The Zen Mindset | Building a Successful Retirement Planning Business (Part 1)

Show Notes

Aspiring entrepreneurs must learn how to accept the things that we cannot control while still having the courage to change the things we can change.

Definition Magician – Zen – a state of calm attentiveness in which one’s actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Wealth gained hastily[a] will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it. – Proverbs 13:11

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” – Reinhold Niebuhr (The famous American theologian and ethicist and a man whose philosophy has been cited by Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., John McCain, etc.)

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Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business coach school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields trucks like to know more olaf blood nation walking back to the conversation is the drive time to show on your radio it and see if i, typically don’t start off the show by decoding rap lyrics, but when I said we’re broadcasting with the zen. That’s in reference to you, because I think that you are probably the most zen person in my life. Are you saying zentertain thin with the bad list? Your the heaviest business coach person, who maintains a column of it’s a tough situation of large man who maintains calm, I thought I was worth it and you are the name right. There. Then means the ability to basic embrace what you cannot control, while focusing on what you can control, then I thought I had that in spades your life, some people, they say well, gosh.

You know I’m either worry about everything all the time or I care about nothing, but you have to be apathetic about the things you can’t control and be very intentional about the things you can I would just like to get into your brain about how you always done that or how long did it take for you to be able to get to this mindset where now, when seemingly horrible things are happening all around you and many times lot of great things too, but those days where everything is just coming at you, you, you don’t ever publicly show that you’re cracking you might behind the scenes. You don’t have to go. You don’t have to do a closet in another man and just kind of how do you do it? Well, I think business coach wisdom and you know I’m so old. You know you get you get you get his old as I am 53, that’s hot dog! That’s actually human years, smile snap! You! What happens? Is that I think if you bang your head against the wall enough, not to worry about things that you can’t control? Finally, you see, look at me when you go. Is that headache worth it? So here’s an example that I’m going to bring up that I work for the client on today and I would love to get those in mind set on this never going to get into the proven path for building a successful financial planning business, but I want I want to start automate, just tap it tap in your business coach wisdom on this there’s a member of the thrive nation, who was a client, and they said somebody said something about me on social media that wasn’t true today and I said how many clients do you have, and this person said well, I think I have about 9,000 10,000, clients, clients, and you had one person say something bad about you.

How many? How many days in a row do you typically get a bad thing? Is all usually 2 or 3 bad comments a day. I said we have like it would be statistically improbable to not have a complaint for the more. The only way to have no complaints at all would be for you to actually see every client yourself, but you told me in the past, even when you work a client yourself, you get some complaints, so you have two options here:either, don’t worry about it ever again or be maniacally business coach obsessed about it? Let everybody go work with every client individually, make sure you hold them accountable. Make sure you tell a client. Have you ever say something bad about me? This is going to happen and treat it like it’s a like a like a nazi operation is your options. Those are your options and who had said that a lot of energy, but just describing it almost gave me a headache, but it’s not probable that we’re going to have 9,000 successfully successfully haircuts in a row. I mean we have roughly $4,000, and it’s going to happen for that particular business. We’re getting upset at least we buy found is about 1 out of 35 haircuts somebody’s going to leave, not feeling super happy. When you ask the business coach or him, are you happy will say absolutely and then, as soon as they leave you’re going to write bad things on social media?

Do you find the balance because I know part of your day or part of one of your days in the week is to address negative and negative reviews, so brother line monday personally, it’s where I deal with all of the negative social media feedback at one time, monday vendor in the windows. Out of that look like to start his week off on a positive note today, it wasn’t a certain threshold. I pull up. My facebook here I’ll go into the elephant in the room, I’ll, look it when I pull it up. Let’s see here here we go and you couldn’t get in here and you can kind of see the comments of people right and they put the worst I drove 100 miles from hundred miles from work to make an appointment and it was set up with the wrong stylist I drove 100 miles from work. This person said I drove 100 miles for sharing that feedback, not with me but with social media. Then you scroll down, you got alex outrageously business coach expensive. He says he’s not happy about it. I mean he’s just got this outrageously expensive. What would you would you comment? Would you say something back to him and weird you just deleted me:what what are you do? I, don’t respond ever i, don’t care who you’re doing monday morning quarterbacking for looking at it going to tell me gosh this person said this or that or they’re going to get all worked up about it, and if it’s like a next-level business coach thing, then I will I will i.

Guess I’ll spend my time doing that and I’ll deal with it like if somebody said that we charge them and haven’t responded, I want to make sure I’m doing right by them, but we have them. If you look at our reviews for the elephant in the room, we have a lot of really really a chat might have to educate me where I can find my reviews today, cuz you have some of the meeting that doesn’t see if you point out of there, because we have like the overwhelming majority of all. The reviews are super positive. It every single day there’s negative comments after there’s, never a day, not negative comment. If somebody drove 100 miles to get their haircut, that’s the wrong way:choice! I, don’t want your business coach. If you have to drive a hundred miles miles to get my haircut I would say you got a lot of time on your hands. That doesn’t make a lot of sense that you have once a month now. You know that takes a lot of patience and drive over a hundred miles, or so yes, but they come once every year and a half to see us in the city as well and there’s the same type of stuff, there’s a bunch of good ones on here. It’s got great place for a haircut and a beard trim, so I just need to be next business coach level kind of misery for you to spend any time with, and that’s just to make sure that you are like you said they get a refund or someone was abusive, I would imagine or someone I want to make it right. But the fact that you, you drove 100 miles to get your haircut and that particular stylist was either sick or late or whatever i. Don’t care I really don’t mean we did not possible to have a workforce for every single employee.

Never calls in sick the wrong idea to build an emotional relationship with the person cutting your hair, just move on, go to sports clips, have them screwed up and then come back to the best job. We do the best job possible, but I mean there’s nothing. We can do we get again. We have a ton of positive reviews, but there’s nothing we can do is going to be perfect until I just have to embrace correct every single day, because we have thousands of customers somebody’s going to complain. How many I’m asking business coach questions you have a hairstylist and they cut a hundred hundred months? What threshold would you say to make a mistake or two? Maybe three out of 33 haircuts is going to be the consistency one of every three okay, not a 33% at 10% screw up should be like. We have our last two people write great things about every week. She’s awesome awesome. She probably goes one at a 50 before she makes a business coach mistake, and then somebody goes on a personal outrage about I cannot believe I left there looking like my hair was so they may screwed up, didn’t boom baboom baboom baboom.

This guy has been getting his haircut with her for 2 years. That’s what that’s! What’s crazy! Two years since an outrage full page email, so I get the guy on the phone in the room. I saw your upset. I want to get you taken care of i. Guess it’s reached tier 4 tier 5 tier 10, its nuclear triad code red can i. Can I ask you:did you speak to her and share with your little frustrated? No, no, he says! No did you request a refund in the store now? Okay, so, but I might have things are on facebook. You know, I saw this cuz, it would get shared with me, so I’ll be happy. Find you I would just ask that you would share your complaint after 2 years of cutting your hair. The one complaint we have I would appreciate if you would share with a business coach minute with it, with a maximum of 25 people. Okay, why you had to pick them up because it makes him feel bad, and then he says:oh, no, no, no I wasn’t how it was I wanted to tell her, but I was busy. You know what I’ll take it down. Cuz people are so righteous there so perfect there. So it’s so easy to write a complaint on social media and be a keyboard warrior in the trolls troll in been in the presence of somebody and all the sudden. This unbelievably bold business coach facebook comment. Writer is like I’m, sorry, I didn’t mean it would be awesome if you could just tell her next time.

You see her that you were upset.. I just want to keep this private facebook, so I can see this I mean this is how it goes and I just said, I’m pulling up our company because we have great reviews of the highest reviewed, men’s grooming lounge in oklahoma, with the most google reviews, most facebook reviews. We have the best highly trained staff, but you know what we are not perfect, and so people today is easy when you were growing up. So is a kid people that a problem with you they either would the business coach gossip to somebody else about it. Everybody else in the town does, except for you i, know, I believe it’s called put him on blast. The kids say so we got to do those you’ve got to have that lives in mine, said I just want to ask you again:how do you do at see if thousands of customers with mini business, adventures and endeavors-and you know that’s impossible to please everybody I’m sure, there’s a time in your life, where you tried? Okay, what you missing out there. Do me a  business coach favor right now think about where these scenarios it’s happening in your life. Right now, cuz, we all have them.

Someone said something negative:you heard a rat you’ve heard a rumor about. You were just something that that’s out there and what I want you to do is take a deep breath:don’t close, your, eyes cuz. You could be driving, try to clear out of your brain as best as possible and remember this look at yourself. If there’s a mirror around look look at it, look at yourself and say:hey billy! If your name is billy so feeling your name, don’t sweat the small stuff and most everything is small stuff. Don’t you repeat that again went to the top and most everything is small stuff example. We notice to see that our offices of were growing or getting more and more people attending our workshops, and it was pointed out to me by my wife and then by myself and then by somebody else that you know what I got to the conference today in the bathrooms on saturday. When is clean as they were on friday this was business coach months ago, so I thought you want to do. I want to freak out lose my whole day. Worrying about it now I’m going to pick up the phone and I’m going to call classic janitorial services. Why? Because that’s the action I can contrive focus on i, embrace what I can’t control and I focus on what I can control what I can control? What’s hire somebody we reached a certain size, let’s hire a company that this is what they do. This is where that delivers for new star for google for dr. Robert, zeller associates, dupont chuck tell the drivers about the no-brainer somebody out there, who sings riding a free, deep, clean on your high traffic areas on your business coach flooring, okay for new customers $10,000 a month on top of the service being there, including it so much.Com, 918-671-2046 918-671-2046, give our friends. That’s the classicclean.Com attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review.

Claim your tickets by emailing us group that you did it and your contact information to an for drivetime show.Com, alright, tribe, nation. Welcome back to the drive time to show on your radio where we just finished recapping. The zin mindset and deciding not to mind the small stuff-don’t don’t sweat the small stuff, because that you mentioned most of his small stuff that we’ve been we’ve been the grilled up to the grill. That’s a certain temperature week, we’ve kind of seared to meet up with me. It’s been this year. That’s right! We’ll pull down the temperature little bit slow cooked inside now we have a financial planner, a member of the thrive nation, that reached out and said they want to know the plan, the path for building a successful business from the ground up. That’s in the world of financial planning. What is the the path for building a successful financial planning, business and step 1-2-3 step? You have to have a zen business coach mindset to be successful. Financial planner explain this to you, because if you, if you get this wrong and everything else going to teach you what make any sense, so, let’s just say ozzy that I’m, your financial, planner and I really care about you, I’ve known you for a long time. You seem like you care about me glad you found a long does seriously. How long would you have to know somebody right before you’d be willing to invest over $100,000 in something that they recommend a business coach or financial product? How long would you need to know somebody from your mommy? Is it a two weeks? Is it two months is 2 years 20 years? How long is from your perspective, it depends on the swag of the handoff. Another word look. Nice. Let’s have got a really good friend of mine that done business with that.

I was a good buddy of mine that I’ve known for a long time, now. He’s vested with me he’s been bona fide bona fide hey. Listen. This is my financial planner dude I’ve had for a while he’s a good, dude or she’s a good lady know what they’re doing I know you got a little extra cash it and really and see what they have to say. It was a bona fide endorsement correct. So the question is:how do I grow from the ground floor minnesota from the very bottom? This is not a startup, but it’s a deal where it’s about 4 years in and there’s not enough revenue happening yet until I am going to but said, super moves, I’m sure you do too yeah it’s so here are the pair of the business coach mindset, though mr. Financial planner, people that want to grow their financial practice quickly, their financial planning practice quickly. If you come across to your clients like you, wanted to put in money today, like oh here’s the deal, here’s the hot sauce you got to put it in now it freaks out anybody with any kind of accumulated wealth at all, because z mentioned it off. The air I want to tap into your genius on the air. I say this all the time shelf in the office. Any type of anything that happens, quick is almost always something that doesn’t work right. Get rich quick is not a move. Proverbs 13:11 we can put on the show notes. Proverbs 13:11 talks about wealth, it’s quickly gained quickly business coach diminishes, so for a guy like he was easy to talk to me, lighted some net worth over his lifetime. If I said, oh, my gosh you but gotta buy, this hot stock right now, it’s an entry-level. This is this:is the time to buy this, there’s never going to be a better time than right. Now those move don’t work in financial planning with people who have the net worth correct and they say they’re scary, like you said in the most people, with wisdom, well pump the brakes and you may have lost the opportunity to get their business coach down the road by doing that, convince somebody to put in money right now, cuz, there’s a big rush, the kind of person that would put in money typically right now, cuz there’s a rush.

How are they going to react? Z when the market goes down a little bit, the general rule of thumb, I mean i, look back in my business career and the few times I’ve gotten scammed, where they always always need. You Know:i’m I’m, leaving town. You got to make it to mine right now. It’s right now, baby acne, on top of the hot tip, a hot deal, hot put their. You know right now and then you’re like oh yeah, when I guess it looks pretty good, we’ll just do what you know to be a wealth planner, a financial planner for the wealthy with the wealthy. There is a book called networking with millionaires. I want to put on the show notes, networking with millionaires it’s by a phd last name of danco danko can explain this when you’re dealing with wealthy business coach people do not use the gimmicky sales moves that work when you’re selling to the masses for one product, the other one you’re selling. To that what you say it rhymes with masses. The donkeys are people that are buying consumer goods that you were going to quick trip to buy a burrito. That’s the mass sent the message, but the people that rhyme with the masses to feel to have a lot of money, the people that those those people that bbb the donkey but those people they tend to have earned wealth overtime and they don’t work. They don’t speak. It rich moves that work on them.

You don’t think they like burritos is that it is that the defining thing between a guy with money with that I think $0.20 and you fill it up with people that are wanting get rich, quick moves. Why is it a personal disaster for using in the event that you even did get a thousand people to sign up if you’re, a financial planner? And you go after these people that want to get rich, quick and they invest? If you want, we could that be crazy and marketing as a general rule of thumb, the harder it is to get an account, the harder it is to lose an account. Come on. Therefore if you’re getting quick account and you’re doing a mood kind of little bit of a hey baby sweater. We got to hurry hurry or some of the other business coach things I know I know we’re going to try to deep dive into a little bit some of this, the the scams that do you know, but if you, if you can get someone that way, then that means somebody else could get him just as quickly way from you. Okay, I don’t be on that show so there’s a book and I can put it on the show, notes there, but it’s networking with millionaires and their advisors. This is just a powerful book for you, mr. Listener to read or to listen to it’s, powerful and so now I’m going to walk you through the scenarios that he steps of what you need to do to take your business to the next level. One I would highly recommend that, right now you register your google business coach map. Probably while we’re doing the show register the google map, because if somebody google’s name your company and you don’t pop up at all-that’s confidence inspiring move.

No one is a plane. No, it’s not even really a financial planner, steve you’ve dealt with a lot of people are trying to get mortgages and they make huge claims about their financial wealth. And then, when you actually pull their credit, do they think that you’re not actually going to see what’s going on, yeah I think that maybe people think they can hide things that they cannot hide. But this happens a lot as a not so if you type in the name of a financial planner company planning company, they didn’t show up at all on google z. Is that a red flag for you, while they’re on the phone with you for big purchases or small purchases and sponsors onyx imaging right and these guys, what they do? Is they they make? A claim? Is a hey, we’re going to save you time and money by meeting with you to compare what it costs to for you to buy your own business coach office supplies or for us to deliver them? Toner paper print cartridges, that kind of thing, and they have a great deal going to be anybody’s price and they’re going to deliver your office supplies to your office. But at the same time, they have great reviews, which makes it a no-brainer chuck tell us about onyx imaging. So these guys are like the one stop business shop, steve currington. They can do printer service, printer supply, off supply price matching same and next day business coach delivery. They manufacture their their print cartridges in house, they build them, they build them in house wow, and so they have they can guarantee them and have a warrant lifetime warranty on them. So call him today:918-627-6611 918-627-6611, onyx, imaging.Com, onyx, images.Com, z works for me and saving money and time onyx


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