Time Blocking 101 – How to Actually Block Out Time to Do What Matters

Show Notes

If you are struggling to find the time you need to do what matters most then listen in as the best business coach experts Clay and Z go over the moves to blocking out time and gaining time freedom on this man cave session of the Thrivetime Show.

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “One of the main reasons people don’t improve is that they are not honest with themselves.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed over 40,000 employees and over 1,000,000 customers per week)
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “One way to get your priorities accomplished is to schedule them into your calendar.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed over 40,000 employees and over 1,000,000 customers per week)
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People who cannot hold themselves accountable and who struggle with discipline must always be disciplined by the market or a manager.” – Clay Clark (Former United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year)
  4. Most entrepreneurs can’t find time to do the following:
    1. Blocking out time to record your calls
    2. Blocking out time to write the content for your website
    3. Blocking out time to organize your finances
    4. Blocking out time to recruit people
    5. Blocking out time to attend a seminar
    6. Blocking out time to take your wife on a date
  5. To become a proactive and powerful person you must act with a sense of urgency when it comes to knocking out daily tasks that you will not cause you feel pain or gain immediately.
    1. Blocking out time to record your calls
    2. Blocking out time to write the content for your website
    3. Blocking out time to organize your finances
    4. Blocking out time to recruit people
    5. Blocking out time to attend a seminar
    6. Taking your wife out on a date
  6. You must learn to say no to everything that is standing in the way of your path to success and everything that will not move the needle for you and your brand.
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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to the best business coach show. Have a business question>? Email is today and info at thrivetime, show.Com and clay and doctor Z will answer your best business coach business questions live on the air, alright tribe nation. We are talking about time, blocking 101 and actually blocking out time to do what matters now. This is what I see a lot of time from people? Not you not you to listen to other people, so it’s the people. You know so just take note of this because take that on this, because I know that you are finding the time that you need to get things done, but most entrepreneurs that I like me to get stuck. They say:they’re blocking that you’re struggling to block out time to record their calls you’re struggling to block out time to write the content for the best business coach website. You know they’re struggling to block out time to organize their finances. You know in there also struggling time to check out time to recruit people struggle to block out time to attend a seminar in, and that also makes sense because they do struggle to take her significant other out on a date and see what happens is. Is they end up buying buying into the excuse? I just ran out of time. I don’t have time and solely cockrell. If he was here, the former executive vice president of walt disney world resort, to spend the night at dr. Z’s house needs a partner and friend he said he said one of the main reasons people don’t improve. Is that they’re not honest with themselves? He also says one way to get your priorities accomplished is to schedule them into your calendar. Now he goes on to say, cuz lee cockerell. Is he there very very honest man or very very mean man? He says people who cannot hold themselves accountable, any struggle with discipline, video trains. He talks with his people that struggle to hold themselves accountable people that struggle with discipline. They they tend to not get results.

You know people that I want to break it down one by one with you so see. If there’s somebody out there that I am struggling to find time to get my best business coach calls recorded to listen to them to write the condom. How old is somebody find those pockets of time which you seem to have enjoyed as young entrepreneurs, and you started your business 26 years ago? You seem to have mass pockets of time to build the systems and when you started your auto auction, you had those massive pockets of time and even know you grew up poor. It seems like you had massive pockets of time, which is why you were able to have success, and nobody else was so. Where did you find those? You know when I was a young boy who I found a lamp lamp, lamp, lamp and I and I rub that lamp, hello and the wish I wish is to have large pockets of time available. For me when I become an entreprenuer so that I can start grow, my business that, where should i, also want you one more time and the time contorium does not affect me. I am free of time constraint to go in and out of time and stop at times. I think I’m going to give it to you and you can have it down like a tuna sandwich. We don’t you just get rid of very nice calves muscles with nice. Try a certain things that we teach in our in-person workshop. There is no magic about it, but there’s any chance you could get the second lap call like you liked. You know you light a candle and you can you put on, like you, know, music and then and then and then get nana nana, nana, nana, nana nana and something this guy’s open-ended of the flies down in it. It’s b cat has the secrets of how you do time management.

It’s this, the practical steps to each other in person. Workshop. We teach you on her videos. We teach with. This is a thing we know a lot of best business coach or entrepreneurs struggle with it. It’s a question. We hear all the time. In fact, when I’m talking to young entrepreneur first thing in the mouth is i, don’t have time, i, don’t have the same 24 hours that I have the day off today. Do you want jack will turn the day look like park has in the desktop that luke has in the day that chuck has in the day I mean I’m. Sorry you’re only given 17 hour, the practical steps of doing it, clay and you have to be very purposeful and when I always do as I just start up a step. One. If you wondering where your time’s going write down what you do yesterday, I mean really. What did you do yesterday after you write it down? I give you this step, two, steps, step, 1, step 2, you got to say no to everything, except for the things that are going to move the needle, get you to your tv watching I say no it to lawrence according to netflix they, according to usa, the average american spend over 2 hours a day watch on social media. It’s going to be tough to be successful. It turns out, you can’t say no to every single thing that does not get you closer to your f6 goals. That’s faith, family finances, fitness, friendship and fun to see I want to hear from you. Do you specific I’m going to attempt to take your time? Okay, I’ll go to represent what are the one thing does not undergo list. I would like for you to shut me down. Okay, thank you. I’m, going to be innocent email floating in your inbox and I want to see. If you want to attend the chamber event and you do what I am an innocent, no text message flying in from someone who fired two months ago, don’t answer i.

Am somebody who’s coming into your life, wanting to complain about your jim breidenstein sign on the side of your best business coach building, their dr. roberts and associates, and don’t listen, don’t care, walk away! I am somebody who wants to argue with you about your religious views because I feel like it’s. You did your speaking event. You advocated firing people that don’t perform a fake phone call to walk away. I am somebody who would like to said you got a minute, no i, don’t think very much welcome, like I’m somebody who’s not wearing pants, who walks up to you in a walmart parking lot and ask for $7 and I said:i. Don’t carry cash with me, have a nice day, so you just say no you shut down. Yes, you shut it. Down. You shut it down shut. It down, want to shut it down with people saying they would. Even though I saying the meanest word on the planet come on up, I want to go to walmart. I just want to go fishing with you. I know you through a pseudo church relationship and let’s go fishing together. We could grow his bed. No I don’t want to owe my gosh search up. Where am I missing. Something I want to get your take. I noticed it’s a lot of trickery to win on what you’re doing you have a little bit of time. You start a chip away. Some of that time we’re going to get into some some best business coach blocking steal things you should block out in that schedule, but one thing every entrepreneur needs to do with blackout. Meta time we talk about it all the time back at outback it out. Talks about in some of the training is at an interview that you did with him about how he I think he arrives at work at 6, but he arrived at work at 6:15 weeks. Plains is fasting concept when you got to disney at 6 in the morning, but there’s no traffic on the right. The parking lot is empty and no one interrupted him and we just how we started off as a manager and then a district manager and then the head guy and then the next guy-and he always was the first one to work at work so me, and is he had time to plan everything out because he says during the day it’s chaos during the day. There’s things going on old times cast and if you haven’t planned it out you’re not going to be able to deal with that chaos correctly. Let’s talk about application. Luke in your life you’re a great guy you’re, an empathic person, you care about people, so this will be harder talk to me. What was the hardest thing for you to say no to her was the hardest thing for you to say no to well. I! Think I can sum it up this way. You know I used to say I’m about people in about making people’s lives better, but I forgot I was a people.

I forgot that I am a person value myself, and so, when I started to do that and started saying no and saying yes to myself and my needs life changes. It’s weird that is weird. Do you remember that show was that the fievel goes west doing that the fievel goes west, it was called fievel goes, west, american, tail, fievel, goes west theme song from that movie. Go through that defeat. The theme song from fievel goes west, know there’s a song in there where he’s talking about basically one it’s it’s it’s it’s true about this, this mouse and he’s trying to move to america, and he ends up basically singing this song. Where he’s wondering, if anybody’s out there, somewhere out there to somewhere out there beyond wondering, is anybody out there for a best business coach and I feel like that’s? What you’re going to end up doing is an entrepreneur all alone. If you run around trying to please everybody and then you’re going to be alone at the office at midnight, asking yourself is anybody out there because you’re going to be drained, I mean they are going to mentally rape and pillage you they being everybody. If you make a million? Yes, it’s a million. Yes vote. You got to say no all the time you going to giggle. It feels so good I’m trying to leave me tomorrow. I found your time in a useless meeting or where I’m going to hang out conference or at this or that that just I want you to say just take a deep breath and say no, no I’m walk off everybody together. Now three people will look at you as if you’re, what just happened, I couldn’t actually mean. No, you mean tomorrow. Instead of today. Oh, you mean that sounds like a frat boy at a party maybe need to know what channel does week. Word just say. No just say:no, you don’t want to. Let me get back to you and you know you’re not going to go back to north coast I’m. Just take no just be just be a man. Be a woman of your word, and you say you know what no cuz. You know it’s not going to further your six, your f6 goals. You know what it’s going to be a time-waster you’ve done it we’ve all been there, we’ve all done it so many times. You know it’s going to be that way. Now we come back with a break next podcast no-brainer advertisements 101 creating a new eyeliner that actually generates more qualified leads. So many people in my brand by creating a no-brainer, but you got to do it. Otherwise your wallet will become a complainer. You got to create a no-brainer, nobody further ado


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