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Need to hire new team members? Listen in to this segment of the Thrivetime Show as Clay Clark goes above and beyond with the top characteristics to look for.

Question – What are the top 3 characteristics you look for in a new hire?

    1. FUN FACT – The Jack Welch 4 E’s
    2. Energy
      1. AMPLE EXAMPLES of World Leaders:
        1. President Obama
        2. President Trump
        3. Oprah
        4. Steve Jobs
        5. Winston churchill
        6. Jim Gaffigan
        7. Jerry Seinfeld
        8. David Robinson
        9. TD Jakes
        10. Joel Osteen
    3. Edge
      1. Ability to make the tough call.
    4. Energize
    5. Execute / Skills
      1. Jack Welch GE’s 4 E

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We have chuck typically and in the tulsa area, for a show like hours of our best business coach time slot in about 37,000 people that are are listening to the show it again then wrigley field there are times are many many more people and i. Admittedly, before doing the show have never been a huge podcast by 10:37. I would like you to be here in the morning and I would cue up youtube videos and listen to tv jake’s every single morning, while getting ready, that’s just kind of my move and then I listen to while to audiobooks, with the only exception as far as podcast I listen to until a couple years back was the tim ferriss podcast. But I never got it to sync up all my phone ever listen to it from my phone technology computer, it’s! So what kind of fun is that we’ve had a lot of people at this past conference? Who came up to us there today? I, don’t know how to actually do the whole itunes thing, and so I want to start that off real quick. If you’re listening to show today and you’d like to attend our april conference for free, all you got to do is just google search. The word drive time show and itunes. Somebody said:that’s not just one word, that’s multiple or it’s okay, but you use the word for multiple word. You search for the best business coach Thrivetime show on itunes. You bought. You find the show you cooked a little subscribe button and then, after that, you just write as an objective review. You send us your contact information to info at thrive time, show. Common, damn you get $540 of tickets for fire department are the tickets plus you get those two tickets, plus you get to copy of the boom book.

Now, for some of that myself, this kind of technology, yeah and I’m kind of like thrive time show in the word jinx right drive time show them where jake’s and then you can just write an objective, google review right there and again, just as proof that you did it and bam either way it will give you those tickets, and so what we’re doing now chop is we’re getting more and more people that are are discovering to be actually respond to these pretty much within 24 hours. It’s crazy! We have another question to get email from a thriver, so let’s go ahead and take the question from a survivor hot hot question. Ready I can feel it I’m on the keyboard.. What are the top three characteristics you look for in a new hire that there’s a specific question. What are the top three like if you never include what industries are in the help me so much, but as far as the top three early at 4, because they’re jack welch, the former ceo of ge, who grew the 30 by 4000 % during his tenure? He says these are right here. These are the four characteristics that you need in anybody they’re going to promote or higher this. What you’re? Looking for from the ideal employee now you’re looking for the non ideal, employee, i, don’t have a lot of feedback for you, but if you’re looking for the ideal, this super employee, this right here, I mean. Is anybody out there? Listening to your say, I am just i, don’t know what to look for I just give you interviewed so many folks as the best business coach and you just can’t seem to find the right can they’ve gone through the cesspool of resumes samples. Pretty harsh to me, but you’re going through here are the four things that you’re looking for. One is you’re looking for energy now. The second thing you’re looking is jack welch talking to your energy when you’re looking for edge they’re looking for their ability to energize other people, you might see. How is that different from energy and 1/4 is execute or bass guitar their there they’re their skills can I get the job search up. Let’s go one by one:okay, when we hire people for any of the businesses for the elephant in the room or make your life. Epic are marketing, firm or the thrive time show, or the thrive business coaching program or whatever the business is we’re looking for energy, whether it be an auto auction or not, tree clinic or took the break that what is good energy look like from a can? That’s it! So the idea of having somebody having good energy means they don’t need somebody pumping them up. Every minute of the day, they’re coming to the workplace in the morning prepared there bringing their own energy to the crew is really that simple. So what are we right now from buddy? The elf means that you are full of energy like me right now, so I want to make sure that we’re getting this energy I want to put some examples on the show Notes:i’d like to just listen examples of energy that you liked president obama or not whether he was your guy okay, weather worthy of the bracket. Was your guy or not. The point is barack obama president, barack obama. He brought energy with put them up. There’s example:okay, I’ll think about president trump. Does he speak with energy or not. You low energy? Is it all been out like this? Is oprah oprah she’s got the leaders of anything anybody who leads anything? Are they yawning up there on stage who scored I just know, apple steve jobs? He brought energy energy energy would winston churchill the prime minister of great britain.

When he stood up to the nazi regime he was bringing some energy i, don’t know a comedian jim gaffigan brings the energy jerry seinfeld brought the energy professional athletes when they’re playing a game, david robinson our colleague and thrive partner. He brought the energy so why in the world, would there be any entrepreneur that wouldn’t bring energy to the workplace and don’t give me that crap that you are using? You know what I am actually just love the older i. Don’t have that energy energy, td jakes put td jakes on their leaders of anything joel osteen, the leaders of anything anything that is required. Someone to the organization you we have so many people now more than one we were. You have to actually get things done. You you’re looking for people with energy, because if you have to drag everybody uphill all the time it’s exhausting, so you want some people to add to the energy know what happened to it with a with a group of energy, which is what I’ve discovered here at the thrive time show with our team or elephant in the room. There’s so many people have energy. Now it’s a positive energy when you come in the building is magnetic, but you worked in environment racine environment. To read, friends who worked environment with the energy is low. Why do people in your best business coach mind? What is your good guy? Why are people out there hiring low-energy people what’s going on? They don’t know how to hire. They don’t know how to proactively be in charge of who’s in the pipeline, who they can play store team members with the strap myself running the concrete company view hiring as a one-time event, weekly group interview every week for 78 years now, but I can’t believe the history that you’re not really into the history I am actually 37 and since I was 22, we’ve been doing group interviews so it’s 15 years ago, and the whole point is that you have a backlog, a catalog, if you will of of what you would say, vetted qualified candidates to come working at some of their data interviewed and was great because they brought great energy right and I had another guy named matt from the melting pot, who brought great energy. He just showed up at our office and he says to work for you guys. I want to do that and he said have been listen to this podcast and radio show now i, don’t know the whole story. I just thought he said he was willing to work for free if he had 2 in guess who we hired that guy matt dixie broken energy. Yes right, there’s other candidates that come in there are maybe not as qualified for the interview or maybe have a ton of.

Therefore I’m not going to give him a shot and here’s the deal when matt came in. We had somebody who is equally qualified. He brought a ton of energy, but matt came in your first right, so I decided to do is i. Call that my friend, who owns a jewelry store, jada, jordan i, said:hey. Are you still looking for a sales person, easy I’m? Looking for people, you don’t like I character, I’ll, try in the skillet what you look for high character. Are you still looking for a quality care that we were speaking the same language, joel david is successful. Successful successful people are looking for the same thing. So I don’t have to say:hey. Are you looking for the forties? Are you looking for energy? Looking for ad you look at it. Are you still looking for good people? He said I am I need somebody I sent this person over to interview with him. It wouldn’t you know he hired the part. I am that’s how it works now. The next thing you look for new hire is edge edge, edge edge ability to make the tough call the ability to say you know what it’s not a good fit and I’ll give an example of time show business coaching program. It works really well and the words got out that can I get hunter most marketing firms, it’s like five thousand bucks a month or six thousand bucks a month, and they don’t actually include video ography in photography and strategic. Coaching and sales scripts is search engine optimization legal templates, I would pay even won $8.25 per hour employee I get the whole thing, and then you wouldn’t wait what what? What is it? Yeah I paid one guy who works for me like 10 an hour and that guy I pee work for meeting every week of the months of 4.3 weeks a month after taxes $2,300 a month, and he just doesn’t deliver a lot, but then I pay them 1500 flat and I did all this value I get to be top in google for best business coach. It’s awesome. We had somebody who wanted to be a client who returned turns out. They’re racist churchill turns out so we’re going over to get out of the mouth. The heart speaks you know, and so, when you’re around somebody doing a 13-point assessment to find out whether they’re good clients or not, you can you want to interview him and find out their goals and find out what their what they want to do and if we can help them in their weaknesses and their strengths and move a 13-point assessment that we go through it every potential client. What you’re going through the assessment? People are racist, one there’s an incredible amount of ignorance requires to be, and so multiple people on the team and made you know, I made note of it, and it told me who this person is. Is racist and so I had to make the tough call to say anyone that tough between example? But this just happened.,

hey i, know they want to pay I know we have the ability to work with him. Cuz you’re, not working with someone else in the same city with that same industry with a non-compete, and so let’s go ahead and not work with him, and you need people on your team who can make that call where money is not the end-all for everything and I know it’s a lot of I think a lot of people struggle with edge, because if you don’t have the ability to make the tough call, then the company starts making poor moral decisions and things get weird. So we got back from the break. I want eric shop to talk about example from his career I’m, managing his own business, the concrete business about where he had to maybe have some hats ready to make the tough call and why that is such an important character, attribute for any potential employer looking for people that can make the tough call get ready to ever that thrive time best business coach show on talk. Radio 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, with ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. Alright, alright, alright, alright. Welcome back to the conversation on your radio or your podcast download, and we had a a thriver that took the time to email, a question which we get asked a lot of the conference I’m so glad somebody asked it on the on the radio show the email list to info at thrive time, show.Com and chip. What was there question? What question do the email they were wanting to know quote? What are the top three characteristics? You look for in a new hire and quote and I was just going through jack welch jack welch’s for eat right, and so they hit the easy writing these down. Okay, so the first eat I would have rusty you want, have his energy, you want to make sure you bring the energy to the job. You know what’s important, ii e e is at church. This is jack welch, oh yeah. You want to be able to make the tough call. You don’t make the tough calling hit you with a brick is energized. You want people to come to the work place and they hype. Everybody else. I, don’t know. If you want the kind of guy who was freaking wicked off the tom brady runs around saying you could do it.

Let’s go hard on top of more everything to quote tom brady’s actual tom brady quotes. If you watch the nfl mic’d and watch every single game as I have over and over over the years, you will know if there’s a quasi deity by the name of tom brady, and if you look him up he’s going to do what she’s going to say that he’s talking to defensive lineman, he’s talking to offensive lineman he’s talking to people who probably aren’t even on the field I mean stalking the fans. Go you going to hype it up. Ryan bryant, dead body sharon come down those nachos going through all the fans yelling at them, one by one and the fourth, the fourth e I want to get it that later, as you got to excrete, you know you got to do you know cuz. If we would you want somebody who works for you, who’s bloated does not regular know you want to so we’ll get more into that later. But jack was his fault. He’s got energy, you got the edge. You got the energized. Those all I just thought the 4th when I changed it up a little bit because I’m like hey, if we don’t excrete, what’s not good, then we’ll be stuck with it. When we still can you be, you know, it’s you just drink the brew by future drake, the calm down there, we’re not talk about jihad, okay, so edge chopped, you ran a construction company. Give me examples where you had to make the tough call in the concrete okay so multiple times throughout that you know the career. You know when we’re running the business there be times where a general contractor or an owner they wouldn’t pay like they were supposed to. There was war. It was good to think they went ahead and put your money where they wouldn’t plan like they were supposed to, but they would still require you to be out there doing work and so. Eventually, at some point we would have to have the ability to make the decision that we are walking off the job or not coming back, we’re not going to continue until the situation is rectified and so for a lot of nowhere. I. Think of the word, rectify I remind me of my 44 to jenny pick:wasn’t it squeak, yeah i, don’t know i, don’t know if you would stand the cold haitian, but it is wicked hilarious. That’s why I tried it all together, like that I’ll be here for the next segment, and also just finds that we have is that they’re, so hungry, they’re they’re willing to just go through everything to get every job they can and they’re, not willing to say no to this so you’re saying you’re not going to pay it off call, but it’s like you’re, a good guy and you’re going to pay soon. Okay, so I’ll do the work for you and then we’re going to try to pay me like. That sounds like a great job, so it took edge to you no say guys, all right, we’re going to be on a 15 man, crew out there walking off the job, guys it’s noon on a thursday we’re going to pour tomorrow, but we can’t because they’re not paying the bills. So we got to get out of here.

So andrew you were here with drivetime. Show you i! Do a lot of behind-the-scenes work, your your coding, you help do the video production you a lot of neat things for their violation, glasses, look nice on the forties. I want to be free, anytime! I want a distraction to will. Therefore they would shop. Easley i, don’t make a tough call, the guy when we’re done with the segment. So talk to me about myself or coach, or our team member who had to make a tough call you when I was kind of that probably was a tough call, but your baby glad the stuff college mate yeah, there’s a lot of times. We have to make a tough call, her quick call when things are happening. You don’t really all the all the time as the best business coach have the chance to think about it. Have the time to think about it like deeply. You just really have to make that call and make that tough call I make that right call. Is it good to visit, feel good for you as an employee, know that you work with people who can make the tough call who aren’t the victims of crazy clients or victims of just circumstances, but you’re able to actually sometimes punt the negative, employee or punt? The client has subtle or outspoken racist. These kind of things I had to choose my ease. I would put this one first cuz. If you can’t pump up other people get off my field cuz. If you watch the ravens, do you watch the ravens mike watch ray lewis? If you watch the patriots might be watching michael jordan tonight. If you want to watch these people, when you see them the mic feature that bose is put out. There is pretty cool because they put shotgun mics on the field and they get the audio of the players playing that i. Tell you what if the nfl or the nba I’m, not getting it, be a major league baseball if they wanted to increase the amount of people that watched dramatically I hope they still no idea soon.

They could just have a premium service repairs for 10 bucks game, and you can hear every word they’re saying on the 5th hole inside of a 450. That’s what I want anyways like so ray ray, lewis, toe pumps up his team, any leader of a company pump supper team, i, see so focused on doing what they need to do. But it’s a side comments. When you’re walking up to get grab some coffee or you’re passing an employee on the team. You could just say:hey, you know what I appreciate working with you. Hey it’s great to see you how you look sharp today. It made me like that time. You were getting some coffee and some clear. Your derriere looks amazing and then I said what did you say that please leave off of that? The verbal okay I’m finally is execute. Can the person get the job done? I? Don’t want, spend a whole lot of time on that, but I got a secret hits. Do they actually have the skills needed to get the job done and do they get the job done, especially especially easy? What is it? What is it or lack thereof? Okay, so when you’re hiring people wheat with pissing people to a shadow process where they actually come in and work for a little bit? Yes, and if they’re, showing a bunch of ego and they’re above doing the jobs that need to be done, then you need to get them out of there, because that’s going to be a weed in your garden, you need to be have people on your team that are willing to go above and beyond, do whatever it takes to get the job done, because that’s how you win now, if you want to win, you want to take your business to the next level. You are coachable I’d, encourage you to book your tickets. Today for the april workshop we are sold out. We had a fabulous, a fabulous event here in february were sold out. We had many more people, get a comedy to turn people away, so I would encourage you today to find the thrive time show on itunes subscribe to it. Leave us an objective, resume objective review and send us your contact information to info at thrive time. Show.Com will give you two free tickets bite at $500 and were going to give you two copies of the best business coach boom book. All for just subscribing reviewing in the thrive time show


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