Trump-A-Palooza: The Good. The Bad. The Billionaire President (Part 2) – Hour 1

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Learn more about the Donald Trump. Whether you love him or hate him, this business coach podcast is sure to pique your interests.

1971 – Age 24 – After proving to himself and his father that at the age of 21 he could effectively manage and turn-around the largest apartment complex in Cincinnati, he asked his father if he could now get involved in massive building projects in Manhattan.
FUN FACT – “He got his start when he turned a big profit on a Cincinnati apartment complex his father assigned him after his Wharton graduation in 1968.” –
FUN FACT – His father bought the Swifton Village apartment complex when Donald Trump was just 17 years old in 1964. When he bought the property it was was 50% vacant (but the largest apartment complex) and he bought it at the auction when it was in foreclosure. Donald Trump was a senior in high school at the military academy when his dad bought the complex, but he played a big role in managing the project while going through both high school and college.
NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Hunt for bargains. Chase out deadbeats. Spend some money on paint and polish.” – Fred Trump (Donald’s father) – (Fred Trump began building his fortune by building homes for returning military veterans in Brooklyn and Queens)

1972 – Age 25 – Trump becomes the owner of Elizabeth Trump and Son and renames it The Trump Organization.

1973 – Age 26 – While serving as the president of the Trump Organization Donald is responsible for overseeing and managing 14,000 apartments across Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.
If you had to manage 14,000 units of anything, how would you handle it?
If you had to manage 14,000 humans how would you manage your time?


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