Vernon Davis – Dancing with the Stars | Making the Jump from Football Field to the Business Boardroom

Show Notes

NFL Super Bowl Champion, 2-time All-Pro and Dancing with the Stars contestant joins us to share about transitioning from the NFL to his new careers as an entrepreneur, actor and artist.

On today’s show we are interviewing former NFL great and Dancing with the Stars contestant turned successful entrepreneur and actor, yes folks on today’s show we are interviewing the great one, Vernon Davis.

During his NFL career which spanned from 2006 unto 2019 he won a Super Bowl ring, and was selected to the NFL’s Pro Bowl team twice. Standing at 6 foot 3 and playing at a lean and powerful 250 pounds Vernon Davis was a physical phenomenon on the NFL field and now he is blowing people’s minds again with his acting career, business acumen and his artwork. Ladies and gentlemen it’s my pleasure to introduce to you my interview with Vernon Davis.

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