What is the Tayo Rockson Story? (Ft. Internationally-Recognized Speaker and Podcaster Tayo Rockson)

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Tayo Rockson, a cross-cultural adviser to companies about employee retention and bottom line strategies. He’s also an internationally-recognized speaker who has presented at the United Nations.

He grew up in four different continents so he considers himself a citizen of the world. He has lived in Sweden, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Vietnam and the United States and his goal is to ultimately leave the world a better place than it was before he came into it.

Once he discovered that he was a Third Culture Kid (TCK) or someone who spent the formative part of his childhood years (0-18) outside of his parents’ culture, he vowed to use his global identity to make an impact in the world. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter @TayoRockson where he is actively making new friends every day.

  1. For the listeners out there, share with us a look into your personal life and something that most people do not know about you.
  2. What motivates you to do what you do?
  3. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
    1. Tayo enjoys reading.
    2. Favorite Book – Mastery – Robert Greene
    3. Favorite Movie – Remember the Titans
  4. What entrepreneurs do you look up to?
    1. Tayo loves Oprah
  5. What fears and doubts did you battle before starting your business?
    1. Being too young
    2. Being from Nigeria
  6. What errors did you make along the path to success that slowed down your success?
    1. Not committing to the process and looking for shortcuts.
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The time that leads to mastery is dependent on the intensity of our focus.” – Robert Greene, Mastery
    3. “Most people are perpetually locked in the present. Their decisions are overly influenced by the most immediate event; they easily become emotional and ascribe greater significance to a problem than it should have in reality.” – Robert Greene, Mastery
  7. How do you prepare for your podcasts?
  8. What are new skills that you are looking to develop this year?
    1. Tayo’s #1 goal is to be the best communicator in the world.
    2. Tayo recommends: Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and Crucial Conversations
  9. What online resources would you recommend to entrepreneurs?
    1. Listen to audiobooks about the industry you want to own.
    2. “Focus on becoming the Google of your industry.” – Tayo Rockson
  10. What is one action step should all of the listeners take?

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In the future, the great division will be between those who have trained themselves to handle these complexities and those who are overwhelmed by them those who can acquire skills and discipline their minds and those who are irrevocably distracted by all the media around them and can never focus enough to learn.”- Mastery – Robert Greene

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Attend the world’s best business podcasts workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com all right right. They should welcome back to another exciting addition of a drive time show on your radio, and today we are in for a you are in for a treat we are in for a treat. Everybody is in for a treat I might a unique opportunity to interview a gentleman by the name of tayo rockson and at tayo rockson is a cold. Is it cross cultural advisor to companies about employee retention and bottom line strategies he’s also an internationally-recognized speaker, who’s presented for the united nations and the guy grew up on four different continent continents, and so it was easy for me to say he grew up in four different continents and he considers himself kind of a citizen of the business podcasts world. So far, he’s lived in sweden and nigeria vietnam, the united states in. The guy, advises companies now on how to become more diverse and how to be more aware of the differences amongst the employees that you that you higher and he’s I might share different world to use a different areas, but I think it’s nice to bring on different personalities a different voices from time to time so that you can meet different people.

I mean how many of our listeners out there. How many? If you want to become a speaker at some point with somebody who’s hired by a major company to speak, he’s living the dream he’s doing well, you can learn more about him on his podcast, which a lot of people have found their his name is tayo rockson. It’s t a y o rocks his podcast is called as told by nomads and now that he further ado my conversation with tile rocks in the host of as told by nomads. All right transmission. Welcome back to the flight time to show on your podcast is business podcasts downloaded I’m honored today to have a guest on the show that once had me on his show so I’m returning the favor tayo rockson on the show. Today he is the host of as told by nomads and sure sure I always call my cell phone or culture translate into france tragedy. Translate I work with individuals and companies do to help them become more inclusive and diverse talent and as a brand strategist, I work, the, chainsmokers and people want to make an impact in a while and help them or a client, or a specific examples worked on recently. Either way. You could, you just said, makes a lot of sense and I think a lot of people grass, if it supposed to layer with yeah so I have that I was just going to post immigration and then all this happened, and so they were looking for ways to sort of diversify their at the town pool. I’m looking for ways to you.

They were hurt, you know seen in the crate coffees and make sure they were mentoring, opportunities for people in the industry. Individuals, I’ve had 3 clients this year, who all made the text age and at some point they were going to listen to my show and they came up to me and said you know. We know you speak about 4 times a year and we’ve heard you talk about. You know how you train speakers to one was on weight. Loss of self-awareness of the other was on I’ve ever seen you in like business podcasts me, and they all grace to start texting each other ones about to ask you the first beat this month, and so it’s it’s stuff like that, really help. People understand how to communicate that have an epiphany have an organic burrito. Next thing you know you’re doing this, because text would love to do that. How did you go from the beginning to where you are today? A lot of failure in a lot of pain, so I know you’re, sweet and get number to casa united states to five countries for complex by time. I was on 17 rights, violation of of your freedom of speech, landmark that something better and my role model.

So right now, I’m in my dad’s job as a threat to take us to different parts of the world, I started to find myself as a minority everywhere. I went and got to lose this game at your kidney, catching an american. Peabody and myself and I feel so I start to become known as the guy. That was the new I connect. An anyone and I did that three sports and when I came to the states, eventually I got the job. I have all the skills of soft skills needed when I applied for jobs when I graduated 2011, 85, + jobs, all them said no in like no you’re, not you’re too young and country feels like it’s stretching out until I found myself in a position where I have to go back two places at entrance before previous get you so I can get a visa to stay here and you know, I was lost in the world. I, never imagined myself. I thought I was going to be social media at one job and then they said no, you going to do sales and so I was not the dream I had when I was 10. When I was telling you about that, meeting. August, 20th, 2012 I was driving to work. I was in virginia, I was driving to work, my birthday to cameron. Stephanie accelerator pedal and got onto the business podcasts highway. It was on my on my lane and all of a sudden, my lane gets cut in half, because the neighboring card lost control, and so I was awake, so i, don’t so I don’t lose control through the process matches the left two years old and you only thought that comes to my mind how you done everything you said your going to do.

You know somehow got out the car unscaved but sick as a sign that I needed to really pursue I I quit my job. Shortly after that moved to new york city near the only place I felt like a semblance of life since I was 10. So I came here at the campus of the new york city. My campus because of a people having no permanent above if you were traveling from place to place, is called as told by nomads. No I mean it home to me to fluid concepts. You just finish the story and turns out I got there i. When would I eventually led to the new york city you get a chance that question better clayton. What’s my wife’s whole world and global world that people don’t know how to connect, and then people like yourself to talk about what exactly it is to have a different mentality to open your mind that if it’s possible and then eventually i, was able to figure out how to turn that stephen curry as welcome talk in korean, but in the process I was fired twice, I can tell you. I got fired from a business podcasts restaurant called the norseman restaurant in rural minnesota and interviewed have been fired, and what motivates you now to do? What you do I think, knowing that there’s so much to be done, I mean i, always ask myself. Too many good people. Don’t you a lot and what that creates, do scenario where a lot of bad people end up the cake and what happens and I jacked that I like to encourage him to patch that courage of exercising their right to be themselves before you got to call somebody sent me a message on instagram said:i was really feeling down and had an edge of experience inside twice in my way over 85 + job rejection out there feels that way.

That’s kind of what I feel when you’re not working now I know that sounds boring. Yeah make it a big thing, likely lock sports sports sports sports in the last in this movie, you might find me in a theater mastery by robert greene by robert greene. What’s the latest book, they they they they. They always call me so long to say amen brother is the commitment mean you have to the book the book, the master. What’s the movie that goes with the book. What’s the book where you put me on the spot, like that, so I’m going to take away from me in the world communicating across cultures and really strong people with embrace that put black woman in america decatur of a world without diversity you have to make you have to make denzel the guy I’ve been good tab didn’t highlighted, but I’ve actually would talk written excerpts from the book. In my man cave studios, oh because of the book we talked about how most people struggle with boredom, but the truly great just bored down. You know:i, look up, lisa, doesn’t ask you just I love when people can taking message amplified into a platform and build upon that anyone listen to this pie. If I cancel anyone to understand that business podcasts ideas like a seed that can grow into multiple things, and you don’t have to have like the idea that our children, developing leaders, cuz i, love that hair. You know what your haircut in the room you said about focus on a seed and idea could be, as he doesn’t have to be a bit complicated tech company, but i. Think a lot of people talk to me about battle before starting your business and i. Looked at freddy creative careers.

Like you, a generic doctor lawyer, the other people see, if not achieving a potential face to face. Yeah I wish I’d say that I’m, the palest man in the world, if I had your complexion I would rule the world. I could say that because you are a handsome man, if you google io rockson and you could you google power outage I was comparing what are do you feel like you made along the path to success that slowed you down, yeah i. Think it’s the first of all. The errors that I made was in the process of short cuts out, feel like yeah, of course, and I’m, not that dumb question. But I was already at a time, and I was very glad. You got to do that, but the problem was i. Wasn’t there that wasn’t i? Couldn’t he can’t fake? What happened is the next thing that happened was once I saw. A few patients was. The time is so I can work out my skill-set, let’s look at what happened last 4 years to the election, the dissension that cost the brexit and all these people now so I can reach out to me and say hey. You can come in this for 2 years and I’ll company. We don’t know how to talk to people not showing up to work is always in the soundtrack passive-aggressive trump endorsement is this:what you’re doing are you trying to take over this podcast and endorse trump? Is that what you’re doing okay I just got through it and it wasn’t like I was blocked, but it wasn’t because that’s how some business foundation, and so I can say this person isn’t doing it for a long time and check out. This is check out the process. That’s the kind of guy in this kind of guy you are, and then we took you to kind of break it down here in texas, relate to what you’re saying it’s the committee that process and his book mastery, whichever one has to go out there, and he said the time that leads to mastery-is dependent upon the intensity of focus. The most people are perpetually locked in the present. Their decisions are overly influenced by the most immediate events that you become emotional and describe their significance to a problem with your problem, they’re overly influenced by their most immediate event.

So you’re saying we need to commit to the process and I worry about the most recent events at the most recent rejection. Yeah, that’s what that’s what I’m saying I’m saying we need to take me to the process of person walks. It’s not going to be easy, but much like a lot of the second here goes to be like 50 feet or something like that. It’s any of those days are in the caribbean and success in all that. So it’s really a process. 702 paragon things that you do in the dark all the sudden come to light when you’re onstage the practice. How do you prepare for your puppy is that makes person-to-person sell I I do a lot of time. I was just typing the person’s name and then go around themselves and then, when I’m asking him business podcasts questions because I find a lot listening to learn when people are giving them you’re actually will step by step in the supposed to just tell them it’s producing and have them in a reverse engineer what they was thinking that there was doing. So that someone else can find themselves city to take your add, more value to the marketplace, to really take your career than some water, some skills that you’re, really you person you’re trying to hold it on this year, ultimate goal before I leave. This earth is to be looking at politics and look in the schools and looking at anything’s happening, but it’s kind of violence. What is happening with the response is to be quick to be aggressive or or defensive.

I want to be able to find a middle ground where you can express yourself. I was gorgeous powerful, going through everything that guys ever ridden just obsessing about that. You know. Brian tracy was just huge, for me is what what what helps you the most you’re at and what you don’t want. Somebody to laura course I’d like to hear your thoughts on that you let you know that, there’s a reason why I read by vanessa van edwards called captivate, obviously napoleon hill, think and grow rich, but then you think there’s one more that I can think of right now. Is this really got to the heart of consecration lucian? So I can go there I’m about to be on my computer now, yeah I’m, always crucial. Conversations for talking, like the stakes are high who’s, the conversations to talk to him to take the highest that crucial conversations. So many things you could be doing with your time now. Your business podcasts is starting to really take off a lot of good things are happening, for, you, video of the talking about you know what sucks you’re flattered is for 4 hours. If you want to do-or we could learn practical skills for me that likes to read verbally identify an industry that you want to you want to own, and if you’re not an expert there think of ways you can come to google. Look at that industry, what I mean by being the google got any trees. I want you to be able to know what the trains are, the industry in the industry and what the top blogs are in industry in top podcasts and blogs.

Are you should be taking time out of your day to come through the comments to see what the the pain points are and, as he starts here, to create these notes, based on these things, have enough of a library of what’s going on the industry that you can, then one have content to produce based on what you’ve observed, but also be more informed based on the trans you see, and there is a curator in the information age is as valuable as an expert in the information in because, if you’re the person, that is the go-to person who understands what’s going on I’m coming, she actually moved out and I also makes you some of that you’re not be able to answer the shortage you wanted to just kiss. You got a lot going on and a lot of our listeners when they hear somebody that your voice, like yours are going to look you up. What is the problem that you can solve for all the listeners and how could they get in touch with you out there listening? This is how I could help you and I’m going to get in touch with you just going to give us a review of self-defense brandon statement. If it is brad for cultural business podcasts competency, understanding, different special skill, you have inside you guys waiting to be exercised and now are you going to be able to do it or are you going to do you know how to do it and who is going to be clients?

Sister gets from my career goes from being fired twice, multiple times and having out 85 + job projections that was able to expand in my idea of teaching in basic over my tattoo, ultimately building a password that allows me to coach teach and show you how that cannot reach people in different cross cultural events, okay out there romance podcast. If you listen to a podcast for mermaid, manti I would get him an objective review of time ago workshop at are 20,000 square foot facility in tulsa, oklahoma for free podcast, review and email. Siento drive time show to to pruitt your email and will give you two free tickets sounds fair and thank you very much. I really appreciate that that’s very kind of you look forward to I get in touch with you again here, hopefully not not too too far from now. Alright, tribe nation, that was my phone business podcasts conversation, an interview with tayo rockson, if you’re out there and you say cash, what should I do as a result of this podcast out there and get the book mastery by robert, greene mastery by robert greene.

That book that title recommended is a game-changer in a world where people are they struggle so much with distractions. The book mastery is all about focusing in on what matters the world gets to the world struggles of boredom, but the truly great people board down I mean think about this. Tiger woods didn’t hop from sport to sport. Michael jordan tried to hop to a different sporty realize. Okay, I only have a mastery of one sport, notable quotable from mastery I want to go to end on this note of a chord. Won’t you think about this about. How does this notable quotable apply to your life in and how can, if you, what are we? Maybe we missing the mark here, robert greene his book mastery, it’s a study of the most successful people on the planet and how they got to be great at something he says in the future. The great division will be between those who have the train themselves to handle these complexities and those were overwhelmed by the complexities, those acquired skills and discipline their mind and those were irrevocably distracted by all the medium all the media around them and can never focus enough to learn in the business podcasts future. The great division will be between those who have train themselves to handle the complexities of modern life and those were overwhelmed by then those who can acquire skills and discipline their minds and those who are irrevocably distracted by all the media around them and can never focus enough to learn. My friend you got to focus in the question today is:what do you need to focus on?

We talked about it often to call the f6 life, so what you want to do you want take to you want to eat with it every day today take time every day to take time to date, a time tomorrow, I literally, do this every single day at any of any members of the thrive nation, whoever emailed me and if ever shadow middle seat at every single day, I get up 1 hour minimum before i, see a single person and I methodically plan out my day, I die i, ask myself what are my goals today for my faith? What are my goals for my family? What are my goals for my fitness? What are my goals by friendship? What are my goals for my family, faith, family finances, fitness friendship funny face family finances, fitness, friendship, fun! You absolutely have to do this every single day every single business podcasts day, if you don’t get anything else out of today’s business podcasts, if you will read the book mastery to understand what it takes to master something and if you will get up every single day, 1 hour before you see a single person or if you’re a night owl out there. If your night owl you you you what you want to do, is you during night owl?

You want to stay up an hour after everyone’s gone to that or if you’re, an early riser an hour before you see a single person and ask yourself what are your goals today for your faith, your family, through finances, pure fitness for your friendship, your fun and then you must take the next step in the next episode. Whatever takes. You want to actually ask yourself when am I going to take that action. So if you have to go to write a book today, let’s say you can’t put on your to-do list write a book. That’s not it! It’s not a genuine goal. It’s it’s not realistic, but you can put on your on your on your to-do list right chapter, one of my book at 5 a.M. Tomorrow. Will you couldn’t do what you can block it in your calendar and say work out every single day, monday through I from 526? What’s not  business podcasts realistic, is these big big girl she got to break down. The big calls into small steps in discipline is the bridge between the big goals and the execution of those goals. My name is clyde clark tire rocks and thank you, sir, for being on the podcast with any further ado 3



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