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Learn how to grow your business 300% within just one year and how great companies like ShawHomes.com, ColawFitness.com and LivingWaterIrrigationOK.com are growing their business by 10X the national average. All you have to do is book your tickets to the Thrivetime Show Business Conferences 

Part 1 – Who Is Speaking?

  1. Featuring Clay Clark – Clay Clark is the former U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year for the state of Oklahoma and the founder of Thrive15.com. His entrepreneurial spirit kicked in at 18 years of age, when he started his first business from his dorm room at Oral Roberts University. Two years later, Clay was named the Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year. Clay’s story and his six multi-million-dollar businesses have been featured in PandoDaily, Forbes, Fast Company, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, and a wide variety of other publications.
  2. Featuring Michael Levine – My friend and the PR and branding consultant of choice for Michael Jackson, Prince, Pizza Hut, Nike, Charlton Heston, and multiple-time New York Times best-selling author visits us from Sunny California to teach how to take your branding and marketing game to the NEXT level.
  3. Matt Kline – Our friend franchise brand developer for OXI Fresh visits us from beautiful Denver Colorado to teach the keys to running a successful systematic business on a daily basis while also celebrating the opening of 400th OXI Fresh location
  4. Jill Donovan – A wonderful friend and client shares how she grew her business Rustic Cuff from just her to 125 + employees using the Dream 100 celebrity system, incredible branding, and creating a product that women absolutely love.

Part 2 – Don’t Take Our Word for It – Testimonials:

  1. 582 Google Reviews
  2. 1,052 iTunes Review
  3. 1,012 Youtube Video Reviews
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhghaAXgXS0
    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lASt7EiQDuk
    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TF2SbIuN8Jg
    4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4H3bwHsmik


  1. Increase your sales by 10x.
  2. Balance your goals for your faith, family, finances, fitness, friendship, and fun.
  3. Build a business that works without your direct involvement.
  4. The millionaire mindset to time management.
  5. Online marketing mastery.
  6. How to generate leads and sales.

Part 4 – Testimonials:

Part 5 – What Will You Learn

  1. Lead generation 101.
  2. How to hire and fire effectively.
  3. The proven moves for recruiting high-quality people.
  4. Social media marketing on steroids.
  5. The secrets of search engine optimization.
  6. How to achieve both time and financial freedom.
  7. Team management mastery.
  8. Financial planning for your life and business.
  9. How to enhance the linear workflow.
  10. How to raise capital effectively.
  11. Personal accounting 101.
  12. Financial planning 101.
  13. How to create a world-class customer service experience.

Part 6 – Testimonials:

Part 7 – Book Now or Regret it for the rest of your adult life (that was kind of heavy)

Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Hello, what they should and date to you. We interrupt today’s regularly scheduled podcast to inform you about an urgent situation which is sweeping the thrive nation and now we go to our eye on the sky is afraid of Heights and who also happens to be the host office show quite tight. Barris Clark, I’m afraid of Heights and I’m not really sure how being up high in a helicopter hubs to effectively communicate this message, but I will do what has to be done to share this message. The Business Conferences tickets are quickly disappearing. We have 74 tickets left for our December thrive time show conference. Clay. Actually it’s 73 back to you in my face and this event will feature my good friend Michael [inaudible] who has been the PR consultant of choice from Michael Jackson. Nike, Prince Charleton Heston, he’s a big deal. Quiet sounds like you’re yelling. I’m in a helicopter.

It possible for you to use it inside voice while in a helicopter. No, but this just dead. Matt Klein, our franchise brand developer friend from Oxi fresh is going to visit us at the December conference to share with you the keys for running a systemic, systematic, successful business. He’s going to teach you how Oxi fresh has been able to open 400 franchise locations. Will he we able to teach you to stop yelling? Hi man, at helicopter by my good friend Jill Donovan, my wonderful friend and client who’s grown her business rustic cuff to now employ over 125 wonderful people is going to join us to teach you how to use the dream 100 system to reach celebrities and your ideal and likely buyers. All of this and more get me out of this helicopter. It’s freaking me out.

all right. Finally back and by a native state, they’re going up in a helicopter for the thrive nation. A little bit crazy, but a thrive nation. Here’s the deal. Um, our conference in December is going to be a game-changing event for somebody out there. I want to brag on our clients real quick. Living water, irrigation, setting sales records, unbelievable success. Check them out. Living water, irrigation. Okay. Also featured in good morning America with Michael stray hand. Big. Shout out to the good folks at living water irrigation, Cola fitness. Check out cool fitness.com having rapid expansion, doubling the size of their company here in 2020 great job Cola fitness show, homes.com show homes.com has grown the company from around $40 million of sales just three years ago to now they’re approaching $80 million of sales, checking out Shaw homes.com and I could go on with ample examples that my mind almost not handle, but I, I feel like you should not take my word for it.

So I want you to look up, look up the thrive time show conferences right now. Look it up. I want to look it up, but that would require me, usually my body and I have carpal tunnel right now we have 582 objective Google reviews from great people like you. We have 1050 to iTunes reviews from great people like you and 1012 YouTube video reviews from great people like you. And it seems to be harder to fake video reviews. I mean princess lay, it didn’t even seem real. And the new star Wars, you owe it to yourself to attend the thrive time show in person workshop at least once. Our December conference is hot. It’s a game changing event and you can book your tickets right now by going to thrive time show.com it’s thrive time show.com and if you click on the conferences button right there, you can book your tickets to the December 13th and 14th conference.

Now be careful because at this conference you will be seated by people that I have coached into multimillion-dollar success. This event is not for the pretenders, it is for the doers. This are business conferences for real entrepreneurs so you can learn everything you need to know to grow a successful business. So we’re going to teach you the systems that dr Robert Zellner and I have used to build 15 multimillion dollar companies. We’re going to teach you how to nail and scale it. And then we’re going to teach you management. We’re going to teach you at an on wine market, like a boss. We’re going to teach you online marketing mastery, how to dominate the search engine equation, how to get to the top of the search engine results. We’re going to teach you how to generate more leads and sales. It’s going to be a game-changing event, but don’t take my word for it. Listen to what these people have to say about their experience attending a recent thrive time show in person two day workshop.

Hello, my name is Michael Levine and I have given thousands of speeches. In fact, I’m the only man who was ever given speeches at Harvard and Oxford who did not graduate college. So I’ve been doing this a very long time and a lot of very interesting places. Now, I just came back from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where I gave a speech for the thrive time show conference and it must tell you it was an exceptional event filled with exceptional people and it restored some of my faith. And, uh, my dwindling a sense of humanity, um, discouraged by some of what I see in contemporary life, but thrive time was exceptional. And uh, I hope to go back again, but more importantly, if you’re thinking about attending a conference that in two days can really, really bring extraordinary value to your life, not only professional life, your personal life as well. Then I really endorse the thrive time show conference. Uh, clay Clark and his group are exceptional people. They are a deeply, deeply devoted to people making significant progress in not only their professional lives but their personal lives as well. So my name is Michael Levine, totally unsolicited. I’m not paid to say this. I can say whatever I want. And by the way, I have enough money that I really can say whatever I want. So anyway, I hope it’s of some value in some interest. Uh, and I hope you’ll check out the thrive time show conference

folks. That was Michael Levine, the Michael Jordan of public relations and branding, the New York times bestselling author. We’ll be in the house in December. Let’s hear what a thriver from Colorado has to say about attending the workshops.

So my name is Rick Ross. I’m from Colorado Springs, Colorado. I’m an electrical contractor. And, uh, I just wanted to learn how to give my business to the next level. Oh, the atmosphere is fun. It’s great. And uh, just a lot of intelligent information here that I just am so warm with, uh, eyes wide open. And the more they talked, the more I learned. Uh, I think the presentation I would describe the presentation is, uh, just very eyeopening, very refreshing. Uh, I never got bored. And once there was a constant flow of information and it was great, I’ve actually learned the most valuable thing I’ve learned here is time management. That’s the big one. My favorite aspect of the workshop was just being able to learn. Uh, the more they spoke, the more you know, the wider my eyes got. And it really enlightened me on, on everything. So not sure if I have a favorite set that it was the whole thing. If you don’t attend this, you’re going to be missing out on a wealth of information. That could change your life forever. Uh, just through your business, your family, just the way you think about everything.

All right. We’ve had the great Michael Levine chime in and share his thoughts about the workshop. We’ve had a thriver from Colorado. Share his thoughts. Let’s hear what a thriver from California has to say about the workshop.

I am Carlos cloud and I am from Anaheim, California. I own TCP commercial contractors. I was just looking to learn better systems and better ways to structure my company to support growth was very exciting, uh, very energetic, uh, motivating and inspiring. A lot of good people. A lot of place, good to network. Clay’s very funny. A lot of jokes, a constantly laughing and making good points and setting an example, one of the most valuable things is just not beating around the Bush about getting rid of people that need to get out of the company. People that’s costing you money. A lot of people are outfit herself and ambitions and uh, you don’t want a, those types of people ruin in your dream. My favorite aspect of the, um, the workshop is, is that, um, the notes in the book and everything set up to where if you do miss something and there’s always a backup way to get to it, well they are missing out on all of stuff that they think they know, but they don’t know. Um, and uh, just having the atmosphere and, uh, the circle of people around you that’s going to, uh, influence you or help you and teach you the systems that you gonna need you to know to get yourself to the next level.

Yes, yes. But maybe we need to hear another testimonial from someone who’s attended the workshop from the great state of California and specifically from San Francisco.

My name is Nicole. She am from California. I heard about a conference on a website healthcare business that helps seniors assisted living and boarding care. The name is miss B. We are your nest savvy experts. This is amazing. You are very engaged and just like a week talk about everything, different aspects of the business. Very exciting. Oh, I think he’s extremely entertaining and that he still has ways to get you paid attention to him. And I think not just that, and everything he says makes so much than I think I learned so much. Not only this conference like motivates me and also gives me a lot of knowledge and tools and I actually have a lot of actionable items that I won’t let you form it right away. So that’s the biggest takeaway. I think people miss out a lie that I heard.

Listen, I encourage everybody out there to be skeptical and to do your research, check out co LA fitness.com that’s colo fitness.com. Check out Shaw homes.com check out full package.com and see how the coaching program has impacted their lives.

So if you have ever found yourself struggling to increase your sales, increasing the number of leads or increasing your knowledge of how to market online, increasing your ability to manage your team and increasing your ability to lead your team, increasing your ability to recruit a team or to just dominate your accounting so you can lead with your numbers. You should definitely book your tickets right now by going to thrive time show.com and clicking on the conferences button. Think about this for a second. I want you to think about this for a second. In America today, just nine out of 100 people will start a business according to Forbes to get, according to Forbes, just nine out of 100 people will start [inaudible]

a business. Now of the people that do actually go out and start a business, according to Forbes, nine out of 10 businesses will fail. Nine out of 10 businesses will fail. So you have to ask yourself, why have my partner and I been able to be successful with real companies over and over year after year? Let’s start with DJ connection.com why was that built into a multimillion dollar company? One was because of luck or systems and diligence. Okay, let’s start with dr zellner.com look it up, dr zellner.com why did my partner become the top optometrist in Oklahoma in terms of gross revenue? Uh, okay, let’s go to elephant in the room. Alphabetically speaking, E I T [inaudible] dot com Y is the elephant in the room. They topped men’s grooming lounge based on gross revenue in our city based upon look genetics is because I took my act three times or I took algebra three times. No, it’s because I know the proven systems and processes that you need to know to grow. Why did my partner buy a bank? Why did he team up with a guy to buy a bank? There’s just not a whole lot of people out there who host in person workshops that own a bake. Look it up. Bank regent.com bank, rigid.com but don’t take my word for it. Hear what these people have to say.

My name’s JT McCormick and I am from Austin, Texas. So when I came, what I was looking to learn from the conference itself is hearing the strategies that they’re offering incoming opportun, uh, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs who are new on their journey in some of the basics that people can learn and grow their companies from. So we’re in publishing and some of the things that I’ve even picked up here, I’ve got a notepad of notes that I’ve taken away. Just the basics that you can learn from. So the atmosphere in the team is next level. So if you are looking to go to the library, don’t come here. If you’re looking for energetic conference where you can actually meet all of the attendees and have a conversation, this is definitely the place for you. So Clay’s delivery and presentation style off the charts. Next level, energetic keeps you engaged and you will stay 100% focused.

The whole conference, favorite aspect of the workshop, and this is gonna sound interesting, but if you’ve ever gone to some of the workshops, business conferences, they’ll go for an hour and a half and then you’ll have a break. The good part about this conference issue, go 30 minutes, take a break, 45 minutes, take a break. It allows you, again to speak with the [inaudible], the conference attendees, but it also keeps your energy up because you’re not sitting there for over an hour at a time. If you do not come to the conference, what you would be missing out on is an opportunity to truly learn a lot of the foundational basics to grow your company. Those things that people assume are common sense. Those are the basics and the foundational pieces that you’ll learn that would help you grow your company.

All right, so we know what a thriver from Austin, Texas has to say about the thrive time show program, but what is the thriver from Dallas, Texas have to say,

my name is Ray Salinas and I’m from Dallas, Texas. Uh, one of my business partners, uh, said that this is something that we should look into and uh, and check out. Uh, we own a workout supplement business and honestly, um, I think one of the best ways to become successful is to constantly be a student and learn. So we just came to check it out and see what we can learn. Uh, it’s been very refreshing. It’s raw. Um, one of the things I’ve appreciated most about the conference is he just gives it to you straight. It doesn’t hold anything back. And, um, that’s very rare these days. Um, I think, you know, we made a mistake last year of pouring a lot of money into social media advertising and you’re, you’re spending a lot of money on eyeballs that may or may not be relevant. I think of focusing attention more to the reviews on Amazon and Google is, I mean it’s, it seems like common sense now, but it’s genius.

So it’s going to cause us to repurpose our entire marketing strategy in 2019 favorite aspects of earth and the humor, everything around here is hilarious from the decor, the stuff on the walls, the quotes. Um, it’s just a very cool vibe. Um, so it doesn’t even feel like you’re going to school. It just makes you feel like here you’re hanging out with people making each other sharper. Uh, they’re just allowing the ones who do to get further and further ahead. So, uh, we appreciate you guys giving us a headstart for exactly that reason. If you’re not attending private workshops, the ones who do are going to continue to get further ahead. And if you don’t want to get left behind, you should be here.

But what about Thrivers in Kentucky?

I am from mobile tech and I asked you to sentient Irish leave her from the podcast and then I became a compliance I guess weekly actually. You learn so much information that as a business owner kind of have to go and take it all in because your old learn how to hire, you’re learn how to do SEO, you’re learning about brand, you’ll learn how to manage clients, just everything. So it’s a lot of info. Clay is straightforward, no BS and just brilliant, really smart. The headquarters in the team are amazing. They are all very nice, very helpful. They’ll help you find restaurants if you’re not from here. I was going to be, um, they’ll help you with any information you want to learn or know when you’re in touch with people. Even the people attending the places, the business conferences all look very tall, very nice and willing to help each other out. Basically the amount of knowledge you get there is very straight forward. If you want to know how to run a business or own a business, this is the conference to go to because you’re not going to have to be sold anything of size. Then I guess you’re not paying someone anything actually you just thought basically if you have a business that’s going to fail and knowledge is power

and our two day workshops, we have a format where we will teach you that the the systems and processes you need to know for about 30 to 45 minutes and then we break for 15 minutes to answer all of the questions that you have about lead generation, how to hire and fire effectively the proven moves for recruiting high quality people, social media, marketing on steroids, the secrets of search engine optimization. How do achieve both time and financial freedom, team management mastery, financial planning for your life and business. How to create a duplicatable and scalable linear workflow. How to franchise your company, how to raise capital effectively. Personal accounting one Oh one financial planning, the millionaire’s mindset to time management. How to create a world class customer service experience and much, much more, but do not take our word for it. Let’s hear what a thriver has to say from Amarillo, Texas.

My name is Janet Ramos and I am from Amarillo, Texas. So I heard about the conference through play podcasts and I learned about play DOH or our church. She came to speak at our church. The atmosphere here in the conference and very high energy. I mean they’re playing music. You like to see, you walk in at six 45 in the morning, you’re still kind of dragging and they’re in the band playing and it just really loud. People are talking, they’re applauding, they’re welcoming you. So very high energy here. I really enjoyed place presentations. Now I know visit meetings can be very long, drawn out and boring, but his energy is really high and he keeps you intrigued to keeps you engaged. Um, he’s very, uh, very, uh, busy with the audience and so, um, it’s just been been interesting from beginning to end. It’s just not one dull moment.

Okay. We know what works for the women in Amarillo, but does it work for the men in Alabama? I mean, what if you’re listening today and you’re in Alabama or Mississippi or someplace down. Will the conference work for you? Will the workshop help you? Will you learn? Will you find it to be a good use of your time?

Hey, I’m Brian Armstrong. I’m from Baldwin County, Alabama. I own a construction company. Brian T. Armstrong construction incorporated. It’s a very high pace atmosphere. You know, there’s a lot of excitement, builds your competence to have you, uh, implement your systems that you need to implement the Nike company to the nature club. It’s like Clark has been, uh, running the seminar and uh, it’s been really high pace. A lot of information you can get about as much as you stand in two days. And, uh, just trying to pick out a few of these atoms and implement them in the company is gonna, you know, make a big difference. My favorite aspect of the workshop is, uh, the HR departments. It’s a getting a qualified employees, you know, to help you in your company and to take some of the stress and um,

work load often alpha view as the company owner or manager. If you don’t come to the seminar, you’re missing out on an opportunity to double your profits, take a lot of stress off, get some good employees, learn how to hire a lot of good employees. I want to end the over all of this. We’re been a pitcher cup company tremendously.

But what if you’re listening today from Louisiana? Can we really help companies in Louisiana?

So my name is John Kelly. I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. So I’m a general contractor. We do commercial residential work and I’m just looking to refine my business and uh, learn some of the steps to do that. So Clay’s office and the team is awesome. They really know their staff. They have great culture, awesome place, place, presentation style is super cool. Um, he makes it a lot of fun but, but at the same time you can tell he really knows this stuff. He really does his homework. I think the biggest takeaway that I have from the conferences, just, it’s really important to be disciplined and disciplined in a lot of areas. Uh, you gotta be disciplined with your time, you gotta be disciplined the way you manage. Uh, and that’s super important. So I think for people not attaining the conference, they really missing a great opportunity to learn a whole lot about business. And they’re missing, they’re missing the experience of learning in a fun way. Uh, everyone needs attend the conference because you get opportunity to see that it’s real. You talk to the coaches and you talked to the leadership, you know, from week to week, but you actually get to see companies that have been through it and just, it makes the whole experience real.

Yes, I know we can help Thrivers from Louisiana, but can we help Thrivers from San Antonio, Texas.

My name is Gabriel Garcia and I am from San Antonio, Texas. I own a construction business. Every modeling, um, uh, some new home construction. Oh, the, the uh, atmosphere is fun and lively here. Very direct, honest, uh, and off the cuff, one thing that I’ve learned is the importance of the Google reviews are on any platform really. Mainly Google. You’d be missing out on learning how to run your business and making it profitable.

No, I feel as though we could play this game all day. I could sit there and name a state or a name, a country and share with you a testimonial from a real thriver out there just like you. But if you’re on the fence, it is time to get off the fence. We have 73 tickets available left for our December in person thrive time show workshop. So let me share with you two ways that you can buy your tickets. Way number one, you can go to thrive time show.com you can go to thrive time show.com and you can click on the business conferences button and when you click on the conferences button, you can buy your tickets there for $250 all right? You can buy it for $250 and there’s a money back guarantee or you can, you can what? You can leave us a review on iTunes.

You can subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review on iTunes or you can leave us a review on the Google map for the thrive time show. Either way, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and leave us an objective review or leave us an objective review on our Google map and then citizens screenshot. Send us proof that you actually did it to info at thrive time, show.com take a picture of it on your phone or screenshot on your computer and email it to info at thrive time. show.com and then you can attend our in-person thrive time show workshop for as little as $37 for as little as $37 this event will change your life. I guarantee you, you will leave with all the answers to your business questions. And if not, you receive 100% money-back guaranteed. Book your tickets today. My name is clay Clark and I’m honored to serve you and I thought I would end today’s show with just another testimonial from another thriver out there just like you.

But this thriver was a guy who was in the startup phase. He was just getting going and just getting growing with his business and I thought if you would listen to this testimonial from Thomas crossing with full package media, you would be 100% aware of the size and the scope of what we can do to help your business grow. So now if any further ado, here’s my final testimonial from Thomas crossing. His company’s called full package media. That’s full package media.com he’s a real estate photographer based in the Dallas, Texas area and we’ve worked with Thomas since he very first started his company. Full package media.com and now his business three and a half years into it is doing very, very well and you can verify his results by going to full package media.com put your tickets today at thrive time, show.com book your tickets today. Don’t just be a hearer of these words, but be a doer of these words, rearrange your schedule, find a way to get here on December 13th and 14th to attend the world’s highest-rated and most reviewed in-person business workshop.

Hey, how’s it going on Thomas crossing, uh, owner and founder of full package media in Dallas, Texas. Uh, I’ve been a business coaching client with clay Clark since the beginning of our business. Um, we started about a year ago, August of last year and had no clients, no idea what we were doing, no clue, really what was going on. And now we’ve grown to where we’ve got six photographers, uh, got office space here. Um, I have an admin salesperson that works for us full time, uh, developing an online system and a lot of that growth we attribute to clay helping us. And there’s so many things that, Nope, I mean his stuff is not revolutionary. It’s not this crazy walk on hot coals and all this stuff. Uh, it’s just real stuff. And like group interviews, we were totally against group interviews. Uh, we were like, no, we’re different and we’re, we’re special.

And we need to do one on one interviews so we can find good quality candidates and not just kind of do this group interview thing. And, uh, we tried that and failed miserably. Uh, we did group interviews now we do them every two weeks. Uh, and it’s, it’s awesome. It works good. We always have kind of an influx of new people that we can train to go on. Um, he’s helped us a lot with our website. Uh, graphic design, SEO, SEO is another thing that I thought before I started this business and before clay that was, it was kind of a, a joke or you know, some that only your apples of the world and Amazon could get to the top of Google. Um, but clay said, no, just do these things. Um, follow these steps and you’ll get there. And I think now he looks today and we’re a number two for Dallas real estate photography.

You don’t believe that you can look. Uh, so we’re getting to the top of their, that’s really cool. It’s, it’s really awesome to get leads that people will call you and say, Hey, found you on Google. Um, you know, we want to hear about your services. So that’s really great. Um, I’d say there’s nobody out there that’s not a good, uh, business coaching client for clay. Uh, I mean, you’re anyone, regardless of the business, it’s not about what the business is, what the specialty is. It’s about following the steps, uh, doing what he says. Uh, you know, it’s a good thing an hour a week and it gets you on track and keeps you kind of in line with what you’re doing and what you shouldn’t be doing. Um, and it’s good to kind of give you some flow and future goals of your business. And I remember our first meeting when we set our goals and our goal is to just do 16 shoots a week.

Um, and at the time, me and my business partner slash girlfriend direction, we’re like, Oh, that’s, we’re never going to do 16 a week. That’s just like crazy. Uh, and today we’re doing nine, uh, and we did about 54 last week. So, uh, he’s helped us grow. You know, we put in a lot of hours, a lot of hard work as well, but if you follow his steps and duty says there’s a lot of principles that he’s kind of taught and still in us, uh, that help us. So, uh, yeah, clay Clark is the way to go. I want to venture out to find someone else that’d be more expensive and a lot more fluff and no, no real actual work and things to get your business growing. So, uh, that’s the way to go. Thanks.

I don’t know if I can explain this with a, the right tone or sincerity needed to clarify this idea, but if you had the cure for cancer, wouldn’t you want it to give? What wouldn’t you want to give it to a cancer patient? I mean, if you had the cure for cancer, wouldn’t you want to give it to a cancer patient? If you had the cure for AIDS, wouldn’t you want to give it to an AIDS patient? Someone dying and suffering with AIDS? Well, we live in a world where only nine out of a hundred people, nine out of 100 people ever actually start a company. It’s nine out of 100 people ever start a company according to Forbes. And of those nine out of a hundred people that do start a business, unfortunately only one out of 10 of small businesses do not fail. That means that the vast majority of people on the planet, and that includes you, the vast majority of the people on the planet and that, and that does include you who want to start a company will not succeed unless they know the proven path.

My friend think about those statistics for a S for a second. That means that less than 1% of people listening to this show are people who are listening to any show. People who are on the planet who want to start a successful company will do so. So if my partner and I have been blessed enough, if dr Robert Zellner and I have been blessed enough to build 15 multi-million dollar companies and if we know the specific path that we need to take that you need to take to grow a successful company, I feel as though it is incumbent upon me to encourage you to book your tickets right now today to attend our December in person thrive time show workshop, which is why I am queuing up the audio now from Erin antice, the marketing director for Shaw homes.com that’s Aaron Antis with Shaw homes.com so that you can hear specifically from Aaron antes himself how we’ve been able to help him become Oklahoma’s largest home building company.

Our sales have gone up eight point $2 million so far through the end of third quarter, which is a 20.3% increase from last year, so pretty hot if you’re doing that. Now I want to talk about have you talked about three things and don’t have to look into him

or you didn’t you just talk to the team? What are the three things you’re doing? There’s a lot even been, well, there’s three things I think that I want to hammer on. One is, one is you get Google reviews and you add content. So one is rubric reviews and content. Two is the group interview in three is scripting and firing the idiots that won’t follow the scripts. Let’s go with Google reviews and content. How do you do it? Um, how have you gotten your team to do it? Just the people in here can then take this knowledge and share with their phones.

So a year ago I had a 16 member sales team. Today I have two of those people still remaining on my team. So, um, I meet with them every single week and make sure that they’re doing Google reviews and we have 16 different locations on Google my business. So we have a lot of locations to get reviews for in the last 30 days. We have between all of those locations, just under 200 Google reviews. And, um, but I forced them to do a certain number every single week. And so, um, they saw a, you know, the people who were there have heard from the people or the people who are there heard from the people who used to be there. That when we started getting more Google reviews, we started having more people come in the doors. And actually our traffic in our models is way up. And if you look behind the scenes on insights, you can see where people are clicking on driving directions and showing up at our models because of Google and they’re ready to buy. Yeah. They’re convinced before they get there. Um, when we hit a hundred, it seemed like it was a tipping point on our main page that at a hundred the customers were convinced before they came in that they wanted a home from us, which I’d never saw before.

And we don’t change the ads pretty much. The ads are the same, haven’t changed in a long time. And uh, the ads work because of the reviews, you know that you guys are writing content, correct?

Yeah, same thing every week. I make sure that they do podcasts. And I gave you, I don’t even know how many this last week, but lots of them. So everybody every week.

Well, the reason why Eric and the relationship I have with Aaron is really solid as far as the business coaching relationship goes, is that he does not bring in his employees and ask for their feedback about the things I’m telling him. No, he does not ask them, Hey, what do you guys think? And so I can say to him in a meeting, Hey, fire those people. And then one of the people that he fired, uh, goes to dr Brex chiropractic center. So he’s getting an adjustment and he’s like, you work with clay, don’t you guys? Yes. He’s like, I hate that guy. He got me fired. So Brett says something the effect of did. Uh, okay, well let me adjust your back. And he continues to share how he doesn’t like that he got fired. But it is the end of the day. There’s one, whoever it was, I don’t even know the person’s name, they got fired and they just would not ride reviews and wouldn’t, right. So yeah, it’s very important. And your clients that they shouldn’t bring their employees to those meetings if at all possible. Cause that’s probably,

yeah. And the other thing was at first I started by just doing the group interview when I needed somebody. And then it seemed like the more and more I held people accountable, the more and more I needed somebody all the time. So, um, you know, that

crucible where I think we’d worked there about a year and a half and I remember we had a conversation and I, if I’m saying it wrong correctly with, there’s somebody effect of, is having this much turnover. Good.

Yeah. It’s mixed. I think I said it in that tone of voice.

Your bad boss. And I would tell you that if you’d have low turnover here.

So a really cool meeting that happened is one of the people that I most recently fired, um, who was demanded a meeting with Glen Shaw to complain about, um, the thrive method of doing things. And that we had, we had turned over 31 people in two years. He had counted and uh, he had gone and gotten transcripts from all of them to share with Mr. Shaw about how horrible the thrive way, uh, doesn’t work. And so as he sat down to start explaining this, he’s like, well let me just explain that that system doesn’t work and there’s been so much turnover. And Glen goes, let me just stop you right there. The last three years have all been record setting years for us, both in volume and profitability. So that argument isn’t gonna fly right here. So did you have something else you wanted to talk about? So that was the entirety of our conversation.

Does he give examples? Cause he and I are both Patriots fans and they got a guy, um, Dan Watson I believe was his name, was who let’s raft it on the Patriots. He put on the Patriot strength three-season or two seasons and then they let them go play somewhere else. And he’s been in the NFL for I think 15 years. And then he convinced he and his wife and their seven kids to move back to England and unretired to play this year’s tied in. Yeah. And then they just cut him the other day because it wasn’t a good fit. So the point is, it’s like if you look at the roster of the Patriots or any team that wins at anything, you’re very loyal people who perform. If people who can’t get it done, you’re not me and make me mad. I’m just like, I realize that you and your wife and your seven kids moved here and you came out of retirement. All these things are great, but we’re cutting. Yep. Because you’re not performing within the system. And the whole goal of a business is to grow the business. The goal is not to create a fun camp environment for the employees to hang out. So it’s very different though then. So, but if you hadn’t cut that, those people we couldn’t do. Now you have a great team. A lot of, we’ve been there now six months or a year, we’re starting to get in and those people should stick around for years.

Yeah. And like 50 people a week. Keep coming looking and everybody wants to work at our company and it’s pretty awesome. Cool.

So, so let’s recap the group interviews every week. Yep. How many candidates do you have every week that are showing up at this point? I mean, we get like 50 ish. Maybe I had some weeks. Cars.

Yeah. I mean, yeah, we had 70 something but like 50 show up and then, um, that’s out of like 120 to 130 that apply

every week. Added last week’s batch, we probably had eight people. I mean nine people that I think would be a great fit for shop. Yep. But, um, it’s cause they want it not because they have experienced some houses and I’m once a week. And then content, you’re getting that every week. Reviews you’re getting every week. You’re not changing your ads every week.

I’m going to throw one more thing in here that you didn’t ask about, but that was really relevant for me and that is I feel like what we do is super-specialized. When I first came in here I was like, but you don’t understand our business is different. I know you guys have all heard this, right? You don’t understand. Our business is different. This is so specialized. There’s so much training that needs to go into this and I never in a million years thought that I could get people to like sell homes right away that hadn’t been here for a year. Going through intensive training and the interesting part of it is we just hired a couple of people who have never done this, don’t know what they’re doing, plugged them into the system. One of them did 1.5 million in sales his first 30 days, which is just nuts and he’s never done this before. The other one was like 1.2 million in 30 days and we’ve sold with tons of brand new people. By the way, while I was out of town in Alaska for two weeks, we sold in 60 days we sold 46 houses. So kind of crazy with all brand new people.

And then the scripting we have going on starting with this week, I think you guys are bringing by workstations. Yep. And then we’ll hire two people that’ll work in this building. But just calling just for you, your leads all the time. Cool. And the scripting, can you explain how the scripting has fixed things too? Now? There’s a script for them.

Yeah. So that was the part about like them having to be like so proficient in what we do. I thought they needed to know everything about the entire company and all the massive amounts of data and charts and stuff we have. But interestingly, if I just give them four things they need to talk about in each home on a one sheet and then a, what we call the path, which explains how to buy a home. And I literally make them read the bullet points while pointing to each bullet point on this chart. The customer completely understands how to buy a home from us. And then we created a, what we call the John Kelly method of pricing out the customer. Thanks to John kudos. Um, for the, for the pricing out of the home, which was like the most complicated part cause you needed to know everything about how a home is built. Well you no longer do, it’s just literally a PowerPoint where they read what’s on every slide as they go through this slideshow and it literally asks them the question, do you want this or this? This is how this works. Do you want this or this? And they don’t,

no. Uh, three years ago before we met, what were the sales for the year because you had already sold $100 million. 1,000.

Yeah. That year I want to say we were at, uh, 36 million.

And what are we getting? What are we at right now? So far today we are at 62 million and then we’re going to end the year. Unless we suck. I think we’ll be at 80 million this year. Ended the dollar. One thought. When you sell a house you make profit about 6% if the company makes

that’s net after all expenses, although that number is up, we’re probably going to be at about eight and a half percent

this year. So if a house is 300,000 the half chance and the profit was 10% which is not, that would be 30,000 so it’s 8% of the 24,000 the $24,000 of profit per house you sell. And then I make $2,000 per month. That’s what I charge. You are 1700 so we are 2,500 okay. Cause you’re exclusive for houses to it. So you pay us $2,500 so if he sells one house, he paid for me for the year. Yep. And usually sell a house a week, which means I pay for my stuff for the year every week.

I’m pretty sure out of the extra 8.2 million this year we can afford you. What’s easiest? I did the math, I had our accounting department look at that real close. [inaudible] yeah. Yeah. No questions for Erin because she saw this,

a sample of what the relationship should look like after three years. So you have any questions for real life when I have a question. Yeah.

So for you, coming in with the mindset of we’re unique, we’re different. Uh, how was it? What did they do? How did he get you to think differently about your business?

Um, he mocked me with humor, um, and repeatedly over and over again and um, told me different stories of other examples from other industries. And, um, I definitely had a pain threshold there that I was willing to at least look at it. I think I believed half of what he told me at the beginning and thought, prove it to me on the other half. And so as I started to get wins in certain areas, like the Google review thing really gave us wins and then the no brainer gave us a bunch of wins and we started getting a lot more leads coming in. So that credibility lended itself to going, okay, maybe he’s right about some of this other stuff too. Um, so I started like trying other parts of it. Like I remember the first time I did the group interview, I was shocked at how much time it saved me. And so literally

it’s like hours of timestamp. Yes. Maybe more than, Oh yeah, for sure. It’s terrible. I mean, so you guys know if you are, Aaron did, you didn’t have the group interview. You’d have to go through and read all the resumes and then guess who’s lying and who’s not based upon penmanship or the college they went to or how they formatted it or whatever. And then you’d have to interview the people and then you’d have, it’s this terrible,

I can also remember like some meetings sitting in and it was like the fourth or fifth time he had told me the same thing, but just in a slightly different way, always with humor. Because if you’re going to be honest, you gotta be funny.

You, you look at Bible verses and you and I have seen this before, we’ve been at church long enough to see this, but there are pastors in America today who advocate that that money is bad because it’s the real volume. I’m sure you’ve all heard that argument. Parenting orders, right? Yes. I’m sure you’ve heard pastors paraphrase parts of scripture that explained that you should base it before because what money is mad? Sure you’ve heard this, but if anybody here would actually read the context of it, you’d understand that the love of money over all is that just money ended up itself. Just the thing is that bad or good. But anyway, like so when you guys are citing things, most marketing companies and Tulsa either a do not cite things or they cite emotional arguments. So it’d be like this if you’re dealing with most marketing companies in Tulsa, they would say, I’m asking for reviews, doesn’t work.

And furthermore, you can’t ask in the home because if you ask them in the home, it’s going to show up as a review from the same IP address and then the reviews won’t count. And so really what we want to do is make this app for you and this app called pilot, what’s it called? Pilot. Pilot trust pilot. What’s another one? And you’re like, wait, it’s going to text people or email them and ask them how their experience was and then they’ll leave a review that way. And so when I’m telling my client you have to get reviews in the home, right. Then boom, boom, boom. It is flying in the face of every other marketing firm in Tulsa. Everybody else is saying opposite of what I’m saying, who your employees are saying the opposite of what I’m saying. Articles online that are written by randos who have blogs are also saying. So, and then I had a couple that thought you were nuts. Yeah. Yeah. But if I didn’t cite it, there’s zero hope. Yeah. You can’t just go in there and say [inaudible] you can not, not be funny. Like not being funny is a really bad thing. You have to be very honest with people.

Yeah. I mean you had some painful conversations with me through the process. Um, you know, I mean probably out of the first 20 times we met, I only cried like eight times. So, um, but during those painful conversations when you mix it with humor, it made it a little bit easier to palate. So, um, and then it was logical argument too. So I would go home and like think through the logic of what you mentioned and then think about the cited stuff. But false is what other marketing

firms use. I’m going to show you, understand you can’t just say, well Mo a nine out of 10 business owners are using Trustpilot to get from pages and you can’t, that’s not a, that’s false logic. You know what I mean? It’s like, yeah, they are, which is why they’re wrong. Or you can’t say that nine out of 10 business owners think that the group interviews unethical and it doesn’t work. Yeah. That’s also false logic. Of course, they don’t cause it cause they’re wrong. Um, and so it’s almost like I told you that I didn’t Nick, I said, if anybody said, if everybody says something, I always then go the opposite of what they think is true. So makes sense. And so we have to teach these clients this stuff and it’s, you gotta sign it on a Wednesday morning. I’m just telling you, cause other marketing firms are teaching false logic coaches.

Nine out of 10 people say you shouldn’t use the script because you don’t want to make your employees feel like robots. Well that’s great. That is a great step. You know. But you shouldn’t be asking your employees if they want to feel like robots or not. That’s a false question. So any, they are questions for Aaron because Aaron’s been out down in the past. You have a system for years now and doing great job and I didn’t the next year if the Trump wins, I think you’d do $100 million of sales. That would be who loses. I think you’ll probably do 80 again. You’ll see it. But I mean what do you, what do you, do you agree with that? I would agree with that but I’ll say either way we’re doing a hundred

knowing that. Okay. You’re working for a, I have a question about the sales scripting process and also the John Kelly method process. When you go to do that project to work on your business, was that harder than you thought it was going to be initially? Like once you’ve been through the process, what was that like compared to what you thought it would be like?

Oh, um, I wouldn’t say it was harder. I mean the one thing, you know the, the phrase first, you nail it, then you scale it. Like I already had all the information in my brain. It was more of a thing of like putting it all down on paper. And it really helped like having John live to talk to because he had just been through our old process. And so he was like, I can’t picture what you’re talking about. You’re trying to describe to me what crown molding on top of these windows looks like. And I don’t have a picture in front of me. I can’t see it. So it was a delegation of getting all these photos brought together, but then literally what clay said is write down exactly what they, what you would say and then make them say what you would say, but you have it all written down. And so that part was pretty easy. Although it took a little bit of time, the content was easy. And I think for most people, if they’re like they come from the place of being a technician in their business and now they’re trying to be the business owner, they should be able to take that technician information and just translate it down. You might need to be the person who kind of steers the ship a little bit if they do kind of not know how to like communicate well or something.

One more thought that, uh, I’ll let me know that Aaron was on the right track. He now hates website edits the way I do. Yes. Because we realize it’s stupid things that don’t actually help. I do. So we do as few as possible. We have to do inventory, I have to update it. But I mean most clients want to do endless website edits and we got to a place where that you and I had a conversation under what meeting it was. I said something like, Aaron, I want your website to be able to do this, that and this. I want us to be able to have a, an app that does online sales where you can go online and pick their own crap. I want, I want this to happen, but it’s not canonically compliant so your site won’t rank high if we do those things.

So I can, we make the site look really great, but no one would find it, if that makes sense. So we’re going to make it look as good as it can while sticking within the guidelines of Google and, but there was a time where we, I could tell, you can tell that the relationship’s good or not. When the client starts to disdain website edits because they recognize it is not being a profitable activity. When I also started to realize it actually really doesn’t matter that much. What your website looks like. It just matters if it gets found [inaudible] and then what’s your no-brainer is like those are the things you really want on your site where, where do people spend their time on your site?

They only go to, we had all these different things they could go do and we found out out of like the 10 things they could do, they only looked at live in ready, available homes in the photo gallery and that was it. They didn’t go anywhere else and they never went below the fold ever. Like never scroll down, take a Soundgarden, Oklahoma. We had tons of content below the fold. Oh God. So much good stuff that nobody ever saw. Hey, Eric, question. Awesome.

Anybody? Nope. Well Aaron, big way.

Okay. I feel like somebody out there is starting to think to themselves, you know what? Maybe this system does work, but what if I own a clinical medical research company and I’m based in new Orleans? Will it actually work for me? Well, it actually will work for you, but again, nothing works unless you do. You have to actually book your tickets right now to our in-person thrive time show workshop. Book it right now for our December event. We have 73 tickets remaining as of the time of this recording.

My name is Tyler Hastings and this is my wife Rachel and our company is still wrecked research out of new Orleans. During our time working with thrive, we’ve had numerous successes. When we first started, we were working with one physician, we had one research site and we were seeing on average, you know, between 10 and 15 patients a week. Um, since working with thrive in the last 18 months. And we now have four research sites. We work with over five physicians and on average we’re now seeing over 60 patients per week. Um, recently we’ve been the top enroller worldwide in seven studies, um, which is just incredible good steer where we were, you know, two years ago, 18 months ago. Thrive really differs from the other business conferences that we’ve been to and the other kind of programs that we’ve been through because they actually really practice what they preach and they implement the same systems and the processes that they teach you about and they give you real life examples that have really worked for them and show you what the training, um, how to implement that yourself.

For example, Tyler and I actually got the opportunity to come out to Tulsa and we’re fortunate enough that the thrive team took us out to some of the businesses that they own and we really got to see in real life, real time some of the systems and processes. And it was just incredible. Um, a real life example of some of the businesses and the things that they’re implementing. Having a coach is important to us. Um, they act as not only an accountability factor, but there’s someone we can talk to on a daily basis as we go through the problems of running a business that inevitably come up. Um, they, they always understand what we’re going through and they’re always there to, you know, help us or guide us through the problems that we experienced. The best part of our experience working with thrive, um, has just been seeing our relationship grow.

So at each step as our business grows, so we know they have something else to provide us with. Um, they, they’ve got the resources, a weather feed, marketing, graphic design, website development or even into our accounting practices. Maybe we need a new insurance policy they have so when they can connect us with or you know, they have the direct uh, resource we need to speak with for any of the problems we face. If someone’s thinking about signing up for the coaching program, I would highly recommend that they call in for a free 30 minute business coaching session and see exactly what the team can do for you to speak with someone, let them know what you’re going through. But I think you’ll find that, you know, regardless of what you need there, somewhere there that can help you.

I don’t know what it is, but I feel as though there is somebody out there who owns an automotive repair shop and you are on the verge of attending an in person thrive time show business workshops. But you need to hear a testimonial from somebody in the automotive repair shop industry who has benefited from attending our in person workshops. And so now without any further ado, here you go.

Hi, my name is Christina animus. I am the owner and operator of angels such autobody, NTT ailing in Bourne, Massachusetts. Um, we have been working with rive and their coaching for say eight to nine months and it took us about six months, five to six months to get on the top of Google. Um, and with their help with the website and marketing, um, and the SEO and retargeting ads with Google and it has been phenomenal. We just have light and day business coming in, phone calls coming in, uh, walk-ins, uh, referrals. It’s just through the roof. Um, and we couldn’t be happier at the moment. We are up 50 this year from the previous year. And not only is that part of our own hard work and diligence, but also with the help of thrive and what they’ve done for us and getting us on the top of Google and you know, all their knowledge and coaching. Um, and yes, so super grateful, super pumped to see what the future holds for all of us. Thank you.

And I still sense that there is somebody out there in the real estate industry who is thinking about attending an in person thrive time show workshop but has been putting it off for a few months. And so without any further ado, here’s a testimonial from a thriver out there just like you. We’ve helped to grow from a startup to a very successful entrepreneur.

My name is Danielle Sprick and I am the founder of D Sprick Realty group here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After being a stay at home mom for 12 years and my three kids started school and they were in school full time. I was at a crossroads and trying to decide what, what do I want to do? My degree and my background is in education, but after being a mom and staying home and all of that, I just didn’t have a passion towards it. Like I once did, my husband suggested real estate, he’s a home builder, so real estate and home building go hand in hand and we just rolled with it. I love people, I love working with people. I loved the building relationships. But one thing that was really difficult for me was the business side of things, the processes and the advertising and marketing. I knew that I did not have what I needed to make that what it should be. So I reached out to clay at that time and he and his team have been extremely instrumental and helping us build our brand and help market our business, our agents, the homes that we represent. Everything that we do, uh, is a direct line from clay and his team and all that they’ve done for us.

We launched our brokerage, our real estate brokerage eight months ago, and in that time we’ve gone from myself and one other agent to just this week we signed on our 16th agent and we have been blessed with the fact that we right now have just over 10 million in pending transactions three years ago, I never would have even imagined that I would be in this role that I’m in today building a business, having 16 agents, but I have to give credit where credit’s due and clay and his team and the business coaching that they’ve offered us has been huge. It’s been instrumental in what we’re doing. Don’t ever limit your vision when you dream big, big things happen.

If you are out there today and you have $37 available in your bank account, if your net worth is worth $37 just leave review on iTunes, subscribe to the podcast, leave a review on iTunes, leave a review citizen screenshot of the review that you left on iTunes or you can leave us a review on the thrive time. Show Google map in book your tickets to the in-person thrive time Show workshop. I get it. I know what it’s like to grow up without money, but you can make it happen. Book your tickets today on thrive time. show.com that’s thrive time show.com. Click the conferences button on the thrive time show.com website and book your tickets today.


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