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Beginning at the age of 27, it became apparent that Stephen would now have to spend his entire life confined to a wheelchair and would soon not be able to use his arms or his legs. This did not stop the man from writing best-selling books.

1969 – Age 27 – While at the age of 27, it became apparent that Stephen would now have to spend most of the time in a wheelchair.

1970 – Age 28 – Stephen and Jane had another child by the name of Lucy.

1974 – Age 32 –  Stephen’s obsession with black holes and the Universe turns into a massive deep dive and research into how both black holes and the Universe works.

1974 – Age 32 – Stephen was very interested in the universe and black holes because a young cosmologist by the name of Roger Penrose had previously done extensive research about stars, and the creation of actual black holes.

He decides to team up with Penrose and the two of them beginning winning scientific awards for their research.

1974 – Age 32 – Stephen becomes a celebrity in the scientific world by being able to prove that black holes are not actually giant vacuums that suck information, instead he showed that radiation can escape the gravitational pull of a collapsed star.

1975 and Beyond – Age 33 and Beyond – From 1975 and beyond, the Hawking Family decided to bring in a graduate student to care for his constant needs. At this point, Stephen could still feed himself but he needed assistance and struggled with choking. Because his speech was becoming so slurred almost nobody could understand what he was saying at this point.

1979 – Age 37 – In 1979, Hawking found himself back at Cambridge University teaching.

FUN FACT: The school was founded in 1209 and was actually granted a royal charter by King Henry III in the year of 1931. Cambridge University is known as being the 2nd oldest university in the English-speaking world and the fourth-oldest university of all-time behind:

1088 – The University of Bologna

1096 – The University of Oxford

1134 – The University of Salamanca

1209 – The University of Cambridge

1979 – Age 37 – Remarkably, at the age of 37 while being completely confined to a wheelchair Stephen Hawking and his wife gave birth to their third child, Timothy.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.” – Stephen Hawking

1985 – Age 43 and Beyond – He lost his voice forever as a result of having a life-saving tracheotomy.  When on a work-related trip to Geneva, Stephen got pneumonia which is typically a death sentence for people with advanced ALS. When he was in the hospital he was hooked up to a ventilator. The doctors asked Jane, whether they should take Stephen off of life support and she fought for them to keep him alive. Jane fought to keep Stephen on life support and he was flown to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge where some of the best doctors on the planet were able to contain his infection.  However, in order to help him breathe, they performed a tracheotomy, which meant they had to cut a hole in his neck to insert a tube in his windpipe. As a result of this procedure, Hawking then lost his ability to speak.

DEFINITION – Tracheotomy – “A surgically created hole through the front of your neck and into your windpipe (trachea). The term for the surgical procedure to create this opening is tracheotomy. A tracheostomy provides an air passage to help you breathe when the usual route for breathing is somehow obstructed or impaired. A tracheostomy is often needed when health problems require long-term use of a machine (ventilator) to help you breathe. In rare cases, an emergency tracheotomy is performed when your airway is suddenly blocked, such as after a traumatic injury to your face or neck. When a tracheostomy is no longer needed, it’s allowed to heal shut or is surgically closed. For some people, a tracheostomy is permanent.” –

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The world’s best business workshop america’s number one for free and you did it and your contact information to input business coaching thrivetime show.Com hawking, the acclaimed cosmologists. What is a cosmetologist for anybody out there who is unaware of what it means to be a cosmetologist or a physicist? So cosmology is the science of the origin and development of the universe. It is a science and I want to look at the word science. Please cuz. This is where I my first solo disagreement begins. My first issue that I have with the entire life and times of stephen hawking, so I’m just going to end again I’m, giving you the fax I will get to go to editorial to mix it up. Cuz. It’s some people listened to radio shows they disagree with the house to just because they like that sort of interesting perspective, or they like the heart, takes I’m, not going to you, know I’m not going to give you the middle of the road. Take I’m telling you might take to this. But what is the word scientist mean actual and practical activity, encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment, z describe a science, the science. How would I describe science that wasn’t trying to catch you on that? One, a trick question? How would you describe it. How did science I was I would say is that science would be the curiosity about the things of the world and how they work through experiment through trial-and-error, through experiments and through steady and through you know. This is how I would look at it. Maybe you guys don’t do it this way?

This is how I understand science work. If I said, marshall I believe that you being tall is a problem oh i, have a business coaching hypothesis, a theory that you being tall will cause you to be less successful. I just feel like that, right, you go into with a bias and I go to advisors, I’m, not super tall, and you are super tall. So now, there’s a little biased I want to believe that tall people will be less successful, so i, consciously or subconsciously I have a bias. I want to make sure that you know I’m objective, but sometimes I will, even though editorial because of my worldview. So now, if i, only interview unsuccessful call people and I go to that interview, 2000 people that you know to be on it:cuz I can’t do them at the homeless, shelter, objective, study of tall people at the homeless, shelter, absolutely every kind of comes in here. There’s a lot of former nba players here, a lot of former nfl lineman former pro athletes are 7.16, foot 10 and there’s a lot I mean I’d, say all the homeless people and people interviewed are on. Let’s do this. Let’s look at the data more object in all of the people in the world who are tall and on average, what’s average out their income or something that’s to be. What we’re trying to be, as you would draw business coaching conclusions you first off i, start off with a theory or hypothesis, and you would test it through trial and error, and then you could come up with was conclusive, fax. It would show that you are in fact right or wrong. Is it? Is it not? In my mind, science also is like your you:have your hypothesis and you’re trying to prove it wrong instead of trying to prove yourself right.

That’s what I’ve heard site to say is that they’re looking for holes in their own business coaching series, stephen hawking began obsession at the age of 27, because ever dated 25 it became clear he would never walk again, but yet see he went on to have another child after knowing that he would never walk again. So you as a father, if you knew you could never walk again, would you want to have another kid with you? Do that I didn’t have before that sure? Why not have a personality who chose to have a child with a man who’s supposed to becuz? He has a less right. Well, he begins to subsession age, 32 still alive and kicking with black holes and the universe, and he starts to get into this massive study of how the universe works and specifically black hole. Have you ever pontificated marshall about how a black hole works for the curiosity. I wonder how a black hole a black hole of studying about how a black hole works every time I have that thought I’m like wonder how black hole wait, I need to get back to the accounting. The black hole is the definition of a black hole. I want your take on the zebra thought. Look it up with the cosmos and saying gosh I’m wearing a black holes work. You know, in fairness, I’ve, never been just trap for I couldn’t move and I just had to sing. Will you just think we were all the things you could do is think all day I mean in family, it’s kind of an interesting thing to think about it. I mean what would you think about clay if you couldn’t, if you were ambulatory, if you couldn’t move, if you were stuck in one i, think I would off myself. You would I would I do it why cuz I wouldn’t want to live anymore and all the things like 50 year. He did because he had all these the longest example or was the longest living example of fighting through als I’m. Just saying hats off to you, stephen hawking I would not have been out a piece. I. Would a black hole is a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape it sucks the universe into it right rodger penrose, who had previously done extensive research on the creation of black holes and starring in stars, and they decide to do research together and see they start winning awards together for their research, I’d, say about 20 hours, prepping for today show, just kind of getting into it, and these guys are winning awards at 8:30 to 1974.

Stephen hawking become a celebrity in the scientific world. By being able to prove that black holes are not actually giant vacuum that suck information. Instead, he showed that radiation can escape the gravitational pull of a collapsed star so where the first star wars did the one called a new hope. What you see the star destroyer flying over princess leia rebel destroyer in the ship gets pulled in by the tractor beam dum dum, that, dunt, dunt, dunt, dunt dunt, dunt dunt. Where are the plans they sent you. Part of it is that was a tractor beam. He says that he proved science says that he proved people say that he proved and I just asking. How can I put them everything possible I’m, going really until you go up to the threshold of a gravitational pull and save reverse thrusters and you get out of there. I, don’t know that I believe that, regardless of what they say cuz, it can’t be proven to me to the average person I mean I can make a lot of claims and i. Think that that is the key to charlotte in ism is what you make it claim and nobody who’s not smart enough to understand. Example, jim ever back in the day with the bible, where christianity became the political state that kept the world together, member christianity was like the only religion became the government. Remember this time, history and the priest said it couldn’t if I’m wrong, that came with this concept called indulgences where they said. Here’s the deal, if you will, let me switch sleep with your business coaching wife. You get to go to heaven, that’s called until just forgive you for what I said. You know the phone now, if you give us some more money, more cash I’ll, forgive you, but we can’t read the bible. We don’t know if it’s true listen here from reading the bible, because I want to stick with your wife, but seriously. This is for your pet i. Don’t want you getting confused for the people to prove and or disc what are the person that what they’re saying is that you’re, not cuz I want to speak the language. That’s a deep play. Some whale sounds before we come back from the break. Welcome back to the drive time radio show the place where the business world finds all of their business. Coaching and marketing solutions for less than and more at what are the earth is flat cast professional athletes. All right right, nation goes back to the conversation. Is the prime time show on your radio and they were breaking down the, life and times of the late great stephen hawking at the age of 32 1974, while being completely stuck in a wheelchair, wheelchair and the scientific world for being able to prove black holes are not actually giant vacuums that suck information. Instead, he showed that radiation can escape the gravitational pull of a collapsed start. So I would like to get your guys.

We represent the average listener out there want to get your take on this with you. Cuz I want z21 up everybody with some wisdom. If I said to you in my name, hypothetically was kyrie. Irving I have to have a point guard in the national basketball association for the celtics, and the earth is flat, which she has said. If I said that the earth is flat and I’m passionate about it and I said I can prove it, and then you asked me how I can prove it and the way that I prove it doesn’t make any sense to you is what I’m saying true with kyrie irving to start with kyrie irving from this is a question. Have you believe that kyrie irving is right or wrong that the earth is flat? I do not believe it is right. Okay, so now it’s a cosmetologist, not a professional basketball player. Kyrie irving had thoughts about how to shoot a ball better. Maybe I would maybe be more credible in that regard. So now you have stephen hawking, who is a cosmetologist justinian? What’s a cosmetologist again, what is a cosmos to study of the formation of the universe study this? He is it guru on the subject and he comes out and says:hey look. I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that black holes and I went to oxford by the way I would swing by the way. Are black holes are absolutely 100%, not these things that suck everything into it. They’re, not a you’re, not something that you can escape from gravity cannon fact escape from a black hole. I prove that radiation can escape from a business coaching black hole. What kind of evidence would you have to show me check before you would say, I believe it or do you believe it I mean? Maybe you already believe that you say I do well. You know, I have seen the flat I’ve seen photos from space of the earth being round so I feel like I could argue that a little better I mean i, wouldn’t know. I have to go. Do some more research, and you know i, don’t know I’m famous for proving to the world that a black hole is not actually just a giant vacuum that can suck information. In fact, radiation can escape from it right, marshall, so I have absolutely no evidence for or against this I just have what he says and so I believe everybody in the world, except for he and is cosmology buddies, has also has a zero in mileage. I am from another planet, and I have been sent here to help you guys do abc123, you guys. Would never be able to find this other planet I got 50 people to agree with me. This fact was the deal. The game could continue as an example andy warhol example.

Andy warhol was only famous as a result of a bet and then I can use from a black hole. There wasn’t an elder out there for a design magazine publication. That said, I bet, you is results of my wordsmithing and reviews. I can make any artist famous and they go in fact, name one to go:make andy warhol famously painted soup cans and there’s no way you can make him famous and they did the guy. Who was on the on the america american idol asian guy who’s famous for not being able to sing william hung large part to a joke. They’re like he can’t sing. Let’s get him an album made that, but you can sell a million copies and they almost did it. Yep. People are in on the big deal, I mean you could cuz how many people out there could actually argue that what he was saying was wrong. I want your take on the z I mean to you because he became famous. This is where it happened for being able to prove that radiation can, in fact escape from a black hole. You’re a mathematician, your optometrist mark black holes didn’t exist, the way that they thought they existed another. What does not some big huge thing where you know a big vacuum or something goes into it, and then it and it’s it’s gone:where did it go with quantum physics? In other words, you have massive energy and-and you can’t just have it disappear, it can’t just go somewhere. They can’t go somewhere best way. He deep bunk’d, the black hole, not know I would go back to his side. You said using business coaching kyrie irving back in the day right. Okay back when everybody thought the world was flat. Very few people came out said it was around people who did actually killed or threatened right. So, let’s, let’s look at that for a little bit for a moment:okay! Well, how do they? How can they prove that it wasn’t flat and how could they prove to the people around them that it wasn’t flat when, in fact, they look around go? Look at you. Look at the end of this show. I have one major point that I’m setting up passively aggressively throughout the entire dialogue by my point, my point is, is that he was actually debunk. This idea that that this black hole verses, disputing huge like snake about vacuum, cleaner, like just leaving through space, second everything up and it going nowhere. He was saying that I mean he. He was with con quantum physics said:that’s not likely! That’s not too awful. That’s not that’s not possible.

With this matter. Justin just disappear and go nowhere. Then it gets kicked out. Garbled three assessed reassigned whatever mean you know what you did. It changes make its form and matter, but it still is still energy and still matter. So that’s really what he was saying and then it was kind of like you know what makes more sense so 1975, age, 33 and beyond hocking needs a full-time graduate student to care for him because he literally needs 24/7 care because he, his body no longer can digest food. He cannot breathe consistently on his own he’s choking all the time. So he was this. This is 1975 wow and his wife could understand the words he sang. So he gets a job in 1979 he’s trying to feed his family. Here too. So he’s a teacher. Now at business coaching cambridge university in the school was founded in twilight at 12:09. This is a school that was actually grande, royal charter by king henry. The third in the year of 1931, is also known as being the second oldest university in english world and the fourth oldest of all time. Behind only the university of bologna blows at 1088. Oxford is 1096 university of maryland 1209 university of cambridge until 7, or can being completely confined to a wheelchair. Stephen hawking in his wife gave birth to a third child. That will make sure you get this. His mind was active in his sex. Drive was active, but his physical body wasn’t capable just one thing:you don’t realize about als and if you watch the movie about his life while being completely confined completely malformed in every way his fingers, his hands are gnarled. He has a child at the age of 37 and he says this wife would be tragic if it weren’t funny and I think that’s a powerful, powerful quotes that have really kept me going insane at times, and if your listing today and you’re going through a tragedy out, encourage you to try to find the humor in it. But I think sometimes the things get funny later funny like tomorrow, I’ll be able to make a joke by the way.

There’s one got her office to keep making jokes about whitney houston to like hey and you something is it cool? What do you want? I’m going to stop are not work plenty of time, and maybe there never funny, but comedians, typically joke about things that are on the borderline of not 20 in it traveling to geneva for a business coaching trip he care he gets pneumonia, which is why most people with als die. They get pneumonia, so I can’t fight off disease and he is choking to death at this theater, and so they they they they can call the ambulance. They get called in to grab him and his wife jane is like do not take him off life. Support, do not take him off life support. They fly in a plane to a place, call adam, adam, brooks, brooks hospital in cambridge or addenbrooke’s. They fly in there and work the only place in the planet where they believe they can contain this infection and they say here’s the deal he can be heard now is slurred speech, we’re going to have to do a tracheotomy which were going to cut a hole in his in the front of his neck so that they were going to put a wind pipe in there, but he’ll never speak again.

Yeah, that’s the only way he can communicate with the outside world in his wife says: do it now, it’s wife was a business coaching christian choose a believer. She thought that was the right thing to do and she do her husband’s wishes, and so they did it, and so he awoke from a memory can’t move his physical body right. He wakes from surgery now no longer being able to communicate so he’s trapped in a body that doesn’t work and he can no longer communicate, but he went on to be known as great, and that is something that I think we all need to marinate on during the breaks. Radio


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