The Proven Path to Building a Successful Cosmetic Laser Surgery Business

Show Notes

If you are looking to build a successful cosmetic laser center then listen as Clay Clark breaks down exactly what you need to do to achieve both time and financial freedom.

Breaking down the financial goals into a number of patients you need to see

  1. 1,250 patients per year
  2. 25 patients per week
  3. 5 patients per day

The Proven Path

  1. Step 1 – Know you goals and post them where everyone can see them.
  2. Step 2 – Optimize your website
    1. Most Google Reviews
    2. Canonical Compliance
    3. Mobile Compliance
    4. Most HTML Content
  3. Step 3 – Gather 100 Reviews
  4. Step 4 – Create a story / about us video
  5. Step 5 – Create a no-brainer offer (offer so good people cannot say no)
  6. Step 6 – Gather 10 video reviews.
  7. Step 7 – Launch Your 3 Legged Marketing Stool
    1. Commit to writing at least 100 articles of content per month
    2. Gather 2 Google reviews every single day
    3. Launch the following ads
      1. Youtube
      2. Facebook
      3. Retargeting ads
      4. Google adwords (Make sure adwords ad shows up on the Google map)
  8. Step 8 – Calendar Moves
    1. Step 1 – Schedule and conduct a weekly group interview into your calendar
    2. Step 2 – Have a weekly accounting meeting
    3. Step 3 – Schedule and hold a weekly staff meeting to hold your team accountable to their key performance indicators
    4. Step 4 – Schedule time for you
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Audio Transcription

Get ready to add her that thrive time business coaching show radio. Yes, it is all about you that we bring the segments of today show I’m, pretty excited about this, because we have a a thriver out there in claremore oklahoma has reached out to us and they are wanting to grow their business from 265,000. Again they want to go to business from $165,000 of gross revenue to 250,000. This is exciting because they offer a product that solves a real problem that people have. They have a cosmetic laser surgery, business their average deal is $200 per deal, so what I need to do is i. Need you to take $250,000 and divide that by $200 I need to find out how many deals do we need to $250,000 / $200? What does that come out to my friend? Was that will equal 12, $51,250, 50, patient patience, I’m, sorry and 250 pesos put that on the show notes, so step 1 let’s take 1250 patient to divide that by 52 weeks, cuz, typically chapters 52 weeks in a standard year last time, I checked that was correct and that equals 24 patients per week for patients per week.

It was divided that by 5 what is 5 days if you’re up in 5 days a week, so I’d be 4.8 to 4.8 patients per day, basically 5 patient today, okay, so I’m going to help you do that. This is a super easy thing to do. I mean this right here is chip. This might be the easiest path I’ve ever made for a client. This is excited, know your goals and post them where everyone can see it, which is 4.8 deals where people can see them. Why do you want to put up the goal? 4.8 patients per day, where everyone can see it when it’s it’s a business coaching thing that you can use to make sure that everybody, you and your team members are all rolling in the same direction, we’re all going to the same goals, we’re all going in the same thing:we’re growing the company and also it’s a way to hold your team accountable. Now I know now. You know you’ve measure you measure what you treasure right and to get to this ultimate financial goal. You have to know how many patients per day you need to see no step. Number two I need to make sure that your business coaching website is over to optimize your website and there’s four variables and everybody listens to the show, a lot you’ll kind of start to know these now there’s four variables that impact a sites rank in google reviews, google reviews, and so you just have to be intentional about gathering.

Those google reviews in your coach will help you to do that because you been in business for a long time, you’re going to have sincere customers that are going to be some silly happy with the service you provided. They’re going to give you an objective review, if you asked, would you have not, because you ask not you got to get those reviews? Second, your website has to have the most google canonical compliance. What does that mean? Your coach will help you. We have to convert your business coaching site from the current way. It’s built into a wordpress site that has all of the canonical compliance features that google once you abba, eye., xml sitemap. Why are you talking about these weird things. Html site? In that? Why you sent me an html stands for hypertext markup language. You have to have a horizontal navigation bar on your site. You have the title tag:the, meta tag, the description, there’s a lot of things, but the point is your coach will help you do that? Okay business coaching words, you have to have more words than anybody else in your city to get the top of google and because you’re in claremore, so I’m typing in claremore, claremore cosmetic surgery fails.

We weren’t there with claremore it’s a city just outside of tulsa oklahoma, and let’s see here you go. This is just so easy. A dentist in claremore has 83 reviews, so I type in claremore cosmetic surgery he’s a dentist, and it doesn’t appear that you are a dentist, but that has the most without what’s 83. The next guy has zero reviews and the other guy has one review. No I don’t have any reviews clay, because they’re stuck behind a train in claremore i, grew up right next to claremore in the google search results. This is like a very, very easy thing to do. Cuz you have to have the most content and long story short one of the people that comes up top in the results. Right now is a former client who went on to sell their business to somebody else after they hit their goals and I know for a fact that the new owner doesn’t know how google search engine optimization works. I know, I know this business coaching person and I know who they are. I know what they do, what they don’t do, so they they only have two hundred and twenty two pages of content, which means it for you to win. You just have to have four hundred and forty four pages of content, with at least a thousand words original content or more so a thousand words of content on ford +, 44, +, 4, +, 44 pages, the most canonical compliance write, the most content, the 4th, though, if you’re going to have to have the most mobile compliance, because people are using mobile phones to find websites and it will, it will dramatically impact the amount of sales that you get or don’t get. The number of the business coaching mobile compliance chuck eye. What percentage of clients that have you and that you’ve worked with had a mobile complaint website before we begin helping them, but most of those they they weren’t very well optimized.

They would be mobile complain as far as the the site with namak enough to reorder itself to look dynamic to look mobile, but the buttons would normally be in weird spots and text. It’s, just kind of weird to 60%, maybe, but most of those were kind of jacked up. Okay, so step three gather 100 google reviews we talked about earlier, but you have to gather 100 reviews as soon as possible. So you must create a story video in about us video, the people. When you go to your website, people going to watch the video and people want to do business with people that make him like and trust, and so you want to get in about us video up on your website as soon as possible, and because you are now a member of the thrive time business coaching community, our team can do that for you for less money than anybody else in town. We are literally on average for to seven times less money than anybody else and will knock it out for the additional fee. To do that, step. 5, you must create a no-brainer offer. You must create a no-brainer offer. A no-brainer offers an offer so good that people absolutely cannot say no to what your coach can help. You do that, but you gotta create a no-brainer business coaching offered in oklahoma city this weekend for aaa cheerleading, competition and I noticed there was a dentist that had a billboard. That said, $19 teeth first time at the $19 first visit. Special yeah includes teeth, whitening and teeth cleaning;$19, that’s a no-brainer right there for $19. And if, yes, why is that a good move for a dentist to do $19 for a new patient in a teeth cleaning all for 19 bucks, yeah cuz!

You get them in that one time, and then you do a good job and you while I’m, and then you just book him for the next appointment and that client may last for 20 years with you right. He got to get him in the door. Then you got to come up with a no-brainer business coaching deal, so good people cannot say no to it step. 6. You got to gather 10 video reviews. People are going to want to watch videos of people just like them to verify that you are the real deal, we’re talking about cosmetic laser surgery. Here, no one wants to be the guinea pig drivetime show on the radio want to attend the legendary drive time show business workshop for free since 5 on itunes leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime. Show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see it and will be able to make your dreams come true. All right back to the conversation time show on your radio in my allergies are really beat me up today. So I apologize if I sound, like I’m from me at the minnesota they’re all business coaching plugged up there, bjorn I can’t tell me why were talking today about how to grow a successful cosmetic, laser surgery business. This is absolutely easy to do. Prom easiest path, I’ve ever made for some weeks. I’ve done this with so many cosmetic surgeons. It’s so easy. I actually did a speaking event for call eagle called bella, seminole, florida, bella, villa del boca vista, my wife and i. Did it and it was like the owner of the business, had just come in and speak numerous times, and they just said gosh.

This systems are working so well, you’re like the cosmetic surgery wizard like really do want to solve, and now it’s just a matter of doing the math. So, just let’s review the steps before I teach the final steps for are cosmetic surgery friend in a claremore. You got to know your goals and post them where everyone can see them and they need to get five patients per day to achieve their financial goals. That’s right, step to optimize your website. That means you got to get the four areas most google reviews you have to have more google reviews than your competition canonical compliance. That means the backend the structure of the layout of your website and must follow google’s rules. Mobile compliances, the third business coaching one. So you got have a dynamic website that looks good on a desktop or a laptop or a ipad or a smartphone so that it can be dynamic content and go to the shape of the screen right, mobile compliance and then have the most html content of the word. The most hypertext markup language continue going to have more twice the amount of content on your website. As your competition, you got to get to 100 reviews on your google, my business reviews. Let people know who you are and why they should go with you. You got to get people to like you to know you before they’re going to buy with you.

You got to put a deal in front of people that is so good. They can’t say no like dr. Zoellner talks about on the show. Often this gives you the golden look that first opportunity to get in front of an ideal unlikely, buyer and wow them with your service, so they then become repeat customers and they were free to their friends and family i. Don’t know why my italian voice always stutters number to work through here. Nintendo video reviews, video reviews are some of the most powerful, powerful tools you can have as a salesperson or business owner. Okay, when people watch business coaching videos on your website or on youtube or wherever they see them of real customers. Talking about how awesome you are, it is so much more powerful than you telling someone how awesome you are here we go once you have to commit to a regimen of riding at least a hundred articles a month of content to beat the other guys I’m talking about beating these guys like destroying these people.

Nobody in your industry is willing to invest a hundred articles that would invest in. If you write 100 articles of month, you will absolutely obliterate your competition I destroyed major national companies with our men’s grooming lounge cuz nobody’s willing to put the effort into it. Get a hundred articles a month of every month that you will win step to give god a grant gather every single day to google reviews to google music. That would be $700 a year every single day get to google reviews. You have to do that step. Three unapologetically lunch, the following business coaching advertisements, launch youtube ads, launch, facebook, ads and launcher retargeting ads, also launcher google, adwords, ad solange, youtube, facebook, retargeting, google, adwords and put it will make sure your adwords show up on the google map. And if you do this, my friend, you will be printing money. You absolutely dominate, but, as you start to implement this you’re gonna get some pushback. It’s called humans. The humans who work for you is a general rule, yellow tree of all the great people working with you.

But people don’t just stay in alignment once they know what to do. Getting them to consistently do it is the problem you got to give that I make sure the people do it over and over and over and over in our culture teaches doing the same thing. Over and over again is insanity you’re expecting a different result, but yet what success looks like it’s doing the same thing over and over and over cuz. It works macdonald, 2 minute, supersize that that’s what I say everyday. It’s like fries with that starbucks continues to serve the same stuff everyday. You got to be consistently mac stores the same business coaching products every single day. You got to sell the same stuff every single day for years and years and years and years and years, and so here are the steps you need to do some things you need to schedule into your calendar in order to keep your team from drifting. So here we go. Mp3. This is a calendar that must be created to produce the rhythm of success of success everywhere:i lift, your hands and join us. Okay. So this we got to this is the rhythm of success. Step 1 schedule a time in your calendar and is your calendar for a weekly group interview. You’ve got to do a weekly group interview trump. Why do we have to do a weekly group interview? If you want to keep in the vein of success?

You have got to have a river of life coming into your business so that you can punt on the turd that are floating in your river in your pond right now, okay, and so the next step. You have to do the next to interview people every single week, step number to you’ve got to have a weekly business coaching accounting meeting. You got to have a weekly accounting meeting to look at your numbers if you’re looking for an accountant that will actually file your documents correctly with the irs somebody who has thousands of clients, I would recommend our show sponsor hood cpas. Com hood cpas. Com, but that does not mean you can abdicate your account. You have to personally look at your numbers every single week and no accounting firm is going to do that. For you go to hood. Cpas, can help you get into alignment and your coach will help you do this. What you got schedule weekly accounting meeting, to look at your number to make sure you’re sticking within your budget, cpas. Today I took cps.Com at 918-747-7000. Next weekly meeting you have to have is a weekly staff meeting, a weekly business coaching staff meeting you and make sure that, if there’s weeds sprouting up in your garden, if there’s parasites showing up in your office, but you are forwarding off things that would kill your productivity holding your team accountable to their daily key performance indicators. You’ve got to do that. If you have a past that showing up in your office, if you have an insect the parasite that showed up in your office, that’s killing the mojo. You wouldn’t lament about it to chuck. If you had a spider showing up in your office, you would definitely just whack the spine.

Is the soldiers won’t pull the weeds out of their own business garden? To give a member of your team? That’s cantankerous and sarcastic you’ve got to pull the weeds chuck for somebody to pull the weeds. My house now that’s a problem. That’s going to pull the weeds out of my I got to I got to deal with the pests I going to do with the lawn in the past by the best trip. One step above gold is platinum, I’m, looking for a platinum, what level of pest & lawn control pest prevention who should I call? You should go with a company called platinum, pest, control, platinum pest & lawn? What if i, have a snake by my like who should I call in my mojito I’ve got like a a big old. Huge is nasty too ran to the business coaching website. What’s your phone number platinum dash pest control.Com, platinum pest control.Com phone number is 918-376-0857 again 918-376-0857 you get $200 off your termite treatment with a free inspections on the guys at thrive. Time show sent you just now you have your calendar set up. Things are going well, you got a schedule time for you, cuz you’re, going to be making a ton of money. I’m telling you do the system. You will make a ton of money, so you got a schedule time for you who it if your back hurts. You want to schedule time to see a chiropractor. If your you want to schedule time to take care of you, make sure that your health and your wealth are a focus chuck.

If my spine is out of line and I just got my back ache, what should I call you should call dr. John sibley at 918-749-5741, he’s over there at 51st and harvard in tulsa oklahoma 918-749-5741, dr. John, sibley. Com I’m, telling you my friend, your business is going to print money, you’re going to absolutely super successful. If he’ll, just implement, the proven path, your coach will introduce nothing. We call the tower of power, which shows you all the steps needed to create all yay, successful business. The renowned business coaching you can download on amazon best-selling book for free at thrive time should I come. It’s called start here there any with marshall morris, get that at thrive time show.Com against get that book. Download book today for free at the time should I come


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