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During this episode, Clay and Z discuss: How to scale a property management company, how to grow a construction company, how to develop a lead generation company, how to grow a church backdrop company, how to hold your team accountable, dealing with fear, and much, much more…

Shout Outs to Thrivers –

Segment #1 – Mayfair Management Group – Path 

“Thank you for making this book available. I am anxious to read it.

I found you guys while searching iTunes for anything business related. I have subscribed to your podcast and downloaded all episodes. I listen during my day at work. I currently work in construction but my passion is fish taxidermy (let the jokes begin). I am attempting to start a business from scratch. I am not afraid of hard work and long days so that part is the easy part for me. My biggest need is marketing and organizational skills which I have found really helpful listening to your show. I need to drive customers to my business because I have no customer base. Looking forward to more shows!” – Glenn Warren  

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” – Proverbs 10:4

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Work like hell. I mean you just have to put in 80 to 100 hour weeks every week. [This] improves the odds of success.” – Elon Musk (The man behind Tesla, PayPal, SpaceX, etc.)

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;  courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time; enjoying one moment at a time; accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it; trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will; that I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him forever in the next. Amen.” – Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)

Being pushed at a level 10 = Embracing that rejection is par for the course:

  • 100 calls = 2 appointments
  • 2 appointments = 1 deal
  • 100 group interview candidates = 2 shadow candidates
  • 2 shadow candidates = 1 deal
  • Achieving your financial goals = 1 customer complaint per day (or more)
  • Asking 10 customers for a Google Reviews = 4 Google reviews
  • 4 Google Reviews = 2 that Google accepts
  • Accountability = Irritating people
  • Writing content for search engine optimization = hours of boredom


Thriver Question –

Since I wrote the last email I have been soaking up information from your podcasts and found a few action items that I’ve started implementing.  Specifically building our online reputation through reviews. My goal is to get to our 100 google (and facebook) reviews by the end of the month.

Our website is _______. We make stage backdrop designs specifically marketed to contemporary churches and event companies.  From what I’ve found in many cities our potential client list is between 50 and 300 clients. Obviously that is a small pool, so we push to reach those people with marketing through channels where they are.  I have found this to be quite expensive in some realms. Here is a bit of what we have done…”

Marketing Systems:

  1. Trade Shows (great leads, but huge expense upfront)
  2. Google Adwords (tried this early on in our business and got no leads with a relatively high cost)
  3. Google Reviews
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Cold Calling / Dial, Smile and Call Them All Until They Cry, Buy or Die


I can see what we have been doing the past few years has been creating steady growth doubling our business every year.  That being said, I know the market has a ton more potential. In churches alone there is a potential market of at least $1,450,000 a year.  In the event industry there is a much higher potential that is at least 20 fold larger.


I know my potential client list is limited by the need for our product.  There is a need, it’s just spread out geographically, but I think realistically there is a largely untapped market for simple scenic products that can be purchased.

Does this give you the information needed?  Thank you for taking time to help me.

Thriver Question:

“I have been looking for podcasts to start my day with and get me motivated.  I downloaded SO MANY DUDS! But I came across Business school without the BS, and started listening.  I think the first one I listened to was the Meta one.

As far as my business goes, I have one of the most incredible products in the world that heals the brain from injury and neurodegenerative disease.  I need for people to know that it exists. I just left a review on the podcast after subscribing, and I’m thinking I’m going to come to the workshop. Thanks for being awesome, and helping others become awesome.” – Chris Clarke

FUN FACT: “Average American watches 5 hours of TV per day, report shows.”  – NY Daily News

The Diligent Doer Showcase and Wins Everywhere

Shout Out to Victory Church in Amarillo, Texas

Colby – Audio Visual

Jake Gibson – Assisting us during our visit

Lavon – Wonderful administrator and diligent doer / facilitator for the church

Josh / Courtney – Great job directing and leading praise and worship

Vanessa – Assistant on the day of the church service

Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business coaching school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields trucks like to know more on probation. Go get back to the bottom, show all that your original incredible kids-and it is my honor to be here on the show with you today but big shout out to all the books in amarillo texas. As a pleasure meeting, you guys thank you for subscribing to the podcast and a big shout out to a specific driver out there by the name of glenn glenn warren email to info at thrive time show available, I’m anxious to read it. It says:i found you guys, while searching itunes for anything business with all your I have subscribed, podcast and downloaded all the episodes. I listen during my day at work. I currently work in construction, but my passion, fish taxidermy. Let the jokes begin. He wrote that in there, with the hook incident I’m not going to go into it still in 3rd thomas., very tempting to start a business from scratch, I’m, not afraid to work of hard work and long day. So that part is easy apart. For me, my biggest need is marketing and organizational skills which I have found really helpful.

Listening to your show, I need to drive customers to my business because I have no customer base. Looking forward to more shows I’m going to give you advice, specific steps for glenn and kennedy. Now chris is a listener out there who has a property management company and what I’m going to tell you. Gwen I actually worked with people that do almost any kind of industry out there any kind of profession and the steps on my walk through work, but you have to do it and so person to walk into the mindset you have to have it cuz. We only have 14 minutes on the segment will go fast here, but see anybody who’s going to be successful in our coaching program or business brace sort of a still at the business coaching mindset, which is where you at can accept the things you can’t change, but have the courage to change the things that you can so can I get marine simplify you become like I’m like a marine attitude. Your average profit is per customer. That’s that’s necessary because you know why you have to make sure you’re making a profit right for a customer, chris whitney davis. What people say my accountant handles that? No, they don’t know they don’t know what they would say. If they’re, honest i, don’t know how to do that or what does that mean? You literally added all your income on a spreadsheet, all of it the last 3 months, all the income divided by the number of customers and you go, and then you add up all your expenses to last 3 months. You divide it, but here’s all my expenses. Okay, all right here. What’s your what’s your startup, if your business coaching startup, what you want to do is reach out to us for the proven path beer industry industry ever reached out to us for help today with hair extensions, we’ve already worked in that industry, property management.

This is easy:petting zoos, staffing companies, easy a petting zoo and that’s a little bit before recently we had a place reach out to us to does the halloween. You know the halloween, it’s a deal, pumpkin patch, petting zoo, so I can no longer say that you’re working with a bonafide, petting, zoo, zoo, unicorn cat juggling the number of additional client you need per month to hit your goal. Is he? Why do you have to figure out the additional number of clients should? What do you have to have a specific goal, for this is how many clients I need to hit my goal at your auto auction. So you can keep the doors open. It’s a simple thing. It’s so so. I know this is the not fun part of owning a business. William invoices, the thing called the mail, the us postal service, deliver him to set business and you’re required you’re expected to pay them. I know it sounds crazy right. You should yeah unless you smile a lot of people in the world, get 10 bills and they can afford to pay 9 of them. It’s a juggling process, which is so true. You have to determine the number of rejection. Three rejections:you need to get per day in order to achieve your goal. So is he going to go back? There are only a certain number of business coaching people in oklahoma that have a used car license to have a license to sell cars, auto dealers and you have the z66 auto auction and you guys will sell on a friday, maybe a thousand cars or more or less, and so there’s minnesota 380 minutes, there’s only a certain number of used car dealers in town. So let’s say that you’re such a eric chubby’s your sales rep, he comes in the meeting and he sees a z clay told me. No, he told me to never come back. He told me there’s no way he’s ever buying from our auction. You would say what I would first throat punching somebody. You can always have somebody else. Can you come look at some cars and who knows I’m going to say he deleted place reese’s I can’t go back. Did the guys told me he said he never come back with you and your donuts never come back again. You did say marshall the taller guy guy with a big box of donuts. You just switch sales reps, oh yeah I mean you, cried I buy and you don’t care I’m saying the system were going to teach.

You works there. Glen the system works, antonio glen. This system works, crystal system works, but you got to do it now. The next part you got to optimize that google map knows he got to get reviews and see. Why do you have to get reviews? Why we? Why? Why does it just not frustrate the crap out of someone like you who’s been in business for 26 years? Why do you have to be so proactive on this right? Here’s the deal is a game. It’s war is kind of war, game and geneva makes the rules back in the day in an actual ward today, there’s a company that god bless them has come to dominate, dominate to gruver think it’s called the google the google the google the google, for whatever, whatever reasons they feel fit and I kind of agree with most of the reasons they they have come up with the idea of an order to to be optimized, then google pops up. First on their first page, they have a set of rules, and in order to do that, you have to follow those business coaching rules, but we don’t care whether their customers or not. You can write a review if you’re a troll. I know you can I know you can, but that’s one of the downsides ever, but the good side, the ars, that by knowing the rules you don’t have to, we do, but somebody might say it feels like. It’s been a lot of work to ask everyone for review. It is but uses reviews and winning in business is a lot of work.

What a tv will not play 885 8888, regardless of industry. No one reads:reviews and right before christmas lady was kind of funny. She calls when she goes merry. Christmas and I are businesses double because of those damn google reviews for you go. You may not want to you mean I feel you need to, but google it put that in the end, part of their partner programming. It’s on everything, but it’s a big part yeah. You need to get them, and you know what it help to move you into the four page, one that I paid 1 for the second time. Okay, if you got a z66, aaa.Com, you’ll notice, you have a spectacular business coaching about us, video with your partner monte. Let me know about the auction and what makes a difference. You’ve got to have a video that video is very snazzy well-put-together. It shows what you’re all about it. Walks people through the culture hits the day and age of video I take what the up screenshot still shots are done. That was 10 years ago. I click on a video with your juggling a cat weather your weather, whether you get your friend with a bb gun, falls off and buy you. Whatever you’re doing people love is big cat juggling. No one watches videos, people love the videos twitter out there have to make a call script. You have to record those call zee bridge it from the hit man. I said the cowboys by next called me some more like everybody’s different..

How do you have to take a script? Because you want everybody said the same thing. You want everybody saying the proven thing that you’re, not if you didn’t ring, but the way you just recorded the dude who wrote down what he said and he got gather everybody wanted. Okay for now on. This is what we say:i had a business coaching guy today. I was in his calls today telephone the room, this recent one of our employees. He can help you in the customer goes yeah I heard about your first hour haircut, $2 I’d like to go ahead and schedule my first visit and he says alright. Well, what’s the number we have on file and the customer goes? We don’t have a number on file:cuz I’m, actually new customer, okay, so don’t be 29 the tension here on a hot date with it with it, with with a new bride or a girlfriend and you’re on a resort in a third party. A man is very hairy walks and he could sit anywhere. You want to the sun and he sits on your lap. Then. Weird super weird, the room. How can I help you? Okay, yeah? It’s your first right, first time in, what’s the number we have on file just dead air and I’m like what are you doing and he says why I realized. It was kind of awkward to know what to say so that okay, but it’s just like replay the calls he he recognized on his own call. He was off his game right now, but if I did not have call recording we caught that call after it happened every week, we do the train at the same like groundhog day everyday. It’s the same training but I’m telling you what, if you do not put call recording in your business marshall?

Is it possible to scale a business coaching company? Is not possible to scale company the call recording is your accountability, thought you used to train people and hold them accountable to doing the systems that they say that they’re supposed to be there in chapel make sure we send our listen here, buddy first segment of today show that way they can have it on, don’t show notes there. I was thinking, you live in green country and you might be saying to yourself. I know my bathroom is nice i, don’t know if it really is a porcelain, palace, zi i, don’t know whether my drinking fountain could double as a urinal or my urine has a drinking, do if you want your urinal so clean that people say well, there’s a line I might as well drink from you going to call her good friends at the classic clean.Com, it’s the classic clean.Com

classic janitorial. They work with dupont new star liquor use, abrar office of checking out the classic clean.Com, the classic clean.Com, and one more time that is attend. The world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, alright drive mason, welcome back to the conversation is the thrive time show on your radio. My name is clay clark I’m, the former ussba entrepreneur of the year and I’m super excited to have you on today show with us. I will tell you how many people will listen to the show and they’ll say clay, clark i! Remember when you dj my wedding, quite clark, i, remember when you came in to the I would when I came into the elephant the room to get my haircut I remember when I got my glasses at your business. I. Remember that I remember when you guys were in the top 500 of itunes a year-and-a-half ago. Watch want success happen. Yes, that’s not what we want. We want you to join in the business coaching success. You know what what forbes is kind of our business by brightwheel of forbes? What do I perform? You contribute divorce and that’s what that’s? What I bet altimate business bucket list forbes? Yes, like the song and I think that the we hate them about hate this that we hate this debt is 90% of all startups fell, and you know the number was higher in 1962 and I only know this, because I’m reading shoe dog right now about the history of nike, that’s a great, but then in 1960 on the days I read it the first time, I didn’t read it like to make a lot of it now I’m going through and making it into a show.

You know, but I feel night when you started nike 1964 I believe it was 17 out of 20. Businesses fail to see it’s gotten better. Now, it’s like really, you know me back then I mean you’d have like 18 19. It would fail now or 1789. Now you would have you know just like you know, and that’s horrible, that we know this is that you you learn for me the mentors your mistakes, young want to be your mentorship. We want to help. You want to give you practical steps, not a good start and grow your business and be successful, because you know why life is much better when we have successful. Small businesses happening this country when you make it to mine mine this year by small businesses alone. In the last decade, 65% of all of the business coaching jobs at erica’s ready are created by small businesses and that’s why, when I decided to email us scott, he has a a building, company emailed us a question or or a business coaching situation that I thought would be perfect for you to talk about z and work at marshall’s. Take on this. Who is your coach will walk you through scott and specific path, but your question is indicative of the whole and you weren’t you. The best explains your coach. You said:hey I was really good at construction and I really love to build, so I thought I’m going to be no start. A construction company sure-and you said here with your coach, that it’s running the business, that’s killing. You you’re not stressed out, stressed out about being in construction, doing the work of construction or contracting.

What you’re stressed out about is managing the company, and you said you want a great time. I’m in financial freedom, so that you can have bye bye by producing predictable revenue and systems and I would just say this. You’re not alone there and I would say that probably 90% 95% feel that reach out to us for coaching find themselves in a spot where they started optometry clinic z right because they were passionate about optometry correct. As you grew your optometry clinic what became the most important aspects of the company men, what was it you probably saying? Hiring training retaining and repeating hiring training, repeating retraining I mean keeping them there right retaining and then repeating this process is getting good people training, good people. You grew up the other people around personal marketing to networking networking from networking to mass business coaching advertising. So you went from hey here’s. My card money is dr., zoellner, easy, button back then i. Remember back! Then we had pink eye. And if you, if you got your ad sig enough, you were first under the category heading and you know what position is not an adult show.

That’s how I personally marshall tell me about that. I personally have not gone to turn key marketing cuz, it’s more profitable for me to do all the marketing help that person mars, this, is, war profitable for me to personally generate word of mouth. That is for me to mass advertised in z I’m sure you can attach to this, but marketing and getting people in the door. That process is not complicated. It requires some work and will require some investment of time. Work work, but it’s easy in terms of its not a complicated process is not complex. Okay, until getting people in you want to automate that system in focus, all of your time and energy, like doctors, he said on the training, retraining, people continuing to train people and then doing some more training, the following time:people in pure sleep business coaching center. What do you do? There. Are you out there passing out cards b2b! That’s when we go to the doctors at deming at refurbished. How do you have to? How do you have other? How do you have other people. How? Do you have other people doing I need to send them off to do it? It’s a circle.

Credit card, so I can go, buy donuts ahead, lunches to wait now until you can wait, zero yourself, I thought I want to sell this I do know because I know if a structure that fits best with frame structure, show, recognition and and all in all the towns are very big. You know you want to match up. Color tone just got that job. You want the nice and let’s see how many, how many glasses I filled with zero. What soap wait a minute now, here’s here’s, the part I want here’s another week or two I want to read to u z. I want you to break it down. Here we go ben horowitz, the guy who built ops wearing soul, 1.6 billion dollars of cash right every time, I read a management or self-help book. I find myself saying:that’s fine, that’s really not the hard thing. The business coaching heart thing isn’t setting a big goal. The hard thing is laying people off when you don’t hit the goal. The hard thing is a hiring great people. The heart thing is: when those great people become entitled and start demanding unreasonable things, the hard part is making an organizational chart. The hard part is trying to get other people to communicate with andy organizational chart. The hard thing is not having a big dream. The hard part is waking up in the middle of the night when that big dream and become a nightmare. So true, it’s off it’s all fun and games. When it’s going right, you know we all have them. It’s all funny, it’s all wrong, but things are going well, you don’t?

You have an a in a player, san diego. You know what I’m more important than you are: cuz I’m, the one that actually doing the thing, cuz you’re out going to cancun and having fun right. So, therefore, I’m really in charge, because you know what I’m doing it and you’re not talk about the importance of executing the same system over and over and over, and we have a guest corey mentor with trinity employment is going to have a breakdown. The importance of doing the same thing over and over with business coaching excellence and what would company out there? That does a great thing over and over with excellence and a couple that is a show sponsors, onyx, imaging, onyx images. It would liver office supplies printer supplies for less money. That would cost you to go to office depot. You can take time and money with onyx imaging office supplies and printer supplies imaging.Com it sonic’s, imaging.Com., honest.Com and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s the thrive time. Business coach radio show me chicks the mind set on the magic trick of the heat whopper, giving it to you straight in the war in the back of the truck. So I can get up on the bike and speak the facts. I’m going to tell a story to a mites, play clock in the former uss, be a entrepreneur of the year lucky email and will ask what is dr. Z like when he’s on the show play?

What are you like when I say this I think you and I are more like how we really are. They were doing burnout on the shelf. I. Think so, because there’s no conflicting emotions, no, no, no politicking. Nobody that were bs thing with it. Just it just direct real talk. This is how we are, but I think a lot of times. When you run a company, you sometimes have to put on a happy face, or whatever the radio show. This is. This is us, have a story that I think it’s hilarious. That I think shares our is our mind about the wine about the wind moving though we went down to san antonio texas, because we were going to meet david, robinson and southwest flight and we’re flying, and it’s like weed catch. The first flight nosey is a guy who typically would like what time you want to take off today. If you have to leave tenant in the morning and I’ve, always the first flight and you’re always like 5:30, so I booked, the 5:30 flight was made me really happy in my life. I didn’t even know the story: comes. Yep, yep, okay, I’m, doing like three vodkas before 6 a.M. We’re flying we’re up in the air we land in san antonio. We go to the rental car place to suburban, so the convoy can all travel together, I think decides to get into a business coaching character what you can do and he decides to tell the front desk people at the auto rental by the cardinal place that he died on his father says he’s my dad.

He just says things that you would say to your dad to the guys like. Would you want to other drivers and he’s like will? Daddy can I be added and it keeps doing this this this line of discussion throughout the day keep talking about. So we go to this restaurant with what we put where was paul pressey out for dinner at a very nice restaurant on a country club very nice, the boxed wine kind of guy okay I’m, like I’m, a conservative guy, want to try to save money, I’m going to try to really be frugal. All my guys was frugal for years, but now he can enjoy the fruits of his right arm. Go numb all so. The subdued tone, the lights, dimmable polo grill at the dark mahogany steakhouse michelle, which one you like the one in jesus, will a dad where they have the guy says what kind of white school. What’s what’s the nicest business coaching one you have and you you start quizzing this guy about all the nicest kinds of one he has all right. There’s explain what happened in nice, restaurant right there. What was because I’ve never been to a place like this.

You know growing up, explain what happened. What happens is that you know there is a chance that when you bottle of wine-or you have wine bottle that they did the cork league sore, that it gets skunky or that it’s still make sure that you see the cork have been. You know, moisture on the side of the tub to yours. I said to me:you know, country forms the legs of the wine. It’s not another leg to the winery at least three segments smell smell skunky quality of red wine will perform at these actual legs will be little streams coming down on the inside of the glass. Let me translate into spanish lot of money online I look at vanessa with a look of of middle of poverty. The poverty mindset is still trying to escape my body and I’m like how much my eye on it all over you keyboard more of this. This wine in the whole time it’s a funny game for you, I want to be squirm. You were teaching me, though, about hey:let’s, let’s get nice beverages, let’s go to a nice business coaching restaurant cuz I wouldn’t have robinson, you want to go to mcdonald’s, or maybe one of the nba box wine in a shirley temple. Let me tell you that by default, I understand that I want to go on top of this. Yes, because I was not there, but clay. You’ve taught me this, isn’t how many times have they been taken out for dinner? And how often are they, the ones taking other people out for dinner, I’m, so busy, and so treating until treating them to a very nice meal? Is something exceptional want something from them? We wanted david robinson to be part of our team partners. We wanted him to endorse us.

We wanted something something want something from some:no brainer e y. No, we come back from the break. I want to talk about this because we have a company after cold lead monkey, guys, based in in denver, that right, marshall correct. Now he has created a company. He started the company in the first rendition of his company didn’t turn out the way he wanted it to, but you’re actually in great company, because you know that viagra viagra the erection, the erectile dysfunction, medication, yes, was actually initially created to do what it does. Most drugs were never really created for what they. Originally they things aside every drug side effects and what you do just side effects of like hey, that’s better than affect, were born for it’s never going to sell it. For that. You know that pepsi actually one of their biggest by-products. If you read a book called accidental ceo, the ceo explained the biggest byproduct of pepsi is wastewater. They caught reverse osmosis, it’s been like purified. All the minerals have been taken out all the impurities, and so they came up with aquafina their most profitable product. As result of the leftovers, if you know what I discovered some cool moves as a result of the leftovers, the byproduct of what I was building and now that particular company is my main thing, and so I want to tap into that, because corey’s route to becoming an business coaching entreprenuer was non-traditional, unorthodox and i. Think I think that’s a really important thing out there for her listeners to know that when you start a company, weatherby trinity employment for dr. Robert, zoellner associates because sometimes find opportunities in areas were other people only see mayhem and mistakes. It was a great company out there very promising.

After you see my accounting, a screwed-up who, should you call mark, hood cpa, that’s hood, cpas, paul hood over there. If you contact them, bill actually get you a free copy of the book at the snowball. She can get a copy of consultation to help you get your accounting in a proactive position. Help you get your taxes filed correctly. That’s hood cpa is that, hoochie games.Com zumba fitness is it is the truth or they make that excuse. I’ll, be up to the school board. The truth into a like my yoda is it on the radio there’s a yoda, impersonator we’d love to we love to have you and would love to have you on there with trinity employment on the show at marshall morris, the co-author, the amazon best-selling book start here and we’re talking today about answer the questions that the drivers haven’t. Specifically, we have a driver out there. That’s a company called lead monkey eat. Monkey is a company to help generate leads for small businesses and his product was developed as a byproduct of something else he tried to do. He saw an opportunity and he said the byproduct of my core product is actually the product of people want. So now it looks talk about trinity employment. I want to get into your your story or corey. How did you make sure you just cut tilt that make up a little bit cuz? It might be the night that sweet sweet might have a sweet tooth tonight, get rid of when you started. Trinity employment, obviously you’re very successful business owner. Now we were talking to the day your going into businesses is rowland. Without me, things are going great talk to me about. How did you first start that company I was in a position where it’s just the company that I work with was forcing me to do something that was really illegal and they’re out of business? Now for and so I was kind of. A good solution when afternoon was just that, but I was kind of my back was against the wall and I knew from the previous job I used to use staffing business coaching companies all the time. They drove me crazy because they would waste about an hour about 4 hours of my week. Every week, interviewing people that I shouldn’t have ever interview and I was like man if they would just a changed a couple of changed and just really it really focused on what we needed.

It would make such a big difference in that’s what we did and that’s still our model the day, and it’s worked. How long ago, did you start that company little over 10 years now, okay, so 9 or 10 businesses fail? That’s not a positive stat, but that’s the reality. So the reason why you’re still here is that you are a member of what I believe to be the draft club. Yes, you put your corey mentor i, know him i, like him. I, don’t want to say what he’s a member of the draft love you put any put his neck out there in search of the green z in the foliage. Look at the draft in the draft, so much about this particular show. It’s that everything that is worthwhile, especially in business. It’s uphill everything right! The problem is, is that everyone has uphill hopes, but they have downhill habits and some of the things that I’ve learned from you guys in particular dizzy and clay-are just learning the right up, having uphill hopes but changing to uphill habits, and that’s one of the things I love about the show and that’s what we’ve done at trinity and that’s one of the main reasons why we’ve seen the success that we have so I’m going to walk you through now, mr. Brian, the steps you need to take to build a successful company will be some of these things that are uphill, think you’re going to be tough to do so. Never one determine the average profit per business coaching customer. According to your coach, marshall you’ve already done that great step to determine the number of deals you need to have per week to achieve your goals. You already done that.

You know the number of deals you need per week to achieve your golf great 3 determine the number of rejections you need to get per day in order to achieve your goals, and that is the parts that people freak out. What they do, people don’t like rejection. People don’t want to make a hundred sales call to get two or three or four yeses, so I’m going to walk you through my mind, set on this I like assorted out in kind of one of me here, I thought about this for 12 years. So this is brian I would say. If you fear failure-and you don’t take action, then by default you will fail. Do we agree correct if you don’t feel right? If you are a professional baseball player, perhaps the best baseball player in the history of the sport, you would get a hit 37% of the time. So if you swing 10 times, if you’re up to bat 10 times you going to hit 37% the time you’re going to the hall of fame you’re, the man, if you’re playing basketball and you make 90% of your free-throws, 50% of your 3-pointers and 50% of your field goals your shots from the courts. You are a hall of fame status. You are 50% football. If your a field goal kicker made, if you miss basic field goals from 45 yards or less you’re, very long, if you’re not making 95 out of a hundred average, their own statistical, normal nnn I’m, just telling you for a field goal kicker, you miss a basic kick your a— in the patriots right along know:you’re, not putting business. If you make cold calls, you will set two appointments. If you follow a prescription, you will get one deal, but it’s not possible to get the one deal without the 98 projections. The 99 projections it. So if you want to play entrepreneurship and it’s a contact, sport buddy so strap on a helmet and get ready to get hit. Because it’s coming your church, you can pray all the time you can go to every business coaching church service possible.

You can all the prosperity messages you can buy. The best buy to hobby lobby and put it on your bathroom hashtags test. I can talk about abundance, mentality and the law of attraction, get rejected all the freaking time, I get off the field. That’s just straight talk:straight, ray, lewis, nfl, I love watching ray lewis with raven, but he just smashed as a receiver in the receiver. You could tell was like all day baby all day. Nfl take that I’m coming all day, but next the next play the guy tries to shove off right cuz. You know he’s receiver he’s trying to block him and ray just lay them out and he’s like all day off the field shut down. You wouldn’t want me to come to your speaking event, but usually people ask me to come speak. Could you talk about what it takes to be successful? Cuz I’m battling anxiety and fear. One shut up get rid of those step to go work for somebody, cuz i, don’t cuz i, don’t I will eat you for lunch. You know, I love that serious though, but I’m afraid to make outbound calls come. On,, Say:i’m struggling to generate leads, he’ll tell him what to do. When you give them the proof and script, they always want to avoid that uphill activity corey spoke about. They don’t want to get rejected. The thing that pisses me off the most powerful are the people that will reach out wanting help even willing to pay for it, but not doing the things that are required to achieve the things. Marshalls. I know why it’s there too business coaching infatuated with new i, don’t know what you look like the next new thing. You know why they did a great job. Other team did better and every kid got trophy so people run around like how you’re so special god has a calling for your life. You should start the muffler, and no one is beacon. Falls kindness is also lying by the way christians.

Yes, it is oh, no, that’s a little hard mentally upset with the word gluten and every time I talk to you about anything, you start to cry. You’re a crier. You got to get off the field buddy, you got the field, you can’t play business guy. Who has the successful company he’s fearless? And if you can’t get over that I’m just telling you i, don’t know what you need to do. I, don’t know if what you I’m just I’ve, never met a person who it’s fear get the best of you want to learn how to swim. You’ve taken all the lessons you get, it just jump off the diving board. You know you know some at some of the biggest, what beat biggest clients that I’ve ever had that I still have today. They are it to me at least four or five years, we’ll get them to be to become a client begin to teach to our sales people to love the word no just find out what does no mean? No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No and celebrate it because no doesn’t mess with me. No! Never it means. Does no mean no, not right now, so do you agree with the statement? Yes, I do do dorsal statement. Yes, I do indoors platinum platinum past winners of snake mama like i, don’t like it so I called platinum pest & lawn and have neutralized all of the insects. Marshall tell us about platinum festival. You got to call them 918-376-0857 that is 918-376-0857 call them platinum, -, pest control.Com and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks it’s the thrive time. Business coach radio show the mind set on the magic trick of the wild food. Give it to you straight in the door in the back of the truck, so I can get up on the back and speak the facts. Welcome back to the conversation is the drive time show on your radio.

My name is Clay Clark in the former US SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and I’m, not just saying that, because he is here the guy on the show today with me today, I would say about half the time he’s here. I’ll tell you:why is here half the time, because the guy what it is, but for 7 days a week, 7 days a week when my wife started working for Dr. Robert Zoellner and associates doctors, he had just gotten the business up into orbit and into a place where they did the systems ran without him. The ads were just punishing the airwaves. Just consistency of your advertisement. Everybody in town knew who you were. My wife was honored to work. We still working for celebrity. Everybody knew who you were at that point. I was thinking when I would come to pick up my wife at work, true story, I would pull up with the mazda mpv my hand painted mazda mpv I had my subwoofers to the key to staying poor. She wants me to lot of money on your business coaching audio system and no money on the car shut. The windows in the building, a member of the wu-tang, clan and i, can just tell you this doctor z relented, one time after we went less invites from my wife and myself to try to set up a lunch meeting. He finally agreed to meet. We met at ruby, tuesday and kylie who’s still working with you today. Yes, kylie says he likes croutons, so I we did the lunch buffet. We do. The croutons and I asked questions to you that I’ve been struggling with for a long long time. So, what’s really great about the show, is it we have blisters out there that have the courage to email us and asked us tough questions, and we can help you with the answers to the questions. I guarantee are not what the world would tell you cuz everybody around.

You is everyone go through your body yeah, but your friend get along their goal is to be liked, but doctors, these goal was to grow his company, and here I was interrupting his day. He’s not going to waste his time with social niceties. I’ll. Take that to mean to me but i. The questions I asked remember these questions. I asked you to set me free sure, okay, but I was 19 I’m sitting across from you and I was 17 years ago with getting numbers of my team to make their calls. If you have a script that works, we got two of my sales reps that make a hundred calls a day and it works. But I’ve got two guys that just won’t do it and I I’m struggling to get them to do what I’m trying to motivate them. You know what books should i. Have them read? What should I do what what what conference is, should I send them to I heard the chamber and your listen to be very patiently I’m at the chamber. Has this event it supposed to help people find your business coaching motivation I’m? How do I motivate my people to make the calls? Remember you saying that I remember that i, remember that and you were lying in my follow-up questions. I’m a freakin genius I said busy it’s hard to fire, but you can’t just fire people that are related to you. You know what I mean because, like if you’re related to you, I people that I know growing up I’m going to high school college with these people in their roommates are related to our collector family. Cuz they’re on my dorm I mean can’t just fire. Somebody-and you said yes, you can get over it right, just click, no I’m, serious and then I said well, I just feel like there’s got to be a way to unlock. You know our teams potential and in this and that I’m over talking about how I said with the advertising to run these ads right now, they’re starting to really generate traffic to my competition, is like so irritating I took my face.

I put it on I enlarged it. So it looks like my head, like a caricature on your head. Head, your body, your head is large by the way bubblehead. It was like my head right now, I’d say:43 lb, my mom. It was a large bobblehead doll picture of my head and then had my compaq. They had like my in my real body underneath it. So is it big head and little body shirt and then my ad, my competition. The time is called infinity and they said they offer a hundred thousand songs hundred thousand selection to choose from asher over a hundred and 1019 82 and I put concealer used in 1979. Yes, that’s what you were conceived right and then they said, and they said the best insurance of insured and better business bureau member, something and I put like the best insurance. Ever we spend too much on insurance, we’re so insured or something like that everything was like. Will it was infinitely low prices, so you just have direct attack in my phone ring all the time. All the time I was killing me. They hated you and i. Remember that I said to you I said g, my competition, like really hates me and they’re like saying a lot of bad things about me that aren’t true and in just how do I handle it. What would you say to someone today that would take my competition doing well, I’m, proud of you i, remember, saying:i have members of my family say in my ad shouldn’t, be too aggressive, cuz i, don’t want to be too don’t come across this tacky. Do you remember what you would do said about advertisement be more like you than you even think possible, you’re, not just crushing them with him. Saying I cannot believe you doing that. This just is that the most of that is that ethical time in temperature, all things I said:z I mean your checklist. I know, vanessa is heard.

Your job is to prep the patient. She blew a puff of air in the patient, I hope to die, like the people and I said I’m struggling with like finding the time to make the checklist I remember when I brought that up to you. It was a deal and I’m struggling to find the time to make the checklist. You notice, my wife and I and I were building the immediate any kids. Yet i. Remember you kind of proved me right side and the kids and I might now. So you and your wife, like i, just I’ve, got you know. I, don’t have time to go these check, listen and i. Remember he gets up. You go back to the buffet I’m sure to like gather, I use, a salad, salad, salad, you’re, trying I’m sure you’re, trying this out something I feel like you were trying to come up with a nice copacetic kind way to unload i, told you for about 4 minutes until I have time to make checklist or I’m, not a detailed person. You would say:i was just throat, punch him and take find it. I would take you there 24 hours in a day what four hours or you going to work on it today. What which ones are they I said you I said it was a weird deal cuz like when you want mentorship, you ask for it, but don’t wanna give it to you you’re. Like my work like 6 business coaching days a week and i. Remember you, you told me you said:there’s a seventh and right right, right and i, just so many little bit because they made seven I wish I would have just talking about like life balance, and you said something like what is also an account balance. Remember that and I was like it was like there’s so many and I’m, just like scribble and notes in 35 minutes later I leave.

You know you to hang I go back to the office or like 30 minute. Lunch is right across the street from brussels like how was your meeting I felt like I’ve, been attacked by a truth, cannon just like bounce from you to clifton taulbert, the mississippi at first african-american west of mississippi. To start a bank introduce the stairmaster. He came from poverty on picking okay to make my calls. He says:well, I worked at the bank 40 hours a week and then, after that, I would every night I would make my calls and I would go to trade shows in the weekend. My son you’re you’re you’re you’re lazy, yes, and you don’t have one clifton wise it with it. He’s like telling you like in a nice way what he says we just don’t have what it takes it. Just like it’s like i, can’t tell you how that went out on a nice person says you see. I would just say on your way out there who emailed in and check out like you to read from from from segment for hear that the email that came in from the thrive I’d like to give this this driver some feedback. So honest, but candid i, think you can’t be honest. I’ve been, can give us that honest, unfiltered mentorship of the people are looking for include all the information must be a regular thing. He says, since I wrote the last email I’ve been soaking up. Information from your podcast and I found a few action items that I’ve started:implement pacifically building our online reputation through reviews. My goal is to get to r100 google and facebook reviews by the end of the month. Website is mod scenes.Com, we make stage backdrop design specifically marketed to contemporary churches, and is it companies right from what I found in many cities are? Potential client list is between 50 and 300 clients, 5% of churches grow beyond, 300 members, 3, george, barna research I would recommend you call river city church right now.

Call river city church in owensboro kentucky also reach out to the crossroads church out there, and these are churches of a thousand plus people in these. The people who are interested in what you’re doing small churches care not about what you’re doing back to you. So we push to reach those people with marketing through channels where they are I have found this to be quite expensive and some realms here is a bit of what we have done. Social media. Don’t do it don’t do it skip this? No, don’t don’t do social media marketing, it’s not going to work. Okay, he says they’ve done trade shows. Do it:trade, magazines, google, adwords, okay, let me says I can see what we’ve been doing in the past few years has been creating steady growth, doubling our business every year. That being said, I know the market has a ton more potential in churches alone there is a potential market of at least 1 million four hundred thousand per year. In the business coaching event industry, there is a there is a much higher potential, that is, that at least 20 full, larger I know. My potential client list is limited by the need for our product. There is a need it’s just spread out geographically, but i. Think. Realistically, there is a largely untapped market of simple scenic products that can be purchased. Does this give you the information needed? Thank you for taking the time to help me.

Yes, I’m walking you through the marketing path. You need to do and we can back in the break. I want to see to break down the specifics of execute, because what happens is when you have marketing systems that you’re implementing the people in your company have a tendency to push back and refuse. Not your company other company. But here are the systems you want to do to grow, that business one get to those trade shows have a system. We can teach you how to do that system. We have a trade show system that works to google adwords. Do that three gather google reviews for make sure you do search engine optimization when people are looking make sure they find you and the final one is called them all until they cry by or die, we come back. I want. Doctors eat a breakdown. Auction goes out there and gets the business cuz. It’s not sexy, but it works. How does the auto auction get the business I’ll? Tell you how he’s good he’s good he’s good this guy’s been leave the chiropractor push for wayne gretzky nhl hockey, player of all time top athletes it who they recommend for chiropractic care, give us some more benefits from allergies, arthritis, asthma, back pain, bedwetting, neck pain, numbness, pinched, nerves, cause shingles in a whole list of other issues. You can get a hold of dr. John sibley at dr, john sibley. Com, dr. John, sibley. Com, he’s going to give you a free business coaching chiropractic assessment adjustment and x-ray on your first visit call now:918-749-5741 918-749-5741, dr, john sibley 21 boom. You are now entering the dojo of mojo and the thrive time show I’m show on the microphone. What is this top of the charts in the category of business? Dentist statue, market, motion, sickness and pad to the three two one here. Come the business ninjas. Welcome. Back to the conversation, my name is clay clark in the former us sba entrepreneur of the year.

We have tried to reach out to us and they sell stage backdrop design specifically marketed to contemporary churches and a lot of questions about how to market their business and you having to put up on the big screen. So you can see what they do. Oh wow, and what I’m going to do is I’m going to break down the specific steps they need to take but see I want you to identify the push back, cuz a lot of people, but once we teach him what to do right, they have a hard time executing cuz. I can’t get their team to do it step 1. You really really want to go to those trade shows, and you want to have a system in place. If your sake of time, your coach, your business coach, can walk you through the proven method to generate a lot of deals at a trade, show, that’s dj connection or oxy fresh.Com. Remember the brand is working with. We know the system to dominate at trader joe’s, but see once you teach the team the system. Typically the I see the two issues happened. One is that you really don’t teach your your team, specifically the system, you kind of get my general vague plan and they get there and it’s vague and casual and casualness causes casualties cuz there was actually implementing a system just randomly talking to people right or two is that you do no training at all, and people just get there and just sort of hang out if they refuse to your sister about the discipline needed whether to trade shows or cold calls. Talk to you too. How do you get your team to implement your system? You have that been buying problem is. Is that these things in a business I were talking about you? The business coaching owner calls us up cuz. What do I do? Do we walk up there? What to do we getting the tools to do it and we say:go get them bucky, bucky bucky, so he comes back to his office team meetings. His hey I just talked to some great guys, and they gave me the keys to the kingdom here. We’re going to do and they’re a bit rolls her eyes. It goes. Oh, no, it’s all good. If you just see, if it’s, if you to do a click funnel instead, you can make actually more money on a track.

Why don’t you make it? What what’s the latest self-help book? Billy just don’t know why I’ll go to start to do. I know he was talking to the the turtles. Actually, there’s actually a pastor reason. They won’t match his name, who went on a rant about how? If your goal is to be the greatest of all time, that’s a problem and that’s a problem. Come back. We come back with a new idea and it’s from somebody else in from outside the culture until travis got rolled her eyes going out of this is going to work here we go here. We go another another slept. Another podcast self-help books can I call from a friend from aunt matilda. What have you ever given? This idea, you should do is try to do what happened. This is getting them to buy into the system, but not only buying her the system. It’s not saying, hey, let’s you don’t hate, make a hundred call shop. Make phone calls do it so I have to make a hundred calls trying to talk to you, so I’m recording I’m recording his calls. He made a hundred. Is it ethical? Let me go something like this:hey I’m shop and i, like talking to chat rooms, light at night and walking on the beach I’m, a libra at apollo’s sister buying into the concept buying into the particulars of the concepts. Just going to trade, show called the right things at the trade show it’s better cause when I think a lot of people, though a lot of people use it. As you go back and you were just exactly what he said, you get the opinion of your team so telling you this right there right now and you want business coaching that works, then what you do is reach out to us and it works. If you say I’m skeptical, that’s good, because I really want to be. You want to trust but verify only the paranoid survive rights you’re going to find like 500 video reviews from real clients and had success, you’re going to see people like phone, doctors or tip, top, k-9 or full package media roxy fraction decide just a person who works in my office, who generates no success for my company. Does their opinion matter more and if you, if you want to run it by the whole team and get everyone’s opinion you’re, a lot of women will reach out and they can run everything by their husband who’s. Not a successful business.

Call us because I’m not going to argue with your cousin or uncle or you’re, not going to do that. So what you want to do is, if you’re all in let’s do it, but don’t call us to your all, and just just do your research make sure you have that buy in and then see what somebody has to buy it. They now know that they say step 2. What do I do next step to do? Adwords, open google, when someone is typing in stage backdrop designs for churches, I need to be top and I need to have a ton of reviews once you’re all in what do you say to your staff and they push back you say:well, we either get on board or get off board easy freezable. So you can expect one google review every single day and they go I work for industry because we’re a spine surgeon, you would say I would take you. Did you hear me? Let me say it one more time, one google review per day, where I’m going to find some new people to get me google reviews. Okay, you never for search engine optimization! Your business coaching can teach you how to do in the 5th is cold, calling jeff everybody, everybody everybody, except for our listeners in our client, everybody pushes back about against call recording every time. It’s not an ethical. Tell me about you recently recently your clients that and still get multiple clients at one particular one client in particular, I’m thinking about video cameras in office for the first time in what happened when they left the office immediately found a couple things. One is that everybody stop working immediately and to is? They started talking about her right behind her. I’ve, never had a single company.

I’ve ever worked with this installed cameras, never came back and said business owners they’re, not winners. Soap, just keep you have to. You have to install the call recording. If you want to scale the business and I agree with you. I come together with you, you’re a christian business, I would say, I agree with you, I I buy on your vision, I get it I do believe you can dramatically grow your company, but not unless you implement the system, but if you’re going to run it by every single member of your team to see if they approve of it, I’m telling you what you cannot run a business by committee z, a business is a not a democracy, it is a benevolent dictatorship and you may not feel like that’s the way your mindset is in order to be one. You have to be that way. You have to be the benevolent dictator and make the decisions and then stick to him out there. Just dominate I mean he’s like the dictator of commercial, real estate. Expansion. Building with a build on to your church would add on to any commercial property at all. You want to call williams contractor I can tell scott williams contract williams contracting these guys they guaranteed to give the owner a realistic budget within 3 days, and they aim to exceed the owners expectation from start to finish. Contact me at 918-682-5511 918-682-5514 will dash khan.Com quill.Com. You are now entering the dojo mojo and the thrive time show kick it. Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can I kick it? Yes, you can can i.

Guess you can. This is click clock on the mic and can topical castano, pinochet and I’m focused on the mission beach, the skills and kitchen plans broadcasted from fans to the bathtub. Portland, and now my friend, you got to dance to see. It, and I’ll be to see her yes, and that would stick it like that man damn what nation? What is going on welcome back to the conversation, my name is clay clark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year doctors. He had to step out of there he’s picking up a friend from the airport and so now on the show we have marshall morris, the amazon echo or the amazon best-selling book start here, which you can download for free at drivetime show.Com, the business coach. We have at quarry minter with trinity employment now, and we have a lot of listeners recently email into info at thrive time. Show. Calm and shut. We had one on the name of the chris clark and I like him, because his name is kind of like mine. My name is that sounds chris clark. How you doing big shout out to you. Can you read the the email from chris clark i? Can’t he says, I’ve been looking for podcast to start my day with and give me motivated, I downloaded so many dud, but it came across business school without the bs and started listening. I think the first one I listen to was the metal one from the beach from the beach. As far as my business, cuz I have won the most incredible business coaching products in the world that heals the brain from injury and neurodegenerative disease. We should all we should have you auto ship that I need to know that I that it exists. I just left a review on a podcast after subscribing and I’m thinking, I’m going to come to the workshop thanks for being awesome and helping others become awesome. Chris clark I have some really really horrible and positive things for you.

Chris I want to give tina and it’s going to sound harsh, but that’s cuz I care, so you wrote here, you said I’m thinking, I’m going to attend and I know that it’s just an email you sent and you don’t have to overthink every word, but this is it more of a teaching point for anybody out there. This is a teaching moment for muddy out there. If I tell a member of my team I’m going to do something i, do it cuz I’m not going to do it, I don’t do it and the people who said I did my best lose every time. So you see this check if there’s something on the agenda that says, I will write an action plan for a client. I will write a book over the weekend, but it says, on the actual, is literally I will write a book over the weekend. Do I not deliver 28 hours later and a weirdly looking clay clark monday morning, if you recall it differently, I finished reading the book you taking me months and months and months to do it in a 12 years of business, coaching to kind of get the knowledge that together had basically taken all the books on the shelf here, compile them into one book at him, all all dogeared and tab and highlighted i. Give you a rough manuscript and I said:i need you to edit this weekend. Yes, talk to me about what you did over the can to edit back the rough draft. You really want me to tell you what I want you to tell the listener like chris, how you did it? What would you do so I blocked off my entire week, and that was the first thing is i, just completely cleared my you said no to me and everything I just completely clear.

My schedule pulled an all-nighter friday in the thing about pulling an all-nighter did really get into that mojo is he got to drink a coffee, and then you got to drink whiskey and seven. Seven up and then you got to drink another coffee in another, whiskey and 7up in you repeat this all weekend till it’s done, that’s what you did and I will say. This I will say this i, don’t care what you had to do. I just want it done otherwise, I wouldn’t have asked you to come right. Then you send it back to me right. So what I did is I am the man can I turn on waterfall music site right, I cannot write without hearing sounds so I need waterfalls that was distracted, I’ll, be back on monday I got up at 3 a.M. On saturday wrote till like 6 p.M. With the kids for dinner, sunday, 3 a.M. To 6 everyday, and you know 30 hours of work in 2 days set it back to you because ernest hemingway, he said. The first thing is to the first seven iterations of anything are crap so that you sit back to me. We go back and forth every weekend. There’s a loop. Knowing it’s going to happen. Those right, then we finish the book like i, know a lot of people, though that sit there and think about writing a book for a long time. So chris I’m going to tell you this you my friend, are on the precipice of greatness, but you need to book that ticket tulsa’s, not a tourist town, I promise you chris clark I’m, not just saying this, like i, might I’m saying. If you come here, chip with her next business conference, june, 22nd, 23rd, friday and saturday, it’s a hundred and seventy-five people is a biggie. Did we not eat lunch with everybody we made time? Do we have to sit down with folks and talk to you in the workshop absolutely I’m telling you I will sit down with you, chris clark and I will answer all your business coaching questions I’m on the board will go over them will sit with you afterwards will do everything back the 2nd and I’m not sure where chris is coming from, but I’m saying she flew in from guam, probably not have fun.

We had a name of john tom litz on my hummer parked in the target parking lot. Knock on the window, hi I would like to intern, for you that’s how it happened, but it’s like he did and now he’s a client starting his own business and having success. But there’s a difference between I want to do something and I’m going to do something so I just want corey mentor you’ve started trinity employment. Yes, 10 years ago. Yes, and when you started it since you started your company, that does dudley statistics, don’t change 9 out of 10. Small businesses fail you at the end of the day, make payroll every month and you deliver for your clients. What’s the difference between your mindset and maybe folks, probably folks, that you don’t know, but people that make a claim and they don’t deliver, they make it like to have an idea, but they don’t deliver they they they they don’t make payroll. They give up. They quit. What’s the difference what’s going on in your mind, why have you not quit yet? You know I was telling my team this just the other day. Actually it was yesterday, and we were we were we were talking about. You know we’re trying to train someone new and we’re trying to get them into this business coaching mindset that we just force it to happen and when think, when we hit a wall like especially recruiting with someone other than people are coming into, as we don’t know, what to do, the thing is is like I think outside of the box, and will it to happen. What is with your mirror and when you do that, which is what we’ve done over 10 years? That’s how we’ve been able to help everyone and scale the business, and this is why I don’t go outside very much. This is why I really don’t like being around most people, it’s cuz, raina i, delete the culture of i. Did my best and I grew up. Poor I grew up without having anything and I started.

My company I’m, like optimism, to quote you on musk optimism, pessimism of pessimism screw that I’m going to make it work like i, just don’t care about how I feel I just get it done, and that’s why our show sponsors I only take on show sponsors it get it done that gets it done. You can put my name by does rc auto specialists, these guys rc auto specialists automobile, and you also tell us about rc, auto specialists, so there’s something wrong with your vehicle. You probably want to take 80 years, come by what I said. Definitely definitely calm, 918-872-8115 message:918-872-8115, it’s rc, auto specialists call my good friend roy get a quote today. They will repair your vehicle, attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review senior tickets by emailing, his group that you didn’t and your contact information to info at drivetime, show.Com, alright to my business coaching facebook. App back to the conversation is the drive time show on your radio and occasionally people will email us. The emails to info at thrive time should i. Come it’s amazing to me. We have hundreds of thousands of people that listen, but we have like i, don’t know 10:20 people to email in a given day. I, don’t understand the apathy i, don’t get i, don’t i, don’t understand, cuz I want you know. If your listing out there, you have what it takes to be successful, ct three times i, don’t have come to the lineage of wealthy people. I can do it. If I can do it, you can do it I promise you you can do it, but what happens is as you start to read headlines, you start the season for vassar, fast, company or something, and you start to think gosh I could never do that. Cuz, the gap, the bridge between where you are and where I am is so big.

All I do is literally the same things over and over everyday. All you do is win, win win, win win, so our driver asked to ask a question and I think this is a great question. So check? Don’t answer this, because this is a powerful question. What are the top 10 things you see? Small business owners do well but later forget to keep doing. Okay on the show notes, never stop, planning your deck i, wake up every single day at least 1 hour before I see a human every single day and I plan out my day marshall. Why does it have to happen every single day, I plan out my day? Why do i? Do it every single freaking day, 37 and I’ve been self-employed since I was 16 21 years? Why? You only do this on the days that you want to be productive, I’ll just screw up the other day. If you want to screw up a day, just don’t plan on what you want to do that date or just you just drift, you sleep until the afternoon. That’s the real key! Is you sleep until it’s 8 p.M. And that’s the real key to business coaching success in to wait till the brass and you filled your whole foods on your yoga. Pants are on an average statistic, is about 5.2 hours per day, american spend watching tv, that’s a real key to sanford 21 years in a row, I don’t watch tv, and so, if you really want and I will be on your tv, if you really want to have success, what you have to do, is you got to wake up and plan your date? What do you want to achieve that day? What is the schedule for that day? And it’s not rocket science, it’s just the most successful people in life.

This is what they did step to. Never stop your three-legged marketing stool. Your coach can walk you through this, but once you launch your advertisement, you can never turn it off, never turn it off, never turn it off. Turn it off, never turn it up. I thought about stopping stopping breathing I’m, going to hold my breath and just see how long I can last so. Why can you never stop advertising advertising? Is the gas to fuel for your business vehicle and, if you’re, trying to drive up that hill of life with no fuel in your vehicle, it’s going to go backwards in your going to lose study that you want also want the ability to have leverage to fire. A client who don’t like to replace my teeth are idiots to fire employees that don’t do a good job. Never stop advertising marshall! Never stop doing that group interview. Why can you never stop recruiting? You can never stop recruiting is because everybody they prioritize their employees so that they have the top player in the bottom player. You don’t want to be held hostage by your employees. You always got to keep hiring movies. You can never stop team training, cory mitchell with trinity employment. Why can you never stopped raining your team over there trinity employment, because overtime people will start going on their own way and come veering off. They go rogue and you want to keep. Basically, you want to be like a bowling lane, be the bumpers in the bowling lane and keep people in the shirt out. I put that. The ball I get like a rose in threaded in the ball and then i. Do they have a team huddle before I start daily huddle’s every single day for the day you got to let everybody know that their there they’re going to be accountable, we’re going to have a good day, and if you don’t set that tone the next in charge will-and you might not know-if that’s going to be a positive and negative. If that’s going to go in the right direction with me every day and my wife analyzes the numbers every week, why do you have to analyze the numbers every week?

It’s the scoreboard-and you don’t know if you’re, if you’re, not looking at the scoreboard, never stop saving a set percentage of your income marshall. Why can you never stop saving something? The compound value of money? Compound interest is one of the most powerful things in the world. You always how to be investing in. You got to start now. Also, when you save money up a potential to buy opportunities when they come about. That is huge. I have never had a week go by in the last 10 years, where have been fired some, but listen to what he saying grab nation and how old is so funny, but hopefully people that I knew and a former business venture are listening, but it’s so funny cuz your friends. What are terrible at their core business coaching job and then I was missing deadlines. We said we were buddies and we go to church together, let’s lose money together. This is serious. I want to go to bring this up for a second. Because, a lot of people hire people they meet at church or they meet somewhere else. There’s a bible verse that maybe 3 2324 do work at it with all of your heart as working for the lord, not for human masters, since you know that what you’ll receive an inheritance from the lord as a reward, it is the lord christ you’re serving people that have a lazy work at the unifier a minute any of the people that just don’t want to work hard fire, mueller, sick. All the time, all the time to consulate not just feel kind of sick I’ve been taking a freaking day off at all. Ever ever, you see me when I’m super sick. What I do martial chug, dayquil right, I turn my ankle? That’s crazy!

Yeah! It was pretty crazy and I just came to work. You know, I had veneers put on came to work. I just don’t know why cuz I’m, not a weak sauce boss, I’m not going to take a day off now. If I’m going on a trip, I’ll plan that but I’m not going to like let the weather patterns, you see me drive to work on it. Snows I pick people up in the hummer, because I’m going to set the tone there’s no days off, have you ever been employee. Take days off, you want to whine about d, no life balance than white about your check, balance so move on your business free business, every single time. You have to record your calls some people. Like a gentle approach, you have to record your calls. You record video your office now screw you over, but I hope that if you, because you with everybody at some point, is going to veer off the script off the system or steal or lie, or whatever the case is-and you need to have your thumb on the pulse of that business. Next move, never stop your weekly business coaching sales training. Why do I have to do it every single week, job cuz? You need your team to sell and if the business is going to stay in business for years, were the clients were working with right now it’s a parade of a people who are having super six wins everywhere and tight. Your audio was incredible gibson. Thank you so much for assisting us. What von, a wonderful administrator, diligent or you run that church I appreciate you josh and courtney. You talk about a dynamic couple. You guys led that praise and worship when everyone was there, but the work you did before they got there. That’s what inspired me you guys were for terry’s awesome, vanessa vanessa, the assistant on on the day of the church service.

Who will let me through the itinerary? Thank you. So much in mind could have a wife vanessa. Thank you for doing that, accounting every single week in furness, never missing a payroll and never letting something slip through the cracks over here. So come on. Send a message on skout jared, johnson, jennifer, jennifer and all star just saw that their sales recruit case 50% over last year. This is all packaged up. Yet this guy goes from no business at all to do it over a hundred and $10,000 a month of gross revenue rocking a profit margin margin of over 40% full package media in dallas, texas city. The guy is hiring people he’s training people he’s putting systems in he had some jobs go through the system of which, for the first time in his career, he didn’t know all the details of the job, because it’s systems are so tight and he can hold people accountable and has a quality control loop to make sure they’re being done right by 40% 40% year-over-year in the medical industry, marsh in your face, papagallos down in florida the first time that dave is taking three nights off and black olives matter. Waxhaws they’re, located in indian, harbour, beach, florida they’re doing a fantastic business coaching job. I got 0 web leads 5 months ago. Up to today, they had 450 web leads just by launching their site and some online advertising thrive nation. If you’re struggling to grow your business, don’t be an idiot, go to drivetime show.Com and phil the forum schedule a one-on-one consulting. You can book your tickets to a workshop. You can find the podcast, so you can subscribe to the thousands of videos. It’s. All there at drive. Time should not, repeat, don’t be an idiot going to throw some shade. Com take action. The time will never be just right. You must take action. 3, 2, 1,


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