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Are you looking to lose weight now? On today’s show Clay Clark interviews the fitness tips expert and founder of Magness Fitness about the most simple and sustainable diet changes busy entrepreneurs like you can make today to see results quickly.

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  1. Sky, welcome to the ThriveTime Show, how are you sir?
  2. Sky, for all of our listeners out there that are not familiar with your background, we’d love to hear how you first got involved in the fitness industry?
  3. Sky, we have hundreds of thousands successful and busy entrepreneurs who listen to this podcast and on today’s show and unfortunately according to The National Centers for DIsease Control and Prevention, “The prevalence of obesity was 39.8% in the United States.” – https://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/adult.html, so I wanted to give all our listeners 3 powerful proven and easy action steps that all of our listeners can take to get in the best shape of their lives starting today.
  4. Step 1 – Change Your Sustainable Diet Now
  5. 1st – Why do all of our listeners out there need to stop eating wheat, sweets and drinking alcohol immediately if they want to begin losing weight now?
  6. Sky, according to the science writer, Harvard Graduate, Stanford Graduate, Columbia University Graduate and New York Times best-selling author, Gary Taubes, “The simple answer as to why we get fat is that carbohydrates make us so; protein and fat do not.” Can you share why this truth is so powerful and actionable for our listeners?
  7. Sky, why do all of our listeners need to start eating meat, vegetables and drinking water if they want to begin losing weight now.
  8. Sky, I would like to have you break down Ketosis on a third-grade level and why it’s such a powerful concept for weight loss for our listeners?
  9. Sky, why is a food journal so effective for people to use if they are really trying to monitor their eating habits.
  10. Step 2 – Schedule 3 Workouts Per Week
  11. Sky, why is it so important that all of our listeners actually take the time out of their schedule to schedule 3 specific times per week to work out?
  12. Sky, Lee Cockerell the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who prided himself on being in shape while simultaneously being an effective manager once wrote, “One way to get your priorities accomplished is to schedule them into your calendar.” Can you hammer the importance of actually taking the time out of someone’s schedule right now to schedule their personal training sessions and to not wait until tomorrow?
  13. Sky, you’ve helped hundreds of people to get in the best shape of their lives, why do most people including former athletes struggle to workout with a partner, a personal trainer or some kind of accountability.
  14. Sky, what is the #1 excuse people make for not making their workouts?
  15. What other fitness tips do you have?
  16. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” – Benjamin Franklin (The inventor of the Franklin Stove, the diplomat who convinced the France to fund the Revolutionary War, the best-selling author and the best-selling author) Sky why is it so important for your clients and ours listeners to commit 100% to showing up at each and every workout that they schedule?
  17. Sky, why are you so passionate about helping your clients?
  18. Step 3 – Commit to Your New Diet and Workout Schedule for 90 Days (Then the Momentum Will Carry You)
  19. Sky, so many people start and stop everything in their lives. They start and stop businesses. They start and stop relationships and they start and stop their fitness. Why is it so important that all of our listeners commit to their new diet and their new workout schedule for 90 days before the momentum kicks in?
  20. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you’re going to commit to that, you’re going to have to find some way to make it bearable and enjoyable.” – Ryan Reynolds (Famous actor from Deadpool, Green Lantern and Lade)
  21. Sky, can you describe the kind of results that your clients have experience with even just 30 days in your program?
  22. Sky, I would like to play a couple of testimonials on today’s show that our listeners can be encouraged that sustainable and life-changing weight loss is truly possible?
  23. Sky, if people want to learn more about you and the program that you offer, what is the best way for our Tulsa listeners to get in touch with you and your facility Magness Fitness?


Step 1 – Change your diet today

  1. Eat lean meat, vegetables and drink water.

Step 2 – Make sure that you schedule at least 3 workouts per week

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Audio Transcription

You have questions. America’s number one business coach has answers. It’s your brought up from Minnesota. Here’s another edition of ask clay, anything on the thrive time business coach radio show. All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the conversation

on this edition of ask us anything we’re talking about, what are three fitness tips steps that every listener can take? What are three steps every listener can take to get in the best shape? Now, what we have so many people to email in questions they want to know. They’re busy entrepreneurs. They’re driving around in their work trucks, they’re working behind a desk all the time. They’re just grabbing food from Burger King or Mcdonald’s or Brahms or somewhere dairy queen, or just eating sandwiches on the go, Burritos to go. There’s no intentional plan with what they’re eating, and so over time, the average American’s gaining three to four pounds a year. You do that for 10 years. Now you’re overweight by 30 pounds, and if you’re out there saying, what can I do today to get in the best shape? Now you’re going to love today’s show because we’re interviewing a client and a fitness expert. Sky Magnus, the owner of Magnus fitness right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Skype magnus, how are you, sir?

Doing well guys. Thanks for having me on

my friend. I am excited to have you on the show here and I want to kind of introduce you to the listeners out there because I don’t think a lot of people are familiar with your background. Will you share with us how you first got involved in the fitness industry?

Sure. I first got started when I was 13. My Dad was a manager at Tulsa is original bodybuilding gym called Mike Mogens back in the eighties. Wow. So he taught me a lot when I finally expressed interest in fitness. Fitness for me was very much so a key in my early teen years. Keep me focused on high school family life was very dysfunctional, kind of set me apart. I already felt like a social outcast because of that home life and nobody at that age is really into it. So in a lot of ways I was your go to guy. Everybody wanted then a big chest and arms. I was more attracted to what you could do with the entire body, so you got a admired, uh, uh, people admired that and ask questions then. Okay.

So you, you grew up in kind of a tumultuous home life, is that correct? Absolutely. Could you share with us some fitness tips or little bit about that? Uh, you don’t have to get super detail if you don’t want to. I just think there’s somebody out there listening who probably grew up in that sort of environment and this will be very helpful for somebody to know that just because you had a lot of problems growing up doesn’t mean that you have to have a lot of problems as an adult. I’d love you. Can you share a little bit about that whole life?

Sure. I was raised, my parents divorced when I was two and a, so there’s really a lot of instability when control as opposed to being instilled in me. It was being taken from me. Um, I, uh, was raised under a sort of schizophrenia mother. We had lots of sexual abuse around my life. We had physical abuse and verbal abuse that I had grown up through and so lots of adversity, man.

How long did it get, how long did it take you before he could even talk about it? Like where did, where did you have to get? Like, you don’t even speak about it really. I mean, how long, how long did it take you before you finally could even just acknowledge that that was a problem that had affected you?

I mean, it took me a long time to finally admit that, uh, other people wanted to hear it, you know. So for me it was like bottling it up and sort of performing my way through society and business in school, uh, thinking I didn’t have to acknowledge it and a lot of people love to hear that I had adversity. So,

you know, right now we’re in a culture where according to the, the national centers for Disease Control and prevention, 39 point eight percent of America Americans are a co, are classified as being obese. It’s 39 point eight percent of our listeners and a lot of people eat because they’re bored. Oh, they eat because they are irritated. It’s like a coping mechanism there. They’re frustrated, they’re sad, they’re disappointed. They’re uh, they’re frustrated and eating is like a therapeutic thing or it’s something they do because they’re bored or a lot of people eat because they just have a job where they have to go out to eat all the time. Uh, I’ve, I’ve told share with people this story, but when I did commercial real estate, every single person always wants to meet for lunch. Oh yeah. And there’ll be days where we would. I’m not kidding. We would actually take six people out to lunch in the same day.

You say, how’s that possible? We have a one meeting at 10. Steve, you can relate to that. Is a real estate guy. You do mortgages, but every real or did they do. Did they not want to go out for lunch? Yeah, they all want a free lunch is the deal. And you take them out for lunch. And the waiter says, would you guys like some bread? Or if you go to the Mexican place, would you do you want some chips and you’re going to eat probably a thousand calories before the meal even gets there and it’s all empty calories. And so I’m really excited to hear sky your, your, your practical, proven action steps that all of our listeners can, can take here. Let’s talk about step one. Uh, why? Why is it so important that we change our diet now,

besides packing on extra pounds? Guys, these three things, when you consume them in excess or simply are your number one food choice for what? For whatever reason you intake these, it’s extremely bad for your gut.

Okay? So we’ll talk to me about what do I need to do right now? If I want to change my diet, if I’m listening today and I say, okay, I don’t want a super complicated diet, I want a diet that I can actually implement. Give me this, give me the, the, the, the, the proven steps, the specific steps I need to take. What kind of steps should I take

to, towards bettering your nutrition? Yeah. You know, the first thing I would do is, is watch your emotional eating,

okay? Okay. No emotional eating,

no emotional eating. A Food Journal is great at this journal.

Okay? Can I see talking about when I cry when I eat meat? Tastes better with tears. So you’re saying no emotional eating, no emotional eating or under eating for that matter. Did you coach clients? You work one on one with your personal training clients. And so you’re saying, keep a food journal. Why would I want to keep a food journal?

It keeps things in perspective. There’s nothing more powerful than writing things down whether you realize it or not, but the time you were four years old, your self, your self limiting belief systems were established. And so by writing things down and lets your subconscious mind know you’re serious about making change in your life.

Okay? Now, according to a Harvard, Harvard University, there’s a study that was done there by a harvard. You can read one that Stanford’s done. You can read all these different studies, but Gary Tobbs has been the leader of this, of this movement here of late, uh, he’s talked about Gary [inaudible], the best selling author. He wrote a book called why we get fat. He wrote the simple answer as to why we get fat is that carbohydrates make us so protein and fat, do not a sky. Can you share with listeners why it’s so powerful for the listeners to embrace the idea that you just cannot eat carbs and you will lose weight?

Absolutely. We don’t live the lifestyle that outrun those carbohydrates. You don’t. We do not. We do not.

Absolutely important. If you’re out there listening just to understand you just these are the, these are the fitness tips moves. This is the, this is the simple moves. We’re breaking them down for. This is all you gotta. Do One, start eating meat, vegetables, and drinking water. Just meat, vegetables and water. Meat, vegetables, water. Shall I repeat? Meat, vegetables, water. That’s it. The second thing, vegetables can candy was the meat. Vegetables. Brahms, I want to make sure you’re getting this meat. Vegetables, water. If you want to lose. I’m not kidding. If you want to lose 20 pounds this month, all the listeners out there, if you lose 20 pounds this month, almost for sure sky, if all the listeners just stop eating wheat right? Suites and drinking alcohol will. Well, most people not lose at least 10 pounds this month. It’s guaranteed every time, every time it happens.

So if you’re out there and you’re saying, uh, I don’t know what to do, just work with me. Write this down. Eat meat, vegetables and water. Don’t over spiritualize it. Don’t make it complicated. Just meat, vegetables and water chip. And this relates to business coaching. Uh, I see this a lot because you’ve got to become more proactive. That’s where you get out of whack is because you get, you’re busy. You didn’t go to the grocery store last Sunday, you don’t have any healthy food, and then you end up at Brahms or Taco Bueno or whatever that is

because you need something quick. So pro active Brahms and talking to both of those places. But if you eat them everyday, all day, you’re going to be a fatty. You kind of touched on this subject for just one go for it. So 100 percent usaid a US da approved organic is what you need to be shopping for. Okay? Uh, these foods like bison, chicken, steak when, when they’re loaded with carcinogic chemicals than let’s just face it, our society and it’s convenience. Eating is not built for masculinity. These foods will promote healthy testosterone levels. So we need to go to food that is 100 percent us da approved, organic,

organic, organic. So you’ve got to just make sure we’re getting this. If you’re out there listening, you say what I need to eat. Okay. Eat meat. You’re saying 100 percent. Usda approved. Correct. Guy. So He Usdi approved hundred percent organic meat, right? Vegetables. Would you recommend organic vegetables as well? Absolutely. Okay. And then water, that’s what you do it organic or water? Water. I’m saying this, I’m saying this because you could go to the gym six days a week. Right? And if you don’t change your diet, you’re never going to get into shape. I would argue because I’ve worked with so many personal trainers, I’ve worked, I’ve coached their businesses. I’m going to say probably what 80 percent of the transformation starts with your diet. Am I? Am I wrong there a skype that’s 100 percent correct, so you just want to make sure if I’m saying you could work out every single day, but if you do not only eat meat, vegetables and water, you cannot and you will not lose weight.

It’s not going to happen. We had one of our clients who we filmed a video for him, this was about a year ago. We filmed the video and he wanted to do a reshoot a year later because he wanted to do an updated video and the guy, shocking difference. Right? And I asked him, I said, dude, how much you. I didn’t notice it when you’re around somebody everyday, you don’t notice them losing a little bit of weight. And he goes, Oh, I’ve lost 50 pounds this year. That’s awesome. And I said, so are you working out like every day? He goes, no, no, I’ve never worked out at all. I literally only eat meat, vegetables, and water. He said you had one of your guests on a while back talking about that. And that’s all I do. I just eat like lean chicken. I have water and I bet stubbles and he’s like, I’m working out.

I’m starting to work out now because I want to tone up. He’s like, put like I have never worked out at all. Not even one time. I got a question that brings up a question me for you sky. If somebody is coming from a place of being unhealthy for a long time and they’re overweight, is that a good idea to go ahead and get control of your diet, lose some of that weight before you start putting pressure on your knees and your elbows and all that kind of stuff. Asking for yourself too. I mean is, it sounded like if I do have bad knees, so I just wanted to know.

So there’s a lot of controversy surrounding this actual subject exercise and nutrition. So, um, the majority of the research you’re gonna find is that, uh, uh, exercise needs to be your greatest output and nutrition needs to be at a deficit. Okay? Um, that’s, that’s, that’s old school sports science. So it’s a lot of old school nutrition facts. That’s a lot of outdated information. So, um, specifically at Magnus fitness are private personal training company. We, we customize each individual plan and in our. And our target is weight loss. That’s what we specialize in is weight loss. So when people are overweight and eating meat, that doctors are concerned about long chain triglycerides, there’s medium, there’s short, medium, and long chain triglycerides. You can find your medium chain and example of that would be like coconut oil. Got It. So meat red meat specifically is a long chain triglyceride. You cannot be consuming that an excess and not doing any exercise. You need to marry the both to make it a longterm relationship.

Got It. So realistic not here today. I want to make sure we’re getting three actions steps for all the listeners. Okay. So step one, change your diet today, eat organic meat, eat organic vegetables, and drink water, drink organic water right now. Step two though, you’re going to want to make sure that you schedule at least three workouts per week. Sky, how many workouts a week do you recommend for your clients? At least three. It’s a great starting point. Now you have a lot of clients that have had a lot of a massive changes they’ve made in a year or less. Could you, without maybe without maybe showing the person’s name or maybe you have somebody on your website, you have permission to share their name, but can you share a story of one of your clients who changed their diet and started working out with you and is now seeing massive changes in less than a year?

Yeah, I’ve got a Rolodex of clients run through my head. Um, our most recent one is probably going to have to be. I’ll use Dr Chad. He’s a college football officiator and the owner of a chiropractic company. Got It. Okay. Uh, came in, had a lots of previous knowledge with nutrition and challenged him a lot, specifically in his nutrition, a 40 pounds, six months gone. Uh, the important thing is that, uh, that he’s continuing this as a lifestyle. So he learned

he lost 40 pounds in six months

and it was a six percent body fat.

I just want to make sure that listeners get this. If you’re looking to see examples of real people, a sky, what’s your website where people can watch a video, testimonials from your clients,

magnus fitness, Tulsa Dot com,

magnus fitness, Tulsa.com. If people go there and you guys have a ton of Google reviews from your real clients, you’ve got a ton of video reviews. I think those video reviews are so powerful because I think when you changed your diet, uh, about, I dunno, probably chat maybe six hours into your new diet. You’re going, I don’t know, I kinda like bread sweet tarts looked pretty good. And I think, you know, I think, I think you, it’s hard to believe that the changes can happen unless you’ve seen other people who’ve gone down that path. Absolutely. And just like business coaching, I think people want to make it complicated, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Again, step one, you just eat only meat, organic meat, organic vegetables. Have that water step to schedule those three workouts per week, a sky. Why’s it so important that our listeners actually schedule those three specific times to work out today? Why is it so important to get it on the calendar? Now, why do we have to actually schedule those times? The

psychology of fitness is really interesting. Play a our belief system, as I mentioned before, I made up of four different components. They’ve been formed in you by your authority figures, social environment, repetitious info, and your self image. You need to attack this with an actionable item. Everything is hypothetical knowledge until you place it into your calendar, right? And so, uh, your subconscious mind is a lot like an airplane. In order to take it to a new altitude, you have to force it. If you let go of this steering mechanism, it will ultimately go back down. So we need to find actionable items each day to convince our subconscious we’re really ready to change it in your calendar is significant when, especially whenever, tomorrow will be a yesterday eventually. And so scheduling it, uh, is another way of proving to yourself it’s a small win. It may not be the biggest one you want yet, but it is a win.

You know, Lee Cockerell, the former executive vice president of Walt Disney world resorts, uh, this guy managed 40,000 employees and 1 million customers a week, but he always stayed in great shape. And I remember asking the lady one time, I was like, dude, how do you do that? Stay in great shape. Also has a great marriage. And he said, and we, we, we ultimately put it in his book, uh, his time management book. But he said, one way to get your priorities accomplished is to schedule them into your calendar. And it’s so simple shoving business that’s. So, that’s such a simple idea that makes sense. In business. It’s like obviously, okay, if I want to do search engine optimization, I have scheduled right

to five or whatever those things are, just get them in there

and we got to do the same thing for fitness. You got to schedule it and I, I just, I cannot hammer home the importance enough of taking the time to actually schedule it today. Now sky, once someone does schedule it into their calendar, why do people often struggle to work out without a partner or a personal trainer or some kind of outside accountability?

Okay. Specifically a trend. A lot of business owners, and I’m in touch on this right now. Uh, pride. Okay. Uh, we have, once we have a lot of people live off past successes. Okay, so they don’t think they may need a coach. And so it’s important to know that everyone, if you’re, you’re wanting to grow and elevate your life, I think it’s important to admit you need a coach. You need help and get off the past successes and venture into new ones. So for the most part, everyone, there’s no, there’s no consequences outside of accountability either. That’s true,

it’s true. I think a lot of people, what they’ll do is they’ll schedule a workout, right? Yeah. And then something will come up yet, and you probably hear this a lot, so I’d like to get your take on what are the excuses you typically hear for why people don’t show up to the workouts. And, and again, these are people that have already paid you. This is going to be good. Why? Why don’t people show up for the workouts?

Fear. Oh, they’re scared of the real reason. So they’re scared of you. So there are no, because in our coaching, our coaching system, we do a four step process and one of those is conversation. I hold them accountable to their vision and so I’m here as a resource and an actionable item for you to reach success in your fitness goals. And so when they show up late, I asked him, you know, you had said you’re going to get up and run it 6:00 AM this morning, but what if it rains? I don’t think you’re that serious about your goal. What was the reason? Did you go to bed this morning? Well, you know, I uh, you know, my most recent one was a, she always out drinking all weekend. I told her on. Okay. Is that a, is that consistent with the goal? You said you wanted to accomplish one. Oh, okay. Then how would you like me to proceed?

You know, Ben Franklin, the adventure of the Franklin stove, the diplomat who convinced the French to fund or the revolutionary war to beat of English he wants said he that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. Oh, nice. Yeah, I would a pylon then I would give the listeners kind of my worldview on this is if you have a, have a mind that is functional. If you’re smart, you can justify anything. UHM, anything. Doesn’t matter how low the moral activity is. You can justify anything. Doesn’t matter how invalid the excuses. If you’re smart, you can justify anything. Now, if you’re not a smart person, I’m usually. It’s, it’s funny when you watch somebody who’s not very educated or not that smart chip trying to explain why they couldn’t get to work on time because they got nothing for the fifth time, but it actually is better because like we had a person here a day for one of my companies should have crazy late to the meeting.

Right. And the person said they go, uh, I uh, was late because I was like, okay, true story. Yeah. That’s like, okay, well what do you need to do? And we had a real conversation about what we need to do to change the calendar and the schedule and actually, and set a new alarm time. And. But this was like a sincere person. There was no preexisting argument and built up in there. But a lot of people that are really, really intelligent will say, well, what happened was I was over there in one 69 there. There’s a part of this fitness tips group coming in from a, a cell right there and was coming in. There’s a, there’s a lot of traffic on, on this particular side of the road. So it’s a high pressure zone. It moved and he started to interest more justification. The smarter the person gets typically.

So that’s a trick though, right? For managers out there. The bigger the details, the more details in a story when you’re getting an excuse, the more likely it is that it’s a lie. Yeah. Now sky, why are you so passionate about helping your clients to get in great shape? What? Why do you care? I care about the legacy success of their businesses, their families, um, the success of their parenting. Okay. You, you, you, you care. I do. I genuinely care. I think we pick up on that now. Step, step three is you want to commit to your diet and your workout for the least the next 90 days because then the momentum’s gonna carry you. I mean, right? So if you’re going to make a new diet, don’t make a commitment like a one year commitment. Mentally people get like, oh my gosh, I’m never going to eat bread again.

I love bread. All of a sudden things that you don’t really even care about, you lust for, you’re like, ah, I want a chip right now. I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t matter. A kitten for a chip right now. Whoa, whoa. Where the pringles. I mean you, you’re the kind of person. It’s a urine. When you changed your diet, most people, they cannot mentally commit to a lifestyle change until there’s momentum, so you want to commit. Just say, Hey, for the next 90 days I’m just going to eat this diet. I’m going to just eat organic meat, organic vegetables, gonna, drink that water. I’m going to show up to my workouts. That’s. I’m going to commit to that. Why is it so important? A sky that before them for the most momentum sets in that people just commit to at least 90 days.

Ninety days is a great starting point. As I mentioned earlier, it’s really not until about 90 days that your subconscious mind expects this is new behavior. Okay? This is the new normal. This is the new normal. Okay? Because we’re, we’re talking about is lasting change. I’m not interested in initial success. I’m interested in making this a life long change, right? Ninety five percent of people who take the weight off for guaranteed to put it right back on. That’s a fact, but doesn’t have to be the truth. So I’m going to give you some key elements real quick. Your subconscious mind works on autopilot. As I said a minute ago. You have to reset that altitude. Consistency. Sick like 90 days is a great starting point. It’s, it’s realistic expectations. It’s just shorter.

It creates a habit, creates a habit, it creates a habit. Once you get a habit going, then it’s almost like you feel a, you almost feel a pressure not to cheat on your diet or not to miss a workout because the momentum is now set in, jumped. There’s more you can research into this, but there’s more to that as far as like scientific with your gut. Bacteria are, you are, um, you have good and bad gut bacteria and they’re battling and it can take 30, 60, 90 days to reset the culture in your stomach. And then those cravings go away. So you’ve got to get over that two to three month. Her body’s only craving what you put in it, right? If somebody, if somebody goes to work out at your, at your gym again, what, what, what’s your facility? What’s your personal training facility?

What’s the website? Magnus fitness to also.com. So if somebody goes to magnus fitness, Tulsa Dot com today, right? And they schedule a workout with you, they, they, they, they sign up for your program. How much does, how much does it cost for the first 30 days? The first two weeks of free. The first two weeks are free. Okay. So you get in there. The first two weeks are free. And what kind of results can people usually see in the first two weeks? If they come to the workouts and they implement the recommended diet plan, it’ll give them,

like you said, if you show up, you wear clothing, okay? You have a functional mind and you’re there on time. You follow meal plan, you’re going to lose approximately 15 pounds in the first 30 days. That’s guaranteed. Or you can have your money right back.

So you’re going to lose 15 pounds in 30 days or your money back? Yeah. And your website again is magnus fitness, Tulsa.com. So what I’m gonna do right now is I’m going to go and queue up a few testimonials from your website. Nice. And I’m going to play them to. The listeners can get a chance to hear real people out there just like you that maybe I have just like Utah. So if you’re out there trying to get in shape and you’ve been struggling for years to do it, these are people just like you, but they decided to take the first step and to schedule the first two weeks for free. Oh, they saw results. They probably last six to seven pounds in the first two weeks and then they stuck with the program and that’s why they’ve been able to achieve these massive results.

All Right Connie, five weeks in. How many pounds have you done? All right. What are you like most about what you’re experiencing? I like getting the emails and then you call me once a week to see I’m doing on my nutrition. And then also you asked me when I come in and everything too. I love the hard workouts. The endorphins that happened afterwards makes you feel good through the whole day. Um, it’s just a really great program. The food is, you know, we’ve worked with my nutrition, you know, we tried one day and it didn’t go so well, so I tried a different ones. So it’s not like a one size fits all. You work with us to find out what’s gonna work best and you know, help keep us on track and motivated.

No Sky that the person, her name is Connie, am I correct? Is that right? Connie? Connie. Connie came into to work out at your facility. Where’s your facility located by the way? One hundred and first and Sheridan hardened first and Sheridan. So she decided to come or workout at Magnus of fitness again, the first two weeks are how much free. Okay. You come in for, for, for the first two weeks are free. Zero. And then for the. And then after the first two weeks people can decide whether they want to become a member or not. And you have this thing called a scholarship, which is pretty cool. Um, can you kind of explain how that works? Personal training

is, is expensive. If you’ve researched your shop around as expensive. We are 30 percent cheaper than our competitors. And in way more humble

tonight is there’s 30 percent less money and more humble. I’ve also heard, you know, if somebody is in a tight spot, financially sky will work with you. We don’t, you don’t own anything. You don’t have to pay him back. He calls it a scholarship. And the way that it works is basically all I want you to do is to be a walking billboard. So you know, when you’re getting in great shape, people ask you where you’re working out, just telling me, workout over magnus fitness or you don’t have to pay him back. They could, they, they don’t do it for everybody. They have a certain number of scholarships available per month. But if you’re in a spot where you just need to get in great shape and you’re willing to actually show up, as long as you’re not wasting their time, they’re willing to work with you there. There’s, there’s really nobody out there that cannot afford personal training. Anybody out there? If you want to get in great shape and you live in green country, sky can help you do that. Now we’re going to make a suggestion. Can we call it a scholarship? That’s impressive. There we go. Now I’m going to queue up another testimonial from a uh, Kayla, but guy by the name of Caleb, can you explain who caleb is and kind of Caleb’s background there a little bit. Sky.

Absolutely. Caleb was one of the guys that walked into a gym gyms. Yeah. Never really felt like he could reach his fullest potential and reaching his strength and body fat percentages. This is a very good testimony.

Okay. So now have done any further ado back to our interview with Kayla. Kayla, we’ve been training together for a month and some weeks now, man.

Oh yeah. You know, I used to train that local gyms and stuff and um, my strength wasn’t getting to our, wanted it to be and relative to my body size I thought I had to gain 20 pounds to be able to best to 25 to 55. But being magnus fitness now for almost two months, my strength has gone through the roof. I’ve actually shaved off. Wait, I didn’t even know that I had. And I’m seeing definition, seeing strength, my squats up my dead lift. I’m seeing the strength gains like I didn’t think I really do.

What do you, what are your pull ups? What do you when you pull it underneath your waist?

I can pull ups now. Wide Grip ups with 115 pounds underneath me. Four to five reps, which I couldn’t even imagine. A 10 body weight pull ups then and now I can almost probably 10 by the end of next month with 100 pounds.

As the founder and owner of a valiant branding and lead creative partner for a local church and traveling ministry cave time, how do you feel like your physical level, your physical fitness, so you’re doing strength training three days a week. Is it wearing you down or do you have energy?

No, I mean it gives me energy at confidence, you know, when I’m in front of people talking with clients, I’m confident in how I feel and so I can be assertive. I can look people in the eye and feel good about myself and I feel like they listened to me because I can take care of myself and it gives me a lot of confidence and authority in what I’m selling.

So Caleb’s a busy business leader and so many business leaders, that’s the excuse we have for not working out is we’re too busy or too busy running our fitness tips business too busy are leading our team, but that guy decided to get proactive about his fitness and what do the workouts actually look like with, with Caleb.

Kayla comes in and we focus on reverse pyramids and so what we do is we do a warmup set and then we start with the heaviest weight possible and we dropped the weight until his muscles are fatigued.

Okay, so you have a reverse pyramid is the plan that you do with that guy? Yeah, absolutely. But backwards, let’s still know him. You know, I, I have A. Okay. So Scott, I want to, I want to ask you this though, with Caleb and you’ve made a custom plan for him. Yeah, that’s probably very different from the plan you made with Connie. Yes. Talk to me about how you customize each and every workout plan.

Yeah. So based on body type,

based on body type. Yes.

Goal. Absolutely.

So how long does it take for me? Do you sit down with the person who’s like an hour planning session or what does that look like? If someone picks up the funny people are just scared to pick up the phone or set an appointment. What does that first interaction with Magnus fitness look like?

So, you know, you’re uh, you’re told it’s free cars two weeks. No contract, come on in. Let’s get you going. I want to hear your goal as you come in and we shake hands. We sit down, you tell them this, tell me your greatest desire, your vision for your life. Uh, and then, uh, tell me what that limitations you may have. And we do a full body composition test, which is completely free of charge. Um, the machine tells you your stats. I do not. Okay. And then, um, what we, we go over then as well is a realistic timeframe. We do the two weeks. There’s literally no signatures. One of the two weeks you could walk away but you don’t because you love it. Didn’t change. Oh yeah. Things are happening in your body that you’ve never seen before. And then we discuss a package that is affordable for you, that can make a, make sure you can afford the food, make sure their timeframes realistic and we get you rocking and rolling.

No, let’s go back to another testimonial. Somebody by the name of Beth. Uh, I tell us Beth story, kind of her background.

Beth was a new year’s resolution kind of Gal. Her and her husband came in, her and Oz came in and uh, they had a, tried everything previously to a magnus fitness, south Tulsa programs, fitness online programs, a local fitness programs, but never anything results driven. So for, for them, they needed 100 percent commitment and they were 100 percent, 100, 10 percent. And uh, within five weeks they were down 12 pounds and you get further in your, down 27. And then they finally hit a number they’ve never hit before. They hit a total of 30 pounds in their program.

And now without any further ado, back to our exclusive testimonial interview with Miss Beth.

How many weeks then? Okay, how many pounds have you done? Twenty five pounds. Nutrition going well all the first three months. And I didn’t feel the pride and the training. It’s tough going from not being at the ball to you hardcore working out, but it’s worth. It changes

nation. The entire reason that we put together the thrive time show program is we want to help you have success in the f six life. We want you to have success with your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your friendship, and your fun and so to, to make that possible. We bring on experts on the show from time to time who really know their thing. We just booked a Michael Levine, the PR expert of choice for, for Nike, for Pizza Hut, for Michael Jackson, for prints for numerous, the bushes and the Clintons at the same time. Right? And so we, we have him booked and he’s going to be talking about public relations and branding. And on today’s show we have sky with his company, Magnus fitness, teaching us about fitness and the importance of, of how to get in shape and how you can do it on a very practical level. And if you live right here in Tulsa, you can actually go out there and schedule your first two weeks for free and he’ll, he’ll help you. Uh, can you explain what it was like working with Beth and why she’s been such a good client?

Yeah, she admitted it was tough. You heard that in the interview. And so she checked that baggage at the front door. I’m sure you guys deal with a lot of clients, you know, coaches. I’m, I’m one as well that just aren’t willing to change. And uh, I think she was transparent, humble, and she did. She, she’s coachable for sure the best. And she wins.

Now, tell us about this. Uh, this gentleman by the name of Blake, our next, our next in our final, our testimonial story. Blake’s making big changes in his body in his life. Tell us about Blake story

35 pounds in three months. It was radical. So he comes to me and he says, okay, I’ve got MLB tryouts next year for the Astros’ Major League Baseball tryouts. He was d league. And so he tells me he had been training for six days a week. Okay. That’s impressive. But no results. Okay. Hmm. Okay. It makes me question some things. Told him to go get his testosterone checked. It was extremely low. Okay. Okay. Hence the balding and acting. So He, uh, he tells me he’s going to be training three to six days a week. His mom who also signs up because we do do buy one get one frees. I don’t mean to upsell, but I have to now it’s fine. So

this is the thrive time show is all about capitalism. So you can sell.

Well, it’s upserve. That’s what we’re doing. Yeah. I’m going to upserve. So here is a, we do buy one get one free, so that makes it more comfortable. That’s also why Beth one as well was because she had her husband there. Got It. And he benefited from the program. Blake comes in, his mom comes in who’s a, uh, getting a, her uh, Phd and uh, I think, believe it’s a Dietitian. Okay. And so, um, she was a, the, both of them look collegian athletes. Got It. And so they’re talking to someone with a sport science background and they tell me they’re trying all of these things and not getting results. I look at Blake and I said, you’re only throwing your training three days a week and you’re walking the other days that you’re off. And I don’t see that’s your homework because we do give our clients homework.

We’re in it to win it for the longterm. Got. He has homework. Just walk for me three days a week. He trains the first 12 weeks he drops, I believe it was 17 pounds. Wow. Wow. So there’s a lot of things you have to take into consideration behind the surface testosterone levels. You can’t just walk into a facility interest, trust any trainer with your life because they could destroy it. And so, uh, Blake was one of my largest success stories in a short amount of time. He’s ready for tryouts. His testosterone levels. We got some supplementation. You can talk about that later, but he is getting supplemented testosterone shots and uh, he’s just doing great. His marriages is succeeding. Like you said, this is the f six f fitness. That’s where I specialize in. He’s winning and all those other F’s.

And now without any further ado, back to our interview testimonial with Mr Blake.

All right. What was you needed when you came in here wanting to lose weight, get ready for tryouts and get my body fat percentage down. Okay. How much have you lost in this coming up? Five months now? About 35 pounds. Are you impressed? I haven’t lost much muscle. I thought I would, but I didn’t lose very much size at all. How was the meal for you? The meal, the meal plan that you did and you followed super easy. Okay. But I’m a meat and cheese guy, so quito is like perfect for that, so it was super easy to follow. Is Not anything difficult in trying to figure out what he can and can’t eat. Can I 35 pounds going on five months.

There it is. There it is. Yet another testimonial stories. If you’re listening today and you are in green country and you’re physically able to visit your location, I, I cannot think of one reason. If you’ve been struggling to get in shape, I can’t think of one reason why you would not check out magnus fitness. Let’s repeat. The first two weeks are free. If somebody can’t afford it, you’ll work with them to make a budget that sticks within anyone’s budget. You have scholarships available. The first two weeks are free. You just heard three stories from real people out there just like you who’ve gotten in great shape and the coaching works. What’s the website? One more time. There’s Guy Magnus

fitness.com, magnus

fitness, Tulsa.com. Read the reviews, watched the video reviews. See people out there just like you, but don’t make an excuse. Take the challenge today. Take the first step. Now Sky, want to ask you this because you’re also a business coaching client. A Guy I’ve worked with now for about two months. You and I have worked together and uh, you are married to a lady by the name of Alita who, who’s originally from Kosovo and I met her because I was managing the oral Roberts University call center and she was the hardest working person on the call center team. We had about 20 students in the call center and she was our hardest working student, but she had some challenges because she has an accent and so people thought that she was calling from a call center that wasn’t an American. So we had to modify the script to say hello.

My name is Alina. I’m actually a freshman from oral Roberts University and I’m from Kosovo and I wanted to call you about boom, boom. And we just added in that, uh, that, that little phrase that my name is Alina. I’m a freshman from Oral Roberts University and I’m from Kosovo. And once the alumni heard that she was from Kosovo, they responded very well to her and she was our top performing call center representative, uh, found out that due to a lack of financial aid, she was going to have to go home, back to Kosovo. And so without asking my wife, which is not a tip, I actually told Jessie pizers I said, hey, Jessie d alumni director. Um, as I said, Jesse, what’s the plant? And he says, oh, well we can’t find her housing. So she has to go home to Kosovo. And I’m like, how is it possible that a university with 4,000 students and dorms and multiple facilities, how is it possible that we can’t take care of a student’s financial aid as it relates to housing?

And he’s like, it just kind of slipped through the cracks and we can’t do anything. So she’s got to go home and so I called my friends, emailed my friends, text my friends a, went on facebook, send people messages, went on Linkedin, and after about 24 hours of intensive honeybadger I discovered that if there was going to be a solution, it was going to be me. And so without asking my wife, I said, hey, you can, you can live with us. And uh, uh, pizers like, did you just tell an 18 year old girl that she could move in with you and your wife? Uh, can we talk? I’m like, that’s crazy weird. But uh, you’re the only hope here, man. He’s probably talked to your wife first. So remember telling Vanessa, Hey Vanessa, I think we should have a young lady move in with us.

And she’s like, in her whole future that’s. And it was a, is kind of weird because I had sort of a, not giving my wife but he choices. I wonder. And this was like out in the car, you talk about like a bad life choices. That would be one of my biggest bad life choices of all time. But then she was a, a great addition to our family. She ultimately ended up moving in with my mom and dad, um, after she lived with us for about six months. You guys got married? How long ago? How long ago have you, did you let Ali to get married? Three years ago. Okay. And so what made you decide to reach out to us for business coaching?

There’s nobody who knows Tulsa’s market better than you guys.

So you’ve kind of heard about us before. Of course. Who did you. Who did you hear about us? Who first told you about our business coaching program? That 18 year old girl who lived with you. Okay. And so, uh, and it was funny. Is that the day you came in for your 13 point assessment? Yeah. I won’t mention the guy’s name, but like your number one competitor I guess had scheduled a consultation at the exact same day and they were back to back. And what’s crazy is Tulsa small. And so I was told, hey, you’re going to be meeting with a guy today. He has some of connections. He’s a friend of. He knows Roy and he knows Ryan and Rachael wimpy with tip top canine. He knows him and he’s a personal trainer and you’re interested and so I go here and so I meet with you and I’m assuming that that’s the meeting, so I meet with you and as soon as our meeting ends because our, our meetings are one hour I hop into our next meeting and my next meeting is with another guy who looks like he’s in great shape.

He’s dressed like a personal trainer and I’m like, Oh, do we have to personal trainers today? I thought maybe he was on your team or I wasn’t sure the whole scenario. And then he says, Hey, my name is such and such. I’m with this company and I’m like, what in the world? So we’re meeting with your direct competitor after we had just decided to to move forward with you. And the real value of our coaching program is we teach you the proven systems, but we also, if you as the owner don’t want us to work with your competition, we won’t. And you’ve kind of first writer refusal. So anyway, long story short, that was kind of a weird start. Uh, I mean we already had a weird start with your wife had been my former roommate, didn’t even a weirder start. So now we get into now the coaching two months in. How has your business changed? What kind of growth are you seeing two months into the business coaching program,

guys? Prior to this I was probably getting, um, you know, if it wasn’t for me out meeting where I trained a lot of business owners. Yeah. So, you know, going to, you know, going to cigar shops and meeting people where they go to hang out. Um, it was uh, it was a grind and I was only getting probably a one a week. Now we’re to be one lead a week. Sure. Now we’re getting, I’m about 10, 10 calls a week.

Really? Yes. And here’s the thing about your business, which is cool and this is what I want all the listeners to understand. You actually have a product that solves a problem for people. Sure. So you’re not, you’re not a scammer. It’s a real solution that really does help people. And Chuck, why is that such a valuable thing? Because we have so many people that will come in and they’re. I, I. This is how I refer to it internally is it’s like trying to put a perm on a frog. Oh yeah, I was at work. One trial. One. Nobody likes perms. No, to putting a perm on a frog doesn’t make sense. Three a. If you did put a paramount of frog, how could you sell it? No one would want it. It’s just a weird thing. So people, you even sell it, but you’ll see people coming in pet.

You’ll see people that come in though and they will. They say, Hey, I would like for you to help me market this and what they want to mark. It shouldn’t even be a product, right? It’s like a dumb idea is a bad idea. There’s that. And then there’s the other concept of the most selfish thing you can do as a business owner is overdeliver for your client. And if you have a terrible product or terrible service, it’s like impossible to overdeliver. So you got to have something that actually solves the problem. And then you got to do it better than your competition and then you get the magic. Oh, it’s the referrals. Oh, the best clients you can get are going to come in through referral. And so that’s the whole point is you got to have an awesome product so then you can over deliver and then you’ll start getting those referrals and it scales from there.

I don’t want to Brag on sky with this because um, many clients will come in. I bet you if I have 100 clients that I work with, okay, right now work with 15 brands. Okay. But let’s say I have 100 clients that come in, 100 business owners to a conference of those business owners. I would argue that only 15 percent are willing to do the work. Yeah. They’re, they’re willing to pay. Then I would say 80 percent are willing to pay a fee and just say, Hey, I’ll pay you and I, you’ve seen me do it every week. At least once a week. I have to tell somebody you’re not a good fit for the program. Oh yeah. So from your perspective, what kind of person is not a good fit and what kind of person is a good fit for our program and I want to get Steve’s take on that as well.

What kind of person is a good fit for our business coaching program? Like what? What makes sky a good fit, and then what would be the kind of person that’s not a good fit for our program? So two traits of somebody that’s going to be successful. As you’re coachable and diligent, that’s literally all you need to do. We’re going to give you the proven path you learn from mentors instead of mistakes and as long as you can make sure that you implement that stuff so you’re coachable, you learn, then you implement because you’re diligent, you’re going to be successful. Now the type of people that are not going to be successful are the people who want to put up walls. Hey, I’ve done it this way. I’ve done it this way. Well then, hey, why are you out looking for coaching? Because you’re addicted to this dysfunction right now and you’re going to have to change.

Just like with your diet, just like with working out, you’ve got to learn and take on these new habits that you’ve got to be coachable. I need to go off on a slight tangent here. Here we go. If you’re going to sign up for the program. I just had this happen three months ago. Yeah. The Guy, he signed up for the program. We have a meeting every week. Scott, what time is our meeting? Every week? Nine am on Tuesdays. On Tuesdays we meet. Um, we had a guy. He comes in the first meeting, I don’t remember what day it was, but one of our coaches was working with this guy. He shows up to the first meeting about 20 minutes late the second week. He doesn’t show up to the meeting. The third week he says, can I just call you? The fourth week I called them, hey, here’s the deal.

Your coach tells me, you’re like, uh, you know, been there once, been there late the second time, not there the third time. Here’s the, I don’t want to beat you up, but I want to give you your money back. And the guy was like, no, I’m not one wanting your refund. I’m just not getting the results, which is why I sent in this long form email, this, the, the actual, the actual words were this. He said, I’m not wanting a refund. I just wanted you to know that I’m not happy with the results. And I said, I can, I, can I, can I be real with you? Can I please go into a real conversation we have? And he goes, yeah. I said, okay, I don’t like you and you wouldn’t like me should we meet so I’m going to give you all your money back because you’re going to need that to go do something else, but don’t come here again.

Don’t listen to my podcast. Don’t email me. Quit it. You don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. You’re a 45 year old man. This is what the guy says on the phone to me. True Story. He says, you’re not like I, you know, you’re, you’re a lot different than you have sound on the radio. And I said, Bro, I am as real as can be on the radio and I’m telling you right now you would not like me and I don’t like you. And he goes, well listen, I have some family emergencies going on. I’m like, that’s what I’m talking about, Bro. Everybody does. And this is what I said to the guy, said, well, my dad was dying from als. My ass showed up every day and did payroll every week when my daughter, when my daughter gets sick, I show up when my wife had a miscarriage, I show up.

You are a weak ass. You don’t have what it takes. Get off the field, man. Get off the field, quit bringing this ridiculous hoping. Go get a job. It’s pathetic. And then he says, well, I’ve been praying no. And God’s like, shut up with that. Do Insert your conversations with God. Furthermore, I don’t even think that saint. And he started to bring it up. He says he’s literally bringing up. He says, I believe I’m under attack right now. My partner, he’s out of town a lot. He’s going through these things. I feel like we’re under attack and I said, dude, the devil is not attacking you to, to quote the great td Jakes, the devil does not attack people that are lazy. They’re attacking themselves. He just sits back and grins. You don’t need. You don’t need a satanic attack to prevent you. You’ve got or you just.

You can’t run a company. And he goes back to, I thought you cared about people I do, which is why I don’t give you this ridiculous Tony Robbins. You can be successful. No, you will not be successful, but I just bought the book. I’m a bad ass. Bad Ass. You are. Well, I guess bad ass and your ass is bad. You don’t have what it takes. Right? And if you don’t have what it takes, you gotta get off the field, man. You can’t run onto an NFL field. They don’t have fan appreciation night when they say the first 10 fans to come to the game, get to play linebacker because you’re going to get knocked out, bro. Dead if you don’t have what it takes. Get off the field. And I would argue that 90 percent of the people listening right now, you listening right now, you either have what it takes or you don’t, but it’s up to you.

And 90 percent of people will say they want to be successful. Ninety percent will say it, but they won’t do the work needed. That’s right. Quit showing up and trying to start a company. If you’re not going to commit to putting into work. It’s nothing is more frustrating than seeing somebody come to a conference buying all the books. I and I told the Lady, the conference we had a conference about was it four months ago? Elated the conference. She says, oh, I really want to move forward with your program. And I just said, I just want you to know I care enough about you to tell you that you do not have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. She came back on Saturday crying, gave me a hug and she said, you are so right. Yeah. People need to go get a job. I don’t have what it takes.

I just want a job like. Exactly. That’s okay. That’s okay, man. It’s better than going out of business in three years, laid down the road and three months, three months, and at the T. to further answer your question about what people would not be successful in, there is that right there. It’s the people that come in and expect us to build their business for them. Why would I not just go to my whole point? And so you’ve got to do the work. So the thing to remember is to plan your work and then work your plan. That’s all you have to do and you’ll be successful, but if you’re going to expect somebody else, well, I thought you guys were gonna. Do that. We’re going to help you do that. We’re going to show you how to do it. We’re going to build all the backend tools that you need, website, print pieces, all that stuff, but you have to do it and you can’t send your teammates to your meeting on your behalf who can’t make decisions and who can’t.

You have to show up. It would you. Sending your teammates to your meeting on your behalf is a lot like me sending my wife to magnus fitness on my behalf to work out for me. Magnets. I’m not seeing the results. I mean, it’s unbelievable. You still have kind of gut health. I mean sky, you see people, I’m sure that will sign up for the fitness program and then not show up. They’re fired. Right? And how often do people actually want a refund and express great discontent when they don’t show up? How often does that happen where someone doesn’t show up and then they actually start to get angry when you try to hold them accountable? We actually discussed that in our expectations on onboarding. We talked. So you deal with it ahead of time as art. We have contracts in place on that stuff. People you know, like you just said, I love you enough to tell you the truth. You got it. I’m just telling you, this is a steep. You’ve worked with us for a long time and the business coaching program, Steve Currington with total lending concepts. For those of you just tuning in to the happy show now, Steve Currington, talk to me about who, who would be a good fit for our coaching program? Like why do you like the coaching program? Why is it helpful for you and who is it not a good fit for?

Well, I think I’ll pile onto what, what chip said. That you have to be coachable. You’ve got to be somebody that wants to get better. You want to, uh, Improve Your Business and you’ve got to be humble. You know, that was one of the things I wish I would’ve done earlier in our relationship is to just realize that all businesses are the same. I’m sitting in front of a guy in a team who have built multiple, multimillion dollar businesses. So if you can just shut up and listen and then implement the things that they’re telling you to do because you’re here for a reason. You’re here because your business is doing so freaking well that, uh, you don’t know where to stack your money. And like the whole point of coaching is like you helping me find storage facilities to put my cash. You know what I mean?

We can help you with that. Let me give an example of what Steve’s talking about that. Okay. It’s interesting. You have somebody will come in who, let’s say they sell insurance, they sell garage doors. I’m giving you a lot of that were just so many industries. Let’s say you sell your home remodeling. This is probably my hot and fresh when I can think of here from the past year. Home remodeler. He’s based in Colorado, this guy and he comes in and says, Hey, I love this program. I want to move forward. We’ll step one because every client we work with, we do a 13 point assessment and then I personally write the business plan. Chip, you’ve seen this. I write the plan. Step number one on the plan, right? That the coach, the coach is like the implementer. They help you implement the path. They said, step one, you need to record your calls.

You need to install clarity voice, or eight by eight, you need to record your calls. So that way you can improve your calls, you install call recording, and we need to implement a script. So a meeting, two comes along, it’s not installed. Meeting three still hasn’t installed. Call recording, meeting for no call recording, meaning five. He finally gets the call recording setup. This is five weeks in. He hears the calls for the first time and the problem is this man decided to hire his wife to be the call person. Okay. So we listened to the calls and on the phone, this is how the calls go. Boop, boop, boop, boop. Thank you for calling such and such remodeling. How can help you, the customer? Say, uh, how much do you guys charge for a kitchen remodel? And she says, it’s on our website. And they say, okay, thank you.

Bye. Back every call. I’m not exaggerating. Less than one for 20 conversions. People had to like convince her to do business. I would have piles of money here. Lady. She was answering the phone at grocery stores with kids in the background, like in the car. It sounded crazy. And I explained him. I said, brother, um, and I didn’t even have to really talk to him. I just played the calls and I said, hey, where’s the power? I said, what? What are you thinking here? He goes, this is a bad. And I said, okay, so what were we going to do? He goes, well, we’re going to talk to my wife, tucks his wife. She says, well, if he thinks he can do it better than he can do it himself. So our team actually began calling the leads for the guy as we often do.

And Steve, you’ve seen that where we actually call your leads for you? Yeah. And guess what? We’re booking deals him by just sending them to the website or. And then we gave him back the proven script and the recorded calls. Now today he’s got a team making calls. The system works. His wife is a retired and I actually, I’m not kidding, I actually got a call from this family telling me thank you. And she actually said, I’m so sorry for getting mad at you. It hurt me. My feelings personally when I felt like I was being attacked. And it goes back to, I said, listen, if you’re both owners, you both need to be in the meetings because like, I’m not attacking her, I’m just pointing out that going one for 20 on inbound lead conversion is a poor number. I’m not attacking people. Now, Steve, what kind of people would not be a good fit for the program? Uh, s again, as chip said, someone who wants that, who thinks that has this idea that your business is going to build itself? Someone who can’t be consistent. Someone who says, I don’t know if I can keep them neatly weekly meeting because you know, sometimes

I have clients that call and I have. This is contractors by the way, like I just don’t know. I don’t know. I need like a four hour window whenever I can meet. So if you can’t be consistent enough to just keep a meeting every week, right, you’re not a good fit. So if you, if the whole, if the whole discussion is like, what time of the week you can spend working on your business, then you’re probably not a good fit.

So again, if you’re out there and you’re a diligent doer and you wanna get in great shape, checkout magnus fitness, check them out, they’ll help you get in great shape, they’ll knock that out. We’re not a personal training business, it’s a great business. We thrived. Don’t do personal training. So I want to get people on here on the show who are fitness experts from time to time. Check out what’s the website one more time, Scott Magnus fitness, Tulsa.com. And if you want to get business, a growth business coaching to grow your business, you can go to thrive time show.com and schedule that assessment. We only work with 160 clients at any given time. And so, um, there’s a strong possibility that we might be booked out for your category or we might have one opening or two, but just fill out the form, go to thrive time show.com today. And uh, we would love to, to sit down and meet you and do a 13 point assessment.

It’s definitely USD certified organic business coaching. Her body’s better business.

The water’s organic is Scott, I’ll give you the final word on this business coaching. How, how has it helped you? Just overall, I mean, I know you have 10 times more leads, but how is it helping you? What other benefits have you had personally from business coaching?

Uh, it’s, it’s changed my entire, uh, you know, I, I have a ged. Okay. Okay. And then I was a college dropout. Okay. So, um, my entire life, I’ve never had a crew that I could feel like a appreciated my rebel vileness okay, okay. And actually benefit and profit from that because I really want to help people. I just didn’t like the things I was given as a kid to do that stuff or a teenager or young adult. So for me, um, my confidence is soaring. Awesome. You know, it’s really from a personal development standpoint, I feel like a, I know who I am. This is my moment in life where I am. I am going to change. I’m going to make a dent in the universe.

I know with your business, and I won’t share with the listeners our secret sauce, but sky and I have developed a business plan for his company and it’s called two to 10 and one, and if sky, we’ll just continue doing the two to 10 and one action steps every week. I am not exaggerating. Thrive nation will have them on next year this time, and you’ll watch a guy who’s doubled the business. Again, it’s crazy. It’s unbelievable how it works if you’ll implement the proven systems. My name is Clay Clark. I’m a business coach that Steve Currington, he’s a mortgage guy that’s sky magnus with magnus fitness. He’s a personal trainer. Check him out online and that’s Eric [inaudible] three now in business and now further ed knew we like to end the show with a boom. So here we go.


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