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If you are trying to find a way to make sure your best customer are taken care of and continue to buy more then tune in to this segment of the Thrivetime Show as business coach Clay Clark and Dr Z break it down.

The Importance of Treating Your Best Buyers Better

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Best buyers buy more, buy faster, and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients.” – Chet Holmes.
  2. How to build a relationship with someone you want to Woo and do business with.
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship. John D. Rockefeller
    2. Be purposeful and pay attention to what the person likes and get them some!
  3. How to “Red X” someone (Ban Them)
    1. Lay it out specifically
      1. Please leave. You are not welcome. Do not come back here or you will be arrested.
    2. This is important because your employees need to know that you have their back.
    3. What creates customer loyalty?…. Customer Satisfaction… Which is created by employee satisfaction

 How to Hold People Accountable When They Are Not in a Glamorous Position

  1. A business is like a chain and you are only as strong as your weakest link
    1. When hiring people they have to understand that their job is important and that if they fail the system fails.
    2. Explain to them why and how important they are and their job is.
    3. Keep your business growing so that there are new positions opening for current talent to grow into.  
    4. Teach the mid-level management to not treat your lower level people like trash.

Here’s the deal I have been friends with a doctor Z for a long time and I mean that sincerely I mean this sincerely. If I was going to get a tattoo and I I probably won’t, but if I do, the only thing I would get on my tattoo would be a z e. Why would why would you put it by the way all my lower back of your status on the tip of your tongue? Always hilarious, cuz I’m, a funny guy i, like doctors and i, want to pull up the quote from john d rockefeller chapel. On from the show notes we talked about. A friendship built on business is better than a business built on friendship, dr. Zoellner’s birthday party and he’s turning 53. It was over at the restaurant there at 103rd and I’m sitting next to his doctor sees sean and his daughter. By the way your daughter, bridget is unexist, probably the most funny non comedian I’ve ever met like when she gets going. She is hysterical and she just has a great sense of time. I, don’t know where she gets it from I’m, just telling you she has a great sense of timing and i, and it’s it’s. It’s really funny what I’ve just been she’s a very funny person. She now works at dr., robert, zoellner and associates. If you want to go see the comedy show in 2, she’s, great., his, friends and there’s two guys in particular one eye. Doctors in one as I noticed that we all agree with each other. We all get along because we’re all attracted to his values to the character. So it’s not the things he says he’s going to do with the thing he does. So all of us are there that we all can get we all get along because we all have the same values. So I asked this guy said how do you know of dr. Z like how do you? How do you know doctors and he says? Oh actually, I I’ve been working with him for a long time, I have heard of your business conferences too. Long story short:he was somebody you put on your dream. 100 list, as a car dealer show them is what I think it was with lexus I think it was with lexus of you making that up and you put on your list that you’re going to earn his business. So if you’re listening to the show right now to make is actionable every single person listen to show you want to make a draft board just like the nfl does every year of the top draft picks you want for the top 100, the top 100 clients you want to get on his draft board.

Was this lexus got? What’s it what’s, alexis guys rob rob, the rob zahn the list, and how long did you pursue or did your guys pursue the relationship with rob before you landed at 2 years so again, rob just like anybody. Who’s had any level of success in their life. He is put up:fences, walls, digital boundaries, literal boundaries to keep people from being able to distract him from his focus. Somehow i, don’t know how it was you got through or you got over the castle walls you you dug down under them. You went over the moat around you and I’m, not sure you did you scale the walls you got there, behind enemy lines and all of a sudden, you became friends and I kept hearing that story over and over and over. It was fabulous because, previous to you getting to your birthday, I already heard. Probably 10 people give a toast about you before we went around and kind of shared our experiences about our relationship with you and i. Just I just want to say that’s a testament to you in the longevity of your decision on a daily basis and have you ever probably thought about not making the right decision. I’m sure have you ever been not perfect. Absolutely, but you’ve been so consistent with that that you turned clients into lifelong friends. So how in the world did you turn a cut? A guy you were trying to get his business rob into your friend. Has it happened? Well, your purpose I found out his buzz things. I found out what he likes in life. Okay, I found out what he enjoys, so you embroider the word rob on your forehead. I did and I and then I started, giving him those things. I started going to give him gift sets of stuff that you look. For example, he likes it. He likes cigars, so I found out where he zen whiskers on kittens cigars for rob the place where you buy them and when it said hey do you know rob and it said yeah, so you mean what does move? What does play? What does he like boom boom, boom, rob and then I would I would do, is I would buy these for him and pop in the office and say, hey, don’t need anything, don’t want anything. Just give me a gift have a great day and when let me know when you’re going to go smoke, one of these I’ll meet up with you. So this is, as he’s already know, this is when you’re trying to get in the door I’m doing and I think about it is and that we start meeting at a place in peoria and we start having a cigar, and we start meeting for cigars, tuesdays at 3 or whatever go to business conferences, etc , and then I found out you was. We said they were talking everything about this, pretty cool guy like i, just like this guy and we became friends and when does summer start this year and scars by one cigar cigar cigar.

Is you have to be really good at what you do but think about it? You just have to be real and just have to be willing to spend time with folks get to know them talk to them about. You know me, you know things are important to them, but even if he likes you, but you guys suck at your job like how is that far? Is that from the building, a friendship get you the golden. Look, it doesn’t get you the business and there’s a difference. Better job I need anybody, but you know I mean anybody at all. You know you find out what they like, and you can’t do, one minute you’re there for them and their times of need. That’s what friendship is, and it just so happens that you and this happens to be a cool guy that we got along and whether he did visit with me now today or not. We still be friends, but that’s the thing about life. Is you go through to meet people and friends rather find someone you’re spending time with you don’t have to you know, I’m saying now there are some clients of mine that I spend time. With that I have to write, write it I mean well I’m not going to push it I’m going to push it. When there’s a difference between a client. You know you not liking a client as a friend, okay and you just not wanting to like get caught up in like doing business with people that you don’t want to do. Business with. Somebody would like to buy cars from one of your from the auction or wants to buy glasses, sure ins, a verbally abuse, a front office, lady to the point that she cries again that get rid x. How do you read x? Somebody walk me through that process if I own a gym in luke’s case ryona optometry clinic on an auction around so kind of business conferences and I get somebody who’s been way over the line with the way they talk to a woman and a man. But in this case the woman who this is. Brush on 4b and you’ve told him hey. This is not how to do it and they do it again. How do you handle it? I go down as hey. Listen I have no toleration for that. You’re not welcome here again. If you step on my property will call the police-and you will be trespassing so relieved right now and never come back, and you still like me and I can count on one, maybe two hands and 26 years in rupee padre text, optometry clinic, you know very rare a, but you can see it in here comes and I and I and I have some of the back of my mind. I really feel like there’s a mental illness using those people that are good that are doing that.

But my issue talk to me about why it’s important for the employees to see you swiftly deal with people like that when someone is attacking them, your boys want to know that you got their six. You’ve got their back right that you are the one you going to come in and you are going to side on them because so many times employees have this weird thing in their mind. Thinking with the right I love, this movie was, this is a hold on to whoever got that goin in the world is so i. Try speaking throat punch, my name is darren. I am here with the broken arrow chamber I’m. Actually, a gold sponsor and up next I don’t be introducing kevin from the bank of the south of the west of the east, the first snow of the ozarks, and he is here to talk about the golden rule and that golden rule. Is it the customer’s always right if you want to hate your life and so because I know that most people, according to gallup to in i, paid your life you’re going to want to pay close attention while just had a cousin after we salute the flag and do the pledge of allegiance, and then we could recite the this in the minutes in the bad and have the cheese cubes. We are then going to be the golden rule for making your life suck and that is making sure the customer’s always right, even when there are cantankerous a hole and I need an amazingly strong folks. The customer is not always right, say it again. Please customer is not always right, I love it so much and we’ve gone over love and loving business conferences. These concepts in past shows which we know it doesn’t show the podcast. So you can go back and look at him and listen to him and you’re like this matter fact, and for free for free for free, no charge charge for you, but you got to get your head wrapped around that business serves. You first takes care of your employees and takes care of the customers and I know you have to have all three happy and successful. If you have a cantankerous bitter mean ugly hateful troll of a customer in there, you can and you should and you better back your employee and protect them from them. You know everything’s good example of this is southwest airlines years ago. They and it happens a lot but tough with your life. They kicked a woman off the plane because she wore a mini-skirt without underwear underneath in the flight attendants have a blanket, could you cover up? Could you show some type of you know and the person was like I am not going to do. I tell you what you can’t tell me what to wear and I was so they kicked off plane and they read extra and it’s amazing how like those kind of import off by your hair, red and yellow water than three businesses that won’t do that lose each other.

You won’t even open up at locations in areas that are weird. This is something that I see. A lot of lights are a lot of small business owners, have a scarcity mindset, so they feel like they just have to take every job. Every now and the beginning days are business right. You got to have cash, but the goal is that you got to get to a place with your business that you can say no to somebody clay. Can you have done? It right? You have done this and I can tell you coming from a business running the concrete company where we need to just every freaking job we can take. We had to be about him. Where to get those jobs, we had to keep them going and not working with you and dr. Z, and we have a business where, if somebody is just an awful person, yes, we do not work with them right out, so much I’m, not bringing it home. Okay. So in writing the start here:buck, okay, everybody, that’s listening can go on to the thrive time, show.Com and download the free ebook okay. You can download this amazon, but we read this this book, that I’m referencing the service profit chain by heskett sasser, and they talk about what creates customer loyalty and if you increase, they found it at harvard study. If you increase customer loyalty by 5%, it can increase profits by 25 to 85%, okay. But then you ask what drives customer loyalty? What makes business conferences so awesome? Will they found that customer satisfaction drives at so then they said well, what drives customer satisfaction will what they found is an internal service quality. Employee satisfaction is raw drives that in so, if you are road that, if you sacrifice that, if you trade that for everything else, then your business is going to fail, you must have your core values and defend those at all costs. I would like to we come back. I want to tee up the next question. Two listeners know what the next question is:i come back marshall. What are they doing it in for what? What could they absolutely not miss out on my for? What’s coming up next to my job, I’m jumping in the shower I want to know, there’s like these really important positions. It seems like not important but more high-profile positions at the auction job. That needs to be done, but is not high profile. Private high pay, but they are all on point. They all know there was a whole paper. Second, that’s what I’m saying so I want to know how? How do you hold those people accountable? How do you motivate them? How do you get them there on whenever showtime is friday? Only basically money said something like you’re working 52 days a year, but I know there’s like a lot of work that goes after that friday sale. How do you hold those phone numbers in those loma questions? How do you hold people accountable that aren’t working at glamorous posner radio get ready to enter that thrive? Time show 321 boom hello, uncle, lee vassar at the thing is when you come inside the man cave limite, what happens one the level of litigiousness is just through the roof of a felt. More of like i, mean I’ve I’ve heard west. When are we in a conversation, he’ll slip in things like see you later buddy and things like that? You nosey that gavel around you know every time he shows up I feel, like my person said, he’s going to serve me papers, yeah kind of a 50/50 I think it coin flips for walks in the man the man cave, and you know what does matthew, who is going to serve for today, early I work as a lot of attorney throughout my life, I really enjoyed working with larry taylor, a very, very good attorney. I’ve enjoyed working with scott reed by the dallas or somewhere, some good guys, but west carter is the antithesis of all of the legal stereotypes.

Where you hate your attorney. We met on friday at the at the tribe offices we met, and after weed we knocked out weed knockout. We talk to because i, like him and i, think he likes me, he’s a good guy and I only building. For part of that conversation, that’s a good hour long conversation things you like most about robert i, see a lot I had this issue when I ran the concrete company, I see a lot of business owners in any business, there’s some glamorous positions, business conferences to go to, and there’s some not so glamorous glamorous. So you have no partners. You have managers out there at the auto auction. You have highlights with auctioneers around the mic, their high-profile, but then you also have all these people that are just deal gently moving cars around and stacking papers and make just making sure everything is getting done and every single person was motivated. That I just thought you get this feeling like they care. They really want to do a good job. One thing:that’s huge, does it look that feels like they understand how important their link in the chain is. You know, hey I’m kind of scare, auto auction or auctioneers are kind of like the rappers. You know, they’re telling people put their hand in the back up there like thrips there like everyone knows, but they do a good job. Nobody knows how. How do you in a hold people accountable and motivate people when they are not in a glamorous position at threats to use the money I spent on batteries for the tasers is well? Is a great investment? Does rechargeable ones I’ve been a money saver, nothing, the rappers, here’s the deal! You know when you’re hiring people you have to make sure that they understand a business has been said for many years, but if business is like a chain and you’re only as strong as your weakest link-and so you know when you, when you talk to people when you hire them, and you talked about the importance of what they’re doing I mean if a guy doesn’t drive, if he, if a mango is dry, that’s a term, we use any auto auction business and there’s not a car in there to be auctioned.

You got the best auctioneer you get the best. You know mark, who determines the best. You know decor real quick. What is the guy in the lane that is just freaking onpoint banking on the car hood me and marshall were talking about he’s a ring man and he’s a bit spider and he’s out trying to courage, guys to go to the car and eat noses, clientele and he’s working him. So he’s never seen a more intense person at their job. It is awesome working hand-in-hand. They have their own language with the auctioneer as far as whether he thinks he can get another bitter to out of the sky or I mean in every auction industry. Has it because I’m sorry, you were saying when hiring people, they don’t really understand that you know whether answering the phone or doing the pre testing or where they’re driving the car through or doing the auctioneering or whatever part they’re doing it’s part of the whole, and if anybody fails, the whole system failed. My wife worked for dr. Z years ago, and I can tell you specifically how it happened when she was there, and so I can speak to that. I also, do people work with you for years it’s priscilla specifically I’ll. Tell kylie she’s been with you for 20-something years and I want to get west carter’s. Take on this. You explain to somebody how they fit into the hole, which is exactly what you just said right, but you also explain to them the hierarchy or somebody does so i. Just read that today we have a young man start on her team name. Matthew mean that today, I haven’t had a chance. Talk to that. Did the normal people in here. If you were just on seo and calls what you do is the back of the backbone. It matters a lot if you’re, faithful and diligent in the small things I will notice, because john and I do a review once a month and if we notice you doing well in the small things I will promote you to bigger things is a biblical concept as well. The concept we base our business on john, who is now the second in command for everything, was once a search engine rider like you for a long time and growing. We need more coaches and consultants , more business conferences attendees, I’m telling you. This is your path, my friend, you can do it and as long as he knows that, if I do this, I can move on to that we’re good. But if you have a stagnant, not growing business z that gets weird, it gets really weird. Cuz i, don’t know when to move up, but you know sometimes you you, you want to keep the good people so there’s other ways you can encourage them to some things. You can do some people rise to the level of of what you think is there competency and that’s part of being a good manager? You have to understand that and be careful with how you deal with that. You know another word:not everybody could be the boss, so wes when you started working with winters and king. How long ago was it 10 years ago so, 10 years ago, a hundred twenty months ago, when you started the california roughly that time you do the math 1427. What kind of stuff did you start out doing? Let me know now you’re a partner.

Now you work with some of the biggest clients in town in town all over tulsa. You work with people all over the world. Actually, just what kind of stuff did you leave? Did they start out on very mean you’ll, talk to me very, not glorious or glamorous said that when you put when I first started, I would barely even talk to clients. I would do someone else’s work for them. Then they would take all the credit and go talk to the client about it, but that’s just kind of how things working I would add. I think these advice about you’re, the lower-level employee count portly are is great advice, but I would add, especially in my field teaching. Your middle management executive is not to treat your lower-level employees like trash, it’s just as important, because no matter how much you build them up, if your team is breaking them down, it kills you I will lose my crap on I will freak out on eat today. Did I try to be pretty pretty stomach during the day? There’s two things:i will lose my mind on one:it’s. When a customer verbally abuses, a female member of our team, I lose my i, lose it on him every time. The second is when a team, if mine is sarcastic to a lower level entry person or negative to them, I will absolutely pull them aside and I will deal with it to inflate, because he cannot create a culture of that kind of sarcasm in negativity, I’ve had to knock down and young attorneys a bunch of times because they come in i, just graduated. They think you know they’re coming into like a legal drama. Television show her shirt and they talked to our staff like they’re, just beneath them until court. Come and talk to me, I said hey. If you want to get anything done, these are the people that are going to make your life, so you are just shooting yourself in the foot. By acting like we come back from the break. I want dark, jersey to break down how to create a culture of excellence for 20 years in a row, it’s the day by day grind. No one sees I want to hear you break that how to build a culture of excellence for 20 years in a row. Stay tuned, it is the thrive time show on your radio


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