Using Hotel Air Conditioning, Driving Rental Cars and Why Most People Don’t Care About Your Business – A Knowledge Bomb

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There is a major difference between delegation and abdication. During this show Clay Clark explains why most people use more hotel air conditioning than they do at their own home, why most people drive rental cars like NASCAR racing machines and why most people simply do not care about your business or your organization as much as you do.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.” – Andrew Carnegie

FUN FACT – “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.” –

FUN FACT – “78 percent of the men interviewed had cheated on their current partner.” – 5 Myths About Cheating

FUN FACT – “9.4 percent of the population—had used an illicit drug in the past month.” –

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You must inspect what you expect.” – Carlton Pearson

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Two men, 13 multimillion dollar businesses, eight kids, one business coach radio show. It’s the thrive time business coaching radio show. Get ready to enter the thrive time show.

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the knowledge bomb edition here on the thrive time show where we keep it short to the point, and I want to focus on one topic that I see so many entrepreneurs, so many pastors, so many leaders, so many business owners, so many people it it’s a trap that I see so many business owners and leaders falling into over and over. It’s where they, in this case you, you maybe the listener, you begin to delegate a core task to somebody and you believe that what they’re saying to you is true, so you don’t watch what they do. You believe what they’re saying to you is true, so therefore you don’t watch what they do, and that can be dangerous because in it could be. It definitely is dangerous. It’s reckless. It’s reckless to listen to what people say and not watch what they do.

Why? Because most people don’t actually do what they say they’re gonna do. That’s why with all of our business coaching meetings, all the clients I work with, we always assigned specific action items to be done on a specific time by a specific person because if you don’t assign specific due dates for specific things to be done by specific people, things have a magical way of not being done as a result of entropy or as a result of just default. Most things don’t get done. In fact, Andrew Carnegie, the world’s wealthiest man once said, as I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do or repeat. Andrew Carnegie wants the world’s wealthiest man who began working as just a young boy to support his family. He says, as I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.

Thrive nation. Did you know that the US Chamber of Commerce, these, uh, these folks, they did a study and what they did they decided to study. They teamed up with the CBS News and there’s a business coaching article called employee theft. Are you blind to it? And they decided to invest the time and the energy to do some research to determine what percentage of American employees steal from the workplace this Justin, and so they decided to study what percentage of American employees steal from the workplace and you know, the number that they found. Do you know the number, the number, the percentage of employees that they found who steal from the workplace and who often do so repeatedly. Do you know another percentage? Do you want to guess? They found that the, the US Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75 percent of employees steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly. Okay. Let’s move onto another positive statistic. Did you know that 78 percent of men interviewed had cheated on their current partner? Wow. This came out in the Washington Post. Everybody on the show. Did you know that? Nine point four percent of the US population has used an illicit drug in the past month, thrive nation. I know there’s some overlap out there, but what I have found is when you delegate a project or something that matters to you, to somebody

and then you begin to abdicate, advocate means you, you, you delegate something, you, you give somebody something to do, but you don’t follow up. When you abdicate to your employees, what you’re going to find is that they are going to not get it done

because most people when they check into a hotel, they immediately crank down the temperature of the room to the lowest possible setting with no regard and no care for whether the hotel makes a profit or even breaks. Even. Most people crank down that temperature as low as possible because it’s the hotel. It’s not their air conditioning. It’s not. It’s not their air conditioning. It’s the hotels air conditioning, and so therefore they’re going to low. They’re gonna, they’re gonna lower the temperature as low as possible with no regard at all for the costs that the hotel might have to pay for. The air conditioning is another example. When people rent a. When people drive a rental car, they’d go out there and they rent a car. You’re going to a trip, maybe you’re going on vacation, maybe your car is getting repaired. Most people drive that rental car like they are going through an episode of Dukes of Hazzard, dukes of hazard. They’re driving the episode like they’re driving their car, like they’re from an episode of speed. They’re driving their car like they’re from. What’s that show? A fast and furious. I mean, these people are just driving that rental car to the actual absolute extreme. They’re there, absolutely are just hitting the brakes hard, hitting the accelerator hard, and we know this. There’s all sorts of statistical evidence to prove that. Prove this. Most people drive a rental car. Hard man. They pushed it like it’s Nascar. Why? It’s because it’s not their car.

Another example, uh, recently, this is a few years back, I had people come over for my son’s birthday. We had a big birthday party for my son. We had a water slide. We weren’t running the water slide, the inflatable water slides, if you can picture it, it’s like 25 feet tall. The slides 18 feet tall. It’s a big inflatable, you know the red, the blues, the yellows, the pageantry of the large inflatables. It’s going on. We got the water slide going on. Kids everywhere. We’ve got A. we’re having chick-filet food delivered. I mean we’ve got the whole Mojo going. Got Music playing outside. Everyone’s having a great time, but do you know what? Everybody’s not going to do what everybody does. Everybody who attends the party not going to do. When they leave my house, they go out of the front door, maybe out of the screen, door, out of the side door or the god up any door.

They’d go out to the side door, the front door, any door, the x. You know what they’re not going to do because it’s my house and not their house and they’re going outside in the summer in Oklahoma. They’re leaving the Cooley. They’re leaving the be cool conditions. The the not so hot conditions. The the, the comfortable and cool climate of my abode. They’re leaving the interior of my house and they’re going outside into the wet blanket. That is the 100 degree temperatures and the humidity that Oklahoma often achieves during the peak of the summer heat. You know what they’re not going to do. As soon as they go out that door, they’re not going to shut the door and you know why? The guests who attended my son’s birthday party don’t shut the door. It’s because it’s not their house. They just don’t care. And I’m not exaggerating.

I’m not. I’m not kidding. I’m not trying to elaborate in a way that’s not truthful or two, but you know this to be true because you’ve seen this. I started to make a tally of every time that a kid or an adult walked out my door and did not shut the door and we had probably 50 guests at my son’s birthday party. The one I’m thinking of, 50 people attending the party, you know, it’s, it’s probably 10 families or 10 families there and they got average family has two or three kids there. Do you know how often that people actually shut the door when they walked outside with their kids? Do you want to guess? I mean, well, it wasn’t very much and it’s not because the people who attended my party are, are bad people. They’re probably great people. They are great people. It’s just that it’s not their house, but if it was their house and they were paying for their air conditioning and they knew how expensive it is to cool a home in Oklahoma, when the doors are open, the exterior doors are open.

Trust me, they would shut the door, trust me when people rented a car and if they realized how intense, uh, how expensive it is to drive a rental car and they realize the, the, the costs associated with driving a rental car, a like it’s a nascar. When they realized how expensive it is for the rental car company, if it was their own company, they would not drive a rental car like that and would hope that when people checked into a hotel and they realized how expensive it was too cool a hotel room, trust me, people would not lower the temperature to 68, 67 degrees and then leave for the day. No, no, they wouldn’t. If it was their own room, they’d probably make the temperature was 72, 70, 74. I don’t know what do you. What do you keep the temperature out at your house, but the point is people as a general rule, waste other people’s resources.

As a general rule, people waste other people’s resources and so if you own a business, you’re going to have to keep that in mind. That the bias for most of your teammates and business coaching employees is that they have no problem wasting your resources because it’s not their own resources. And so the only way that I know to reduce the expenses and this habit and this trend that people have by default of wasting your resources is to inspect what you expect. Inspect what you expect. Again, you must what you must inspect, who you you must inspect what again, you must inspect what you expect because if you do not do that, people are going to absolutely eat up all of your resources because it’s not their resources. And Ladies and gentlemen, the first time that that, that, that this principal was taught to me was when I sat down and met with a Carlton Pearson who as a man I no longer share the same faith with the guy, but he’s a guy who was impactful for me as a, as a, as a speech coach, as a trainer, and a guy who really helped me during the formative years of growing my first company, Dj Connection Dot Com.

And if you look up Carlton Pearson, he grew one of the largest mega churches in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was arguably one of the top televangelists of his era. He was the mentor of Td Jakes and he said to me, he said, [inaudible], you have to inspect what you expect. So I would just say this to you, thrive nation, if you’re out there and you own a business and you want your employees to make calls, you have to record the calls and you have to follow up. You have to inspect what you expect. If you’re out there and you have a garden, you plant a garden, you plant some seeds, maybe you want to plant some vegetables or some fruit. You can picture it. Now you got to pull the weeds. So you gotta to walk by the garden every week and pull the weeds. You can’t just let it grow, but you can’t just trust that nature will take care of itself.

Things don’t naturally organize by entropy. Alright? Uh, if you have a team of people that drive around and do marketing in their cars to other vendors, you’ve got to put a gps, a global positioning positioning system on every car so you can know where the cars are actually going and making sure that people were actually doing their job. If you have a company where there’s face to face sales going on, you’ve got to make like target member target does this. This is not my ideal target. The major retailer, they put up recorded cameras so they can verify that customers are not stealing. It’s not that they don’t trust you, but they really don’t. They’re. They’re verifying that you’re not stealing, so will you have to do what they’re doing. Cold calls drive by marketing. You have a a. maybe you have builders that build on site.

They’re constructing their, putting the framing houses. They’re putting in wood floor, whatever they’re doing. You want to set up a camera system so you can verify that people are doing what they say they’re doing because you must inspect what you expect. My friend people are always going to use more hotel air conditioning than then they should. People are always going to drive rental cars with a reckless business coaching enthusiasm. That wrap that rivals the drivers that a typical Nascar race and people are always going to not care about your business as much as you, so you have to inspect what you expect. And now without any further ado, three, two, one, boom.


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