The Joe Consford Success Story | Breaking Down the 100% Growth of

Show Notes

Joe Consford joins us to share about how he has been able to grow his company by 100% 

Website – 

Sells hardware supplies, and great coffee, pizza, and pastries.

  1. Wins: 
    1. Hit $3,600 a day last week vs. 2020s $1,200 a day goal  
    2. Hit F6 Goal Numbers!!
  2. Super Diligent
    1. Implemented 
      1. Hiring and firing quickly
      2. Group interview
      3. Making it an experience through sights, sounds, smells, tastes 
      4. Google Reviews
      5. Podcasting Everyday
  3. Diligent even though
    1. No power/water for several weeks
    2. Had an employee die
    3. Brought water to old people, daily
    4. Fixed the towns water supply
    5. Dug for hours to connect a natural gas line to keep his family warm
    6. Worked in the store when employees didn’t show up
    7. Never missed a meeting 
    8. Always did his homework
    9. Continues to have record-breaking sales week after week
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