TruLabs Founder Brandon Pogue on Turning His Passion Into a Product

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The founder of Tru Labs (Healthy Supplements) joins us to share how he turned his passion into a product.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes and yes! Thrivetime Nation on today’s show we are interviewing Brandon Pogues who is one of the founders of Tru Labs, which is a supplement, health and wellness company based in the beautiful town of McKinney, Texas…Brandon Pogues, welcome onto the Thrivetime Show, how are you sir?!

I know that you’ve had a ton of success at this point in your career, but I would love to start off at the bottom and the very beginning of your career. What was your life like growing up and where did you grow up?

    1. I grew up in an amazing home with parents who took me to church every time the doors were open. We grew up on a Ranch in McKinney TX. where I learned to raise cattle and we played outside shooting snakes and driving tractors. So we were grounded, yet my mom and dad wanted to travel so we were always going places and traveling. Sometimes to Mexico or Nicaragua to help build churches or orphanages that are still in use today.  Seeing the people that did not have it like we did in the USA made up have strong reality checks when coming back to texas.
    2. My dad started a construction company in 1979 borrowing $1,000 when interests rates were shy high. He would work all day come home and have dinner with the family and then head back to the office again to finish what he called half days (12 hours)

When did you first figure out what you wanted to do professionally? 

  1. That’s a great question Clay.  When find out, I’ll let you know. 🙂 I always thought it would be to join my dad and help grow the family business.  I was a project manager for a little over a year then worked into a business development role growing the business from $100M in sales to over $300m in just a few years. I was always wanting to find way to innovate and do things better. It created a lot of conflict because I was questioning the old ways and implementing new programs. I was asked by my father one morning at a Starbucks to either go and work in the field or find a new career.   When this happened it wrecked my life. But I knew God had plans that were not my plans. My plans would have been to take it easy and sit back and wait till my time as the president of a large construction company. So i started my next career. The thought process was that if i could make wealthy people more wealthy, then I could get wealthy. So I was either going to get my series 7 and series 8 tests done and become a financial advisor, or I was going to become a Real Estate Broker and do investment in that arena.  So I took the real estate route and ran a firm that specialized in doing real estate deals across the county from New York to California. We helped make a lot of money, millions and millions for our clients. I made a good living on it too. At times it was fun but not very rewarding. I wasn’t passionate about some Reit or Fund make more money whether it was a hotel or multi-family living complex.
  2. Then in about year 10 of that my wife got very sick-very sick. So sick I thought she was going to die.

When did you first feel like you were truly beginning to gain traction with your career?

  1. The very first year that i got into real estate, I made more money than I ever had before.  I always look at money or resources as runway length. The more resources you have, the larger the opportunity you can take off or land from that runway. So each time I would have a large deal close, it gave me resources to go approach the next deal and try to make it a bigger opportunity.
  2. REIT
    1. Real Estate Investment Trust
    2. A pool of funds that is highly audited and regulated
  3. Syndicate
    1. When a group of people get together to fund a deal

I know that you are a serial entrepreneur who has experienced massive success and super low points…walk us through the highest of the high and the lowest low of your career? 

  1. The Low was the day after Obama was elected.  I was working on a transaction with a company that does $6 Billion in annual revenue. We were starting a 600 acre rail served industrial development and the first piece of the puzzle that needed to fall was this first tract of land and the executive with this company called and said verbatim, “The Board doesn’t like the direction the country is heading in, so they are pulling the deal”
  2. I can’t believe they knew the economic slump we were about to go in.The high was when we closed our first large Multi-Family Acquisition.
  3. We had two REIT’s involved and it was a tough transaction. It was a $55M project and I was proud that my team had made it happen.

Brandon, what inspired you to first start Tru Labs?

  1. My wife had been getting very sick. So sick that she had lost 35% of her body weight and was losing clumps of her hair and had no energy. I thought she was going to die and I asked her to write letters to our kids.
  2. She had seen many specialists and had tests and blood-work done. And was on prescriptions.  I literally thought i was going to lose her.
  3. Then at a health conference, she heard the keynote speaker Dr. Bryan Ardis speak on the thyroid and the issues it can cause. She went up to him and talked to him after the conference and she booked an appt with him for a couple of weeks later.
  4. She had been misdiagnosed by Western Doctors as Hypo-Thyroid when she was actually Hyper-Thyroid.  The medication that she was taking was making her condition worsen and her health to rapidly decline.
  5. After Seeing Dr. Ardis she tested for many problems in her health. And within about 6 months of him treating her she was back to normal and could continue her everyday life.
  6. Seeing this change in her life I was convinced and I went to see “Doc”. He then told me about the issues in my body and I was dumbfounded. How could all of these things be going on in me since I thought I was the of Health.

Brandon, I would love for you share with the listeners how you went about finding someone to help you formulate your supplements?

  1. Dr. Ardis, my partner.
  2. We all know that it takes a team to turn to the DREAM into reality…tell us about your core team and what role they play on a daily basis?
  3. Brandon, most of our listeners are ambitious entrepreneurs…tell us about those products you would recommend for them…
  4. How, you come across as a very proactive person…so how do you typically organize the first four hours of your and what time do you typically wake up?
  5. What are a few of the daily habits that you believe have allowed you to achieve success?
  6. What mentor has made the biggest impact on your career thus far?
  7. What are a couple of books that you believe that all of our listeners should read?
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On today’s show, we interview Brandon poke, what his name is. Brandon Pogue. That’s P. O. G. U. E. he’s the founder of trulabs. What’s trulabs? Well, trulabs is a healthy supplement company and Brandon poke started this business based on his passion for his wife. You see, his wife was sick with chronic illness and just wasn’t living her best life. She felt sick all the time and once Brandon Pogue was able to discover how to help her get into the best health possible, he thought, well, what if I could create a product that could help millions of people with their health too? Yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna start true labs. I’m going to turn my passion into a product. If you’re out there today and you’ve ever had an idea for a product you’ve ever been passionate about solving a problem, and you’ve thought about turning that problem into a product, this is the show for you. Also on this show, Brandon gets to share with us how he is now partnering with the world’s largest YouTube channel to promote his product. All this animal on this edition of the thrive time show. Let’s go. Let’s go.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in a writer to introduce the show, but this show dyes to may eight kids co-created by two different women, 13 Moke time, million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome

to the thrive time show.

[inaudible] yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation on today’s show, if you haven’t been looking for [inaudible]

or a limitless supply of additional healthy energy, you are in luck because today’s show is sort of an energy expert. Brandon Pogue, welcome to the thrive time show. How are you, sir?

Hey, doing great clay, how are you?

Ah, well I’m excited. One because, uh, we know your name is singular. It is not Brandon Pogues. If some people have said it’s Brandon pugs, but it’s Brandon Pogue. And, uh, I would like to introduce you to the thrive nation out there. Can you share with the listeners what your role is at, at true labs and in what trulabs is all about?

Well, I absolutely can. Hey, thanks for having me on the show today. Um, true labs sells the world’s greatest energy products for humans, uh, for the human race. And so, um, I’m the founder and the CEO. I have three other partners and then I have another that I’ll discuss later on in the show that’s coming on in the future. Thanks for your advice. But I’m the founder and CEO of trulabs and that’s Cru L a, B, S and that’s dot com

Now, I, I, I, it’s rude me to interrogate our guests, uh, and to paint you into a corner. But it’s also, if I don’t ask the tough questions, I know that some of our listeners are going to say, why didn’t you ask them the question? So I’m going to ask you tough question number one, getting off the outline. Here we go. You said it’s the world’s greatest dude. You have some kind of data, some kind of facts, some kind of research to me. What was the process like a that went into making these supplements and, and how can you, you claim that they are the best because many people have told me they are great. I just want to know what, how can you claim or that they are the best?

You know, I would say from personal experience and from the testimonies and from the text and the emails that we get every day of other people telling us, your product has changed my life. And when I hear that, I naturally believe what, what I’ve been told by these people, that we’re changing their lives, we’re helping them to have energy, we’re hoping to have energy for the work day, for their workout. We’re helping them to sleep well and we’re also helping them to create, um, more lean muscle tissues throughout protein. So when I have people tell me, Hey, you’ve made the greatest, it’s something that I assume because it’s not something that we take in. It’s, it’s what our users and the people are our clients, our products, our customers that they tell us. And so I just grabbed that a term from them.

Can you describe what this, what these supplements are, is basically kind of like an energy beer?


my bad. Sorry.

So here’s the, here’s the deal. Um, there are trillions and trillions of cells inside of your body and, and inside of each one of those cells, there’s mitochondria. You might remember this from, from some of your schools, from college,

mitochondria, everywhere.

And, and those mitochondria inside of your body was just trillions of them. They need three different elements to create energy. The way God designed the body to create energy. They need adenine, Ribos and phosphate. And so we are the only company that I know of only supplement company N in the world, right? That puts all three raw products. Adenine ribosome phosphate into your body. So your body naturally creates energy. A lot of other companies are dependent on stimulants, about, around caffeine, about, around other things that would help, you know, look at your monsters, look at your red bulls, you know, your coffee drinkers, which you know, I’m a former, uh, coffee drinker myself. But when you naturally give the body all the elements it needs to create energy, then the way God designed the body through adenine Robertson phosphate, you’re, your body’s going to create energy, which is going to help you live a better life, which is going to give you the energy to go work out, which is going to help you to have the energy to go play with your kids after work. You know, after we’ve dumped all of our effort into the day. So, um, it’s amazing. It’s an amazing process and it’s completely blown my mind.

You know, I’m going to give you a marketing tip though. It’s probably not going to be a good one, but it’s just something I’ve been thinking about. What have you added extra beta carotene in all your supplements that way that people who use tru labs would turn orange and people would know who they work cause you’re like, Oh look, he looks orange. That’s a great idea. What have you ever thought about that

then? Where would they live? Because you could, you can look at the sewer outside of their house and it would always be orange.

No. Hey, no, you got, these are great ideas. Now you guys, knowledge bomb right there. Now you guys do more than just a us energy supplements. You guys have the sleep stuff to talk to us about the other supplements that you guys have at trulabs and what they do for, for the people who use them.

Great. Yeah, so we, uh, we started off as having, uh, a pre-workout system, the first pre-workout system that we’ve ever heard of and that antibodies, like what’s a pre workout system? So we actually invented four different formulas that are different. One from one to the next, but everyday you’ll take a different three workout. That way your body never adapts to it. You’ve heard of muscle confusion, you’ve heard of, you know, you don’t, it’s the same reason you don’t go and you do your bench press every day, every day, every day. And don’t just work one muscle group. We work the entire body. Um, and so what do you have these different series? They will naturally help your body to always create energy without adapting to it. And so we have the pre-workout series. That’s amazing. And then people were saying, you know what, we need energy for our work day. And so we came out with an energy formula at the beginning of this year. Um, and that energy formula helps people get through their Workday. We use adenine, Ronaldson phosphate, we use minerals and vitamins and herbs. But then we also add Gorana and I don’t know if you know much about Gorana


plant Gorana. Yes. Okay. Do you want me to,

Yeah. Guarana that’s,

that is correct. I get a mega point and using Google, I can do that. Give me another word. I can spell it and give me another word. I’ve got Google right here.

So what’s so great about Gorana is it helps, um, it helps to have, it has a little bit of caffeine in it, but it also has 14 other minerals that help the energy to go longer than just your normal 30 or 45 minutes that you’d get from like a regular coffee. So when you take our energy formula, it’ll last for hours. And so you can take one pack a day or even two packs a day and you can mix it. We have three different flavors we can choose from. And it’s, it’s amazing. I didn’t know that we were just talking about all our products today, but our products are phenomenal and they’re changing people’s lives and we love telling people about it.

Let me give the listeners eight, uh, facts about guarana. Uh, one, these of these things are rich in antioxidants. Uh, they can reduce fatigue and improve your to three. They help you learn better. Whoa. They may help you alert. I need to take some guarana right now for they promote weight loss. Five. A, you got a, my midday may boost your heart health. Uh, what six you got to, they may provide pain, pain relief and a seven. They may improve skin appearance. Well I should be taking that. I look better. And I, I once dated a girl in high school named guarana


No I didn’t. Okay, I’ll be here all day. Okay. So now you’ve got this great, you’ve got this, this great product and you teamed up with the three Amigos to make this product. Tell us about what your life was like growing up, cause I know you’ve had a lot of success now and you’re doing great things and you’re in McKinney, Texas, growing your business. Where did you grow up? What was life like growing up for you?

So, you know, it’s amazing. I grew up in a, in an amazing home with great parents and I, my parents were the kind of parents that were always taking us to church whenever the doors were open. And in fact my wife and I just built a house about a year and a half ago and we just moved to Canada, kind of back to the family ranch. We have cattle. Um, we, you know, run hay operations, but we also live back out here. So we’ve, we bought 10 acres from my mom and dad. We actually live back where I was raised, which is kinda rare nowadays, especially inside the city of McKinney. Uh, we were always shooting, you know, guns. We were out there, you know, shooting snakes, snakes and driving tractors. And we were very grounded. Um, my mom and dad, they love to travel so we ended up traveling a lot around the world. But today, um, my dad is really involved. He’s retired from his business. He’s really involved in mission work. And while I grew up going to Mexico and to Nicaragua to doing a lot of mission work, and that’s a big focus of two labs as well as how we’re, we’re getting 10% of our company profit that to global missions. And so we have a big heart for, for helping others who are less fortunate than we are. So I grew up in McKinney, Texas on a cattle ranch.

I have some sound clips that are from your childhood that I gathered. And, uh, you said you spent a lot of time with the church growing up as a kid. Does that, is that correct?

Uh, all the time.

Okay. This is audio. I got this from your partner. I raised Salinas and I said I got it from her. I didn’t ask Ray about it. Ray will deny he knows anything about this. Um, but I, I went in, I, Andrew, I hacked into his computer as what I did. Uh, and Ray, I’m just, if you’re out there, don’t get mad. I just had to get it done. This is audio from you attending church, I think when you were 13, and you can deny it. It’s you. If you want to, I’m gonna queue it up. I’m going to cue it up. Brandon, you tell me if you can remember the service where this happened here. Here we go.


do you remember that? Was that, was that a

you gotta be a me at, uh, a Carlton. Paris. Paris.

Wow. Okay. Okay. I wasn’t

you gotta be, I remember those really well.

Okay. I’ve got one more sound clip. This one is a little is you as a kid, you said your, your parents would let you go out there and uh, um, you know, shoot off guns. I think this is the, this is audio of you as a, as a 13 year old back in the woods. Let me see.

Yeah, that’s fun. We were kidding.

Oh sorry. I was trying to get PO pulled in. I was really entertained there. I’m sorry. I just really, computer parents really trusted

the automatic rifles. So later to later down the road. But no, we were shooting, you know, four tens and 12 gauges, you know, cleaning up, uh, snakes around the pond and stuff like that. Doing what are called snake roundups. There was one time where my gun accidentally fired my single shot, four 10 accidentally fired about three feet, I’m sorry, about three inches away from my right foot. And I’m glad that that did not happen cause that would have been catastrophic.

Yeah. And I got audio here for when you were 15 years old, your dad was showing you a little bit all Valley about how to use a weapon and hold it properly. And this is audio of your dad coaching you through the how to use a weapon properly.


So they do it in McKinney folks?

It is.

That is great. Wow. Okay. Wow. So many sound effects. Ray Salinas. Thank you for allowing me to hack into your computer without your,

it reminds me to talk to the regulator.

Well, you have so many listeners that aren’t from Texas. I think a lot of people stereotype in their mind that everyone in Texas, you know, runs around with a loaded weapon and without everyone. But this is just audio from how our guests grew up. Don’t, don’t be worried. This is just his

life and how he grew up. That’s just family. That’s what they did that right for the families

photos. Okay, let’s continue. So now we woke up in the morning that he threw a Bible at yet and then they shoot off guns. Nope. When did you figure out that you wanted to do this whole tru labs thing? When, when did you decide this was what you wanted to do?

Well, about six years ago, um, my wife, uh, was going through some, some complications in her health. I had a, I had been running, it started a very successful commercial real estate company and we were brokering deals across the United States, but she was starting to, to go down and health. And so she was normally about 120, 125 pounds and she had gotten below a hundred towns. She was losing out clumps of hair and she was lethargic, didn’t have energy and was on the wrong side of wellness. And, um, she had been trying and searching. She had been seeing all different kinds of medical doctors and these medical doctors, uh, had taken blood samples and had done all these things and uh, she wasn’t getting any better. In fact, she was on medications that was supposed to be treating her, her thyroid. So one doctor had actually misdiagnosed her as hypo thyroid when she was actually hyperthyroid, meaning that they thought she had an underactive thyroid, but her thyroid was actually overactive.

So the medication she was taking was actually worsening her condition. So, um, it was, it was a really dark time, um, until she met one of my, one of my now partners, dr Brian artists and dr Brian artists was a alternative holistic type doctor. And he started to treat her. And within just a few weeks to her being treated by dr artists, I noticed that she started to improve and improve drastically. And, um, it was amazing to watch, you know, my wife’s come back that I’d been married to for, for 10 years at that time. And so she started being a better mom and, you know, being a better spouse and to be able to have energy to go do things, um, that she does every day, that we depend on her as a family unit for her to survive. And so when dr Addis did that a couple of months later, me and some guys were working out that morning and I said, wouldn’t it be great if there was a pre-workout that naturally cycled you on and off a certain ingredients so that your body never adapted to it.

You know, we had taken other pre-workouts such as, you know, C four or Jacqueline Hyde or you know, SFH had one, tried all different types of pre-workouts, but you’re always jumping to a different pre-workout and you really don’t know what you’re putting into your body if it’s good for you or not. And so, uh, she found out that, uh, her health hadn’t had, had gotten better. And then I was like, man, if dr artist can do this with her, maybe he can help us to, to start, you know, a whole new company based around good products that are, that are made to give energy to humans. And so, um, a couple of years ago we started off this company that’s not trulabs.

So as you built trulabs, um, I want to, uh, go back a little bit and kind of build on your background. Cause I know that if I were going to buy a product, I would want to know that the person who’s making the product is not insane. The person is credible that the person has, you know, I know [inaudible] knows what they’re talking about. And you actually, um, didn’t just dabble in commercial real estate. You guys did very well. Can you, are you free to, to speak about how big the real estate company was that you, cause you grew it so tremendously. Can you share about that?

Yeah, I mean, so we started, um, I started the company back in 2003 and, uh, we, we started by doing, you know, commercial brokerage and we did some land deal, some land investment deals. Um, but then we grew it into a company that was, that was, uh, regularly syndicating larger deals. So we would take hedge funds from, uh, New York or you know, different, different money from larger investment rates. And we put those into large deal. So we would, we would do apartment complexes that were, you know, in the 55 $60 million range. We would, uh, we also broker, you know, a hotel in New York. Um, we did quite a bit. So, uh, I mean, I don’t want to give too, too many, uh, details on it, but it was, it was a great company, but you know, what was, well, it was fun to help the wealthy get wealthier, but it wasn’t near as rewarding as what we’re doing now, which is helping change people’s lives.

So do you, I mean, you were working in though on, in, in, in the, in the world of commercial real estate where you’re, I mean, which production, we’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars, correct? I mean, we’re talking about selling a lot of stuff. Okay. So selling North of this just in from our home office, the man has helped us sell hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate, not like $7 of real estate. You’re not like brokering those temporary sheds. You can buy in the parking lot of Lowe’s. I mean you weren’t in the, you weren’t in the parking lot of Lowe’s selling those $45,000 shanties right. I mean these are big pieces of property hotels in New York, but you said two words. I think some of our listeners might have lost you here, so wanna make sure we get this. Can you please explain what a rete is for the listeners out there that are not familiar with, uh, real estate investment trusts? I mean, explain what those do and then what it means when you’re on the syndicate, when you’re syndicating. Explain that, what that means.

Yeah, so a real estate investment trust is where people would, would put their money in a pool together. That’s usually, um, highly audited, highly regulated. And then they would, then they would go and do a syndication, which is syndication would, would be like if two banks or a bank and another rate or multiple people get together because of the size of money or the volumes of money that are going into the deal are too large for one group to put that much risk into. So like a syndication would be, you know, two or three different rates or two or three different banks coming together because they didn’t want to assume, you know, a risk on a 55 or a hundred million dollar deal they would take, they say, you know, I’m in for 25 million, the next person being for 35 million and so on until the entire fund was syndicated.

Now you’ve had some pretty Epic highs in your career and some pretty Epic lows probably. I mean I want to, is a way to make our listeners feel bad, uh, to feel better about how bad you felt. Cause I think by comparison it gets kind of, I guess like if a friend of yours gets injured, it’s kind of like, Aw man, that must suck. But it doesn’t feel as bad than if you’re going through something. And most of our listeners are business owners. So can you take us down to the bottom of where your low point was in your real estate career, where that way, that way we was listening to listeners, we’ll all feel better as a result of just laughing at how bad it was for you.

Wow. That’s, uh, I still remember, um, that day and it was, uh, election day 2008, and it was the day after Obama got elected. We were working on a, um, a large industrial deal. This deal was going to be, um, served by rail. So, you know, you could have train access in and out of it. We put 600 acres together and it was going to be one of the largest, uh, industrial deals in this area in North of Dallas. And I got a call about nine 30 in the morning, the day after Obama got elected. And, um, you know, this executive tells me, Hey, look, Brandon, uh, you know, I’m sorry, we, we like this deal. We want to, we want this deal to happen. They were the first key puzzle, the first key domino to make, to make this entire deal work. They were going to be at the entrance of this corridor.

And he goes, you know, we like this deal and we want to do it, but upper management just doesn’t like the way the country is going. And they, they sit in a, uh, a cancellation of contracts and that was a downward spiral of a really dark, probably year, year and a half. Um, kind of when the mortgage crisis, all of that started to happen. Single family, which drives everything started to happen. And it was a really dark, you know, year, year and a half where, um, you know, we were like, who moved my cheese? And a, I don’t know if you’ve ever had that little simple book, but it was who moved the cheese because the cheese had been moved. In fact, there was no cheese out there at all. And um, that was, that was one of the lowest points, um, that I remember.

What TA, uh, what’s your favorite kind of cheese

to Swiss?

Really? You like Richard? Jeez,

I don’t know what that is.

Richard. Richard cheese is a guy who does covers of rap songs, but it’s like, no, you haven’t. Do you have listen Richard cheese? Never. No sir. Okay, let me give you just one little sample of Andrew. Get ready to edit a lot of stuff tonight. Here we are going to be editing this. This is just an example of what Richard cheese can do for you. Okay, so get ready. I’ll edit it up. Here we go. This is Richard cheese,

his cover of gin and juice. You’re going to love this brand and I give this to you. It’s my gift. I like jazz. Now you’re going to love this. Here we go. Get ready. When he drops the knowledge bombs your brands and explode. So lyrical miracle. Get ready. Snoop cringes when he hears this.

So much drama in the LPC. It’s kind of hard being Snoop D O double G, but somehow, someway keep coming up with fun every single day. Got editing. Your Hogan man leaving till six Oh man. So he gonna smoke out. He’s up. [inaudible].

So I don’t know if we can talk at all about some of the big things you’re working on right now or should we keep it kind of covert and kind of secret?

Ooh, Ooh, that’s the question, isn’t it? See, we just got out of a two and a half hour meeting today. It started at 10 30 and we were not out.

So one o’clock with, and this is, this is falling. Send me your advice [inaudible]

that you’ve been, you know, kind of steering us, but we have a celebrity influencer that is about to be a partner inside of [inaudible] equity partners. And is it an equity partner in they are going to change the, they’re going to probably jolt us four years into the future, uh, in the matter of a few months. So

are you teaming up with the guy who played Darth Vader who didn’t get to speak on camera and just the physical body? The guy played Darth Vader, the, the body double for that guy is out here teaming up.


Oh damn girl John, I’m seeing about Nick guy who wasn’t the voice, the guy that he never gets the love. You know that guy.

I have 44 million followers on YouTube.


you have 44 million followers on YouTube. They’re the, they’re the largest YouTube following in the USA.

It’s Ricky Schroder Silver’s. No. Can you tell us, are you going to keep, can you tell us or no?

Uh, I’d probably, I’d probably need a weight off because I think today we decided that we’re going to announce it in six weeks.

Your call

in the United States, you could just make some speculations,

the largest follower in the U S so I’m gonna make a speculation. The largest YouTube channel, no exaggeration in the world might be teaming up with you guys. I know what it is and I’m going to queue it up now and just, just if it’s, you know, if I nail it, just, just let it happen. Here we go. Let me get it ready to go. Let me kind of get it queued up here. Face to face. Is it Ricky Schroder silver spoon. Seriously. Can you tell him know that’s a bunch of crap and you know, it is calling you out. It’s Ricky, you’re right on. No, you know. Okay. So anyway, I, uh, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll be Googling. We’ll find out your little secret here soon. Now if I met, listen today,

it’s gotta be, it’s gotta be monster. If it’s going to make, um, it’s gonna make ripples throughout the entire supplement world. Um, but, but we’re not quite ready to announce it just yet.

Okay. Final question. I have a final question. I have. We spent so much time today I, me, I spent so much time dwelling on Richard cheese and silver spoons and all the things that the listeners want to get into. I don’t want to, I don’t want to cut you off here. If I want to order some of your stuff, I want to try it out for the first time. Where can I do it? And do you have a hot deal for first time buyers?

Yeah. So, um, it is T R U L a B We’ve got a whole new website that’s going to be launching hopefully before, um, this podcast comes out. But, um, we are going to be working on a super hot deal, clay. And what it is is we’re going to let every one of your listeners, and so yes, they will put in, um, what should we make as a code? You tell me what you think the coach would be. Let’s say clay. I mean it can clay. Yeah, let’s do that. Okay, so I’m going to write that down right here. Yep. So if they’ll put in clay, um, as, as their promo code, when they’re checking out,

we’re going to give all of your listeners

sampler. And so this sample is going to have a shaker cup. It’s going to have a four different flavors of the pre-workout, three different flavors of the energy. Yes. Um, two of the proteins and maybe asleep as well. And, and usually we’re going to sell that for, we’re going to let people try that for about 20 bucks. Yeah. But I think I can do it. I think I can do it. My Ray’s going to be mad at me at this

Ray is gonna give us a hot deal. Don’t tease us. Give us a hot deal fricking tonight.

The 99 cent,

$9 and 99 cents and then hopefully we’ll have you on the show again so you can confess that Ricky Schroder is in fact your sponsor.

Hello. Let me go

over spoons. Best show ever.

Yeah. What’s great about this is we saw the shaker cup by itself for $15 and a it’s, it is, it’s an amazing, amazing shaker cup, but that’s, that’s one of every product that we make and the shaker cup for free. So it’s going to be a, that’s a really hot tip.

Hey man, I appreciate you so much for being on the show. I’m gonna hang up on you so you don’t have to hang up on me. Cause normally didn’t is kind of weird a lot of times classy guys like you just hang up on me but thank you so much for being on the show and we look forward to having a progress report in a couple of months when you announced your merger, your partnership with Ricky Schroder from silver spoons.

Hey clay, thanks so much for having me on. I’m I, let me just say one thing. I have really enjoyed your podcast. They have been very entertaining. If I have to drive more than 15 minutes, I’m putting on a thrive time business show pro podcast. So I really appreciate you having me as one of the one of the guest today.

Oh well hopefully I make you laugh at least once and you learn something and maybe once a week. But here you take care of my friend.

Thanks Paul. Appreciate it.

Bye. And now without any further ed, do what?

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My name is Amy Baltimore and I am a CPA and Kevin [inaudible], Tennessee. I’ve been working with the thrive team now for about a year. A one of the first things that they did was to update my website and my search engine optimization. I prior had a website but I was not being found on Google and all of my new business was coming through referrals from friends, family, et cetera. And right away I started to see results. People were calling and coming in saying that they found me on Google. They just Googled CPA near me and there I was at the top of the page. And so, um, it’s been a great help to my business.

Again, you can download your free ebook copy today at the best S E O book.

Hey, this is Dustin Huff. I’m with Keystone Harbor Marina. Um, we joined thrive, uh, back in January and have been working with these guys for about seven months. Uh, during that time period we have, uh, moved up our Google rank through reviews and SEO processes that we’ve, uh, uh, compiled through these guys. Our leads have gone from about four week to now, 165 a week. So the process works. Uh, I will tell you from experience, once you begin, you have to stay with it as long as you continually do this weekend and week out, month in and month out, you’ll continually grow.

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Hello, my name is Daniel Daniels heating and air here in Amarillo, Texas. Uh, the way Google has affected my business, uh, we have got a lot of calls from Google right now it’s July and we’ve had the best month ever and it took us about eight to 10 months to get on top of Google. And I’m glad we did.

I remember nothing works. Unless you do, you have to go to thebestSEObookcom today. Download the ebook for free. Just download that ebook for free and you’ll be off

to the races.

This is [inaudible]. Today is your day and now is your time. Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. Proverbs tenfold. I’m here to tell you you can do it. If you can just motivate yourself to up. The masses had to cut off up to you. So on the day I could one day do a shape and tree. I had to prove I had to make cuts to be here daily at noon. So the wave and knowledge monsoon, I conveyed them. No parades, those a doubt in you. Why you the next Spock of fella? All the next blue room for the next Dr. King. Who in your way, what you run by like a one to one. It’s up to you. I remember my days two to the 2:00 AM like the template. Well with the jobs that tried to consume the future that I could pursue from the mountain top, now I can do clue that you have what it takes your youth to thrive. Success today is your day and now it’s your year to success. Today is your day moment is profound. To show the crown your rope might’ve been rough with what you got now is now even shut you out. But you gotta be assessed with the old plow started from the bottom of what? My way I was pinned, prayed up.

You gotta get it. Don’t quit it. Today is your day. Your time you have today is your day and now we use your terms. Your 10 should be all went to kid, but we cannot make it without self discipline to fall on your face. Get yourself a teacher. Set up the Kohl’s with the friends when the storm’s getting up in the scab. What you believe we believe in you, but not as much as God knows. If you’re going to have these, got nothing applied, what you learned? Increase which part do tagging gun money to burn a please what you heard it into Tom, you got money. 2% increase. What you burn in? Do tons. You’ve got money to increase what you burn in due time. You got money to money. I look to shout down the doubters, silver beads that became your dream. Flowers empower you to devour all the obstacles that make your sweet dreams sour. As for me, I used to sit still, but now up on the microphone. Smooth like if I could do it, I’m no, you can do, but you bust stick to it like post too. And while Morgan’s on the call was what he’s saying, shoot truth victories. Today is your day these days. Okay. And now it says you will. Today is your day today and now is your turn. It’s your time today and now sing it Barton. Today’s your day. [inaudible] these are the time I realize I can’t sing like that, but I can’t talk and and

play the woodblock. Okay. If you guys need me, I’ll just be over here.


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