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Doctor Zoellner breaks down his 10 rules for business success while dropping countless additional knowledge bombs about how to achieve success in the world of business.

MYSTIC STATISTIC – 90% Of Startups Fail: Here’s What You Need To Know About The 10%

  1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/neilpatel/2015/01/16/90-of-startups-will-fail-heres-what-you-need-to-know-about-the-10/#b86d39066792

Principle #1 – Pigs Get Fat, Hogs Get Butchered

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Pigs get fat, hogs get butchered.“- Dick Ott

  1. Make EVERYTHING a win / win
    1. Profit
      1. Set your margins for 20-30% profit as a rules of thumb
    2. Product
    3. People

Principle #2 – Be the Pig at Breakfast, Not the Chicken

  1. Be fully committed to the business. You have to burn the boats.

Principle #3 – Know When to Cook the Pig

  1. Celebrate the wins with your team.

Principle #4 – Piggy Bank

  1. You MUST save money to build up your warchest.

Principle #5 – Showtime Blue Ribbon Pig

  1. When you are at work you must focus on the tasks at hand. Leave your personal problems at the door.

Principle #6 – Big Pig Eats First at the Trough

  1. Pay yourself first! The business should be built to serve you.

Principle #7 – Happy as a Pig in the Mud

  1. Your business is built to serve you. Make sure it makes you happy to be there.

Principle #8 – Pig-Headed Don’t Be a Fool

Principle #9 – 3 Little Pigs

  1. Have 3 different branches to your marketing (the way you get in front of your ideal and likely buyers).

Principle #10 – Pig Advice

  1. Eat well
  2. Keep your snout clean
  3. Never squeal on your friends
  4. Be curious

Additional Z questions

  1. What have been the hardest tradeoffs you have had to make?
    1. Delaying gratification.
    2. Choosing to say no to many people.
  2. When building your businesses, did you ever partner with someone that wanted to grow past your original goals?
    1. How did you handle them?
  3. How do you handle insubordination? Do you move past it or deal with it right then?
  4. If an employee or contractor is screwing you, and you know it, they know it, how do you continue to pretend like everything’s okay because you need them to keep doing their job?
  5. How long does it take you to get over something that really pisses you off?
  6. Did you ever have to deal with raising a child that did not share the same entrepreneurial spirit as you?
    1. How did you handle that?
  7. What would you tell someone that you care about that comes to you with a terrible business idea?
  8. What advice would you give to someone that has not hit their financial goals but has to balance a family life with growing a business?
  9. Have you met your financial and time freedom goals? If yes, what do you do for a goal now?
  10. Do you have different phones that only family can get a hold of or do you have different ringtones for your family so you know to answer them? How do you know which texts to respond to?
  11. What are the books that you believe every successful entrepreneur should read?
    1. Winning by Jack Welch (The former CEO who grew GE by 4000% during his career) – https://www.amazon.com/Winning-Jack-Welch/dp/0060753943/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1542754325&sr=1-1&keywords=winning+jack+welch
    2. The Art of War – https://www.amazon.com/Art-War-Essential-Translation-Classics/dp/0143105752/ref=sr_1_3_sspa?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1542754302&sr=1-3-spons&keywords=the+art+of+war&psc=1
  12. You’ve become successful as a result of doing things a certain way, what is one thing that you do everyday that most people do not do?
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Audio Transcription

You have questions. America’s number one business coach has answers. It’s your roadmap from Minnesota. Here’s another edition of ask clay, anything on the thrive time business coach radio show.

We’ll get

back to another exciting edition of the ask us anything segment of the thrive time show, and on today’s show we are answering the question, what would z do and we are going to be breaking down 10 knowledge bombs that I know are going to bless you. What I wanna do I wanna see I wanna. I want to ask all the listeners for a quick ask a quick favor before we get started here. I think it’s only fair everybody out there. I want you to get a piece of paper or a notepad, maybe an etch a sketch. Get something that will allow you to take notes because I’m what you are teaching now, is he? How old are you right now? I’m 54 or I was going to say, if you’re a millennial, you can use the note section on your smartphone. Talk to text. Yes.

Right. Just clarify or you’re 54 right now. Correct. For the people out there that maybe won’t have an appreciation for what we’re going to teach you in. Just a second, I want to get up here, get up throughout your career. Uh, Dr. see you first built a what kind of business? Optometry clinic. Uh, what’s your first locate your. Where are your two locations now? Uh, approximately 30. First and Harvard and 71st and memorial. How would you describe the size of these compared to the average optometrist? Um, they’re above average. Okay. Successful. Humble. Yeah. I mean, you know, what was the second business that you started? The second business was a. That was a diagnostic sleep center. Okay. And what does that called? Dr. Sleep Center. Get it. I see what you did it now nine out of 10 startups fail according to Forbes. That’s true in z. Did any of those failed?

The first two? Did they fail? No, they became in fact the largest in the region. Okay. So what was your third business that you started? I started a auto auction. What’s that called? A Z. Sixty six auto auction. Okay. And uh, does it do well? Is that okay? Yeah, it’s the largest in the state currently. Okay, and what was your next business? You started a dme company, which stands for durable medical equipment company and we do several things, but the main thing we do or the c pap machines that for people that have sleep apnea that we diagnosed in the doctors eat sleep center. Did you not invest early on in Region Bank? You and Sean Copeland. It was funny because Shawn actually, good friend of mine approached me to be to use their bank and I said, well, I’m tired of switching banks, just go buy a bank. And he said, great idea. Let’s go buy one. So. So Shawn, you know Shawn, previous tim approaching you. I was doing a lecture or I was speaking at one of those organizations, you know, the one lunch groupings I think could have been, I’m not sure if it was fellowship of Christian businessman or business dudes that are really serious dude’s. I mean I don’t, I forget the name of it. Okay. Right. I was speaking when maybe there’s a windows luncheon. Minimum was men of integrity. Men. Integrity, integrity,

the luncheon series. Yes, yes, yeah, like a like red cars, right. So you guys, I was speaking at that. He came up to me afterwards and he handed me his card and he introduced himself and from that point on we became friends and built a relationship and then he was trying to woo me to start using the bank he was working currently at. And then I said, now let’s forget that. Let’s go buy one. So we talked a little bit

backstory with Sean is if you were out there and you don’t know who Sean Copeland is, one google the shirts search, the guides Sean s e a n Copeland k o u p l e n he is a guy who’s kind of like the Joel osteen of banking,

no doubt about it. And he’s an author. He’s a lecturer. He’s a great guy. I mean he wasn’t around

and he also gives you a bro Bro. When he meets you, he gives you a brochure. Appropriate Bro Hug, does he not? Yes, it started bankers. I know that gives a basketball style handshake hug combo. Well, he was a basketball player, you know, back in the early and just it’s amazing combination. So Sean Cope. I knew him when he was a citizen security bank. He was one of the youngest people at that bank, rose to the top. He became the president of the Chamber of Commerce. I knew him when he moved to a grand bank and then now region bank. So you said, hey buddy, let’s just say no, you’re going to move to different banks and try to drum up deposits, you know, always going to be a top performer, but why don’t we just buy a bag?

You know, the thing about a bank is this, is that I’ve sat on different shows that I don’t get involved in a business unless I can control it, but a bank is so controlled by the federal government, by the organization that they’re under that I felt comfortable owning a minority piece of a bank because we decided when we went to buy it, we shot it and I set up a format that nobody would have a controlling interest. Everybody would have, you know, say 10 guys each own 10 percent kind of thing.

Part of the Illuminati. Don’t you control the government.

Okay. All right. So, so now here I a funny Sean Copeland stories. Yes, please, please do it up here. Well, his grandfather was a cattle farmer out by where I had my horse ranch, actually neighbors of mine out there. Uh, and uh, and so, um, anyway, he was telling me a story that uh, some land came up for sale next to the ranch and the grandfather said, we’ve got to go by that, you know, we don’t want to, to mobile home parks moving in to be the worst. I mean we’ve got, we’ve got, we’ve got mobile home parks, we got to watch our flanks. We’re to protect our flights are coming to get us. We’ve got to protect her family. And they looked at him at the dinner table that said, Grandpa, you know, that’s three miles an hour from where we live. We’ve, we’ve protected it pretty well. That’s across the moat. It’s kind of far away.

So the reason why I say all that is because yes, you’re my friend. I’m yes, in many respects I consider you to be my business dad. You’ve been there for me. You’ve been more than a brother more than a friend. It’s awesome what you’ve done for my wife and I and our family. First hiring my wife and I did this little things, but my wife worked for your optometry clinic and I didn’t know you super well, but the but the standard of excellence that you guys created there was inspiring to me, so I would go in the lobby and I’d spy on the business and look at the checklists and I didn’t have a. We didn’t have smartphones yet where I could take pictures, but I would actually draw. I would draw pictures of the checklists. I would go in there, I would, I could. Why does he set up retail this way?

That way I just, I. I studied your company and it created a source of inspiration for me to see a guy killing the game in optometry. Then at a time in our life where we didn’t have a lot of money, we’re starting to DJ connection.com. I worked at applebee’s target and DIRECTV. A time where you probably should not have said yes, you agreed to meet with me for lunch and taught me a lot of things about the game of business. One of the first guys who is adamant about advertising, and I can. I can say the chip. This is the easiest part of business is marketing and branding. So easy fun stuff. Sales so easy. Oh, just because it marketing. Branding. It’s so easy. It’s fun. Sales is easy, but then you get into managing people and you have to get to a place where you have core principles that you adhere to a pretty much 100 percent of the time. You have to have core principles that you adhere to and Dr. z said, well, you know, I have these 10 rules for success. I want to teach you 10 business pig rules, z. When did you come up with these rules?

This has been. I’ve formulated them over the years of business down to 10. I would go back to one thing you said, first of all, thank you for all the kind words and, and I do see you as a, as a business, younger little brother or son. I, I like, I like both of those. Um, and when your father passed away from als a few years ago, it was a really bonding moment for the two of us in time we’ve spent together getting you through the grieving, you know, motion of that. But I will give a hats off to your wife Vanessa. That used to work for me. Yep. And that’s how we met was through her. The fact that she could see the inner man that you were because the dude that you were when you came to pick her up was a dude that we all, we all sat around the break room and thought what on earth is? Well, it come out and really dumb and aggressive. Made it tough. I mean really. I mean the fact that she could see through your, your crusty outer shell soft little inner jelly that you are. Come on. You’re

Jason talked about this morning in one of our meetings, but if you’re Kanye west and you’re known as having the Kanye Scowl, that’s cool because you’re Kanye West, right? If your m and M and you’re known as being like, you know the battle rapper, but in your m and m that’s cool. But if you got nothing

you’re just dumb dominant, aggressive move you pull up in your car that. I mean you had that thing cranked up so loud. It’s like a clam. Right? There was a colonel and all sneaky. I’m looking picture I’m going to ask you. So when did you, when did you

finally distill your, uh, your observations from years of experience running companies, entities

and rules? Well, what happened was I got, I got like you except I didn’t get paid. I got asked to speak at an event and so I know you speak and then you keep your notes and the next time you work on it and you gave her and people love,

you know, hey, I’m a teacher. My 10 points today, p, oh that just bailed light up 10. Tim, I don’t want to miss one of these, you know, the writing them down and they were focusing on it and it kind of helped direct your, you know, your conversation. Then you get a theme and I got to, I themed it up and got one that’s a little unusual. Not unusual to have a pig as well. That was it. Let me get a woodblock okay. Back to you. But uh, so I kind of through speech writing, I formulated these 10, this, this was a speech that I gave and so it kind of forced me to sound and go, what are my, what are my, okay, here’s, here’s what it looks like, how can I put that into this format? And so all of this goes under the title of what would I do in my mind?

So I’m going to read the principal and then the business pig principle. I’m calling these, these are doctors, these 10 business pig principles for success. Right? Exactly. And I would tell everybody out to that owned a business if I walked up to one of your employees and said, hey, how would you handle this situation? One of the things that should go through their mind is how would my owner slash boss handled this situation? And if you haven’t taught them or given them the ability or the the, the action steps in order to do that, I would encourage you to do that because you visited and I got inspired with a little bracelets years ago that came out. There’s a little rubber band bracelets. What would Jesus do? You know, that’s a really good way to kind of think through it. You know, you’re, you’re at a fork in the road, in which way would he go, what we do.

And so that’s just a real kind of principle that I’ve always enjoyed having because a lot of times I’ll have an employee come to me with a problem and I look at them and I’d say, well, what would I do? I have to go, oh, well you just to demonstrate the match how locked in you and I are now. What we’re going to teach a principle, and then I’m going to play a song on the Cowbell Oh, and you can guess what song it is. You see all this stuff locked. Favorite songs? Favorite Games. I mean, here we go. So principle number one, name that tune pigs get fat. Hogs get butchered. What does that mean? What does that mean? I was taught by that from a, um, a judge that I met from racing pigeons, which is a whole nother show. We’ll get into that. You’re making this up.

No, no, no, no. It’s a thing. It’s a thing. Racing pigeons. I did that for years. His name was Dick Ot. And uh, anyway, pigeons, he taught me that saying. And as soon as he said it was just like a light bulb went off for me. So it’s like my blood started to boil. I just thought it was one of the coolest things ever because what it deals with, his greed, it deals with greed and, and there’s a lot of ways business owners can be greedy. One of the ways business owners can be greedy is pricing their product or their services. So Hi. So Hi. Hey, how much is your smoker cost? One point two. What do you think about the philosophy that has been taught by many consultants all around the world? If people are willing to pay for it and not complain about the price, you should just keep raising it. Was there. There is there, there is something about that. But then the point is is that the pig races until till he gets one or two complaints and then goes, okay, I know I’m there, the

hog continues to raise it until he stopped selling it. You see the difference? So the pig goes, you know what, Hey, I raised five bucks. No one complained, hey, I’m gonna raise it another five bucks. I’m gonna Complain. Right? And then when he starts getting a bit of pushback and some complaints, he probably knows his views. They were kind of wanting to complain before, but they just didn’t know how to verbalize it. And so now he’s at, now he’s, that’s this, you know. But my philosophy was, this is why raise the price when you can expand the building, when you can hire more doctors, when you can do more, when you can just expand that. I mean you’re. There’s always a limiting membrane. Don’t let the price or the greed, but you’re limiting membrane. And the other thing too is with employees. I know so many people that just beat up their employees on price.

They will not. Yeah. Listen, if you don’t take good care of your employees, especially your good ones, somebody else will. And that’s another component is also a dating tip. Yeah. Okay. But that’s another, that’s another component of greed. The third area that I see so many times is people that own a business just want to beat the vendors up. They want to get in there and they get sales reps comes in the door and then pretty soon they, you know, they come in every two weeks and then out there every month and now they’re every six weeks and now you don’t even see them anymore because they’re tired of getting beat up on price. Come in and go, well, you need to knock that thing down. And another two points to percentage of switch. I mean, I’m, I’m, you know, I’m gonna I’m thinking about sending this back up for negotiations. That thing about it’s got to be a win win.

Let me give some, uh, uh, specifics to this that I’ve asked Dr z about over the years. I think jeff will be helpful to add to the show notes. I’m one, as you just said, we need to make a win win in all scenarios, off the win for the customer, win for the employee, right? We’ll call it the three P’s. You want them to have a business that’s profitable. You want to have a product that you’re proud of and you want to have people that you like working with the three also, you want to make a profit of about what z? Twenty to 20 percent, 25 percent is sort of that target. Some industries are higher, some are lower, like homebuilding, somewhere between 20 and 30 is pretty healthy.

You’re shooting for more than 30 or kind of getting the hug.

You see guys are like, Oh, I made a 70 percent margin on this. Such a holy huddle. It’s my only one I’ve ever gotten. No, but I rushed it. Just okay. That’s not good. Johnson that got him good. Now because nosy, I’m going to queue up our first shot. I want you to think about the song. I’m gonna. Play it, and as I was, I played on the cowbell. I want you to ask yourself to see what song is this on this edition of name? That tune is. I’m a former DJ. I know. I know. I have hundreds of thousands of songs and I’m not. It can be any song. I know. What I’m going to do is I’m going to give you a genre. That way we narrowed it down. No, don’t do it. Don’t even. I don’t keep in this moment. No, I just thought I was a song that was a saying by male artists. Okay, got it. I already gave it away. Okay. Here we go.

Oh, that’s easy. Michael Jackson beat it.


Was impressive. I don’t know how you do that every time. It’s crazy. It’s crazy to demonstrate how out of sync chip and I are. Now I’m going to tee up a song here. This song was a saying by a male artists kit and I’m going to play it. I want you to. You can guess what on top of old smokey’s know, purple rain. So obvious you just. We haven’t spent enough time together to get more and more in flow. Okay? Principle number two from Dr [inaudible] business pig. Principles for success. Principle number two, be the Pigott breakfast, not the chicken. What does that mean? What does it mean? Well, let’s look at the roles at breakfast. I love rules. Oh yeah, but it’s that place where you throw them on each other. Yeah. Yeah. Lambert, Lambert. Shout out the road road. I went there on Friday night. We celebrate this moment.

Yeah. In the world he could have possibly gone to. How did that happen? We’ve seen in St Louis.

Okay, so that pig means you gave your life for Bacon, Ham, Ham, sausage, sausage, and that means fully committed. In other words, you are all in chicken lays an egg and you know, it’s kind of like maybe I’ll lay an egg tomorrow if I feel like it.

Well, let me. Let me. Let me go off for a second. This is something I hear all the time. I see people say all the time, I’m going to try out this idea and see if it works because if this idea works, can I get an amen? I’ll go ahead and keep pursuing it. I’m just gonna try this, but my fallback position is this other job. I’m going to put a little bit of money into this coffee shop, but if it requires work and I don’t get traction, I am going to stop z. Why is that such as. Sorry to not be the pig at breakfast. I’m going to tell you an example. Yes. I was mentoring a young man. He wanted to open up a kind of a swanky clothing store. Kenner, swank. Did they have those pants with swag malicious kind of stuff and Kayla with. Yeah, exactly.

Stylish and crazy socks and all that stuff and a few months later, you know, we have another meeting and he comes by to kind of a cubism rate and I’m like, what’s that? Because I think I have to shut it down. Oh Shit. Damn Bro. And I’m like, what’s going on? He goes, well, it’s hard to find good help and I’ve got this dude on Saturdays. Just keeps stealing from me. I think, you know, man, I’m just giving free stuff. Wagers friend, Robin, the Kitty and all that kind of stuff. I’m like, well why don’t you just, why don’t you get in there and work on Saturdays on. No, no, no, no,

no bro. That’s leg day. Hey, well I haven’t. I have audio. What this person

said to you. I know it’s kind of unethical for me to have a private conversation between you. You do it all the time, man. That you are mentoring. To start this clothing company was. It was. I want to make sure it was a clothing company. [inaudible]. I’m mike all conversations hard to sort through my audio files, but this is what he said. You, you said to him, you said, buddy, you gotta be willing to do whatever it takes and this is what he said to you.

Surely you can’t be serious. I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.

I don’t quite understand the exchange, but that’s what happened. Well, that’s the thing about it is, is that when you are pulling dynamites book, he talks about burning the boat, burning the boats, and what that means is that from one island that we’d go and attack the next island. Yes, and the idea was is that there was no retreat, there was no plan b. we’re either going to take this island or die. I mean, that’s a huge. You think about that. Just think about mindset, the mindset of that.

After reading that book, I read that book, a 2000 ish. Then I had a lunch with you teed up by Kylie or manager who is still there by the way. Super excited for the holiday party. Christmas party is coming up

very soon. I just want to point one thing out. When you can hold it for lunch and you let your car on fire, it’s not the same thing. Okay. It’s going to have to burn your car. We literally burned. I was also one of the early, uh, jihadi recruits and so I just went ahead and pulled out the manual for

no, seriously. I had just finished reading that book and I met with you and I remember this. You said, clay, can I be frank with you? And I go, okay, I thought you were Robert, but you said this. You said you have got to advertise you, you eventually have to buy an ad. You have. I. And I remember kind of like having quite well, but yeah, but I can’t afford it. And you’re like, listen, I’m not a paid consultant, just buy an ad. I had, were just very direct on that and I remember going, this guy’s a jerk. You got up, you got up and went to the salad bar number one. I wrote that down. I’m like, this guy [inaudible]. Vince and I were in a spot where I’m working at applebee’s target and TV. Three jobs. Vanessa had a job at a office depot in Oral Roberts University and I remember going, I don’t know how we’re going to do this, and so I went and talked to Vanessa and I’m like, I burned the boats Dr Z. it’s like an hour long windup, but I’m like, we just, we’re going to have to turn off the air conditioning or the heat.

We got to do something. I don’t know. It was a powerful moment in your life. No, seriously. And we actually sold. We had a white car. I cannot remember if it was like a, I want to say it was a. It was an American model, like a buick or something. My parents had sold for me that my pain, my parents sold it to me if like nothing. It was very low cost, but I sold that and we just had the Mazda Mpv and she started walking to work and she would drop me off at my jobs and we decided to buy a yellow page ad from a sally who is Lewis? Tony Lewis, who is the mother of one of your clients? Scheduled Lewis Louis writhing and it was like two grand a month to see. She has there never been. Has there ever been a better time in American history? I mean, right now you can turn on your youtube ads or facebook ads a month to month, week to week. See, do you remember the times where you had to commit to an agreement for like a year to buy a yellow page ad?

I know I tell a business owner starting today, if God guidance that part of it much easier. It’s so. It’s so easy. So much easier than we had back in the day, but. But I remember. I’ll tell you what, you put that picture in there and you made sure you had the big ones here up front. Oh No. I was like,

it’s like fishing for Jeff. Jeff Ramsey was my first inbound call. Remember Jeff Ramsey. Oh yeah. It’s crazy. You were saying the other day on the show later you had to commit to whatever marketing strategy you’re going for for a year. There was no ab testing and trying things out. It’s like, let me tell you, I did it. Dr Z said, if your ad doesn’t grab somebody by the throat, see, can you explain what kind of ad you want? If you’re going to launch an ad, what will your ad has to do in terms of getting the attention of your ideal and likely buyers.

Got To have a call to action in the ad has to inspire you. How many times right now you’re listening right now. You’ve heard an ad on the radio, you’ve seen an ad in a magazine or newspaper, you watched an ad on tv and you go, I don’t know, and then the ad comes along that makes you laugh, makes you remember. It makes you go, I’ve got to have that thing. If I don’t have that thing, I may.

I may not make it. I might not. I might not quite have to my quality of life or do I need a ham from the hamlet, Honeycutt Ham, Honeycutt Ham from the hamlet? That’s when you have to have a call to action and we, you know, we. In order to do that, you have to have some kind of component of a deal that just is so awesome. So incredible. So back in the day you see now, now it’s like you want to drive them to a website, you want to drive them to something else. But back in the day, my whole goal was to get them pick up the phone and call me. I thought I’m going to have something so crazy, so outlandish. So over the top call to action, they have no choice but to pick up the phone and call because that was the move back in the back in the day.

And so I. all I did was I looked at my competition and they had an ad that said something like, started in 1984, founded in 1984. So I’m going, well, uh, can the 1980 that and it said we have over 100,000 songs. And I thought to myself, talking to Z, I mean I could conceivably get up to a million songs. So I wrote something like, we can get up to 110,000 songs or something. Just more than that, I just walk up them and I said will be any competitors price in my ad was smoking hot dude. It worked. It got attention. I put my foot. That’s what advertising does, if done correctly, it makes the phone ring. I literally, all the ads were kind of conservative. I took my head and put it on a, a body of a person in a suit using photoshop. So it was like a caricature head, like a bobblehead on a normal sized man body, but five times larger head and it work, dude

clay, I don’t want to be mean and I didn’t want to be disrespectful and you know, you know, I’ve got a lot of love for you. I mean, you know,

right? Yup. But your head is really, really big. No, I gotta be honest. I did not enlarge the photo at all. We thank you.

Senior picture. When I went, I went out there and launched the ad that I had. I, I had to, I had to be the picket breakfast, had to commit to it,

and that’s one of the things that I think you know why we have such a high fail rate on businesses according to Forbes are just kind of our business bible quote, Forbes a lot because they’ve done a lot of the research and it’s the easy button. We don’t have to go do it. Let’s be honest with you, and 90 percent of business fail up to 80 percent, 90 percent of startups and then 80 percent of businesses fail and that rate is way too high. That’s one of the things that started us down this pathway of building a business school online, of doing in person workshops, doing the radio show, which is now podcast. Having one on one now even, you know, one on one coaching business coaching.

A quick clarification. A lot of people might’ve misunderstood what you just said. When you said Forbes, you weren’t saying F orbs. Nope. No, I was saying for the spiritual bodies or gloves, you have no problem with those

and when I meet an entrepreneur that has that fire in their eye and says, you know, I’m gonna, I’m gonna. Do this. No matter what. Studies show that people that say, I have a plan B, I might fall back. I’m not going to burn my boats. I have A. I have A. I haven’t escaped door, right? I have a parachute hatch. I’ve a parachute. Yes. You think that’s wisdom that just sounds wise. That sounds a prudent man has, you know, has this printed. No, no. Be the pig fully. Commit to get your mindset wrapped around [inaudible]. Sixty seven percent of you out there, according to Forbes. Again, want to start a business and we want to help you start it and grow it. Be committed to saying, you know what? I’m going to do what ever it takes to make it happen. We’ve talked about this in the past on the show, but the thought of a founder’s mentality, that means there’s urgency within your actions and if you’ve only dipping a toe in the Jacuzzi

only trial. Yeah, if you’re only testing out the waters, you pull it up, you get to CEO. You. If I got a nice way to get my showed up right now, let’s get. Oh wait, your rent. The today show. The entire. The entire focus of today’s show is what would do. Yeah, I get the, the, the business picks. 10 business principles for success. All right, so see, I’m going to keep cube song from name that tune here. I’m gonna. I’m gonna. Play this song. This song is a male artist from the eighties. A male. Artists. Think about it for a second. Think about it. Okay, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on. I transmit the signal to you in an Indian and an Indian. Is it a. is it an individual or is it a boy band? I couldn’t get that much. Okay, I got you. I tell us. Listen, magical. So I’m going to play the beat and you can tell me what it is. Here we go. Here we go. Name that. Tune with Doctor Z. got demonstrate how in sync we are mentally. Here we go. Oh, that’s easy. Bobbi Brown. Don’t be cruel. I don’t be cruel. Whoa. I would never be that quote. It’s so simple. No, no, no. I’m sorry, I just.

I’m trying over here. Okay, so principle number three, business pig, principle number three. That is loud. Dr. Z, to build multiple multimillion dollar businesses. It’s no when to cook the pig. What does that mean? What does it? Z audio quick audio. This is a quick audio. Okay, great. You’re saying it weird saying all of it. Where do you get off? I don’t get what you’re saying it that way. Why I’m saying what? What way? Okay. Now we’ve clarified what you’re saying. See what you’re saying. Talk to me. Talk to us about what you mean when we say know when to cook the pig. Well, I always loved those scenes in Hawaii. Of course he doesn’t love Hawaii. I mean, you know, come on and in the loo Alf, one of the where the when the standards and Lou al is pig. You know what the applicant’s mouth. I mean the whole like the whole pig being cooked. Right. And it’s always a celebration there. Always a big family celebration. It’s a wedding. It’s a. There we go. Here we go. There we go. Keep going. So the idea that you’re going to cook a pig means you’re partying, having fun. Mint, you’re celebrating means you are having a good time. Oh, nice. Tis the season for me. It’s very important.


Hey. Okay. Sorry. So for example, this, this uh, December eighth. Yes. We’re going to have a proper word. I’m 500 people at our Christmas party. It’s epic employee Christmas party. It’s going to be up there with the famous male hotel tonic. Iconic. Historic, yes. And the crystal ballroom. Oh Wow. Where are they actually have original, like original old school marble crown molding. The detail there. I mean you talked with the dea. They don’t make hotels like that anymore. They don’t the history. So I’m going to, if your business owner out there and your team have you have some winds, go celebrate it. Hey, take him to a pizza joint. Go Bowling. Go to a billionaire. You took my wife and I to Magoos yes. Which is all your employees to board and billiards. We had a great terrain time. Fabulous time doing. I’m just telling you at the time though, when you did it Vanessa, I couldn’t afford to go on dates and it was a huge highlight for me.

It’s a, it’s a win win one. Selfishly as the employer, I get my team bonding together, even tighter fighter friends and fired up and they also know that they work hard and they hit the numbers and we have a. We have a successful month. Guess what? Chicken Butt. Exactly. No, but it was a great night out. It was exciting. It was very fun. Also, I remember the Christmas party. It was the first time we had a formal event since we got married. It’s so much fun. So the casino theme going on, I remember back in the day because see I’m telling you that they’re business owners, if you’re not celebrating the victories with your staff, you’re missing an opportunity to not only bond with but then also show them that they’re in the boat with you. Uh, I have a question on behalf of the listener who couldn’t be here today and just kind of tee it up here.

I saw a doctor Z dot. Why can’t you have a cheap ass Christmas party? Why can’t you have just the cheapest ass thing? You know, the cheapest, the most, uh, unbelievably a tacky because for years I’ve been buying my employees. I’ve been, I’ve, I’ve been re gifted. You know what I mean? I read gift and I, it’s been kind of a secret thing. No one really knows, but I’ve been re gifted and it’s been working well. Why do I have to spin all the time and the money to put together a holiday party here. Again, these are one of the things that help you build a culture of the environment of your workplace. Come on now and when you ever, you, when your staff knows that there is something, there is something at the end of the rainbow. I mean it does suck. If you ever get to the end of the rainbow and there’s no pot of gold and you’re like, oh, oh, I thought I was holding.

He’s lucky charms charms, so the idea is that your team building at the same time, you’re celebrating the victory, and so when I went to listen to one of my favorite business gurus all the time, Jack Welch, who one of my favorite business books, winning, he’s so good. Just love that winning because that’s what it’s about. People like, well, don’t you think? We need to know when, when, when, when more about winning and when he got up there on stage and basically said the same thing. He said, listen, you got to go out there, you know, make sure you hire people you want to celebrate things with because he wasn’t to be. Don’t want to go out and hang out with them. Then you shouldn’t have hired him to begin with. Amen. There was a caveat, but he said, go out and celebrate. Celebrate victories. And I thought resonated with me and I thought, can I come up there and give you a pro?

But I mean this though, there’s many hotels we could’ve chosen, but we know it’s a nice place. We could go tacky with the buffet. We could, but we don’t. We don’t the whole thing, it’s a really, it’s a chump. You been there before. Can you describe the energy because for anybody out there who’s listening right now, who is attending our, uh, our, our, uh, December conference, December seventh and eighth of the eighth as a little, a sneak attack kind of a little thing here. We’re going to be doing a drawing to see who gets to have lunch with Michael Levine, the grill, the PR consultant for Nike, for Michael Jackson, for prints for pizza. And we’re gonna be doing drawings to see who wants to attend the Christmas party. You’ll get to see it firsthand in person. It’s a game changing a bit. Can you explain what the party was like last year?

Uh, it’s fun dot Dr. z.do the double splits. It’s first class. It’s an amazing experience. I’m so therapy after that contest. You ain’t really brought out some though. And the thing is like Dr z dot was saying it is an awesome bonding experience. I met tons of people that work at other businesses that you own and yeah, it’s awesome to meet these people that are all bought into the same value and same culture and celebrate together like he was saying.

Yeah. So. So that’s a, a picture of that cooking the pig. Because you know when you cook that pig, you’ve got a celebration fact. I, I’m, I’m ashamed to say that in all the celebrations I’ve done with all my employees over 20, almost 20, 27 years now, I’ve never cooked

a pig. Hey, can we bury a pig in your backyard? Clay sometimes. Can we do that? Can we cook a pig in your backyard? I know how to do it. The chicken complex. Clark. I’m committed right now. This has to happen out. Oh my gosh. I saw the guy. He was turned into just looking at him like, look, this has to happen. Just you thrive nation. You can’t see this, but I, he’s freaking out right now. Just putting it on the notes. For instance, we have to do this. This is, this has to happen. We have to cook the pig. Let’s pick a pig. I’m not sure we have the land. You know we could do for our four person conference. I bet we can cook. Bring one out. Then put it down. Put it down when the barbecue places on the to do list and you have to activate this idea because when you just have ideas you don’t act upon it.

It just hallucination. I’m going to put it on my to do list. Let’s do it. We should cook the pig. That’s a thing. That’s a thing. Okay. Z next. Next. Just to show how locked in we are. This, this next song was written by an artist and it’s a song that just too much. Too much. No, I only give it all away. It’s a song. People know the song that you know so people know this song. I’m going to cue it up now and again, John was know chuck. A lot of people are saying you’re making a mockery of the steam that to. No, I’m not. This is sincere name that tune chuck. I’ll say this, I’ll play the song first and you guess we’ll see if you get it right and then Z, you get to go second. Oh, here we go. Set up for success. We already did. If I could turn back time clay in the last year by share? No. Okay. Okay. See, here we go.

It’s easy. Bruno Mars locked out of heaven. Looked at. Yes. Yes. Even slowed it down a little bit. Are you field? Got It. That’s amazing. That’s amazing right there. It’s a gift. What can I say? What can I say? I knew where to go. A little hip hop. Ami. I knew you’d be a little bit of hip hop all over the board to an old school. New School. I know. I know. Your action. Okay, so now the next principle, number four, piggy bank. What is the piggy bank all about? My man. How many people you think I’m going to end with this? A 17 point two, seven percent. That’s fair. I think it’s a fair number. I can put it at 20, but I think you’re, you know, I’m aggressive, kind of a father, kind of a theme here. That way it’s more palatable. I think that’d be funny. I think it’s. I think it’d be appropriate to us

what’s. What’s the principle? Here’s the content and sitting yourself, how much money am I saving every month? How much money am I saying to yourself? I’m not saving any money because they’ll go paycheck to paycheck to paycheck. What are the top two snakes? He’s got a bump different. Every now and then I get a over time and guess what? I get to go and blow it on something else. That’s what you do, right? What got us zero money down. Zero payments for 24 months to get some research. The average American family is $400 and cents. That’s only a few of the Federal Reserve and looking at the statistics as a crime, as a crime, don’t have you get to live below your means. You got delayed. Gratification is a piggy bank for a reason. You got to save some money in that thing. Take it off the top shelf or anything else for you. Feed yourself zero and ask your question. Okay. Do know what snakes? Snakes. Snakes. You don’t know what sticks, sticks, sticks, or something? My money to pick back bag. Why? No snakes?

Thank you. Here’s. Here’s, here’s the deal. Here’s the deal. Here’s the deal. Everybody out there, it’s getting a paycheck. Raise your hand right now. If you’re listening to this, you could be wherever you are. Put your hands on the wheel, but I know you’re getting a paycheck. Boom. Now. Now if you’re saving money, raise the other hand and there’s not as many hands. I’m looking real quick, andrew, in our office. Andrew bloomer. How much of a percentage of his paycheck is he now saving automated? Twenty five percent. Sued. Sexy. That’s aggressive. I always coach people five to 10, five minimum. He hasn’t been living at the office.

He has been saving 25 percent and see that, that that’s enough to pay the future rent, right? What I’m telling you folks is this, is that what’ll happen is you may go, I don’t need. I don’t need to save any money right now because I’m making good money and I mean, Hey, I’m living the dream. I get it. You can’t get it with izzy. I get it, but will happen is in about a year and a half to two years, maybe three years, maybe four years down the road you’re going to say to yourself, you know what? I’m done punching the time clock and I want to start my own thing. There you go. Are those guys? I used to listen to the thrive time guide down in school. Get an online business going by like buy, buy, buy, buy. By Monday you gotTa have your idea. You’re like, this widget will change the world. Change everything. It’s. And then you’ll say, now I need money.

So what I’m saying for this safer, rainy day, rainy days, come, uh, I know southern California listened to our podcast right now. You do get rain every now and then. All the fires out there. I’m sorry to hear all the traction, but you do need some more rain but ready days come folks. So you need to have a savings number one. If you own a business, you should be able to not make any money for a month and survive. All right? These are huge. These are huge things. Okay, and by getting a war chest, I called it a war chest because own starting a business. If you don’t think of it as going into battle, you really don’t have the right mindset to start it. Okay? But having a war chest enables you now to put your own skin in the game. It enables you to start your business, enables you to change your life, change your stars. So I know you may not have the business idea today, but you know what? You’ll have it down the road. I used to love when my dj competitors will go out of business though is put their gear for sale on craigslist. Classified Tulsa world in the classified ads were a thing craig wasn’t even born yet and could buy that equipment

for ten cents on the dollar. Nothing like buying discount Dj gear from a former competitor. Beautiful, beautiful, but saving. It allows you to buy opportunities now. Now see if this next round of name, that tune just to show how locked in step we are. I’m going to just kind of cue it up here. By this time I will give a little bit of lyrics.

Okay. Oh, look at the lyrics. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Well, wouldn’t it be nice if I could touch your body? I know not everybody has got a party. Like what song is it?

I have no idea. I know what it is, but I got to think twice before I give my heart away. I know all the games you play because I pay them to fail beds. Right? Said Fred off from that emotion. A time to pick my heart off. Off the dog comes down without. Well, it takes a strong man, man, but I’m showing you the door. Got To have faith to faith, to faith. I gotta have faith, faith, faith, faith there. Okay. Else can keep going. I’m actually starting to. Cowbell band were huge in Michigan on the woodblock. Huge, huge faith. You have faith. You’ve got to have faith in the system. You got to believe that what you’re teaching actually works. These are principles that have been proven to work in z. These are these principles. You haven’t just sat around on a lily pad thinking, well, even though I have never started a company, here are principles that I want to teach someday. We already make any money in the self help industry. Do you just are a business owner who by the way has taken the time to distill the common denominators of the principles you’ve learned over the years?

You know what’s sad is I have friends that make $100,000 and they’re broke. I have friends that make $500,000 and they’re broke, and when I say broken, in other words, if you said, hey, wrote me, can you write me a check for? Or $10,000 would be like, no bro, I’m going to pay payday.

Are you crazy?

Oh wait, yeah, you can sit over there. Why? Why would you ask about being good? Anyway, the point is is that it goes all across all socioeconomic dividers in the country and that is, is that people aren’t saving and we’re just, we’re told not to wear. We’re hey, credit cards. I mean this whole culture of America’s been money, spend money, spend money, and a lot of that was formed back in the days of, you know, where we have social security, take care of you. We got your back end, you know, so a lot of that has trickled down to every generation, but I’m telling you what folks use that piggy bank on the fact that you know, it’s a big and kind of fits with the old kind of in business, big kind of Tim business pig concepts. You get it. I get pitched. Okay, thank.

But if you’re not saving, I would really encourage you to do it. Yeah. You may have to get rid of a third car. You may have to get rid of some other luxury item that you have. Third girlfriend, you may, you may have to get rid of the acting girlfriend sent me. Even that third party, your marriage, you know, you may have to get rid of cable, you have to choose between cable or dish. I mean, you know, it’s a tough thing. You don’t like go away. There’s things on dish that I can’t go on cable and vice versa, bro. Bro on man Bro.

So here we go. We have six more principals in six minutes. Here we go. Oh God, next friends, are you kidding me? No. Principal. Showtime, blue ribbon pig. What does that mean?

That means that when you’re at work, when you’re doing your thing, the most important thing you can be doing is what you’re doing. And what I mean by that is this, is that there’s a lot of things that get into your brain throughout the day. You know, something going on with the house. You’re the toilet’s plugged up. The the business of bacteria that I wash my hands completely, but what I’m saying is, is that our society is so far, so much about not being there. I mean, I go around and I look at people in restaurants sitting there across the street from each other and they’re posted. They’re on their phone. They’re like, they’re not even around each other. Here’s a picture of my food, so I used to have a little thing that I used to do, and I know this sounds silly and Corny, but it worked for me and that is every time before I’d walk into an exam room, I’d clear my head cannot say to myself, showtime and the most important thing in the world.

The most important thing right then and there was to walk into that room and to smile, to greet that patient, to connect with that patient and to solve that patient’s problem and to answer the age old question of why are you here and what can I do for you? Without thinking

about all the things that are pulling on me, without thinking about the phone call I need to make, but that thinking about the guy that just yelled at me because a car was parked in the wrong spot out and just whatever. All the stuff that happens, all that peripheral stuff, you know, and I think that’s what happens a lot of times. You see employees do this, will they bring like you tell them that, you know, leave your family problems at the door when you come into the business and it’s almost impossible to do. I realized that. I mean, things affect us there. The front desk singing Christmas, I can’t

welcome, are you doing welcome to the business? How are you going to help you be of these employees though? Seriously, there’s a guy there a day at a local convenience store. I said, how are you? He goes, good as soon as I get done with my shift. Yeah, exactly. I mean, seriously. I said, how are you doing? Just like that. He goes home, he gets really into my shift and I’m like, okay, well, uh, so, uh, I’d like to go ahead and buy an ice drink and some gas. All right. Whatever Bro. Yeah, whatever, whatever. I mean, wow. Wow. So I wanted to hit him with the stick that I use to beat the cowbell.

If you own a business, say you own a construction business and you’re given a quote, forget all the negative in your life when you walk up, when you go, when you go to that family, then you’re going to talk about, give them a quote to build a pool in their backyard. You be connected with them and it’s shown in the showtime is showtime. It’s showtime and that’s where you connect. That’s where you build your business. That’s where you make your money or they’ll showtime event and if you sit there and not your phone, your phone’s ringing the whole time and excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse real quick, and now if you

decide not to bring showtime everyday, this is the motivational. This is what’s gonna happen to you. See if you decide not to bring, show them on a daily basis decision. Sure. This is what is gonna happen to you, and and luckily we were able to mike or somebody who is a former employee for one of my companies, he decided not to bring showtime on a daily basis and without his permission, I put a lifetime microphone. I embedded a chip deep inside his epidermis, said it was a flu shot. Right. And this is what, uh, this is the motivational talk he recently gave to a group of young high school kids who talked to him about how they just didn’t want to bring showtime on a daily basis because they wanted to keep it real. They wanted to be transparent.

Now you kids are probably saying to yourselves, Hey, I’m going to go out and I’m going to get the world by the tail and wrap it around and put it in my pocket. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re probably gonna find out as you go out there that you’re not going to amount to Jack Squat.

Okay? So you don’t want that to half a deal.

No, no. So you got to be purposeful and you also have to understand the important moment. It’s kind of like having a to do list and there’s maybe one thing on the list that as a must do today. It’s kind of the same thing. I mean, when I was getting ready to walk into that exam room and nothing else mattered, nothing, nothing else, it was showtime, and the show was for me to laser show, given great eye exam, connect with the person and make them happy. What I’ve seen a lot a CSI is that people just aren’t mentally aware of themselves. Right? So when you’re saying showtime, look at yourself, pay attention to actually how you’re acting, not just how you feel. Absolutely. So those are those moments. You have them throughout the day and then when you’re, when you’re out of the exam room and you’re out, you’re out from in front of that patient for example, and that’s my example that I have for my optometry clinics. Then you go back into your office and then you can do blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. All the stuff you need to do. Throw stuffed pig eats first at the trough. What does this principle principle number six, this is the one. This is the one across the board. Every time I give this speech, every time I talk about my 10 principles, this is the one that gives me the most, the most backlash.

People can’t stand it. They cannot. They cannot stand it. They cannot stand for people love to do this one. Oh, they do? Oh, they drink. That will line up after this, after you, after you speak, and they will sit there and bright you their hands. As soon as you asked for questions. The first question was about this. Why do you hate people? Yeah. Why? Just curious. I don’t understand. I don’t understand your point. Six point six. Big Pig eats first at the trough. What do you mean by this? I’m telling you what folks, if you’re starting a business, this is going to be a concept. I don’t want this to sound mean, but it should be for you, for you. Come on. It should be for you. The business exists to serve you. It does hit so many times. I hear people say, well, I’m gonna open up a business to, uh, to fill in the blank local community.

I mean to, to, you know, fill in the blanks and change it, changed people’s lives, don’t the life you’re going to change most is yours. Oh, say it again. The life you’re going to change most is yours. When you start a business. We’re going to teach you how to figure out how to have time freedom and financial freedom. You know, kind of a segue on that. Jack Welch who was giving a speech, was talking about he had a bunch of bunch of ESTAC can bitumen said they wanted him to create a green light bulb. Yeah, make it green, make it green, you know, safe for the environment. It was safety and safe for the environment. And, and you know what? Let’s change the world with a green light bulb. And they did all the engineering on it and it was going to be like 10 times the cost of not be that much more.

You know, it’s not going to last longer. It’s not going to have those kinds of features. I can see one that maybe lasts 10 times longer being types of costs, but it was just going to be a green environmentally safe. Sound more sounds broadened like green light. Yeah, and Jack Welch says, oh, that’s a great idea. That will put us out of business and then we can all go find other jobs because then what we’re going to do is we’re to make inexpensive light bulbs. We do the same thing and then make a lot of money and then with that money we can go change the world. There you go, and then we have a business and so, so many times I see, I see business owners, I’m really suffering because they have let other people take their business hostage.

Principle number seven, I love this principle. Happy as a pig in the mud. I love this principle because it’s so applicable for everybody out there. If you’re a business owner and you’ve ever had to decide what overhead music will be played or what volume it will be played or what decor you’re going to have or where the decor will be, or what the logo is going to look like, or what the color of the logo is going to look like or made any decision at all. It is impossible to universally appease every single member of your team, but yet as a culture, we’re taught, you know, if you shouldn’t bring candy to school, unless you bringing up candy for everybody else, you shouldn’t make a playlist unless everyone approves that. Everyone gets to chime in on a song. Z. Talk to me about this idea of making an environment where you are happy as a pig in the mud.

Well, here again it goes back to this idea that it’s your business and you have an idea of what you want for your business. Don’t let anybody take you hostage for it. And just a real quick thing that I. A gentleman came up to me the last time I speak in and gave me this little love nugget, a nugget, a little love nugget, and it was really fun and and the idea goes like something like that. There’s a book out there called the Bible. People could be a bubble. I think it’s Bible, and in there it says, love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Love your neighbor as you love yourself, and that implies that you have to love yourself first. Now getting onto this point about picking the mud. I mean, I think that when you walk, when you walk into your place, you should be so happy to be in there. It should have the right smell. It should have the right sound, right people, the right people, the right everything about it because it’s yours, it’s your baby and you can, you know, you don’t have to do the gamble of the genetic gamble, right? When you have a kid, you’re like, oh, it turns out good. The second goes away. It gets what did jurors, dentures, you know, so when your business, think of it as a baby that you can create and you need to make sure that you have an atmosphere that you love to be in. Just like a big love to be in the what?

No, speaking of Creighton baby. One thing I do. Okay. Now stop himself volleys. Back, jump. I just wanted to say that you did look at the light over there. Just come to me. I just say I want to pull my email, my phone. I just email myself right now. I said that is not. That is math. Okay. So moving on now.

Yes. Principle number eight. The Osha chip.

I don’t know whether I want to move on right now. I just want to recycle that. Like alkaloids. No, no. It’s like an Al Gore birthday over and over. Just recycled. We use it. We using. Thank you.

All right. Principle number eight, Joe pigheaded. But don’t be a fool. Pigheaded. Don’t be a fool z. What do you mean by be pigheaded, but don’t be afraid.

Well Be. Don’t be pigheaded. Don’t be a fool. Pigheaded is a term that people give that people that are being foolish, that are being, you know, they don’t have any flexibility there being pigheaded to be a fool. And I, uh, years ago I had

you to you by the way, you have really worked wonders with me about this because I’m somebody who loves you when I met you. I do love. I even to this day, I love to latch onto principles, you know, like our, the same thing every day. Right? And that’s okay. And then you’re like, clay, you gotta flow though. There’s like water going around the rock. There’s no need. There’s a time and place for rock, but you don’t need to like this can happen if you’re somebody who’s very principled in your religious views or your worldview is. This can be very tough to learn this. This is easy. This is, this is a very valuable lesson for me in many people out there like me talk to me about, don’t be a pig headed fool, but you also have to be resolved to certain principles. I mean, will it give us the balance?

Yeah. Well, there is a balance, thank you for asking. And so it’s um, you know, the, uh, the, there’s so many, so many principals in some of the things I can talk about. One of the things I’m really want to encourage anybody out there on a side note, sidebar or no sidebar is, is the, the, your top five friends around you, if any of them are not encouraging, edifying and, and life giving people what they are, what we call the, they sucked the joy and the bone marrow out of you when you’re around them, get rid of them if they’re, if they’re not, if they’re idiots. You know what I mean by that? I’m not being hateful and just like if they’re just people that take you down the wrong road over and over there, they’re negative people.

What do you say when punting people that are negative perpetually w, what do I say to them? What do you say?

Well, I just, I tell them that they’re fired from my life. Do you do this really quick? Yeah, nobody. Here’s the thing folks. Nobody likes to be ghosted. This whole ghosting concept to just kind of forget, you know, just Kinda like, oh, you know what, I got a new phone last year number, you know, all this kind of stuff. All Jackass are you, do I, I have purposely sat down with a few men in my life and I said, listen, I’m just gonna tell you right now that I’m, I’m, I’m just not gonna spend as much time with you and I’m, and I’m moving on and I’m moving on to your seat and um, you know, so have a nice life, but don’t, don’t be offended if I don’t text you back immediately or I don’t call you back or I’m working each, I’m moving on.

I, I, I, my time, I’m busy, I’ve got things to do. And you can kind of soft sell a little bit to them. You don’t want to be mean. When the flip side, you’re being mean to yourself by having, by being a fool and having those kinds of people have access to you. Now in business, you know, you have to make your decisions what’s best for the business. And yes, sometimes somebody may be in there to scam you out of whatever, whatever, whatever. But understand this what’s best for the business. We had a patient come in and the lady came in, she was really upset about her glasses. She had picked out will they fit or find the prescription was fine. Everything was. Everything was good on them. He was very refined. I think what happened was, is that she went home and whenever kids or husband made a comment that they didn’t like where they looked on her and that got her all twisted.

Oh yeah. You know. And so she couldn’t just come in. She didn’t think she could come in and say, you know what, I made a mistake and picking out the style or color or frame. She kinda went out. There was a ledge. Each kind of went out there was kind of fun. It looked good on her, but she came in and she was just so she thought she had to come in and kind of be demonstrative and be like, I can’t see. I can’t see anything of these classes. Classes are horrible. I need my money back on these glasses. I can’t see any glass area that sold these to me. Swear rob at you. As you’re going back in time. I’ve called the BPP up call with the so then you just calm them down and go. It’s okay. It’s okay. Okay. Okay. You know, whipped lit into.

Then my staff came up to go there. Fine. She’s just trying to, you know, she shoved me. I go, no, no, no. Here’s the den and she can be patient for life and that they show many more transactions. Let’s take care of her now. We realized we did the right thing in this and she’s not doing the right thing on this. Let’s not be a fool. And Try to challenge her on and said, no, you paid for it. You pick them out. We split the 45 minutes helping you pick them out. We were there. No, that’s your deal. Now if you want another, something else will do it. No, no, no. We backed up. We said, you know what, we’re going to have to eat, eat some of this, but that’s okay. We made her happy. You back that thing up, listen, listen, listen, and I looked at him and said, listen, for whatever reason you want to exchange those for another pair.

That’s okay. It’s okay. Just settle down. It’s okay. It’s all right. We’re here to help you. We want you to be happy. We want you to see clearly, comfortably, and be happy with your choice. Amen. Filed two principals from the business. Pick. These are again, business principles taught by Dr Robert Zoellner, the tin business pig, principles for success that he is used to grow multiple multimillion dollar companies. Principle number nine, three little pigs. What do you mean by that is so awesome. Well, if you show up on December seventh and eighth, which is our next in person workshop. Really, I think we had a few tickets left. Do we or we also ta, we’re down to the top. They’re done to the final 20. Okay. We got 20 tickets left. So if you’re listening to this, come on out. And one of the things we teach it is whenever you’re advertising marketing, you want to have three, three different branches of that. We call it the legged stool, you can call it some other things, but in the story, the three, the three pigs, the person that used just one straw, a form of advertising guide his house blown away by the wolf and the wolf denotes your competitors because I. I know that sounds mean, but your competitors don’t have a lot of love for you. They might, they might greet your hand and smile them when you’re in costco with them or researchers or Walmart. They may slap you in the back and ask for help.

I shouldn’t have to buy your groceries for you. In fact, Bob Burns. Did you cut his break line murders? Right? Right. I mean, just getting ride of it.

They are like, they are like the wolf in the story. The second one used just sticks, I believe. Something like that or mud trying to remember now and so boom, blown away again and the third one had a combination sitting. Everyone make a brick, you take straw, you take the clay and you take some other components. So I’m trying to remember. The parts will pass shit with your hubs and your bigger down, you know, and now I was sending by having three, three different areas that you can build your house. It was stood the enemy, which was your business wolf

down the road, have three ways to market your business. All going simultaneously, you will lose

and that’s what we teach in our workshop. And so to me it was a kind of a three, 3:33 right

Nicole elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge, one of my companies we never checked. You see the ads, we never stopped our facebook ads or youtube ads. Never stop our retargeting ads. That’s our digital presence. Yup. Then we never stopped getting online reviews ever, ever. And we never stopped putting out our signs and doing our mailers. We never stopped. We never do it. And that’s how we get in new customers week after week. Final principle, we’re going to teach here as we’re short for time. Principle number 10, Dr Z. let the fun begin here. Here we go. Pig Advice.

Well, for those fire through these and you can kind of see how you can have some fun with each one of these, but if you’re a pig giving another pig advice, what would you say you’d say, Hey, listen buddy.

Hey, why don’t you eat whale going, keep her snout clean. Record right?

Never squealed on your friends. That’s so big. Don’t be gossiping. Don’t be talking about other people that were on. All right, come on now. Be Curious. I mean, I pick. I’m curious. By nature it’s, and that’s one things that I love to see when I see a young person that’s curious because that curiosity leads to inventions, leads to businesses, leads to ideas to grow. Start businesses.

I’m curious, do you know the next song that I’m going to choose for? Name that tune the final song I’m gonna Choose. This is for business for 400 mega points. Ooh, fourth. Now Chuck, if you get it wrong or right, there’s 4,000 mega points involved here. For the right, for the wrong, you lose a total of 500 mega points, which means you’re going to have to wear a Christmas suit at the Christmas party. So chip, I’m gonna. I’m going to play the song and the category is going to be songs that were saying by men. Okay. Pittsburgh, here we go. Chapter. Are you ready? I’m ready. Breezy one.

By the way. Let me try again here. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Got It. I got it.

I feel like that was a Madonna Song, clay? Nope. No ma’am. She is aggressively. Give me one more. Listen, listen. First off, you need to deal with your whole gender bender. Confusion thing you did was Madonna. So I’m going to go back. Here we go. Now can I tell you the song? Okay, I know what I got confused. What was it? It was girls, girls, girls by Motley crue. No. Okay, here we go. Here offer.

This hearkens back this. This is a special one because it Harkens back to college days. Ryan tedder, one of his good friends now does one republic. What does it take? Apologize.

It’s too late. It’s too late. You gotta weave in the Timberland, a beating of the seal. That’s that song was picked it up and have the other version out. I think that was more of a gray whale. Okay. That you made. Nice. So if you’re out there and you’re saying to yourself, you know what? These 10 principles are principles I need to apply in my own life and business. Go to thrive time show.com. Click on the podcast button there. You could find archived broadcasts and Z has to. Final pig jokes is by George Bernard Shaw. Never wrestled with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.

Great. I mean the great Winston Churchill. I mean, c’mon. Really? I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.

It tastes great. To the sidebar.

Sidebar, the pig is the animal that has the closest internal organs systems as a human does. That’s a little sidebar there. Science, whether you’re going to just know that by just looking at it. You ever seen a pig’s colon? I mean, uh, yes. Actually called sausage.

Want to attend the legendary thrive time show business workshop for free. Subscribe on Itunes, leave an objective review, and send us confirmation at the Info at thrive time. Show.com to claim your tickets. Want to live in a van down by the river. Come by and see us in our river walk offices and we’ll be able to make your dreams come true.

All right, Z. we’re back. We have both. We have 10 bonus questions and here, here are the rules for the final bonus. 10 questions, right? I’m going to ask you the 10 questions per question. You have approximately three minutes to answer the question. Should you go over, it’s

your show. You do what you want, but three minutes will be preferable, so we have enough time to get all the questions answered. Perfect. Okay, here we go. So question number one, coming in hot, what have been the hardest tradeoffs that you have had to make in order to become successful? Woo. The hardest tradeoffs that I had to do was delaying gratification. Number one. Number two was choosing to spend time with people I spent time with. In other words, I had to say no to people I really kind of wanted to spend time with, but I couldn’t do it all and also to another. Um, I remember when I was, I’m a dishwasher when I was a teenager, I was a professional dishwasher. You might not know that. Oh, you probably do. I know Brian’s. I know. Yes. I never went to a high school football game because I was always working because Friday, Friday nights where the big money night, I mean that’s, you know, hey, date night and couples out and I’m busted.

I get tipped out by the waiters at the end of the night. So, you know, you make, you make decisions, you make choices and you have to then live with them. And so I think one tradeoff that you’ve made. Yeah. That you did not just say I looked at it from the outside. So if you disagree with me it’s fine. Oh No, no, go ahead. I feel like you’ve held yourself and your businesses to a certain high standard which has caused you to have friction that you don’t often talk about on this show. But like you’ve held employees and people accountable to a certain standard. Right? Right. So eventually, I’m sure. I’m sure you’ve never been screwed over. You’ve never had a key employees leave you. I’ve never seen. I’ve never, never had someone try to download your database and give it to a competitor. I was never involved in litigation.

I’m sure you’ve never had people that you’d call a buddies or friends or even family screw you and get mad at you as a result of you holding yourself and the company to a high standard. Has this ever happened to you, my friend? Oh, of course it has. And if you’re successful, you know you’re going to have those challenges and you have to. You have to overcome them and then you have to make decisions. And I think that you’re answering your question on, on what did I say no to at times there were times I would miss when my kids were real little. I would miss time being around them, but then I was purposeful knowing that, you know, when they’re one, I don’t think they’re gonna remember too much. I think I’m safe there. You know, but when they’re 10 it’s a whole different game.

Then you know, then then they remember that if you’re not there, so you know, hopefully you start your business for your kids come around and then you kind of build it before while they’re young and then when they get a little older you can actually carve the time out for them because that’s very important. Yeah. We just, we just did an interview with Daniel Goldman. He’s probably the top psychologist complaining on the planet and I asked him a question at the end of the show. Knew my last kind of hidden question. I said, you could go back in time a couple of decades ago. What would you tell yourself? And he paused and he said, spend more time with my kids. I thought that was powerful. Okay. These questions are hot, hot, hot, hot sauce. Next question, question, or to give you

time to think about this. Here we go. When building your businesses, did you ever partner with somebody that wanted to grow past your original goals? So you had a goal for, let’s say, the auction or the optometry clinic or some business you’re involved in and somebody who worked for you, you said when you partnered with, you know, you sat in original goal. I’m just making it up to sell 500 cars every Friday. But they grew, they wanted to grow well beyond that goal. Does that ever happened to you?

You know, ironically it hasn’t. I’m sitting here thinking about all the businesses I’ve started. It hasn’t. I mean I’m, I’m, I’m a pretty aggressive guy by nature and I set pretty high goals so when I go were always a tad bit higher than the. And when I say partners, I mean you even like a good general manager. I kind of feel as intrigued as a partner. I mean, I think that that’s, you know, when I introduced some of my general manager say, you know, I sometimes even introduce him as my partner, you know, um, because you are a partner in the growing of the business and that term doesn’t have to mean that they have stock or that their financial, they are financially invested because if the business doesn’t do well, guess what? Chicken, but they lose their job, you know, I mean, it is all profit sharing because it’s okay.

You can’t share anything. Okay? Okay. More more questions about humans working with humans, right? How do you handle insubordination? Do you move past it or deal with it? Right? Then now a quick caveat. Okay. I’m giving you these questions because people ask these questions. I know how you handle this. I do know, so this is not me asking. I’m just saying I know now, but when there’s somebody who is just out of their mind, but you can’t fire them, how do you handle it? When there’s somebody out of their, out of their mind and you can fire them, how do you handle? Let me just, when someone’s insubordinate, talk to us how you handle these scenarios. Can I take a story? Yeah. And in the story you’ll see our handle. Oh, nice. Okay.

I have at the time, I believe I have five, maybe six doctors working for me. Yes. And you know, we’re open seven days a week, so there’s a big schedule and when people are working hard and we’re extremely busy. Yes. Oh, they’ve fun stuff. And so sometimes I had one of my female doctors, her name will remain nameless, came up to me and said, my husband got transferred and I’m unfortunately going to have to lead. I don’t want to, but I have to keep my marriage together. That kind of thing. I said, well, absolutely respect that. She said, our deal was for me to give you 30 day notice. I’m giving you my 30 day notice. That’s very fair. And I said, you know, I did. We didn’t. Inappropriate hug her would have been happening. I side hug high five during five than a high fives. High fives move anymore. It’s quick, it’s quick, quick. It’s quicker or a fist pump and pumps really good at fist pumps. Good. But girls really don’t elbow bump from from across the room. That’s the. That’s the numerator. That’s another thing too. And so I was like, okay, well I gotta get. I gotta get to work. I sit at my desk, I’m starting to get online. I’m starting to get a, get a letter started up, you know, to send out, looking for good food, looking for, looking for know good, good person, a good doctor and

a little while later they’re knocking the door. There you go. Open the door. It’s another one of my doctors just coincidentally happened to be on the female quick. I want to clarify the door sound like this or more? More, more like the second one. Yeah, the second. Okay. So she comes in and I say, well hello, how are you? She says, I’m doing great as well. I’m doing fantastic. It’s fabulous pleasantries. And she says, well, here’s. Can I shut the door? May I shut the door?

It never goes well on when the door gets shut.

Just as a general rule of thumb, that’s just a rule. It’s just, it’s just a rule, not a hard and fast. It’s a marital discussion and you shut up

the northern tip of that discussion. That’s right. Gotcha.

And she looked at me and she says, ah, I hate to say this or I hate to do this respect. I go, well, why are you doing it if you hate to do it? She said, well, I just heard that so and so is putting in her 30 day note. Oh yeah. And well, I just want you to know that I’m going to have to put in my 30 day notice if I don’t get a pay raise and a schedule change. Oh, well, I seems terrible. It seems the way you negotiate those kinds of things. First off, you negotiated your facial. I’m sure you have negotiated your facial expression. Oh, I was just the best poker player and I’m listening. I’m listening with with deep concern. I’m nodding and I’m listening and that she is, and I know, I know. It’d be really, really, it’s going to be hard to replace one and two.

That’s gonna be really tough on you and I hate to put you in that position, but that’s where I am and I stopped taking me about not even a half a second. I smiled and I said, do you know what? You’ve been such a great employee. I think he deserves a raise and that schedule. We should have given you that cheesy suites schedule long time ago. You get both of those things. In fact, let’s make them. Let’s make them start today, and she smiled real big and she’s really good. Absolutely would never want to lose you. And what am I really thinking? The back of my mind. You’re fired. I’ve got to go higher to now.

No. Okay, well I’ll just break this down. Okay. Because there’s somebody out to that right away is struggling with this and I want the people out there to know this. John Kelly Marshall Marshall knew me when I was the other way. Yeah, so the other way back immediately and I don’t know if you ever saw me did it immediately. I would just fire you. I’m at the first sign of insubordination and then I would always as a penalty have to Dj Marshall every weekend. I’m serious. If someone was insubordinate to say, you know what, I don’t appreciate because what happened? You’d come back from the shell and your cds have to be organized in order that the cds had to be alphabetized. I opened up the case and I would. If you hear that this person I saw that their CD case was disorganized and I would say we need to go organize them very nicely and they’d go whatever did.

And if they said that to me, I said, excuse me, what did you just say? Whatever. Did I go? Whatever dude, you’re ass is fired. And I was like, yes, yes. And then you started stored out the CD case and then I had to dj every night. We had for you though for almost a decade. Okay. So when you taught me the story, this was like Matrix for me. It immediately I did the move. This is what I shouldn’t have done, but everyone does this. I did wherever you struggled to understand the principle, understand how chess is played. This is the question I asked you.

Is that ethical? Yes, of course. I remember man, man cave. I said, is that ethical? Absolutely. I take what employees will will quit you on their time. Oh, and we feel like it’s bad for us to fire them on our time and that’s just not the way that it is. It’s your business, you, you deal with it the way you want to deal with it. So what I did is I went out and hired two new doctors. I got them in place and about a month later, by the month I called her up to my room. Hey,

could you send so and so Dr. so and so up to my office. Real Nice. She comes in and she’s in a fantastic man. Absolutely. She’s coming in there to be bumping. I mean, she’s coming. She’s like, you know, this has been the best month of my life. She’s popping the beep, the pay raise. I’ve always wanted. I got to schedule that allows me to do that. This great. I mean, you know, I have, I have audio of what she was, what she heard in her mind when you called up the office because last time she came up there, she got a raise, get the schedule she wanted. Things were great. So this is what she was hearing in her mind.

Oh, benevolent dictator.

Listen, tell rotman probably felt every time that Kim Jong UN cinema, text, baptism dictator. This is great.

So she walks into my office and I’m going to save any entrepreneur out there. Any business owner hours, hours of your life, come on now. Hours of your life. I looked at her and I said, uh, Dr so and so things just aren’t working out. You’re fired.

In fact, you were fired 30 days ago. Just not get the privilege to be able to say it. Pack it, pack up your stuff. I love that story. And hit the road, Joe. I know that that story is not in any way sexual but sexual. To me. It’s that good. It’s that good. It’s an orgasmic story for business. I can’t make something up that happened. Are you kidding me? Not only that, but it happens metaphorically daily. Sure. It all the businesses. So this is the question I’d like to ask you then. So let’s say that you know, that that employee’s screwing the contractors taking advantage of, you know, you know, it, you know it and they know it and you know that they know it. Everyone knows that. Everyone knows it. How long do you pretend like everything’s okay because you need them to keep doing their job. How long

until I can replace them? Unless I wanted to do the work now I could have fired her that day and I could have, you know, dust it off my scrubs and picked up a few more days and I could have gotten in there. Got Down in

the, in the, you know, the, you know, you know about, uh, my, my punching my brother, don’t you? I told you about this. Oh Gosh. Yeah. Well this is a funny story for all the thrivers out there. My Dad contracted, he got als, came down with als, was diagnosed with a disease and uh, we talked, it was really funny. My Dad goes, son, I’m gonna. Be Dead soon. So I’ve got a couple of questions a couple of weeks. Couple asks, I said, what’s up? I don’t try to keep it light. He could still talk. Fine. He goes, I want to record a video so I can share with you some things I want to share with you on video for you and your brother. And I know you guys don’t get along at all because you’d never have. And I know you don’t like each other and I know, but just until I’m dead, could you please say it when he, when he, if he talks to you in antagonizes you because I’ve seen it happen, would you please just go with it?

Go with the flow. And I’m going. Okay. That seems like a reasonable request. Yeah. So we’d go to my dad’s house and, and uh, right away I parked my car over here, parked my hummer over there. And uh, my brother says to me, could you move the Hummer? I think, yeah, I could move the Hummer. I said I moved the Hummer and then the whole day is like, Hey, is your, your vehicle? Um, I, by the way, how much gas mileage does it get? I’m like, it’s like eight. He goes, oh, okay. Pre Environment are pretty environmentally responsible of you. Right? And I go, okay. And on the whole. And then he’s like, hey, did you vote for trump? And I said, yeah. And he’s like, okay, so you as Judeo Christian, you, you like a guy who’s had multiple affairs his whole life, who really just is morally reprehensible.

That’s your guy. Right? And I’m like, okay. And then it’s like, the entire day is like this and try to get you to take the bait. And I’m not kidding, I made a mental commitment to my wife. I’m like, I am not going to knock him out until his body is in the ground. So that was my thing and I put up with it for so long and after the funeral and knocked him out. But I mean I didn’t do a backstory at my dad’s funeral, you know, he’s talking about he’s not happy about the way he was raised and not happy and I’m telling you it was so hard for me. And then the family, it’s Hilarious, but the family that, that gets me, there’s a few of them. Uh, one guy, he was a pastor of a mega church, he texted me and he says, this is the text message.

I’ll never forget it. He goes, what your brother said at the funeral was [inaudible] up and he types out and hit send and you know, there’s that like correction tool. Oh yeah. And he’s like, good job for the rest of the family was like, why would you hit him? Why he’s here, why would you do that? Why would you do that? And I just hit block, block, block, block, block. And I’ve had, I’ve been the happiest guy since that moment. I was delaying gratification for the longest time. And I think I’m serious and I do that all the time. I remember elephant in the room, we had a person who worked for us. This is what the very beginning who I knew was dually employed for us and the company he was starting, like, he literally was starting his own company while working for us shirt. But he was in my brother in law’s wedding and I didn’t have the heart to tell my brother in law at that moment cause he’s getting married that day, you know, like, sure. Hey, by the

way, in the last week I’ve discovered that your best man is screwing us. Yes. And I just told them after the wedding and I don’t regret doing that. I think there’s a lot of timing things either. There’s timing. I think there’s time I think. But I think initially I used to feel like I got to tell somebody right away, I feel bad. Well it’s like that song, you know, living on Tulsa time, you should be living on your time, living on your timing. Timing is a huge thing though, isn’t it? Is it timing? Huge. Oh it is. And as a business owner, as an entrepreneur, you have to do what’s best for you. Always. Always putting it through that filter of what’s best for the business, what’s best for the business. And sometimes it’s, it’s you eating what you want to say and then smiling and being nice and going to flow and knowing it’s just a little season.

It’s just a little moment. It’s just a little hot minute, a hot minute you’re getting through, but you’ll get through it and then once you get things in place then you can drop that. Let’s say that something really irritates you, really makes you mad. How long do you now allow something to make you mad before you get over it? How long did something make? How long does it take you to get over something that you really just making you mad? I mean, you’re talking about an employee doing something or just anything? Well, it doesn’t work. It’s like, oh, okay. Is as an example, John Kelly, you can relate to this. John Kelly wanted an identification badge to get into the riverwalk office. Okay. He asked somebody, could I get an ID badge? The person said, yes, I’ll get it to you tomorrow. And this went on. John, you could yell it out.

How many weeks was it? Two weeks. Four weeks. Three weeks. Was it four? And a half, four and a half, four and a half weeks. And he every day it’s like, Hey, could you get me an ID badge? Yeah, I’ll do it tomorrow for four and a half weeks. And then finally I look over there and I watched John Having this discussion and then John just went off and I let it and it happens. I was like, this is awesome. This is so good. This is a cage fight that has needed to happen for a long time. Uh, but for John it was four and a half weeks of needing an ID card every morning. Then I think you got over it really quick. I think he was mad. They ended, it was good. But again, John does a very good job of recovering real quickly. How long does it take?

You know, the older I get, the less mad I get and the less, the less I stay mad. I mean I tried to do it immediately, you know, because I, I always a focus on the positive focus. You do good. And so when something bad happens and bad’s going to happen, you’re already kind of preset up for it. You already know. I mean the idea that someone’s going through the day thinking, oh my gosh, I didn’t realize something bad might happen today. How do I handle it? I actually think now why hasn’t something bad happened yet? And I wish it would happen earlier in the day to get another way. I think there’s a, you know, there’s some ways that you can think about things and you should, whenever, whenever something comes up that irritates you, you can let it grab a hold of you and you can be irritated. I’ve seen people be irritated the rest of their lives, their lives. I mean, I know people that have held on to grudges for 30, 40, 50 people talking about the breakup that happened 10 years ago. Oh my goodness.

You know, the divorce had happened 30 years or 30 years. I mean, are you kidding? It’s still fresh to stop telling the Whitney jokes. It’s too soon. Now, if you could give advice to your younger self right now, you’re saying younger self. Okay. Uh, here we are a year now 30 and I am 58 because I am you and the distant future. No, no, I’m 54 because I’m the current me, but I’m talking to my past. So the point is if you’re 30, I’m 54. This is what I want to tell you. Stop doing this in life will be better or start doing this. What advice would you give to your 30 year old self now that you are at the ripe old age of 54?

Um, I would have invested in real estate sooner. I would have grown faster. I would have delayed even more. I would have been more aggressive in opening up more businesses sooner. Um, that’s what I told myself. I said, listen, your beer, you got a great life ahead of you. You go get them. Just, just go a little faster.

So this is, this is a question that, that may be a little rough and if you don’t like it, I’ll, I’ll pick up on that because she won’t answer probably. But for somebody out there who has family. Okay. And their family, once they yearn to be an entrepreneur, uncles, sisters, cousins, sons, brothers, whatever they say, I want to, I see your success, Dr z and I want it. Sure we everywhere. Everyone can make that statement verbally. Sure. But when it is abundantly clear that they do not have the work ethic or the grind needed to do it, how do you handle that?

I’d tell them not to quit their day job and if they want to do something on the side started really, really, really, really, really small and see how they go. And what will happen is, or what’s even better. As I said, I think that’s a great idea. Why don’t you give me a why don’t we? You know what? That’s your best move. But before you jump into it, why don’t you get. What’d you get me? Let’s go over a business. Why don’t you make a business plan? And then that just kills it right there because you know, they don’t have the work ethic. Even make a business plan.

So do you. Have you ever had to sit down with somebody in your extended family? And again, just be very vague so it’s very safe, very safe where you sit down with someone who is just perpetually failing in the game of business and you’ve had to sit down and give them that tough love that wasn’t wanted. Or do you, do you just like, let it go? I mean, if somebody, you know, somebody fairly close to you, it’s just bombing time and time again. What do you, how do you have that conversation or do you.

That’s a very good question. And it, you know, there’s a lot of different categories of that can come into. Some of it is, is they’re bombing affected me financially. If it is, then I feel like I have the open window to talk to them and give them the hard talk. Okay. Because now I’m financially involved and the bad decisions that they’re making, that’s. And that’s happened and that’s no fun. And that’s um, you know, me bringing out the paddle and the black hat and, and I’m telling him, explaining how the calorie to cabbage and they’re trying to get a plan and didn’t try and put some guard rails on this deal to where, you know, we could turn it around or make it better. The other one is casual friends that, that you just see they’re just heading for a train wreck. And sometimes you, sometimes, if I’m.

Sometimes I’ll say, what would you like some advice? Um, and oftentimes they don’t want advice. They think they have it nailed down. They think they have it going on, got on lock. And I think that’s one of the strengths of wine. We started thrive 15 while we started our online business school while we started the radio show, the podcast in person workshops. That one on one business coaching is because we know you don’t know what you don’t know. And a lot of times you can see things. And is it me not to mention it? I think it is, it’s Kinda like, I’m sorry, you’re getting ready to run over your foot. You want to, you’re, you’re, you know, you can help point things out in a way. No, some people are receptive to it, you know, some people have listened to our podcast and learn from it.

We get a lot of testimonials, you know, emails back and going, hey, this has been a game changer, a life changer. Thank you so much guys. I’m so, you know, those who have ears to listen. I mean, you know, we’re talking and listen and we’re helping and in anything we’re not covering that you need to be covered. Email us, ask us. So that’s what we’re doing today. This is one of these ask, ask, ask, uh, segments, but in different categories. Clay, I mean, you, you’ve had as a young man that you see, we’re train wrecks. How, what’s the best, what’s the worst way you’ve handled that over your course of your life?

I did something I regret and maybe you and I have a. maybe we differ in this idea. I used to, every time I saw somebody heading for a train wreck, if they asked me for advice, I would give them candid and honest feedback. I used to always do it. Sure. And it almost universally caused resentment. So as an example, one young man years ago just told me he couldn’t get stuff done. He’s just struggling, can’t get it done. Oh my gosh, I’m struggling. I said, well, here’s the deal. What time do you wake up everyday? And he goes, oh, I could, you know, seven. Okay, and what time you go to bed? And he’s like, ah, like 2:00 AM. I go, well, what are you doing during the day? We make a list of all the things he’s doing. The point is he, he’s not working very hard, sharp.

So I said, here’s the deal. Your business is not doing well because you’re not focused, so you are going to not, you’re gonna need to not go on any trips, date anybody or watch TV hours, five hours of TV every night until you’re successful. Once you get there, then you can do it everyone. But until that time, it’s, it’s not gonna work for you. Okay. And it was, it was a car rental kind of business. Okay, sure. And the guy was like, are you trying to tell me that I can’t date somebody that I can’t enjoy my weekly? That’s why I started a company. I’m like, I know, but you’re not there yet. So you wanting to enjoy and bask in the ocean view is a lot like me going halfway between Oklahoma and Florida, parking my car in Arkansas and going, let’s stop and enjoy the view.

It doesn’t make any sense. Mean not there yet. You can’t live like that. It’s a good analogy because I’m very passionate. Arkansas is that halfway by the way, because I’m very passionate though about this. When we google that Marshall, you google that, it can pull it up. I’ll see. You know what I’m saying, that when you’re passionate though, and I’m trying to tell somebody, I really, really care about you man, and I’m telling you, you’re going to lose everything. Get serious. People don’t like that or they don’t. And that’s that hard talk that but not asking me for the feedback they are and tell them and they’re like, yeah, but what do you do when you said somebody that doesn’t ask you but you see them, you see them heading for a train wreck I will say is, Oh, do you want any feedback? And if they say no, that I, I just had to move on, I would say sadly, I would say nine out of 10 people don’t want feedback. Now they learn through the minefield. They’re like, uh, I like to discover the minds by myself. Yeah.

Hey look, there’s one over there. I lost it. I mean, it’s unbelievable. It’s just, okay. So I would just say I don’t ever give feedback to someone less. They want it, but I do ask, hey, would you be interested in feedback? And they always go, yeah, your industry is different. I mean, gangs different than or real estate’s different than photography or photography is different or that’s mean, you know, I have a lot of times I’ll have a business owner came up to me and just rail and rail and rail about an employee and then look at me, w, wow, what do you think I should do? And I go, it’s easy to whack them and it’s just almost like they’re like, oh my God, that’s the nice thing. We took a guy out to your man cave at your house one time and you had some hammer laying out there because someone was doing some work by the pool or something and you told this guy was the funniest thing ever used.

Told this guy. You said, listen, you need to fire the person. And you’re like, yeah, but they’re a friend or family. I can’t do it. You don’t understand. My industry is different. It’s hard to find good as well and you’re like, you’re just telling me they’re costing you more than you’re paying them. They don’t show up to work on time. They never get something done. And you said, can you pick up the hammer? So get pixel the hammer and you said everyday you don’t fire that person. I want you to just hit yourself in the crotch because it will be less painful.

And that guy, the next, there’s a chiropractor as of next Monday that he’s like that. I decided, hey, Bert tells me. He was like, that was just the worst. That was the most mean, most cruel, most inhumane advice. Now, true story, probably 90 days later, come back. He goes, that’s the best advice I ever got in that truth. But he had to endure it for 90 days. I don’t, I don’t understand it. He got mad. He got mad that we gave him the. He wanted to ask you the question. I’m like, no, no, you don’t want the truth. You can’t handle the truth. You can’t handle the truth. Right? And that’s the thing about it is. But sometimes that truth in that directness is what you need and you need. You need to just deal with it. And when things, when you know, things aren’t right, you’ve got to do the right thing to fix it. And sometimes that’s the hard thing. So, so, okay, here we go. What advice would you give to someone who has not yet hit their financial goals but has to balance a family life, a growing family with a growing business? That’s a tough one. Oh, and what I always tell them is this, hey, your significant other. They’ll let you know, work like

work as hard as you can. And whenever you get that text message from your kid or your spouse that says, well, what’s your name again? And where do you look?

What if their significant other is a communist, a socialist, or an unmotivated human? Seriously, seriously. What if I. I’m asking us because my wife as an example is ambitious to a point. She gets it. She does. She gets it. But my wife, she, she, but they’re still. There were still a day. There is still a day, multiple days where she says, honey, today was today. We had the cut sheets yesterday. So she said, she says maybe you have to stay up until 9:00 PM every night where you go like what chose can’t go to bed at 8:30 more to the line because she knows my normal. I love the flow z. The after the kids are going to cheerleading. Oh yeah, I’m going, I go to sleep right now and I’ll go to bed like at seven. Oh, hi. Welcome at like at 7:30. And then I wake up like at midnight or one. So today she lays it out. She says, listen here, here’s the deal buddy. You have to stay up until 9:00 and I’m going, it’s just you. But you also know from waking up before three, which causes you to go to bed before nine.

It’s exactly that happened just today. Well, that’s what I’m saying. So get, make sure your spouse has permission. Say, listen, I’m, I’m doing this for us. I’m doing this for the family. I, I’m not always gonna work this hard, but it startup. It’s like bill putting that rocket ship up into orbit. I mean at first it takes a lot of energy. A lot of fuel, I mean so much fuel that what half the rocket is just the fuel to get it up out of, you know, the atmosphere, but then when it gets up there and their orbit, it’s just a little little thruster.

What if your wife is a communist, a socialist or has not very much motivation one. Sorry. You get a bad picker. I don’t know what to say. Hopefully there’s a lot of benefits. Yeah, exactly. Hopefully things are going well in other areas.

Well, may I don’t know. You know, maybe if they really feel that way and they just don’t understand why you’re working and why are you not home and collecting your free food stamps and chickens and things that they do in the communist countries. I, you know, that’s a tough one because when you go into business you have to make. You have to understand that your spouse is your. Is a partner. Yup. Now you also, when you sit down and you say, listen, here’s, here’s, here’s what I see. Are you on board? Are you onboard? Are you on board? Matter of fact, how to make signs there. If they could just say what you want and put out a contract to make them, hey, here’s, here’s what’s going to happen here are you on board and then have that and then the next time that you no fuss at you for working with whoever, what are your working? You pull out your countries.

I want to give this encouragement for there. Who’s single? Napoleon Hill did a research of what causes to fail, the 30 causes of failure and one of them was being married to a low ambition person. Now, if you are married to a low ambition person, I’ve only seen it work in two scenarios. Have two scenarios. I’ll be very vague so no one can guess who they are. One person worked for me years ago comes to me and says, I want to be successful. Okay. I’ve lived at the 89th Lynn Lane, 8,900 a Lynn Lane office, Nice House that they assumed I was doing well. I was doing well. They said, I want to know how can I become successful? This is the person is really struggling in life, and I said, you need to read Rich Dad, poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki and thinking, grow rich. Basically buy assets, not liabilities by assets.

Wherever you can buy an asset, real estate, whatever with your savings, and then read, think and grow rich, implement. Well. This guy reads, reads, he grew up poor. He reads the book and Z. This is like a renewed mind. This guy’s coming to work like perpetually and oversleep or getting to work. He goes, what time do you get to work? I get to work like at six. This guy’s getting her at five. He’s overdelivering. He finds out I liked coffee, was just a little, a little hot chocolate and then he brings it everyday. He’s reading books and this guy’s on fire. Fire spouse calls me. True Story. Uh, I just want you to know I don’t appreciate you changing my husband and it’s more of like a redneck. He kind of voice. It’s, I appreciate you calling my tell my husband wants to do. You ain’t going to change judge, wherever. Now this person was so resentful for years later. Three years later, it had been a while at one of the Christmas parties, they came up to me. This person had tears in her eyes. I’m so sorry. I just want, you know, I love our life, but it seems like the resentment always has to happen first. Always. Every time, every time, every time. If it’s like your mom. I hate the analogy, but it’s the best I have. It’s like you’re mentally raping people when you’re forcing them to have success that they don’t want.

Crazy, isn’t it? I mean, you, you, the people don’t want it. I know it’s crazy. And yet they want the results of it. Right? They just don’t want the work to get there. And that’s the thing that I think that the society does. I mean, our news stations, all of our, you know, all of our social media is, it just shows the end game shows the big yacht. Oh yeah. It shows the big vacation in Bora Bora, Bora, Fiji Fiji’s if to, but just, you know, and the Ken Kuhn can. Hmm. You know, it says it shows all of that. Shows the end game. It shows what you get for your hard work. It never shows. It shows a late night. The struggles upfront, the, the, the coldness, the, I don’t think I showered for two days because I’ve been working so hard. It never shows that part of it, you know, nobody, nobody puts on their instagram, you know, here on captain and, and pulled another all nighter to get the business going. Cool. Video Ceo

this week that a, uh, a friend of mine showed me and it was Kanye West in the studio recording, uh, an album that is now an, a grammy award winning album and it shows him in the studio z for three hours. He’s playing the beat and he’s going to have a bit of Bob it above, at a pivotable Buddha, bob over the public and political repurpose that there’s no words for three hours. And by the way, I’ve worked with other musicians who do this too, and it’s because the rhyme scheme, the rhyming pattern matters not more than the words, but as much as the words. Okay. Then once he nailed down as scheme, he works on the words, but these people had never worked with a Grammy Award winning artist. I mean, this guy’s won 21 grammys and they’re going mentally like I’ve just met. Imagine what it’s like to be in a room with someone for three consecutive hours.

Don’t. Do you mind if we film and. No, but for three hours pivoted, pivoted, but put it at the end. He finally found one that worked and he’s like, yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. That’s it. Okay, and then what just happened? You recorded giberson that hot walks out. I don’t think people realized that he’s spinning three hours figuring out the rhyming pattern in the sink, a patient of the words before he even comes up with words. Then he’ll spend a week coming up with the words. That’s work because dedication, but that’s why 21 grammys, 21 grammys. I don’t think people realize. See what was the absolute, the worst moment for you as you’re building your businesses where you were, you were working seven days a week. What was the absolute low point of just you’re just overwhelmingness stress or maybe the high point of your resiliency where you were just like

my heart, my heart, my high watermark was my two year old son had fallen and broken his femur. That’s the big bone in your leg. So he was in traction in the hospital. They couldn’t do surgery on that one. That young. My, my wife was pregnant with our youngest and she had a kidney stone. She was in the hospital move. Um, I’d had a former employee just suing me for wrongful termination. That was, that was fun. My first last, my first lawsuit of boom. You get a poster for that? Oh yeah. You can start by my name. Have you seen in the bathroom that I do this sometimes what I, whenever I, when these little wrongful termination thinks I frame them and put them in random places. So the bathroom, next time you go, you can see one. Oh fine. Fantastic. Fun. It’s good. It’s fun.

I can remember to sign one for you. Yeah. Yeah. So now. So now, now on top of that, it’s the busiest I’ve ever been and I’m working six days a week at this point. Yep. Not, not the. Not The fund. That seven days. Yeah. And so I would go straight from work to the hospital, spend the night with my son, get up, go home, shower, come to work, work all day, see tons of patients and just repeat, repeat. And then my daughter was three or four and she was irate. Now I had to get her watched and now she was irate because one wears her family, right? Two of them are in the hospital and I’m working. And so now she’s upset that she has no attention and she is fussy. Um, that was one of the hardest times in my business career and in ironic was right when we were taking a big upswing in business. Um, so it was super busy, super slammed, and I would have to just be very understand that, that, that being away from my son in the hospital during the day was tough on me because I wanted to be there with him and comfort him because he was laying there and traction for 30 days and days, but also know the importance of going to work and, and keeping the business going, building the business because I knew the longterm effect what that was going to be for us. So

did you, I know facebook wasn’t around yet at that time. This, it’d be like 1990 2001 to two. At this point when this happened, what were you, what year

would wouldn’t say a blake is 26. He was two, so 24 years ago.

So it’s 24.

The 1992.

Okay. So around that time, I mean, did you, did you go on facebook and lament?


Did you email everyone you know, complaining? No. Did you go to every bar every single night and drink until you couldn’t move?

There wasn’t one patient that came in in that timeframe that knew anything in my personal life and my employees, some of them know just because of the. Yeah, some of them I had

help move around kids and all your, all your eyebrows is a nervous habit.

Okay. Dealt with people. People getting a hold of you, your family, people that you want to reach you. How do you decide who to answer the phone for phone. When a phone call comes in or a text message comes in, how do you decide who to respond to?

Um, I have a hierarchy in my mind and there’s some people that, um, even if I’m, whatever I’m doing, if I see that they’re calling because sometimes I’ll put my phone on silent obviously and I don’t, it doesn’t buzz or anything. When it’s on silent, it’s silent. But even then sometimes you’ll, you’ll, you know, you’ll notice your phone light up and out of curiosity can glance over and see. That’s one of my, one of my children, one of my children, gets an immediate answer if I see it. I mean, unless, you know, unless I made a meeting in my phones, I purposely have kept it in my bag or they’ve been turned off, but um, you know, I have a hierarchy of people into my managers, my children, and there’s a few close friends if you close a business acquaintances that, um, I’ll always say,

but by default you don’t respond.

Oh, correct. Is that weird? That’s awesome.

It is weird. And it’s also, I think one of the most rare things that allows you to be successful. Yeah. I, you know, what you could choose to be. I remember as a kid, you know, you’d be sitting around there watching the national geographic or Disney at Sunday night, a Disney movies were the original movie and something magical would happen.

You would hear the phone ring and the old, they were connected to

Marshall hearing way too young to know this meaning and, and as young kids, we were looking at it, the

kitchen where the phone was

and we would bet maybe two or three of my brothers would, would get that, that like sprinters pose at getting up and going, you know? Yeah. And we would literally race in your kitchen time would stop because it was because that phone, it was calling us screaming and oh my goodness, a long distance. Long Distance. We went to def con for. I mean it was, it was like a, it was like a minor emergency. Shut South Dakota. You ever got that phone first? You answered it. We had, we had a script. You got it. You got to follow the script. Now when you answer the phone, Gary Go Zelner residents who? Masters calling? Oh Wow. So that was scripted out for us. I’ll very formal. Nice. I remember that. And then you know the, if it was long and be like, mom this is Connie or whoever it was bright.

And I mean the whole house is, she just shook, you know, because the phone rang and that’s just being a slave to the phone, you know what I mean? From breaks down. It’s like I don’t know the number, I never answered it and I’m like forget it, you know, because it’s usually. Hello, this is Veronica from card member services. We’re just calling to make sure you have the credit cards. I do two months or more. I wanted to pick your brain about a bad idea that I have baked in my mind this morning. Yeah, exactly. So it’s Kinda like. And then you’d get on the phone and then what’s so funny? I see people the edge of those numbers and they spend 10 minutes on the phone with these people.

What? You said one thing in a meeting one time that blew my mind. You said you waited till everybody left, but you pulled somebody aside and I heard you do it and I was like, oh that’s good. You Go, I do not appreciate meaningless non updates, so please don’t call me to update me about non updates. I don’t want updates that are meaningless. I don’t want

not. And you said it in a way and I’m like, oh this is governor. Good. Let him have his way. Because you having this conversation or somebody just kept telling you mindless data that didn’t matter. Didn’t matter no more. I didn’t care about it. I mean it was. It was like it was a knowledge bunks and decent people.

I feel like they need to just communicate like, Hey, just, you know. Yeah. Isn’t that. Isn’t that a thing though? People feel like they did. Isn’t it like a. that’s the thing that the people that usually don’t rise to a huge level of success spend their whole day just sort of, I just want to send out this newsletter to this organization, this community of men that I get together. There’s a lot of people that they get together in these community groups, these networking things, these, these breakfast groups, these luncheon groups, these community groups, and really were not connecting with anybody at all. We’re just pledging the flag. Were reciting the pledge, we’re having cheese cubes were talking about, you know, something that we can’t control and then we send out newsletters and we update the newsletters and we did our site and see you see a lot of unsuccessful people sending out a newsletter, update the site, do the flag, do the pledge, served the cheese. Next month we’re having this other person come in. Shopping gets done.

Well you’re right. And then going back to the employees, sending me updates that were not updated and that I didn’t ask for it and I didn’t really care about. Um, I think some people do that because they think, you know what? I want to make sure that the boss or a bosses know that I’m working. So if I just flood them with stuff, they know

no when they didn’t do real work to, you know, when somebody says they’re talking in a circle now, basically I was doing some updates. I was doing some research. Yes. How pissed does it make you instances? I’m just doing my research right now. I’m really circling back. I’m trying to really get down to a different understanding. I’m trying to burn it down and you hear these general phrase, I’ve had it burn it down to the ground to build it back up. Trying to. Can I circle back to it? I’m just trying to die, die. Then I shifted. I should have something to show you next week.

I love that. And the thing that Kinda gets me even more fired up is when you’re talking to someone and you’ve given, you’ve given them, giving them, you’ve given them an assignment. Now that word you said, Hey, get this done, get this done baby. And then next week you’re in the meeting and you look at them and you say, did you get that done? And that is a yes or no question. And they’ll go, what do you mean by that? Should calm down. That’s not a 10 minute oration on why you didn’t get it done. And I didn’t ask why you didn’t get it.

There’s three excuses. I’ll role play with you here. The three first one is a miscommunication. There was a miscommunication. I didn’t know what you want me to do that or Marshall. Because when you said clay do it. I thought you said Marshall when you said Clay Clark, I thought that meant Marshall and I. So I was a marshal. Is it done?

Oh yeah, that’s a move. That’s the move. Okay. How do you handle it? How do I handle that? How do you handle it? If it’s their first time, first time it happened, I said, well, let’s clarify right now. Okay, let’s maybe put it in writing. Maybe even send them an email, send me an email to which you sent me an email right now, or text message right now as to what you’re supposed to get done by next week. You, you right now and then they take you to to get perfect to me. Here’s what you’re supposed to do. I’ll see you next week. Okay. Shonda. Next.

Okay. Emotional.

Oh, I was going to do it but I have a baby and my baby was up all night. I just, I don’t know how to use new to town and I couldn’t find the locations and my google map and I just. What do you do?

Eat the baby.

What do you do? Because you know somebody will bring up like their baby and their inability to use google maps as a reason for not looking. They combine them or they’ll go, I have a thyroid problem. I saw specialist. It’s very good sir.

I mean you, you know that you don’t understand. There are people that can force cry, you know, forrest crying. Oh heck yeah, come on. Oh, no doubt about it. I can’t in a pinch. I’m, here’s the thing about that is that they are defining what kind of employee they are right now. You’re the idiot that doesn’t listen to that, you know, the idiot that keeps thinking that they’re going to show up on time and they’re always late and being upset with them. You should be upset with yourself because that’s, they are defining the kind of employee they are. So if you want to continue to give that kind of person, high level jobs to get done on a weekly basis, then who’s the fool? Right? So every now and then you know, everybody, everybody gets a Mulligan in life. I mean, you’ve hired him, he put some time into them.

We’ve all made mistakes. These are the moves. But you’ve kept them around for a reason at this point. So. And maybe that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Maybe that’s the 17th time they’ve done that. So then yeah, whack ’em move on. Move three is I forgot, I just, I just, Woo Woo. Here again, they were defined for God. They are defining what kind of employee they are and that is a move that happens on occasion and that’s why you have to be purposeful and then teaching them on how to make lists. Make to do lists. Put this on the top of your to do list. Let’s pull it out right now. Let’s make a to do list. Let’s get a big, big chief tablet and achieve two pencil and let’s just make your list.

You’ve obviously achieved many of your financial and time freedom goals. What’s your big goals now that you care to speak up publicly? Cause that as a rule of all super successful people, almost all super successful people that I know will never share with you their true big goal. They might share little glimpses of their goal, but there’s. I could spend a whole podcast about why you should never share your big goals to everyone you know. You only just shared your closest, your inner circle, but what are, what are, you know, you’ve achieved a lot of goals so far financially and time freedom goals. What are a few goals now that you could share on a podcast at hundreds of thousands of people listening to? I’m real excited about this next chapter of my life. I’m going to be in business with my children for the first I’m in.

I’m in business with my daughter. She’s now a doctrine, my optometry clinic, by the way. Sounds, sounds really good on the commercials she does. She’s always been a rockstar in the funniest person. I’m not kidding. The funniest. You might not appreciate how funny she is, but I’m telling you, she is the funniest conversationalist I have ever been around. I went to a birthday party a couple years back. She walked star. She just knows how to see. She’s got your magic there. She’s so good conversation. He’s got that emotional intelligence. It’s off the charts, off the charts. So proud of her. So that’s been kind of a fun new chapter. My son, my, my, my middle child, my son, he is um, get my tub, graduated optometry school and he just gave him my second grand baby. Matthew. Shout out to Matt, woke, woke, woke up, Sebastian and math. It’s kind of like a factory deal. Like you have a certain production quota, like every nine months you want another one or what’s your, what’s your again? Ken Lay down the law for my kids. I’m like, come on this important in defining the winter. January a little granddaughters. So really I got that coming. That’s, that’s a big deal. And then the third,

a third child, both my youngest, he and I are getting ready to start some new businesses and I’m excited about those. And so I think for me it’s, it’s always that entrepreneurial spirit. I think I still have a good, you know, 10, 15, 20 years running me to start some businesses and grow businesses. What I enjoy doing, it’s what I, it’s, it’s apparently when few things in life I can do well. So I’m going to do it and now I’m gonna do it with my children and that has a new excitement to it. I’ve never, I’ve never done that. And so it helped them to help them now, you know, get their time freedom and financial freedom and to move forward in their life is going to be very rewarding. I feel. Now that the book’s final two questions here, books, uh, we’ve talked about on previous shows, but if you had to recommend two books or, or more, but let’s just say at least two books to listeners out there.

Again, I know these because we’ve had previous shows on it, but we get this question asked a lot, you know, what, what books would Dr z recommend for every entrepreneur out there? Uh, if you’d recommend, let’s say at least two, what would you recommend I would recommend winning by Jack Welch. Okay. Alright. Um, I think that is a, um, um, a modern look at how to bootstrap it up and how to old school grow a business and a former CEO of Ge, by the way, who grew the company by 4,000 percent. The company before he took over at the time of him leaving, I think was the world’s largest corporation or by the way, when he left, it’s just, it’s gone off the, it’s going to get off the rails. They’re just, they’re just not able to implement what he, because he had certain principles and systems and mindsets and pro is the probably one of the most effective managers of all time.

If you’re struggling to manage people winning by Jack Welch, read it once, read it twice. That book he prayed Nice. And I think one, it’s an old school book and it’s kind of a weird book to recommend and a business mentality. But I think it’s one of the things that’s lacking in so many business owners brain power and that is, it’s a book written, you know, 3000 years ago by Chinese, a general of war. It’s called the art of war by Shinzou and it is the 13 chapters deal with the 13, his 13 steps in how to prepare and defeat the enemy. And I don’t know why, but it seems like that so many people I’ve talked to when I talk about business being war, they just kind of pucker up in this, this new kind of offensive world we live in is like, oh, that’s offensive.

That’s just, that’s just me, is that this is more, this is, you know, I’m just, I just want to sell cookies. I mean, I just want to, you know, I didn’t want to teach people. I want to teach dogs how to, how to, you know, be better manners. I mean, I want to sell pizzas. You don’t know, like you can understand it. It is. If you don’t, if you don’t understand that you’re headed into battle, then you’ve lost. And I think that’s why according to Forbes, our Business Bible that, you know, 80 to 90 percent of all businesses out there fail. And I think a lot of people don’t have that mindset of, you know, hey, it is war. I do have competition out there. They don’t want me to succeed. They’re going to do whatever they can do to be more successful. Therefore makes me less successful. Folks. It’s a battle out there and that book really fires you up. I mean, it’s kind of cool. It’s talking about, you know, scouting your enemy. We call it mystery shopping, right? Yeah. It talks about all these different men appear to be weak when you’re strong. Appeared to be strong when you’re weak. Oh, it’s so fun. There’s so many moves. So many. My Love, the moves, they’re ageless.

I mean these were back in Dino, 3000 BC or maybe you have $5,000. I remember one time a guy actually just funny, but there was a. I’d read that book and there was a competitor of ours who see who really was being shady and he drove from Oklahoma City to Tulsa to meet me because he said he wanted to sell his company to me and z. The idea of appearing to be weak when you’re strong. Oh yeah. Oh I worked at. Oh that’s so fun. So he’s like, how are things like, oh, the house is good, business is good, but I gotta be honest with you. Can I share something with you? Like I said, it’s getting tight to get in tight. That was the. I didn’t say what that meant. I implied he didn’t say a specific dollar amount. It’s getting tight, tight. Said why is it?

Well it’s just. And so because I knew that he was disingenuous for coming to Tay told me he was coming to Tulsa to sell his company to me, but multiple people that I knew who actually worked there were like, dude, this guy, former employees in mind were like, this guy is trying to spy on you and they come to Tulsa. So he’s like, well, why is it tight? I said, well, you know, we raised our executives, is that we’re raising our prices. Do you know a minimum $1,000 per wedding? Because the industry’s gotten too loose. You are not being completely truthful there. Oh No, I’m playing games. Oh yeah. And he’s like, so what? And I said, well, you know, we forever, we did 550 $600 for the wedding and it was unlimited time. That was great. We had so much business. I decided, you know what?

I need to charge as much as possible unless people are just really outrageously complaining. I’m not, I’m, I’m doing, I’m doing, I’m doing the other Djs of disservice like you. Right. I’ve raised my prices, but I think we might’ve gone too much. So what are you charged us? Well, I mean it’s a lot of money. It’s a little higher. And I wanted. He’s like, how much God, I want to talk about it, but it’s a lot. I mean we probably overshot. He goes, where are you going to lower your prices? No, I gotta I can’t. You can’t lose face. You lose, you lose. She told team we’re going to raise prices. I can only tell a guy like you. I can’t tell. I can’t take everybody on one. I can’t tell anyone. I can’t make a change like this. So please don’t tell anyone because I know he’s a jackass.

Comes into Tulsa, prices raised as high as he can go. Just a little under what I told him and we destroyed them. Destroyed him. Oh, thank you. Soon you. Thank you. Thank you. And it was about 3000 years ago. It was about 600, 700 BC. So final question I have for you. Okay. You do. Thank. You’re very successful because you do things a different way than most people because most people are not successful and you are successful. Therefore you do things differently than most people. What is one thing that you do differently than everybody? Every single day. Whew. That’s a good. I mean something that’s you’re swimming upstream brow some. I have a lot of things I could list off that I see you do, but feel free to. If you want me to give you a few days to kind of get me started there. Can you try to think how deep you want me to go on that? By default, do not answer your phone. Okay. By default, you do not answer your phone. That’s profound. Yes. To.

By default, you do not feel the need to return a call or to retune return any correspondence to anyone ever. Three. You definitely always do what is best for your business as you always do what’s best for the business. You always do what’s best for the business because of all the jobs for all your people, right? It’s your golden goose. Can you talk about that idea of doing what’s best for the business? Well, as I said before I have that filtered. It says, is this what’s best for the business? And that’s a hard. That’s a hard decision to make some time because you may be looking at someone that is a friend, lifelong friend can be a family member, it could be someone to work through for years and you know what’s best for the businesses, for them to move on, for them to be labeled customer status and not employee stashed.

I’ve just upgraded you to customer. Thank you very much and that’s a difficult thing to do. Firing people is probably the most difficult to do as a business owner also, whenever. So that’s the hardest thing. So let’s, let’s focus on that because everything else has, you know, typically, usually easier than that, right? Um, another thing out there that I, that I see with business owners is pride. Pride is a horrible thing. Something I try to beat out of myself every day. It comes before the fall. It does and pride and this sense. Um, and I went to a last season of it myself just to be very, to be very transparent here and that is this pride of

I could do this all on my own. I’m smart and I figured this out. This is my baby, my business. I started this thing up three years ago. Gosh, I’m going to do this all by myself. I don’t need to read business books. I don’t need to read any of those. I needed to go there in person workshop. You kidding me. They just want to up sell me and try to take all my life

because I’m the man and it’s on every business. Listen, the richest man in the world will bill gates, goes back and forth with [inaudible] to check the stock here in a second. Let you know, so either first or second richest man in the world when ask the advice he would give to a startup business owner. He said, you need to have a coach. Business coach. Yes. A business coach, a coach could make a former ceo of ge of a, of Google saying, you got to have a business coach. Is the CEO of Google. You think the guy’s pretty successful? Obviously, but yeah, these guys have guys behind them. You know, it’s funny, I was telling someone the other day, we were talking about basketball and we did a series on Phil Jackson, 11 rings. I love that. And I looked at them and I said, Michael? Jordan said, yeah, coby.

Brian o two of the best. I said, you realize that the needle, neither one of them won a championship without Phil Jackson as her coach. And they went, what? Those guys can play like a combined like 35 years between the two of them and they didn’t win a single nba championship when Phil Jackson wasn’t coaching them. And you might say these cobia Monica could, could’ve said, Phil Jackson, you’re not that good a basketball player. I mean, you’re okay, but you know you’re not like us cope. He actually did one time he got Philly, got Phil Jackson fired, and then he had to. He had to apologize and come back, eat a little crow kit when we. Exactly a coach can make all the difference between winning and losing. I’ll tell you what, if you’re out there and you are struggling to have success listened to this podcast until your brain explodes, Z, I appreciate you sharing some candid feedback. Goes out there and is always one in every show with a boom.


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