The Proven Path for an IT Company

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How do you scale an already successful business after you have nailed it? Clay Clark teaches the proven path to build a time-freedom creating business that doesn’t require any more of you as the company scales.

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In the future, the great division will be between those who have trained themselves to handle these complexities and those who are overwhelmed by them — those who can acquire skills and discipline their minds and those who are irrevocably distracted by all the media around them and can never focus enough to learn.”  Robert Greene, Mastery
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People around you, constantly under the pull of their emotions, change their ideas by the day or by the hour, depending on their mood. You must never assume that what people say or do in a particular moment is a statement of their permanent desires.” Robert Greene, Mastery
  • Step 1 – Determine the Number of Clients That You Need to Achieve Goals ($1,000 per client + 5% of gross revenue)
  • Step 2 – Determine Hours Your Family is Willing for You to Work
  • Step 3 – Determine Your Unique Value Proposition
  • Step 4 – Improve Branding
  • Step 5 – Create 3-Legged Marketing Stool
  1. Cold Calling
  2. Create Call Script
  3. Install Call Recording
  4. Retargeting Ads
  5. Google Reviews
  6. Adwords


Build Repeatable Systems So the Company Can Scale

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Audio Transcription

Want to attend the legendary Thrivetime best business conferences for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see it’s in our river orthopedic surgeon. If you have a problem with your hand, that’s my man. It was great talking to you super excited to help your business scale if you’ve nailed it and you want to scale it. This is what I do, and you might say what are you doing? Okay, let’s, let’s, let’s, let’s I’m going to shop, I’m, going to start to drop some knowledge bombs and I think I’m going to blow the brains of up some people if you’re out there listening, get some best business conferences duct tape and wrap it around your gourd right now, so you still have it in cuz I’m, going over I’m going to give you some notable quotable that I know people are not going to likebut that are true. I want you to wrestle with it. I want you to wrestle like is this guy? Is this? Guy is a jerk! This guy, this guy’s, a jerk who does this guy, think he is the start of a quotable everybody out there can benefit from it or you can just complain about the first notable quotable from robert greene, the best-selling author of book called mastery, where he studied guys like paul graham, who don’t drop box reddit an air b&b and he’s like how does that guy invent via web. The first online shopping, cartand then pivot to dropbox and then go to read it and then go to airbnb how the crap.

So let me know when some people never can get anything to work. This is what he did. He interview these people. He studied the world’s most successful people sitting down with him going to do it, and this is what he found this, what he wrote. This is his observation. He says in the future. The great division will be between those who have train themselves to handle these complexities and those were overwhelmed by that those who can acquire new skills and dis in the disciplinethose who can acquire best business conferences skills in discipline, their minds and those were irrevocably distracted by the media smartphones. All around them and can never focus enough to learn anything. So what you found is that green, his study, paul grant program, is older than I am and he this is what he says. Paul graham says:i can learn anything so paul graham chooses to not use a smartphone not to be irrelevant, but to stay focused at best business conferences, but the guy can learn any kind of coding and he doesn’t care that he’s over 40. A lot of people are saying, though:hey I’m over 40 I can’t figure it out. We got a 40 year old, trying to use a computer. We need assistance because a lot of people say I can’t learn a new thing, but he says the great divide in the Futurei’ll be by the people, are overwhelmed by all the changes. Headed people go.

Oh man I like these changes, because no one can figure it out and I can’t, which is why I like helping people write books, know i, make a lot of passive income from helping people write books like ghost ride book someone. Listen right now, you might say I want to write a book, but I can’t do it. I, don’t know how I’ll do it for you, I’ll get a percentage of the gross revenue and when you’re not willing to sit down and focus to write a book. I will invest this past weekend. My kids, you know i, don’t get up before 9:03 a.M. We get up with record a podcast write. Business plans already got a lot done before. 9 I’ve been up 6 hours to go to bed at 9, though so I got 6 hours of sleep, all good 8:30, I’m I’m, trying to sunday kids, get up a little bit later. So you know what I do you know? I do I get up 2 a.M.Half hours, it doesn’t affect my health I met with the best business conferences doctor about it’s, not a problem, but I don’t need to be distracted. I don’t need to watch the view to feel cathartically of pacify fulfilled i, don’t need a pacifier. I am pacified by the work itself. In fact, I enjoy the feeling I get when I knock out. Something I don’t want to do right. More than the feeling I get by being distracted, so here’s another notable quotes from robert greene. He says people around you. This is robert greene. Thank you for writing.

This I can finally somebody here’s my song. He says people around you constantly under the pole of their emotions, change their idea does by the day or by the hour, depending upon their mood. You was never assume that what someone saysor does in a particular moment is a statement of their permanent desires. I’ve noticed this all the time to reach out to me. It was built a company that he has sold for over 5 million dollars, and he now wants to best business conferences scale it because it’s already successful, and so we sat down at a very honest conversation I’m, going to walk you through the advice on how to scale it once you’ve nailed it that I gave him. I could not even begin to give us advice to somebody wants to start a new business everyday. Does that mean the new id every 5 minutes? Does someone who’s constantly wanted to hop around from a new idea? This guy is a real business owner who built the big, successful company and we’re going to scale the business with these basic steps. I couldn’t even have those conversations with some of his perpetually distract.

You can’t scale a fail right and that’s why we say you have to nail. It then scale Iti’m. Just not a morning person. We are a loser. Woohoo I’m, not a morning person I rather talk cuz, your a loser. I didn’t get my stuff done, cuz you’re losing me while I did get my stuff done. So don’t give me that crap, you can’t get your stuff i, don’t have any money to get a third job. I had three jobs:target target, applebee’s, directv I work construction in the summers. Why? Because they give me time and a half after 40 hours, why cuz I got to work 80 hours a week, my boss, at nobody, wants to work more than 60 I’ll. Give you double if you go, 80 80 hoursyou know. So if you want to be successful, I’m going to teach in the best business conferences past, but this guy’s already done it. I miss is a rise & grind. With that is, if you can’t get up at 5 in the morning, to give me a high-five, you can’t win here’s the deal, if you say I’m, just telling you now, so he might be a night owl, that’s cool! You can do a night thing, that’s okay, but you gotta grind. You can’t just want to have success. It’s about doing it to hear the steps for this man to scale it.

We have to determine the number of clients that he needs to achieve his goals and upon further review, we found out he’s so confident in his system. He charges his clients just $1,000 a month and then 5% of their gross revenue, because his service, his service, grows companies in the it, consulting it realistic right now and you are a nerd and you’re trying to find a way to scale your it service. He knows how to do it. I asked him I said:would you be willing to like email people, your p & l’sas, a way to show that you’re the real best business conferences deal cuz yeah cuz he’s the real deal that he only needs to get 20 clients to achieve his goals by step 2 we had a conversation. This is where the rubber meets. The road. I asked how many hours per week is your family willing for you to work? How many hours a week is your family willing to work in this is where I needed help, because I was willing to work every single hour of every single day to have success and it was destroying my family and so the honest question shop is how many hours a week is candace cool with you work and how many hours a week is miss lisa, okay, with mr. Clay, stairs working right.

So I wouldn’t ask you clay stairs with your schedule boundaries. What’s a good sustainable bounds like what’s the latest, you can work on a typical day sustainably before you know, mama mama bears going to let you know 6 for me to go past 6 at the problem. We got problems to ask that best business conferences question we found out. You know what this guy’s got to work, pretty much you knowat 5, and so now we have to work within that constraint would go. It would good. Is it for a man to gain the world and lose his own family? It’s not it’s not a game at all, so we want to help him scale his business in a sustainable way that creates both time freedom and financial freedom. So we go back from the break. Will walk you through the steps that he needs to take to scale it now that he’s nailed it I want to get the the editorial from the clay stairs and eric, both business coaches, the world’s best business workshop, america’s number one business coach for free and you did it and your contact information to input, drivetime show.Com street performers in the subway in new, york, city and i. Just I love the hustle of a street performer because they’re willing to start with the tools they have in the hustle and the salesmanship in the showmanship to come around a crowd, I’m serious asia buckets.

They have like a piece of pain they have and all the sudden they make rap music awesome with it and I think that’s an entrepreneurship spirit, I love, those guys big, shout out the street performers out there. This is the steps to scale of 1 to 10 how many hours per week your family is willing for you to work. For me, I used to work literally 7 days a week, 14 hours a day will be a minimum. Probably 15, 16 and dude I could put up some numbers. Monday cuz I could just close the hills. I’m like a bird I would say:could you meet sunday at 10 to be at work for out of town where you want to go, they were in town to meet is sunday morning. You know why is grandma coming to dj connection I’m like absolutely marty there? Could you meet like at 9 p.M. He doesn’t get off till 8 chat app solutely. Could you drive out to yes? Yes, yes, that was a yes man forever her to what happened was. Is my wife realize that I was a yes man at the best business conferences detriment of our family, so she said such motivational words as stop doing the schedule or I’m leaving those are real words and I thought I’ve heard that you were going to quick trip, leaving pretty long gated. Of time, perhaps river. It’s a long trip too quick for him again. I had that my wife mobile I want my wife definitely keeps me focused on what matters and focus on the best business conferences family doesn’t matter for me. Someone’s listening right now, I needed to hear that step. Number 3 determine your unique value proposition. This guy is super smart.

He has b, I t knowledge, they don’t teach in college. He teaches people that know how to fix computers, how to scale their it solutions and he’s done it himself. His what’s a multimillion-dollar company I’m like dude the fact that someone can pay a monthly fee and have access to your brain with a kind of financial performance you put up. That’s power he’s got it, that’s it for now we got to prove that brandon got to make sure your branding looks like high-quality has to be as good as the tesla.Com website. Your website has to look as good as tesla. We are create a three-legged marketing. School knows you, listen to our show. Regular know what I’m talking about so bring him. Specifically. He has to start best business conferences cold calling. This is where I knew this guy’s real I said dude, you call it consultant. They don’t have a secretary, usually it’s like 5 people or less. So, if you could call an it consultant seen you ask for the owner, you can typically get them within one transfer. He goes. Oh yeah, it’s fun for me, it’s kind of support, while you’re going to win buddy. So that way we can build a script based upon what you’re saying that other people have absolutely no push-back on call recording. We need to set up retargeting ads, so anybody visit your website. The ads will follow them around and he goes yeah yeah I mean it’s it’s the milk.

Do we got to pay for adwords? Were you that you probably wouldn’t, if you’re going to charge a thousand a month, you’ll probably want to spend you be willing to spend up to $500 to get one new customer cuz if you’re good, they stick around so $500, so like a thousand a week or what is $500 a week on pay-per-click ads on google and then, if you close one, you cash flow breakeven the next month to make a profit. So the only final party, or is he to make a no-brainer, but no rain or should I do I said we want to do, is offer one free month of coaching and if you’re good, then they can pay the full price to next month. I’ll be telling everyone I work with sees big wins in the first month and I’m. Really good I mean it go to build a stairs. I want to ask you I want to ask you this best business conferences Chupp about this coachability? How many clients have you do you work with a lot of your clients are very successful. Now and some people look back and go. Oh, my gosh. They must have always been awesome, but you’ve helped a lot of people make major breakthroughs. What percentage of the clients that you’ve met with when you suggest the idea they should record their calls initially like how great yeah awesome, which record my call yep before we had spent a lot of time together. 0 the mickey and minnie for clients are very successful.. You have a lot of very successful client, which is cool. I mean we work with guys.

Like shaw homes, we went to barbee cookies, the tulsa oilers, a lot of big best business conferences companies, big brand oxyfresh, whatever they’re huge. What percentage of clients when you said hey we’re going to have to have somebody make cold calls and they go I’ll, do it as the owner of them? Absolutely none of this is what’s funny. Is I got hired by oral roberts university to fix their recruiting process and their call center, and so jesse pies recipe is ors. Call you google, jesse pies are in clay clark. You can see the documentation of my performance on the call campaign and what he had to say about it. We increase the amount of getting by, 6 * 2 a factor 6x, and he said you got a good call who’s your best color. He says this guy, it’s okay, let’s record his calls and let’s build a script based upon what he’s doing, but I’m going to sit next to him and I’m going to make the calls using the skip to guess you’re going to make the calls yes I’m going to come down from that awesome and make the calls myself. Really you don’t make the calls like i, don’t give a crap dude I’m going to make those calls I’m just going to track what works but i. Don’t i! Don’t have any emotion right by I’m missing my amygdala lights, a big amygdalas center for hewlett-packard dude, amazing of soda sales trainer.

What do you do they want? I! Don’t want me to make the calls you’re going to make the calls absolutely members of our elf in the room. I was just screwing with the team. I sat down there and just do some call. Are you making sales calls yeah I like in the foxhole? Looking deals? If you read any books about general patton, what are the things that he did, which is so cool and one of the things that teddy roosevelt did to her about teddy roosevelt I’m in the process of doing a really deep dive about teddy roosevelt felt like that we should invade cuba, so he led the charge. This is what best business conferences pattern you see. This is a patent move. This is powerful having fun, he would actually call people up who were in the trenches in the foxhole he’s how’s it going to forget an ambush we’re getting together, I’ll, be there in an hour and he would go down in the foxhole with the men and say what’s going on, what are you guys need and they’re like you seriously are here you can santa. Do you know how much that inspires? Yes, people I mean if you think about donald trump provided a guy I know he’s not a popular guy right now, donald trump, to go to like him, so he’ll do mad, dog mattis I’ll put them up on the screen he was famous for under the obama administration.

He would never put his men into harm’s way that he didn’t personally go into so they would say, hey we need to send the marines over here. He would go, that’s cool I’ll go and no, no, you need to send the guys to the people from up top with the white car always right. He goes go down there too and they’re like no. It’s too dangerous. He says. Well, then they’re not going to answer. He would actually go into the trenches in the trenches with the infantry. It would actually spiring now is to a team. How much loyalty did they have for that guy literally end of the world? They will do anything for this is what I’m saying so I’m going to dominate because they’re willing to do these things. What percent of the best business conferences time, if you met with a client and you’ve, told him hey your website, the the look of it isn’t very good, and we need to do this to improve it. Have they said immediately great you’re, the boss i, will take maybe 25% working some pretty good people right this guy, though sure what do I need to do right, he even says what do I need to name it and I said well. If you’re doing it consulting it’s about intellectual property, like the brain, you might call it tesla tesla, you can name your company i, do there’s einstein bagels right, he’s a historical figure.

That’s dead! That everyone knows. So you could name your company einstein bagels, with zero trademark infringement list, some else’s used for bagels right right right now, after a famous historical company, are famous historical figure, so you could name your company right now, like tesla, I t in the less somebody is in that niche with that you could use it in your. Why it works. Alright, you can call it edison it consulting in less g-eazy in that net. You can probably do it. Can you talk to me clay stairs two best business conferences listeners out there with the final minute of power here talking about the importance of coachability, and it would, as relates to someone having success, I’m glad i. Think it definitely comes back to our relationship. It took me 47 years to make the decision that I would be coachable and and I was in athletics. All the way up to college and everything so I would feel comfortable and athletic. But when it came to my life, I was unwilling to listen unit got any way. You could help me make my ideas better, then I’m, all for that. But i, remember clay coming to you at 47 years old and saying tell me what to do and I’ll do it. In the very first thing you said, I remember his make a hundred phone calls a day and I mean I pooped, my pants, but nobody, nobody out there when I’m on business, coaching in person workshops. We have thousands of videos there to train you, but you not play steelers.Com


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