How to Use Humor as a Manager (With PR Guru Michael Levine)

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Learn to start using humor as a manager and casting an image to the media Clay Clark and Michael Levine (The PR consultant of choice for Michael Jackson, Prince, President Bush, President Clinton, Pizza Hut, Nike).

    1. Use Humor or They Will Kill You
  • NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you are going to tell somebody the truth you had better make them laugh or they will kill you.” – Michael Levine (The PR consultant of choice for Michael Jackson, Prince, President Bush, President Clinton, Pizza Hut, Nike)
  1. Using Images to Connect with the Media

Today’s podcast, we have a rare opportunity to interview the man, the myth and religion, the legend michael levine he’s a pr consultant for michael jackson for prince for president bush president clinton for nike. He just is sort of a big deal in the business coaching world and I would describe his personality as intense, an intense personality, so without further ado we’re going to michael levine break it down the importance of using humor when being truthful and using images to connect to the Media. I’ve noticed and discussed this at length with people. If you’re going to tell somebody the truth, you better make them laugh or they’ll kill you, okay. You know those my mind to say that again we’re going to tell someone that they were going to tell somebody the truth. You better make them laugh or they’ll kill you that’s good to know it is a business owner. What’s a business owner or business coaching client doesn’t baseline in your book. He talks a lot of laundry about being done.

Anything for the main danger does not being self-aware using some humor and you end up. It’s not pitfalls. Platte chris danger do anything stupid, there’s plenty. Of course it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t find a way around that there’s a danger doing anything dopey examples of you from your career, where you’re able to come up with a great image that the media took off with their. What’s an example of one that you could think of that year, with two-year celebrities are brands, or maybe you were they happy with well I mean the one that we talked about earlier. Charlie has to be on saturday night live, that was iconic I got stressed and died a few years back and I work very hard. I did not feel frankly that mr. Has tim got the kind of public attention on his death that he should have and I noticed when I would go into my office that some of the young folks didn’t even know who he was so I dedicated three years of my life to working very hard at first, particularly not not much success, but it ultimately worked out. They getting a u.S. Postage stamp for charlton heston. Listen and subscribe to all Michael Levine podcasts  by subscribing on Itunes and to the Thrivetime Show business coaching school.


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