What It’s Like to Be Booed | Mayor Craig Thurmond and Randall Ryan of Rise, Grind and Ride Espresso Cafe

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 Mayor Craig Thurmond shares the best and the worst parts of being a Mayor, why he chooses to work as Broken Arrow’s Mayor for FREE and the founder of Rise Grind and Ride Espresso Cafe also shares his vision for his business and why he has chosen to make downtown Broken Arrow the home of his business.

Randall Ryan – Owner of Rise Grind and Ride Espresso Cafe

  1. Rise Grind and Ride Espresso Cafe

521 N Main St,
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

  1. Discovered love for coffee on a bike ride through Iowa
  2. Started in 2013 at the Farmer’s Market in Broken Arrow
  3. Introduced a mobile coffee trike that travels to the Farmer’s Market, local hospitals and various events.
  4. The toughest part to running a business is the weather, the unexpected ups and downs to the seasons.
  5. The highlight of owning my own business is that I get to set my own schedule and have flexible hours.
  6. Opened up 209th (new road in Broken Arrow)
    1. 209th Street is now open from Omaha to Albany
  7. Rated ISO 1 for our firefighter districts
    1. When I was first on the city council, we were rated at ISO 4
    2. We didn’t have a rescue truck and didn’t have enough man power
    3. The ISO 1 rating helps to lower homeowners insurance
    4. We raised money through a non-profit to help fund public safety
    5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE: The #1 charge of local government is public safety. – Mayor Craig Thurmond
  8. Randall Ryan (The opening of the expanded bike path)
  9. Rose District is expanding
  10. Pastries made from scratch
    1. Muffins & Scones
    2. Gluten free offerings
  11. Coffee experience (The best coffee in Green Country)
    1. Organic
    2. 100% Fair-trade
    3. Shade grown
      1. Found in the canopy of the rain forest – you don’t get the usual burnt taste like you do with other coffees
  12. We try to use eminent domain as little as possible.
  13. 73% of our budget  goes towards public safety
  14. The next big project coming up is the Innovation District
    1. Provides internships and jobs to local students to keep jobs here in Broken Arrow
  15. It benefits everyone when you make your city better. It means a lot to make a difference in your community.

Rise Grind & Ride Espresso Cafe

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/risegrindride/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/rgrespressocafe/

* If no one runs against Mayor Craig, Clay Clark will run against him


Re-elect Mayor Craig Thurmond – April 6th, 2021

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