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When you are onboarding new people it’s important that you sort job candidates and that you don’t attempt to sell them too hard on taking the job.

  1. Create a polarizing work environment 
    1. Create print pieces that celebrate and teach your values 
    2. Create an overhead music playlist that matches your business’ personality
    3. Establish clear hours of operation and don’t deviate

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “One lesson I learned [at PayPal] is to fire people faster. That sounds awful, but I think if somebody is not working out, it’s best to part ways sooner rather than later. It’s a mistake to try too hard to make something work that really couldn’t work.” – Elon Musk (The man and the mind behind PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, etc.)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Hire great people…this is 90 percent of the solution, as hiring wrong can cost you so much. We challenge our people leaders to hire people that are better than themselves, therefore making the company better with each hire.” – Elon Musk (The man and the mind behind PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla, etc.)

FUN FACT – Former Tesla employees reveal what it’s like to work with Elon Musk

“Because of the pressure that he puts on his entire executive team, his senior leadership team, even if they have the experience, they wouldn’t dare speak up against him,” one of the former employees said.” – https://www.businessinsider.com/ex-tesla-employees-reveal-what-its-like-work-elon-musk-2019-9#some-employees-were-afraid-of-him-1 

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rabbed the duct tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach. Clay Clark.

Yes. Yes, yes and yes. Jason, here we are on this Saturday morning at seven 48 in the morning. Here we are already today we have talked to a dry wall, a contractor to help him grow his business. True. We have talked with a restaurant in a beautiful satellite beach, Florida called morning glory. We have a connected with P M H O K. C a powerful Randy. Did I tell you, did I, did I tell you the good news that that happened in the last mm, 300 seconds. Have I told you that yet? If not educate me. Okay, here we go. Let’s see. We were just, we’re just outside burdensome pinion wood and I did not share with you cause you were on the phone collecting some payment information from somebody. And I did not tell you here it is Shaw homes this year, this year, this, this is up 362% for January.

Wow. Now we, we’ve grown shot from 37 million to 81 million over the past three years. That’s beautiful. But right now they’ve done 9.8 million so far this month. That’s insane. Last January they did 2.7 million in the last month of the year for home sales is January. I believe it. So they might be a $200 million company this year. Whew. That. And all I’m at, all I’m saying is Aaron antice, if you’re out there, I’m not, I’m not mad. I’m not bitter. But what I want is some Yeezys. So it’s the wheel will work for easiest program. I mean it’s the, it’s the least he could do. Yeah. So if you’re out there and your name’s Aaron anti-ice and you hear the show and you work at Shaw homes and you’re the marketing director and you are aware of the Epic success you’ve had this year, I don’t know. And I know you are because you just texted to me.

I want you to feel a tug at your heart. And I want you to buy me some ease and just know this. It’s real easy. You just buy them. The, the toe box for Yeezys is a little narrow. So you want to order at least one size bigger than clay wares. Get a 14. Yeah. This size 14 easy for me. Just tend to sit it over. Just ship that thing. It’s okay. My address in case you’re wondering, we want to ship that, let me just, you want to ship that to 1100 Riverwalk terrace. Suite number 100 and that’s in Jenks J E N K S, Oklahoma seven four zero three seven. So that’s it. If you’re out there listening to it and you feel compelled to also buy me a pair of Yeezys that is, we’ve had many business coach clients who’ve, who’ve bought me a, we’ve had Colton Dixon bought me some easy true.

We had the great guys over there at the DaVinci bought me some Yeezys. Oh, is that where the tan fair came from yet? I gave those to John. Those were sick. But I’m telling you what, if you feel the need right now to invest in my, in, in my health, you know, my, my foot health of the shoes are very comfortable. If you want me, if you want these podcasts to get better by about a 10th of a percent, you too can have the satisfaction. Now, if you buy me easy is what I will do is I commit, I will do an entire show about your business, about what makes your business great. Unless you have a business that’s not great. So if you’re a member of like Hezbollah or a member of some sort of terrorist organization, don’t mail me some easy thinking.

You can do that. Yeah, but a Island to me instead. There we go. Okay. So anyway, on today’s show we’re talking about sort, don’t sell. Find people that are the right fit and don’t show up square pegs into round holes. Again, sort, don’t sell. Find people that are the right fit and don’t shove square pegs into round holes. So step number one. Well, what are we talking about, Jason? If you ever had some seats, somebody who took a job at a place where they really didn’t fit in. Have you ever seen that happen where somebody, you know, or maybe even you, you took a job at a place and it’s a good place but it’s just not your place. Has that ever happened to you before? My job before elephant in the room, great, great company, amazing company. But I realized, you know, a year in, I should not be here.

Why? It was a culture wise. I did not like it. There was no overhead music. I was not allowed to listen to any music or podcasts even though there was nothing going on in the office. It was very gray and it was just terrible. Ah, I mean, you know, I was working at accounts payable so it’s really not like the most exciting job, but everything was so quiet and there was no, I mean there was no culture. I like noise. I like to listen to something while I’m plugging away. If I’m just typing on an Excel sheet and going through, you know, accounting software all day, I want something to keep me mentally engaged and not just, you know, zoning out. And it just, and after that too, I got my first promotion to realize I would go nowhere else there and I want to do that for the next decade of my life.

So let me give you an example. A winters and King, that’s my law firm. They’re smart people. You go to winter’s king.com winters, king.com. You can see these guys represent, I mean everybody from you know, TD Jakes to pastor Craig Rochelle to Joyce Meyer. Huge personalities, book deals, businesses. They’re awesome. But if you go up there, they have a whole floor of the city Plex tower and they are a great organization. It’s quiet all the time. And do you know why it’s quiet all the time up there? It winters andK , why is that? Cause their attorney, right? I mean, they’re their attorney, their attorney, their attorneys. And Jason, what should attorneys be doing during their day? Attorney. No, they, I mean they should be doing legal work. Right. And do you want the guy doing legal work? Listen to bone thugs and harmony, boom, boom, boom, boom. This is how it feels to work at winters and kicking me in my opinion. This is how it feels. It’s very tranquil. It’s very calm.

Yeah. My attorney shot me down when I told him he need some overhead music. He’s like, no, this is kind of the vibe of what it feels like in my opinion. Every time I’d go up to winters and King, it’s welcome to your good friends at winters and King where we provide high quality legal services. Would you like a coffee? And then I say [inaudible]

Yeah, I’d love a coffee.

And it’s almost like you want a coffee. Yes, I do want a coffee. I will go get you a coffee, Mr. Clark. Oh yeah, please feel free to grab a seat. And they have the kindest, nicest people. But it just,

And work for me. No, but it works for them. Exactly. So if they were trying to recruit me and they’re not, when we do handle their marketing and we do help to business coach their business and grow their business, but if they were trying to hire me and I said, guys, can we do some with you overhead music? No, but what happens a lot of times you see this, what happens when an entrepreneur really tries to sell a new candidate on the job? If it’s, if the new candidate is good at, you know, let’s say the job, but it’s not good for like the culture or even like, you know, like a checklist or something like that. Because I’ve seen people hire high level people who can come in and let’s say we’re doing accounting. They can do accounting until the cows come home. But if they have to follow something else, like a, like a script or a checklist, you also may say, Hey, I’m going to do this.

This is my lane. I don’t really do all of that corporate drug and blah, blah, blah. That’s going to upset the culture. And if you keep trying to push it, you’re going to alienate the people that you already have there, or you’re going to see a drastic change to both parties. It is so important though, that if you bring in a candidate, so w what I want you to do, I’m gonna give you action steps to make sure that this works for you. One is create a polarizing work environment. So talk about this Jason. What things are in the office right there in the bookstore that you’ll see immediately when you come in the office that could be polarizing for some people. There is a big old American flag. There is a big old Israel flag and then smack dab in the middle there is a painting of Jesus.

And again, you are not a Christian. I don’t sit there and try to sell you on being a Christian, nor am I part of the Islamic state. Right? But the thing is, there are people that are offended right away by seeing that Israeli flag. I thought it was interesting. I was like, what’s going on here? But some people get offended by it. Oh yeah, I’m sure you’ve seen people who are offended by the American flag. Some people, the the notable quotables we write on the walls. Yeah, I witnessed somebody erased one. I know I didn’t witness it, but I walked into the bathroom at one of the conferences after somebody had a raised one they didn’t agree with. Nice. That’s nice. That’s it could come to my house, come to my conference and then erase the values that you don’t agree with. Okay, I get it.

So how do you do that? How do you create a polarizing work environment? One, create print pieces that state your values. Create print pieces that celebrate and teach your values. It’s so important. And I’m telling you, you don’t, you don’t spell words words cast a spell on people. Someone should write that down. You don’t spell words words cast a spell on people move number two again. So step number one, create that polarizing work environment. But how do you do it? One, you create print, print pieces that celebrate your values to create an overhead music environment that matches your businesses personality. Why is that critical, Jason? Well, like you were talking about with winters and King, if you were to walk in to meet with Wes or Vanessa to walk in to meet with West, you guys would probably be really thrown if he was listening to DMX.

Right, right. You’d be like, I don’t know, like, I don’t know know somebody like me, I’d be like, Oh God, I have a gangster attorney. That’s great. But no. It also helps set the tone cause like if, let’s say I were to have a [inaudible] going on over there, Oh, I’m getting some legal documents ready. Woo. Yeah. That’s, so again, it’s just so important that you create a polarizing environment where people will want to work for you or not want to work for you. Because if I come in complaining about the great playlists that you’ve built for elephant in the room or thrive, you know that, Oh, Jason is not a good fit. Three established, clear hours of operation and don’t deviate. So Jason, elephant in the room, it’s a men’s grooming lounge. Where do you guys want to get their hair cut? Between the hours of 11:00 AM and 8:00 PM, and they prefer to get their carrier care cut typically after work or on the weekends.

So what if you want to work for us, but you don’t want to ever work on the weekend or during the evening? What happened? There are a ton of other really crazy jobs. Yeah, but you don’t deviate. So create print pieces that celebrate and teach your values. One, to create overhead music that matches your business’s personality. Three, established, clear hours of operation and don’t deviate. Jason, how often do you see an entrepreneur kind of deviating they’re kind of, you know, they just, they just, they’re trying to accommodate and appease all the employees. And so they keep changing the playlist every day. They keep changing the smells, they keep changing the hours. How often do you see that? I see it a lot, which gives them a lot of added work and stress. But then also when you deviate, if you can’t keep a system, then you’re not going to be able to keep your employees as long because they kind of need to know when they’re working.

Oh yeah. And not be blindsided. Oh, Hey Carl, you’re working every other Tuesday for the next three months and you may or may not work Friday. We, I’ve seen businesses that will, you know, during the slow season, they’ll close a couple of days a week and then people get used to that and then the busy rush comes around and then somebody who’s now working six days a week and they hate their job. Now, Elon Musk couldn’t be here on, on today’s show because he’s a man of class. Although we did get Jim Bryden Stein, who’s the head of NASA on the show and we are working hard to get Ilan on the show and eventually we will get Ilan on the show. But Elon Musk, who is the guy behind a PayPal, a space X and Tesla. Elon Musk is doing very well. For those of you who are new to the planet earth.

Elon Musk is absolutely a legendary innovator and entrepreneur who currently has a net worth today as of 30th. This is crazy. $32 billion. One thinks because he just got himself a big, big bonus. So right now, according to Bloomberg, his net worth is estimated at $32 billion. Wow. So he’s, he’s doing well, but this is what Elon Musk has to say about hiring people. He says, one lesson I learned at PayPal is to fire people faster. That sounds awful, but I think if somebody is not working out, it’s best to part ways sooner rather than later. It’s a mistake to try too hard to make something work that really couldn’t work. Yeah. Again, one lesson I learned at PayPal is to fire people faster. That sounds awful, but I think if something is not working out, it’s, it’s, it’s best to part ways sooner rather than later. It’s a mistake to try too hard to make something work that really couldn’t work.

Yeah. We talked about that on the podcast that we recorded, you know, before about the difference between a B and C players. And one important thing that I wanted to say about that was, you know, Elon Musk says, if you can’t change him, get him out of there. But the only people that you really can change are the a players because they want to change. So they’re going to be looking for that. But if you try to mold a CNB player, you’re just gonna waste your time. And if you go online and you want to have a blasty blast at Elon Musk, Elon Musk’s expense, I encourage you to read comments of ex employees. Tell all, and you’ll see this a lot. Whenever somebody is not a good fit for a company, the they, they, they really go up there and they start to kind of bash and, and why does somebody who’s not a good, good fit go online and, and bash bash their employer?

Why would an employee who gets, who takes a job and is not a good fit for the job, why do they bash their employer? Why do they do that if it’s not a good fit, they want to save face and they want to, they want to shift that blame to somebody else. They don’t want to own up to it. Like, I’ve worked at plenty of jobs. Like when I was a host at a certain restaurant here in Tulsa, I could do the job, but it clearly wasn’t meant for me. And so at one point, and they’re like, Hey, this isn’t really working out. It doesn’t seem like you want to be here. I’m like, you’re right. And they let me go and I was cool with that. You didn’t see me hop on Google and pick this place sucks. I still went back there for multiple years until they closed.

But yeah, most people don’t want to accept that they were bad for some, they don’t want to admit defeat. They want to say, Oh, woe is me. Get the company in trouble and trying to stick it to him. One last time Elon Musk has talked about, he said, he said, listen, if you’re going to come work at Tesla, it’s like working in the Marines. Okay? It’s not for everybody. It’s Tesla is a company changing the automotive industry. Space X is changing the way we traveled to space. Neurolink Neurolink is changing the way that minds and artificial intelligence works with computers. He’s changing the world. And so this is what an ex employee of Elon Musk says about him and a business insider article. The article is titled former Tesla employees reveal what it’s really like to work with Elon Musk. Okay, here we go. Employee says, because of the pressure that he puts on the entire executive team, his senior leadership team, even if they have the experience, they wouldn’t dare speak up against him.

Obviously go get another job. Why aren’t you working for the world’s world’s most intense person? And that’s the funny thing too is I, I’ve read at like my brother is a huge gamer. One of the companies that he adores got in trouble because one of the, a couple of their employees got together and talking about all these crazy hours they had to work in order to hit deadlines. Well, if your job is making software code that you’re going to sell to people that they’re then going to have to play. You have to take the man hours to do it. And if you work for a company, I think we have a business coach client that’s locked outside. Oh, I will keep going to go get that business coach client there and we would come back to here the rest of the story there. But if you’re out there today, and I’m telling you if you are out, if they are out there today and you find yourself in a spot where you have people on your team that don’t want to work for you or with you, it is super duper important that you get them out of there.

But you got to make a culture that people can either love or hate. You can’t have a workplace that it’s, it’s beige and vanilla and it tries to appeal to everybody cause you just can’t do it. And that’s not possible. It’s an impossible, impossible goal to build a culture that appeals to everybody. So again, when you’re recruiting, when you, when you are recruiting and onboarding new people, see if they are a good fit and how do you know if they’re a good fit? Create a polarizing work environment. Create print pieces that celebrate and teach your values. Create overhead music that matches your businesses personality and establish clear hours of operation. And don’t deviate. Jason come share the rest of the story and then we’re gonna hang out with Allen, the perhaps the best engineer in the history of America. We’ll talk down here just a minute. Best.

It’s just about setting expectations. So if you’re working for Elon Musk, you have to realize you’re probably going to have to work hard because homeboy worked, what? 80 to 90 hours per week slept in. A Chinese factory still does. Yeah. And it was the same thing with that. That gaming company, the people were pissed because they chose a job that requires them to work a ton of hours to cram code, to hit a deadline where their bosses are doing the same thing. These guys were building software companies. They had to sacrifice. So if you’re going to work for somebody of that caliber, you should probably consider getting used to that schedule because that’s what they’re going to expect from you. Again, when onboarding new people, when onboarding new people sort don’t sell, create a polarizing work environment. If you’re a Christian and you want to play your Christian music overhead, AKA hobby lobby, do it.

And then if people are offended by it, tell them to go kick rocks. All right. Create print pieces that create and celebrate your values. Create overhead music that fits your culture. Establish clear hours of operation. If you’re somebody who’s offended that Starbucks doesn’t celebrate Christmas, don’t get a job at Starbucks. Sure. This Justin, and now we want to end the show with a boom, but before we do that, everybody go to a, B E N g.com a, B E N g.com. If you’re looking for an engineer, and I know you are, check out AA, B E N g.com. Why? Because I’m making him wait because he was locked outside. I’m a horrible person and now that he further ado, here we go. Three, two, one. Boom, sure. It’ll clean you out. Leave your hollow inside.


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