The Tyranny of the Technician | Discovering the Proven Path to Financial Freedom (Part 2)

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Are you a technician who started a business but is now stuck IN the day to day operations? If so, Clay Clark will show you how to overcome this obstacle on your path to success on this episode of the Thrivetime Show.

  1. Phase #4 – Optimize Your Personal Happiness and Personal Life Satisfaction

The Tyranny of the Technician (Page 32)

      1. “Most entrepreneurs are merely technicians with an entrepreneurial seizure. Most entrepreneurs fail because you are working IN your business rather than ON your business.” – Michael Gerber (Bestselling author of the E-Myth book series)
      1. “Resources are what he uses to do it, processes are how he does it, and priorities are why he does it.” – Clayton M. Christensen (Professor at Harvard Business College)
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I want to attend the legendary thrive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see it’s in our riverwatch offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. All right, drive, nation, welcome back to the conversation is the drive time show on your radio and we’re talking today about how to discover your proven path to financial freedom and specifically, we’re hammering home this next phase. Phase number 3 is where you want to figure out what are your biggest limiting factors and I’m going to give you two examples that also a good plugs I think for our show sponsors here so chapped or workshops. We have a workshop every 2 months soon, they’ll be shifting to monthly jose. We have are youtube ads on and surrounding people from guam and people from florida and canada, and we have people from south korea, reaching outnews about buying tickets and so soon will have to ship to monthly, because right now we’re at where we had a hundred seventy-five people at a workshop, and it just got a little bit larger than what I wanted to do. I want to keep it work but 80 people, so you can interact an answer. People’s questions I realized it. We have a team of business workshop people that work for us. The video ographer is photographers search. Engine optimizer is business, coaches really good folks, but we do not have a custodial team true, and so they do.

Janitorial duties began to be pretty overwhelming for our team. It’s one thing to clean the bathroom for our clients, with everything to clean the bathroom for close to 200 people, lot of our guest brought their spouses and it got crazy. So we reached out to aaa actually a client that we were coaching and these guys we decided to hire them because they’re such good dudes and we found out your this-is the cleaning service of choice for google, for new star for a dupont heard of them they’re actually doing the business workshop clinic for total lending, concepts dr. Zeller associates in his team reachedout to him, and so we hired these guys to clean our offices, and it’s been a great decision to decrease the number of decisions. I have to make right when I get to the office on monday I have full faith that it’s going to be clean. You know what I noticed that the last week during the work week, I went into one of the little rooms, one of the cooks, that nobody ever really goes into the nook and it was all clean cleaner than it was for those guys. They don’t cut corners. They really get in there and do a good job. Who are these guys? Are those guys, calm,, 918 671-2048, again 918-671-2046 2046 apologize about that 918-671-2046 and for new customers they’re actually going to include in their website for nude customers, new and nude?

Yes, one or the other, so it works outthey’re, going to do a hot they’re going to buff the high traffic tile areas or shampoo, the high traffic carpet areas in your business, which most cuz they’re going to buff your height and most companies charge for that so there, including that for free every month with new business workshop customers, v classic clean.Com? Okay. So please, please, no nude custom, one more thing:better! Workshop we print a lot of stuff a lot of stuff out. We print out the video. Will we print out the paper form of the script you print out the script we were sending yet again on saturday we were sending devin to office depot cuz I like headed, we print it out, i, don’t know like towels and sheets of wizard, mind and coders graphic designers to go in office supply runs cuz, we’re firing through the office supplies while pastor, and we thought you know what we should do it again. This is a biggest limiting factor to probably not the highest and best use for our teamis. Our team is graphic designers, drone, pilots, photographers video, ographer search engine optimizer. We don’t have a team of printer repair people, that’s true. We do not answer onyx imaging guy these, these guys they not only do office supplies there, they’re kind of the one-stop business shop for tulsans. Okay, they do printer service, they do printers supply. They manufacture their own ink cartridges in a hand test everyone. So if one of them brakes or is faulty, they will deliver you another one. So they can do that and they also have price-matching on their office supplies.

So, if you’re going to staples on these big box store, they have same and next day business workshop delivery and I’ll price match anything that you guys currently have going. So you mean I could save time and money from the site. People call at 918-627-6611, that’s not 186 to 76611, and that is onyx imaging center. For assuming that you have now taken the limiters off of your growth phase, 4your personal happiness and your personal life. Satisfaction-and this is something I know-dr. Sibley-could get to speak to somebody out there that I posture working at a desk. You know when you’re typing all the time. A lot of times does a business workshop attendee or owner you get paid to think strategically. So you’re behind your desk a lot thinking sitting typing, it’s got to be the absolute worst thing for your spine. It’s got to be horrible for that. Dr. Sibley talk to me about and how many times do you see a white collar executive who has back problems or a dentist with back problems as a result of their occupation? I treat a lot of dentists. You know and I tell them that they’re building ships in bottles all day long, such intricate movement right statistically sitting for longer than 6 hours a day has the same effect as smoking.

A pack of cigarettes on your health everybody in my office stamps stand. Standing causes less fatigue, more efficiency and people are just happy. You’re I agree with that in our office. Is we allow people to sit if they want to the graphic designers, the video ographer but I think probably I’d, say 50% of the people in our office? Have a standing desk help minimum it’s a lot and I I personally really hate hate sitting during the day I was ftd I have to edit. Today it’s 14 hours straight here, eating and sitting down and reading that thing. I, just it’s almost like i, try to really not sit when possible. But if you do sit-and let’s say you are a dentist that requires you to do that kind of thing-talk to me about, what’s going to happen to your spine overtime, if you don’t see it higher factor, what happens is if you lose the curve out of your neck and when you lose the normal curve theseeker out of your neck, then you start developing all of these shoulder problems. We’re talking about upper back these knots that get in those muscles and speaking my language. This is going to be great and it really does cause and also you lose the curb out of your lower back and when you lose the curve, then you get a pelvic imbalance like you have and it just kind of snowballs from that point on could invest in. If you have the money, did you have time to do it again? How long does it take? How long does a weekly business workshop adjustment take 5 to 8 minutes to getting there were probably the longest part of it? This is driving there and it doctor said, was office.

They pride themselves on not making you wait right, so it again they’re located where business workshop chapel me roughly, where word for looking person, harvey right over by chili’s and sushi train at the starbucks right there. So it’s the northwest corner right therethat. What is that dr., sibley, the southeast corner of 51st and harvard, the southeast corner of 51st and harper? What is dr., john, silver’s website and phone number, my friend john sibley. Com dr j, o h, n s, I b l e y, dr. John sibley. Com phone number, 918-749-5741 918-749-5741, and we come back we’re going to talk about the dd tyranny of the technician. What it’s like, where you are so busy building your widget, doing your thing that you never ever ever get a chance to build a businesshas, the capacity to grow, beyond 100% of your personal effort of the technician when we return. How do you create time and financial freedom want to attend the legendary thrive time show business workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. All right rotation. Welcome back to the conversation on display clark, the former ussv, a entrepreneur of the year 3 days before my wife’s birthday on this fabulous 23rd day of april. I am super excited to be here with you, because we have an opportunity to do today. Is we’re going to teach you the how to discover the proven paprika show you the proven path to financial freedom. If you missed you earlier segments, you can find them at thrive. Time should I come where we have the podcasts.

Are there? Are the archive broadcaster always available to you now that we’re talking about the tyranny of the technician from page 32 of the start here book, if you’re the realest in the day-and you want to listen along? Are you can download the start here book the, e-book version hundred percent for free of my amazon best-selling book start here? You can download that for free today we’re turning the page. 32 is a lot of people. They they become really good at plumbing right into the I’m going to start a plumbing company. They become very good at laying brick city side I’m going to start a company where I get paid to be a mason they’re, really good at dentist, street cityside I’m going to become a business workshop dentist, and that would be called a technician. What to build a business? That means you have to have other aspects of your business. The administrative aspects are certain processes and systems delegated so that you could spit 80% of your time doing the 20% of the things that you do that nobody else could do and search up with notable quotable from michael gerber. The best-selling author of the e-myth i, would like for you to read my friend. This is such a powerful quote and I was telling you during the break glass break that, like this whole topic is just like watching my parents, my entire life build a concrete, construction business and never quite understand, you’re figuring out how to get themselves out of it and so bright by michael gerber says most entrepreneurs are merely technicians with a aunt with an entrepreneurial seizure fail because you were working in your business rather than on your business, so working on your business. What is that look like well? For me, this is pretty much what I’m doing on my to-do list today produced when my kids get up I’m going through and I’m working on a franchise disclosure document that will make it possible for the elephant in the room to open i. Think we’re going to do believe. The first 24 months will probably open 40 new locations. We’ve been doing this for 6 years, but I believe I’ve got about 40 pre-sold locations. To do that, I have to have a franchise disclosure document.

It is not legal to sell a franchise without a franchise disclosure document you can have. You can license your id or license or business workshop concept, but you have to have a franchise disclosure document. Now the franchise disclosure document on the item 19, it states the profitability of the company on the item 7, it states all of the line item things needed to open the business, the all the the tangible goods needed all the fixtures. Everything you need to open that up and have to put all that together into a 23 item legal document, and it literally has every time I’ve done this. It’s never taken me less than 400 hours of my time of reading to actually make one, which is why I hate making them, but the ones it’s done, because it’s regulated by the federal government. It creates a moat around the business where nobody can really compete with us, because very few people would have the mental discipline needed to sit down for 400 hours to do anything right and that’s why I love having folks on the show where doctor by dr. Zoellner now. You’re silly cuz. When you go to chiropractic school me and you had to take hundreds of our thousands of hours to become a chiropractor I mean how much schooling did you have to go through dr. Sibley before you were able to become a chiropractor well, I went through undergraduate college degree.

I was petroleum chemist before I before I was a doctor. I work for aamco I did not know that yes, and while I was there I had an experience. I come from a medical background. Really yes and I had sinus and allergies and headache so bad. My boss, one day said you should go to a chiropractor help. Sinus problems and allergies and headaches what I treat that a lot and really yeah I use electric acupuncture on that really electronic acupuncture. But yes, I did that and I also did my 4 years of work and then I did post-graduate work at la college of chiropractic and I did my acupuncture certificate through the acupuncture society of america. So you were a man, an engineer. First, then, you went back to school to become a business workshop chiropractor. I was a petroleum chemist chemist and how old were you when you decide to go back to school, to then become a doctor? 2525? Okay, so you you got out of school. You went into career one as a chemist and then age 25 went back to school correct and when did you become a chiropractor? How old are you at that point? I was 20, 3131, wow, okay, okay, so I did not catch up. I did not know that I didn’t either. Is it is it if, if, if the economy goes to crap and people quit caring about their spine, you could always in procure petroleum good for the russians write. This is always something he could do. You got to have a fallback position now. The next notable quotable comes to us from clayton christensen he’s a professor at the harvard business college, and he says what their master tub. He says. Resources are what he uses to do it. Processes are how he does it, and priorities are why he doesn’t okay. This is a great teaching moment for dr. Sibley at his office is at his chiropractic facility.

They actually have this weird. This weird goal is weird idea, crazy, weird, but they actually will see you when your appointment time is scheduled. So you know, I have an appointment at 3 and you going to see me like really close to 3 or right at 3. You have an appointment at 3:45 and you might say:well, we were they see me then got up and see I see, I have an appointment, 3 and i. Don’t see a bill for that’s my appointment to show up and then wait ten do you know why he’s more business workshop efficient cuz he’s really good? No, you don’t. Why is more efficient you because of his his really it’s? It’s genetics know:why is he so efficient than cuz? He has processes and systems in the uses, a hand signal system with his team internally I’d like to be like today for you to educate the listeners out there. What are some of the things that you do are some of the processes or checklist or systems you have in place that allows you to be efficient and on time will first of all, you got to have a schedule. What no way you got to have a schedule of your patients and their appointment times and so I’m out there directing traffic right.

This patient’s been here 3 or 4 minutes. They need to get back right because I want him out of here or i. Don’t want out of here, but I want them to get out of there on their own time, and we try to get you in and out in 20 minutes, I mean door-to-door time 19 going and getting therapy sessions time they got. They got other things to do with her life. Besides go to a chiropractic office, I have met them. I’ve been friends with these guys and I had to talk to them reached out to me for coaching over the years and I said:hey I’m telling you people do not appreciate the 30-minute waiting time, I’m telling I’m just telling you you might have some people that are not going to say anything to you. Tell you what they’re going to tell other people. He will say business workshop men. What do you think about your chiropractor going to go is good with there’s a huge weight. Cuz I mean that’s just that’s just it’s like the waiting room, irritates humanity, it’s a it’s a thing, so talk to the hand, signals that you use to keep things flowing smoothly.

Well, I just use some hand signals that I developed when I was probably 20 years ago. Right now, I’ll just hold up one finger, and that means monday if I hold up 5 fingers. That means friday. So if I hold up one finger and turn my hand, that means one week right. So if I hold up two fingers and tell her in my head and hand that means two weeks and that’s your doctor’s. The owner has systems and signs in his office that allows him to see literally, probably four to five times more patients in the typical optometry clinic. It’s the same kind of mindset and I would just say for the listeners out there, whether you’re, talking about chiropractic care for optometry. What are these we pride ourselves? A doing is trying to recommend really high quality services that we know we’re going to do a great job for the listeners of northeast oklahoma and this time of year to do a lot of rubs is that,. It’s starting to rain a little bit.

We’re going to come down, come down and the floods complete destruction of my home I want to ruin my business workshop wood floors. I, don’t want to ruin my upstairs i, don’t want to I just want to fix that leak right. Who do we recommend listener check out when you guys get a hold of the wonderful people over at messick roofing katie’s, guys at messick, messick roofing.Com, messick roofing.Com, their phone number is 918-874-7714. +1-918-747-7141 guys have been in business since what is it clayton, 1962 60? To give me a call, there’s a lot of things out there with rivers and if you’ve been in business since 1962 and a 2018, you probably treat some people right, i, don’t don’t put up with a scam. You will forgive the guys at messick roofing, a phone call today. Checking on domestic roofing. Tell him clay, clarkson and I’ll. Give you I’ll, give you a free copy of my book thrive, it’s messick rough and check them out


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