robert. Were you there to me? I? Was there yeah what’s happening chop rocky, tell kyle he’s watching nfl running back his business opposite of a penalty for hitting bird he’s, a mailman, retired military dre studio, and you just have to email. Your questions to info and his daughter is the thrive time show employee of the week this week shut up, search, exciting story.

First introduced the characters. Then you just the plot to resolve the plot. You have the climax in the end of the solution. We did not introduce the characters. We started with the climax, and now we must sort of the importance of high water marks from steve jobs I want to hear have that have a doctor’s e-brake at the yard. Stick of quality people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. Can you break that down? There won’t have robert chime in on that is a best business conferences coach, different areas and as the leader of the owner, as the boss has the big boss, you set a standard that, quite frankly, nobody’s going to care as much about your business as you do trash pick it up pick it up pick it up, but trust me and everything you do is measured in everything you do is come like okay, if he did that, you know, I feel really encourage them to be 90% of him. I’ll, be your that’s a good employee, you’re, the! Where is a bad one, maybe 50%! So if you’re not bringing what’s that mean for me, is he goes out of job? Is he doing it so I don’t have to do it to it? There’s a job, job, job, job, job, south, south, south, south, south, that’s that’s real stuff, though it is real stuff and if you’re not bringing a high level of quality to the steps you going to do for your own business, how in the world employees that work? You doubt do you because they’re not going to do it right, play they’re not going to do.

We come back to the break robert redman’s, going to break down the importance of high water marks and how a business coaching, clients may, sometimes struggle to set that stand out his clients, other dysfunctional and they’re kind of heard of through a blog about friends who he talked about. You wanna make sure that you did. You know your baby dad said I watermark in your urinal to shine. Do you want to call classic janitorial? The classic clean.Com? Is our website classic janitorial, dr. Zoellner total lending, concepts redmond grill at 918-671-2046, again 918-671-2046 dr z that to be classic clean. 321 boom? You are now entering the dojo of mojo and the thrive time show show on the best business conferences microphone east stop at itunes charts in the category of business, dentist, which market motion sickness, all thread, nation welcome back to the drive time show on your radio, and today we are talking about the importance of high water marks and setting high expectations. I watermark is where, if the water has previously raised to that level at a lake to leave a mark, and so in the lakes begin to florida for years ago, in tulsa we have massive flooding going on with the keystone grand lake lake lake forest flooding and they were getting to all time highs and when the water went away, you could see where the water left a mark high water mark and what happens that I can become your new tolerance level.

It’s like almost. What is it determined what you can handle, so he survived its own business. We teach the principal, be a yardstick, a quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellent expect death of steve jobs says you have to be at yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellent is expected. Steve jobs, co-founder of app former ceo of pixar, you saying set the high-water mark, okay, be the yardstick of quality. Well, that’s, it seems pretty easy job, but then colin powell, the for united states, secretary of state, retired four-star general. He charges in with the dark side of that quote. Please read the dark. Swat. The dark side of holding best business conferences people accountable to a high standard I feel like this is one of your favorite quotes about being responsible, sometimes means pissing people off forever to not ever irritate people at my expense, ruining my marriage might I’m free to my financial people, always try to accommodate all the every single customer. Every single employee, every single everybody-and you can’t please everybody. The only way to avoid criticism is to say nothing do nothing be nothing aristotle, so robert, redman, from, the trenches from the battlefield.

You are a business coach and all your coaches don’t have any problems at all. Setting the highest standards for now, but people that you know i, want to remove a blog off of. People they’re having a hard time holding your team accountable. It was totally not credible. Please continue to check out. How would you if you did actually coach clients that struggle to hold of him accountable? What would be some of the problem areas to break this down for you? Yes, so I mentioned earlier you’re talking about that thriver who, when they are ever they’re here talking to doctors about high water mark, had like the that epiphany like ., whenever he’s I go, do that just let sister had one of my right now that that will change. It was like a game-changer I recently had that same epiphany, like experience with this quote. I’ve heard this quote literally, maybe hundreds of times other the colin powell quote being responsible. Sometimes what I want to do is cuz I want to make sure this. This comes across as credible and bromantic, sometimes being responsible requires pissing people off, and in that moment I saw a twinkle in his eyes and realize. Oh, my gosh, you literally cannot be responsible with out sometimes pissing people off robert. What was I wearing you were wearing. Does your pants on your charcoal gray, loom hat saved you wearing your little weird I was having an experience, will be tony, robbins I’m. Having a moment, video night looks I have to do this. I’ve seen this no no I mean to describe describe it. Robert cuz.

My description was probably not good of a describe cuz if this was an actual moment. So, first of all that guy I’m convinced he had to be an actor that guy he’s single. So best business conferences ach rival tony robbins. It is in the ballroom for people that one of his event see if people answer and-and he somehow points out this guy gets his guy to stand up. The guy basically reveals at least kind of weak. You know just having trouble a lot of areas, and it’s so tony robbins, like has a spiritual moment with him, was like grabbing him and asking him to roar like a lion. Roar like a lion, roar louder. That sounds like that was your mom at right. There experience you know like a lion, could you yell like a yeti I’m just kidding? They cannot be responsible. You cannot be in a position where your owner, where your manager without pissing people off that’s going to happen. People are going to get upset with you as a result of holding them accountable and pal, says, being responsible, sometimes means pissing. People off doesn’t mean every time you shouldn’t like what to do it and I believe this is the biggest area where some other clients that are not anywhere near our program.

Other people, a lot of other business vietnam surprised, i, even experiences where it’s it’s like you’re, afraid to hold people accountable, cuz you’re, seeing this person everyday, even though they work for you, even though you’re paying them to do a job, and you want to be well right and that big hairy adjust I believe that people can u motion except you’re, going to piss people off will be a breakthrough for sure, bring this next notable quotable. You must have high expectations for your friends again from colon powell retire. Four-star general I want to hear z break this down. This is phenomenal. This quotable, the less you associate with some people, the more your life will improve. Anytime you tolerate mediocrity and others. It increases your mediocrity, important attribute and successful people. Is there in patients with negative thinking and negative acting people as you grow, your associates will change. Some of your friends will not want you to go on. They will want you to stay where you are don’t help you climb will want you to crawl. Your friends will stretch your vision or choke your dream, those that don’t increase. You will eventually decrease as a best business conferences. You walk. There slide a lot of great bombs there, and that is so true. You know what you have to take:gorilla glue stronger than gorilla glue i, believe that is a great quote, and it’s so true you run with the dogs. You get fleas or boy. If your listing out there and you’ve got a friend, that’s negative, you have a friend, that’s an idiot. You have a friend that just is drama still your friend and since we’re both from minnesota. Don’t you know, don’t you know and I have always been.

His mother was my mother because of where they grew up. What that is one thing, but there are other people that communities other people in the city. If you have negative drama idiots in your life-and you know who they are, I was just telling the other day and their phone was ringing. They look down, they just kind of had that the phone call to hold the algebraic is, it is the truth or they make that excuse. I’ll be up going to cook the scoreboard. The truth into a like my yoda I won’t talk to you at a store. You were shared before the break up again so I’m, a friend of mine and phone rings, and my friend looks at the phone and just give that that look at it. We all go. If you want me to tell me calling you that you know it’s going to be painful, to take the best business conferences call right, so they give the deep breath of the second sound and you look at them. They look at you and i. Go i. Don’t have an hour of my life to give right now and I got this person is so much drama. It’s so much work to call you real, quick I was calling her and she said to me. She said what and I’m like i, don’t even know you like. Are you kidding me and I was like no I ain’t kidding I’ll talk to myself.

If you is any, but you if you were respected the further you better get off that facebook and I thought to myself. This all happened before I even called him. Can we get to the story I get to the good parts, didn’t even the, good wife, you know what sometimes I say tiny right. Are you even saying that go on to explain the to our conversation that that had the last time I talk to this person, real life, reenactment of the two hours yes i, might hits getting dizzy. I would think they would like that that I would like over there in, like 2 minutes, we’ve been on this phone call and I’m not going to win the discussion and kind of wound down. I, looked at my friend and I said:i have a question for you:why is a person considered a friend still real, quick I feel like I might have hit the wrong button. Let me try that again. No, that was right by me. I’m blowing up one more time. I, just like you said. Why is that person still considered a friend. Too late? They introduce them to me if they said their name. First name, and they said friend then give this is a friend of hemet time I pick up my phone at school, so I can’t be attached to dysfunction dysfunction. The habit, force of this function is something we were. We were. People are addicted to okay, now I’m going to give some people after the keys to the kingdom come on we’re going to deep dive into it. Today we got some more fun things coming at you about it, but you may save yourself. Okay, are you describe me to read my mail I’ve got an idiot that I just can’t i, don’t know what to do. I, don’t want to be my best business conferences friend and yet I don’t be mean to them robber. If you would have told me, it was a wet and I would have worn pants I would have worn pants again.

You never did tell me how I brought it back in, because I didn’t know you had to borrow the car. You never said I had to bring it up. Now you didn’t hear the song breaking up is hard, to do, yes robert. If you wanted me to not smoke pot in your living room, you would have put up some parts of the line through it says where your pants are you living room either? You don’t want me to call you just tell me cuz, I didn’t know if that’s the kind of crap you put up with the truth will set you free ghosting people, which is a new term. Hey I’m kind of hip now. I know that they’re not respond, drives him crazy and makes him go into stalker mode. Yes, I do not recommend that at all what I do recommend is honest. Straightforward best business conferences conversation, listen, I know we have been friends for years, but, quite frankly, I am over our friendship and you know what it’s just, not working out being your friend, so I am going to officially defriend you in my life.

Have you really pull that move with people? What is typically the response go ahead. You just asked:have you really, which is a sincere question? I’m saying this I just really hope this is helpful for somebody, but this is. Let me just see how to pull this up on the big screen. So you can see this. It wouldn’t tell me and I get i, don’t want to mention to the specific company because of the specifics of all, but this is just one right now. This is blue. My mind. Okay, I hear you click on this and we have a a person, one more companies who has served in the military right. So we went ahead and let the person go. You know, because not because I’m doing what’s right in that you fire someone because of lack of performance. That’s right! So this person told hundreds of customers that I personally dislike hispanics and members of the military and if they’re hispanic in the military forget about it, because it’s a deep, you notice, there’s no hispanics and leadership. What’s not true, because she’s hispanic, it doesn’t matter so yours that to hear the best business conferences comment right here right now, so I talk to the member of my team, who first saw it and I said.

Why did you not respond and say the truth? Because you know the truth, you you knew the situation. You saw this person do it. Why did you not stand up for me? Because if you saw that and you work there, this is the golden goose. This is a job. That’s death prop in the person says. Oh I didn’t think it’s that big of a deal I thought it was just hard job, but I told the person I went okay. This is a loyalty problem right now, because you saw somebody make an accusation about your boss. You know is not true and you could have easily nipped in the bud, but you didn’t so I said it was all right there. Robert, that’s a deal where, like you do you call those situations out and you can I give that person. I said you go up there with your account and you do your response thing. But if you don’t we’re done work because there’s moments in time where you realize it’s all my gosh mean if somebody was out there saying something about you rubbing it for a long time, but I found out they’re, saying robertson racist, oh my gosh, roberts and I knew you weren’t, yes supposed to be I mean in north. Country I mean there’s a few things. You can call people to get you in trouble. You call someone races, that’s pretty bad! You know to look for somebody real, quick, they’re, not a best business conferences friend.

That’s what I’m thinking. Also the team members guys run in the same boat employees. You know you want them to have your back. Just like you’re supposed to have their back and I can go back a couple quotes because of high-quality mark. You said you wouldn’t have their back and you expected them to have your back, because you know business is up a bit of a battle and when someone, for whatever reason, want to attack the owner, which intern attacks the business and they work there, I mean if they were smart, they go i, don’t know if that’s in my best interest-and it’s only happened like twice with you but member what time you long time ago, someone made a comment, I said, and you said what what’s call him right now and we just like nipped in the bud, because I’m I have a duty to tell you as sort of you know, second-in-command I got to tell you like hey. This is what was said and then, whether it’s true or not, we did with it. That’s why your friends over your social circle is so small, so he has very few people in that circle of friends. But if you’re in that circle and you you I mean you that’s what I expect you to have. My back is like ice, but you know how I want go. We all go. That’s that’s what you think about it. You don’t want to go. We are going to clay, you had to break up with a best business conferences friend after the break and come back and tell us about your break. Cuz I know you got to epic story. This way you do I’m going to I’m going to tan epic break-up story. How much is an epic breakup story and it was going so you’re saying we can still be friends. I want you to fire. A friend told you not to fire friend, encourage you to actually go to hood cpas. Com and to make a new friend go to cbs.Com.

Make a new friend by finding a proactive accountant wants to help you stay on top of your finances. Help you become a proactive person. How do you do what you got to find an accountant? You can trust you got to find something to help. You become proactive about your account and you can find that at hood, cpa comics.Com, drive time show the movie with the prison system. Alright probation. Today we are talking about how to change your life by establishing new high water mark. So I want to make sure that everyone gets the goal here. I believe the goal is to be able to to quote russell simmons and I want to put this through this. Of, a quart of on the show, not but best business conferences legend russell simmons said and I’m paraphrasing the way do you want to live a life is to live life, the way that marvin gaye sing a song, the way that michael jordan played basketball to feel the way you feel when you laugh at a joke, but to feel that way. All of the time that’s the goal in my, in my opinion, is to have the have the best life possible. That’s my goal, and so one of the things that I have I’ve discovered, that is, is tough for me to have a very positive life.

Is there certain people that always want to create drama? What does in an organization or in my life? And so this is my examples he has before the break up to cheryl, break-up story of your personal business, one but my dad and he got als and he passed away in 95 september 5th about 2 years ago. So my dad passed away, but before he passed away, he’s very much alive and he’s aware of his demise, he’s aware of kind of timeline of where it’s happening, and my dad says me pulls me to size of gas mask on his best business conferences breathing oxygen. You know he’s really sad son. Can you keep it copacetic with somebody until then? Please, absolutely i, totally respect if you decide after I’m gone to not speak to them again, but for right now, because it says, like my house, we all come here and I’m hearing some of the hateful comments, this person to making to you and I just would like for you to keep it together until that time, it’s absolutely.,

so long story short. This person is just constantly I mean just talking about the economy. This is a good somebody is like dad having a hard time, breathing and they’re complaining about the economy in a pivot, to talk about the the tyranny of obama or the tyranny of the can’t believe that trump might win. Obama is a bad person, so it’s like a dork like the new guys trying to be in office trump and they don’t want hillary clinton, either they’re just like going on about some obscure candidate. Then they go on about how my hummer and two uses too much fuel and they go on about how are businesses take more than we give our customers and they’re just going on and I’m thinking to myself, you don’t have a best business conferences job and it just continues. So we got to the end of the funeral and my dad passed away. I just contacted these people. There was a group of them and they’re there long-term family members and i. Just let him know hey I want you to know. I am never going to speak to you again. So it’s been a good run. Appreciate you i, don’t appreciate what you said, what you continue to Say:i’m, so tired of the drug addictions I’m, so tired of the conic of the chronic, random mental illnesses, I’m so tired of the unemployment I’m, so tired of the harassment I’m, so tired of the throwing stones at what I’ve built I eat. You build some z and then people throw stones rip it all the time you know. I just I will never speak to you again and i.

Did that I think like 6 or 7 times in one day, and it is awesome because I used to get my phone I have my phone I would look at it cuz you give me what to put the communication. Now they could be an email. I could be a text, it could be a phone call, but I called him first sure and in business I do the same thing and some business at countless examples, but the other day we had somebody who said I think it’s ridiculous. That I am in one of my companies and I’m forced to work. Every saturday business like, like you know, going out to eat like olive, garden or busy. So you have to work every saturday cuz. Your new I said call me when you get off on the weekend, for the veterans day parade the right to be off, and so would you like? You can go somewhere else and you don’t sound big deal and you can there’s many other job at this. Isn’t russia is a person’s like i, don’t think so, but I just busy at work and in the best business conferences conversation with her so I’m saying this. In the conversation with him, you know throat punch play i, like my schedule, I respect his hierarchy or I’m quitting I need to find a quit. I quit I’m defriending, you blocking you all these things. If you have something legal notice, whatever contact whatever boom, will pay your last week of official about wingers it lingers on during the break robert redman business coach to the stars we had he he wanted. He wanted to take fight detective, responding to them just kind of forgetting about them and not respond. Not replying at answering the phone. I said:i, look at him in the face.

Tell him hey:it’s not working out and bam bam in the sample. Why move to go so I’m, not okay! Do you really have that conversation? Was it cuz i? Doubt it’s more like I want to hear more about that, but in the past, when I’ve dealt with a really dramatic friend likes someone who just toxic had your daughter, a dramatic friend i, have wanted to avoid. Having that real candid, a confrontational conversation, the triple c, the candid confrontational conversation turned out. Okay, this person, if i, had this conversation, they’re going to start more drama, they’re, going to continue to build things against me, it be better if I just avoided them just ignore them, and-and so I wanted to hear more about how you had that good question, and it’s good point and here’s my philosophy but you’re going to have it. It may be in walmart parking lot. It may be at an outback steakhouse, while you’re ordering a bloomin onion with your best business conferences wife and two small children eat you’re, going to have it cuz the thing about life. Is you going to run into this person right? I bet they just assume you’re going to run into them at some point in your life and then all the other text message they sent you that thing to respond to the emails or phone calls all the all the unresolved stuff that they gave you all that they wanted to do for you all that they meant in your life is going to come spewing out some public life that you don’t want to have this conversation I’d like to quote on nash nash nash, a great a great artist to be a musician great great steve nash the basketballer gnash thoughts at, but then I should stop reminiscing for my dad that if it’s good to have feelings when love and trust are gone, I guess this is time for moving on and i. Think that’s just a huge idea that you just got to like recognize. Friendship is about this. It’s sharing values and time, and that builds trust. That’s what it is. But if you don’t share the same values as the person and you don’t share time with him, you should have seen guys. We don’t share time. They are an acquaintance. That’s right, but if you don’t share values or time then what’s happening is you now are having a false contacts to the relationship, and so when you go to in the raw, this just happen me.

To the other day, I went to in the raw, to look at some speakers for the elephant in the room. Expansions I want to see philips speakers in the raw on the hill, big shout out to in the raw great great great great staff. Great sushi, holdings, great I went up there wednesday night and I ran into somebody that I hadn’t, seen in forever, who wronged me really really bad and there’s that tension and so I thought cash. You know I said hey how you doing I am so sorry about the way that went down. But now the person you’re with is like what went down is this is like years ago and you’re still carrying that I could just get that resolution baby. Yet you resolve it, you get over it and move on with it. It’s it’s! It’s awkward, though, because it has this feeling of you can you can put yourself into a mindset if you know they’re going to be thinking that I’m feeling, like I’m, better than them, they’re going to be thinking that I’m I’m beyond them, that I’m above them or i, mean you can really get your guilt yourself into I’ll. Just stay friends with him, because you know what I’ll help pull them out of the fire that they’re in the quicksand, the three you know from unproductive people and we come back. These are all things you need to learn to raise your best business conferences high water mark to become a new level of success.

You cannot get feedback from everybody. You just got to get feedback from people who are more successful than you are in the area where you’re wanting me back. So if you want to get in great shape, find some reason great shape and ask him what they’re doing if you want to find how to become a great day, a great friend finds. What do you think is a great friend is going to become i. Have a great knowledge of your of the bible then find a pastor who you feel like has a severe knowledge of the bible that you have. You want to reach out to the goats, the greatest of all time. It, clearly no more than you about a given subject, and they should be a source of wisdom, but you shouldn’t listen to just everybody know it comes to productivity, dr. Zoellner’s, a productive guy. Until I can chop your productive guy in the world of business, for very productive and by the best business conferences office supplies we could go there. I need the printer supplies we could. We could spend the afternoon doing that, but instead we have decided to hire onyx imaging to pick up our office and printer supplies. Will one beer, the one-stop-shop for all your business needs office supplies printer, supplies salmon next day, delivery guarantee it’s around, so get ahold of guys. You can get a free printer copier to become a new customer with them.

So you can call him today at 918-627-6611. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show kick it. Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can i, guess uk and misses click clock on the mic and can focus. Open shan I’m focused on the mission beach, the skills and kitchen the plants casted from advance to the left, portland I’m going to pay, you can dance, and now my friends, you got to dance to see. It, and I’ll be to see her yes, and that looks like batman, who doesn’t love? Who can who does not love, pecan or pecans? And my friends he doesn’t like high protein. I mean natural resources right there at the pecans, I mean they’re, going to probably a member of the korean dictatorship. They’re, probably out there quote and fidel castro are probably reading the other, probably a lot of joseph stalin their office meeting living like a sickle. You know tattoo under left arm. It sounded cracked at the cafe watch rocky 4 and makes them sad part listeners go. Our listeners are people that want to become successful. They won’t have time for them in best business conferences financial freedom. If you want to do that, you’ve got to make sure you’re not getting advice from unproductive people’s. What I’m going to do is I’m going to have eric church up here.

The rihanna busy right now to business coach read some notable quarter was two in a row from colon pal, but before we do that, I want to see if this scenario, probably what 15 years ago, uncle john tune called me, and he said clay we’d like to invite you to thanksgiving in houston and john tune was a great man. Is a great man, great guy he’s looking for southwest airlines for over 25 years, who’s in the united states, navy and i. Frankly looked up to him when I first got married, my wife and I were married for probably like 2 weeks, and we couldn’t afford to go on the family reunions with everybody. So he was like hey. You, don’t just get there and help I’ll help you out. So we fly out to lake powell, which is kind of like the grand cane and it’s flooded, and we get on ddd’s jet skis is quite let’s go on the jet skis. I, don’t know him very well, but I’m thinking, that’s that’s a great guy, but thanks man, you, let me out of his family best business conferences union, to getting to know me on the jet ski we pull into the scope and then we get there. You guys are you guys on the same jet ski for big guy white hair and he says, get off like it off, because here’s the deal a mile away from us is what’s going on, I tried doing, know your wedding, but couldn’t do it and i? Don’t like your attitude and my niece comes from she’s had some things happen to take it to percy’s gone through a lot and we live in california to check on her and she’s doing a great job.

That girl makes right. Choices grew up in a chaos. Situation makes good choices, does the right thing and I don’t want you screwing it up. So here’s the I was in the navy in the whole, combat saying and that’s it so I want you to know. I will physically kill you. If you upset her I’m sure you do something you do something crazy I’m. Just a does you violate that trust, you you do I’m just at sears to do. I apply for southwest, airlines and I’m going to be in tulsa a lot I mean you think about it. So we just dropped off I’m like laughing like hell. It’s like the desert. It’s like the sahara desert. Well, it’s red sweater, no. Lake powell, it’s a massive man-made lake in the middle. At me, this is against. This is lake powell, so you like pulls me into some crazy cove and leaves me there I’m like what the crap he comes back hagersville. You thought about it except a challenge when you get serious about life of the yeagers good in there and work out of the out of the mighty conduit cut me off to the condo phone rings. Come meet me for lunch here, I’ll run to mexican food and i, go what is a mexican food and go but I have an appointment. You don’t have an appointment. You will meet me for mexican food, sound like this guy and he offense of questions he’s like. Are you doing this? Are you doing that? Are you doing this I know any good? Okay? Well, it’s been a good best business conferences talk in this is like our relationship. The first couple, I’m very scared like is he going to stab me in the eye with a for sure? So he calls me now 3 years and I would like to invite you to thanksgiving. I did ever grew up around money, so we go to the backyard and it’s like I heard about it. It’s like the disneyland backyard waterfalls, like your backyard, see live waterfalls in the bridge and all this stuff and he’s a puppy unicorns.

When he’s in, he actually looks like it’s. The flu and I go over there, and-and this is clay-you know what’s up, let’s do it, let’s go. You know I’m just going to go pick up some stuff turkeys and whenever we get in the car. Let’s get some soap. So we get some sopa piaz at some random restaurant there and we go and I respect. You, oh I feel good I got three or four daughters and a son all doing well done great in life. Great and business, very respected, retired top of his class and military done. Great southwest, airlines he’s so and I look up to and he goes. If you ever need questions about how life works, let me know, and I can die from family matters all the time, play once a month and he don’t understand what you’re saying right now would mean that you get to win the debate. But if you win the debate, my friend that’s like a little battle and you just lost that bored. Oh yeah, I’m, so happy, wife, happy life, you go in there and you said you are sorry for getting that. That margarine is margarine, is at the devil’s work and you go get that organic hand-spun, grass-fed butter, grass-fed mormon, made + 2, + 2, multi-level that you’re. Taking the supplement item, does it make you feel better because clay I don’t take it I feel really bad cuz? They won’t stop yelling at me, but when I take it I feel so good cuz she wants topic, you should stop I get it I get auto-ship, that’s icky! He had a great with his kids and his wife, and so I would pick his brain that area and the physical fitness me charles coli.

One of our client is jack. So if you want to get jacked I mean ask you:is it you would get really thin? What are you doing? How are you getting so thin? What are you doing? Are you up I’m just passing. Are you eating healthy and I’m doing a low I’m just doing low carb, not in ketosis? We talked about that before. So don’t give don’t go off on the keyboard, but I’m eating I’m eating the most like fish and vegetables and feeling working out 53, so yeah pretty sure he has a six-pack. Let’s see it early forties because I’m taking your intentional, so I wouldn’t walk up to you and say we’ll see. What are your tips for? Throwing a baseball because I mean unless I’d seen you throw on your great at it right, I mean like it:doesn’t it just cuz someone’s going to bring a small, doesn’t mean you should go and see clear fit their their dirt tips on, like like, like one of the best baseball players in major, league baseball was the yankees forever. That’s all I’m saying is the source. Look at the fruit before you’re interested in the root reminds me of our in-person workshop. Coming up, it’s a wonderful, beautiful opportunity to show up in tulsa, oklahoma went and learn from a marietta people by the way, successful business coaches workshop. We had the largest home builder in oklahoma. That spoke for about an hour about scaling. A company and I’ll tell you. We had one builder that walked away from houston, who said I learned so much about building from that guy. That was huge, make colaw fitness for the top fitness companies, I mean I got thousands and thousands of members charles going to charles. It will be there. He just confirmed it a yes, he and his five members of his team I mean you talked to pastor brian gibson, a guy who started the church from nothing and grew into a church of thousands to 2 x.

32 churches send me pastor chad everett over a thousand people hampshire. We had a really good people’s choice for joel osteen for td jakes for joyce meyer anywhere at talking about a bunch of idiots. Just loves he’s a real people in this workshop going to buy your tickets first off, don’t believe us in google drive time show conference removal. They find you’re going to find right now, as of last count, as he I put these up here, they’re going to love these man, let me know, and I’m going to click on the the conference or the testimonials button and my bro here we go watch this watch. This I’m scrolling down on thrive time should I come I clicked on the testimonial. We now have over 1,600 what reviews for what 9 months it’s over a year and if you type it, if you type in drivetime, show on itunes and that’s just that, just like video reviews and then we have seven and 61 itunes reviews had a guy today, who just told us that the drive time show podcast is absolutely changing his life on itunes on your time or not noche noche johns from colin powell cuz. This gets d, tired, four-star general, the game changer. What we were talking about, not taking best business conferences advice from dumb people, to sum it up pretty much, and now he goes on to say yes, not dumb, so I would say this I have no clue which I have time to do with this i. Don’t know:i asked you before you leave I’m, not dumb, but I’ve been in that area, unproductive ignorant and that area right, so don’t get advice from people who are uneducated in a specific area to family as well as friends.

Yes, do love, appreciate and be thankful for your family, but they will always be your family, no matter what just know that they are human first and though they are family to you and maybe a friend to someone else and will fit somewhere in the criteria above z, z, you work with family. You know, family have a big family. You have great family, great people, you always brag on your family, but yet there are people that are personal. Take the worst thing about family. It says it’s one of the ugliest things that rears its head in the human psyche, which comes out as entitlement. What happens is is there is the sense of entitlement when you work for a family member who’s, the boss and you first why, you, wanna, make, sure everybody knows it. So you go around want to let you know what I think it’s the only way you could design it says. They’ll know who else is in the name. Is elna I just text you guys, because we have the same last name., total, domination, total domination by myself, to be his life coach, make sure everybody knows who they are. What was the name of themselves? Doing:okay, just real quick this weekend, what was my best business conferences name. Sometimes I just want to be real, real, quick here before we go to the commercial break. If it’s not too much to ask, since my last name is elna, I would like my feet to no longer touch the ground. So if you would just carry my body from one exam room to another, I say to myself, I mean that’s just something. I would like to do and I appreciate those if you’ve already began doing this without me, asking because that’s what I was thinking about, I I would hate for me and my my which uncle will have to whack you when I say what you buy me myself, basically state to broadcasting for the center of the universe and the thrive15. Com world headquarters of time show all right time show on your radio and if you want to become successful, I want to make sure that you’re aware of the statistics that are not encouraging, so she is going to soften the blow us with each discouraging Statistic:i’m going to give you some uplifting rebuttals.

Yes, unfortunately, the united states federal reserve the people who guarantee our monetary supply, dayton research will put on the show notes. They showed the average american has less than $400 saved, regardless of how much they aren’t so like the typical nfl player retires and goes bankrupt. The typical nba player goes bankrupt. Doctor doesn’t really do well, and so is he I mean the average american has less than $400 saved. We could build on that. At least you got something small later doesn’t do it’s going to become successful. Most people aren’t by default to cat drift to success, which means you must swim upstream. 70% of employees hate your job so now they’re, what’s 67% of people doing their own business and I’m going to assume it’s the same ones. That’s why we’re here to help you meet your dreams night help you take control of your life night at a 10 business owners. According to forbes who start a business. Businesses fail and succeed, spin master the something crows the black, crowes i, don’t even talk to her so I tried i, tried some nice time, I guess if you’re going to become successful, you’re going to have to do the opposite of what most people do by default and one of the things you’re going to have to do. Is it going to have to realize that your friends will determine the level of your success in the world? Is your mean by that turman, your normal colin luther powell, the retired american statesman retired for star army general, the first african american secretary of the state for the united states? He says consider this never received counsel from unproductive people, never discuss your problems with someone incapable of contributing to the best business conferences solution, because those who never succeed themselves are always first to tell you how not everyone has a right to speak into your life, you’re certain to get the worst of the bargain when you exchange ideas with the wrong person, don’t follow anyone who’s not going anywhere boredom do when your bored, you’re, you’re bored or chairman of the board that you got all these advisor sitting on the table with you, how you doing how you doing how you doing hey baby, what a big mac around the table to finals of everybody is dressed as if there, a rodeo clown I eat their idiots.

You, like questions, bring up some real, quick and just because I got my tongue pierced this weekend and the prices it’s hard to talk, sometimes because, like I’m going to swallow it and then and then I want to know. If hypothetically a friend of mine’s been taking steroids, are there in a large in his nipples, tell me exactly cuz you’re a deal your life you’re, like the the chairman of the board of your life? Okay, and you have a board of directors. You may not realize it, but you have a board of directors and the day you look around and you walk in that room. You’re like oh, hey, hey, billy, sam, nancy, how you? How you doing man see how you do have your board of directors right and, if they’re, not very smart, if they’re not very intelligent, if they’re not successful, if they’re not moving forward in life, i, don’t care where you start right. Cuz, clayton, I started from the bottom started from the bottom. Now we’re here come on as long as you’re moving forward I’m going to plot I’m going to cheer you on I’m, going to say, well done good job. Well done here we go okay, but if these people aren’t helping you move forward because of some dysfunction because of some problems because of some jackass 3 that they’re doing you one of mine to board of directors, can you get weird questions for best business conferences example? Example:the elephant in the room is about 5 years ago and I’m in a meeting with his member of the team, who I’ll just change everything about them to be the reverse of what is true, then reverse it again.

So that way, they can’t guess who, in the reverse game with this person, is the meeting, and they said yes, I just want to know. If you is hypothetically, if your, if your girl is cheating on pregnant, but you ain’t married to her, but then, like you or your wife, you know who you was still with is also suspicious of this pregnancy and you think of yourself, like you know like what do I do? What would you do? What needs to be reheated talk about weird for an inventory? Okay, when the meeting’s over we’ll talk, but then like you, get into like diseases and how to deal with stds and how to deal with the drama and had to deal with this, not a comedian eric. That’s who you spend your whole meeting, though, if you want to I mean it’s terrible, can’t do that. I’m just saying is I guess the only question is person would ever provide them like. Let me just get to know how did you make it to my board of directors, break it down you’re guilty by association, says colin powell a mirror reflect a man’s face, but what he is really like is shown by the kind of friends he chooses. The simple, but true fact of life is that you become like those with whom you closely associated for the good and the bad note. Then we got into the next part. So we talked about how this applicable to family as well as friends. Think about that for a best business conferences second who are you spending your time with that robert, you coach, a lot of clients and help them have massive success huge and when you coach people massive success, is not normal and I’m sure you’ve never had a client of yours feel guilty that they’re starting to make a ton of money when we come back from the break I want you to talk about how to how you kind of coat your clients, who are starting to have big success financially through this mindset, where everybody makes him feel guilty like there’s, some have a bad person, because now they are making a disproportionately high amount of money.

A lot of people struggle with his is actually success. Success success job for the great one, wayne gretzky, the national hockey he’s a big deal he’s a great america is a great chiro practor to come out today at dr. John sibley.,. What’s that it’s dr., john, sibley. Com get ready to enter the thrive time, show rob zombie. Yes, it is that we bring the alright tribe nation, walking back to the right time. Show on your radio. Is there were having a kind of a tough conversation about adjusting your normal, because success is not normal and if you want to be successful, you’ve got to be very, very intentional about who you spend your time with your proverbs, see if you ever heard of proverbs yes, I have is a controversial book. It’s very country, collection of books called the bible, the bible proverbs 13:24, cincinnati, reds rob dibble, says walk with the wise and become flies with one baseball fan. Thank you. That’s a bowl if they do play it very few people are watching, did play that game. I’m surprised. Somehow the players are still making a lot of money. We don’t know who they are, but rob, rob dibble from proverbs 13:20 and walk with the wise for a for a companion of fools, suffers harm so robert when your coaching, your clients and you teach him specifically, let’s go with how the group interview works right or the importance of not invoicing if your contract, when the invoice and yes to your best business conferences client, about the importance of not extending financing to clients who don’t have the ability to secure a third-party financing, your client, you say:hey mister, countertop, guy, mr. Pool installation guy, don’t extend financing your clients unless they can secure financing. Just like mathis brothers, just like an automotive dealership, the dealership doesn’t have swype what was the supply to finance it, but they can’t apply and secure a third-party financing. Don’t extend to them credit when you tell them that is okay, I get it.

They might have some questions that go home now and they talk to their spouse or their co-worker or someone is not in the meeting. This is good and that person typically wasn’t in the meeting, but also doesn’t know what they’re talking about, but because they’re married to the entrepreneur, all the sudden, it’s like they have the ability to speak in their life, even though they really shouldn’t be able to in that area. Although there and the brother-in-law of that person all the sudden they get to say they get the chime in because the doe run the idea by their customers, the run. The idea by random people on facebook talk to me about the importance of getting wise counsel from only best business conferences wise people and not getting up to every single person. Well, it’s for the past couple months. You’ve been talking a lot about how turtles are trying to communicate, to drafts right and when you’re a giraffe you’ve actually been there. You know the systems you’ve built the thing you’ve built, the business you’ve gone through the hardships and you know how to get to the higher place, but sometimes when you’re, surrounded by people who haven’t done that. Yet they’ll give you that advice, if they think is best, but they haven’t done it. So they don’t. Actually know times in one who has unreliable friends this by the way, one of my favorite verses in the entire book of the bible i. Don’t know if anybody one who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer, but but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother or friend are going to stick closer than a brother, but unreliable people will lead to your demise. They will just destroy your lives if you feel your life with too many unreliable people dude, you can’t pick up some at the airport.

You can’t meet someone for dinner. You can have a good babysitter. You can’t just basic things. You can’t do forget running a business. I mean you can’t just see you can’t go on vacation. You can have someone pick somebody up. You can’t mail things. You can’t pay your bills on time when you surround yourself with unreliable people. What happens if failure? You know, i, think that’s one of the things that people at their listing 67% according to forbes, the one you start start their own business i. Think that correlates with witches early with a 70% of people that work in there are unhappy with their job, so I think there’s some correlation there. But what I’m saying is is that hate you haven’t started your business, yet you may have an idea. You want to come to our in-person workshop, going to flush it out. You want to get to know what you don’t know. You want to know what to do when you hit the ground running with it, okay and we’re telling you what, when things that need to happen step one before you even start the business or maybe you have started it, you need to look around and understand that your life treat it as if it’s a business, let’s just play this game of something something:okay, okay, your name is billy q and your business is called billy, q, corp, really cute i, like the sound of that okay. Thank you in order for billy cute cork to be the best it can be, it has to have all the best business conferences  requirements that a great business has. Absolutely you know. That’s great employees voice great product, your billy q’s you’re. Already a great product and we’re going to call them to people that you surround yourself with they’re going to help. You grow the brand of billy q corp as your friends, okay step, one make a mentalist of your friends mentalist of my friends and those are the people that are in your phone of the people that when they call you actually answer the call you know remember that we actually just actually talk on the phone hello.

So these are the ones that your best business conferences clothes, your clothes to the friends you know, you’re not give me more than 10, maybe 12 at the most, maybe probably closer to 5 or 6 jesus. You would sell for the maximum of 12 trip, which would betray you back to you. Helping billy, q corp go forward in life. Are they bringing wisdom or the medication? Are they bringing good things in my life, break it down break it down, break it down here that step, one look in the mirror. Let’s look at your life before you start a business and have a bad support group from day one. Let’s get the support group up. You know your friends are saying:hey. You can’t do that. You can’t do that. Why are you going to bring? Why are you going to do that? Some of the people closest to you as you start, your journey done, opening up a business and improving your life or going to be the ones are the most jealous. Oh, my gosh, it’s like I just saw you think you’re. So special and it’s like you know it’s like that. Car just feel. Like I mean it says, I can’t connect to walmart at lunch. It’s like you’re, right, mcdonald’s quality over quantity assembly. You should never ever. Are you going to be here like the prostitute of optometry I mean really I mean? Are you just telling yourself that you don’t even know who you are anymore? Remember all the freaking believable all the time then cancel the membership with the friendship. Yes, cancel it up, get rid of it. That’s what I do that’s what sea does it’s the person you have to be,, it will allow you to become successful. You can’t become successful and then change who you are never going to change.

The size of your building are good friends at williams, contracting tulsa number one country company will – khan.Com its will – khan.Com get ready to enter the thrive time show. Is it all about that we bring the bowl alright bro I think she will come back to the drive time show on your radio, and they were talking about the importance of resetting your high water mark building high expectations for your life, the things you have to do to become successful. These are not specific strategies for business. Today we took to get into putting techniques, try to optimize a website how to increase your sales conversion, for this is the mindset you have to have become successful people, and that is you want to make sure that you’re doing the things that successful people do before you become successful, and that is what makes you successful, weird how you don’t wait to become successful and then begin doing the things that successful people do simple. Washington talks about it’s better to be alone than be surrounded by bad people. Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company booker t washington. That blows my mind to breathe again, please associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad. Company. Again, please associate yourself with best business conferences people of good quality z4. It is better to be alone clay than in bad. Company washington is what is what is step when I challenge you chop right, now. What is step. One make a list of all your friends know that step 2, okay, good, okay, kid doesn’t know commander with way to know. If you have more than potato chips, I don’t know. If i, don’t you talk after up yet uncle both I would not like to move on until he has one more wrong answer, because I do not know you I know you weren’t i, wouldn’t I want to do it that I got to do right now. This is what you want. You want to stop skipping leg day.

Come on., those calves. You know what I’m saying what time was that what I write tell me, what it all them and the game of poker. There is a concept poker and poker like like to play cards in a poker like you know, texas hold’em, right card draw poker cabin look on the table and you don’t recognize who the fishes fishes that easy, mark, your rights efficient, the beginner, the fishes to do that. You know that doesn’t know what he’s doing he’s just happy to be there in kettle chips in front of him. You know the ships are going to end up in other people’s polish it by then the night right. That’s the fish is in fish out of water. So here’s the deal. If you, if you don’t recognize the fish, you might be the fish. So what you’re saying is no nice self? There you go, don’t be bad company, 2, nice, yes. Don’t be bad company. Another word you’re, looking around goes around. Timothy that yourself from tim ferriss, the 4-hour workweek, the 4-hour body a tribe of best business conferences mentors, the early investors in facebook, twitter, evernote and uber. He says this check what he says:you are the average of the five people you most, associate with o and beautiful. You know you’re cold yeah. Your network is your net worth right thing about. It is in order to attract the kind of individuals you want to hang with you you’re, so have to start the journey of becoming those individuals. So if you are always talking about dramatic things, if you’re always stirring up mischief you’re, always gossiping and i, always doing all these horrible things would tell you not to stop it, stop it stop. It make a better version of yourself.

You know we’re not life coaches. Here we did i, do I’m, not about life, coaching individuals, but we have to and I’m so disappointed, leave your wife, I’m, sorry, I’m, sorry, i, missed y’all., i, know and I know. This show today is the most life coach you because it’s practical steps in helping you start to grow your business he’s he’s going to try to sleep. I was going to be lying to us for you to 420 orion, it’s okay, sorry, I missed my point is that quote, and then you make a list. You go through your friend, I’m telling you folks. It makes a difference. The people you hang out with yes, I had a young man. Just as last week came to me, an employee of mine said I’m addicted to meth. So how did the math and I said? Well, let’s, let’s get you some help, I’m just telling the truth. This is just raw. This is rod to get some stuff you deal with. This is what is a talking to a man finding a facility getting in to help and doing all those things I’m. Just being honest with you part of my question, was who is people hanging out with a guess what every one of his friends that he hangs out with this? What imagine that weird imagine that-and so you know his first best business conferences journeys is detoxing you to know that second journey is cutting those ties which may be more difficult. That’s. What I thought maybe more difficult, justin I used to be a club dj i, like the i, am going to buy a used dj for clubs dj that world scantily, clad women would be there and I would play the music that make them gyrated from time to time. I looked away and I got paid in cash, I shouldn’t and I I’m. Sorry I did. That was a lot of djs right and I’m. Just telling you was never ever a show where I wasn’t taking down.

Where someone wasn’t fighting. There was a drama. There wasn’t some guy cause, he doesn’t guy about the club. It’s funny cuz, there’s always like a 35 year-old baller who’s going to the 18 and older club answer. The song is playing sweet dreams of rhythm and dancing sweet dreams of passion, hola hola eh, oh yeah, like the 20 year old guy, can’t move the 20 year old girl cuz. He has his name on his i. Don’t mind alarm:has a bunch of money he’s rolling up in like a like a lamborghini, but it’s gross cuz he’s probably trying to look 32 driving lamborghini trying to get the girl who’s 18, it’s weird, and so that was like an everyday. Every single show ended with someone, but you want to do this bro, you want to go grab a copy of my gosh. I saw a guy assaulted man. Yesterday at the yucatan liquor stand, my best business conferneces job was to convince adults who were completely intoxicated to compete in a volleyball tournament brackets on after, like the 3rd round sitting.

Imagine this isn’t a target parking lot. It was a former jiffy lube turned yucatan liquor stand the target parking lot, they fill it in with sand, and people were just high as a kite drunk as a skunk playing volleyball, not keeping score people that should not be shirtless are all shirtless threatening each other, and that was my normal. That’s right. Every night from djing around just surrounded by idiots in my life did not go well at that time, but then I made the change. I started hanging out with great people like dr. Zoellner and rc auto specialists has been serving the northeast oklahoma 480 combined years and check with you before donna mobile, a battery issues, fleet service transmission, suspension alignment, heat and air system issues. Who should you call you should call rc auto specialists their websites kind of hard to remember clay, but it’s actually rc auto specialists. She called me and my rc sea port on a battery terminal to clear it off before you take it into rc, auto specialists. You can call you guys at 918-872-8115, 918-872-8115 rc, auto, specialists website.Com for the podcasts, the 101 business coaching, our best business conferences, our videos are available for you, as always, 3210


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