Waging War on the Poverty Mindset

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During today’s show, Clay Clark the former United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year and Aaron Antis one of the top new home sales trainers in America who has sold over $800 million of real estate throughout his career team up to teach YOU how to overcome the poverty mindset and how to become successful by becoming an outspoken enemy of average.

Are you an enemy of average? Does mediocrity agitate you to the very core? Listen in as Clay Clark teaches you the mindsets that the richest people in America all have in common.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You must walk to the beat of a different drummer. The same beat that the wealthy hear. If the beat sounds normal, evacuate the dance floor immediately! The goal is to not be normal because as my radio listeners know, normal is broke.” -Dave Ramsey (Bestselling author, national radio talk show host, and financial expert)

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Things That Successful People Do On A Weekly Basis –

  1. Live within your means – https://www.success.com/article/16-rich-habits
    1. Stick within your budget. – https://www.success.com/article/16-rich-habits
  2. Don’t gamble. – https://www.success.com/article/16-rich-habits
  3. Read every day – https://www.success.com/article/16-rich-habits

MYSTIC STATISTIC – 70% Of Your Employees Hate Their Jobs – https://www.forbes.com/sites/carminegallo/2011/11/11/your-emotionally-disconnected-employees/#7b3fa7242d5c

  1. Successful people do not watch TV or they are intentional about the TV they watch – https://www.success.com/article/16-rich-habits
  2. Control your emotions. – https://www.success.com/article/16-rich-habits
  3. Network with other successful and aspiring entrepreneurs. – https://www.success.com/article/16-rich-habits
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Audio Transcription

Broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s the worlds best business coaching program and business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re pooping steps to make joe and sophie is hot and I still see the sea and the sea that was teaching mrs. Fields trucks like to know more. Yes, yes, yes and yes, eric chuck. We are here in the thrive time show on your radio, and today were talking about waging war on the poverty mindset shop, the poverty mindset. You see, people that will come into our workshop and they go I feel like I view the world differently from everybody else. It’s different here and it’s like I get you guys like what I meet you got to meet the people at the conference. It’s like these are my people. Where are you finding these worlds best business coaching program people? You hear it all the time that go. It’s like it’s. A community of very few, maybe like 1% of the american population, grew up working for a family that was self-employed. First started working for your dad as soon as he could give me walking and carrying boards and reassure at 12:13 all the time. Stacking forms loading trailers how many hours a week did you work before wednesday when you started working full-time., add previous to wednesday, with your concrete business? How many hours did you work typically previous to it safe o’clock on wednesday minimum of 30 minimum saturday? How many hours a week did you work, 60, 70 80 in easy I’m? Just saying this is an interesting thing. I was at a worlds best business coaching program trade show I was probably eight years ago and he pulled me aside needs to know what are you guys do in the booth there at the trade show to keep your heels from hurting? You know when I said what and they said to keep her heels were and I said:hey I want you to know some, but I want it real with you.

I stepped off a step over my friend, willie’s house and I tore a ligament in my maya in my ankle and a tort or some stuff for tendons ligaments, whatever it was, I talked to mike my client. He said you definitely turn some things and I said cool and I haven’t had to pick since the right. You know why cuz I’m busy that’s when it gets cold, it hurts so I would just say i, don’t know what that means. What did business about results? Entrepreneurs are all that results. Rest of the world is like they’re all about action like they’re, not waiting to be inspired. They know that the only way to get there is to take call my last sick day, my since you been here the last 2 and 1/2 years or said you were plastics the last sick day. I had i, don’t know that I’ve seen you take a sick day. I haven’t been 18 years. I’ve seen almost pass out having to give blood at our worlds best business coaching program office. Would you refuse to leave for the life insurance thing every couple years update that stuff, so I did states small business administration, algebra door of the year and aaron antis, one of the top new home sales trainers in america who was sold over 800 billion dollars of real estate throughout his career team, up to teaching you how to overcome the poverty mindset and I’ll become successful by becoming an outspoken enemy of it’s nice to have a voice of choice around aaron in the nice to have a guy who can read like to have that was just an epic I love this of being extremely poor. The word poverty means different things to different people.

I’m having traveled all around the world. I have unfortunately met people who don’t have access to clean drinking water. People who live outside of america, basically don’t have access to opportunity, sometimes and so weird that we live in america, which iron, if you left america before ps i, have been to several other country. What country have you been to? We thought men. The poverty around here is just it’s. It’s so intense. It’s almost like it’s! It’s almost hard to think about anything else that poverty, just so abundantly obvious. Yes, so I went into the nation of burma I crossed over from thailand into burma, and it was almost like an oppressive weight came on you when you got into that country. It’s overwhelming about this. This concept of waging war on the poverty mindset i, would invite you mr. Listener to open up your start here. Book 2, page 19 of those who don’t have the start here book you can download it for free by going to try hard time, should i, turn amazon bestseller we’re giving it away for free, just go to thrive. Time, should I calm and then download the e-book go to page 19 and I miss your voice up toys. Can you read the notable quotable that dave ramsey has your horse? You must walk to the beat of a different drummer. The same beat that the wealthy worlds best business coaching program here, if the beat sounds normal evacuate, the dancefloor immediately, the goal is not to be normal because his my radio listeners know normal is broke. Okay. So if you want to become successful, I’m going to walk you through and I want chipmunks on the show notes, but this is stuff that all successful people do some more frequent see through things that successful people do on a weekly basis that nobody, else. I’m, just going to walk you through this and I’m, going to cite this in chippewa to put a link to a habits of the rich. If you do a google search for habits of the rich and dave ramsey, you can find the study.

What is the guy, who wrote a book called the richest man in town and he travels around the world travel america in which of these towns, youth? Who is the richest guy in town? If you have enough people pretty soon he’s right here in the same name over and over, and he calls the guy says that I’m doing research for a book called the richest man in town and what I want to do is I want to do it. I kind of feature piece on you and put it in i-want to put it into a a documented case study so that people who are not successful yet yet I’m. So these people can learn the specific moves that you use on a daily basis until I’m excited to get your take on these here. Okay, so here we go, I didn’t ever want here, but they live within their means, so wealthy people don’t spend more than they make sodium chips that are number one. They stick within a budget talk to me about sticking within a worlds best business coaching program budget. Why? That’s so not normal yeah! So you know when I was in college. You know you get into out of your parents house and all of a sudden, you figure out i, think everything isn’t free in the world like I thought it was, and so you start coming to a place where, if you don’t get, it figured out pretty quickly. You go underwater in no time and all of a sudden people start coming and taking the things that you’ve been buying back from you and repossessing them, not a fun place to be successful. People which were going to site on today show notes, gable successful people do not gamble ever waited more on the poverty mine too I’m going to read you a statistic:you can find it on success magazine it’s in time for his book. He found that 77% of the people in the community in any always communities that struggle financially play the lottery 77% tournament for the top selling real estate people on the planet. Why do you not just buy a whole lot of lottery tickets?

Well, because, first of all somebody told me a long time ago. That’s like paying stupid tax, and so I decided. You know what I don’t like tax in the first place, but when you put the word stupid in front of it, it sounds even less interesting to me. So this is the next move here in this is I’m I was shocked when I read this the first time and I actually felt bad, because I was called out on this. I encountered this information for the first time, probably 15 years ago, through a book called the millionaire next door in the, millionaire, next, door right shows. This book is book of $100,000 club. They all basically shut the same factoids, but wealthy people read everyday now. I want to give you the statistics that I won’t get air intake on this and chuck. Take on this, because that’s called me out:88% of millionaires read for 30 minutes or more a day, 88%, that’s quite a bit, not 63%, listen to audio books or worlds best business coaching program podcasts like they’re still help and nature walk commuting. 79% multi-millionaires, read:educational career, material, 55%, read self-help books, 58% are reading biographies of successful people. 94% of them are aware of current event. 51% of them study history, 11% of them buy books strictly for entertainment purposes, so amazing, so I turned on the fm dial today on our sister station 106.9 and they have a show where you can call in the station after your first date and if you win on the first date and then the person goes to after the first date, like you on the first date and then the person never calls you back.

These women can call in and go anywhere on. First date went out to a movie and i, never heard back and i, don’t know why and then they get that other person on the line who never called the person back and they break down. Why and I thought to myself? This is what everybody else is listening to. I couldn’t make myself be interested I was like. How is this a show? How does anybody give a crap? Why is this thing? So? Can you break it down? Cuz I know you came from being a domino’s delivery guy, that’s right who was spawned of day drinking or drinking before noon? Oh yeah heavily! How much were you drinking today? I believe it or not, but for you had success, believe it or not. I was somewhere between 20 and 24 beers a day 7 days a week, and that is a true story. A day for is somewhere around 9:15. You kind of lose count. Somebody out there I’m just struggling to find the time to listen to a podcast who who says nobody else understands why I’m so excited to read books I’m so excited to listen to podcasts. Can you sell about having read a book this morning, but yeah I mean absolutely so. When I met one of my first mentors in life, he was at 27 years of age. He came into through working his tail off. He was making about a six-figure per month income, and so, when you start meeting worlds best business coaching program people like that and they speak, you take notes and one of the things that he told me is he’s like aaron. You are going to spend in in metro detroit, which is where I grew up. He’s like the average commute time is 42 minutes each way. He said if you’ll just come, it come on those 84 minutes a day. Going back and forth to work to listening to audios that are audiobooks on some great books he’s like in 3 years, you will literally have a ph.D

and whatever subject you want to master, you will just know so much more than the average person out today in our office with the young lady in her office. Who was explaining to me that, after spending a one-hour conversation with aaron, they realized. Oh, my gosh I can stop renting a house right now and I can buy a brand new home from shaw homes for less money or the same money that it would cost me to rent the only way she knew, that is by encountering a source of wisdom and so I’m asking you where you getting your information from and shop. You know one of the things that I’ve discovered with wealthy people. Is it don’t waste their time doing stuff, it’s not a good use of their time. Well, that’s a good philosophy to live by and one of the things we enter workshop. The people that attend are thrive time show workshop tomorrow for the world. We want to have a clean facility. Warner bathroom to be clean, warner offices to be clean, and it’s probably not my highest and best use to clean those lowe’s toilets. We reached out to the worlds best business coaching program clients, janitorial service of choice for google for new star for dupont chuck. What’s the contact? Information to website is v classic clean.Com phone number 918-671-2046, which classic clean.Com +91-867-124-2046 to claim your tickets to the drive time show today and erected business workshop for free. All you have to do is to subscribe to the thrivetime, show oniTuness, leave it injected review and send as confirmation and then drive time show.Com to claim your star international star registry.

We can’t help you alright, tribe, nation, welcome back to the drive time to show on your radio, and they were talking about waging war on poverty. If you ever felt like you know, I feel like i. Don’t need to have a soul-sucking job. I know the gallup shows that 70% of americans hate their jobs and his studies show from the federal reserve it was published in forbes magazine. You can find the average american has less than $400 saved. I know that most people hate their job, but I kind of like it and, furthermore, I don’t i, don’t want to just get by I want to have an abundance financially so much that I can actually live below. My means have enough to give money to causes eye care about ida. Ida me success is not the acquisition of stuff. It’s the ability to spend my time and my money where I want to. If you find yourself thinking that way, what you are my friend as you are an enemy of average. We live in amelia court world, where, if you want an excuse for being able to not read an excuse for not having the time to read, you don’t, even if you want an excuse for not having enough focus, if you want an excuse for being too angry to fast, if you want to lose temper, if you want to have an excuse for having a dd, if you want an excuse for having ocd ocd is called obsessive, compulsive disorder. This is how my worlds best business coaching program behavior has been described by people who make a lot less than me. That guy will sit down. Write a book over weekend and I say:that’s right and they go will you did I just not like you and I go right, because he, when you don’t like doing it, you quit, though I just pressed so i, don’t suffer from boredom I just bored out about anything i, want. And, every successful person I’ve ever met. Does that and then atd, it’s called being lazy and looking for a clinical closest to justified.

So if you are so what I’m not looking for justification I’m, not looking for excuses, you’re looking for excuse, let me tell you what there’s a psychologist out there, pushing a pill and he’s getting ready to tell you. You know what you have add, but he get on this. You got ocd buddy, get on this bipolar disorder. Buddy, there’s always a new pill, a new idea, a new mind-altering psychedelic drug that you should take to help. You find your true self of wine, but if you’re somebody else’s screw that I want to make a lot of money did this show is free or type of wage in the war on poverty. In before we get into the book. The start here book I want to make sure all the listeners know you can go to drivetime, show.Com and download. My Amazon best-selling book start here for free, and we are right now getting to page 20 of the start here book and we’re talking about this idea of what a successful people do differently than other people. There’s a guy by the name of tom corley who studied wealthy people, read a book called the richest man in town and he interviewed the worlds best business coaching program and most successful people in each town and discover what successful people do that most people don’t do, and here is variable number for successful people do not watch tv. They do not successful. People do not watch tv. They are intentional about the tv they watch. So aaron work were talking about successful people. Here, tom curley discovered that the wealthy people he interviewed he’s gone. So, what’s your favorite show it all? You know:i, don’t watch tv i, don’t know where they would say. I watch this one show I tend to watch this particular show and that’s the only show I watch. What is the average American spend 5.2 hours a day watching tv according to nielsen and successful people. Aaron are spinning like 2 hours a week watching tv yeah, because you have a lot of extra time because there’s not a goal out in front of you that you’re passionately pursuing and chasing after.

So when you don’t have purpose, then time can be filled with anything and if, if you can fill time with anything, then entertainment becomes the top priority. I am very very fired up about this. Next one is number five wealthy people control their emotions, I’m, not sure. If you’re aware of this, but not every thought that you were thinking, I’m thinking needs to be expressed. People say today. Going to keep it real. Bro yo I got to i, got to share how I feel keeping it real. They found that 94% of wealthy people filter their emotions. They don’t even share sometimes with their dad. This is its what’s crazy of all of the multi multi-millionaires, I’ve met and even the billionaire’s most of them had told me the same advice over and over I said howdy. When do you share like horrible things that work with your wife, all of them, except for one i, never tell my wife anything terrible at all unless it would impact her safety for the sanctity of our marriage. There’s a customer complaint. There’s no need cuz she’s, going to immediately want to rush to my defense. Hop on social media. Help me right that wrong, and why is it so important? We have to gain the worlds best business coaching program control over our emotion. Well, because what happens is when you lose control of emotion. You start to alienate people and you start to push people away, and so much of success in your life is about the people that you’ve surrounded yourself with. So if you have a great staff that works for you, you’ve got some incredible employees or you are maybe not the top of the pyramid in your work. Environment and you’ve got a great mentor. If you start not controlling your emotions, what happens? Is you push away the good influences in the good people in your life? You know, proverbs. There’s a lot book called the in Proverbs 29 11 states with great detail. It says the fool vents all his feelings, but the wise person keeps them to himself, which is a countercultural idea. Is wealthy people network with other wealthy people that work with me I’m not talking about going to every chamber event, but I’m. Talking about your network is your net worth you see this people attend our thrive time, show workshops and they say gosh. This is a place where I can network with other successful people.

Networking with everybody’s, not a good mood, but networking with other entrepreneurs is huge. Why is it valuable? Because whenever your networking with other entrepreneurs are people that you meet at somewhere, like the thrive time, show workshop I talked about earlier in the show? But these are all action. Biased people they’re not sitting around lamenting they’re, not talking about things. They can’t control the wrong time. I haven’t recovered the most that guy lou I’ll get him I will get him back. He will get his just us, but there’s none of that whenever, like aaron was talking about when you have a big old, a big y, something that you’re chasing after with all of your worlds best business coaching program might. You have time for that crap. So when you network with the right people, they build you up as you build them up. Iron sharpens iron, successful people when your tips tips like hey this is the movie remember talking to one success, I check in the trade. This is a funny story. I talk to a guy, very, very wealthy guy, said:hey I’m, trying to create more time for them in my life is when the dj business was rocket and I said what are you doing, because I made a list of all the things that I’m doing that I don’t need to do and I pay. Somebody else to know do the things that I don’t need to do. I said such as well as an example office supplies. You will never see me pick them up, not going to see me doing bookkeeping. I have a bookkeeper you’re, not going to see me go fix my own printer I have a printer repair person going to see me do I own. I t I have an it company you’re starting to get to delegate the things that aren’t your highest and best use, and that’s why we reached out to the good folks at onyx, imaging shucked oysters at onyx imaging. What they can do for all of us, so there at like your one-stop-shop for business office, needs the locally-owned since 1999 they do printer service, printer repair, ink, cartridge, manufacturer and sales. They also do office supplies same and next day delivery in price match guarantee. So you got to get ahold of these guys at onyx imaging.Com, that’s onyx, imaging.Com,


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