What Is It Like to Be Your Own Boss? | We Welcome Kat and Adam Stockdall Into the $10,000 Per Week Club

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Starting a new small business can have its ups, it’s downs, its smells, and its stresses. Kat and Adam Stockdall call in from Southlake, Texas to share their successes, obstacles, and triumphs of their first 3 months in business as owners of a Tip Top K9 business.

  1. Kat and Adam well onto The Thrivetime Show, Adam are you?
  2. Kat, how are you my friend?
  3. Alright, well you two love birds are the owners of a Tip Top K9 business based in Southlake, Texas and I really wanted to take the time today to dive into the inner workings of starting, operating and growing your Tip Top K9 location. So Adam I’ll start by asking you a few questions so that listeners can get a little look into your background and how you decide that buying a Tip Top K9 business was right for you?
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is living fully and just existing.” – Michael Gerber (The best-selling author of The E-Myth book series)
  5. So Adam, previous to owning a Tip Top K9 business, what profession were you in?
    1. I got into the mortgage business in college but I knew I did not want to do this forever. I always wanted to own my own business though, every since I read the Rich Dad Poor Dad book
  6. When did it first occur to you that you know no longer wanted to stay in the mortgage industry and that you wanted to own your own business of some kind?
  7. Adam share with the listeners how you first heard about the Tip Top K9 business opportunity?
  8. Kat, you started out working with my companies as a graphic designer and later went on to start your graphic design firm, how did you know owning a Tip Top K9 business was going to be a good fit for you?
  9. Kat, after you and Adam decided that you wanted to purchase a Tip Top K9 business location, you first had to learn how to train dogs. What was the most challenging aspect of learning how to train these animals?
  10. Adam, after you both had invested 5 full weeks learning the skill of dog training you still had to go out there and learn how to effectively sell, from your perspective was it harder to learn sales or dog training?
  11. Adam, overall, how long have you been in business to date?
  12. Obviously you are still in the early startup phase where you don’t really have much in the way of word of mouth referrals coming in yet because you simply haven’t trained enough dogs yet, but how much profit were you able to generate last month?
  13. To effectively make the Tip Top K9 business model work, the owner of the business must supply effort by diligently executing the Dream 100 system, gathering objective reviews from real customers and funding the online marketing. I’d like to deep dive into the biggest challenges of these weekly action items that you must do.
  14. What was the hardest art of learning to train the dogs
    1. The hardest part was being in mortgages previously and not being active at work at all.  
  15. Adam, what is the hardest part involved in executing the Dream 100 system?
  16. Adam, what is the biggest challenged with gathering objective Google reviews from real customers?
  17. Adam, In terms of funding the online advertisements, you consistently are marketing via Facebook, retargeting ads, Google Adwords, Youtube and search engine optimization, how powerful are those reviews as it relates to creating trust with customers who see the online ads?
    1. FUN FACT – People must see your ads 4.7 x to convert (See Harrys.com) – See the Retargeting Playbook –
      1. https://www.amazon.com/Retargeting-Playbook-Web-Window-Shoppers-Customers/dp/1118832647/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1512552316&sr=8-1&keywords=Retargeting+Playbook
  18. Kat, the no-brainer Tip Top K9 uses to WOW first time customers is the $1 first lesson. However, Adam wows them, you are pretty much the woman behind the scenes training the dogs. What is the most difficult aspect of training the dogs?
  19. Kat, every startup has it ups and downs as the business grows. At the Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge store #1, we had a contractor cut his foot off, we’ve had the city accidentally shut off our water, and we’ve even had the roof collapse during a snowstorm. Can you share with the listeners about your hell week in Dallas when the sewer went, out…
  20. Adam, how important has the ongoing weekly business coaching been to you and keeping your on track, accountable and with the right mindset?
  21. Adam, now that you have made it through hell week and the initial startup phase you are starting to get word of mouth referrals from your happy clients, and you are gathering video reviews from happy clients. What is the most rewarding aspect of owning your own Tip Top K9 business?
  22. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “With no clear picture of how you wish your life to be, how on earth are you going to live it? What is your Primary Aim? Where is the script to make your dreams come true? What is the first step to take and how do you measure your progress? How far have you gone and how close are you to getting to your goals?” – Michael Gerber (The best-selling author of The E-Myth book series)
  23. Adam, what is your vision for the next 2 years as it relates to building up your Tip Top K9 dog training empire?
  24. Kat, from your perspective, what kind of person is ideal to own their own Tip Top K9 location and who is not a good fit?
    1. You need to like dogs first of all
    2. You must be diligent
    3. You must be coachable
    4. You need to be able to sell and do the dog training well
    5. You have to have a large amount of grit. Because you can never quit
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Do you have questions? America’s number one business coach has answers. It’s your brought up from Minnesota. Here’s another edition of ask clay, anything on the thrive time business coach radio show,

cat and Adam. Welcome onto the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. You guys are the proud owners of tip top canine there in south lake, Texas and it’s my understanding that this just nz, they just hit maybe a weekly sales record. Did you hit a sales record today or some kind of high watermark or where the sales good this week?

Uh, yeah. I definitely hit one of my, one of my milestones I’ve been shooting for, which is the hit $10,000 in sales in one week.

Celebrate able to accomplish this by Tuesday.

Now Z. I don’t know if this is business advice that you’d recommend, but I’d probably just get nude run by the river today. Adam. Here’s what I did. I went straight to Las Vegas. It all on red. Come on now. That’s impressive. That’s impressive. Now those other things we gave you, those are weren’t actual tips. Those were just false tips. So cat, I want to ask you about this youtube love birds are the owners of tip top canine. They’re based in south lake. You worked together, husband and wife team and you’re growing your operation. You started the company together, you’re running it on a day to day basis. Um, I think a lot of listeners out there would want to know, um, what’s your, what’s your background and why did you guys decide to buy a tip top canine business?

Well, so I came out of graphic design. I actually worked for you and then I, I started my own little graphic design company for awhile. Um, and uh, we, we knew Ryan, we knew Rachel because I actually did the graphic design for them when, when they came and started working with you. And I knew they were great people. I knew they were really good at training dogs because they actually trained our dog. And um, I just, I wasn’t, I wasn’t feeling the type of work I was doing, but the people in the business coach office were great but sitting at a desk and having meetings all week and it wasn’t really my speed. I’m a bit more introverted, so, uh, a lot of times I was stressed out by all the meetings I was, even if I knew it was gonna be a good meeting, it just, it just wasn’t my thing. So it was really starting to recognize that when, when a tip top canine started franchising and I’m, I knew Adam was looking for a bit of a segue to. So it was, it was just really good timing.

No, you know, Michael Gerber, the bestselling author of the book called The e Myth Book e myth revisited series. He said the difference between great people, yes. And everybody else has that great people create their lives actively while everyone else is created by their lives waiting to see where life takes them. The difference between the two is living fully and just existing. So I want to ask you Adam this question then I want to ask you the same question Adam. I mean previous to owning a tip top canine, you were a, I’m a mortgage guy. How did you know it was time to make the shift and owning your own business and into training dogs is actually the world’s best mortgage lender.

Oh Wow. Wow. Wow.

So I got into the mortgage business while I’m still in college. Um, and I knew it just wasn’t something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I had always wanted to own a business since I was very young after actually reading the rich dad poor dad series. Um, and this may surprise you, but I graduated four years of business coach school without actually knowing how to start or run a business.

Hey, real quick, Adam. And where did you go to school? Where’d you go to school?

Um, the esteemed oral Roberts University.

Yeah. Real quick. I have an audio that we were able to take notes. This is the thing we cannot verify the z. This is simply hearsay. Hoo Ha. Technology tells us is we cannot prove it, but this is a summary of your best guess. Your best, best guests was when we heard they taught at your last semester of business college, summarized all in like a ten second little sound clip. This is amazing. See how we’re able to do this truly is amazing. He’s wonderful. The blender. That is the mental blender we’re entering into. Here we go.

I am your oral Roberts. More like.

No, but I mean seriously a certain point. You’re just going. Why? Because you’re just trying to pass a test. You’re just trying to get a, b, and C. I want to get your take on this because you went to school to become an optometrist. You also had

an degree. You did not want to be an optometrist. No, you didn’t do. You are an entrepreneur, right? You were trapped. This was your vehicle to get into the dance. Am I correct? You wanted to move on to other things, correct? Yes. Yes. Okay. You wanted to do other things? Well, I did eventually. I mean, the thing, the thing about it is, is that, um, for me personally, my journey was that I knew there was a lot of things in life that anybody can open up, anybody can do, and I was drawn to helping people. I was drawn to. I’m doing something that was an I had, I care when I was a child. I remember my first pair of glasses I put on and thought, wow, there’s really leaves on trees. Wow. There’s really, wow, that’s fast car approaching. I better get out of the way. I mean, I can remember seeing all these things for the first time going, that’s pretty cool. It’s my thoughts saved my life to me and I thought to myself that’s really fun. But then I also loved business. I had just started working. I was 13 and I was just had kind of this thing in my

heart and my soul. I was like, I’m going to bed, I’m going to be a business man. I have audio. Have you seen yourself for the first time? How old were you when you saw yourself? Tin and it’s again, this is the thing, Adam, I don’t ask z before I Mike, every part of his life. It’s amazing how he could make me before you’re even born, but I. But this is real. This is really brilliant by the way. You a little bit of a speech impediment. I used to Stutter, so this is real audio stuff. It’s just kind of hearsay and who. Whoa. This is real audio of you, your brother getting glasses for the first time and you’re in utero taping this. That’s. It’s an incredible story. Eight spiritual, mystical thing and you put on those those goggles and this is what you said. Awesome. I just loved the way I look. Look at that. I’m looking at that. Okay, look at that. That is. Yeah. I mean usually your confidence just swelled. It hasn’t gone away. I heard you the other day looking in the mirror over here. I was like, yeah,

builder at the Post to you picking the wrong week to quit

drinking. Jordan was going to play. You know, it’s, it’s always a tossup, but that’s actually coming. Original clip there. So if you’re listening right now and you are asleep, you’re going to work, you’re going to church, you’re going home and you’re not passionate about what you’re doing. It’s okay to change professions. It’s okay to mix it up. When did it first occur to you, Kat, that you’re like, okay, we are definitely doing a tip top. What did that moment happen?

Um, I think it was at our morning meeting. We always have the meeting at 6:00 in the morning and you were talking about tip top canine and Adam and I had had discussed it. We were like, you know, that would be really great business. Um, and we had had that conversation multiple times and I knew, like I said before, Ryan and Rachel, really great people, so that wouldn’t be a barrier to entrance or anything. And so we, we, uh, you had, you had said that there was a certain location that was going to be available that I knew Adam would be interested in. And so immediately after our morning meeting I called him and I said, hey, this is available. And he’s like, well, we’re going to do it. And that was it. That was, that was the decision. It was the shortest conversation we’ve ever had.

No. Now that you made that decision, okay, because I’m a drought, they’re listening and you want to make a legitimate mean. You guys did $10,000 a week in sales so far, it’s Tuesday. That means just after paying all expenses, you can legitimately cleared three to $4,000, you know, this week and profit if, if not more to people, how you manage your expenses. If you’re listening out there and you want to be able to make three to $4,000 a week, you can make more a training dogs. That’s, that’s the, that’s the fun idea, z. But now you have to actually learn how to train dogs. So I want to ask you this, Adam, what was the experience like of learning how to train dogs those five weeks and learning how to effectively sale. Was it good? Was it bad? What was the hardest part of learning to train those dogs and learning the sales?

Yeah. So, uh, we kind of took the slow route is a little more than five weeks for us because I was still working a full time job, but the hardest part really was just the lifestyle adjustments or mortgage lending year, typically behind the desk. It’s not a super active job and then all of a sudden going from that to being on your feet hours at a time, running around, working with dogs, the physical aspect of it was uh, was definitely challenging. I know you mentioned sales, so sales wasn’t something that came very naturally to me. I’m, I’m more on the analytical side and that’s one of the reasons I got some mortgages originally was because I knew if I was going to be successful in any type of business I would need to learn how to sell. And since a mortgage lending is like one step above a car and half a step above used car salesmen, I definitely got my, my experience doing that at great expense. My first employer,

you know, most, um, most of the professions that you just listed, you mentioned, you mentioned the carney. What was the next progression you mentioned there is car salesman used car.


Those are 20 levels above a Dj. Those are like, those are Z. I’ve ordered talking. I started out as a DJ. Where does the guy. Who’s the Carney at the fair on the Himalaya ride. Do you want to go faster rate above a wedding? Dj or below one. Here’s the deal. There are a lot of rumors in the world like a lot times you play these games and people say, watch out for the trap door. You know, don’t go over there. There’s a trend of stuff on the crackers. There’s lot. There’s a rumor that all third graders share don’t step on the crack or there’s lava, it’ll get you or you break your mother’s back. Let me tell you what, if you’re transitioning from a carny into the Himalaya guy, you’re on the downward slope to becoming a Dj and when you get fired then you might be a concrete finishes.

The trap. The trap door. Yeah, I mean you, you, you, you get bottom line, you’re going to end up somehow being a scuba diver at the bottom of the dam, looking for carp as a disc jockey. If you transitioned to the Himalaya. I didn’t know that. I mean there’s a hierarchy and we needed. We never do an org chart. So you’re telling me that. Is there anything buffalo, a Dj actually there, there was back in the medieval times, there’d be people that would try to. There was lords and there was vassals and fif. There was the kings, the queens whole hierarchy going on there. Yeah, sure. And to protect people’s properties, they could not enforce. They cannot afford insurance disease. So they built walls, they couldn’t afford the insurance, right? So we’re going to build walls. So they would allow the other people that the, the bandits, they would try to be climbing in over the walls, under the walls, trying to get around the moat, the moat that get up to the top of the business coach wall. And there’s a guy up there at the top of best portrayed by Chris Farley on an snl skit called a sculptor. And when his job was was to let the other person, the attacking enemy think that they would make it over the threshold of the top of the wall to think so you let the enemy,

oh, come on, no, don’t come up this. We’re screaming.

And then he would look down at him. He’s about six feet away from the enemy who’s almost to the top of the wall. Then he would pour molten tar down his throat slowly so we would take longer. And that’s what Chris Farley, if you watch, if you watch as if you watch snl, there’s a skit where Chris Farley’s teaching, his son had an elder come in, the other guys are shooting arrows. You think now son, one thing you want to do, you can’t be careless. So cake is going to be shooting arrows. And then as he was trash talking about how good he is, because he just scolded the guy. He let him get pretty close. He’s like, he almost thought he was gonna make it over the top. Didn’t he get shot? And his son takes or alerts. Just saying. It’s an incredible, incredible. That’s really one step below that.

That’s one step below a dictator. Kim Jong Un is below the sculptor. You take. I think he’s right there. I don’t think he thinks that. No, no, no. You’re not mentally. He’s way above that. I guess mentally in his mind he’s demand. Oh, we’re sure in his mind he runs an entire country, which I guess he does, but somehow he’s still under a sculptor. My mind under is colder. Right? So not a good place to be. Now that we will have to draw this into a diagram here for the listeners out there. Okay. So when you start the company though, now you’re moving down to Dallas. Now, see, this is where I’d want to tap into your wisdom here. Okay. You’re going down to Dallas, you’re spending money. I’m going to estimate 20,000, probably 30, probably 35,000. All in. What? What’s it cost to get going as a 35,000? Is it 20? Was it 50? What was it all in do you think, Adam? To kinda get in the business you’d buy a dog, a vehicle. What was your overall were the costs?

Uh, we, we did it pretty lean and we were able to say some stuff out, but for now we’re definitely north of $25,000.

So you’re north of $25,000 in,

it will be around 35,

around 35 and you moved down to Dallas and now you have no referrals. Check, no leads coming in check. You’re not topping google check no veterinarians care and slash or no, you check. No one cares about you, no one knows you walk. Great plan by the way we turn on the ads and by the way, people have to see an ad, an average of four point seven times, which takes an average of eight weeks for someone to see your ads. We turn on the ads, you’re rising up in Google. Walk me through what’s going through your mind during hell month because you know you had a whole month. I’m going to go with you can walk us through the absolute pinnacle of the bottom of hell. Hell month.

So every single thing you just said was put a check mark next to it and then starting the first week in August. And I’ll add this in there because it makes it a little bit more pathetic. It was Adam’s birthday. This started on his birthday.

That’d be great.

Wow. One hundred 11 degrees, right? Because it’s August in Texas. And uh, I was walking in the front door, 30 notes. How did the unfortunate smell at the front of the house

and then the toilet stops working.

Well, the landlord and they were like, look, someone up tomorrow. So that’s great. Um, so when we needed to use the toilet, we’re like driving to starbucks down the street and we couldn’t shower, which is fantastic. My contribution to the smell. So anyway, the, the plumbers came out and they, they looked at it and it turned out that the house, the whole house had shifted. And the main plumbing line, which was inside the foundation of the house and totally broken,

just completely busted

Jack Hammer, a man size hole in the laundry room. There’s basically a giant open sewer line in our house for a whole week.

I want to recap what I just heard. Shift happens out of a giant size manhole. That’s, that’s what she said. Okay. So, and then I, I, I’m sorry I did this to you Adam, but I had a microphone that I had chuck came up to. You kinda slapped you on the back and said, hey dude, hey dude, we’re excited for you. He tapped you on the back. He inserts a microchip into your body and that body’s microphone. This is what your mind had said at this moment. We have the audio. It’s live, it’s hot, it’s fresh. Here we go. Check. This is the audio of Adam’s head, the owner of tip top south lake at the bottom of Haiti’s.

Are you cancer? Probably saying to yourself, Hey, I’m going to go out and I’m going to get the world by the tail and wrap it around and put it in my pocket. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re probably gonna. Find out as you go out there that you’re not going to do Jack Squat.

And so that sort of, I mean, you’re in a bad spike and take a shower. You’re not getting any leads. So when did you feel like Adam, you were out of the hell zone. When did you feel like you were out of just the complete? Just, Oh, this is terrible.

Well, August. August was not, not the high point of my life. End Of August, uh, everything started clicking along. We were finally getting laid or we turned over a couple of deals and deals. He turned over, gave us a referral that turned into another deal for 100. Started come on the sewer fumes. I still high on. Yeah,

just working nonstop to be out of the house. Pay Off for you with paint or painting. So it seriously? Yeah. What kind of sales did you do? We’ll get a profit. Did you make, you know an August roughly you think?

I still, I would still gain some money for mortgages. So my main goal wasn’t to make a profit because I just wanted to reinvest everything back into.

Come on man.

I think I still accidentally made a little bit of a profit. Um,

so like, like a demigod or a full. All out of possible. How much profit?

Well, after I tried to reinvent everything, I still had about a thousand dollars leftover.

What’d you admitted? You didn’t know how much money would you have met if you didn’t reinvest? I’m just trying to give the listeners out there a context.

If I didn’t reinvent, um, I probably would have made about $40,000 in profit

for the first month. Four grand has incredible Z. can you talk about, did just the absolute hell of starting your own optometry clinic? All the overhead of a brick and mortar location insurance staff. I mean the sign, the sign,

the permit, the permit for the side of the permit for the side. Talk to me about that first month of being an optometrist. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s difficult. I mean, we all go through that first month. I didn’t have any shift happening and I didn’t have a broken sewer line. I’m sorry. I’m sorry to hear about that you guys. But uh, it makes for a pretty funny story. You’ve got to admit. It’s very fun. Other than that, I appreciate you saying that because it just adds to the, the aroma of the, of the podcast but didn’t think about it is that you, you truly have to have a game plan. You have to have your head on straight because that first month, first 90 days, first, even year right, can be very, very difficult and so you have to be committed and I love the fact that you two are committed. You’re on the same page because a lot of times if your spouse isn’t on the same page with you, then it gets it. It makes it very tough if you’re. If you’re in a town as a possible, start your business.

If you end up going to a bar by herself, closing out the bar, singing, closing time will tell. I mean, you’re going to let you just can’t be watching like these morose, dark videos, posting pictures of these vague like dark greg cumulus clouds, you know, just writing. Just, Oh, I just, oh my bus feelings. You can’t eat. You can’t. You’ve got to have both people together. Encouraging. That’s a powerful point. Chuck. Get a hot take. Yeah. I want to take a second just to brag on Adam and cat because as oh well had all the issues that clay talked about at first and we got things going and we started up on the ads and everything and instead of doing what a lot of people want to do, is he your favorite thing and turn off the ads are trying to save money or anything. Guess what? Cat and Adam decided to do chicken, but exactly. Thank you. Click on. No, they doubled. They’ve doubled their weekly ad budget, so they went and they doubled it and things turned around.

I love it when Adam said, listen, I was all about. I had my little income coming in from the job that I had before, so don’t necessarily quit your job. I owe what I’m still working when I’m starting my business. It’s crazy. I have to go backwards, but he said, he said, listen, I didn’t need to have a drawl from tip top canine southlake I needed to. I knew I didn’t want it to grow fast and go hard and I wanted to put money back into the business and that’s the most difficult thing because so many people open a business to go against, got paid that it’s got to pay my car payment. It’s got to pay my house payment. It’s gotTa. You know, Mama wants to go shopping, right?

Speaking of, speaking of the challenges you push through, I want to, I want to get your take on the dream. 100. Uh, Marshall, you’ve taught the dream 100 for a long time. Chet Holmes talked about the dream 100 in his bestselling book, the ultimate sales machine. That’s where you go and visit who? How does it work? What’s the dream? 100. Okay, so the dream 100 is a system of going after and getting your ideal and likely buyers. These are dream clients. And so in the book, the ultimate sales machine by Chet Holmes, he talks about at any given moment, three percent of your ideal and likely buyers are ready to buy in over time. Okay? You reach out to the same hundred people and they go from being strangers to being a little bit curious to actually even buying from you. And so getting referrals, are you getting referrals now from veterinarians

scenarios and then actually gain more from dog groomers. I’ve got a got a, a $3,000 deal today from a dog groomer.

So, so rings a bell. So Adam, I want to, I want to ask a question. Have you here going out to these places for the very first time veterinarians, dog groomers. What’s that like walking in there completely. They don’t know who you are. It’s a little bit scary and intimidating walking in there, but for a guy and why does he have pants on? Whoever’s got a yellow shirt on so they don’t know who you are, but it can be intimidating. Right? And so for all the clients that are looking at that, going out and executing the dream 100, can you walk through that mentality and why you, you pushed through and went back a second or third time even in the first place?

Yeah. So I’m, I’m actually a little bit of a sick freak and I love doing the dream 100. I liked going out and meeting new people and it helped. As far as like any awkwardness or anything, I always bring something with me. I never come empty handed. So I mean that’s a great icebreaker. You just come with your hand out asking for leads and referrals. Yeah, that could be a little awkward because they don’t know you, you don’t know them and you’re coming to them.

What kind of after you bring it up, what kind of gifts are you bringing? Free Sauna session with Adam, a free massage, massage, massage, massage. What I’ve been doing,

um, I, I, they know me at Krispy Kreme and they try to get how many dozens of donuts

I’m going to order every time I go in. Let me get this straight. You’re saying is you’d make a dream, 100 list of people you want to go talk to and you actually bring, you spend money and you buy them a gift and you take it into them. And how is that received? Usually

the doughnut. Well am one of my guiding principles is always give first,

preach, preach.

Then there’s nothing to be awkward about. You’re just giving somebody a gift and you’re not necessarily acting or asking for anything in return right away. That’s where the consistency comes in. You come back and then it’s warmer than next time and then one or two times and, hey, who’s the boss? How can I get in touch with them? And then you just build it from there.

I want to make sure it’s either we give equal time. This shows we tend to really be homers for capitalism, but where are we giving Kim Jong and as the Castro clan, really the dude that they deserve. What are we giving them equal time and so your credit. What I want to give the business tips that Mr Putin that Mr Castro, the members of the former KGB, the members of North Korea who cannot be here on the show today because they abandon themselves from being on capitalistic pig radio shows like this Kim, Kim Jong Un because listening to this going, oh that good idea. So let me, let me go on and say my dog, my dog. I guess I feel like that Kim Jong Un would have a higher pitched Asian voice. Oh, he would? I feel like it’d be more Kim Un. I think he’s compensating for a lot of things on the show. But here’s the deal. He was what he wanted to say on behalf of this is the Kim Jong Un’s business tips. So

one of my biggest principles is visit biggest business principles is to take before you receive, which means you receive twice because North Korean Canine shall we the official business coach company of choice. And we did a survey and all the people who are still living aren’t favorite. So if you’re in favor of a North Korean canine, put your hand up as the supreme later, as a supreme later. I want you to know my supreme dog has never pooped because it is a deity supreme. Doug, is

that a type of pizza? What? Kim Jong Un. And the thing is this, the supreme dictator, uh, he does. He doesn’t actually dedicate. That’s part of why would, is always on a horse. You ride a horse all day and not have it jarred loose busies. The thing is he has no. He has no news busy. I understand. Ready to country is a lot of hard work and you guys don’t get it, so obviously someone’s got to stand up for the guy. There’s Rodman’s coming on line two. Okay, so now. Thank you. Thank you there for what is good.

Here’s something you might like as well as your might even have a script for what I say.


No, I’ve never fumbling for words.

Tell us what you’re saying. The script on us to do it. My pickup,

my pickup line for all the all the business owners out there. I’m just here to shake hands and kiss puppies.


That right there. Let’s say. Say it one more time before we celebrate.

I’m just here to shake hands and kiss.

That’s a pretty intense leader. Sits alcohol. I tried that the other day, but I got it all wrong. I walked in, said puppies. That was my question.

What is a typical, the Krispy Kreme donut and I come back. Puppy shakes taste terrible. I love puppies. Ticket. Hey, that was a tip that you should save for the communist section

because they like to cook a young God correctly. Just tell just yet.

It could be in Vietnam. You could have a fine, except cultures actually do decide to sell a sidebar because they’re man’s best friend. Lots of dude, I think. I think they do. Most men liked it

in the United States right now, right?

Oh boy. Okay, let’s bring it back. Guys of communism. Look what’s happened. We got nothing done. Not Productive. I want to ask you, um, what has been the most rewarding aspect of owning your own business there? Cat. Owning your own business, having your own system, you out there, your own ability to earn what you want, work when you want. What, what is the most rewarding aspect of that?

I think specifically for us, I really enjoy working with Adam. We, we kind of worked really, really well together as a team. He’s, he’s kind of the big picture kind of guy and I’m the details person and, and we just click and it’s a lot of fun for us and we talk about it and I think that’s just been really, really enjoyable. We’ve always, ever since we got married, we’d been talking about wanting to do something together and so this is, this has been a really great actualization of that. And I get the trace around the house.

Now here’s the deal. I, I, uh, obviously this is a little bit self serving, but cat started off as an employee, uh, working with us and then move from there to a client for her graphic design company. And then now she’s a tip top canine owners. So Chuck, we coach with her. I want to ask you a cat, what’s, what’s been the best part of having either myself or, or chop or just having a coach in your life to kind of keep guys on track and show you the way. I mean, how has that impacted you? Can’t.

I think it’s really important to have somebody else showing you what’s next because sometimes you can get caught up. I specifically can get caught up in the details and Oh, I have to focus on this thing and I’m really stressed out about it. Having that centering kind of meeting every week with, with somebody who can say, okay, well don’t forget this is what we’re working on next. And just always being cognizant of that. That I think that’s probably the biggest part. And then always having somebody who’s. I mean everybody. We live in a society that’s so completely negative and, and always having somebody who has a good attitude and who is reinforcing, hey, it’s great. You’re doing great. You can do this.

I think the hardest part for me as a coach is always breathing life and faith into hopelessness because the world is really filled with hopelessness and doubt and uh, it’s, it’s a mixture of encouragement, but it’s also like we have to do this. Like I could talk to you all day about what needs to be done, but if you guys weren’t out there getting those objective google reviews from real clients, you guys got to video reviews this week. Yeah, they’re powerful. I mean, you guys are on it. So I want to ask you this. Here. Uh, Michael Gerber once wrote, he said with no clear picture of how you wish life to be. Michael Gerber, the bestselling author of emyth with no clear picture how you wish life to be. How on earth are you going to live it? What’s the primary aim? Where’s the script to make your dreams come true? What is the first step to take? And how do you measure your progress? How far have you gone and how close are you to getting to your goals outcome? What is your vision for the next two years as it relates to building up your tip top canine? Yeah, come on. Here we go.

So if by the end of two years I haven’t already dominated dfw than something’s gone very wrong in a coma somewhere, but by the end two years, I should have at least three locations in dfw and probably at least one location outside of dfw.

Hey Adam. Hey Adam. You like it? The money she wants to talk to you. You like it, right?

I, yeah.

You like, I do like the cash.

Hey Adam, I got a question for you. When do you anticipate hiring your first employee?

Um, what day is it today? And in the past two days I’ve sold $10,000 worth of a dog training services. So we are posting job job. This, this Friday weekly business coach interviews.

Oh yeah. Now my final question is for cat four zero, kind of where I would like to wrap up today’s show from your perspective, having worked for me and now we work with you. Um, have you been a designer having owned your own design company? Having worked for us as a designer now owning your own tip top, what kind of person? It would be a good fit to own a tip top location somewhere throughout the world and what kind of person would absolutely not be a good fit?

Mm. Well, I think the obvious answer is you probably have to like dogs. Um, so if you don’t like dogs, it’s probably not going to work out for you. Uh, the, the, there’s four things though that I think are absolutely critical. Other than that, um, uh, the first thing and the obvious is going to be somebody who’s a diligent doer. I’m getting up showing up, showing up the competition and then just repeating that every single day. Um, I think you need to be coachable. Obviously it’s something that comes with a coach, so that’s been a big advantage. But if you’re not a coachable person that’s not going to benefit you and you’re not going to succeed. Um, I think as far as personality goes, you should be able to focus on the dog training, but also the big picture of the sales and growth. And like I was saying before, Adam and I were kind of weird.

We make one whole person put together. So he’s the sales and business guy and I’m the, I’m the technician, I love the, the actual dog training and reading all the books I’m practicing with my dogs and I’m really, really getting into it. Um, but I think if you’re doing it on your own then you, you actually need to have a decent supply of both of those traits or find a partner who compliments you or whatever works. But it’s just really important to provide a great service and to be successful in the growth of the business because they directly affect each other. So you can’t do both of those things and I think it’s probably not the best opportunity. And then the last thing I think you would need is just a, a really large amount of grit. Kind of like a, what would John Wayne do kind of attitude. So just just deciding that you’re never going to quit. You know, even even if there’s an open sewer line in the house or all the dogs are going nuts or the leads are low this week or this month, you just have to be committed to the system because it works.

The thing about the the leads, which is tough is nobody with a sound mind is going to call you a if they don’t know about you. If they think that you started your company yesterday, nobody’s going to buy from you. If they saw that you just opened up business z and you have one google review, so you got to want to get in front of people too. You’ve got to get those reviews from every single person is crazy and then third is you’ve got to deliver the first dog you train. You got to wow that customer because you need those referrals and you guys have started to get those referrals and that’s exciting for me. Geology, have the final word. Will you give a hot take or a word of encouragement for anybody out there like cat and Adam or cat and Adam specifically who’s just now getting off the runway? They’re taken off with that business. Well, I tell you what, if you’re

out there and you’re listening to the show and you’re driving your podcast and you’re running your whatever you’re doing, or you’re on the radio, and I would encourage you to say this, if you’re looking in the mirror and said, you know, I want to do, I want to control my destiny, I want to do. I want to step out there and get my own business. This tip top canine is just getting started. They’ve only got a few locations around, I think boise nine locations, so nine, nine locations plus their franchising and it’s a great opportunity to get onto the ground floor of a great franchise and great opportunity. So aadhaar. It’s available where you are listening right now and I would encourage you to say, Hey, listen, we’ve got a great team here at thrive nation to help support you. Tip Top canine is doing a great job of supporting two and if you want to go from zero to hero, Yup.

If you want to take control of your life and build in some. At first it’s gonna be a job. I get that. It’s a job and you’re right, you said it very well, but you have to have that grit, that determination, that hard work. That stuff’s going to happen. I mean, what’s going on, and then pretty soon it all of a sudden, wait a second, we have six people. We have four people, we have five people out there training dogs, and you know what? I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my day to day. I can do whatever I wanted. I could go to the store and buy whatever I want. This is pretty cool and that’s what happens. You go from a job to a business and that’s what we encourage that should we help train, but it’s exciting. It’s fun.

There’s a lot of great franchises out there. This is an up and comer. It’s a. it’s a no brainer and you can realistically realistically make six figures and, and change your life. And that’s what’s so fun about, about being a business coach, about having a online business school, about having a podcast that teaches people how to start growing business with our in person workshops and all the things we do. That’s our heart, you know, and that’s why when you download the podcast and how much does it cost to download the podcast right now, if we round it up, it’s free. Ninety nine. How much does it cost to share with a friend? Uh, will, uh, just about five seconds. You go on spotify, you share the Itunes, you share, you share, you just hit the share button you have to show. So you may be sitting there listening, going to this, going, you know, that doesn’t interest me, but I’ve got a friend who loves dogs, who’s looking for a new career and they live in Phoenix. They live in wherever, Los Angeles or wherever they live. And so share it with them, send it out there to them, because I tell you what, this is a powerful thing. People taking control of their lives, um, people shaking hands and kissing puppies. Beautiful. That’s related. Now here we go.


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