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Are you struggling with the concept of “Show Time”? If you or your team need some inspiration then listen in to this business coach podcast version of the Thrivetime Show as Clay Clark gives you the steps you need to take to make sure every time is Show Time.  

Segment #7 – When You Come to Work It’s Show Time

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The core of our success. That’s the most difficult thing for a competitor to imitate. They can buy all the physical things. The things you can’t buy are dedication, devotion, loyalty—the feeling that you are participating in a crusade.” – Herb Kelleher (Founder of Southwest Airlines)

Segment #8 – Creating That WOW Customer Experience    

Happy and inspired employees make happy customers that become apostoles for your business.

  1. Make a checklist for your sights
  2. Make a checklist for your sounds
  3. Make a checklist for your interactions
    1. Create a call and video recording system to ensure quality
  4. Make a checklist for your smells
  5. Make a checklist for your pricing

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We will hire someone with less experience, less education, and less expertise, than someone who has more of those things and has a rotten attitude. Because we can train people. We can teach people how to lead. We can teach people how to provide customer service. But we can’t change their DNA.” – Herb Kelleher (Founder of Southwest Airlines)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Starbucks Coffee is the #1 purveyor of coffee in the world.  We are here to educate and enhance the best possible customer experience.” – Howard Schultz

12:35 AM – When we land in Louisville, Kentucky it becomes immediately clear that we have made it Louisville, but our luggage did not make it. The pastoral team of John and Patrick pick us up at the airport. It becomes clear that a 2:30 AM Walmart run is in store for us.

2:10 AM – John, my son, and I go to Walmart to buy the essentials, including socks, boxers, deodorant, toothbrushes, t-shirts and it turns out that size 10 women’s underwear is different from size 10 girls’ underwear.

FUN FACT – Flight landed on Friday at 12:00 AM

FUN FACT – Luggage arrived on Sunday at 12:00 PM

2:30 AM – As we arrive at our Holiday Inn Hotel in Owensboro, Kentucky I mentally come to grips that flooding Ohio River will not flood our hotel tonight that I will be will be leading the workshop without my books and other teaching materials in 6 ½ hours.

2:40 AM – Traveling via the air is always an adventure, but at least my kids got a bonus piece of fried fish somehow included in their french fries that they ordered from TGI Fridays.

Build a Relationship with Your Customers So That Your Company Is Not Commoditized  

Bring Big Overwhelming Optimistic Momentum and Contagious Enthusiasm to the Workplace

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Audio Transcription

Welcome back to the thrive time show have a business coach question. Email is today and info at thrivetime, show.Com and clay and doctors. He will answer your business. Questions live on. The air about customer service in this show is prompted by my trip to owensboro kentucky, where I got to the tulsa international airport and of the five members of the tsa as a transportation authority employees I found that of the five I interacted with three were super duper duper negative and the transportation security administration of those five employees. Three were super super negative I get on the airplane. One stewardesses -1 stewardess was positivepilots. I never met those people. My flight was delayed. My flight was delayed, it was delayed and delayed and delayed again from dallas. No one ever have to the microphone to update us. We missed multiple flights. We end up getting on a flight to louisville kentucky a different flight. My wife requested a different flight, then our luggage was lost and then we were on a plane that was hot or no updates the plane left late to the past. The pilot was I’m sarcastic at one Point:i’m, not exaggerating the microphone and said I’ve been working 10 hours today and we’re going to be a flying here to get to the louisville kentucky tonight, but we might end up in o’hare for all I know at this point. So I will just need to have a little bit of respect and restraint to our team. There was an announcementand. He never made another announcement. He literally said we might end up at o’hare, which is in chicago from tulsa to lube, on how many hours, chapters 9 and 1/2, basically what it took me 12 hours just to get to dallas to spend way more money. Vice president of walt disney world resorts has been a frequent guest on the drive time, show he used to manage over 40,000 employees and, more importantly, used to manage walt disney world resortwalt disney world resorts is known for having a great customer service experience with a million customers and we need a happiest place on earth. I do believe. Why is it that they can have a million happy customers a week and yet most of beer light skip? Get a ride, systems checklist and workflows;okay with how this relates to small business, real, quick guys, these work-clothes that we keep talking about. This is a map laying out all of the systems in all the space between we call those linkages and that’s typically, where the ball gets dropped for your client as a small business owner and a shout out to guy shepherd I got a text from this guy that shepherd automotive in oklahoma city text me at 3:30 in the morning on sunday morning to tell me that he’s up and working on his work flow, because that’s the thing that small business owners have a real hard time blocking out that time, they’re scheduled to work on their business and also i, was pumped for come cuz he’s getting stuff done 3:30 in the morning to do paul, pogba food cps I’m, going to play this audio of his interview. I have lee cockrell I like to get you to break it down and to share with the drivers what they need to implement as relates to customer service.

Based upon this exclusive interview with lee cockrell, the former executive vice president of walt disney world, resorts cockrell and I know, it disney, it seems like the goal was always too wow. Customer still wow, it seems like a lot of businesses is just to satisfy. Can you maybe walk me through some of the details that made that wow experience? I love, my kids to disneyland I mean we are wow? What are some of the details that you put on that checklist? That trait that well I think we do a good job of preparing the employees the cast members to how important trip this is for families? How big is this is one of the trips of a lifetime. They say their money for 3 years to come here, they’re bringing their business coach children here, and they came here when they were children and disney’s magical experience and we promote magic and the magic is really comes from the employees come from the cast you’re, the ones who produce it, and so what happens to guests who comes here that is really drilled into everybody? No matter what we take care of. We go out of our way. We see you across the across the parking lot haven’t looked at in the map. We don’t run away. We go to you get over there if you’re carrying your bags and one of the engineers he’s just come from fixing a toilet will help you carry your bags in this blows. People away, because they’re going to this only happens to disney. You lost your pacifier and there’s two things going to happen. Some places, you’ll, go they’ll, say the stores close other places like this need to go. Get the keys. There’s two ways to do things:every employee of every cast member disney has the authority to take care of you financially, so you’re, a good daughter got her dress, wet or wet grass or something they have the authority. To give you a new dress. I don’t have to check with the manager. We have a document call no, strings, attached, just fill it out, sign it telling what it was, give it to the cashier and give you an address, or your son drops his mickey mouse in the mud. $30 item I can give you another one, but I don’t have to check later, but there’s a limit on the amount, but even then you got to get the manager, but I would say we found out that about 90% of the problems we’re not financially more than 30 $40, okay, but then one year we decided that when there’s a loss like you lose, a camera is missing from your room.

When you come back and it’s $1,000 or $800 camera, we used to turn them over to claim. So you know how that works. I turn you over to claims. You know how to clean straight you. So we made a change and we said every front desk person. Has it authority to settle a claim for $1,000 up to a thousand year? It’s cuz. It’s makes it more simple. I mean right now:it’s done, you get into claims, get lawyers involved and gets higher and higher and higher than the people want more money and authority I had a interview. Meeting yesterday was david robinson the basketball player, and it was the craziest thing. I:wake up at 4:45 to prepare for the presentation, and wouldn’t you know it-the laptop doesn’t work so 5 a.M. I have to drive from san antonio to walmart to buy a computer. They say that the computers aren’t available to purchase until 7 cuz. The guy has the keys to the cage door. Locked long business coach story short the jeep. If there’s fog, the gps won’t work, I can’t pull up. My phone is as crazy situation, but it’s not about resources. It’s about resourcefulness, it’s about being able to figure it out and i. Think you’re you’re, absolutely right. There, obviously you’re right. But how do you tell if someone has resourcefulness when you interview I’ve, been working with the lady for a few years now and what we would do if we really decided that we were looking for three things, passion can do attitude, so we develop questions for me. If you got a job open, you’re going to be 5 people for it. We develop 670 questions and we tell him we’re going to same questions in the same order. Every question has an obstacle in it. So what you do I would say to you retail, so tell me about a specific time. You had to deal with an irate customer was just totally unreasonable, paul there’s so much to unpack there, but he talks about hiring good people. He talks about giving latitude business coach employees and offering great customer service break it down from your perspective, when did you hear there or when I heard it’s a top-down attitude that these people are? What pays everybody salaries and you want to create a raving fan out of your clients out of your your customers, and we talk to clients about that. It would cph.Com when they come in. We asked describe how it, how is how people handled when they come in, because somebody who’s had their expectations exceeded will be a raving fan. They will be a marketing force for you, yes, and so they go out and and tell their friends and everything else, and that’s the cheapest and most effective form of marketing was the average cost for those people to to make sure that they’re happy and they gave the of the employees that latitude to go to make.

That decision and soap, you run your business as we talked about earlier, like an airline or like an airport you’re going to go to business I’ll. Just let those businesses are subsidized by the federal government and our tax dollars are bail out because they otherwise wouldn’t make it unit in southwest airlines. It turned a profit for 44 consecutive years in the other airlines can’t string together two to three years of profitability. In a row we come back more about creating a great customer service experience, stay 2, 21102, legendary, drive, time, show, business workshop for free since 5 and itunes leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at thrivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us in our offices and we’ll be able to make your dreams come true. All right, tribe, nation, welcome back to the conversation of time, show on your radio in today we’re breaking down specifically how to create a great customer service experience. What what prompted this entire discussion is that what i, traveled to owensboro kentucky i, try not to ever really travel anymore as a business coach, i, just don’t do well with travel, and it’s for a multitude of reasons, but probably the biggest is it I just do not like the antagonist stick relationship that the people at tsa have I i. Just you get at you go that you go through the security and the transportation security administration has people that are in charge of making sure our planes don’t blow up into their credit. I feel like they’ve done a good job on reducing planes. Blowing up and falling out of the sky objectively I feel like the result. They did really mitigated that so good job. What I don’t like is the sarcasm in the negativity that goes with i. Just don’t understand why you have to be absolutely antagonistic towards every single person that comes through all the time to objectively I was just taking note this time. I thought you know what I’m going to do. I used to travel like every week used to fly every week somewhere this week, dudes. They don’t travel very much. I was going to keep a journal and write down everything that happens both good and bad, so that I could break it down the show and turn it into learning. Experience and I thought about this. I thought:okay, I get to the airport and the person working checking us and we first get. There were checking in our bags. This guy unbelievably says:do you guys want to self check in and I said, I yeah? What’s up chick any okay great, and he knows that, like a member of my family, struggling to figure out what button to hit and rather than like giving her her advice, he just sits there and looks at her and everyone else would look of judgement and then he mumbles and he walks off.

If you have a little curly mustache, he was pacing., that particular gun locks off and then I point out to my wife that I guess he wants her to follow because he’s looking at her with this antagonistic i. Look but you didn’t say, follow me and then we get up to check in to go through tsa transportation security administration in three of the five employees were antagonistic and then we get on our flight. We go the flight, the plane’s delayed. They don’t make an announcement. Explain to us what’s happening, we’re stuck on the runway for a half hour. They finally help with the microphone 10 minutes later. There’s no air conditioning on the plane. There’s no beverages being served as the overhead music being played. We arrive late to dallas. The next flight is delay, delay delay. They cancel the flight, they don’t make any announcements me and take another flight ba 1 800 number that we called on our own because they never told us what was going on because I had one customer service, reps staff 480 something passengers. So we end up flying to louisville kentucky in route to louisville kentucky on the first flight. It’s delay delay, delay, delay delayed. Then the person who’s in charge of ticketing explain to me that the reason why he’s frustrated is because he’s had to work 10 hours. I, don’t recall the last time. Is it entreprenuer I haven’t worked 10 hours, so then he goes on to explain to us. The pilot is being flown in from mexico and that’s. Why there’s a delay we get on the flight that the pilot literally hopped on the microphone and explains to us that we are to not antagonize the stewardesses because they have been working over a 10-hour day. We fly as a business coach into louisville kentucky when we landed louisville kentucky, they have lost our luggage and we arrive at 12 in the morning. We finally do get to walmart at 2:30 a.M. So my wife and I can buy clothes for the kids, have swimsuits and stuff to swim. The next day we do the workshop training for this wonderful church called river, city church in owensboro kentucky and when were doing the training with the folks at law, owensboro kentucky at the river city church, that’s the first time we started encountering great customer service again cuz. There was no customer service at walmart, zero customer service at the airport and no customer service on the airline itself. Now we did not fly southwest airlines and we did not go to a starbucks, but the next morning. The next morning we went to the church that a great experience they did a good job and in our hotel we stayed at the holiday inn on the river in owensboro an hour. The manager who manages that restaurant was awesome, top, notch and so I made a list of all the things that you wouldn’t want to do to create a while experience and I want to end on a high note in the positive things that you could do to make a great customer service experience.

The first thing is, you can make a checklist chop of what the visuals need to look like for each and every shift truck as a business coach. Why is this absolutely important for every single business owner to make a checklist of the visuals that you want to be a parent parent and you appear in your business because I left to default the lot of times business owners are so in the business. They don’t even understand, step back and look at the entire picture, or they think okay, I set this up on purpose. I’ll, leave it to my team member, my employee of delegate that to them it’s not in the system somewhere, so the thing ends up changing completely and you might not even realize it at our workshop tube into the drive time show workshops before. Why do we make a checklist for the music that we play in between sessions? Everything with that you have clay’s, scripted and unscripted for a purpose of purpose, to create an environment, to create to put people into it in a certain mood to to really create that wow that that wow factor and I can tell you this. Like the first time, I went to your place, I didn’t want to leave, leave I want to look for a car i, wonder if there’s been a place to sleep. I’ve been sleeping right now, because we have made it a good experience. I’m, actually remodeling or rebuilding my office in claremore and our lobby is going to is duplicating what you do there. Now it’s right by the interaction with a customer. So if you’re a new, first-time customer, there’s an official to or that we take you on I would occur every single listener to script out your interactions to do it and assessment with a potential client. It’s all scripted out. So you know what every team members saying to those people try to encourage you to create a script. Write a script for customer interaction, I’d encourage you to script:how to make a script! I also encourage you to create a call recording system. You want to create a call recording system and you want to create a video recording of your office. No reason why you want to do that is because, if not by default, quality will be terrible. You’ve got to install a call recording system in your business and you’ve got to install a video recording system in your office. Now. How, have you seen, call recording or video recording, absolutely transform the atmosphere of a well if it you’re not measuring, if you’re not taking time out to actually make sure that the employees are doing the systems than what the heck was. The point of making the systems in the first place, because I can guarantee you that 9 out of 10, maybe 99 out of a hundred employees, are going to be gone, count become getting comfortable.

If you’re not following up with him, did you go to make a checklist for the smells you want make sure your office is business coach intentional, with the smells like a checklist for your pricing after you’ve done. That here are the final steps you need to. Do you explain to your team that when they come to work, it’s showtime, southwest airlines says the core of success. The most difficult thing for a competitor to imitate is the founder of southwest airlines. The founder of southwest airlines, says the core of our success. That’s the most difficult thing they can buy all the physical things, the things you can’t buy our dedication, devotion, loyalty, the feeling that you are participating in a crusade, and you have to work hard every single day to do that as a business owner. Not the final move you want to do. You want to aim on creating a white owl experience and not just a passable customer experience. Howard schultz, the founder of starbucks coffee, the multiple stores that start starbucks coffee the company they didn’t founders originally made coffee, grinders and coffee, but he actually came up with the idea that multiple locations he says, starbucks coffees, number one purveyor of coffee in the world. We are here to educate and enhance the best possible customer experience and their try to create a wow experience for their customers and one it’s not just passable. What would be the number one piece of advice should give:what’s the action item that they should take today?

Well, I would give them to action item. One I would tell them that they’ve got to i, got a hood cps.Com and fill out the form and get a free hour of my time, and we can talk to their business. Ii would be to figure out how and when the next conference at workshop that you’re putting on clay, because you know it’s it’s something that you need to experience and you’ll experience into my office as you experience it. Even a thousand pull in in one of your workshops at thrive, you got to go there, but the key is is:is it it’s your business, but you want to be proactive and you want to be deliberate on how things look and smell and sound. If you do not create a relationship with your customer, then your business is going to be commoditized. You want to build a relationship with your customer so that your company is not come on. Teised people will stick with an insurance agent or business coach for years if they like them, you want to create a great experience, chepstow and vile. The offer listeners do this. You want to just over deliver at every turn, every opportunity you and your team members have to over-deliver when you’re interacting with your client or customer. You absolutely have to have that mindset and make sure that’s the culture you want to bring an overwhelming optimistic momentum and contagious enthusiasm for the workplace, bring the boom the big, overwhelming optimistic momentum to the workplace every single day, while those customers with a boom, my man. So now we don’t need further. Why do I want it kind of give ourselves a moment of to get warmed up here here we go


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