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Learn how to go from struggling in business to becoming successful and how you can turn your dreams into reality from business coach Clay Clark and Dr. Zoellner.

If you’re looking to bring the business coach boom to this new year, we can help you to it, but before before we get into how to build phase today see I want to share kind of a personal story that end it again. If it gets too weird, so you can just gone me: okay, I’ll just try to hit you upside your big melon yeah. I got you when you hit me with upside. My big male on please understand folks listening, I wear a size, 16 and 7/8, a hat. It’S a it’s a together. It was it was it weird when I walk in here., I just haven’t seen you in a couple of weeks. It it always reach shocks me just how big your head is. Well, the problem is it when you go see her chiropractor the most recent one recommended that I have a crane that just follows me around to hold it up. I was pregnant. Women lose neck, brace things you know just just to give you a give you a neck, a break every it’s always be a big shout out. When I walk around everywhere. I never get to see the sunlight Cranium blocks out the it looks like a toothpick and marshmallow stuck on his head and then I would have had my huge pillow. I was out of town myself, my small pillow. I don’t want to speak out of turn, but even if your business is rocking, are you don’t even have a business? You didn’t really care about business. You want to come, get the free tickets come to the show, come to the in-person business coach workshop just so they can see just really how large your head – or just so, I could put my head in the door, I’m trying to get it in there still a minor Miracle well, there’s there’s the Metrodome. There is at the Superdome and then there’s my dough right and then also I noticed you had to buy a home in his French doors. So you could get you don’t forget to call your man. I know all the things that we do to fit. My large gourd Bose bear you remember when I started DJ connection and I bought all of the equipment that I thought that would make me successful. Construction for a wound poured walls. L, u n d poured walls in Minnesota. I work about 70 hours a week between that job and I work as a home health aide and then Sundays.

I cared for a boy with Down syndrome. In a kid I was cerebral palsy, that’s how I work best 85 hours a week. Do the money I needed to buy the equipment to start DJ, Martin fogger on a fog machine with fog for weddings, dance parties awesome. I wish you still had that that we should do the show on time. Just in a Perpetual state of fog lights lights up, I should buy the lie: detector, laser them at all, the stuff wow. You know – and you know my wife went to Office Depot and I’m going to Applebees and Target and in working at DirecTV, and I kept thinking that, like eventually my phone would ring because I had the best equipment in because I was DJing and doing what. I believe to be a really good job shirt and I just thought man, I just I’m DJing and doing a good job and all my previous bookings have come to work mouth all my previous bookings and came across my flyers at campus. I would do a good job. People would tell other people, but I got to the end of the word of mouth cycle. Whatever, when I do head referred me was like a MLM that it can drive everyone that already referred me to their downline. Nobody had two friends, nobody had two friends or just tell people the people got. My friends were gone to the Summer.. Where are you? I didn’t have more business coach referrals and I thought to myself self self.

Maybe I should buy advertisement. So I got a call from Mary, Ann Simpson, with the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce and she’s cold, calling probably know. Yeah. I saw her by the way we went to the Steve Martin concert. Oh yeah, I saw her there up there in the Luxury Box level there, where you have a a suite at the chamber. I was curious if you were thinking about advertising in this year’s shape, be a member of this chamber of commerce and potentially advertising in our directory or something, and I bought the for my mother’s recommendation. I bought a membership and I thought that would make my phone ring. Hey didn’t work. I didn’t work that I didn’t call up and down the de membership guy didn’t call the members to introduce to my services and P. I wasn’t buying the yellow page ad, yet that was a move. It move it. I think, there’s somebody out there listening, though, who you bought your membership to the chamber or three or whatever group. And you’re not working the leads, or you have an advertising. I never actually bought business coach advertisements previous to this time, my life ever my wife to come home from work at Office Depot and she would say I am working three jobs. I’M working to Applebees I’m working at Target, I’m working at DirecTV, I’m getting Surly because she’s a did you book anything like really nice to did you book anything sure I got a deal with the pipe like you don’t by where we parked had embraced advertisement time Out time at them, I’m still confused. Yes, are you telling me that you were going to call a complete stranger who may not want you to call them and you’re going to try to sell them, something that you have no idea that they even need or want or desire? Yes, then they just set.

You up or getting rejected, constantly just bought this this chamber membership and I wasn’t making outbound calls. I wasn’t willing to do that because I was afraid – and it also was afraid to advertise fear, and so I just waited for my phone to ring. If I remember what it feels like to be stuck right there, we have all your equipment, all your accoutrement, all your investment, you sing at a Martin fogger. I was the best beautiful thought. Everybody knows that it’s everywhere. What don’t you wish that you had the Thrive time show Workshop in person Workshop available to you back then I mean really. I did that’s all we made it because our heart is to help you go to the next step and, like I said earlier, wherever you are on the path that we’ve got your next step, and sometimes you don’t even know where you are. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. I mean: how fun is that why you’re up there talking with other people out there talking and I’m sending that light bulb go out? I love that whenever I would be going to be lecturing to a group of people or you know, electrons are classroom or something like that, and you can just connect with one person to see them light up and like okay. They just they just got some place and that it’s so rewarding love type in Thrive time show business coach reviews you can find. As of today, almost 600 video reviews from people who attended the shops have been kind enough to leave us a video review sharing their experience, and I just see I would like for you to speak directly to Sabella, to get Paul’s take on this and Chuck take On this, anybody who’s out there listening, who refuses to advertise, or maybe he has refused boldly or anything they just by default or not. What would you say to that person?

I would say: that’s ignorant as getting in your car, starting it and putting it in drive and not pressing accelerator. I’M wondering why the car is just sitting there idling so you’re saying that not advertising for your business is the equivalent of having a car and not filling up with gas or yes or no or having it and fill it up with gas and then not pressing Accelerator to to go and we sit there wondering seems like a perfectly fine. I don’t know why I’m not driving. I wanted to Super Target right now, but my car won’t move and and and I’ll just sit here and then eventually I’m sure it will move. I’M sure it will take me to Super Target. Just you know any any moment I mean I started it. I hear it running. I do anything to my car now and on it’s an expensive car to bring the cards. I think you were super Target. Okay, I got it, I got to get there hey Buren. Where is Super Target? Could you guys push my glasses out your lights? Fishing? Okay, let me listen to show who’s never advertise before they just have never done it and if you’re not advertising. I just want you to realize that you’re missing out on a huge chunk of the pie. There is a huge population of people out there that don’t know who you are and if you don’t actively put yourself in front of them, you’re never going to get the opportunity to get the golden lie. Industry, people don’t respond to advertisement, your buddy, my industry, I’m a doctor, I’m going to go once again, you’re wrong, I’m a accountant from many leather-bound. You are using the wrong voice. Everything that says you’re saying right now. Is there a warm glass of wrong? I don’t interact with you and your brand in your product or service, if you’re not putting yourself in front of them repeatedly and you got to think advertising has to go on and on and on. It cannot be just a one-time, a second bro, hey bro, this thing’s, this thing’s going to go viral man. This you don’t understand bro this thing’s going to wait for the magic bro. It’S going to happen.

Bro. Please speak some truth into this conversation. You have heard CPAs or grown mastiff accounting practice. You have thousands of customers all over Green Country. Obviously all of y’all businesses come through what about just sitting around and letting the cards fall where they may be worried about. You know we got your name on a white business card and just passed shaking hands and being a good member of the community. It’S all about who you know what year did until probably 20 years ago or Bill or whoever the hell. I think it goes beyond that. I think some people want to advertise, they want to create business, but they they they don’t know I mean. So what do you do play? Do you just take the next phone call? If the chamber calls you you ever ties there. If the radio station calls you a TV station, if you put it in the paper, I think that’s one of the biggest things that I personally will be at your next workshop on the I think it was the 16th 17th and 17th I’ll be. There is the validity of of advertising and marketing, and I you know that’s. I have that exact mentality that my business came off of where to mount, and you proved me wrong and but beyond. That is how to be very specific, which direction do you go? Which type of advertising is best for your business? You talk about that at your Workshop today. I just for me. I see advertised in just put my name on Koozies and it’s throwing people tell me that people like to call beverage out there in person Workshop is February 16th and 17 days after one of my favorite holidays Valentine’s.

You too, love you enough for you to love yourself enough that you’re going to come on down to the in-person workshop. It’S 99 bucks, but we’ve also giving you the tools how to come in free. That’S right! If you just search for Thrive time show and the word iTunes on Google, you click the link, the click, the button on the Nextel website, the pops. If it’s going to stay open in iTunes and that will open up your iTunes player and it’s going to take you right to the Thrive time show page all you have to do is subscribe. Click. The Stars give us an objective rating and screenshot that thing and included in the email with your phone number, so we can reach out and send it to info at 3:15. Com screenshot and send to info at thrive15, not one person, you love to you and your Partner, you and your significant other you you and just some random person that you see on the streets say: hey come here happy Valentine’s Day, man that you met at under the bridge and you guys just want to go start a business together. You just like your Outreach and a homeless man and his cart and the detent he hasn’t got the cardboard in the marker. You could bring all that down and in Z. Would you advise that absolutely? I think I think spreading love and do it in one act of kindness is what we need to be doing. Alright, we come back talk more about how to visualize your way to business coach success and how to develop faith in yourself and your business. It’S about time showing radio 855 time show plexiglass Rocko show on the radio. Yes, it is all about you that we bring the Boom play broadcast of the box in the back. Alright drive me to show on your radio in today were talking about visualization and how you can turn your dreams into reality. But before we do that, I want to get into an argument with dr. Robert zoellner in arguments going to be a passionate discussion and I think we’re probably going to end up agreeing with each other by one of the least sound controversial. To start.

Okay sounds good, see you wrong, stop it! No, but this is. I want to Stir It Up to Paul hood. Is it is an avid Oklahoma State University fan, wish you there Heller eye, but you like? Oh, you, yes, Boomer Sooner Boomer Sooner and it’s a piece of you guys like what. Why do you see like? Oh you and then Paul? Why do you like OSU so much? I want to start with uz we’re going to get back into visualization in this. I promise that ties in, but I want to just get your hot take. Why? U of O? U Sports! So much yeah! I told someone the other day. I said I said I don’t know why I let 19 year old men playing a game, get me so worked up how in the world do I let that affect me as much as I do. You and I’m watching the game we’re winning. I am so happy we’re using I’m so sad that these are 19 18 19 20 year old, young men playing a game we play in the backyard growing up, but yes, passionate passion about it cuz. I grew up a big fan of OU because it was kind of our local team right. I like log on to more. They had some early success. I would have been kind of a perennial winner if you will, and there was a two players and two coaches – that I just really thought wow. That’S just like. I would give a Dallas Cowboy business coach fan, because I really idolize Rodger Staubach back in the day. Back in the day with the with the sooner you know, Barry, Switzer and and all the swaggin, all just you just got to finally be able to meet with my home team and so be my home team. I just you know once I’ve once they became my team there, my team did you rename your son is Beau used to be Bosworth? When did you change his name from Bosworth Tabo zoellner? What what year was 1980? My other son, I wouldn’t bore 9mm Boomer Sooner and then we I was just weird, so we had we change it to Blake and I later on it was about 4. I think we changed it. Okay, will you be coming OSU fan? Well, I’m an OSU fan because I actually went to college there. You know I went to a graduated there in my oldest son, was Oklahoma State and played football there and my middle boy went there. My third son is a junior there at Oklahoma State. So that’s why we refer it’s kind of like this and I have sometimes having an issue with some of my. Oh, you fans, aren’t doctors say because the these, oh you fans on there, don’t even know Norman where Norman is and it’s it’s the route from because they’re good now I know you fam, I root Boomer Sooner I root for OU when they’re not playing the good Guys yeah, so you know I went so that’s my team lose its just like I went to Barnesville High School, so I don’t root for Jinx. They don’t control where they don’t play on the New York. Do they cheer for their own freaking life? What is the deal with the guys? You guys are big fans of yourself, you know and then you cheer for fun for their team, but you guys are big fans of you put doctor Zelda on the side of your building and you’re a big fan of doctors, because Lord knows no one else is Big fan of yours – and you know that I don’t know – there’s a whole lot of other people getting in line.

Saying hey, let’s wake up today and say a little prayer for Z. What is going on people are more passionate, Eric chop about a team. They don’t even play for then their own lives me. I see people making these trips these these pilgrimages 5 hours each way to go cheer for a team. We won’t spend an extra 2 hours a week working on their business. Why are people so passionate about a team they don’t even play for they don’t they’re, not eating that passion about their own life or business. I’M going to say it, I’m just going to do it. Are you guys ready so Sarah? It’S because when that not every time, I obviously but a lot of times, I think it’s because when that team loses they can blame. Somebody else claimed the players, the coach. They can blame the rest. I can blame whatever, but when you lose that business or life there’s really, nobody else to blame and people have a really hard time grappling with that reality. I also think this is what I think. I think that people have a ridiculous, false sense of over ridiculous humbleness irritates the crap out of me. It’S where people are like they feel like they should all. Like example, when you go to a classroom, I remember going to college and I made a point in my college career and Oral Roberts University and when I went to St Cloud State that all my professors will know my name, because I’m going to sit in the Front row I’m going to take notes and I’m going to sit there and ask questions if I have that because I’m paying dang it I’m going to ask question, I got you when I would ask the question to my professors many times and say I appreciate you Put your hand up, but other people like how much I can do it put your hand up all the time why I’m paying a hundred bucks an hour and I’m paying I’m going to ask my questions, there’s a lot of people that feel like well, you know. I just want to be humble. I want to fit in. I don’t want to you know I don’t want to over. I don’t know what that is. I think people just I don’t know what it is about as if it’s a society Thing by just eat people. It’S like you’re, going to a chamber event. It will say hi to the Tulsa chamber. Have you stand up in your group and you’re in a business coach networking Circle and of the event to still at 8 or says she could stand up and say what industries are in and I stood up with DJ DJ service you going to take care of it from Ordinary to extraordinary will knock it out in one of the lady said: well, my son’s a DJ: are you guys bringing how are you different knives? We are the best and will do your first event for a dollar no pass the rest of traffic, but I mean there’s a lot of it over humbleness see where no one wants to say to the past or they’re awesome. I can’t agree with you right. I think it’s, I think it’s because of the four letter word that the radio that is all I know, but I mean when I say it: it’s lazy.

They got to get their car, they going to drive to the tailgate, they got to cook burgers and they got a uniform paint. Their face that got to get me line dance to trying to see you know when they got it. That’S a lot of work. No! It’S not no! It’S not that it’s! It’S a lot of fun and they’re, being lazy, there’s a reason why the average United States of American citizen is watching up to 5 hours of screens a day where we want to be entertained. How to build your faith in yourself in your business in 2018, State like a radio I’ll, be the sea dr. Robert zoellner and ussba entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark copy the sea. What happened to help you score the goal the show is to help our listeners score. Both of us grew up poor, but the goal of this show is to help our listeners score took to win. If we’re talking about building faith, they were talking about visualization and how you can coach yourself out of that rut. Why are you passionate about helping people score in to win in the game of business in life? Why why are you pumped up about it? You know what I love mentorship. I love the idea of passing along. I really enjoy the idea I want. One of my life mottos is that, when you’re done with the season of Z, when you’re done hanging out with me, working for me being around me, whatever that season looks like your tour Duty as you like to call it to the season. This Zen, yes I’ll, buy the reason for the season when you’re done with that. I want you to be able to save yourself. My life is better. I’M happy, I knew Z, I’m happy because my life is better. So that’s just that’s kind of some of my core nature and when you approach me for years ago and said, Hey, listen, I want a shark tank Kunis idea. I have a micro K shut the first time, I’m sure it won’t be the last time. Let’S get it on so good enough relationship with me and we built it up. You know we built a bond that you know. I would give you that time, so you came in to listen. I want the business coach, the world millions and I was like okay cool – tell me about that. It go well what I’ve been doing now, I’m just going to not bragging, I’m being truthful, I’m pretty successful with it, and I can only do one an hour right.

Can I get dentist, you know you can only extract so many teeths. You know a day and – and I look at you in awhile how you doing so. What were you doing to build a business school online which can be business school really bill around practical steps? Practical knowledge bombed and mentorship, and that’s when I said that dog will hunt and we started the Thrive, business school, which then led into human body lotion. Why are you guys on the radio now? Why are you guys doing this in person workshops? Why are you guys doing now you right back to doing some one-on-one business coach then I get asked that a lot of. Why are you guys doing all that? I thought you were just going to the business school online and then let everybody kind of just what is a lot of people out there? Who who say you know what I this is, how I look at it. They say I have a successful company and I just wanted Vance my education, so they start watching some videos and they all like the videos – and they say you know what those videos are a dollar for the first month or 19 bucks every month thereafter. But what’s it costing me in terms of my time to not become successful? Faster people already have a business right now, so I’ll be waiting buddy. Who has a business? You know what it feels like to hire somebody and pay them 8:25 an hour. Let me just do the matter with you: okay, you pay somebody 8:25 an hour and they work for you 4.3 weeks per month. Okay, so that’s that’s what you’re paying per hour so with me to the math real quick here, then you’re going to be spending this real, quick, you’re doing math on the radio 1490 with ,419 ,419 for you to hire a person who you pay 825 an hour For 4.3 weeks, a month for 40 hours a week with 40 hours a week 825 an hour – and you know you know what. Last time I checked, my personal I’m paying 8:25 an hour, never comes in with any epiphanes, and they don’t know how to optimize. My website – and they don’t know anything about video, ography or photography or Brandin or Cody’s – are designer coats and they don’t have to download those are pretty pieces or templates. They don’t have it I can perform. I didn’t know anything was just hit the button. All that I’m going to do I’m going to invest the money. It would take me to hire even one person brake 25 an hour and I’m going to let you know, I’m not a business coach gambler reviews for well. There’S hundreds of people hundred thousands now because there’s a crazy see you give her a whirl and then leaving – and you know what happens, is you going to Winter 777 shows up on the screen off 777 Bell? Thank you very much. It was more Costanza. I thought I was more casino to the casino together and it was a Mega millionaire Nation we’re talking today about visualization how you can develop faith in this next move is repeat until needed: Napoleon Hill says Napoleon Hill from his book think and Grow Rich. The best-selling self-help author, Napoleon Hill, says repetition of affirmation of orders.

To your subconscious, mind is the only known method of voluntary development, of the emotion of Faith. I’Ll start with you here. So do you ever say something over and over and over mantra to yourself to get yourself out of a business coach funk yeah, it’s one of my core rules. It’S one of my chapters in the book that I’m riding – and that is I used to say this whole time. It sounds kind of cheesy sounds a little silly okay, but I would have something I would say to myself to remind myself to be in the right mindset. Every time I went in to see a patient every time. You’Re, the man you smell, terrific, you, your your shoes, are nice know, that’s what I’m saying her Body’s a Wonderland. I wonder where my body wunderlich’s know, I would say to myself with a short phrase, but I knew what it meant and I can explain it if you choose for me too, but I was Showtime, Showtime, Showtime, Showtime and with the showtime I know this sounds: will Ceiling kind of cheese it. What that would do is remind me to forget about all the problems are going on today. Forget about the you know, the text message or the voicemail that I just got about something epically going wrong. It’S something in my life right right. One it’s broken sentences to answer lost any weight. Would you lose repo clean cig? Remember. The most important thing you can do right now is to pay attention to listen and to connect a person in this room. That’S coming if you’re not exempt from you. I have a lot of luck actually teaching this move to clients when it relates to how they can help their staff leave their personal problem outside. I share with him that story about how you know, no matter what was going on. You walk up, grab the chart and it’s showtime. It’S go time.. I use it all the time with everyone of my awesome way for them to visualize kind of the concept checks in the mail. So what did such a true statement, and and knowing that can revolutionize your business, because if you have employees out there that are giving negative Vibes or bad energy to your clients or patients or whatever, that is, that will kill everything like if you experience that bad Word of mouth will spread like wildfire when you come back, we’re going to break down even more in depth about how you could develop the mindset of faith in your business.

You have to be BCS start with conceiving it and he going to start to believe it, and then you can achieve it. We’Re talking about how to develop a spirit of faith in your business. It’S a Thrive. Time show radio. If I can do it. I know you can too, but you must stick to it like posted two and one Morgan’s on the chorus singing what he thinks. I encourage you to three Big Dreams today and now is your time and get ready to order. The Thrive time show on talk. Radio. 1170 broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’S business school without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA, entrepreneur of the Year clay Park. Alright, Radio Shack is every day on the radio or the podcast download, and if you would like to get free tickets to our next upcoming in person to day Thrive, time show Workshop. You can get your tickets today simply by searching for the Thrive time show in Google. When will there be a second. We’re not going to pressure? People are going to see when I get a rush people to the processor to give you time to pull over okay. We don’t want your call over real, quick, stop and then you just do a Google search for Thrive time show in the right, iTunes, okay, there. It is it’s popping up and we did you just click on that link which lake has it and you click that link that what you going to do, you’re going to find a little blue button called subscribe, you’re going so fast, it’s okay, we’re sewing a button And then you just write it write an objective review power power, helping you out or what you like or what you don’t like. I mean in star baby, just air, your grievances, or maybe just listed a bunch of things that happened bad to you during the holiday season. I don’t know, but just write it up, ejected review about the Shelf, there’s not more stars, you can press and then and then just send us proof that you did it with your following us with your phone number by emailing us to at info at 3:15. Com And we are going to give you two Free Conference tickets simply for taking the time to do that so happy to you happy Valentines to you.

We really love you. We want to give you some stuff stuff. I’M really really happy about that. Cuz! We. We have a giving heart, but I’m I’m sad right now, you’re saying I’m sad as your body that it’s very upset, because this is our last segment of the show – and I really miss being here. Can I come back tomorrow yeah. I would do the same kind of like I get the back of the route we are taking. Our Rhythm get back in the groove is in the heart I feel like Stella, and I don’t have my groove back man. I got to get back to pack, so you got it back. So can we slow down time? I don’t work at all these next text from Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich and have a slower, slow mo Nation repetition of affirmation of orders to your six. Does subconscious mind is the only known method of voluntary development, of the emotion of fake, okay, marketing and advertising right. It’S got to stay top-of-mind, so if you are Lexie was saying earlier, if you’re just negative all the time that negativity is going to stay top-of-mind, so maybe maybe the idea of repeating not doing something. Somebody needs to hear that. Maybe you need to not hang out with a certain person or not spend your time doing something that you normally do, when you’re not being productive, maybe need to not eat bad food. That makes you sleepy and therefore you can’t even do your work, so maybe think about repetition is repeating, do not doing something that you normally do a half over going to. They want me to the second half tomorrow, really cuz. I like to business coach Deep dive a little bit more, your that you’re, the kind of guy who doesn’t want to go all the way through the buffet tonight. No I’m just saying I don’t want to short-change it’s very powerful stuff, and I just don’t want. I just want to Rapid Fire and our last segment. You don’t have to show cuz. I think that’s what I thought you had your you want to chime in something that I did. What what I want to time is one of the biggest things that I do, or we do at our firm and Hood CPA. Besides giving away a free book for Warren Buffett – and you know you and shop at both read that quote out of his book and I kind of tried to think make things a little simpler and Zig Ziglar once said fake. It till you make it, and I think that’s basically what that is saying what I’m hoping he’ll is saying it with with not the the flowing beautiful language, it’s fake it till you make it so call it get on our website. Hood get your free book. Get your free appointment and we’ll see what we can they can interpret for you and I would love the opportunity to talk to people about your. Your Thrive conference is coming up. I paid 500 bucks would I would have paid 5, knowing what I know today. I would have paid ,000 either my bill by check I want to. I want to share this, this final big concept for the Thrive nation and then we’ll have a lot of Thunder left and then tomorrow is a of knowledge here. You don’t stop until you get there. I don’t think people realize the timeline of success.

So I’m just going to give you some examples of companies that you know today they’re very successful that took very much longer than a decade the Dyson vacuum. It took him 15 years to make a profitable vacuum company. That’S now a game-changing branch and back it took him 15 years to suck drop that right. There was her hand present that was very nice, nice, nice! That’S when I get that true laugh, the first time through I Tarpon to emotionally prosecutor word for it. I think you just know. I just want to listen to Jack Aid to become probably SPN. No Amazon came in there quick 7 years. It took those guys, lightning, speed, sure you’re getting this if you’re listening to this show today and you’ve ever used, FedEx FedEx took over 10 years, Brett Smith over 10 years to become profitable. If you are struggling the whole quarter, while going to give you some Winston Churchill – and he said this, If You’re Going Through Hell, don’t stop. I love that quote. That’S a great quote because it’s so true. There people just what happens if it seems easier to just stop what you do. Is you stop and you lose all your investment of money, all your investment of time, your momentum, all of your! Why are you lost your time on the planet? You lost your order, your swag, your is. He lose everything when you quit, maybe can’t stop, you can’t stop and you have to do whatever you have to be the pig breakfast in out the chicken. What is that? What what what does that? Let’S Get Down To The Barnyard we get out of here today? Let me some Farm. Let me see farmlogic. Actually, what that means is that whenever you fully committed and – and you can’t always measure, there’s always understory out there, just like you said to me Tesla 10 years, can I go. I just bought an electric car and barely make a lot of money. It’S no big deal. He probably said to himself: I can’t I’ve got to deliver now. I eat bacon and ham and other accoutrement, so not feeling it on me, no more free range and I’m organic call move on. You know another thing that that makes me think of Z about being committed. Is that if you find yourself in a business in your ear cash broke right now, you don’t have much going on to cash flow section. Maybe that means you need to go out there and get another job, don’t be too prideful to switch all of the all of the multi millionaires that I know today have all had a second job while they were starting their big business.. I watch my dad with the concrete company in all those first few years. Winters come you don’t pour much concrete during the winter so cold. It’S not tell you how many times he was out chopping, wood or clearing snow with his tractor, whatever he had to use, shirt and hat tools to do one job, but he took them to do another one cuz.

He had to make some money to pay those card cost to pay those bills, even though we weren’t fully operational during you wanted to eat, and I like it was. It was good for me to have that example in life to draw back on here. So that way, whenever I get to those points in life, I remember that kind of stuff, but just you got to don’t have an eagle like go, get a second job. It’S not that big a deal. You need that money or your business is going to die. I sincerely encourage all of our listeners to take we’ve been teaching you today too hard and to believe in yourself and to believe enough in your business to go out on the edge just a little bit going on the lam just a little bit and to book Your tickets to our next in person to day Thrive time show Workshop. We believe in you so much so we believe in our own show so much so we believe in the workshop, so much we’re going to give you. The tickets are a piece, but you can actually the money back guarantee. So if you’re not happy for any reason, you can get those tickets absolutely for free if you’re not happy with okay, so just go. Throw up time. Should I come book the tickets for a piece of time, see, we have four ways to help all of our little later, I’m excited on me. We have the podcast, never miss an archive broadcast thousands of videos. You can check out there. It’S a dollar for the first month or so private. Every month thereafter we have one-on-one business coach, so one-on-one business coach. If that’s what you’re looking for and you can book those conference tickets and see, we always want to end the show with a boob. So here we go my Man: 3 2 1 Britney’s face Maple radio,


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