The James DeCristofaro Case Study | Breaking Down the 51.2% Growth of James J. DeCristofaro

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Breaking down the 51.2% growth of the attorney James DeCristofaro’s law firm ( 


Learn More About James DeCristofaro – 


Cody Gordon – (The King of Asbestos Abatement) 

  • Got a call from their Dream 100 who found them on Google 
  • Dream 100 


Clay Clark’s 9 Pillars of Business Growth and Consulting

$1 for Your First Month of Month-to-Month Proven Business Growth Coaching


Pillar 1 – A Single Dollar for Your First Month

Your first three meetings (first month) of business consulting and coaching with Mr. Clark and his team is just $1. Mr. Clark insists on offering the first 3 business coaching sessions for just $1 because he knows that his system only works if clients are willing to put in the work and he doesn’t want to work with clients that simply refuse to implement the proven process and success strategies that he has used to successfully coach thousands of clients and to grow his own multi-million dollar businesses.


Pillar 2 – A Single 13-Point Assessment with Mr. Clark Himself

In order to assess whether you are a good fit for our proven program Mr. Clark personally conducts a 13 point assessment with each and every client.


Pillar 3 – A Single Plan

Mr. Clark custom designs a business plan just for YOU and YOUR business. Just as Mr. Clark does when starting his own successful businesses he will personally invest the time needed to create a powerful and proven-best-practice business path for you to follow and for his team to help you implement.


Pillar 4 – A Single Month-to-Month Commitment 

Our program requires a month-to-month commitment. Although most consulting companies insist of implementing long-term, hard-to-understand, stair-stepping and “gotcha” contracts Mr. Clark does not. He simply believes in offering your the world’s best business coaching on a month-to-month basis. However, it is true that many of Mr. Clark’s clients have become his long-term business partners after working together for months on a month-to-month basis.


Pillar 5 – A Single Weekly Meeting

The proven processes and success systems created by Clay Clark only work when you are able to keep your weekly meeting. 


As a partner / founder of several multi-million dollar businesses (,,,,, etc.) the former U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year and the growth coach of choice for thousands of successful clients Mr. Clark’s systems have been proven to work. 


Pillar 6 – A Single Document

The Agenda Google Document must be the main source of communication and implementation in order for you to scale your business and to achieve both time and financial freedom.


Mr. Clark designed the Single Source Document / Agenda system beginning in 2006 for accountability within his own companies and to guarantee that whatever is on the agenda gets done and saved. Over the years this system has worked so well that has now been adapted by many consulting companies that Clay has personally mentored including Redmond Growth and The Leadership Initiative.


When wonderful clients like you send over requests via email, text or phone call it is very likely to get lost, missed or forgotten. However, what goes on the agenda gets done.


Pillar 7 – A Single Point of Contact

The business coach that Mr. Clark assigns to you is your source of contact for helping you to learn and implement our proven processes and success systems, however Mr. Clark and his leadership team makes themselves available to answer the questions of great clients like you between the hours of 6 and 7 AM everyday (Monday – Friday).


Your business must be the only person that you use to communicate with our team in order to avoid miscommunication and to make sure that the ball doesn’t get dropped.


Pillar 8 – A Singular Focus On Taking Massive Action

In order to gain traction and to create both financial and time freedom you must diligently implement the proven processes and best-practice business-building success strategies taught by Mr. Clark and his team. 


Remember that the man credited with inventing the modern light bulb, recorded audio and recorded video was correct when he once famously wrote, “Vision without execution is hallucination.” 


Pillar 9 – A Single Team to Help You Implement the Proven Processes and Systems

When you work with Mr. Clark, his team will help you implement his proven-plan and success strategies. As you learn the proven processes and success strategies taught by Mr. Clark you will quickly find that you will love working with his highly effective full-time team of photographers, videographers, coders, online-advertisement managers, graphic designers, web-developers, work-flow mappers, sales scripters, hr experts, accounting coaching, and bookkeeping specialists.


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