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A member of the Thrive nation shares about what it is like to work at Shaw Homes (Oklahoma’s largest home builders).

“In”trepreneur Definition: Someone working within an organization that has an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Self Employed VS “In”trepreneur

  1. Working 7 days a week with a stressful schedule VS set schedule with defined hours 
  2. Worrying about taxes, SEO, etc. VS REceiving leads and closing sales only 

Three ways to market to your ideal and likely buyers

  1. Get involved at PTAs (Parent Teacher Association) for private schools or schools near your neighborhood 
  2. Get a booth at the Home and Garden show or local expos. Do a sign up sheet for a giveaway for a dream vacation. Schedule a model home tour for a chance to win. 
  3. Have a sign flipper – 
  4. Ownership needs to get reviews
  5. Ownership needs to run advertisements
  6. Ownership needs to do SEO 

Weezer – In the garage 

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Grabbed the duct tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach Clay Clark.

Yes, yes, yes. Andy? Yes. On today’s show we’re going to talk about being an intrepreneur, being an intra prenuer and specifically what it’s like to work at Shaw homes. And so, uh, but before we do that, dr Breck. Yeah. I want to, I would like to define what I believe an intrepreneur is and Jason, you can find the show notes and take notes there on, on, that’s a 10 13 outline. But an entrepreneur is somebody who works with an entrepreneurial mindset in an organization. Okay. For one of two reasons. One, they lack the capital needed to start out on their own or two, which would be my reason for doing so is they don’t want to own their own thing. And I know this may sound difficult for the listeners to believe, but I don’t want to own anything else at all. Seriously. If you’re listening to the today show and you have a strong desire to buy me out of everything, call me, make me an offer.

I will sell to you because I don’t want to make another dollar. I don’t want to meet another person. I just, I have, we have 160 clients. I’m so happy we can help you. We have a conference that I look forward to every two months, but beyond that I’m good and so I that you say, well, why? Why? Okay, let me, let me just walk you through the laser show. We coach 160 clients that I coach, right? Every one of those clients is a human true and they have a website and so right now, just to show you the laser show, that is my life. I go into and I go into my inbox, which I haven’t done since Friday. Here it comes. Go daddy renewal. Apparently we have a client who needs us to renew their website because it expired. They, they’d signed up with GoDaddy previous to hiring us and so right now they need us to renew their website.

Right now. It’s seven 37 in the morning on a Sunday and then we have another woman who’s a great lady who wants me to update all caps right now, her website, and she’s not a client. This person used to be a client years ago and is not a client anymore, but she wants us to update it right now. Now, another employee just emailed me right now, this is real stuff. The nationally observed holidays and we’d like for me to change the days off. We have an elephant in the room based upon these recommendations because it’s fair. Oh yeah. Indigenous people’s day is coming up. Then I have a doctor here who’s a great man who is outraged by the content of our show. Outraged, not a client, just a person out there who is outraged. Then I have another member of the team right now who wants me to know that it looks as though my credit card was used without my knowledge and I need to call them and let them know.

Let’s scroll down. Then I’ve got somebody who wants me to come to their birthday party and I have five kids, which means that every week, theoretically all of the kids, all my kids are, are in a class at school and they have like 30 classmates, which means that theoretically, 30 weekends per year per kid, there’s a birthday party plus your own five birthday parties. And then this woman who’s not a client now has told me that we need to go ahead and take the numbers out of something. There’s something that she, there’s something that was on her website from years ago and we need to take out the numbers immediately. And then there is, um, somebody who wants to be on our show, who, if I had them on the show listeners, you would not like this person. So we’re not going to have him on the show and want to know why for the third time.

Um, then we have somebody who’s very successful, who has, wants to be on our show, who I will have on our show. Uh, we have somebody who is, doesn’t like the format of our show. Thank you for telling me. Um, we have somebody else here who just emailed me photos, um, from the conference and they’d like for me to look at them and then we have somebody else who wants me to finish writing something for them. And this is what it’s like to own multiple companies. So I turn it off on the weekends and I am suddenly able to do it. And then on Monday I usually get an update via text or phone from people who will tell me they’re frustrated that I did not respond to them in a timely manner between the hours of Friday at five and Monday. And as a reward to, for holding people accountable, I usually run into an employee that I fired, um, at any store I go to any anytime.

Um, and that’s how it is. So, um, an entrepreneur’s kind of cool because when you work at Shaw homes and something goes bad, who’s the customer going to get mad at their doctor? Breck will probably the the owner. Yes. But Shaw Holmes is a great company. I’ve been doing things right for 30 years. They’re building more homes than anybody else in Oklahoma. But when the, when we need more capital to grow and this, when we need more money to build or develop a uh, neighborhood who needs to, who, who has to worry about getting that capital SHA. Yeah. And when somebody calls about a warranty, maybe they have, maybe they, maybe they bought a house four years ago and the warranty is expired, but now they ain’t want to us to come in and fix something or they want someone to fix their house. Maybe a problem they have with their house they built four years ago.

Who are they going to call? Sure. Now what if the employee moves on and gets another job, but they still going to call Sean. Yeah. So the owner has to own everything, right. Who has to think about the tax situation, the liability, the changing laws. Who has to do with unemployment, hiring, firing. Who has to think about the marketing? Who has the weight of responsibility of thinking about how all the employees are going to feed their families? Who has to think about who needs to be fired? Who has to approve the new plans, who has to make sure that the company builds modern home designs that people will actually like cause they’ve been in business so long. The houses in the 90s look very different from the houses in two thousands which are very different from the houses now who has to decide how smart a home should be or how old school it should be.

Who has to decide how much customization they will do or won’t do, who has to decide if we should continue expanding. Even though we’re coming up against an election year where many people believe that if Trump tastic loses somebody like Bernie Sanders or AOC will come in there and dramatically raise taxes. Who has to think of all these things? Who has to think about the trends of the economy? Who has to think about who has to think about all of that? The owner, the owner. I feel like you’re giving mr shawl like an anxiety attack right there. I mean as an owner I’m about to having a panic attack. I’m just saying this is the stuff we think about as owners. If you have to think of it. That’s what I’m saying. If you’re out there and you’re saying, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey dude, I’d like to buy, make your life Epic.

I’m telling you, I would like for you to buy makeup because I like working with 160 clients. I really do. I love that part. I love helping them or helping our clients love doing our conferences every two months. Love it. Love answering questions from great listeners. But the emails coming in from people that aren’t, aren’t my clients anymore. Uh, people that, uh, you know, people who have sold the business, the new owner of the business calls me with questions about their website that we built six years ago. Um, people who saw me speak at a real estate convention a decade ago who are emailing me, wanting to know how to buy a copy of my book that is clearly available on Amazon. These are the kinds of things that I don’t think are that exciting. And so being an entrepreneur can be a great place for somebody to have success without owning their own business.

And so that’s why I would encourage anybody out there who is entrepreneurial mindset, maybe who has an entrepreneur mindset who wants to work for somebody or with somebody. I would encourage you, if you live in the Tulsa Oklahoma area to apply for a job at Shaw homes. And now Colton, uh, you’re a former client. Yes sir. And you work at Shaw homes? I do. Have you sold some houses since, since, since starting at shaw homes? I have within my first month, 1.5 million. And you sold one point $5 million of homes in your first month? Yes, sir. Incredible. And do you make commission on this? Yes. So what kind of commission can you make to make you make a percentage? Is it like a $10 or $11 or how many dollars? It’s a percentage of, of the, so you get a percentage? Yes, sir. So are you gonna make more money than you’ve ever made in your life this month?

Potentially, yes. You will? Yes. You will? Yes, for sure. Yes. Okay. So let’s talk about what was the journey like from, and I’m not asking you about the specific company, but what was the journey like from going from being self employed to now working in an organization? So let’s start off, you’ve already sold the business, you’re no longer involved in the day to day operations. What was the transition like going from being self employed to being an intrepreneur? Well, I’m like, like everything you said, I don’t have to worry about the taxes or, or anything coming down the line. Um, I was working seven days a week, you know, I have three kids and my wife and, uh, they, they got to see me. But when they did see me, it was very stressful. Uh, and uh, and they saw that. And, and so the transition has been amazing.

You know, I work from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM every day. Uh, I mean from what time to what time? From five to six. I’m sorry. Yeah, sure. From, from noon to 6:00 PM. Okay. From noon to six hours every day. Every day. Um, I do have a lot of days off, but I choose not to take them. That’s my choice. Um, but I get to spend time with my family. I get to see them in the mornings and I get to eat dinner with them at night. Things that I wasn’t ever able to do before. And do you, do you like it? I love it. What’s the most fun part about the job? Um, just the fact that it’s, it’s very similar to owning your own franchise except I don’t have any stake in it. Um, they have all the systems set up in place. They have the call center, they have, um, you know, all the SEO already happening and all I do is, uh, receive leads.

So it’s really nice. And then people walk in and, you know, people aren’t gonna walk into your, your model home unless they’re interested in buying a model home. Um, and so they’re ready to buy and, and you’re ready to sell. And it’s just, it’s fantastic. It’s an awesome atmosphere. You asked me dr Breck off air, you said what’s the only drawback or what, what does a drawback to owning an Oxy fresh? Yeah, so I mean for uh, a new, uh, franchise owner, what would be the pitfall? What’s the thing that I would love about it? But it’s a drawback to most people, no autonomy at all over the creative aspects of the business. Like you have zero input about how the print pieces look, zero input about website updates, which to me is a great thing. That’s really freeing. I don’t think a lot of people like having worked with companies where people focus on this and like watching it killed their business slowly.

Yes. Oh my God. The fact that like, um, what the marketing team does or what the thrive development team does for our entrepreneurs takes so much work off their plate. You know, I dislike weekends so strongly because it breeds creativity. There’s no structure. Oh, I hate it. I hate it. It’s like I record the show, which I like, I’ll go get groceries. I’ve got kind of a routine. I do. But then it’s like, there’s like 10 hours on a Saturday where there’s no structure. There’s no place. I don’t know what to do with yourself. I hate it. I really do. Cause it’s like, well, we might go to this kid’s birthday party. We might not. We’ll see what happens. I hate that I didn’t have anything planned today. So I’m going to go put together a dryer and a heavy bag stand just to give me something to do for like four hours.

And I’m just saying maybe somebody else likes that freedom. I, I don’t. But maybe you do if you bought it, go ahead. Let’s say if you bought an Oxy fresh though, and you’re like, I kind of want to change the website. Nope. Kind of want to fix the scripts. I’m thinking about wanting us to do a new strategy. Nope. I’d like to change the no brainer offer. Nope. I’m thinking about maybe wanting to have different logos. Nope. I want to freshen up the website. I have an idea. Sorry, I can’t hear you. I have an idea and sorry, I can’t hear you. Excuse me. I have an idea. Oh, I’m sorry. I can’t hear you. That’s what it’s like owning a franchise. You just implement the proven system, right? If you own a Papa John’s guys, I have a new idea for a new pizza. Oh, I’m sorry.

Your call’s breaking up by, I mean you just, there’s no, but that’s what it’s like owning a franchise. So you have to decide. But being an entrepreneur I think is a great thing. Colton, share with us maybe some of the things you’ve learned since being an entrepreneur and they’d like to answer any questions you have. Yeah. So, um, the first week that I was there working for shell, I did nothing but watch videos. Um, and it was just basically explaining the system and how it works. And I had never sold anything other than, uh, you know, doing, doing tumbling, coaching. Um, but I never did anything with sales, especially homes before that. And so I was new to that whole process. Um, and so something I learned, the first, the first video I watched was called be your own CEO. And, uh, I mean literally everything I get paid his commission so I don’t get paid anything hourly, which basically is exactly like running your own company and anything I bring to the table and I can add to what they already have given me, it just helps me out.

It’s, it’s more maybe more work for me, but in the long run will, uh, will benefit myself. And so I’ve really found how I can create a to do list and get everything done in that to do list everything that’s required from SHA, but then also extra things that I want to do, whether it’s like going live on Facebook live, um, or whatever it might be to help me get my name out there so that people know that I’m working. Do they let you do that? They do. Yeah. They, I encourage that. Uh, yes, they do. Yup. Okay. Um, so it’s intrepreneur organization. So you have aspects of entrepreneurship. The create entrepreneurship really is just solving a problem for people in exchange for money. That’s all. Entrepreneurship is solving a problem for people in exchange for money. So they allow you to solve problems. And to creatively market yourself a little bit of shaw homes, correct?

That’s correct. So, so that’s what it’s like there. So I have a, I want to open it up for you to ask any questions that you have for either dr Breck, myself or Jason as we uh, had as we get into the, the second half of today’s show. So what, what questions do you have for me about anything at all working at Shaw homes or any business questions at all? Okay. Well we, we are, we do podcasts there at shaw homes, um, and it markets directly to where your location is. Um, we have sales scripts, we have all these things that are required from Shaw other than Facebook and YouTube. What are some things that I can do to get my name out there, my brand out there, um, in order to make basically me who might be a Walmart diamond, uh, present myself in a Tiffany box.

Well, if, no matter what business you have, in this case, it’s home-building. You want to get in front of ideal and likely buyers who buys homes at Shaw homes. You’ve met enough of them. Now who is it? Um, is it dudes? It’s, no, no, no, no, no. It’s who? It’s the wives, right? Dudes will be sitting in the car. We’re just along for the ride. No, this though. I do. Dudes do not care. They care about the garage. The garage is cool in a garage. It’s where they live. I remember that. You remember at a Weezer Weezer no one hears me seeing you remember that song? If you’re that time before I haven’t, you’re gonna play it. I think I should. But anyways, so the guys only care about the garage, right? It’s like my wife and I are in the process right now. She wants to build a house.

I think that’s exciting for her. And I don’t care about anything. Right? It’s her house. He didn’t just get to live there. Seriously. They’re like, do you want a smart, you know, speakers throughout the house. I don’t care. Do you want a theater room? Don’t care. Do you want a dining room? You mean the room? No one ever goes to, no, I don’t. I don’t want that room cause it costs money. The remember the dining room? You got a guest room? No one, cause I don’t want guests. Do you want so my, I’m no, no, no. To me it would just be erect a big room like this man cave. A room. We have concrete floors in here. Yup. Paint the walls black. Yup. And put Barnwood and crap on him. And I’m happy. Look at my shelves. Jason, look at those things. Shows are beautiful.

They’re just live edge wood shelves. That’s what I want out of the woods. What’s that? Did you pull those shells out of the way to guy to get him out of the woods but serious. That’s all I would do. I w I, I don’t, I don’t have these desires that most women have when it comes to building a house. So you want to market to women. That’s right. So what I would do, I’m giving you three ways to market to women that would be very effective for you. Um, or a guy like dr Breck. If for dr Breck right now he has more people chasing him. He has a waiting list and he can use his marketing dollars. He doesn’t need to spend his time doing this. But if you were a chiropractor out there and you wanted to get in front of customers and you couldn’t afford to just run advertisements, this is what you would do.

One, get involved in the PTA because the PTA is for private schools. So get involved in the PTA at a private school or the schools near your neighborhoods. What if you don’t have kids in that neighborhood? Doesn’t even matter. This is my pitch. I’d show up and I’d say, Hey, Hey PTA, what’s happening? What’s happening? Um, I work at Shaw homes and every time that we sell a house, I’m going to donate $500 to your local PTA every time we sell a house. If it comes as a result of a referral from you guys. So if you hear of anybody who’s thinking about building a house, send them to me and I will pay you $500 per house we sell and you guys can use on the PTA to do whatever you wanna do with it. They’ll take that deal all day like a dream 100 megawatt.

I’ve done this multiple times with photography companies. It works. I had one lady, this worked so well that she ended up getting almost all of the senior photos for one of the largest high schools in her state. Literally the PTA got a percentage, I think we don’t need like $250 per senior photo shoot to the PTA who’s always cash starved. Right. And these moms are like, well, if you’re going to get your photos taken, you’d better go over to yada yada. You’d bet. I mean people, it’s almost like people were cheating on the school if they went somewhere else. Moms were in, I mean serious because they, and I’m not making it, this is a real number. They raised over a hundred thousand dollars wow. And one year. Just the referrals on the photos. That’s sick. Yeah. This was a, there’s a big high school. They had well over 2000 graduates and they got, I think it was like 600 kids to get senior photos through one company and all that money was donated to a computer lab.

That’s a real thing. That’s awesome. That’s a move really cool. Second place is women love that home and garden show. Dude, dudes are going to be there, but they don’t want to be there. Dudes are looking for beef jerky and pretzels and stuff, but the women loved that thing. They do. So you go there, you get a booth and at the booth you’ve have people register for a chance to win a dream vacation because women love dream vacations. And guess who’s going to sign up and you say, Hey, are you going to sign up today for a chance to win a dream vacation? And by signing up, you’re just agreeing to do a model home tour. And guess what you gotta do? You’ve got to give away that dream vacation. But you will get thousands of women who will fill out that form for a chance to win a dream vacation.

You just get big post-up stands that say win a $10,000 dream vacation or a $5,000 trip to Hawaii or when a dream vacation to Hawaii, something like that. And just schedule a model home tour for a chance to win and people will do it. So what’d you do? The drawing right there on the no. Nope. Because what if they don’t? What if they sign up but they don’t show up? That’s what I’m saying. They’re not eligible unless they show up. Guys here. So you have people sign up though. So one you do home shows, home and garden shows. I think there’s at least two or three of those in Tulsa, Houma, garden shows and then you do the winters, these women expos, that kind of thing. Wine and roses, that kind of thing. It’s why I didn’t browse this. It’s so great. Why didn’t [inaudible] if you’re a man in my immediate, uh, center of influence and you tell me that you want to go to wine and roses, I know what team you’re on. I don’t even know what that means. What’s the, what is wine and roses? This is good for you.

But I’m serious though. There are certain teams we’re on in this game of life. There are certain teams, and I know what team you’re on. If you’re recommending that we go to wine and roses and you’re a dude in my center of influence and that nothing wrong with that team. It’s your team. I’m not, maybe some of you don’t even know I’m talking about, I don’t, I don’t even know. I don’t even know what I’m talking about. I’m just saying if you came up to me and said, so have you gone to the wine and roses? When is that? It’s so great. It’s so fascinating and fabulous. And if you use the word fabulous, I do know what team you’re on as well. No, that’s fine. So again, if you would, if you would say that, then I would know what team you’re on. But as a general rule, women go to wine and roses, so you’d go to those events.

So again, PTs, [inaudible], the local expos, third mega move, and this is all I got for you is you’d like to have a guy by the side of the road who’s assigned flipper guy. Yeah. Look, they have the mattress guy. He’s flipping the signs all the time and put a link to the, it’s the Tulsa mattress. Put it, sign a flipper. Let me see if I can queue up the audio. Jason put a link to this guy. Here he is. Here he is. Let me get him new on to taking pride in your work and being yourself to pretty good models to live by. Take a Brianne Pomeranian introduces us to a young man in South Tulsa, taking those words to another level

at a busy intersection in South Tulsa. You can hear the sounds of traffic.

Nah, first and Memorial

FIC and occasional horn. Most courtesy of this guy. It’s all very different from what Chandler Ferris is heroes. Laura has been out here on the corner of 101st and Memorial most weekends for the last couple of years, putting on a show for drivers and hopefully reeling in customers. He’s assigned spinner and he takes this job very seriously.

I believe that, uh, you should put every ounce of energy you have in your job, whether that be flipping burgers or if you’re a CEO or something. So I’m just going out there and I’m trying to do everything I can to do the job as best as I can.

The polite and reserved teen is not what you’d expect when you see his enthusiastic performance. I didn’t enjoy it the first couple of weeks and then I’m just like, well I don’t care. I’m going to try and make this fun for me and I don’t care what other people sign.

Flippers work really, really well. We’ll put a link to this show on the show notes. It’s called sign spinner, getting noticed for flare and work ethic. That’s the YouTube video title sign spinner, getting noticed for flare and work ethic, but that’s, that’s how you do it. That is the only way there is for you as a entrepreneur working at Shaw to generate leads. Okay. Now as far as the company itself, we’ll put this on the show notes. The home builder needs to get Google reviews, which you can help out with. But the ownership needs to get reviews, which comes as a result of wowing customers. The owner ship needs to write content to make the website top and Google, which they are doing. The owner ship needs to run relentless ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and the ownership needs to run AdWords and retargeting ads.

But that’s what you can do. That’s it. Now how do you go about finding a assigned flipper of that quality anyway? You make them like this guy, so he didn’t want to do it the first couple of weeks and then he learned how to do it. So you’ve got gotta find somebody and you just pay him or you or you could be that guy. Yeah. Let’s say that guy may be a for hire, you know, you may not have to offer him much more than what he’s already making. There you go. I don’t want to create sign spinner Wars. Oh, this guy has been trained in groom by mattress firm. But I’m just saying there are people out there that you can find and just teach them how to do it, but that is the only way that you can have an impact on creating more leads over there as an entrepreneur and shaw homes. That’s it. Awesome. Any other questions you have about working at Shaw homes? Any business questions at all as we wrap up today’s show for dr Breck, myself or Jason? I don’t think so. Really? Okay. Yeah. All right. Okay. Okay. Now Jason, um, we like to end every show with a boom. Yeah. But before, but before we do that, I want to, I want to share something with the listeners out there. Okay.

That’s just him. You’re going to be dead soon. This just, can I get at my megaphone please? Can I, can I, can you pass the mic real quick? There’s a megaphone down there. I just want to share this secret with our listeners. I call this mega megaphone secrets. It’s where it’s a,

here’s the deal. You’re going to be dead soon and suck. You’re going to have to actually implement the stuff we teach because if not, things won’t change just from interrupting. If you just watched that docs, church services and read the first chapter of books, you actually have to implement what you’re learning.

And I think a lot of times though, it’s easy to like kind of watch life happen and not participate in it. So one of my clients, uh, we were talking about doing something and now he was actually on good morning America. You saw that Joshua’s living water, irrigation powerful. If you Google search right now, Tulsa man buys eight billboards. Everybody, everybody do a Google search for Tulsa man buys eight billboards to proclaim his love for his wife. That’s Josh with living water irrigation. We actually got Josh featured in good morning America. [inaudible] not as a result of knowing what to do, but he actually did it. Yup. We just got a, Kelly Clarkson has a show. Oh, she’s invited him to be on the show. Josh is going to be on American idol. Uh, let’s go to Kelly Clarkson show. He’s also been in the Washington post. Wow.

Um, Fox news. And I believe the Ellen show is going to feature him. He just did an interview with them. That’s all. It’s kind of a pre-interview to see if he’d be a good fit to be actually on the show itself. Josh and Ellen would be hilarious together. I hope that happens. So I’m just saying as you can, Josh could’ve said, well clay, where do I need to do to share this story with America? And I could have told him what to do and he could have just said, okay, not done it. But he’s a doer, not just a hearer. You gotta be a doer of the word, not just a hearer. And I think it’s so easy to let our lives just drift by where we don’t get anything done. And only way that I know for you to get stuff done is to turn your phone off 90% of the time and to put your head down and get the work done right. But break. If we’re not careful, what happens to our days if we’re not intentional about turning that phone off and getting stuff done. Well, the next thing you know, the day is gone and a years have gone by and all of a sudden you go, Oh Lordy, I’m 40. Oh no. I mean seriously, you start to say, Oh, I’m 50, I’m 60, and all of a sudden closing time, serious. That’s what happens. Right? Right. Now can we put it in the garage song real quick? [inaudible]

right. So this is, this is very important though, to understand. You have limited time. It’s your most valuable resource. Vision without execution is hallucination. Remember to remember Thomas Edison said that vision without execution is hallucination. If I would have referred you to Shaw homes, but you didn’t apply, you wouldn’t have got the job. That’s right. But we, I think we actually, I actually called these people in the meeting with you. Yeah, we did. And I have a prediction that if, if a Coton, if he applies the, uh, first two steps, yes. Then the sign Flipper’s not even going to come into effect. I think he’s gonna be so swamped. I agree. The P’s not going to get so good sign flipper, the PTA and the trade show movies. So phenomenal. I would not do the sign flipper move and focus on those two. But if you’re looking for three, the sign flippers, kind of the bonus move. But those first two will keep you busy forever because then the people who are happy, they tell their friends and now you’re just rocking and rolling. This is a a Weezer song. Put a link to it please. Jason. It’s in the garage and I just wanna wrap up today’s show by playing the first verse of this song. Everybody go, everybody go stream. This song right now on, on a Spotify, I’ve got the dungeon master’s guide. Oh yeah, come on out. I’ve got a 12 sided die. Yes, I’ve got [inaudible].

Yes. That’s where we all need to go, man out there. If you’re out there and you’re married to a woman and she says, I want to build a house, you say, let’s build that house, and then you mentally try to care, but I know you can’t care. And then you get to the part where you do the price out in the build out with Shaw and you say now for the garage, is it possible that I could have a three car garage, concrete floors and zero female input? If you have a strong marriage, you might get to decorate one third of that garage. If you have a strong, if you have a strong marriage, but I’m just telling you it’s so, it’s so important. If you’re out there today, implement the things we’re teaching and get yourself a garage. I know. Any further I do. Here we go. Three, two.


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