The OXI Fresh Update | How to Grow a Business Beyond Yourself

Show Notes

OxI Fresh Franchise Brand Developer Matt Kline shares why companies that thrive have a training never-ending and relentless training culture.

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  1. Aren’t there business conferences where people who have multiple franchise brands come together and meet?
    1. Yes! Although, it is always good to start with one and see how that process works.
    2. Over time, you can expand. 
  2. The two mindsets. The multi-brand man and the one-van man.
    1. The Multi-Brand Man
      1. This man is going to develop a training organization for all of their franchises.
      2. They have reports and goals that they constantly meet about and follow up on.
    2. The One-Van Man
      1. He is focused on the job itself and not so much training.
      2. He isn’t following up with anyone. 
  3. What is the value of retaining OxI Fresh employees?
    1. Having a trained employee is so valuable because they understand the revenue producing activities.
    2. Not everyone is equal. Some people need more training in different areas.
    3. Everyone should be able to be as successful as they want because they have great training.
    4. If you don’t train them, they will start cutting corners.
    5. If you don’t give them the resources they need, they won’t ask for them and their performance will plunge. 
  4. Whenever you look to systemise things, how precise do you get?
    1. The hard part is engaging with the employee and seeing how they interact with customers.
    2. You have to be able to quickly realize your weak points and work on those. 
  5. Is the Oxi Fresh culture focused on growth?
    1. Yes, OxiFresh is constantly looking for ways to become better.
    2. We are always looking for the best and most efficient ways to market, schedule and clean. 
  6. Talk to me about the mindset of always recruiting.
    1. The multi-brand man
      1. They have experienced a loss of an employee. They never want to be back in that spot.
      2. They always have employees ready and they are constantly going through employees.
    2. The one-van man
      1. This type is always relying on one specific employee.
      2. When they loose the employee, their world stops. 
  7. How do you make sure your OxI Fresh staff’s goals and views line up with yours?
    1. This is something that is very important.
    2. If you don’t take care of this quickly, you will only be working with problems.
    3. You have to be honest with yourself and make a checklist. Make a checklist of your employees and check what they are good at and what they are bad at.
    4. It’s not okay for them to be really great at one thing and not great at another. If they are only good at one or two things, they don’t care. You have to take care of that.
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