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Despite being confined to a wheelchair and only being able to using a small muscle in his cheek Stephen Hawking was able to become a best-selling author, and one of the leading cosmologists and physicists of his team. Clay breaks down the timeline of his life in great detail while weaving in highlights from the life and times of the late great genius who recently passed away on March 14th 2018. Stephen Hawking (January 8th 1942 – March 14th 2018).

Stephen Hawking was perhaps the most famous scientist and physicist of his time and who man who was obsessed with trying to explain some of the most hard to answer questions possible while also battling ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) sense the age of 21. He was born in on January 8th 1942 and died on March 14th 2018.

FACT: During his time spent on the planet Stephen Hawking spent a massive amount of time both writing and co-writing a total of 15 books.

1942 – On January 8th of 1942, he was born into a family of deep thinkers. His mother was Scottish and had earned her way in the prestigious Oxford University during the 1930s at a time in human history where very few women were allowed to even attend college.

Stephen’s dad also graduated from Oxford University and went on to become a well respected researcher in the world of medicine and his speciality of choice was tropical diseases.

Stephen was born during a rough time for his parents. They were living in England as the country was being constantly bombarded by the Nazi’s from Germany.  At an inopportune time for his parents, who didn’t have much money. Stephen’s parents had two other kids, Mary who was born in 1943 and Philippa who as born in 1947. They also adopted another son Edward in 1956.

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The Hawkings were known as a very eccentric family who often ate dinner in complete silence as each member of the Hawking’s family read a book.

Their family car of choice was a used London taxi and the home they chose to live in in

St. Albans was a three-story home that was badly in need of renovations and fixes that they never did complete. The Hawkings made the family decision to raise bees in their basement and they also produced fireworks in the family greenhouse.

1950 – Age 8 – When Stephen was just 8 years old his father put his career first by making the decision to manage the Division of Parasitology at the National Institute of Medical Research. He would spend the entire winter months in Africa doing research.

During his school years, Stephen loved to dance and he was also very interested in the sport of rowing.

1959 – Age 17 – Stephen decided to enter University College at Oxford University at the young age of 17. Stephen was very interested in studying mathematics, but the school did not offer a degree in that specialty so he decided to instead study cosmology and physics.

  1. DEFINITION MAGICIAN – Cosmology – the science of the origin and development of the universe.


1960 – Age 18 – Stephen was a slacker student. By his own admission, he didn’t put much effort or time into studying during college, it came easily to him. He later shared that he probably committed an average of approximately 1 hour per day to his school work.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration.” – Thomas Edison

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I’ve never been any good in the morning. It is only after four in the afternoon that I get going.” – Stephen Hawking

1962 – Age 20 – In 1962, Stephen had earned the right to graduate with honors in the focus areas of natural science. He later went on to earn his PhD in cosmology from Cambridge University.

1963 – Age 21 – At a New Year’s party in 1963, shortly before he had been diagnosed with ALS, Stephen Hawking met a young languages undergraduate named Jane Wilde.

1963 – Age 21 – While he was studying cosmology at the University of Cambridge Stephen was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

DEFINITION – 1. Most basic level “Cosmology is the study of the marriage of space and time.” 2. A branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of the universe, a theory or doctrine describing the natural order of the universe.

1963 – Age 21 – Stephen began to experience symptoms of his physical health deteriorating while he was attending Oxford. During his time at Oxford he would occasionally trip and fall and slur his speech.

Stephen tried to keep the symptoms that he was experiencing private, but his father was concerned and began to focus his attention on Stephen’s symptoms. He decided to take Stephen to see a doctor. During the next 2 weeks Stephen lived at the hospital as they ran him through every test imaginable.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “They took a muscle sample from my arm, stuck electrodes into me, and injected some radio-opaque fluid into my spine, and watched it going up and down with X-rays, as they tilted the bed,” he said, “After all that, they didn’t tell me what I had, except that it was not multiple sclerosis, and that I was an atypical case.” – Stephen Hawking

1963 – Age 21 – After extensive research the doctors diagnosed Stephen as suffering from the early stages of ALS. Stephen was very upset about his diagnosis, but by all accounts he chose to stay positive. During his time spent at the hospital for testing, he shared a hospital room with a young boy who was battling leukemia. After observing the physical pain that the young boy he felt that by comparison his situation was much more tolerable.

During his time at the hospital Stephen had a dream that he was going to die. He claimed that this dream caused him to realize that there was much more that he could be and should be doing with his life.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Before my condition was diagnosed, I had been very bored with life,” he said. “There had not seemed to be anything worth doing.” When it suddenly became clear that Hawking may not actually actually live long enough to earn his PhD Stephen became a passionate student.  

1965 – Age 23 – In 1965, at the age of 23, Stephen Hawking married Jane Wilde.

1967 – Age 25 – Stephen and Jane had their first child, Robert in 1967

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3 2 1 broadcasting live from the center of the universe, presenting the world’s only business school without the bs, with optometrist can’t entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, and he ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark get ready to enter the thrive time show on talk. Radio 1170 back to the conversation is the drive time to show on your radio. My name is clay clark on the former united states small business administration entrepreneur of the year and I’m. Also somebody who is very, very interested in business coach historical figures. People that have left their mark and I’ll make sure I don’t want to upset anybody here. I think everybody leaves a mark i, think everybody matters I think everybody’s a child of god. However, when certain people leave a notable mark, we can’t do a deep dive on live, life and times of every single person that ever lived on the planet. So we have to decide by what measures of z I would Say:i’m a headline hunter headliner fit somebody who is you know, people have discussed, debated, talked about a claim, they’ve been on time magazine or something like to go just a little bit deeper than the average person, so that I can I said a little bit before 8 to 10 hours deep into the subject. Cuz I like to know what’s going on. So one of the guys who caught my eye about a decade ago was stephen hawking, who was perhaps the most famous scientist and physicist of his time, he’s kind of like his famous is albert einstein was during his day ravens for a lot of reasons, but one that I thought was truly touching to me in the past two years. Was it stephen hawking?

He actually was diagnosed with als at the age of 21. She was born on 1940 and 1942 january 8th, but he didn’t die until 2018, so stephen hawking. Let me know my dad got diagnosed with als and typically it’s like a one year sentence unless you’re willing to go through all of the medical procedures. Adjustments, modifications needed to stay alive, the entire time so before stephen hawking guide to his credit, he can only use one muscle in his cheek, and that is how he navigate to the internet, how he explored science, how we ask the tough questions and how he co-wrote 15 books in my friend. He wrote, 10 of them after losing the ability to talk, walk right, see that right. There is notable that that is notable, and it’s always amazing the technology that we’re catching up to the allow people that are in his state to communicate. It’s exhilarating going to do is I’m going to share. He is how we, how we grew up here, so january, 8th 1942. He was born to a family of deep thinkers. His mother was scottish and has earned her issue date on your way into a prestigious business coach oxford university. By the way I am reading, my own monologue, I wrote disappeared, nowhere else on the internet. So what happened? Was she attended? Oxford, at a time of 1930s, very, very few women attending college at all, let alone see she went to the top one that they’re right. There is notable so steven’s dad graduated from oxford and went on to become a well-respected researcher in the world of medicine. It is specially of choice. Was tropical diseases? Of course it was amazing. Everybody grow up wanting to study tropical diseases. I have it submitted passion of mine and at the cheap tequila is like a tropical disease that worm in the bottom of it in that area and had a really really bad food poisoning. You’ve got his results of drinking the water that ever happened to you. Yes, really. How long did you say right now? Are you over it now? Are you still have the immediate need? Your reaction?

When someone says hey, let’s go and do it all in all inclusive business coach resort where they serve steak and lobster do you really know i, don’t I’m like let’s go places or app to be your back when you’re in college or your younger and you’re just starting off to know you get the good place on a budget in the box on a business coach budget. So here’s the deal stephen hawking grew up here to get to start somewhere right. So his parents gave birth to steven’s. Mom gave birth to steven a time where england was being actively bombarded by the nazis. So I don’t know if this makes sense to you. There’s a way I can communicate this idea, but imagine what it would be like to have a dinner with your mom and dad and during the dinner you constantly hear this and it’s just they’re literally blowing up all around you I mean that right there it’s got to be crazy, so his mom and dad they didn’t have a lot of money. So stephens parents they went ahead and have to had two other kids. Mary was born not born in 1943 and to live, but was born in 1947. They also adopted another son by name of edward in 1956, and they were known as being a very eccentric family steven noted they often ate dinner and complete silence. As each member of the family read a book to themselves, so I would have just i, wouldn’t so I want to just break that down for a second. Could you handle that anymore? So could you do that if everyone in the family did not speak a word during dinner would be very quiet dinner. Could you what happens now, but instead of books, it’s phones time it’s family time of do what you can just visit time in this family guy. That’s right! That is true. There’s no phones at the dinner table and and no sex in the champagne room 6 no sex in the champagne room, it’s a very serious rule, and it’s just something you don’t do what does monogamous or even the context of marriage or not another room in there, so many real stop drop and roll I mean it was going to be a private sauna.

So I will not be naked in your own i, never really I hate nudity, you hate yourself being nude. Yes, you hate showers showers in suit in your own sauna, bathing suit for a reason: z hits. Babies in a sauna, I move on now, looking down from mount, awesome, morality and judging you guys have been wondering. When do we naked in your own son I know you’re a horrible driver. Yes, I had I’ve known you all these years, I had no idea. You hated mood and I feel like that’s one of the key components of building your own sauna. That’s like one of the guys have a lot of land back here and I can’t recall, being nude on the land running around just cuz. I can I’ve been nude on your land,, so the hawkins family, who apparently talk about eccentric. You are the first person or the best person to tell callie didn’t want to be nude in their own family sauna. So he lived in ac3 home fixer-upper that they never did fix up. It wasn’t that they couldn’t afford it. They just never fixed up the fixer upper. So you know what I have a business coach opportunity to become a head of the division of parasitology at the national institute of medical research studies parasites, so he just moved to africa for basically like half the year. Now again, that’s the reality of what happened. If you’re listening to the show today we’re just giving you the life and times of him i, don’t know that I could move anywhere away from my kids for half the year, but that that’s what happened so again, how you were raised by your mom and imagine the sudden. Your mom doesn’t speak to you when the dinner table and your dad, who was so maybe speaks to you occasionally spaced out so now, you’re, just educating yourself, stephen decides to enter the university of oxford at the age of 17, he’s very interested in studying mathematics, but the school didn’t offer a degree in that specialty. So he decided to instead study cosmetology and physics. Ology is chipping to have you put this on the show. That’s what you do makeup official definition of cosmology, because right there I don’t know how many jobs there are in the world see if you were hired a cosmetologist. You know, I put an application at one time around I got it out on monster.Com. Listen to no one knows what it is.

The science of the origin and development of the universe is a subject that he was so interested in. Then he made it his focus in college, and it is perhaps the only subject on the world in the world that I care nothing about under any. What’s the matter who’s giving a talk on it, I have no interest at all and aliens on other planets space exploration, how, the universe works black hold space time continuum back to the future. These are all things i, don’t care about! Someone I was business coach researching this man I had to really dive in deeper marshall, because I could not I mean that literally there’s not a subject in the world that I could care less about than this. It was like studying the mating habits of porpoises. I, don’t know, I’ll give you 10 minutes. You care about what makes him tick, but you don’t care about what he cares about at all. I-ight I was struggling as I was deep, diving into it. Just struggling with the question of how do you care about something that the average person doesn’t know about? Doesn’t care about, and you can’t prove I do like you can’t so here’s an example. He has a theory that when you go into a black hole, you don’t actually disappear in escape. You don’t actually get sucked into a world where there’s no sound or lighter, but you get pulled into a two dimensional world and then transported into a portal of a new world. This is one of the things that he believes. He also believes that he personally thinks an 11 dimensions. He thinks an 11th dimension. You believe that he thought in 11 dimensions. So this is the kind of stuff that I can’t handle, because I could care less and I can’t disprove and or prove it. So it’s like obviously business coach thinking and only 10 dimension people tell me that I just feel called to tell you and I said. Could you tell me what you feel called to tell me? They said I just feel called to tell you that your business, it’s going to have a year of abundance and a year of success also with the year of adversity. True story that just happened like 5 days ago was more than normal, absolutely and I said so. You’re telling me I would have a year of tremendous success and adversity. Yeah I just want you to know who’s going to be normal. I want to understand it’s difficult. Every year. I ran a tremendous success and difficult year. So I don’t know if you said to me:click clock, wood in a wheelchair or not. You said I think in 11th dimension. What do your cosmologist or not? You said:i am the only person in the world potential you can thinking. 11th, dimension, i, believe I can and I believe that when you go into a black hole it takes the information and keeps it as a two dimensional object. One I wouldn’t know what you’re saying right:mike I wouldn’t have the curious, but here’s the deal he captivated the imaginations of the world because he chipped pizzo’s is into space travel. Richard branson’s into space travelodge on his mask is in space travel. The deeper things know this guy was a slave in a body that didn’t work but his mind it. So he would spend 18 hours a day obsessed about the things that other people didn’t have the time to do, and they got I’m telling you what the guy from a wheelchair, using only his cheek muscles, was able to write bestselling books and to figure out how the universe works.

Now a lot of people believe he was right. A lot of people believe he was wrong. We come back if you want to get into some of the the history of stephen hawking, but also some of his intense opinions or his intense theories that he believed to be faxed. Statement about time show time show on talk. Radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs optometrist dr. Robert zoellner, with ussba of the year clay, clark and times of stephen hawking, the acclaimed cosmologist chopper, just tuning in what is a cosmologist. Oh, where is cosmology, is the science of the origin and development of the universe I want to make sure they give you. The tribe, nation gets its lou. Gehrig’s disease was named after the famous baseball player, lou gehrig, because lou gehrig was physically fit and very healthy and a professional athlete, and when he discovered he had als all the sudden, he would stumble. He couldn’t use parts of his body and it quickly deteriorates your mind, but it does not deteriorate. Write your mind. Your business coach body quickly, deteriorates your body so make sure getting this als deteriorates the body, but it does not attack them I’d. It also does not attack ones. Sex drive in the subject of stephen hawking had als disease that killed my father and less than a year. This is the disease than whites most people out in a year or two. This guy went on to battle it. So it’s here we are aged 18 he’s going to school, he doesn’t have als yeah just knew about it. His mom and dad most dinners never spoke to their children. They gave him a book and they were supposed to read the book during dinner. When you go to college college, pretty much. If you disagree, marshall, you tell me cuz, you did very well in school. I would do really well in school right now, because the way my mind works now but I did not do well, then cuz. It colleges pretty much. Read this book memorize. This crap put it on test. Forget it quickly, do it again? Is it not marshalls at not? What college typically is typically what maybe 10% 15% that refused to get into that monotony and they will actually teach and pushy, maybe 20% of it to you and your mind. I would say probably about 20%, okay and so for you to actually push zero I had one at oral, roberts university at all the entire time. He was easy for him since the age of 12 to read entire books in a day in to memorize things, because it’s parents required it his mom and his mom and dad work the best students to the best students in the world and they prepared him for oxford kind of education when the middle school athletic. You know, son I mean that makes sense of its dna genetics and they’re more like if they’re, very intelligent people not only have great habits but also the good. You know dna and genes to pass on to their kids I’m, not surprised at all that.

So could you be shocked that he had no interest in school? What you mean by no interest in school. And, then he said that he didn’t put any effort into studying at college and he said that typically do a maximum of one hour a day of studies. What bar was so low compared to what he had come from. It was what the challenge I would think. I’ve been interviewed right, but I’m not going to chance. Now. Obviously, genius is 1% inspiration and 90% perspiration, so his parents were very rigorous. They made him perspire right in the effort to he was kind of a genius he likes. That kind of he was a genius before getting out of high school at college, and if this is what stephen hawking says, he describes the time in business coach college. She Says:i’ve never been any good in the morning. It is only after 4 p.M. In the afternoon. I can going after for whatever she just kind of slipped his way through college, not really caring, so 1962, he earned the right to graduate with honors in the focus areas of natural science. He went on to or later on, his phd in cosmology from cambridge, while not caring. This is about school. This is where I have a question. Yes, how does one vet in qualify youtube have a ph phd in cosmology to like what like for such a vague esoteric subject right about the in conclusive evidence of the definition of cosmology in his theories was jane in the new year’s party in 1963 right before he was diagnosed with lou gehrig’s disease. So while he was studying cosmology, he fell down, so he fell down when they fell down and he’s studying space and time and he describes. Cosmology is the marriage of space and time he falls down because I want anyone to know. She doesn’t tell anybody what happens when you have a payless all of a sudden nose florida word and you can’t speak it just it’s like glimpse, isn’t attacking your body, so he fell down and he tried to hide the symptoms, but he’s hanging around his dad and his dad’s like what’s wrong with you know, you need to go see a doctor if they take him to a medical facility and they run every test imaginable. This is what stephen hawking says about the moment. He says they took a muscle sample from my arm stuck electrodes into me and injected some radio opaque fluid into my spine and watch going up and down with x-rays and they tilted the bed. After all that they didn’t tell me what I have, except it was not multiple sclerosis and that I wasn’t a typical case.

He does have a less I guess. This is a natural i, don’t guess I know this is natural, he got very upset and all county, but he chose to stay positive, witch hats off to see talking during this time spent at the hospital. He was sitting next to young boy, feeling very, very sorry for himself and the young boy was battling leukemia, so the boy was in physical pain. All the time in hocking was not so. He observed at the young boy was in a worse situation than he was, and so he felt logically, he concluded. He had nothing to complain about, because the boys condition was worse. So stephen hawking said this. He says before my condition was diagnosed. I was very bored with life there. Neither did not seem to be anything worth doing. November his parents are geniuses, it’s easy for him to do school and he felt this is what he said. His before my business coach condition was diagnosed. I had been very bored with life. There had not seem to be anything worth doing and there’s got to be somebody out to listen to show today. Empathizes with this see, you probably met people like this. How do you, what kind of person still bored with life, or they just really good at life or is it just isn’t? Depression in your ear is longer than I happen to run into somebody says they’re bored with, like they don’t care, there’s different categories. Being bored I mean like him and he was being challenged. You didn’t have any business coach challenge, you didn’t have a goalie, they have at target, they were shooting at and so just kind of drifting amos lee. Until that that that creates boredom, you know boredom is, is, unfortunately a lot of people looking for external sources to you know to fight boredom. You know another words,. Well, it’s like joy your happiness, herpes. You know. If I only get that I’ll be happy, you know he has a child with five steven jane had their dad at a child. Robert says 19, so they had her first child at the age of 25 and it became clear at the age of 27 and he would never walk again. Just imagine how a lot of people would give up there, but stephen hawking says I’m not giving up I’m going to keep doing my research I’m now motivate. He said before he got diagnosed was a motivated, but now he is motivated stay to the stephen hawking store


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