What Tradeoffs Did You Have to Make to Get to Where You Are Today? – Ask Clay Anything

Show Notes

“There’s no such thing as work-life balance, There are work-life choices, and you make them, and they have consequences.”- Jack Welch (The former CEO of GE who grew the company by 4,000% during his tenure)

  1. No Air Conditioning
  2. No Wasted Time
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The secret to success is determined by daily agenda” –  John Maxwell
  3. No Idiots and Human Drama
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn
  4. No Wasted Money
    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” – Dave Ramsey
    2. Days you cannot take off until you are profitable:
      1. Day before new years eve
      2. New years eve
      3. New years day
      4. The day after new years
      5. The day before MLK Day
      6. MLK Day
      7. The Day after MLK day
      8. The Day before Presidents day
      9. Presidents day
      10. The day before Easter
      11. Easter
      12. The day after Easter
      13. The day before Memorial day
      14. Memorial day
      15. The day after Memorial day
      16. The day before July 4th
      17. July 4th
      18. The day after July 4th
      19. Labor day
      20. The day before labor day
      21. The day after labor day
      22. Columbus day
      23. The day after Columbus day
      24. Veterans day
      25. The day after veterans day
      26. The week of Thanksgiving
      27. THe day before Christmas eve
      28. Christmas eve
      29. Christmas
      30. Your birthday
  5. No Unsolicited Feedback Loops
  6. No TV
    1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “Average American watches 5 hours of TV per day, report shows”
      1. http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/average-american-watches-5-hours-tv-day-article-1.1711954
  7. No Girlfriends
    1. FUN FACT – “Past statistics have shown that in the U.S. 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce.” – https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-intelligent-divorce/201202/the-high-failure-rate-second-and-third-marriages
    2. FUN FACT – “78 percent of the men interviewed had cheated on their current partner.” – 5 Myths About Cheating – https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/five-myths-about-cheating/2012/02/08/gIQANGdaBR_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.05ab54a87466
    3. FUN FACT – “17 percent of couples are content in their partner.” – https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/contemplating-divorce/201709/are-you-among-the-growing-number-unhappy-married-people
  8. No Social Media
    1. SUPER MOVE – Turn off the notifications!!!!
  9. No Get Rich Quick Attempts
    1. No money down real estate
    2. Being an internet marketing genius
    3. Joining a pyramid scheme
    4. Trying to go viral
    5. The idea of the week
  10. Sharing Car

Are the tradeoffs worth the upside? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hp_y0wDFz0

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Audio Transcription

Two men, 13 multimillion dollar businesses, eight kids, one business coach radio show. It’s the thrive time business coach radio show. Get ready to enter the thrive time show.

All right. Thrive nation. Welcome back to the conversation. It is the thrive time show on your radio. And My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former United States Small Business Administration entrepreneur of the year. Uh, those of you who’ve been to a formal college, you might have been familiar with the term professor and I would be familiar with the term bro fest. So today. Oh, we had a thriver that asked me at the conference and I told him that I would answer it on the podcast, who they came up to me and asked me during, in between one of the breaks, we always do a 45 minute coaching sprint or coaching session. And in between those sessions there’s 15 minute breaks, free to ask questions, write them on the white board, utilize the porcelain palace, that kind of thing. And this person says, hey dude, what kind of trade offs did you have to make to get to where you are today?

And I bet that is a good question, Marshall. It’s a very good question. And so Marshall, I’m going to go through some of the Tradeoffs Vanessa, Vanessa, and I made and you as the business coach, get to brag on any of your clients that you’ve seen, do this kind of thing. Alright. People you’ve seen do this kind of thing. And then you can also one up Marshall on, on. And then Steve Currington the bowling ball of mortgages cert. You can chime in if you’ve ever done these things up. I would like to, to upchuck no false narratives there, Steve. So don’t say, oh I did that too. No. Okay, here we go. We know you’re kind. So the first trade off I made, there’s a lot of tradeoffs, but the first one I made is no air conditioning. Marshall Marshall, no air conditioning, no air conditioning. So turned off the air conditioning to afford advertising.

Now is, is, it’s pretty hot in Oklahoma, but you turned off all of the air conditioning. Yeah. So how’d you stay? Cool. We did not. Uh, we use, we use the old school technology called sweat. We used a box fan, honestly it was a box fan, then took showers when possible, but the whole thing was we needed to advertise and we didn’t have the money to do it and we know that starving our business would. We knew that it would be starting our business to not advertise. I mean you could have the best speakers, which we did the best microphones which we had. You could have the best equipment, but if you don’t have customers that doesn’t work. So Jeff, we just turned off the air conditioner. You have to and you know the last thing you can do is starve your business, have its lifeblood.

That is cash and if you have to make payroll, you’ve got to, like you said by any speakers, you’ve got to find ways to do that. And we had no wasted time. This is a, this justin. I think this is a big one for somebody out there. My wife and I just didn’t waste time. I worked at Applebee’s target and direct TV and she worked at office depot and Oral Roberts University and I knew that I had to drop her off at a certain time in the morning so that she could get to a office depot. I knew that she to, once you went to office depot, she knows she had about 30 minutes to get from there into change her outfit and to go to cheerleading practice at Oral Roberts University and I knew we had it all mapped out and we had a very specific day. We had a plan.

There’s no way possible we could have done it. We had one car, so it wasn’t. It wasn’t possible to do it if we didn’t have a daily daytimer Marshall. How important is it for all the clients out there for anybody out there listening? You have to have one calendar, man won’t. We didn’t waste time wondering, Hey, where are you going? Where are you going? I didn’t say, I’ll talk to you about tomorrow. We had a written out, typed out, shared calendar, one calendar for our family and our business. Just one calendar. How profound is the idea of having one calendar? Well, it’s very profound because you don’t have 24 hours in the day for your personal life and 24 hours in a day for your business, 24 hours for everything else. You have one set of 24 hours and you have to schedule accordingly. When am I doing my faith?

When am I doing my family time? When am I doing my business time in? Unless you’re proactive in scheduling that, then you’re not going to get everything done. Only what is scheduled gets done, and this is one of the things that when I work with my clients, they say, well, I just never got to this thing. I go, where is it in your calendar? So you have to have the time blocked off for when the things that are on your to do list and the things that are most important are actually scheduled as an appointment into your calendar. It is absolutely profoundly important for everybody out there that you have one calendar and one to do list a John Maxwell chimes in, and we’ll put this on the show notes. John Maxwell writes, the secret to success is determined by your daily agenda. The secret to success is determined by your daily agenda, what the secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda.

Now, what if? What if I don’t have a daily agenda welding, then that’s the secret to your non success. Now, the third idea, no idiots or human drama. Now, before we get too far down, the tradeoffs question I’m asking you, is it worth it for you? It isn’t worth it. And now there’s a commercial that I heard yesterday that blew my mind because it’s actually real and I want to play it for you. This is a smoking cessation, a pharmaceutical drug that you can take those right? If you’re out there listening, uh, no offense to you, but I would get off this drug, but this is in my, uh, professional advice. Now this is, this is the commercial and I have not dr this commercial in any way. I’m going to play the commercial for the listeners. And Chuck, you have to step a little bit back from the mic.

Same thing, Steve, because if you want to laugh, you understand that this is an actual real commercial and I have not talked to this commercial in any way, so I will now play the audio, but if you laugh, don’t laugh too close to the mic because it kills the reality that there’s somebody out there saying, I have a hard time stopping smoking, so rather than just not go to the store and not buy them and rather than being pissed off for a in a row and rather than doing sunflower seeds or rather than doing some kind of nicotine gum, I’ve chosen this solution because the reward is worth it to me. So here we go.

Quit smoking with chantix and support. Talk to your doctor about chantix and a support plan that’s right for you. Some people have had changes in behavior, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. If you notice agitation, hostility, depression, or changes in behaviors thinking that are not typical for you or if you develop suicidal thoughts or actions stopped taking chantix and call your doctor right away. Talk to your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems which can get worse while taking them champions. Some people can have allergic or serious skin reactions to chatting, some of which can be life threatening if you notice swelling of face, mouth, throat, or a rash. I stopped taking chantix and see your doctor. Tell your doctor which medicines you’re taking as they may work differently when you quit smoking. Chantix dosing may be different if you have kidney problems. The most common side effect is nausea. Patients also report in trouble, sleeping and vivid, unusual or strange dreams. Until you know how chat may affect you. Use caution when driving or operating machinery. Chantix should not be taken with other quit smoking products.

The urges word like they used to be. And that helped me talk to your doctor to find out if prescription chantix is. Why did we have a pistol in his hand?

Well, I’m saying what side effects doesn’t it have? That’s what they should have listed. I just wouldn’t. I would encourage you out there. If you’re other today and you’re saying, Gosh, you know, I don’t know. I, I don’t know whether the trade offs are worth it. Get off the field. Then you’re, you’re hurting your family. If you’re saying to yourself, I want to start a business, but you’re not willing to make the trade offs. It really is sad. You’re hurting everybody. You’re out there acting, you’re playing business, you’re pretending like you want to play business. You’re pretending like you want to be a linebacker, but the first time you get tackled or hit or someone throws a block or you fall down and you say, oh, I know I can. I mean, let’s go with professional football or business coach is a trade off. This just did this just in from our Home Office.

This, Justin, if you play professional football, you, you will have a concussion and another concussion. Right? And then eventually your mind won’t work, so maybe one should consider whether one wants to play football or not. I don’t play football. I enjoy watching football, but if all the players quit tomorrow because they said, you know what, we don’t want to die. I would say, cool, I’ll find a new sport because it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to make the trade off what’s. What’s insane is playing in an 18 year nfl career and then getting to the end of it and wanting to sue the league because you’re shocked that it caused brain trauma. Another example. What’s craziest smoking your entire life. Do you remember that crazy lawsuit came out in the nineties where all the big tobacco companies lost. You represent the big, big lawsuit. Steve. Just remember this.

Yep. And people were just before chuck was born, people were shocked that it was conclusive that smoking was bad for you, obviously. Weird obviously. Was anybody shocked by that? I mean your uncle, like you know, Gary’s and his like his fifties and he’s. Hello Steve. How’s it going? Hey, that was my aunt, but I’m. But I’m just saying is, are we shocked that that’s bad for somebody? I mean, come on. So the tradeoffs. No wasted time. No air conditioning. The next one is no idiots and no human drama. Oh, you do? I want to put this on the show notes. This is a Jim Rohn quote that I’m paraphrasing, we’ll put the actual quote on the show notes. You do become the average of the five people that you spend the most time with and for Vanessa and I just realized I cannot associate with certain people.

As an example, there was a guy that she cheered with. Now I will imitate this man and this is what he would do. Every time I’d pick up Vanessa from cheerleading and he would say, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, so where do you work at? And I would say I won’t work at Applebee’s. Just got off semi applebee’s shirt on. He said that is tragic. They did not pay people well there. And did you hear this? Your wife did not get promoted because such and such got promoted. It is unbelievable. It is. It is. It is atrocious. I will say that it is atrocious. And then the music I got hired to mix the music for oral Roberts University, so my job was to mix the music for the cheer routines and it didn’t matter what mix I came up with. As soon as I got to the end of it, he goes, that’s fine, I guess, I mean, whatever, every single time, and I would say, well, how would you want to make it different to there?

And he would say, is this real? It doesn’t matter. I mean, my opinion obviously doesn’t matter obviously. I mean obviously and he would just pout all the time and it was a ridiculous use, a ridiculous human. So I remember walking up to him and saying, never speak to me again. I don’t value your opinion. And then it was so great because I never saw him again, but other. I mean he literally came to our apartment. He came over to give tips on music. You. We constantly tried to accommodate this guy. He always had an opinion. You cannot have human drama. Jim Roan, the best selling author writes, you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. You’re the average of the five people that you spend the most time with. Chop.

So Luke Owens, owner the hub. Jim, that was one of the first things we really started working on together. About a year and a half ago when he started working with the thrive time show and he has a huge heart and he wants to help people, but when he finally realized is that these people that he was hiring, we’re just taking advantage of him. They were taken advantage of his kind heart and taking his resources and so once he realized that he had to pretty much get rid of his entire staff and Rehire, it literally changed his life. So not spending time with idiots and dealing with drama is one of the best things you can do. If you’re growing a business.

I would just encourage you out there to write down the names of a few people in your life and just say, you know what? I got to refer that guy to a church, but I got to quit talking to them like I got to just stop talking because the conversation itself is just. It’s. If you’re an entrepreneur. Let me give you an example of the kind of things you want to watch out for. These are the kinds of people and things and they might not seem like really bad, but they’re really bad business coach people that use the phrase sort of to end conversations. You just cannot surround yourself, appeals. They have sort of whatever because what happens is that’s a passive aggressive way of saying I don’t agree, and I they just don’t have the courage to say it. You do not want to be around those kind of people.

You don’t have to be around people that have an endless loop of emails. Steve, people that constantly email, constantly email and you don’t. You cannot have too many of those people in your life where you will. You just cannot get ahead. Steve, what? Hey, I’m still hesitant. One thing that I’ve learned from you, clay, is I had a problem with this in the past, but don’t be vague when you’re ending a relationship with somebody. Go Steve, that’s great. Don’t, don’t, don’t just have to let those things linger around like you’re very direct. You’re not rude necessarily or not a hurtful to people, but like when you’re going to interrelationship, make sure they understand that the relationship is. Steve’s very good at this because he’s very good at sales and he’s learning this process, but you don’t want to. I want to tap into your wisdom on this. You don’t want to have open loops, right? You know, where there’s like an [inaudible] either the, either the deal’s going to close or it’s not right. The person’s going to use you for their mortgage or not. And, and people that just email constantly. Steve talked to me about how you, why it’s so important that you get rid of that, that endless email loop.

Yeah. We, we just had this with a, um, with a vendor that we work with. They provided their lead service and we were dealing with. They’re kind of like their it guy and we’re having this trouble because it was all an email in the sloop of us getting notified of leads properly. So when I finally got this knucklehead on the phone and he claimed that it was fixed or whatever, I said, great. That’s awesome. I just want to be clear. I never ever want to speak to you again, like ever like, Eh, I just want to make sure that we’re clear that I have no desire ever to ever speak to you again. Do not call me, do not anything. Write me a letter or do something, but I don’t want to talk to you again so that it’s not because that’s what it was. I mean, Casey and my office spent literally three months dealing with this guy trying to get things set up correctly to the point that I finally had to get on there and deal with a knuckle head that didn’t know what he was doing and was probably being passive aggressive about it. And so when I ended it and we fixed it, I just said, don’t ever call us again.

Now. Next area of trade off of this and I made is no wasted money. We just didn’t go out to eat ever. We went to the dollar movie theater. Um, the last two movies we saw. Remember I watched a, a rob Schneider and an incredible movie, an incredible movie called animal the animal, the animal. That was an incredible, incredible film. So good. Whatever. It’s whatever. It’s a movie. It’s great. You called a film. You Act like you have some sort of like extra afleck. It’s A. Well, it’s a film Marshall. It’s. It’s an unbelievable drama. Starring Rob Schneider called the animal. The other movie we watched was old school, which was the old school, but the movie called a school of rock school, which I believe is the worst movie I’ve ever seen and I made my. I wouldn’t leave because I paid a dollar and get this dollar and Vanessa was like, listen, we’re not wasting money here, but we’re wasting time.

Let’s go. Well now I’m very famous for getting up and leaving movies. I’m known for that. If I go to a movie and it doesn’t work in the first nine to 10 minutes, I’m done every time I will not sit through a movie I don’t like. I won’t do it. Right. I won’t eat food. I don’t like either. So if I go somewhere to eat and the food’s not good, I just throw it away. I don’t care. So again, but when we are wasting money was a big thing for us. Back to the dollar movie every time we never went out to eat, we never did it. You can’t be going on endless vacations when you can’t pay for marketing. I mean you just can’t. You’ve got to. It blows my mind Marshall. But people that will like not, it’s like they feel like they have to go on a vacation or a trip.

But we never went on trips at all ever. We never went on trips. We never want to vacation and I don’t understand the idea of saying I can’t afford marketing. I can’t afford to run Internet ads or I can’t afford a, a, you know, run ads on Youtube, but I can afford, do this trip. Steve, you just can’t. I, I heard someone yesterday. I was sitting in a model home for Shaw. Yeah, there was a client in there that was talking to one of the salespeople and they were talking about this house they wanted to buy and they said, and I just don’t understand this because they said, well we want to do this and we have to put the down payment, but we have to figure out how to budget that with Christmas because with the kids we’ll, you know, we’ll spend about $2,000 total for the kids get and I thought, what you’re going to spend $2,000 on your kids’ gifts.

And then like the Nice I want to kids might be a house. That’d be the kind of thing I want to. I want to share with the listeners. I want to empower somebody out there. This is an actual move every single year. Our entire marriage, I have put all of our personal expenses on either a discover card or like a quick silver card. One of the carts, okay. Discover is the one I like to use and I don’t change my spending habits at all to accommodate stores where I can get more cash back. I don’t go just to Sam’s because I can get more cash back. I just buy like I would normally buy and I get on average of one percent back. Okay? Sometimes you get two percent back, whatever. I have never ever in my entire marriage spent a dime on Christmas. It’s all just cash back.

There you go. Every time. So furthermore with them, he had very little cash back. We just had very little gifts and it’s okay because Christmas stands for cries to the Max and he died for your sins is the root idea and so what you could do for Christmas is you could say, kids, let’s celebrate the birth of Christ and let’s not celebrate the fictitious birth of Santa and therefore we won’t give each other gifts because the ridiculous commercial holiday that’s been created by the good folks at Walgreens and the good folks at gift card companies and hold mark and all of the retail stores should not in any way affect your spending. What are you saying that you had skipped Christmas and I often have because I just don’t care. I skipped Easter. I skipped birthdays. There’s been. You’re checking out their thrive nation, you know there.

There are years that I have skipped my own kids’ birthdays and scheduled them at a month later at a time that it was more convenient such as this year birthday, so just you two days ago. My daughter had a birthday on August 30th and we won’t celebrate it until the following weekend. Why? Because of a recording schedule because of trade offs because it works better. I don’t have to take off a Wednesday because it’s my birthday or your birthday Marshall. I don’t have to spend a copious amount of money on a holiday just because just because Mr Hallmark says I need to marshal and so you’re talking about all these different ways that you shouldn’t be wasting money outside of the business. Right, but it’s just as important as don’t waste money in the business. Come on. If you’re spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars every single week to drive in leads and at no point do you call those leads, that is wasted some money.

That’s been. That never happens. That never happens, but I’m telling you, there is a business owner out there that needs to go home, print off their credit card report. I, I had a client that I did this with last Thursday where they needed to print off their entire credit card report because everything that they were charging their card on was not actually showing up in their quickbooks, which is supposed to be automated. Oh, that’s supposed to be abby much. Every time you got to look at it. Anytime we ever sit down with anybody to go over quick books, it’s always a disaster. Brokes seriously. Quickbooks is, is a disaster for people because they put the information in there and they don’t understand where the information came from and they’re delegating that to a accounting firm or a bookkeeping firm that frankly doesn’t care like you care. So, uh, accounting firms are great to analyze data and to help you make strategic a strategic tax, write off decisions or to be aware of new laws and changes, but you gotta do your own bookkeeping or have somebody in house that you trust. Just do not trust what quickbooks is saying. Chump. I got a notable quotable from a Sir Dave Ramsey. No wasted money. He says, a budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. A budget is telling your money where to go. Instead of wondering where it went.

I would

like to read off and I’m going to see if you can keep up with typing these from page 19 of the boom book here. I’m going to write off all the days you can’t take off until you are profitable as a small business owner. Okay, so here we go. It’s going to be 365 the day before New Year’s Eve. You can’t take off the day before New Year’s Eve. Second, you can’t take off New Year’s Eve. Third, you can’t take off new year’s day forth. You can take off the day after New Year’s Day. Oh, you can’t take off the day before Martin King Day.

You can’t take off Martin Luther King Jr day either. Oh, you can’t take off the day after Martin Luther King Jr Day. You can’t take off the day before. President’s Day, you can’t take off presidents’ Day, you can’t take off the day after President’s Day or you can’t take off the Thursday before Good Friday. You can’t take off Friday and you can’t take off the Saturday before Easter and you can’t take off Easter and you can’t take off the day after Easter. You can’t take off the day before Memorial Day. You can’t take off Memorial Day. You can’t take off the day after Memorial Day. You can’t take off the day before Independence Day. Oh, you can’t take off independence day and you can’t take off the day after independence day. You can’t recognize fall break, spring break or Christmas break. Just because school teachers want to be off one third of every calendar year doesn’t mean that the world cares. Bring your kids to see the Dr Joe Lye punters, alright.

Labor Day, the day before Labor Day, the day after Labor Day, the day before Columbus Day. Come on. That’s not even a real freaking holiday. Some of you are taking that down with the bank. Takes it off. Yes, because the bank is an established business that is making a profit. Make a profit. I thought they did. Stop it. Columbus Day, the day after. Columbus Day. The day before Veterans Day. What? I’m passionate about the veterans. Oh cares. Veteran’s Day, the day after veteran’s day. The Monday. Oh, Steve. This is a good one. The Monday of the week of Thanksgiving, the Tuesday of the week of thanksgiving. You see this all the time. I call this the the plagues. People never worked this entire week at all. The Wednesday of the week of thanksgiving. Get with me after the holidays, thanksgiving, January, January, black Friday, which is a made up retail day after thanksgiving, the weekend of Thanksgiving, the day before Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, the day after Christmas. The seven days where you feel sick every year because your normal human, but you can’t take sick days because you own your own business and your birthday. Now, chuck, if people take heed of what I just told them,

you just. You just saved yourself 104 days a year. I want to make sure we’re getting this third of the year. I want to be clear. Most people take all of those days off of which is 104 days per year. That’s a lot of days. It’s hard to get anything done when every week is interrupted by a stupid holiday. I just don’t. It’s like a third of the year. If you need to pretend to be a Jehovah’s witness in order to not celebrate holidays, then do you just gotta get it done right? Then when you have copious amounts of money, you can take whatever. If you want

a hundred and four days

right now, here, here is the, the here are some other days that you have or other trade offs that you have to be willing to make that I was willing to make to get to where we are today. So here we go. No unsolicited feedback loops. I just don’t hang out with people that give me feedback unless I solicited. I just don’t, I don’t, I just don’t. I don’t know how to explain that to you other than I just don’t. I, I, I can’t think of A. I guess a good example recently is, uh, somebody called me somehow. They like that they text me, I called him back and they were pretty good kind of getting through the system. So it seemed like it seemed like someone I knew Kinda, you know, it was an unidentified number but it seemed like someone I knew and I thought maybe you know, so I them and they went on a huge thing about how hey, you know where you’re at in the community, you really, you really should be a part of the chamber. Oh No. And I go, okay, that’s cool. I’m not going to do it though, but you really should be a part of the chamber. That’s awesome. But I’m not gonna do it, but we’re. But, but you guys are considered a leader in the community and you should be a part of the chamber. Not going to do it. And I moved on. No TV, no TV. Yeah, tradeoffs. No TV. The average American is watching five point two hours of TV per day. We’ll put that on the show notes up you at a hot take there

guy see efforts or automotive. Got on the phone with him two weeks ago and he said he got rid of the TV out of his bedroom right now he’s going to bed at eight to 9:00 getting up at three to 4:00 AM and that TV was just like a siren calling and the distance and it will, he would just turn it on and he found himself doing it and he realized it and he just got rid of that thing.

My kids went to a wedding yesterday with the grandma and uh, I took my wife on a date. We went out for some guacamole and then we got pedicures and then we watched a mark Wahlberg movie and then at 8:00 I went to bed because the kids were gone and I liked to sleep when I don’t have something to do. And we already had had our date. And so I went to bed. I don’t have to stay up watching TV. This, Justin, I don’t have to stay up watching TV. This, Justin, I just say somebody five point two hours per day. We’ll put the facts on the show notes. Steve,

I um, took cable out of our house a few months ago. Oh yeah. And um, so that I didn’t have any questions and I was super clear about it. Knowledge. I take the cable out, I took all the cable boxes out and I took them out of the house so that way it couldn’t be reversed, you know what I mean? It’s like not only did I cancel cable but all the cable boxes are out and because I don’t really watch tv either, but it’s just like, you know, the TV’s like constantly, I’m like, why are we paying, it’s like $400 a month for cable. It’s a lot of when we don’t even really use it. So now we have like, you know, you get like sling tv, you can pick up some stuff, but really what happens is you just, the family watches stopped watching.

Now chip, I want to put this on the show notes. We have a podcast we did previously called sex drugs and you’ll find the podcast and I want to put the links to some of these facts, but Marshall, it’s weird, but I don’t have any girlfriends. You got one wife? No girlfriend, but that right there, I think right off. That’s a trade off. I think that that probably applies to somebody who’s listening right now or no, no, no. None of our listeners. No, no, no, no. But somebody they know probably work with someone like that to give that advice to. Now The Washington Post, uh, did some research and it showed that 78 percent of the men who were surveyed, 78 percent of the men that were surveyed have had an affair.

Surely you can’t be serious. I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley.

Think about that for a second. Marshall, if I go on a date with somebody and I’m not married to them, that’s probably going to cost me at least 50 percent, maybe 60 percent of my net worth to. Man. It’s a financial tip. Yeah. That’s not a, not a tip for success. I’ve seen that a lot of entrepreneurs still going on dates. You really shouldn’t take the secretary on a date. You shouldn’t. Wife gets ticked. If I, if I go on a date with someone that sir, that weird. This just A. Oh, we’ll move on here. Okay. Sally. So no social media that’s not intentional. No. Social media lists intentional. Right? Um, I just don’t go on there and to end debate. So let me just give an example of stuff I missed out on that I only know of because I’m involved in my kids go to cheerleading, but these are things that like I didn’t think about, but I guess that are going on right now that we’re very hot topical things that I was in this podcast will be released, but I’m just saying these are things I don’t know about, but apparently people are up in arms about they’re upset about this.

I mean this is, this is some of the stuff that, that matters to most here. So one apparently I’m Matt Lauer’s just been, he’s just, he’s had some forums. Matt Lauer. Yeah. Apparently Elon musk is having some issues. Apparently Brad Pitt is having some issues right now. Now here’s the thing I love. I personally am not having any issues, so I don’t care about someone else’s issues that I can’t solve. Right? So I just in social media is pretty much gossip, political division and people just playing the highlights, reel, highlight reel of their life as they try to one up each other. So get off of social media if it’s making you crazy chap.

I got a big, big trick for everybody out there. Oh, oh, big, big, big, big trick will turn off all those notifications. You don’t need all the little red lights for Instagram, twitter, everything is popping up. Do you look at your phone because somebody is calling in, they are offering them notifications. Turn them all off. We’re going to turn you off.

No, no. Get rich quick attempts. No get rich quick attempts, right? Uh, I think I see a lot of entrepreneurs that are doing great running their business and then they fall prey to a multilevel and that multilevel distracts them from what they were doing. And then they get back to their quote unquote boring business and they run that, they run their title company, they run their cabinet company, they run their whatever company, and then they try to get rich quick. And I see people try to get rich quick in the following ways. Chip, no money down real estate. Yep. No money down. Real estate is just a. everyone wants to do that one to becoming an internet social media marketing expert. That’s one of my favorite. Get rich quick moves right now. Yep. The third is joining any pyramid scheme at all pyramid schemes. Those are good, right?

Fourth is trying to go viral, just spinning their day, trying to make a video that goes viral. I see entrepreneurs not calling their current leads because they want to go viral in five is the idea of the week. People just love to chase the idea of the week, right? Instead of the idea of the year Marshall. So we talk about this idea of the week. If you have not reached your goals in your current business and you’re making incremental process towards it, it is not a good time to go invest yourself into a second business idea or the idea of the week in order to become successful. You don’t need all of these different businesses going at once where you’re trying to make the first one profitable at all. Just go all in on the first business idea. Get it as profitable as possible. What’s your saying so good is as quickly as possible through incremental change over a long period of time.

Marcia, would you in right now with so good. Can you talk about that? Can I do? I’m just saying there’s so many people I know without trying to start another fixed. They got one. I think you know what I do is I am a chiropractic. What I want to do with also introduced a new kind of a therapeutic massage to also introduce myself into some of the botox. I want to get some of that going on. I want to introduce myself to all these new things and all the new vendors come in with these new products and micro dermabrasion dermabrasion, although that botox, but just the whole thing is so effective when you think about all the therapies that could be offered more for that. You just told me to not do those things, but I thought those things that. The next thing I got another effect. The idea that God interrupted my new idea of the week then.

Oh Man. Well I wanted to pile on, so Marshall was saying you’ve got to be profitable first.

You on a pie a la, which is. I wouldn’t think of that. I want to pile on it real quick. I just wanted to let you just read my mind. That was

great. Anyways, not only profitable, but you also need to be systemized so that you can be stepping out of the business before you jump on that next idea because if you are making money but the business

totally revolves around you and you step out of the business, it’s going to tank. They jump on it. [inaudible]. That’s what I did. I don’t think what you heard, what they wanted to hear, you hear it sometimes what you want to heal children. Yeah. Now the final,

the final tradeoff we made that I can recall is we shared a car and there’s nothing that says you have to have two cars or two cell phones or a bigger house or it’s sharing a car, but it’s loving. It’s overall just living below our means. I mean, sharing a car. Yes, but overall, just living below our means. We still do that today. There’s just no, I don’t like. I drive a Hummer h two, which I bought a long time ago. And uh, my philosophy with cars is I just drive them until the wheels fall off period. Now you might say I don’t want to do. That’s fine. Everyone can pick your own area where you spend. It’s fine. But what I’m saying is that I am not struggling to make the payments on the car. I see entrepreneurs driving Mercedes and lexuses who can’t even afford to spend $2,500 a month on advertising.

Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Are you driving a luxury vehicle and you can’t spend $2,500 a month on advertising? Are you kidding me? Week? Seriously. People say, it’s so awesome. Your podcast is in the top 10 that and I appreciate that, but yeah, I’ve spent like, I don’t know, hundreds of thousands of dollars on adwords, hundreds of thousands. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars on ad words. Well, that’s what. Yeah, you live below your means. Come on, man. Come on. What do you. What if you can’t spend $2,500 a month on advertising and marketing your company? Then you just got to get rid of that luxury car. Stopped driving it. You can’t afford it. You’re living. You’re living above your means. Okay. You’re, you’re, you’re like a. you’re like a rap video. You’re a rap video. What you are as your rap video. There’s so many of these rappers that have yet to have sustained success. Jay Z talks about this a lot, but they’ll have one hit song and then in the video they’re talking about how much money they have, but they don’t have the money. Have you seen the video where Jay z with a Kanye west where he actually cuts the top of a Maybach Otis Otis, the Song Otis? I have not. He actually gets a Stevia into luxury cars. Yeah. Am I. Am I pronouncing that right? Is going to be about the Maybach. What does it cost?

I’m sure they’ll be like, I don’t know. I mean they’re going to be a couple hundred thousand, but it’s like a. it’s basically a package that they do to a Mercedes. Like they, they like soup it up. Like for bmw they have what they call the [inaudible] Alpina. For Mercedes, they do the, the Maybach and it’s like a souped up version of that 200, $240,000. Okay. Here we go.

So what he did in the video, just to demonstrate that he’s not leasing his vehicles, he ripped the top off of it with a blow torch in the actual video and turn it into a convertible as a, as a way to talk about how wealthy he is. Now, let me tell you, Jay z, according to Forbes has an estimated net worth of $800,000,000, so he doesn’t buy out the bar, he buys bars. I’m living will realize this concept. Uh, he, he’s not somebody who is faking a lifestyle that he can’t keep up with. So those are the tradeoffs I’ve made. And I was inspired by that insane commercial that we played earlier, that commercial just really did something to me that, that for the pharmaceutical company. What was that? Chantix. Chantix. Yeah. And I recorded my own commercial to wrap up today’s show called semantics. And so we’re gonna we’re gonna wrap up the show and then we’re going to cue up the semantics commercial and now semantics is not a real drug, but I think it’s indicative of the idea of people not understanding the trade offs that are needed to get business coach something.

And then it’s insane. I mean, if you’re willing to like be okay with having suicidal thoughts with, uh, having all these problems and you’re talking about like a rash, a swollen throat, swollen face, heart issues and all those things, mood swings, all of that. Just so you can quit smoking easily more easily, it’s like there are so many side effects that we can’t even remember. One of them and to guide or I said it. It lessened the urges and that helped. It’s better, it’s better and get rid of them, but just less than that. It’s better than to just stop smoking and make the big trade off, which is just to be irritated for about a month. It’s that way. You can get off of the chantix and then you’ve got smoking, which is good because he’s in prison. All right, so we’re going to wrap it up with a boom. Here we go.

Joe, what Carl? Quit chafing, scratching, itching and burning with semantics and support. Talk to your doctor about semantics and the right support plan for you. Some people have had changes in behavior, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping semantics. If you notice agitation, hostility, depression or changes in behavior thinking or mood that are not typical for you, and if you develop suicidal thoughts or actions, stop semantics and call your doctor right away. Talk to your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems which can get worse while taking semantics. Some people can have an allergic or serious skin reaction while taking semantics, some of which can be life threatening. If you notice any swelling at the face, mouth, or throat or a rash, stopped taking semantics and see your doctor right away and tell your doctor which medicines you’re taking as they may work differently. If you are Caucasian, Asian, Samoan, African-american, northern Canadian, or from California. Dusting may be different if you have kidney problems or an enlarged cranium. The most common side effects are nausea, depression, rectal bleeding, testicular shrinkage, visual impairment, loss of life, chronic fatigue, diarrhea. Patients also reported trouble sleeping and vivid, unusual or strange dreams. Until you know how semantics may affect you. Use caution when driving or operating machinery or speaking to people that semantic should not be taken in conjunction with. Quit smoking products. Call your doctor to see if semantics is right for you.


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