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Wanting to know more about a Thrivetime Show Business Conferences? A Thrivetime Show business Conferences attendee and a super successful Minnesota-based real estate professional by the name of Scott Hutchinson shares about his experience.

The following program was recorded before now and thus one may wonder why the dates and times conveyed in today’s program does not correspond with the real dates and times that you are experiencing right now.

If you are mentally stuck in the 80s, watching the A-Team, and still playing on a Super Nintendo System to obtain unlimited lives and ammunition while playing the game Contra the secret code is up down, up down, B, A, B, A, select start.


  1. What are the Thrivetime Show business conferences like?
  2. Do Minnesotans like The Thrivetime Show Conference?
  3. How can The Thrivetime Show business conferences help an already successful real estate team?
  4. Why do accountants refer Clay Clark to their clients?
  5. What is rhubarb and why do Minnesotans love this food?
  6. DEFINITION – Rhubarb – A plant that can be grown in any condition and is typically sweetened and combined with fruits to make a desert.
  7. DEFINITION – HotDish – A hotdish is a casserole which typically contains a starch, a meat, and a canned or frozen vegetable mixed with canned soup.

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Grant was recorded before now and that’s when they wonder why the dates and times conveyed in today’s program didn’t correspond with real dates and Times that you are experiencing right now. If you are mentally stuck in the eighties watching the a team and still playing on the Super Nintendo system to obtain unlimited lives and ammunition while playing the game, contra the secret code is up, down, up, down, Ba. Select start.

Hello America. We are answering the biggest, deepest and widest questions. What are  the thrive time show business conferences? How can the thrive time show business conferences help my already successful real estate team? Why do accountants refer Clay Clark? What is rhubarb and why do Minnesotans love this food? That is all. My name is clay  and you’re listening to the thrive time show on your radio and podcast downloads reminding you. Have your pets spayed or neutered at least twice this holiday season.

Thrive nation here on this incredible Friday. We have a special guest with us in the thrive time show man studios here on this fabulous Friday. Scott has traveled all the way from beautiful Minnesota to attend today’s thrive time show workshop US Scott. You had been to a thrive time show conference in the past. Could you share with the listeners out there how you first heard about the thrive time show business conferences?

Absolutely, and thanks for having me.  When I went to your last convention, actually was originally referred to your coaching staff by my accountant’s. Cool. I’m like everything. A little leery at first kind of thinking. Um, and I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing a long time.

What do you do, by the way? Are you, are you involved in Ponzi schemes or illegal gambling or, or, or real estate? What do you do?

Real estate and in the state of Minnesota. Great. At a high level, my accountant’s referred me to your organization and went one round. And before I left I booked the second round.

Now the business conferences for those people out there who have yet to attend, you know, here we are on a Friday. Then the conferences going on here after lunch. We’re taking a little lunch break here to do today show. Can you talk to the listeners out there about what your experience was like at the thrive time show workshop and maybe some of the highlights from your perspective as, as a, the magic man from Minnesota?

Absolutely. You don’t have a lot of big takes. I’m one that has to, you know, or have and will, um, promote and, and spent a lot of time in education and in, in learning and becoming better both individually and as a business. And the collection that I, that I learned from coming to the convention was, um, a lot of those principals both on daily planning to marketing to, to  the overall dynamics of running a very efficient business that you’re not necessarily taught through doing. And, or uh, you know, other coat, you know, I’ve been involved in coaching for years and years and years primarily that specialized only in real estate. Got It. But maybe not on the principle foundations of business.

So you, you, when you, when you said you’d been involved in real estate on a high level, it’s like rental houses or you flip properties, do you own rental properties? Kind of explain to the listeners out there, just a little bit about your background and kind of what, when you say high level real estate, what kind of real estate deals have you been involved in?

Well, what I meant by high level, I’ve run a very successful team for, for a long period of time and the Minneapolis area and what I mean by that just as far as volume of sales but not necessarily running efficiencies in a business. But yeah, I’ve, I’ve done everything from property management rentals myself to, you know, rehabbing properties from this, you know, the studs up and the ground up.

We have a lot of curious listeners out there, is there a website that people can go to, check out and learn more about you and, and, uh, maybe even leave you a favorable, favorable review?

Oh, absolutely. My website is www.mn, like Minnesota, mnrealtysearch.com.

And Scott, what’s your, what’s your last name? Hutchinson. Hutchinson. Okay. And by lasy count, how many kids do you have out there? Do you have a big family? Small family. Tell the listeners a little bit about yourself, your background.

I do a lovely wife by the name of a Chrissy with a k and then I have three lovely kids that are 12, 10 and eight.

So back me up on this with how many people did you meet today at the offices? How many people did you meet and how many of those people talk to you about snowstorm as a percentage? I mean what percentage of the people are concerned about tomorrow’s potential snow storm?

One hundred percent. And and I, I was in your, the office quite early, but you now you live in Minnesota. I used to live in Minnesota. What happens when it snows in Minnesota? They shut the city down. Do they, do they send the kids home from school? They said that’s it. We’re done. We got to go buy everything at the grocery store. What happens in Minnesota when it snows,

we celebrate and embrace it.

Life is normal from hockey games to school and everything else does. Everybody just said can’t come into work. I can’t do it. Does everybody just call in immediately?

No, it, it’s, it’s, it seems similar. Kind of. You know what? I don’t to pick on anyone that was there today. I’m picking on them. You’re not picking. But one gentleman in particular though, concerned about coming to the Saturday event and maybe even potentially getting a hotel room close by. Made me laugh.

So again, now we’re learning to speak Minnesotan with Scott Hutchinson here on the thrive time show on this Friday afternoon. Scott, I got a couple more questions for you. Um, I, when I moved to Minnesota I had never had rhubarb, I never experienced the rhubarb does or the thing called hot dish. So like for you explained the Minnesota Colloquialisms, can you explain for all the listeners out there? Oh, don’t you know who are not aware of what it, what rhubarb is? Please explain to us all. Scott, what’s up rhubarb? Oh yeah, you Betcha. The rule is, is just a plant that can really be grown anywhere under any sort of soil conditions and in water

I think is why it’s so popular in Minnesota. I, for one am not a big rhubarb fan, but you liked the theory of it that it can grow under any conditions and. Yeah. And, and it semi looks like a weed and semi lift. Okay. Don’t tell the listeners out there what’s hot dish, hot dish. You know, that hot dishes,

just kind of a collection of anything hot from vegetables, potatoes and meat thrown together.

Okay? Okay. Okay. Now why, why in Minnesota does everyone wave at everybody while driving those? Put one finger up the, the, uh, positive finger. By the way, people are always waving at people and traffic. What’s that all about?

Just the saying Minnesota Nice. It holds true

Minnesota. Nice. It holds true. So if you’re out there, Scott, you’re thinking about buying a ticket for our next in person workshop. Why do you encourage, what would you encourage all the listeners out there to, uh, at least attend one in person? Thrive time, show workshop?

Well, it’s, it’s, it’s good and be life changing it on the aspect of personal growth and business growth, um, in, in everything’s related and in a, in a way that you’re not going to be bored. You’re not going to be looking at your clock and you know, the, the principles and the ideas are stuff that I, I haven’t taken away from other conferences and I’ve been doing this 15, 16, 17 years, um, and people are going to make more money and in, in, in really look at their values, how they’re spending their money when they’re spending their money and their time and everything else. And, and you know, for, for me this is a time of year to do it, this is my fourth quarter, always makes my first quarter and, and I and I do as much of this kind of stuff as possible and I, and I learned a lot last time and I think my round tube is going to be that much better.

Thrivers if you’re out there listening today and we have yet to meet, book your tickets for our next in person. Thrive time show business conferences today. My going to thrive time show.com just simply by going to thrive time show.com. You can buy your tickets there. My name is Clay Clark and without any further ado, I’d like to end the show with the boom. So are you ready? Are you thrive nation? Are you ready? Are you, are you prepared? Here we go. Three, two, one. Boom.


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