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How do you transform your ideas into reality? Clay Clark breaks down why it’s important to face the man (woman) in the mirror every morning and to declare positive things over yourself.

Think it, write it, and speak it into existence.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins (New York Time best-selling author and motivational expert.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:10

30 day goal: Look in the mirror every morning and every evening and say;  

“I am happy, healthy, whole, blessed and successful” ten times.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney (The famous co-founder of the Disney Empire who lost it all financially multiple times before finally achieving success with the Disney company)

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Audio Transcription

Get ready to enter that thrive time show 3 2 1 boom on your radio and kind of a deep business coaching topic, topic gets a little bit deeper than we typically get into here, but it’s something I’m passionate about to, because I remember what it was like to build. Dj connection.Com from my dorm room to the board room. Now this table steve that we have right here. That’s the table that used to be in the in the man cave studios! That’s the table that I used to have is my board room and my office at dj connection brought it over i. Remember what it was like to be in an office where my company dj connection. We went with me to hundred and $67 per wedding. We did and we would do in a typical weekend, like 80 I’m, in a room with lot of people in tulsa me there’s. If there’s doctors, their doctors, detour, dennis his lawyers and why those guys don’t make $167 * 80 a week and I’m in the room and I remember:i get invited cuz I want entrepreneur of the year from city of tolleson was 20 from young entrepreneur of the year than I want to a quality award from the us chamber for a quality control standard of the independently. You can volunteer to have your company independently audited and if you score a certain level than you can move up and indian war people would talk to me like I was mildly retarded, because it was a disc jockey yeah.

Is it what what do you do for a living I started at the dj company it immediately? They would go. Oh okay, alright, and if it wasn’t like I can hand puppets to go pam we’re going to talk about now. I mean it was like it was like I was retarded cuz, I wasn’t doing mortgages or something, and so I was just praying that some point I could become a source of wisdom and now I do I am talk. Radio show where were broadcasting in portland baby and in tulsa, oklahoma and other markets, portland oregon, and you know what people come from all over the world to attend our workshops and people actually pay me to grow their companies and they don’t even remember that I used to be a dj people now took your business coaching memories. Oh that’s the guy who helped the carpet business or grow the haircut business for the ray that god would help reveal to other people that I could be a source of wisdom in the end in z and steve. Here’s a secret I’m so used to talk in the doctor, see the secret I wasn’t doing wanted to work. For me, long-term cuz I wants to work for a manager. They want to work for a mint or yeah you don’t. Just today, a member of our team I walked by her desk, and you know what she sent you with the co-worker next year, when I wasn’t present what they’re, having down time in between calls at the elephant room and one of the collar she just started and where they live lady. She says I like working here, because mr. Clark is a bet. The best mentor I’ve ever had and I’ve never had a male, and my life has been a leader and he just helps me wow. That’s awesome. It happen today and john john heard it and I heard an answer to prayer. Thank you, jesus i, remember, sitting in the in services were carlton Pearson was preaching.

He had a mega church at the time and he’s no longer a christian. So I can say:i categorically disagree with carlton about all things. Religion by agree with a lot of things about his approach to life. I, don’t agree with you, don’t have the same:god i, don’t think he knows. Jesus christ as his lord and savior like i, do, but that that’s a different thing, but remember setting the service when there’s thousands of people who are coming every sunday to hear him teach how to be a better relationship with christ and I thought. Wouldn’t it be cool if all the people that are coming to church and praying for a job and praying for like if I prayed, to lose weight or prayed for a job right now, would it be cool if I could just explain to them it like if you’ll not eat, carbohydrates, your body won’t produce insulin and you’ll lose money or you lose weight as a result of just not eating carbs to me seriously, if you I knew that cuz I had reached out to a doctor and it’s okay, what’s the key to weight, if you eat carbohydrates, your body turns it into spike insulin levels and it turns into fat to lose weight. Just avoid wheat suites in only eat lean meat, I’m going, and so when you do it, it’s business coaching crazy. How jack you can become real fast if you just do that, and so I thought it’d be cool to come to like business church and their business church people say stuff at the practical I hate. If you want to make like five hundred grand a year, here’s how to do it. I, don’t know like get rich quick scheme. If you want to lose weight to send it, and so I was sitting it I want to give the listeners a look into what my sermons were. My sunday’s would be like so I’m going to play, for you live audio recorded audio from one of the sermons that I sat. It I mean this is carlton pearson and I’m like sitting in the audience hearing my pastor, carlton pearson singing I’m a plate for you, i, don’t want you to come here, hopefully the magic. If you don’t hear the magic and if you say i, don’t I don’t get it I get it but I’m.

Just saying to you. This is what I aspired to be without a wake-up business path. You’re going to start singing along the listeners, they’re going to be like father, cuz I know like we put it to break and I was like yeah. It is a steep calm down bro. This is carlton pearson, my former pastor singing singing one of my favorite songs in church called farther along. Here we go come on it’s too much. You will understand why my brother, my brother, do you understand it all by and I’m all by myself, just give it to living in the sunshine I love this verse come on. Cmt then try to drive me to under it. Why you want to be, if you’re, black or white, we will, that was carlton pearson singing farther along now. He talks about. He says:he’s singing farther along, we’ll understand. Why are you sucking up there, people around you that seem to be never molested, it doesn’t mean sexual mean you are around. You are never abused, although they are definitely in the wrong so farther along. You understand why and there’s a bible verse I want to give you right now and in for those of you who never looked at the bible before the way the bible is organized is basically the bible has different business coaching books in it different versus a different books. Each book is broken down into versus there’s the old testament and the old testament. The way the old test within this is like before christ allegedly came to earth and died for our sins. So it’s old, it’s like before. Christ died for our sins and then there’s the new testament, which is the stop that once christ came to earth and brought the good news that we’re all going to go to heaven. If we believe in him, then there’s like a newer, updated version, the bible says:there’s more and if you read the bible old testament and there’s the new testament, and what do you like? The old testament or the new testament or whether you choose to believe in the bible or not? The reality is, is matthew 5:10 state that has the verse actually tattooed onto his arm, which is a true story.

Truth, it says blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness for theirs? Is the kingdom of heaven and I know? There’s one person out there that pie needs to hear this again summary to you. Blessed are those who are persecuted because of being right for their sister kingdom of heaven manage people running company, here’s the thing I’ve discovered when you, when you run a company, people will attack you if you hold them accountable yep and they will point out every flaw that you’ve ever made in your life will be back in like 99. You were late for that. One meeting don’t go off on me, but I know you got fired before right in so there’s a justification that begins. Most people don’t want to get better. They want to get bitter and so I remember praying to become a source of wisdom. What things I’ve learned over time is that there’s people all around us who’s never seem to be attacked or abused, but over time farther along god will bless the diligent proverbs 10:4 god will bless the diligent I’ve seen it over and over and over. If you my office, who screw me, you take advantage of me, they always get what’s coming to them. I mean we started a drone photography company to help a guy in my business coaching office, do well with his business, and he tried to like take business on the side and cut me out of commissions and screw me and get squirrely and long story short. His life is so screwed up now his business sucks so bad. It’s like he’s selling vacuums, but he’s not right, and so it don’t suck the vengeance of the lord god have his vengeance. Don’t don’t don’t feel like you need to take the vengeance yourself or you’ll figure it farther along so cuz I’m being screwed right now you want to become a source of wisdom. You can’t get emotional but I get so emotional baby you’re a might be emotional, but you don’t need to react to it. You got better. You got to be above that stuff, so mine’s number 13. If you ever become a source of wisdom as you got to think it write it and then speak it into existence. Tony robbins, the best-selling author. He were piling on today. He would say this is a notable quotable from tony robbins.

He said, study goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible till you got to do what you got to start to set goals, and so, if you’re, in your dorm room thinking about starting your big company, dj connection, know what you on a little secret here. I. Do what I believe that there are plans to prosper? You plans to prosper, you with what I believe their plans to prosper, who me yeah i. Actually, if you look at the bible again, the bible cash, the bible, jeremiah 29, 11 states for i, know the plans I have, for you declares the lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future, and so, if you’re listening right now and you feel like you, don’t have what it takes to be successful. I’m going to tell you this, you are wrong. You are equipped and divinely anointed and appointed to be business coaching able to become successful. You can do it when we come back. We’re talk about mindset, number 14, and this is the importance of learning. How to set 30-day gold drive time show on your radio, want to attend the legendary drive time show business workshop for free since 5 on itunes leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see it’s in our  and will be able to make your dreams come true on your radio tulsa oklahoma.

Welcome to the show portland oregon welcome to the show it’s so exciting that were being listen to right. Now we have, we have the majority of our downloads are not in oklahoma, which way is if you were listening to the show right now, there’s more people who listen to our show on a monthly basis than who go to a chicago cubs games. That’s huge chicago, cubs game. There’s, like you know, I mean that the attendance of the chicago cubs game. Let me just pull this off real quick, chicago cubs attendance is so fun factory tour. The chicago, cubs pendants capacity at a game only pull this up here at a game and I’ll where’s eric chuck. When you need in wrigley field this in north, chicago, wrigley field seating capacity-let me go to it here:bam, 40, 1268 and so I can say more people are listening to our show, then who go to cubs games? Sure you listen to this. We are here on the show, on a daily basis to help you listener change your life were talking today about how to become an elephant in the room or break it down 57 business coaching words of wisdom in mindsets to becoming a successful person. Now mindset number 14. This is this is big because I got stuck on this tv. This was a thing where I used to get so mercurial mercury is an element that goes up and down in temperature, rapidly I mean arterial, I was i, was taking people to call me polarized for polar, polar I went to have bipolar bipolar and that I would just go from hot to cold. Very quick, that’s a sign, typically of having ambition and lack of self-control and I did not have self control and I had him. So my number 14 look in the mirror every morning and every morning Say:i’m happy, healthy, whole, blessed and successful 10 times, I’m happy healthy, whole, blessed and successful, ten-time happy healthy, whole, blessed and successful. 10 times before you question before you question me and you say:that’s a bunch of crap, you know self-talk is a bunch of crap i, don’t believe you that’s a bunch of crap you’re, not a clinical psychologist. You don’t have the authority to to say that on a radio show i, don’t trust you I would encourage you to look up psychology today and type in the power of self talk to make it easy for you when I’m going to do is I’m going to put that on the show notes for today, I’m going to put it on the show notes, and that way you guys can see that this is a natural thing.

The power of self-talk and I got my me time to go to google that real, quick, the power of self talk. Someone says they’re setting themselves. You know what you might be good at business, but you don’t have the power to speak. Psychology, okay, so because I know facts about psychology, but I’m, not a psychologist that make the facts irrelevant now, so forget that I’m delivering it to you, the power of self-talk working to override the negative voice with positive truth. This is what it said. Each of us has a set of messages that play over and over in our minds. This internal dialogue or personal commentary frames our reactions to life and it’s circumstances. One of the ways to recognize, promote and sustain optimism, hope and joy is to intentionally fill our thoughts with positive self-talk. Too often the pattern of self-talk we’ve developed as negative. We remember the negative things we were told. As children buy our parents, siblings and teachers, we remember the negative reactions from other children at dismissed how we felt about alternatives. So let me tell you a story about somebody who actually stuttered is a kid. It was looking for a friend, so this kid used to stutter and when people would meet the kid they would say. What’s your name in this kid would say:cuckoo could clayton, because I had a hard time saying my name and all I wanted was somebody to not make fun of me and the christian kids made fun of me. Oh yes, they did because they were kids in one kid said you should come over to my house and that kid sexually abused me over and over and over again over and over and over and over again-and it took me until I was 26, 27 years old, to get to a place where I could trust anybody so makes me a phenomenal manager because i, don’t trust anybody, and did you see that is a manager i? Don’t trust anybody do I get a lot of time, but it made it where I literally, am afraid of other people. I hear the definition of an business coaching introvert versus an extrovert introverts get recharged when they’re by themselves. They feel like more together. So people ask me when you record the radio show, do you prefer to do by yourself? I would say yes 100% of the time, because it’s more predictable, I show up on time. I do what I’m supposed to do? It’s not stress, what’s more stressful to me, is being around other people, but I had to learn so I wanted to grow my business in my life and be a good father and be a good dad, but just because an a-hole who lived in a cul-de-sac nearby used to sexually assault me consistently, then I went to his father and I said:hey mister such and such I’m not going to disparage the kid I’m going to his name on the radio.

You know why, because kids make bad decisions and he was just curious or stupid or i, don’t know i, don’t know, but I went to his dad and his dad said. I remember this I’ll never forget this cuz I was like in second grade. He said you caused this. You cause it’s your fault, your fault. In the only reason he did it’s cuz you’re up you’re up your pervert. He said to me, I’m a pervert and so I wore that, in my mind, is like there’s, probably something wrong with me. If it’s perverse I look at the word perverted, it me you’re. Looking up words, words have power and times you hear the word you say what does it mean to be pretend it’s somebody who was corrupting something and not doing it. The way it was originally intended to be used right and so I became begin like this very, like anti-social, mind, I would draw cartoons hours I’d like to stay in rooms. If I could I never wanted to go to church camp, see if you were going to business coaching church camp, why cuz I was worried about the other kids there. What happened to me i, like i? Don’t I don’t want to go there, so, even as an adult take it, we should go camping. We should hang out I’m going no i, don’t have cameras and all her office as we record our calls steve. When you put up calls in your office when you pick up cameron your office, you start recording your calls. You not to discuss, begin to discover the bad things. People say about you:when you’re not present, you should know which will be on camera going to freaking a-hole, hey boss, what’s going on, I mean to look in the mirror every morning and begin to say positive things over yourself. You have to do what you have to begin to say, positive things about yourself on a daily basis. If you don’t do that, you will lose, might never 15th, it’s not so much about making others believe in you as it is making your subconscious mind a believer. You go to become a believer in you before other people can believe in you and I promise. You you have the capacity to do that. Stay tuned


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