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OXI Fresh franchise brand developer, Matt Kline answers the questions, “When will you make your money back as an OXI Fresh franchise owner and what kind of return on investment can you make?” 

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Dr Z, you’re an entrepreneur, right? Absolutely. Josh, you’re an entrepreneur, right? Yes, sir. I got to ask you guys, if somebody said to you, dr Z, Hey, if I put in exactly a $57,000 into buying enough, dr Robert Zellner optometry clinic, okay, when will I make my money back? What would you say to him soon? And very soon, Josh, if you said, Hey, I’m $57,000 into a living water irrigation, when would I make my money back? How are do you want to work? This is interesting because people ask, uh, you know, Oxi fresh, Hey, they didn’t call them and say, Hey, I want to buy a franchise, but when will I make my money back? What’s my return on investment? And on today’s show, Matt Klein, the franchise brand developer with Oxi fresh shares with you realistic expectations about when you can expect to make some compensation when you buy an Oxi fresh franchise anywhere across this great nation. Z, you see that I rhymed three times. That’s impressive.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in a writer to introduce a show, but this show dies to may eight kids, Koch created by two different women, 13 Moke time million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome

cause the thrive time show


Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation. On today’s show we have an incredible guest by the name of mr Matt Klein who is the brand developer for Oxi fresh carpet cleaning systems and franchising. Should you be interested in buying a franchise and specifically an Oxi fresh franchise and you pick up the phone or you go to the website, Oxi you fill out the form because you want to escape from the norm of businesses that fail and you want to purchase a business that does well at least historically. Then the guy who’s going to respond to you is a either him or him. You got, you got Mike or Matt and on today’s show we’ve got planned B. We couldn’t get Mike. We’ve got plan B. Met Klein. Welcome onto the show. How are you sir?

I’m doing great. How are you?

Well, I really want to know, I mean are you, how excited are you to be, to be plan B?

Well, it’s kind of been implant. Hey, I guess depending on who you are.

Well Mike, I mean it’s always our plan a and I appreciate it. I’m always our plan B, you’re, you’re playing be a guest and I’m the plan B host, so the whole thing works out great. The B team here,

I think there’s a big, there’s a lot of groom for plan B’s in the world. So we’re here.

Okay. Now I want to, I want to ask you this on behalf of team B, there’s a lot of people out there that aren’t Elon Musk. Wow. Lot of people that aren’t Elon Musk, Josh, I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but a lot of people aren’t like Steve jobs level where like genius next level. Not a lot of those folks. Then there’s not a lot of people that um, you know, are Einstein’s, not a lot of those folks. Maybe there’s more people that work at Einstein bagels than Einstein’s there, but there’s not a whole lot of people that are Richard Branson level that a whole lot of bill Gates, not a whole lot. And as a dude, sometimes you look up and you go self, why am I not bill Gates or Steve? Cause it can be easy to kind of go, what am I going to do?

How am I going to provide for my family? I’m good at some things, but I’m, how am I going to make my Mark on the planet? How am I going to achieve time freedom? And I think that’s a great place where franchises, um, show up as a good option. Wouldn’t you agree Matt? I mean, if you’re somebody who’s a diligent person, but you can’t do three 60 dunk threes, three 60 dunks on the NBA court or you’re not a super skilled musician or you’re not a genius, isn’t an a franchise a great way to minimize your risk?

Certainly. Yeah. Um, give you an opportunity to, for some, you know, uh, income potential that you may not have in a, in a normal job. Um, give yourself some time freedom. Uh, give yourself the ability to become an owner of a business separate employee, uh, without all the risk of going out on your own and having some support there with an already proven model. Certainly a, a less risky option for, for owning a business. Certainly with the franchise world

in the franchising world, I think the statistics show consistently no matter what studies you look at that a nine out of 10 small businesses by default fail but in franchise and only one out of 10 fail. I mean it’s, it’s like a reverse of the average. I mean, it’s, so they’re much more of a, a safe investment, although no investment is guaranteed. And now Josh will begin to interrogate Matt about this, this idea of buying an Oxi fresh. We’re buying any franchise. Uh, the question I’m sure you get asked probably every day, it’s, when will I make my money back? Did you ever get that question asked to you, man? Did people ever say, Hey buddy, that’s great, but when am I going to make my money back?

Yeah, I get that question a lot. You know, a return on investments. A big question. Um, you know, so you know, those are all very valid questions, um, that, that are asked to me. Uh, I always tell people the situations in which you’re in and how you run your business will also dictate that. But we can actually get down to some pretty easy, um, kind answered some of these questions. Uh, because we do know what our average job ticket is. Typically we do know what one employee can accomplish in a given month in terms of capacity of sales. So we can kind of work back on some of those are the things I can’t do is talk specific numbers outside the FTD, but we can certainly kind of [inaudible]

Whoa, wait, wait, wait. Mr political. Correct. Wait a second. Wait a second. Now when you, cause you’re throwing out jargon, you’re saying FDD, you’re saying I can’t make a guarantee. What’s the FDD and why can’t you make a guarantee? It sounds like political spin to me.

Sure. So the franchise disclosure document, every franchise in the country has to have them or they are audited by the States and approved by the States for that individual franchise. And it shows a numbers and it shows the investment level. It’s basically everything laid out in that, you know, are like 225 pages, financial performance. It has things in there, the investment, what comes with your investment rules and regulations. It lays out everything there. So we have a realistic approach that’s looking at the business. Um, and it, it goes over everything. So the FTD, we are regulated so we can’t talk numbers outside the FDD, um, because those are not audited by the state.

Um, when you say you can’t make statements outside of the FDD, I think Josh might want to know. I mean, I think a lot of listeners want to know who have an obsessed with about franchising disclosure documents. Like I have, um, and Josh, you can one up me here, but what kinds of things can you disclose? I mean, can you go, ah, well technically I can say her name is Oxi fresh. Um, what can you say or what can you not say?

Yeah, we can talk about the business itself, right? We talked about our marketing programs that we utilize. What I can’t do is give you projections, like, I can’t say you are going to make this amount of money because there’s too many variables there. So projections, they do not allow, they do not allow us to, to tell you projections. Um, you know, we can talk the numbers in the franchise agreement. For instance, like I can tell you that our average ticket residential is going to be somewhere between one 65 and one 85. That’s an audited number, right? Um, per job. So then we can work off something like that. We know that, you know, uh, for the average employee with us fresh working a full schedule, they can do around, you know, 13 to $15,000 a month in sales if they’re at a full schedule. But there’s factors in there, right?

So if that person works five days a week, but they only work 12 to five, they’re not gonna be able to breach that, that number. So we just kind of work through the program, see how you’re going to run the business. If someone’s going to run it CMIS and T we need to actually dive into that. How much time are you going to do it? Are you going to be doing the job? You’re gonna have an employee doing the jobs, right? So there’s all sorts of scenarios we want to talk through a, so basically build a case whether the business would be a good fit for somebody or not. And not one person that’s going to be the same.

Paint them into a corner, make them just, just Josh, go for it.

Awesome. Hey Matt. So the question I would have, cause I’ve honestly never read a FDD in my life, so can you just, I don’t, I think I would rather read a different book but, but to appease you, send it to me and I’ll highlight and take a bunch of notes. So, uh, can you discuss historical data then in that you’re saying obviously you have a bunch of rules and regulations you have to adhere to. But can you tell me this location historically has done this? You know, if somebody is wanting to really dive into it and kind of get a good grasp, can you just discuss historical data off of locations?

If you did a audit of your franchise disclosure document that went into every single location, then yes, you could do that for us. We do sales, we do brackets. So we do like a, um, we do high-performing, mid performing, low performing, right. And so we wouldn’t do the individual franchisee. We would do more of a broad scope of the franchisees in our system. That gets into a certain category of sales amounts.

If somebody is a low performer, do you refer to them as the anchor?

We do not. At least not legally in the FTD.

Do you do, what do you prefer? What do you refer to the high performer as [inaudible]?

Um, the high performers would be people that uh, you know, have multiple franchise or multiple technicians in the system. Um, they have typically multiple territories over time. So and low performance. By the way, it doesn’t mean it just means the number there in the lower core tile of performing.

No, you just don’t. You just tell yourself, you tell yourself, you tell yourself that this is what you are, you know what you are, you’re pulling a kid aside, Bob, you’re going, Bobby, here’s the deal. You’re not going to be playing on this game and on this team. You’re not going to be the end of the bench over there, Bobby. That’s a vital role. Okay? That’s what we would call the Jack Haley position. Now, he was a towel waiver for the, for the spurs. He cheered on Dennis Rodman, who, who encouraged the team and, and that’s what you’re going to do. So you get on the end of that bench and you understand the bench would flip over, Bobby if you weren’t at the end of it. Cause there’s other people at the other end of the bench, Bobby, there are people who could be getting splinters in their dairy air.

If you weren’t on that check in at every moment of every game. Bobby, I want you to get back on that bench and cheer because you my friend are the 12th man. That’s what you just did, Matt, you’re giving us political spin. You’re not answering the questions. I have another question and then Josh wants to one up me here. So let’s talk about return on investment. People ask you directly all the time, what kind of return on investment can I expect? I’m putting in $57,000 approximately into to buying an Oxi fresh. I’ve read the franchise disclosure document, I’ve looked at the high, the mid to low. I’ve heard your political spin about kids who are benchwarmers and telling them that they’re not anchors. I get it, but I’m asking ya people, do people ever ask you about the return on investment and what can you say or not say about that?

Yeah, the return on investments, a big question that I get. Um, and I think over the time I feel like people’s understanding of return on investment can be a lot different, right? Some people will say, what’s my return on investment? When am I going to make my money back? Some people are going to say, when am I going to reach a certain type of, of um, you know, paying my investment back or how am I going to make money? So we just kinda talk through that. So I don’t know a lot of what that individual situation’s going to be. So return on investment, it’s very situational, right? We can talk about when you get an employee for instance, to about half a schedule, it’s 35 jobs. You should be doing somewhere between six and $7,000 in sales. Now, how you run your business will dictate what your return on investment is. At that point. You might be bringing more money in then, which is going out. But if you buy a $70,000 truck, come on out, it cost you thousand dollars a month, then that may take you a little long,


A little bit about that.

So let me ask you this Matt. So you mentioned a low, mid and high, so I just want to understand this. So you’re telling me that if I spend $57,000 and I get an Oxi fresh franchise, are you, are you telling me that I can’t just stay at home and play Madden? Are you telling me that I, I still have to get up and go to work? Sorry, are you saying that I can’t just use other people’s money and buy a franchise and then I’m a millionaire overnight? Are you telling me, I just want to know if you can disclose that.

Not saying that you can’t just use other people’s money and Ty Lopez your way to success. That’s not what he’s saying. Oh man. Is that what you’re saying?

So there’s low, mid and high.

I’m telling you, you absolutely can go do that, but you probably will not be in the top portion of, of, of our performers there. Um, but it’s also to be noted, there are very good franchisees that are in that lower level and what they are is they’re owner operators that bought that business to be an Oberon owner-operator that didn’t want employees. And maybe we’re not structured now to, to really have that as our main type of franchisee cause most of them want to grow. But if you have an owner operator business, they can only do so many jobs because they are doing them right. If you get to the full capacity of one person, that’s what you bought the business for. I would say you’re successful because you did what you want to do. But in the grand scheme of Oxfords, we can get a lot more out of an individual territory than just an owner operator. So again, talking through the situation of that individual, what they’re trying to accomplish, then we can kind of work our way back and figure out what’s going to be the best situation for that individual franchisee sitting on the couch and playing Madden probably not the best, but it doesn’t mean you have to throw your record.

Wow. So was that a real political way of saying yes, I would have to work to be successful?


I, I feel like what ma? Uh, I want to make sure that, that, that Matt understands what America thinks he just said. And by the way, one of Matt’s a franchisee leads his newest lead and it’s, it’s uh, uh, it could, I can’t confirm or deny it. Well, we think the lead is, or the name of Clinton. Some people have said and um, and Mattson spent a lot of time with him. So now when you ask Matt direct questions, this is the, the, the motivational tape series that, uh, Matt met. Did you get the, this tape series from Clinton? Was it like, uh, cause you have Zig Ziglar, you know, you have a lot of, you know, a lot of Zig Ziglar’s. If, I mean Napoleon Hill, there could be Dale Carnegie. Did you order the whole box set of the, of the Clinton, um, um, you know, motivational tape sales tapes. Did you, are you listening to those right now currently or is that just hyperbole?

I’ve never stopped listening to them.

Well, let me cue up just a little audio. I’m able to tap into your ear buds using some Bluetooth technology. Let me [inaudible]

in here real quick here. A lot of people in your office today mats up motivational audio. Here we go. Terry Riley forming community learning centers. I’m very proud of what we’ve done there. Now I have to go back to work on my state of the union speech and I worked on it till pretty late last night

so you’re not going to tell us when we’re going to make our return on investment,

but I want to say one thing to the American people

so you’re not going to tell us when we’re going to make a return on investment.

I want you to listen to me. I’m going to say this again. I did not have sexual relations with that woman, ms Lewinsky.

I never told him that. Okay. I just was curious if that was the, I think it’s a different audio. I think its a different audio series that I’ve been. I think it’s a different one. You’re listening to a different one, but wow. I mean that you’ve really learned, you’re like the human Dodge ball of questions on today’s show. You know what I mean? It’s like, but seriously, if you’re out there, if you’re wanting to buy a franchise, I’m being serious though. When you look into buying any kind of franchise at all, they could only state what’s in the franchise disclosure document, which is why a discovery day is so important. Um, get to Colorado, go to Denver, see the system, see the processes, hop on the phone call and you allow potential franchisees to call current franchisees, right?

Yeah. That’s a good lead. And that’s what I was going to talk about. Next ones you want to look at the FTD, you want to get all the information, you want to go through the validation process and you want to talk to franchisees that are likeminded, maybe regional or that are going to run the business the same way that you are. And talk to several of them. Get a really good gauge on what maybe they, um, you know, struggled with in the beginning. And that could be different than the other franchisee you speak to. So yes, that validation process is very important. That happens almost every time. Um, and you want to use that in tandem with all the other things that we’re going to go through.

And let me tell you how that call’s going to sound booboo. Booboo. This is Matt’s mom. Oh yeah. I’m curious. I’m looking for that reference. I’m trying to reach someone about a franchise and to see if you would actually buy one.

Yeah, let me get somebody else. This is not mad mom. What?

No, they’re real people. Right? You can’t make the numbers up right?

No. In the actual, the, the franchisees in the back of every STD lists all the franchisees.

Okay. So you disclose all that. Okay. Just to make sure. Cause a lot of people are worried that they’re going to call and they’ll, you’ll give them your out your own phone number. You had just call my phone number. I share it with several franchisees. This is not Matt. So you actually give a real franchisees phone numbers.

Yes. Real franchisees. I mean because we can’t give projections. It’s another way to basically build the case and have other conversation. It will also for us at least show you the different, a variety of ownership potentially. So, you know, you just want to do your due diligence with whatever you’re looking to do. Um, and we’ll kind of go down that road and gather if it’s Oxi

fresh. I’ve got a, um, a, this is a, a witness. This is like a, an audio of, um, potential franchisee calling a Oxi fresh, a franchisee. Um, the name was redacted. So matcha took a sharp rate, a Sharpie marked off the name and said, go ahead and call. This is a viable resource. Let me queue it up. Let me queue it up here. This is a,

some of these cases that we need to be [inaudible]

going. Why? Well, I’m in, I’m going to really cute up again. This is the audio of, of a, of a Matt Mehsud call this person bonafide verify. We’re the real deal. Call this number and this is what he, this is what, this is what you’re going to get. Okay?

Some of these cases really need to be [inaudible].

It doesn’t matter what you ask, that’s you’re gonna get answer every time. I’m interested in learning about the profitability of your location. Tell me, tell me it’s specifics please.

Some of these cases that really need to be [inaudible].

Okay, thank you. So then all sincerity, you will talk to a real franchisee. Matt Klein, I appreciate you so much. If you’re out there looking to buy an Oxi resh franchisee, looking to invest in an Oxi fresh franchise or more importantly looking to become the owner of your own business, um, what better way to say I love you then with a gift of an Oxi fresh. So call them today or visit them [email protected]. That’s forward slash Oxi fresh. That’s thriving time forward slash Oxi fresh. My name is clay Clark. That’s a Matt Klein and Matt, thank you for always looking fresh. Hey, thank you for having me and thanks for sharing your Clinton motivational audio series with us. I’ll be listening to Atlanta, take care, man. And now without any further ado.


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