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The great American poet and musician once asked, “Once going on?” Clay explains why in your business and in your call center it’s important that you know what is ACTUALLY going on and not what you think is going on.

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Only the paranoid survive.” – Andy Grove (Co-founder of Intel)

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “As I get older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.” – Andrew Carnegie

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Trust but verify.” – President Ronald Raegan (The 40th President of the United States) 

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “When you assume it makes an a$# out of you and me.” – Clay Clark

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Two men, 13 multimillion dollar businesses, eight kids, one business coach radio show. It’s the thrive time business coach radio show. Get ready to answer the thrive time show.

thank you for calling the thrive time show. This is clevis. How can I help you? Oh know how I can help you. You are listening to the podcast, so I should probably teach you something. All right. Here’s the deal. Uh, at the elephant in the room, um, our men’s grooming lounge chain or, or at, the carpet cleaning franchise that is owned by my partner and friend Jonathan Barnett or any of the businesses that I’m involved in or, or or own are, I’m a, I’m a partner with, we record our calls now I thought a great way to explain why we record our calls would be to have daisy the, the flower of the phones, the call center manager hop on the show. And, and daisy, could you explain why we record our calls at the elephant in the room?

Oh yeah, absolutely. So it’s a great tool for accountability and holding your employees responsible for sticking to a script. And it’s a great way to catch any weirdness that might result as a product of not sticking to that script.

Yeah, we have great, great customers and great employees. Okay, but how often per week? Cause we have about 4,000 customers that you manage there. Oh, how often per week does somebody who’s a customer call in and say that they said something that they didn’t actually say,

oh Gosh, at least five times a day.

Okay, so five times a day a customer will call in and say that they said something that they didn’t say. Oh yeah. And how often do you catch an employee saying they said something that they didn’t say?

Probably six times a day. The reality is is you want to know what your people are actually doing. Now, Andrew Carnegie, the world’s wealthiest man during his lifetime who grew up poor and started working at the age of 13 he wants wrote. He says, as I get older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do. Well, how are you going to know what your people are doing if you can’t hear the calls? If you were a basketball coach, how could you coach the team if you weren’t at the game and didn’t watch the game? I mean, how, how could you help your football team get better if you didn’t watch the game or at least watch the video of your team at the game? How could you just look at the scoreboard and say, well guys, we’re losing so we should probably run a new play.

You don’t know. You’ve got to actually watch the game. You’ve got to listen to your calls. Andy Grove, Andy Grove, write that name down. Andy Grove, the CEO, the CEO, the former cofounder of Intel, Intel, the microchip people. He says, only the paranoid survive. Only the paranoid survive. Why w what color that you’re not being positive. What president? Ronald Reagan. Okay. Reaganomics okay. He said the 40th president of the United States, he said, what did he say? He said, trust, but verify. That’s awe. That’s huge. So I decided, let’s bring Tim on the show. Tim Actually works in the call center. He’s a great guy. Uh, Tim, can you share with the listeners out there? What were you doing before you joined the elephant in the room team? I worked at Reasor’s pharmacy. You worked there and you knew a, I believe Jonathan Kelly, right? Oh yeah. So Jonathan Kelly, who’s the manager of all things in the office was it was a buddy of yours from your time at research I believe.

And John told me that you’d be a great fit for the team. How did you hear about the job up here? Uh, Jonathan asked me to come in and check it out and uh, it was actually like a surprise interview for me because I had no idea what was going on and we didn’t let you leave with that taking the job. And Jonathan was like, yeah, I’ll take a half day. And I showed up and he was like, all right, so I’m going to head out and you’re going to fall clay around. And I was like, doesn’t, doesn’t clay own the company? And he’s like, yeah, you’re just going to follow him around in ambush job recruitment there. Now you are, your calls are recorded. And can you share with the listeners how having your call recording, having your calls recorded and being able to hear your own calls has been able to impact you or help you improve?

Oh yeah. It’s, it’s made a world of difference. When I got here, I was, I was honestly horrendous, which is terrifying because I’ve been talking to people on the phone for six years now for work. So yeah, if that’s been a constant, I’ve never listened to my calls until I started here and I’ve never had any feedback on it. So you don’t even know if you’re doing a good job or bad job. No, it’s, and you do it. You do a really good job. Now, uh, could you maybe explain how you’ve improved, cause I, you, I feel like you’ve made huge improvements. I know you have about, I’d like to hear from your perspective, and I know the listeners would too, how have you been able to improve as a result of hearing your calls? Oh, it’s made a world of difference. Uh, because, you know, because we have all the recorded calls, you know, we have plenty of information to go off there and we’ll have the group meetings once a week and listen to the calls and hearing my own and mistakes others have made.

You know, it’s something I can constantly have in the back of my mind while I’m on the phone about what needs to be done, what shouldn’t be done. And it’s just, you know, makes all the difference. Now, daisy, what I thought we would do is I thought we would cue up at our expense, the worst calls ever. Oh No. Well, we’re going to cure a book. We won’t play a customer’s name over the air and you won’t play an employee’s name over the year, but we are going to play audio and I will say this, Tim, you’ve gotten beat your, your energy’s better on the phone. Your, your pacing is better. Uh, it sounds, it sounds great, but I use more marketed improvement. How long did it take you to get good at your job, you think with the calls because you do a great job now.

Um hmm. I don’t have, I didn’t save the date, but as soon as I, uh, I got over being some nervous about it. And you know, 30 days, 60 days. Yeah, less than a month. I would say less than a month. And that, and I, I will just tell you, if you’re out there listening today, what you don’t know will absolutely kill you. You see, when you assume it makes a boom out of you and me, when you, when you assume it makes a boom out of you and May, what’s that word? What’s that sound? When you assume it makes a [inaudible] out of you and me. So days is gonna cue up a a terrible, not so good, very bad, terrible call and a, we’re going to break down what’s wrong with the call and you can understand why. If you don’t regard your calls, you’re going to lose. If you’re a pastor of a church and you don’t watch your own praise and worship service and sermons, you will lose.

If you are a pastor and you don’t watch the youth pastor preach, you will lose. And if you’re a football coach, you don’t watch the game film, you will lose. And if you’re a call center manager and the flour, the phones, you don’t record your calls, you will lose. You cannot win if you don’t know what’s happening, what’s happening, what’s happening is bad things, terrible things. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, 75% of American employees steal from the workplace and that includes time employees sitting around not answering the phone. Daisy, we have video cameras installed. Why? So that we can hold people accountable and make sure they’re not doing weird stuff and yelling things. And one might say, well clay, what phone system do you use to record the calls? I use clarity, voice, C, l A, R I, T, Y, clarity, voice. And you might say, why do you use clarity voice?

Do they pay you to say that? Well, here’s the deal. No, they don’t. I use clarity. Voice because it’s the best. It oxi fresh. They use clarity. Voice. We use clarity. Voice at an elephant in the room, a tip top, canine uses clarity, voice. It’s the best system. It’s the best system. Now, here’s the deal. I’m so passionate about the system that I’ve been telling hundreds of people, thousands of people to use clarity, voice. And then they reached out to me, boop, boop, boop, boop. And they said, hey, we would like for you to be like a sponsor guy, like an endorser guy. Since you referrals all the time, why don’t you become like a sponsor guy? So here’s how it works. If you go to thrive time forward slash clarity, thrive time, forward slash, clarity, go slower. I’m using an [inaudible] sketch, thrive time Ford. Slash. Clarity, C, l, a, r. I. T. Y. They’re going to give you all sorts of free stuff, all sorts of discounts. They can track it and then I might make some extra money so I can go buy some more Yeezys. All right, so thrive time Clarity. Now let’s go ahead and queue up some, uh, no good, terrible, very bad rotten phone calls so you can hear what happens when you don’t record your calls.

Thank you for calling elephant in the room. This is, sorry to bother you again. Which room is it in or what your building, they’re like a bunch of stories over here. Um, this should be an elephant, a sticker on the window of the office building without really looking at it or being able to see what you’re looking at. It’s kind of hard to tell. Uh, Oh, I’m [inaudible] somewhere in wait for it. What’d you say? The tomboy monkey. I’m sorry. We’ll my job. Give me one second, ma’am.

So awkward. No, see the data. You could see if you were a customer, why you would be frustrated if the person you’re calling doesn’t even know where you’re located. And Daisy, what other kinds of abominations with that particular individual do over and over before we finally had to let him go.

Oh my goodness. So he went in and edited the schedule and did not show up for a shift on Saturday. Told me, Oh, I must have gotten the wrong schedule. And I looked back and I was like, I know, I know.

And because we have keystroke recorders and because Google tracks, we were able to see heated

what? He changed his own schedule and tried to make me think he was only scheduled from 12 to five, which I have never scheduled anyone ever to do. Right.

Tim, is this shocking to you? You worked at Reesers at great places. It’s shocking to you that an employee would lie about his hours. Um, come on man, you weren’t, I would never even consider doing something myself. Do you ever work with somebody who did fabricate their hours or did do something shady at work ever? Oh yeah. Much angels. Yeah. Nothing back like that ever happened back in my department. But you hear about stuff like that all the time for sure. Now again, is it shocking to you, daisy, that the call he did, he had no point. Did he bring energy? At no point did he really helped the guy. Does it shocking to you?

It’s, it’s painful. It’s very, very painful.

Yeah. And I could go sit there and play calls all day, except everyone would be laughing at my expense. It’s not cool when you take a customer into the sauna of awkwardness with you, where you’re like, ah, people, they freak out when there’s that silence. Yeah, it’s just that we’re going to let [inaudible] here. They don’t, they don’t, they don’t want to go in the sauna with you. All they want to know is where you’re located. They don’t want to have you just breeding on the phone line. So again, if you’re out there today and you’re not recording your calls, there’s a, there’s a, uh, if you, if you don’t know what to do that there, that’s, that’s like, okay, I didn’t know what to do. I’m getting educated. Thank you. That’s fine. But if you know what to do and you choose not to do, and I don’t care whether you use a clarity voice, I mean you should cause they’re good, but you could use eight by eight.

That’s a great company. Clarity voice is a great company. Eight by eight. It’s eight x. Let me pull it up here. It’s eight x has a great company. Okay? Clarity voice is a great company. But if you know what to do, if you’re somebody who understands what to do and you’re going, I know what to do, I just, I don’t really want to do it. Um, you know, I mean, I know what to do. I know to record my calls, I just, I just, um, you know, I don’t want to do it. Um, I’m trying to think of a word I think would come to mind. I would think it would be foolish. Um, and then a kind of think of what word means foolish. Uh, or a person affected by extreme, the uh, the inability to comprehend, cause and effect. The kind of person who doesn’t know what you’re talking about, that person would be defined as an idiot.

No, I’m not saying you, the listener are an idiot if you don’t record your calls. I’m saying it. People who don’t record their calls or are idiots, not you. Other people. So again, if you care about your business at all, daisy, how often do we catch abominations crimes that get crimes against humanity. Jack Ass. Hurry on the phones at, at, at the elephant of the room or any of the other clients we work with. It’s literally every single day, every single day. It w let’s stop for me some of the crazy things that you have caught customers saying where our teams over the years that have caused us to either fire a customer or fire an employee or to make some drastic changes.

Ah, they’ll make inappropriate remarks. So I had somebody that tried to buy time with one of my employees. Um, yeah. Was trying to bet that he knew what her age was and if he guessed her age, he would have to give her a gift card and she would have to be the one to check him out for his haircut at the evening. And, and then she made this, yeah, he made this comment that, uh, he would prefer for her to call him.

Wow. Do you mind if we dance with your dates? What other weird things have you heard customers saying on the phone lines? Uh, over the years? Just weird stuff where you thought, I don’t know why. I don’t know that. I didn’t know that life worked this way.

Yeah, they’ve asked for massages.

Whoa. See, this is, I really want to talk about it. Have you ever heard a recorded call where you’ve thought to yourself, I don’t even want to tell you, feel shame just by hearing the recording.

Yeah, I definitely need a therapy session afterwards. Some of them get pretty weird.

I hear an abomination on the phone lines, either my clients or one of my businesses every single day. And let me tell you what customers can vote with their dollars. Okay? Customers can vote with their dollars if they’re not happy with the service, they can go somewhere else. All right? But also as an, as a business owner, if I’m not happy with a client whose, who’s being uh, sexually inappropriate to one of our female stylists, I can punt them too. So again, principals, I want you to understand today you have to record your calls or your business will fall off a cliff called mediocrity. You’ve got to record your calls or your business will fall off. Cliff called mediocrity. Now, what’s the company I recommend? I recommend clarity Voice. How do you get a good deal? Go to thrive time, Forward slash. Clarity thrive time, Forward slash. Clarity. Tim, um, you work in the call center. What’s your final justification and reason why you think all the business owners out there should record their calls?


yeah. For you. Uh, you wanna make sure you actually have a good call and don’t sound like you’re having a panic attack while you’re talking to a customer. Uh, probably be a good idea to record your calls. Daisy, what’s your final encouragement as a call center manager? How impossible would your job be without recording calls? What’s your final tip for the listeners out there as to why they should record their, come on. I just look at Tim. He’s like my personal testimony. We literally called him the nervous bomb diffuser for the first six months. He worked with me and it’s like he went from nervous bomb diffuser to Brad Pitt over night and I used to be the fast talking confused guy, my first job and they played my calls and they’re like, wow, you talk fast and wow, you’re confused. And so we all have some sort of dysfunction that we can’t fix. Right? Absolutely. Can’t hear the calls. Absolutely. So if you’re out there today, again, go to thrive time. Should I come forward? Slash clarity voice. And without any further ado, we’d like to in each and every show with a boom. So Tim, are you ready to bring the boom? Oh yeah. Daisy, are you prepared to bring the boom? I’m still ready. Three, two, one. Boom.


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