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Who is Tip Top K9? How did they start their burgeoning dog training empire? In this podcast edition of the Thrivetime Show Clay and Z will sit down with the founder of the company to tell you their story.

  1. How long have you been training dogs?
  2. What makes the Tip Top K9 experience different?
  3. How your is overall philosophy of dog training different from most dog training companies?
  4. What is the no-brainer offer that you are making?
  5. What is the catch or gimmick of the $1 first training session?
  6. If I want to schedule my first dog training session, how do I that?

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.” – Andrew Carnegie

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Audio Transcription

Get ready to enter the business coach thrive time, show 3 2, 1, all right, drive nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the drive time to show on your podcast download it. We have a very special wonderful super awesome, incredible see this guy is kind of a big deal and he’s the kind of man that makes you say. Bow wow I tell you what you know every now and then you know:we’ve been you’ve been a business coach quite a few years and I would I would tell the world that, in my humble opinion you are the world’s best business coach, bill, belichick and tom brady comes into your life right and it’s just like a match made in heaven to where bill looks good and tom course thomas good, as hell is good here, he’s going to skype great here, and the two of you together are synergistic. In other words, you don’t build. Tickets are to tom’s at 2, but together, two plus two equals 7 synergism, but really I mean bill belichick. If you think about his, he really has very massive demands that didn’t work out so well in cleveland. He did right well at the giants, given the authority to put it through in tom brady’s, not fast, and he wasn’t drafted ray high, but the 6-round gather they just can get it done on their synergistic and that’s how you and ryan are it mean if you think about it rhyme with drives like tom brady with bill belichick? How long have you had you been training dogs before you and I first met you I’ve been trained dogs professionally for last 10 years, so we’ve been working together for last year. So how did you first start training dogs? What’s your business coach story there well well. First I had a dog and I couldn’t do anything. I watched all the videos, I went to some other classes and I was trying to get the dog to do stuff and I was training the dog like 3 hours a day, and so you got to a place where you realize look at this. This dog, it’s taking me 3 hours a day to train it and, if I open the front door. So when did you did you get the hip? When did you get the epiphany that hey, if I can learn to train the dog? I bet you other people would be willing to pay for every when did that occurred in this could be a business while I was working for a different dog trainer right at interned, I kind of apprentice, work for free for a while and was working for them, and then I ended up working part time, so I work from 8 to 5 and then from like 5:30 till 8:39 and the weekends I do dog training?

That’s a super move. We we covered on so many other stories and some of the podcast and some other shows so super i, just love it when pop pop showed up so anyway, so you’re you’re, doing that and you realize it. Hey I’ve got something Here:i’m solving a problem. So when did how did you make the tip top k-9 experience different from other dog trainer, because I know people that have trained dogs next door to people that train dogs? I bet, people that train dogs and, it seems like seems like a lot of them kind of run. It pretty casual party casual with her start times, they’re in x and their pricing. It’s all just a standardized pricing, there’s no standardized hours of operations and scary and some people actually had theirs on the news here and I hit like dogs in their home. How do you, how do you do it differently than they have no business coach business in the dog? Training is not it’s just like they’re happy that you’re doing to get paid for basically like the like. All of our guys are yellow polo sprite. We have brandon shirts, we look clean. We look nice traditional like 10 years ago, the dog turns over in like a t-shirt and sweatpants. What is a terrible celebrity? What is your overall philosophy towards dog training and how is that different than maybe most dog training companies? Are there any different engine bay system and is solely focus on transference, which is what that means. It’s an unconscious redirection of feelings from one person to another on traditional dog training is either positive, reinforcement or negative reinforcement in space off either fear or respect almost so fear being like how hard should a person have dominic a leader. I am respecting like how will I pay and ours is in the tension. Bay system is kind of in the middle I’m, not rewarding or punishing I’m.

Just getting the dog’s attention in our whole system is laid out for I can transfer it from I’ve worked with a 9 year old girl at work and 90 elbow room in before, and it worked for the 95 year old woman that could work to wiener dogs. So, if I’m listening to this podcast and I’m trying to learn some things, I can apply to my own life. My own business, one of the things is it you’ve standardized your philosophy. You have a system that right now, 70 page document system is so then is step 2. Is you have all of your marketing document everything you have it’s not loosey-goosey. It’s not week-by-week changed I mean it’s a proven business coach system. Strict marketing mix yes and then the third action item for the third thing, I think I’m. Getting from this is it you guys, have a a no-brainer and offered it so good that potential customers almost can’t say no to it. Tell us about your $1. First training offer you’re doing and what’s the what’s, the catch are $1 first lesson is we come out to the house or we meet you at one of our locations and we meet with the family.

Go over everything. That’s your either goals your problems, and then we work with your dog for 10 15, 20 minutes and go from there. So if I’m listening to the show and I want a different kind of a cell phone repair, company I own, an optometry clinic I own it in subway’s outside of tulsa dentist on a lawyer, if someone struggling to come up with a no-brainer offer, that’s as good as what ryan has a tip top k-9. What’s a dollar for the first training session, what advice would you have for the doctors on as an optometrist and an entrepreneur as soon as a lot of success in the auto auction in in with the bank, even vested in with the durable medical equipment? To think about it step? One is know, thyself, know, thyself, know, thyself, know your strength and your weaknesses, some of you out there listening. You are a very clever and coming up with a no-brainer is very easy and you come up to no brainers all throughout the day, and you see yourself as a no-brainer. I could come up with a no-brainer and you do and that’s great and some of you out there saying i, don’t even know I’m, not even sure I even really realize what they’re saying right now would have no I’ve got to use my brain. So here’s the deal know yourself number 1 know your weaknesses know your strengths and if one of your weaknesses is in marketing, then find some marketing folks find a business coach in marketing find someone that can help help you in that, because here’s think about is i, find very few business coach or entrepreneurs that are awesome at every single component of running and maintaining and busy making my own handmade to tell you right Now:i’m counting i, don’t even touch i, don’t want to mess with the legal side of things. I don’t want to sit there, I mean i. Could I could read aloud illegal books, I could actually little tire week and I could go to lowes go if I wanted to. You could do that could be apartment accepted in the oceans and sit there and brown versus city of cleveland, states and I know you’re, not good. At marketing find a business coach that is good in marketing I mean obviously, obviously we as thrive nation humbly, submit ourselves as the business coach you should hire. We have great, we have people are great in all aspects of it, and this is one thing. That’s amazing: that’s what’s going to funnier! Is there somebody out there listening and you’re familiar with some of these stories, but think about this? What is a franchise franchise is where you say you know what I am just looking for a proven system and i, don’t even want to be i. Just I just want to know the system that works sure, and so there are businesses. There are rare business out there and i. Just can’t give you the ones that I’m involved in right give you example of that rhino of her and clothes. Like you think about oxyfresh you nosey you and i.

Tomorrow we can go out there and call oxi fresh. We could find out if there’s an area or a territory that’s available and we can just buy it and forget on 30 $40,000 we have a franchise and then we they have a system for generating leads in a system for training people how to clean carpet. Solar systems have been thought through. That’s what you built that you decided not to franchise your systems. Doctors, eat right, but I mean generating leads, is like one tenth of the battle right and if that’s all, you do and don’t follow up with them. You’re not going to win, and the thing about it is here, as business coaches were concerned, about all 10 steps on 13 steps on what you want to call it to make sure that you are not when the businesses that has to shut its doors in businesses fail right. If somebody does fill out the form out, tip, top k-9, you walk us through the process that you built over the last 10 years would help you the last two of those, but now through the process will right now and somebody filled out a form there supposed to get a phone call within 5 or 10 minutes from call center call center calls me and then what’s going to happen, is they’re going to try to schedule them a $1 first lesson and one of our trainers are going to go out. There meet the family go over. There issues work with the dog there and then, after that, they’re going to go over some packages based off the dog’s needs right then we’re going to schedule either a boot camp or private lessons or group classes or whatever. We think those business coach people need in that fits into the budget and we’ll go from there and you actually have packages and pricing you’ve already thought about what they charge us on. What we found his work, the last 10 years last couple thousand dollars so that everybody can get these ideas is ryan is not a rocket scientist to leave could be he’s, not a guy who is professes to know everything about everything. What he is he’s a good guy who has decided that he’s going to turn going to go from a hobby where a lot of people just get stuck? Is it turning into an actual viable business and he’s going to be focused on holding his craft in mastering something? And if you feel like your business, is in the toilet and you want to craft it and hornet. We at the thrive time show business coaching program can help you or, if you say, I just want to buy a proven system.

He can help. You either way would help having to call you out I’m going to call you out I’m going to call you out. Can we call me in no I’m going to call you out call me shirley, shirley, surely you’re a you, your business does not have to be in the toilet. To make it better, you could be a very profitable business and you’re ready to go to franchising the next level you want to grow. You want to double your business next year and you’re, making money as it is. You want to take it to the next level. You want to go in other cities. You want to try that you are right, I double stamp you’re calling outage you can be your business could be at the peak of your market and you want to create a secret weapon. Thank you allowed you to neutralize and destroy your competition. That’s what I found refreshing myself in person workshop is that the guy that you were hand-picked to come on into the podcast? Is it really fun podcasts if you haven’t, if you haven’t, listened to it, but we actually did it during the in-person workshop in or studios in the box that rocks and a couple of the guys were very successful. Very successful. So I would ask this ryan what has been the biggest thing. You’ve learned over these past two years that we’ve been harassing you. What are some of the things where you thought? Maybe previously you guys were stuck and now you guys have invested in yourself and build those just a divorce in areas where you were stuck and now you’re like man. I almost can’t remember that we used to do a3, probably one and systemizing everything as a business coach, not just our training, but literally every single part of our business checklist and then next is never stopping advertising and bump in that budget. Up as income goes up right because in the past I kind of wanted to once we started getting on 234 week, weight loss we’re going to 5 week weight loss before then I want to bump down the advertising and just keeping it consistent and fixing to weight, lift problems with group interview, so consistency with the advertising, the checklist to follow up and then the the group interviews that will help us get off waitlist and we quadrupled our staff since i. Don’t think that I have what it takes to do this and or what is a weekly coaching meeting like you’ve, been we’ve been rescue every week for 2 and chromecast 2 years, I guess a year-and-a-half.

How would you look like it was? It feel like to the average to describe your experience right so what we start with his any burning fires in the issues that, when my wife and I have that we’re going through if we stay like they were having this problem with an employee or we’re having this is marketing or we need this print piece or whatever. So whatever is the biggest issue, I’m I’m encountering toronto? First right, then, we’re would have known they have an agenda of things that we are going to try to bump out for either the next month or two a year. What not-and we start talking on this is-maybe you don’t know that the semantics of how we do it, but internally, what we try to do is identify the entrepreneurs biggest limiting factor real fast. Where are we stuck and we can find that each week some weeks is a lot of action items lot of stuff you have to do. The theory meets the execution for a business coach. We are all rushing you, the revenue and helping you get to your goals and I’ll. Just say this on the podcast I know, thousands and thousands of people will hear this diligent people proverbs 10 force at the god blesses the hand of the diligent and punishes the slackers diligent means the study, application of effort, and you both you and your wife-are so consistent, which is why it’s a life-giving when, when the team love seeing you guys every week, I think you guys enjoyed seeing if we fight or more like a partnership, a team loves working with you, and so, if you are out there and you have a dog is being crazy, live in the 918 area code or you live in boise or twin falls idaho reach out to tip, top k-9 and see, if maybe you can just see if they could, that i, don’t think of any kind of dog situation that they can’t handle it. Take the ticket challenge, go to tip top k9.Com today and schedule at $1 dog training session, and perhaps you have a sales professional that won’t follow systems.

Maybe you could book a training session with tip top as well, but the thing about is here again:his boils down to life lesson 101. You know you got a dog, that’s not acting the way you wanted to act and you can sit there at your head and invite reads and pray about it and you know, sit down and have a deep conversation with the dog about it. But you know you get a dog coach and you know what is a game changer and same thing with all the entrepreneurs listen out there. You know you’ve started a business you’re going to business your business going. Well, your business isn’t going well. You want your business to do better than it’s doing your dog to do better than what it’s doing you know you want a better thing with your dog to you. You hire tip top, k-9, it cuz they’re, going to be your dog coach. Just like you hired the business coach thrive nation thrivetime show.Com. We can tell you more about it right there than you. You may even want to hear, but I’d be a business coach, and so my point is:is that when your car is breaking down and what are you taking clay to a mechanic if you want to get it fixed? Thank you when your marriage is going wrong.

Where do you to go talk to you want to take it to a therapist but but but be careful, be certified marriage? Will you spell the word therapist in the rapist the same way? This is very careful little bit crazy. Sometimes you know when you hear people that that have a problem and they just are scratching their head going. What do I do about it and I’ve got a dog that won’t listen to me. Won’t do what I wanted to do. It’s just out of control. It’s controlling me and I’m, not controlling it. You take it to a dog trainer right, so send it with business. Same thing with coaching same to you want to get better shape. You get a personal trainer. You get a fitness coach who told you know it’s kind of weird. It’s a broken record a little bit, but it’s not because I think some people need to hear that over and over and over right now we just encouraging you to do the right thing and the right thing is whatever is broke:take it to the right person to fix it. I’ll just end it with this with this. Have, dr. Zoellner and I’ve been able to have success in building 13 multimillion-dollar companies, because we’re business coach geniuses or is it because we know of open system and i, encourage you to google dr. Robert, zone, associates or eitr lounge.Com, or the z66 auto on nova drive time, showing you can see our history and we’re here to help you? But you know just look at the fruit of our lives and if you feel like we can help you want to do it. If not no stress we’re here to serve you, but in a show with a boom. It’s where we go to what


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