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Clay Clark teams up with Pastor Brian Gibson and to launch Peaceably Gather at This audio was created to become a weapon of mass instruction and to provide you with the words you need to say to push your pastors to reopen their churches NOW.

3,000 Calif. churches vow to reopen on Pentecost Sunday, regardless of gov. Orders – 

This pastor urges churches nationwide to reopen in defiance of governors –

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All right. Listen up here. Thrive nation. This is going to be a weapon of mass instruction. We’ve teamed up with the good folks at Fox news. That’s Fox news and pastor Brian Gibson, my longtime client from his church. He has a campus in Amarillo, Texas. He has one in Owensboro, Kentucky and what we are doing right now is we have decided to start a movement to peaceably gather peaceably gather that’s the website peaceably and what we are doing is we are getting all of the churches in America to open up simultaneously. So far, 3,800 churches have opened folks. 3,800 churches have reopened. Just do a Google search, right? Right now, just search for this right now. Type in 3000 California churches vow to reopen and you will see the story. Or you can do a Google search right now for a local, I’m going to type it in here.

It’s a local local pastor. Churches reopen and Fox and you’ll find it. This is up on Fox news right now. Folks. This pastor articles called the these stories called this pastor urges churches nationwide to reopen and defiance of governors. Check out the story, read it, understand it. And then once you get to a place where you’re ready to hop on board, I encourage you to push your pastor, push your pastors to get out there and to open those churches. Now we have to stand up for our first amendment rights to peaceably gather. And many people are jumping on board and getting involved as volunteers to dial and smile and to call every church on the planet to encourage their local pastor to reopen their church. And so a pastor Brian organized a conference call for me to instruct and educate his team of volunteers on how to make these calls. And remember, when you’re making the calls, there’s, there’s no pay. The hours are long so that the pay is terrible. The hours are long. But the one thing we win is we get our freedom back, folks. We have to organize together. We have to galvanize together. We have to get every single church in America to peaceably gather today.

It’s time for every pastor. Every rabbi, every Muslim leader, every religious leader to exercise their first amendment rights. Come on, let the lion inside you begin to roar and take your people back into the houses of worship

as congregation across the country. Face gathering restrictions. One Kentucky pastor is issuing a call to action encouraging faith leaders to open churches nationwide this morning in support of religious freedom here with more on the mission is his church pastor Brian Gibson. Brian, thank you so much for joining us this morning. Um, you do know you’re, you’re in Kentucky and a lot of States are under restrictions for Sunday services. You’re saying everybody at once in support of religious freedom. Let’s go to church. Talk to us about that call.

Yes sir. Thank you for having me. Thank you. AP. But w we saw, uh, whenever the Corona virus first hit the nation, we were all willing to play ball. We thought, Hey, this could be the black plague. You heard stats as high as 5% death loss. So responsible pastors across the nation took their congregations online as well. Did, did I? And so we’ve worshiped, that weighs almost eight weeks now. And we noticed as the stats didn’t come to pass, thank God we didn’t have the kind of death loss we thought we would and I’m thankful for that. Uh, restrictions eased up on everyone around us, but, but we couldn’t do, uh, business as normal as the church. I even organized a drive through Easter egg handout with kids. Uh, the, the mass were on my, my people gloves are on my people. Dan’s been packed in store last for five days. The health department shut us down and we’re looking across the road at the fast food places, handing out French fries. The liquor stores are serving their patrons, but the church is the bad guy. And so it’s time for us to stand up for our first amendment rights. We have religious freedom in this nation and we’re not going to lay that down on our why.

So you’re calling for civil disobedience in some places where it’s not allowed, saying, Hey, if we all move at once into these, these essential businesses, these houses of worship, um, government can’t stop.

Yes, sir. We have a right to peaceably assemble. That’s why our website is peaceably and any religious leader that wants to be a part of this movement, I want them to jump on peaceably. We want to be smart. We want to be safe, we want to be caring. We have all sorts of precautions put together. Uh, you know, extra sterilization. We’re, we’re taking care of everything, but, but we want to know that our religious freedom isn’t going to die with us. I believe that every day a church is closed, a bit of Liberty dies. So we need some people to stand up and roar. There’s a time to be quiet, a time to be the land. But today is the day to be the lion. And I’m watching them across the nation. We have about, Oh, I don’t know, 130 sound up online. We’ve confirmed a hundred. Uh, but I know next week, hundreds of more are coming online. I know, uh, there’s a movement right now in California and I want to tell those guys this week. The people in our movement are going to be praying and fasting for them. Thousands of churches in California. We’re getting calls from Illinois. We’ve got churches with us from Illinois. I’ve got my friends, uh, Kings cathedral and chapels around the nation. They’re coming with us. I really believe a momentum’s starting right now

and all God’s people said, amen. Pastor, thank you so much for leading the fight on this. Good luck. Keep us posted please. Hey, it’s an honor. God blessed. Thank you. I’m here. Yes, I’m here. Hello everybody.

Um, okay guys, we’re going to save America today and I’m going to walk you through how we’re going to do it. And so we all have to do is we have to write down, if you’re taking notes, you are a weapon of mass instruction. That’s what you are. Okay? So with the intensity of a weapon, we’re going to call every church in Michigan. By the way, I’ve already convinced one church in Michigan to open up today. One already. Alright, so the script, does everybody have the script? Is there we have the script in front of you,

sir? Yes. Yes.

Okay. So Jordan, I’m going to pretend that I’m calling you. So I’m going to be the color, right? And you are going to be the pastor. Okay. You got it? Yes sir. But before I can get to the pastor, I have to talk to the gatekeeper. So in a weird way, you’re going to have to be the gatekeeper and then you’re going to go get the pastor who’s also you. Okay. So here we go. So I’m going to call. Hello. Is the pastor there?

Uh, yes sir. Uh, I can, I can connect you with him. We can see if he’s a failure right now. Can I put you on hold just for one week?

Uh, well I’m actually with peaceably gather the movement of 3000 plus churches from coast to coast that’s been featured on Fox and CBN and Washington times and it’s really urgent.

Oh wow. Um, okay. Um, it’s kind of down the tour, but we still want to make sure that officer’s available. God can put you on hold just for one second.

Absolutely. And it’ll only take five minutes.

Yes, sir. Yes sir. Okay, just one second. Great. After the whole, some pretty cool music. Um, but you like Prince. There you go.

Purple rain

seems to be interested. And I would like to connect you now. Would you hold this for one?

Absolutely horrible. Oh, sorry. I love the on hold music. How are you pastor?

I’m doing great. Uh, is this clay?

Yes, this is clay Clark. I’m with a peaceably gather the movement of 3000 plus churches from coast to coast. Um, that’s been featured on Fox and CBN and Washington times. Or are you familiar with us, sir?

Uh, I, I haven’t heard of it quite yet, but I don’t stay up to date on the news.

Okay. That’s probably good for your mental health. Well, Hey, I wanted to send you a quick video about the reopening of churches that you can check out. What’s your email address?

Oh, that’s correct, sir. Yeah. Uh, uh, J uh, Jordan K and his shirts got CC.

Okay, great. I’m going to send that to you now. And the cofounder of the movement, clay Clark would like to speak with you to answer any of your questions. Um, what is your phone number? And, uh, what’s your phone number? I’ll make sure I text you Clay’s number.

Okay, great. Yes, two seven Oh three Oh two three four. Okay. How do you know if this is when he’s going to call or is it, well,

what you’ll do is after you watched the video, if you want to learn more, just text clay. So you’re going to prompt the conversation.

No. Okay,

cool. And he’ll talk to you personally.

Jimmy it out.

Great. Well I appreciate you and I want to encourage you to them that the media momentum has shifted and we will be open again soon and very soon.

That sounds great, sir. I agree with you there.

Hey, take care brother. And that’s it guys. That is the call. Okay. And I’m going to record this call and I’m going to edit it in just a second. So anybody who needs to make calls, uh, Jordan, you can have a recording of that roleplay and you can then, that way you can play audio of the call so that they know how it should sound. Okay,

that sounds great, sir. Thank you very, very much.

Yep. And I’m going to add it to this call script so you’ll have that. And on this call script, there’s a list of all the churches in Michigan and you guys want to dial and smile and call them all. Just literally called them all until they cry, buy or die. If somebody says something mean to you. Last night, one guy, everybody I talked to was very positive, but one guy, uh, called me an anti-vaxxer and said that I’m putting people at risk and he just went off and that was awesome. And I said, well, you know what sir, I hope that I’m wrong but I’ll see ya. Bye. Boom. You know what I mean? We just keep going. You know what I mean? So we just keep going, but don’t be discouraged at all. And if anybody’s negative, just pray for a mentally and keep going. Okay. Cause you’re going to get some hate. You’re gonna get some love, but we got to make those calls. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

Yes sir.

Any questions? Any questions? Is it that we have any questions about this?


Okay. That’s my cell phone number guys. On there. I put my cell phone number on here and I’ll highlight it in green. If you have anything at all you need, call me, text me, whatever. Uh, last night I was making calls all day yesterday and we’ve got about 3,800 churches now that have committed to opening from coast to coast or is everyone aware of that? Do we all know that?


Yeah. Let me put a link here real quick. Um, to the Cal. I’ll put at the top of the script here. Uh, California. I mean this is, I mean again, pastor Brian, I mean I, I told him, I said, when we do this, it is going to, I’m going to just be a game changer. And uh, this was, uh, let me see here. This would be, let me see, hold on. Put the link to it real quick. One second guys. Okay. Oh, here we go. Put in a link right here, guys at the top of the document. Boom. There it is. So everybody can click on that real quick.

Thank you. I do.

And California guys, that’s huge. Huge, big. You guys are making a huge difference. Okay, we gotta get it going. We gotta get to 10,000 churches, 10 churches, and we can do it today. Okay? Everybody feel good now on the, on the actual churches in Michigan document. Okay. We’re going to call this the call list. We’re calling it the call list. I’m down here typing and I’m going to make this and read the call list. Data integrity is super important. So when you’re calling, we gotta be accurate. Okay, so now everybody pull up that call list if you can. Can everybody pull that up? Okay, so we’re in there.

I can’t see anything, so I don’t know where to go. Maybe I’m just not. We’ll share this with guys.

Okay, cool. So you put market green. If you’ve spoken to a pastor and the email’s been sent, Mark it green. If the pastor says never call me again or something else kind of Christian cussing, make it red but don’t take notes. Okay. I don’t, I don’t need notes. So I’m going to go talk to Daisy over here cause I don’t need notes. I just need, red is no green. Yes, white haven’t reached him yet. Cool. No notes. Sounds great. I do not want notes cause I will not look at the notes. Cool. Yup. So everybody feel good? Any other questions that are out there?

I think we’re good. Mr. Clay. Okay guys, I’m a text away if you need me at all. This is my number one priority. Let’s go do it. And uh, you guys, I’m telling you, you guys were called to do this and I have one video that I wanted to share with you and if you guys could all watch this, I made this video with our team to encourage myself and if before you make calls, if everybody could watch this video because we’re being called by God to do this. Watch that video. Okay. And call me if you have any questions.

Yes. Thank you very much for your mind. Three, two, one.

Power of one, power of one. So I want you to understand that whenever God gets ready to do anything, he does it with the power, with the power. I want to talk about the power of the law because you will walk and everything starts not with the board, not with the committee, not with the volts. Everything starts with once. The power of change begins with one, whether it is one Nelson Mandela or whether it is one woman who decides to sit down on a bus, whether it is one person that decides we should be able to fly or whether it is one person that events as telephones. It starts with once you have to decide first all this morning if you were going to be the ones or are you going to be the person who’s always waiting one. Whenever the enemy is coming, he always sets traps to stop them from succeeding because they’re the one.

Whenever the enemy knows that the one is coming, he always says to stop them from succeeding because they’re the ones always on the hit list because they’re the ones I want to talk to. Some people that have been up on the crazy attack attack. The blind sided tactic came out of nowhere. I tack on another level that doesn’t even line up with your situation. I want you to understand what the enemy understands about you is that you are the one and to him whom much is given, much is required. And so the text starts out talking about Abraham because Abraham is the one and Abraham had to move out from his country and away from his temper because he was the one. So he was a misfit because he was the one. So he had to live in isolation and separation because he was the one.

So he probably was lonely because he was the one and it took a long time for it to materialize his significance because he was the one and so he was traveling nomadically from place to place, never fitting in with any crew. No group would take him because he was the one. That’s why I’m talking to some people who have always been a little isolated, never been accepted, never been a part of the crowd is always happens because you are the one. I’m the one you probably not gonna like because I’m the one, I’m a little strange. I don’t fit in. I don’t say yes. What I mean though, I don’t no longer without a fight because I am the one. I understand that I am the one ever willing to make controversial because I am the one


to work 40 hours a week and put my check in the church to keep it going. I know what it is to have my lights off my water off at my desk and I thought to myself,

[inaudible] resistance, resistance [inaudible] between temporary discomfort long term, never make a permanent decision over a temporary condition. [inaudible]

because your values determine your choices, and if you value the right thing, you will suffer for it. You will wait for it. You will endure for it. You will sacrifice for it. You will know that the longterm benefit outweighs the immediate gratification.


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