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Clay teaches the 8 mindsets that you must embrace and live by if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur.

  • Successful people ask themselves: Who Are the Most Successful People in the World?
      1. The “Fourfecta” of successful people
        1. They have a great attorney
        2. They have an accountant
        3. They have a teammate in their office that they can trust
        4. They have a coach or an advisor in their life
  • Successful people ask themselves: How Did We Develop the Fixed Mindset That Most Americans Have? NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “After seven experiments with hundreds of children, we had some of the clearest findings I’ve ever seen: Praising children’s intelligence harms their motivation and it harms their performance. How can that be? Don’t children love to be praised? Yes, children love praise. And they especially love to be praised for their intelligence and talent. It really does give them a boost, a special glow—but only for the moment. The minute they hit a snag, their confidence goes out the window and their motivation hits rock bottom. If success means they’re smart, then failure means they’re dumb. That’s the fixed mindset.” – Carol Dweck
    1. Successful people look at themselves and ask “what mindset did I have to get here?”
    2. If you have a team you hate it is because you had the mindset of accepting things that you usually wouldn’t
  1. Successful People Have a Bias for Action and Results versus Formal Education, Memorization and Theoretical Concepts

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Action is the real measure of intelligence.” – Napoleon Hill

Most successful people make a decision before they have all the answers

  1. To Be Successful You Don’t Have to Be Good at Playing Jeopardy

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “An educated man is not, necessarily, one who has an abundance of general or specialized knowledge. An educated man is one who has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent, without violating the rights of others.” – Napoleon Hill

AMPLE EXAMPLE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEghu90QJH4

Gathering random knowledge is not going to help your company grow

Donald Trump And The Wollam Ice Rink

Trump has decided to build the wall because he has spoken with his board of advisors and they gave him two options. He didn’t do research for unnecessary information he went to his board

Border arrests exceed 50,000 for third month in a row

5. You Must Work With a Sense of Urgency

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” – Napoleon Hill
  2. Successful people value time and when they’re late they apologize because they value other people’s time
  3. If you don’t put a deadline on something it very rarely gets accomplished
  4. Big goals require little action items that you have to complete that have little results but do add up
  1. You Must Eat Rejection for Breakfast
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” – Napoleon Hill
  3. AMPLE EXAMPLE – People that are handed success always lose it and are crushed by it. (Lottery Winners, High School Turned NBA Players, People Promoted to a Level of Incompetence)
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.” – Proverbs 13:11
  5. If you don’t like rejection you can’t win
  6. If you ask 100 people “Are you willing to save 15% or more on your car insurance?” 3% of people will say yes
  7. People are going to reject you. You can’t freeze under rejection you have to stand in confidence and understand that rejection will come
  8. The more rejection you get the higher your watermark gets
  9. You Must Develop a Passion for the Process
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Happiness is found in doing, not merely possessing.”
    – Napoleon Hill
  2. A lot of people have these grand dreams but hate the journey. You have to be able to enjoy the process and the journey. Without the passion and enjoyment you won’t be able to stick it out
  3. You’ve got to celebrate the small wins and share the love
  1. People Judge You Based On What You Do, Not Based On Your Potential
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.” – Andrew Carnegie (The world’s wealthiest man who started working at the age of 13 at the Anchor Cotton Mills. Carnegie’s first job in 1848 was as a bobbin boy, changing spools of thread in a cotton mill 12 hours a day, 6 days a week in a Pittsburgh cotton factory. His starting wage was $1.20 per week ($34 by 2017 inflation)
  2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – https://thefeddagency.com/meet-the-team/ – She started working in a call center, grinding for $8.25 per hour + commissions)
  3. Audio Interview – Esther Fedorkevich being interviewed by Carrie Nieuwhof  https://careynieuwhof.com/episode170/
    1. The 17 Minute Mark
  4. Knowledge without application is just dumb
  5. You can make change. It is possible.
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You have questions. America’s number one business coach has answers. It’s your brought up from Minnesota. Here’s another edition of ask clay, anything on the thrive time business coach radio show.

All right, Jason,

welcome back to another exciting edition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast download. And so many of you are taking time out of your schedule to email us to info at thrive time, show.com into us. It is incumbent upon us to take time out of our schedule to answer your questions because this is a, you know, if you send a question you don’t get an answer to, it feels kind of hollow. So this just in as of right now, if you email us, we’re going to respond to you. Now, have we responded to every question? I’ll up to this point pretty much. Yes. So if you email us to info at thrive time, show.com we will answer your question on the question that was emailed in a and Andrew, I think you’d have to, you’d have an appreciation for this working in the office, right?

The listener writes, what mindsets do I need to succeed? And, and because we work with so many businesses, I think maybe you could say another way, oh, what are the mindsets that a successful client has or successful business owner has that you guys see and what are the mindsets of dysfunctional people or dysfunction and what, what kind of mindset? So we brought whist Carter on the show who in my humble opinion is one of America’s top attorneys. Not In his opinion, nor could he even insinuate or pretend or even say anything that would implicate him as trying to allegedly be one of the top best attorneys. But legally speaking west, you’re an attorney. I am an attorney and your law firm has represented and worked with, uh, people like TD Jakes and Joyce Meyers and pastor Craig Rochelle, pastor of the largest Protestant church in America, etc.

Uh, throughout the years you guys have worked with Joel Olsteen, neat, neat people and a, so I’m going to go through the mindset. So it’s going to work. It’s around the world. Okay. Andrew is going to read the mindset number one. Okay. Then I’m going to comment on it and you’re going to one up me. All right, let me go around the world and Andrew, are you ready? I’m ready. Okay. Mindset number one, you have to have to be successful. Andrew. Mindset number one, uh, is uh, oh, we stop him already on the first. Andrew. Oh, we, we have stubbed. Okay, fine. I will steal your thunder then we’ll come back to you here. So here we go. Who are the most successful people in the world? The first mindset I want you think about this, the first mindset is you want to be committed to studying the most successful people in the world.

The people who are the most successful ask themselves all the time. Who are the most successful people in the world? They do this. It’s like, I’m an attorney. I’m stuck. I don’t know how to grow my law practice. Therefore I should reach out to somebody who, uh, knows how to help me get there. Or I should maybe call up the best law firm in the world and pay them and say, hey, how’d you do it? I mean, but people who are not successful are not interested in studying the of all time the guards, they just want to talk about why they’re not succeeding. So Wes, what did have you, you’ve worked a lot of top people. Talk to me about that mindset that successful people have about being curious about how the top people got there.

I think one of the things that surprised me most when I started working with some of the ultra successful people in our world was that they’re very big on mentorship. So you will find someone that is Uber successful and yet still goes to someone they think is better than them either in certain aspects or certain areas. And they’re constantly getting advice and feedback, even when, for all intents and purposes, it appears there at the top of their game. So I think it’s that constant feedback of, look, you can always be better, but also that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every single thing. There is someone who has done that.

I, I wanna I want to pile onto that because I, I, this is what I started looking at it. Okay. Um, I’ve got a pool guy right now putting in a pool and this guy, his name is Jeff in this, the company, you’re out there and you’re looking to build a pool and you’re in Tulsa. You call me today. I will you email me to info at thrive time, show.com. I’ll give you this guy’s cell phone number. And this guy you talk about Allstar. Okay. I had multiple pool companies. I talked to a couple of good ones, but this guy’s on time. He’s on budget, he’s on task. His team is great. They are, they’re in a uniform. He gave me a ton of references, a ton of references. He did a three d rendering west. It almost made me cry before we even agree to hire him.

Saw that. It was very impressive. Very good. Um, so I, even though I’m very good at business, I went to the top pool guy. You could try to build your own pool. I’ve know people that have tried, they’ve tried to manage the project and I’ve seen some epic, uh, disasters failure. I could try to give myself legal advice, but I hire you. Yes, and I hired you because you’re good at what you do. But it doesn’t mean that I’m stupid or admitting that I’m dumb. I’m just saying, look, I cannot be an expert in every area, so I’m all, all, all, every successful entrepreneur I’ve met has the big, I call this the four fecta Andrew puts us on the to do, on the show and that the four factor yet, okay, you have to have the trifecta. This is the fork back to the quad.

They all have a great attorney. Every one of them. I don’t know anybody who’s successful says, I don’t really have a guy right now. I’m going to wait till there’s a problem. All of them have one on retainer or when they talked to Wes Carter winters and king, if you don’t have a great attorney, you need to go to winters and king today winters, king.com scheduled consultation, real talk. He’s great. They all have an accountant that they like, they can trust all of them. Everyone of them. Third, they all have a teammate in their office that they can trust. They all do. They all have a like a, like a Batman and Robin, like a go to guy, a partner of some kind. Even if it’s not legally a partner, they’ll have someone they can trust. One person they can really trust. And the final thing is they almost always have in a coach or an advisor in their life, helping them strategize the growth of the company.

That is what I see all the time. Now this next mindset that I want to talk about this next and Matt, and, and to be fair to Andrew there, they’re all questions. So it’s kind of weird to make. I got it now you got know you and you gotta flow. Now I set you up for failure right there. That was, um, I’m sorry. Okay. You can get into the second mindset there. Okay, go for it. Alright. So the second mindset mindset is how did we develop the fixed mindset that most Americans have successful people all ask themselves, how did we develop the fixed mindset? They’re always asking, how did I get here? Like what mindset was I stuck in that got me here? They, I, they asked this question a lot. I know that I do this a lot. I’ll give you an example. Um, I’ve written a, I think it’s 11 book study.

It’s 11 books that I’ve self published all of them. And what’s kind of fun about my books is that there’s, I don’t know, thousands of people that will buy the books and I make about six bucks for a book because I self published him. And that’s cool. I mean, that’s kind of cool, you know? Yeah. It’ll go up into the year. You might sell 10,000 books and you make, you know, 60 grand and that, that’s cool. That’s cool. Uh, but I remember looking up one day and I had spoken in a lot of events. I didn’t have a book. And I’m going, God, I’m speaking, I’m getting a $10,000 speaking fee. I have to fly there, they’ll fly home room and board, whatever I got. I’m only got $36,000 left after all that. And I bring my wife with me and I’m down to 5,000 then we, I’m gone for the week and I’m not selling any books, but the guy who just spoke before me, that guy is selling books.

That guy sold some books and I remember thinking to myself, yeah, I should probably write a book. But then I didn’t, I kept going to more speaking events. And then at one point I remember I was backstage talking to a guy who was at a big event for the international community community bankers association and we’re the head Joe Montana as the big keynote speaker. And I was like on page seven at the end. And I watched the guy who’s at the page seven Kinda after me. So he’s lower down on the program than me. I mean I was entrepreneur of the year for state of Oklahoma and this guy was like the entrepreneur of the year for the state of Delaware or something, you know. So he was a little bit down the program for me, but he, he got up there and he said, now folks, I’m going to teach you three principles today for my book called my 10 steps for whatever.

I’m going to teach you three of my 10 steps. And he brought it, he was good. And I go, wow, that guy’s good. And then he goes, now if you want to know the other steps, I’ll be in the back. You can get my book. And homey sold all of his books. And I remember going, dude, how many books did you sell? Cause there was like 300 people there. And he goes, well, what I do, because I get up there and I talk and they only bring 150 books for an audience of 300. I tell you, I’ll have enough for 150. I don’t have enough air buddy. Uh, I teach three of my 10 principles and then I put a copy of the book in everyone’s chair. So when I’m speaking, they have it there and I tell them, hey, if you want to buy this book, you can, if you don’t have the money to buy them, if you don’t have the money to buy the book, here’s what I’m gonna do for you.

Um, you just come back to me in the back and you just tell me, you know, hey, I got a dollar or whatever you want to, uh, cause my books cost me about five bucks to print. And as long as you’ve got a dollar in your pocket, I’ll give you a book. I want to help everybody. And I’m like this, you really do this. He goes, that’s what I did. Did you? Not just, but I hadn’t watched the science of it. Really nothing. No Way. So you put a copy of your book and every chair you get up and speak three of your 10 principles. You tell people who say, Oh yeah, when I’m speaking, people flip through it. They love it. They can’t stand. Then I tell them, if you want to buy a book there in the back, if you don’t have the money, anybody out there, if you don’t mind just you just come up to me, give me a buck.

You can take a bug. I just want everyone to have the book those, that’s my move. I thought I got to write a book and then I did. But it was, it was like a year in between those events. It was a year of speaking and never selling a book. Then I went out the next year selling books. Every time I speak I speak 150 copies of a book for, you know, 20 bucks making mobile roughly a $10 profit on every book and I go has in her $1,500 right there. Bam. Extra Cheddar. So talk to me West about how we can get so busy. Yeah. You know, and this is how people stay poor or they get stuck. You’re so busy, you don’t have a time to look up and go, what, what fixed mindset has caused me to get here?

Well, I can speak from personal experience. You know, in a a law firm setting, a service setting, you get so busy grinding out to work, you know, you’ve got to a place where you’re busy all the time, you’re busy all the time and you’re just trying to get everything done for you. You go home, um, that you don’t stop to take the time to think big picture, you know, big idea, growth, vision, direction. You know, you just get lost in the day to day grind and, um, I think eventually you’re going to stop and look back and you’re, you asset. Where, how’d I get here? Where I’ve made no progress or I’m just busier. I’m not making that much more money. I’m not any happier. And uh, I think that’s how, that’s how we get there is that you just, you get caught in the grind, the grind, the grind, the grind, and you don’t take time to look at the big question. What makes me happy? How do I make more money?

Uh, Wes, I know you’re not a religious figure, but you could marry people, right? Uh, it’s hard to be a judge. No, really.

I mean, I could get a certificate online in about five minutes. And Larry some more.

Okay. So I say you can’t marry people this just, and you just because you’re an attorney, you can’t marry people. Why can you divorce him? Well, judge orders the divorce. Okay. So you can just set them up for failure. Right. Okay. Right now I have a confession for you here. By the power given to you by the state of Oklahoma, you might be able to take this confession, can cleanse me of my, I can repent. Absolve. Yeah. Okay. Um,

well here’s the deal. But I built DJ connection. I got it to a certain size.

We are growing it. And then one day I went to work and realized I hate

everyone who works with an exception of like the work. I hate this place. And then I did it again and then again.

And I assume I’m growing a business. Yeah. And now for the first time in my career right now, this very moment, yes, 201820172016 I have a team where I don’t have anybody on my team that I hate. I like them all, but I hated them and I felt like I always put, put up with stuff and I would get to the level where I would just feel like, oh, how did argue, how do people get, how do people get stuck with a team they hate? What did I, what do I do? What did I do? What do people, how does that happen?

Well, what happens is you, you end up not prepared and you have no options. So you’re in a place where I would love to fire Joe over here because he’s a horrible employee. He never shows up or he’s just brings drama every day. But I don’t have anybody to replace them.

I see. That’s what I was doing. That was the deal. And I, I no longer do that. But that is what I think my wife helps me with so much. Yeah. And he and I have to blame. So don’t you have to blame 20 Andrew, right. Don’t we have to be cute? We can’t accept response. But that’s the key to being stuck. You want to blame to blame someone. You can’t just own the issue. So I’m going to, I have to blame someone right now. When white wife, we started Dj connection together and she was in the office and her job was pulling weeds and pointing out this guy’s a psycho fire him, this guy’s a sick freak, this guy. And so I told him and we had kids, you know, Vanessa does have stayed home with the kids. Yeah. And so I got promoted to take over her role and I did a bad job.

So I brought on the morons hire this guy, he’s known I wanted to fix people. I’m like, yeah, this guy’s got to get crazy drug addiction. We can fix him. So everyone had emissaries. Every one of them had the conversations. Let me tell how bad it got. My wife, I was unloading the, the, the, the Djs are typically get back, get back from a show at like two in the morning, my wife’s unloading gear. Cause you’d meet the Djs and right on their check and they log in their equipment and Vanessa’s Vanessa’s jobs. So she was kind of the warehouse manager for these 80 disc jockey gets. Yeah. And I remember pulling in the driveway back. I got back from a show, I’ll never forget this, this is when we were at 8,900, uh, is uh, East Lynn Lane. Um, it didn’t hurt southwind lanes and broken or if you Google earth, we were at this building, this house pick 6,000 square foot house.

And I pull up the car and there’s a ton of djs loading it. So I don’t know, uh, that they don’t know him there. And this is the business conference. There’s one guy sweaty this way. He says, he says to my wife, I don’t know how the conversation started on have we got here, but he is asking my wife her breast size, but I don’t know what, I don’t know how he got into it. He’s just like, so what’s your bread? And I hear that and I’m like, surely he’s not talking to my wife, you know? And he was, yeah, and I’m, what in the crap. So I remember the guy, I’m like, dude, you get out here. I talked to you guys. Would dude found out this guy worked at night trips, local strip club on the weekends. And for him this is like the normal deal.

And I thought, Frick, this guy’s an idiot. Now I might radars up. And I said, [inaudible], what other stuff do they ask you? She goes, oh well one guy, um, is very open that he sells pot and he tries to sell it to us. We got a, another guy who has succeeded from the United States officially to blue to live in Latvia. He doesn’t pay taxes but he still lives here but he’s expatriated but he somehow he’s got an LLC in Latvia for plenty of those stories. We’ve got one guy who definitely was high when he came back from the show tonight, we got another guy that was drunk when he pulled in the driveway and that’s just the ones tonight and I’m going really? She goes, yeah. And another guy, I’m pretty positive he had two girlfriends in the car with them at the same time cause there was like a weird love festival going on in the front seat there.

And I’m like, how, you know, how did we get here? And as I started pulling back the layers, I realized we had some serious jack accessories rates. If you’re out there today and you’re building a team of pirates and neo Nazis and crazy dysfunctional, racist, backwards redneck confederate flag driving plumbing, put employees, you gotta where’s she going to pull the weeds? Yeah, you’ve got to get rid of them. And it’s not just for your own happiness but for your pocket book. I mean those are the kinds of employees they’re going to get you sued. They are going to get you sued. Yeah. That drunk guy’s gonna wreck rolled over some old lady and next thing you know your business is gone. And I used to always want to check. I used to always want to fix them. I have more stories though, cause I want west.

I’ve gotta get, I gotta hear this for West here. I had one guy, he comes back from a show and he says, I said, Hey, where are your speakers? He goes, well, what had happened was the hip, they have, they fallen off the vehicle and I said, you forgot who was like, oh, I forgot to bring them back. So I’m assuming they had fall. If he goes, they had fallen off and I guess I’d forgot to hold back on when I was loading in. Found out he was driving in Dallas on Holly won 21 or no is how he’s 75 from the hub. From the Anatole hotel driving north. Yeah. Near one 21 he’s on the way towards one 21 where it says the exchanges, these impro speakers that are as tall as Andrew is, fell out of the car, tumbled, hit a lady’s minivan.

She spins foof he kept driving. Yeah. She did not get killed. Could have got killed. Yeah. That happened. Um, I got a call from the director of the Omni Hotel to tell me that there was a loaded, it was a loaded ar assault rifle in the bedroom of the hotel blocks that I rented for the guys. And these guy literally would carry around a loaded assault rifle, I guess at all times. And I called him and I’m like, dude, what are you doing? I have the Omni hotel calling me. This is like illegal to bring this in. It’s loaded. What do you do? He goes, well man, you just gotta be on guard, man. I just forgot I left it there. And I’m like,

who leaves an Ar 15 somewhere accidental?

Well, check this out. I had one guy who would get arrested by the Tulsa police department a lot because he would get pulled over for erratic driving and he didn’t have a valid license. So Vanessa had to go to the county jail multiple times. I had another guy who would wake up at noon everyday when he supposed to be work at nine every day. Vanessa can validate that she’d have to go pick them up like three days, three or four days a week. And every time that we would knock on his door to wake him up and a Asian half nude Asian lady would run out every time like an Asian and her underwear every time, you know? And I’m like, well, I don’t know what this is. I mean it’s just crazy. These are real scenarios. You’ve got to ask Vanessa and these are the craziest.

This was my life and I, I, it was my fault. You let it happen. I did. Yeah. Now I will not let it happen, but that is a, that is an issue that that’s been my biggest Achilles heel on. My career’s just letting idiots gather because I tried to fix him. I’m like, he’s got a drug issue, but I can fix them. It’s not a move. Now Andrew, what is the next mindset of successful people then? The next mindset is successful people have a bias for action and results versus formal education, memorization in theoretical concepts. Wes, I’m not asking you to divulge any personal information about anyone that you worked directly with or ever have worked directly with, but we know of a mutual acquaintance who is Uber successful who will not touch a book. You could give them a book and say, read this book.

Won’t read the book though, cause he’s too busy closing deals, making money, networking, getting stuff done. And it’s the bias for a lot of the super successful people. I see once they get the knowledge they need, they want to just apply that. Now they’ve already read the books. They’ve already watched the videos that then there no all, they were just like, I gotta go, let’s, let’s activate, let’s take action. It’s not about what, you know, it’s about doing something, you know? And, and can you talk about that because you work with some really successful people now who you guys at winters and king. I mean you have a boatload of inbound leads coming in all the time. People want to work with you, but your partners, you guys, all, all of you guys have a bias for action. Why are, why are all super successful people action biased as opposed to formal education, memorization, theoretical concepts? Well, I think

it’s a, it’s a mindset of, of fear. Sometimes people are afraid they don’t know all the answers, so they’re willing to take that leap or that step. Uh, one of the things I see successful people do a lot, um, is they jump in before they know for sure exactly how they’re going to do it. So they asked, can you do x, Y, z? Oh yeah, yeah, I got to go drop point. And uh, you asked him, you know, after the room clears, I’m like, how are you going to do that? Oh, I don’t have no idea, but I can figure it out, you know? Um, and they have faith in themselves that they don’t need to go get all the answers before they jump in and start doing things.

There was a top CEO, I cannot mention his name, but I can’t say it’s $1 billion company. And I got a chance to shadow him for like a whole day. I called them up and harassed him permit. Finally the secretary gave in. I’m shadowing in a boardroom with these really successful guys all day with the US. Awesome. And in the meeting there was one critical question that was asked and he goes, that’s a great, that’s a great question. And I’ve got a plan. Let’s cover that tomorrow. I’ve got a plan. So let’s come back to that tomorrow. I’ll knock that out. No big deal. But it was like a major situation. Like we’re talking about assets worth north of millions of dollars had been abducted by a hostile nation. Okay. So we’re talking about, you know, oil, gas industry, you got your stuff in a different country, the other guy, the dictator has taken your stuff.

He’s literally taking your things nationalized. Yeah. And so this guy’s like, what are we going to do? I mean, we got a lot of stuff and the guy says, hey, don’t worry about I gotta I gotta plan. We’ll deal with that tomorrow. So we go up lunch, Thai food, Thai food, not for lunch. And I talked to the guy and I said, hey, what’s your plan there? He goes, I got nothing. You get nothing. I got nothing. I go, that’s a move because I do that move every day and go, what are you going to do now? He goes, oh, come up with a plan. Go home, figure it out tonight. And he’s like, but if I tell the guys I don’t have a plan, that immediately kills the emotional state of the meeting. People leave with no confidence. And I’ve got a situation that can’t go to the government for help.

Uh, might have to write it down. I’m going to have to report to shareholders. It is a lot to go on there and it’s a longer question. And Andrew, you send me the meeting, do that all the time. Always go, ah, highlight that green. We’ll come back to. Yeah, because if I don’t have the answer yet, it’s been, I’m an idiot. I just got to do some research or think about it. Ponder it now. Napoleon Hill, uh, who could not be here today because he is dead. He says action is the real measure of intelligence. I could not agree more. Now, mindset number four, Andrew and mindset in there for killing pilot kind of piling on mindset number three. But mindset number four, give to us. Got It. So, uh, to be successful, you don’t have to be a good planning jeopardy. So good at playing jeopardy. You don’t have to be good at playing jeopardy. You don’t have to be good. So what am I saying? You running around gathering general knowledge of everything is not going to help you grow your company, you gathering. So there’s a notable quotable from Napoleon Hill. Uh, Wes, I’m gonna read it to you and I’d like for you to break it down. Okay. And because a, I feel like this, this quote needs the, the swag in the energy. I’m going to cute my music and Andrew, if you can please

bring some from a grade at echo eight grade human echo. Here we go. Andrew is just practice real quick. Sorry. Go Echo. Echo, check one, check one could, I’ll slower. Kind of more like nebulous. There we go. [inaudible] Echo, check one, check one, check two, one. Here we go. An educated man is not necessarily one who has an abundance of general or specialized knowledge and educated man. Educated man. An educated man is one who has so developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants or she wants it or its equivalent without violating

the rights of others. That’s huge. That’s a big deal right there because a lot of people, I think I made some really smart financial idiots west West. I met some people that are really smart. Yeah. But they cannot sell anything. Oh. Just, they’re never going to close a deal.

I’ve met a lot of attorneys like that. Very, very book, smart genius, a plus students that you put them in a room with someone and they can’t even hold a conversation which grew big part of a service industry. Um, I think when Napoleon Hill is what I’m, what I hear when I, when I read that quote is that an educated man is someone who’s taught himself or as learn the skill of how to attack the problem. Not necessarily all the information. If I have a solution on here’s how I’m going to attack a problem and I can solve a problem, here’s how I solved the problem. Doesn’t matter what the problem is. It doesn’t matter what situation I’m in. I can go attack, solve, get a solution.

Uh, I’m not sure what the situation will be tomorrow or when we air this show on the podcast. Um, but I want to get just slightly political for a second to demonstrate an example in this, uh, Donald Trump, whether you like him or not, there’s a famous story that we’ll put on the show notes here, but it’s Andrew do a search for Donald Trump ice skating rink. Got It. There is this ice skating rink in New York City and that does sit. The state had been working in the city, had been working on this for years trying to get this famous historic ice rink restored. They tried so hard, but they just could not seem to figure how to do it taking years. So Donald Trump gets in the media and says, Hey, I’m going to get that thing. I’ll get it done in a year. Come on, let me have the project.

Yeah. And so that gave them the project and sure enough he got it done on time, under budget done. And this is kind of what he does all the time now. His new thing he’s fascinated about is he wants this wall now let’s say you don’t want a wall or you do want a wall. Either way. I really don’t care. This is just an example. There’s five point $7 billion. He needs to build the wall. And from what I can tell, he is determined. There are two ways to get the wall built. He’s talked to this probably his top advisors and today you read all those legal documents and you come up with two ways. Now he’s got two ways and I think the, these are interesting ways and somebody out there might be outraged when I share these ways, but this is what he’s doing.

Way Number one is he can shut the government down and essentially refused to allow nonessential government agencies to operate without a wall. Now for anybody who’s freaked out about this, you still get your social security checks. We still have a military. Okay. The IRS is still taxing people is the male can be mailed, but like the city, like the, uh, the national parks, they’re half CSBA. Those kinds of the SBA loan applications are slower right now. Um, historic museums, you can’t go to them. Yeah. That kind of thing. But what he’s doing is he’s shutting it down. And now it’s hilarious because he’s, he, I watched him, uh, just again, whether you like this or not, it was truly a, an epic thing to watch. He was being interviewed by like a CNN person and Fox people and they’re like, you know, hey, we’re heading to w you know, the week three of the shutdown or what are you going to do?

And he starts off, I don’t know if you saw this clip or read this headline. And he says, I said, what are you gonna do? What, how long do you think it’s going to be? He said, what could it could take up to years? Yeah, we are, we are prepared if it needs to take up to years. Now they’re talking about like how many days and he’s like, could take years. It could. We are prepared for gears maybe months, but you know, some have said, some have suggested years I would months, but we’re prepared until we get the the wall. And he goes on this huge thing about, well, you build a wall over here and if you don’t have the wall here, people go around the wall. And, and smart people come around on the walls. You got to build the wall cause otherwise people go around the wall. You’ve got to get, he goes on this huge thing and then people put their hands up, sir, sir, sir, sir, sir, yes, yes ma’am. The front row, sir. How many? How are you going to take care of the people that are jobless? And he’s like, well, you know, we’re prepared to be shut down for years if need be. And he just so is leverage move one there west. It seems like he’s prepared to shut the government down for the foreseeable future.

Yeah. And uh, if he, the first way of funding this congressional funding, if they won’t give it to him, he’s gonna veto every bill that comes on his desk.

So one way he’s going to do it is just be very difficult and vote no for a fleet veto anything and just shut the government down. Let’s move one now move number two, which is an interesting move. And it moved and I’m sure his advisers pointed out to him. I want you to look up a Andrew real quick. The estimated number of illegal immigrants that crossed the border per year and find something credible, the estimated number, find the number of per year. But I need you to find something credible, New York Times, maybe Fox, maybe Wall Street Journal West can look over your shoulder to make sure the link is a, is a, is a good one there. We’ll check with him. I want to make sure it’s a good one. So what he’s discovered is that if you have a country in that country is being invaded or people who are not from your country, you can’t stop them from coming in.

He has discovered that as the chief, uh, cause the commander in chief, uh, west and you know the law, but it’s a commander in chief when there’s an emergency, like if we got um, uh, a missile that hit a building or we had the towers tragically fell, these kinds of things, the commander in chief, as I as I understand it, you have the executive branch, you have the judicial branch, and you’ve got, uh, the legislative branch correct. And there’s three branches are designed to hold each other accountable. But if we get a missile that hits, you know, the Pentagon or something, he does not need to call a bunch of people and get approval. Right. He can just emergency powers, emergency powers. Now the emergency powers, how many people Andrew, are crossing the border per year if you’ve found that number. Uh, so New York Times says currently there’s a 10.7 million people, illegal immigrants in the United States right now. How many are crossing per year though? That’s, that’s Andrew. I demand the listeners. It was Andrew and I know that, uh, public research is a tough, it’s a challenging task. It’s one that’s not an enviable. We demand you determine the number of people that crossed the border per year.

None of them are going to be accurate anyway, but we’d like to rely on

what, what do you think west, what do the numbers, have you heard anything that’s credible at all? Anything that seems like seven people

you hear widely vi? No, it’s in the seven figures per year. But you hear very numbers because there’s no good way to track it because once they come across they, it’s not like the register with anyone. So you know all the estimates that I’ve seen, take a small sampling and then try to extrapolate from there.

Well let me do this. Let me, let me say this. Um, I’m going to say Pew Research. Maybe it could be, you know, a good one. The lowest number that I can find is like 75,000 people a year. 50,000 people a year. That’s what I’m seeing here. Find me something credible. I don’t know how many people are crossing low concerned average per year across in that sounds low. Yeah. So let’s just say it, and this is like, I’m just trying to give you the lowest thing. I’m trying to factcheck.org pew research I, but anyway, so it, how many people, so let’s say that you have 50,000 people here coming across the border and the president can say, look, I think this is a threat to national security from the executive branch position West. Legally speaking, you’ve, you’ve studied this under, you’re not into political law necessarily, but can he say it’s an emergency? How many people need to be crossing per year, but before we can say this is an emergency?

Well, that’s a great question. I think if he tries to move, it’ll definitely be something that goes in front of the Supreme Court. Um, because the whole question is going to be what constitutes a national emergency. Um, does he try to use, because it’s not a war power. Um, and so, you know, there’s federal statutes that he’s going to try to maneuver his way into to say this constitutes a national emergency

and so, and if it’s an emergency, now work with me on this. If it’s an emergency, it’s an emergency. Like we’ve got to go now. Right. So it sounds like that’s his fallback position is like

it is. And I think that’s the weakness of the case too, is if this has been happening since Ronald Reagan last past amnesty, you know, is it really in an emergency? And I think that’s where it gets very interesting is, is it an emergency? Is it so urgent that you cannot go through the normal?

See this is what I think’s going to happen. I think what’s, I didn’t want to, I mean his first position is he’s going to shut the government down. I think right now though, cause I know, I know the character of this man. I’ve watched him in the news for years. He is going to pull up examples. I think he’s going to get people like, hey this is Ranchard Bob, this is rancher Kevin. This is ranchers. Carl, this is rancher Ashley. Her son got beheaded last year. This person got burglarized. He’s going to give you emotional examples and he’s gonna use it in my opinion as a reason for the emergency right now I’ve got these going to gather recent hot, negative, very emotional but true facts

done it before at state of unions where he’s using as kind of examples to pushes.

And I think he’s going to do that. And I think what’s going to happen is all of a sudden he’s going to have like, you know the US Army Corps of Engineers building a wall now. Like, it’s not going to be like we’re running it through. It’s like, Eh, we are building.

Right. And he’s not the type to ask for permission. He’s gonna. If he decides to take that route, I think he’ll just do it and then make, make the court stop him.

I just, I, I again, did you enter? If you found a number still looking, you’re still, he still look at, you know what I’m going to do? I might have to finish today. Show.

Well, here’s one from the Washington Post’s border, arrests exceed $50,000 50,000 people per month for third month in a row.

There you go. North of 50,000 somebodies. If we’re arresting 50,000 how many are getting through? Right? And that’s per month. Is it? So is it seven per month? Is it seven people a month through? Once I get through, there’s no way to track. Now let’s flip it for a second. If he wanted to pitch this, this angle, if he wanted to do this, he could do this. Let’s think about this. If you had, if 50 of them were known to be jihadists, how many do we need to have before? It’s an emergency

question. It really, and that’s, I think his best argument is it only takes one

that didn’t see that, that this is why I’m, I’m saying all this to say that this is a guy who has the mindset of, I don’t need to know every law and every angle, but right now he’s really hitting the government shutdown angle, but I guarantee you his team is getting all the checklists together. They’re getting bids on the, on the steel and he’s making here in making this appeal to the steel. Oh yeah, US too, and this is what’s interesting too is remember Fdr f Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he put America back to work and I heard echoes of this kind of put in the steel industry back to work, creating jobs infrastructure. I really think he’s going to say the steel industry is how you know needs. That’s not the main reason, but also that can put people to work with this team. I just think I really do think we’re going to have a for real steel wall that will be started in the next 12 months. I think it’s going to be pretty epic, but I just, but again, he’s not going to sit there and like, did you hear him really appealing to, uh, did you hear him quoting a whole bunch of law when he’s speaking? Is He really

oh no, he’s saying, hey, the pope has a wall. Um, President Obama has a wall around his house. I mean he’s using these, his playbook just like in any electrical. Yes. A playbook that he’s using. Um, and that’s how he tax the problem.

And if you, and if you say, I don’t like, I don’t like that example, fine, let’s go with uh, Obama. Obama said, you know, I’m going to get Obamacare. And what did he do? He found people, isolated examples of people that he could find that couldn’t find healthcare or said they couldn’t find healthcare and he made any emotional appeal. And he went with, we went about it route a and then if that didn’t work, he went about it route B. But the guy didn’t focus on knowing every single aspect of the law, but he did focus on getting it done. And I just think that is a character trait you will see of successful people on either side of the aisle. I mean, people always like shocking that the guy

who got the bill passed has never even read the whole thing. I don’t think it shocked me at all. No, he’s, he’s got, he’s got a task in front of them. And his mindset is, I’m going to accomplish this task. It’s not, let’s look into the minutia of every single detail. Now you could say that’s good or bad, but people who get things done, drive, drive, drive and get it done.

Now another, another second trait of successful people is they work with a sense of urgency. I see this over and over again. Successful people have a sense of urgency. They have, they have about they value time. They, they say West won’t meet today at three. They say west, let’s meet to the Mro at four. Let’s let me call you at nine. Um, they’re fastidious about, hey, I’ll be there at eight. They show up at church on time. They show up to lunch on time. They call people back on time. And when they’re late, like five minutes, two minutes, eight minutes, they apologize. I am so sorry. Because they value other people’s time. They have a value of time. People that are not successful don’t value time. You say to the unsuccessful person, what are you doing tonight? They say, I don’t know. What do you wanna do? They wanna hang out. You say to the unsuccessful person, what are you doing this year? I don’t know. You say, Mr unsuccessful person, what are you going to do in an hour? I don’t know. What are you gonna do today? I couldn’t tell you. They’re just, it’s a very nebulous and successful people. It’s all blocked. It’s structured. Talk to me about why all successful people west according to, to to Napoleon Hill, they believe that a goal is a dream with a deadline. Well,

if you don’t put a deadline on something, it’ll, it very rarely gets accomplished. Oh, that’s so good. Um, are many people’s nature is to procrastinate and um, with a lot of task, my experience is that people procrastinate the most on the ones that they can’t get in. An immediate tangible benefit from. And a lot of your big goals require a lot of those smaller, intermediate tasks. You’re not going to see an immediate benefit from starting a podcast and it’s, Ooh, Shanda. So you’ve got to get a lot of stuff done that you’re not going to realize the benefit from for a long time. And those are the easiest things to procrastinate on. And so unless you put a deadline on it, things just don’t happen.

I’ll give you an example. A thrive nation. I have learned to not procrast honestly, I think I prepped procrastination is something I’ve struggled with the least in my career and they have a bias for action. But I’ve also, you know, early on in my career had a bias for the wrong action. So as an example, like putting in this pool with it, think about what we want it to look like. And they made the first rendering. I had to draw it Kinda and send it to him and I sent it to him and then it wasn’t what I wanted. Not because he did a wrong job, it’s because I drew the wrong thing. I drew what I thought I wanted, but I didn’t want what I want once I might have saw three d rendering, I said, no, no that, no that. Nope. I think I told my wife, I’m like, it looks too Yuppie.

And I’m like, I’m more of a dive bar. This looks Yucky. I can’t be yuppy. I’m a dive bar. I need a waterfall. And she’s like, well why didn’t you draw one on the first thing? Because I had to see what I did want paper, you know, that kind of thing. Yeah. So, but then I got it back and I’m like, no food needed to story deck. Not a one. And it’s like, you know, again, if you’re the pool guy, it’s like, you know, do you, do you have any idea what you want here? But I have to see it, change it, see it, change it. See that’s how I do it. But it would be easy just to not send over those revisions knowing that we’re gonna have to do 12 revisions. It’s easy just to go, well, forget it. Yeah. Mind that said, now the next character trait, Andrew, the next character character trait number six of the character, the mindset of super successful people.

Number six is what you must eat. Rejection for breakfast. You got to love rejection, baby. You’ve got to get into it. You’ve gotta love it. You gotta want it. You got to knead it rejection. If you don’t like rejection, you can’t win. As an example, west, over the years, I’ve referred to you, many people they have, they say, clay, who’s the best attorney? I said, well, legally west can’t say, but I can’t. But uh, I’ll, I’ll say, no west is my attorney. Yeah. Call West. Many people have called you and hadn’t, did not become clients. Yes. I don’t know why they say, well, you know, he wanted me to actually pay him. Ah, couldn’t find a time to meet that kind of thing. Um, but many people have become longterm clients. Yeah. Lifetime ongoing clients and, and that number continues to grow. A lot of people listening today are going, I don’t have a good attorney. I should probably call the guy, but I don’t, we don’t like do you sit there and lament about the deals you don’t get?

No. No. I mean, um, like you said, there’s usually a reason I worked at a law firm, one of the first law firms I worked at had a rule that they wanted to say no to every 10th client. They, they, they, they assume that one out of every 10 people are just crazy and not worth it then. So there you should find that one out of 10 people. Now I don’t, I wouldn’t subscribe to that, but you can’t get lost on the rejection, whether it’s clients or sells. It happens a lot. You know, that’s what I’m going to sell his business lawyers are selling an opinion, selling a client. I mean, it’s a, it’s a lot of sales going on and just any cells rejection’s part of the game.

I, uh, want to share with the thrive nation, uh, move than I did for years, which I am still doing now. Um, to a lesser extent because I don’t need to as much. If I want to pull this up, I’m a show it to you west just for, you know, transparency. You can see this as kind of crazy. Okay. So I got two lists them, I call this the dream 100. I did not invent the system. This is a system invented by Chet Holmes and a Chet Holmes was the partner of Warren Buffet and Charlie monger. And uh, what Chet found, this is what’s crazy. I freed me. Awesome idea. He says, if you, you as in Berkshire Hathaway, which owns Geico, is trying to uh, convince you to switch over to Geico. If they ask a hundred people, are you willing to take 15 minutes to say 15% of your insurance?

Three people will always say yes. Really never more than three, 3%. And then next month it’ll be different. 3%. Why? Because you just got your increase. You just saw your new bill. Maybe you got frustrated with your current company. 3% of people are willing to switch at any given time. So if they never stopped her ads every 33 months they’ve converted everybody. Yep, and so I will show this to you. This is, this is the one I’m working on for the book deal right now. It’s on the big screen. These are all of the people that I have had a conversation with about said book that are positive and I believe if I have a hundred book agents or contacts, one will actually, I’ve have two people, two people so far have said, we want that book. There’s an advanced there. We want to buy that book.

That new book to the mastermind manuscripts is going to be hot. It’s like a compilation of all the people we’ve interviewed. But out of the, I mean if I get, if you get, if you had west 10 people say, I want to, I want to take that book to the Finish Line really is an entrepreneur. You have to believe like one’s actually going to do it right. Them full of it. Right. But they’re providing people like to say, oh, it’s good. Oh yeah. Yes. Yeah. Now for the business conferences podcast was, I would like for it to ask you this question. How many guests do you think that we were inviting per week before we started to move into the top? 10 to 20 of iTunes. How many guests per week was I inviting on show per week? What if you had a guest? That number, knowing you and your team?

I’m going to say 1000900900 this is my list right here. I’ll show it to you. All the ones up here that are, um, red have told me no like never. No. Don’t ever call me. Yeah, we don’t like the ones in green have said yes, the ones in yellow have had been invited. Me or I have invited them. And so we have a list that’s, there’s two different lists, but there’s about a 4,000 people on the list there. And we were getting how many people a week do you think? Said Yes to? I invited 903. Yeah, it was like two to three. Which it’s hilarious because I had a member of my family go, that’s, well, if it was like 1%, it would be like nine. And so you don’t eat, you got to have third of a percent. Yeah. How do you deal with that rejection?

I mean, I don’t know. I’d probably just dumb or Numb, but I go for it now when we invite a hundred people, how many people do you think say yes. 15. And we’re about there. Yeah, it’s even higher now. It’s probably 30, 40. And we’re getting like huge names. They’re reaching out to us too. We got Wolfgang puck coming up soon here and we got a John Maxwell powerhouse. Uh, we’ve had, you know, your, your client pastor Craig Rochelle. We’ve had him on. We got Seth Goden. I mean, it’s really stacking up and it’s, it’s becoming where we’re getting emailed by like Shep Gordon. I mean, chip is like one of the top managers of all time managed Alice Cooper, then work with Sylvester Stallone. Uh, the, the, the Wolfgang Puck. I mean, just here. It’s crazy with Justin Bieber’s um, you know, the guy who’s a Lucas Keller who helps Justin Bieber write hit songs. They guy had seven of them, seven of the writers he represents. We’re in the top 40 in the music at the same time and you just, huge names are coming in. Um, Daniel Pink, we just got him on show. I mean, really neat. But now, so again, I just feel like somebody out there needs to hear that though because I think some people think, well, what’s the perfect script that I can make that will avoid rejection?

Yeah. I think again, it comes back down to fear. I think some people just don’t like how it feels and they’re, they’re afraid of rejection. And I mean, I, all, my mind always goes back to the lawyer stuff, but you know, if you’re going stay in the middle of a courtroom full of people and make an argument, knowing that a judge or a jury is either going to agree with you or completely slap you down, um, you can’t do it with fear of what they’re going to say. I mean you have to do it with conviction or you’re just frozen and you’re stuck with the fear. That’s good. And I think that’s what some people do. They’re just so afraid of getting rejection. They freeze and they just can’t move forward.

Now, this next, this next, uh, principle, I don’t, I don’t know that, um, um, we’re ready to move on to that because I want to give a couple clarifiers here on, on point number six, the sixth mindset. Proverbs 13, 11 states dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow. There’s another translation that talks about basically money gathered through get rich quick schemes disappears. Um, another example, it would be people that are handed success always lose it and then are crushed by it. I see that all the time. I see NBA players who have a ton of skill, but they didn’t really have a lot of talent. I did. It didn’t really work hard. They were just born with the scale kind of, and they weren’t super hard workers and that just runs over him. Whereas you see guys who are hard workers who earned their way into league.

Like I was like a Steph curry or a Lebron or a koby, just diligent workers. They get to the NBA and there’s an adjustment period, but they don’t get crushed by it. But the guys who just, you know what I mean? It’s the guy who was the Mcdonald’s, all American who clearly has never worked out. And then he shows up and all of a sudden gets a big check. They usually spend that big check. It’s sad how many people go bankrupt. It’s sad how many sons of big, the other dads head of something, the trust fund babies and the dad gives him an apartment complex and you see it go out of business. I mean, people get crushed by it. So you really gotta look at, um, failure on Napoleon hill rights. Every failure, every adversity, every heartache carries with it a seed of an equal or greater benefit.

It’s like weightlifting. You’re gaining more strength and capacity to handle these things so that as you’re going up, as you get promoted, you get promotion equals problems. They can handle it. It’s like a high water mark. You can handle that. It’s like you, uh, started out waiting in the pool for an hour. This is where they train people to become members of the coast guard. They practice like, you know, waiting in a pool for like an hour and then they practice for like two hours, three hours and four. Pretty soon they’re out in the middle of the ocean and these guys can stay out there all night waiting in the water because they’re used to that. But you don’t throw some the other day one like, oh look at the little baby, why don’t we have them run to work? You know? No, he’s a baby, doesn’t have a job. Furthermore, he can’t run a cave and stand. You don’t, you don’t want to try to run before you walk, you know? And so just I would encourage people to understand it is a process. Now, point number seven, mindset number seven, Andrew, is what you must develop a passion for the process. What does that mean to you? Where’s the passion? What he says, you must develop a passion for the process. A lot of people get

these dreams of grandeur and I’m going to make a lot of money and yeah, driver, I really, nice car. Have me a gorgeous house with a new pool. Ooh, yes. And they want to go.

These are good. Wait, did you say nude pool? New. Sorry, news. Oh, I’m just making sure I’m, I guess depending on who’s dreaming. That’s about the bonus point with this analogy. This is a good analogy. Now I’ve, I was worried for a minute there,

but you have to, you have to enjoy the journey because you can’t get from a to B without going through all the hard work. You’re talking about diligence. The hard work, the failure, right. And if you don’t enjoy that process, if you just try to get straight to the end of the tunnel, it’s not going to work. And you’re going to get frustrated unless you enjoy the day to day grind part of it, of what you’re doing. Because without the passion and the enjoyment, there’s no way you’re gonna stick it out.

There is a guy, I bought a yellow page ads years ago. The first guy that, the first episode [inaudible] first I bought them from was um, Mary. No, it wasn’t Maryann Simpson. It was um, who’s the referee got Kevin Lewis, Sally Lewis, Sally Lewis, who is the mother of one of our clients. Kevin Lewis. Sally sold me the biggest yellow page ad in the phone, book up, the biggest one. I got sold and I remember her saying, can we get a photo

hello? Phone dock there and then how far back here? Well, I wish I could get that excited about, Nothing. Are you kidding? Hey, how many three Johnson Barr. I’ve stopped. Funny now people look at the every day. The kind of spontaneous [inaudible] your name in print people, hi man, things are going to start happening to me now.

So I felt when the phone book showed up at my house, I was like, oh dog food, buck guys hair

the phone.

I remember just going, I went ape. Remember I paid for my first website, nit sucked. I won’t say the name of the company that built it, but they sucked in. It sucked. It sucked. And I pulled that thing up and it was nasty. I don’t, we’re going, I love you. Anyway. I love this website. Oh yeah, I remember Andrew, you see this sometimes where like my wife finished taxes. Remember the Mariachis? Yup. That was explain to the thrivers what happened there? Uh, so, um, uh, your wife had finished the taxes for the season and you’d walked up to me and whispered, I need a Mariachi band here by two o’clock. And it was like noon. This is the weirdest thing you’ve said to me all day. And not ever just not yet. No, not ever. No. And so I’m fan of Mariachi band, got them there and we had a party. And then what do we do to celebrate? John is John. John hates red tiles. What do we do? And Mariachi bands. We got them a red Mariachi band and we got him a bunch of snakes and a rep, alligators, alligators, that we would roam around the office, let them literally run under the tables and roam the office and it terrified him.

So now you have a Mariachi band on speed dial.

I do actually on my phone. Right. But I’m saying why, why would I celebrate though getting taxes done with a Mariachi band? Why do we do that? Just because a, it’s, it’s, it’s something that uh, she does that has a great effect on the company that has, um, it, it is something that she does that a lot of people may not recognize or may not think is a big deal, but it is actually a big deal. That’s a big freaking deal. It’s a crucial part of the con believable. And then, and then, ah, I showered her with lavish gifts. Yup. But you have to do this. You Ha you. If you’re out there, you got to enjoy the west. Don’t you have to celebrate your first, call it,

the small wounds. Uh, they’re not all going to be giant Lens. You got to celebrate the small wins and you’ve got to keep your staff motivated so you can’t keep it all inside. You have to share that passion with your sheet.

Now, uh, here’s how you don’t share the wins real quick. Let’s say you don’t do it. I’m going to work with the guy. This is about as far enough back. We’re doing can guess who it is. Okay. All right. That’s about 10 years back and he got promoted and he reminded me a lot of the character from the office, but he came to work and it was the sweetest car I’ve seen in a long time. Sweet. And he began to go, guys promoted, this is a big corporation and it is sweet. And the team’s like, yeah, it is. We don’t think we’re going to get something. He’s like, oh, it’s awesome. Then if I doubled my salary, you guys are awesome. You want to see something? And they’re like, yeah, you want to see dangles. The keys when it comes to go out there and it is a car that is at least four times what they make per year that he bought himself.

And then he ended it with the tagline. He said this, he goes, no guys, cause he thought it’s funny if you work really hard this year I’m going to get myself another one next year. And he turns to me cause I was as a consultant and he’s like, yeah I’m going. No. So we went back in his office and I’m like, do you realize what you just did? And he goes, what I just do. I said, you have just irritated the four or five pills I’ve seen how, you know, I don’t know how many people are here, but I mean they hate you. So you need, you need to go back out there and say psych, I got you guys all bonuses cause this, we’ve got about a 10-minute window. I mean once you’ve seen those morale killers where it’s like okay,

forced to turn your back through plot in your demise.

Right. So he goes back, guys, psych, I got you all. Something to this thousand dollar bonuses and they’re all happy, but do you just cannot do though. Oh, it’s going to kill the, he’s got to share the love. Share the love.

Hey look, you said you can’t, maybe he had the money, but you have to be careful to chase the material possessions too much. Right. What am I, I’m willing give you a little confession here. What am I guilty pleasures? I know you hate the game, but I love to golf and my wife Golfs. I like when you golf my children golf, I would like to go with what you golfing. So we belonged to a country club here in town where we call it a lot. Nice. Um, I drive a car that’s over 10 years old and it gives me a perverse sense of pleasure to roll it in the country club and my hooptie. Um, I don’t know why it is, but I enjoy golf. I have some value on that. Does it? Cars don’t really matter to him. Drive a car that runs, does it rhyme with small fish, mob of Moca Moma, that club. Um, and it does not beat her head. No. We Hedo Hedo nook. No, but I guess my point is find what you love and you can splurge on things that you love that are important to you. Don’t try to keep up with whatever notes, buying and doing that is a huge idea. Now, mindset number eight, Andrew, read the final, the final mindset you have to to become successful. Mindset number eight is people judge you based on what you do, not based on your potential. Get over this whole potential thing. I am so

tired of 40 year old man showing me their resumes, so tired of 35 year old people showing me their resumes and try to hide behind them. Like, do you realize I have my MBA? Great. Now you still suck at your job and you’re still behind on your to do list or do you realize I have a degree in graphic design. I, I’m a coder. I graduated from a matress school. I’m a just, I mean we had a guy that wanted to work for thrive. We didn’t hire him, but he came from an Ivy League school. I remember this guy, he had a masters in programming, computer programming, the highest you can go from a, let’s say top five ivy league schools, top five in the world, uh, top type, uh, right up there with like a Princeton, Yale kind of thing. Okay. He’s the guy. We fly him into Tulsa. He sits down. I said, dude, you haven’t gotten all the accolades, 4.0 whatever it is. Four point, um, Kinda Husky man. Oh, I’d liked it. Loved the resume. I need you to actually code and we do PHP here and we do wordpress. So I just would like to have you work on this project. I’ll tell you today, I just want to see what you can do. He sits down on the computer west and he’s like, you know, pop in the fingers like, well

he’s about the hacking into the FBI.

Uh, get to auditors here. Yeah. Kind of like to work with three cause how I work. Okay, let’s cut through, you know, as he flew in from of town, let’s get him here. Right. You, you would’ve met Jonathan loves a story, but John saw it happen. And then about 45 minutes, I’ve got the third monitor set up. He’s like, you guys have coffee, gets the coffee runs over there and it’s like hurting cats now it’s like noon. And I’m like, hey bud, I gotta ask you, can you actually code hoping that he would go, yeah. Have these obstacles? No, you can’t code. No, I mean it’s, I studied theoretical, you know, computer engineering, whatever. I can’t code though. I’m like, so you’re here and you can’t coat. Not can’t cut it off. So you got that. You wanted someone to head up the coders because I, with my background is going to at the manager of the coders, you guys got what?

Five or six coders, right? You got to front end, you’ve got a back end. I’m more of like the head, I’ll go, you can actually coat. No, no, I can’t. But I’m more of like, I’m more a visionary and I can see what thrive could be. And I, and I, I’ve just was so in with the craziest, he kept, then he says, now I would just like to say Clay’s face, dude. It was crazy. I remember I told, I told the guy, I said, we need to fly home. I appreciate you so much, but it can’t work on it. But I see a lot of people less. I see. And I see people who don’t have any real formal education to speak up, but they’re awesome. Yeah. I c. E I s I see equal numbers of really, really qualified people who suck and people who are not qualified, who are great.

I see equal numbers of that. And I see people who also have great accolades who are also great, great academia and they’re great. I see. I see that. But there you can’t hide once. You can just hide behind the potential. You can eventually, once you were the first overall pick in the NBA draft, eventually you have to score some points. It’s right. No, and you know, its potential, such a weird nebulous thing anyway. I mean it’s someone’s right opinion about what you’re capable of. I mean it’s so subjective that, I mean it’s got to like get you a job when you’re 18, but uh, it’s not going to get your second or third job. People are going to judge you on your, your accomplishments, your attitude, your character, right? Not your potential. And so if you’re out there today and you’re saying, you know what, I, I learned something, I learned something today.

I want to, I want you to be a doer of the word, not just a hearer of the word. I want you w of the word want you be a doer of the word and not just a hearer. I want, uh, the pulling hill once said, he says, um, that, you know, action is the real measure of intelligence. Thomas Edison said that vision without execution is hallucination. I’m saying that knowledge without application is just dumb. Gaining knowledge and not doing anything. So I want you to think about which of those mindsets you need to work on today and commit, and the next 30 days, that’s not going to be a stumbling block for you. You can make change. It is totally possible. My name is Clay Clark. I’m not an attorney. Uh, I can’t help you legally, but West can. And so if you’re looking for an attorney in your corner that can help you and look out for your best interests for your business, for your business conferences, or your ministry, checkout winters, king.com today, it’s winters, king.com and without any further ado, we’d like to in each and every show with a boom young. Andrew, are you ready? I’m ready, Mr Wesley. You’re ready? Absolutely. And here we go. Nation. Now three, two, one, boom.



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