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On today’s show Clay and Dr. Z answer the questions related to: when is it time to open up another type of business, how to avoid death by invoicing, how to train up your team properly, etc.

  1. How do you decide whether to reinvest profits in your business vs deploying capital to another investment strategy, such as real estate, another business, or brokerage account?
    1. At first I advertised at 10%+
    2. After I had the business set and had a manager running the shop, I lowered the advertising a little.
    3. Once I was fruitful and had all of the systems created for the business, then you can expand.
    4. It’s hard to find good people. You have to treat your employees how you would like to be treated.
    5. You have to ask yourself “If I leave for 60 days, will the business survive?”
      1. If the answer is no, you have to build your systems.
  1. I want to grow my ophthalmology business. However, in the back of my mind I worry about the risk of catastrophe by going all in on one niche. FYI, if you like to use questioner’s name, can feel free to refer to me now as Tim Johnson, ophthalmologist with Southern Eye Consultants now that I have an idea about future growth…
    1. Draw Your Future on a White Board
    2. Create Business Systems and Investments That Allow You to Have a Bad Day, But Not a Bad Life
      1. Quick Note: Franchising Requires Little Time As Long As You Understand and Implement:
      1. Proactive Online Reputation Management
      2. Group Interviews
      3. Strong Management
  1. . If you could go back, how would you fix your invoicing problem?
    1. Whenever you do the job, you have to get a form of payment.
      1. Credit card or Debit card?
      2. Insurance or cash?
    2. You have to tell them “If you can get the funds, I can go ahead and get started.”
    3. You can make it weird when taking payment. It is as weird as you make it.
    4. The best time to do it is as soon as possible. Get the money part out of the way and the customer will appreciate it as well.

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  1. In America today, there 337,000,000 Americans that we know about. According to Forbes, 67% of Americans want to start a business. 10% of people get the courage to actually start a business. Of the 10% that start a business, 90% of those start ups fail.
    1. Say “No” to fear
    2. Close your ears and listen to your gut
    3. According to Inc., 85% of people lie on their resumes.
    4. Proverbs 13:20
      1. https://biblehub.com/proverbs/13-20.htm


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Zee on today’s show, we have got some unbelievable questions from great thrivers out there. We’ve got a question from a thriver. I was an ophthalmologist based in Alabama. We’ve got a question from a thriver based here, right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’re going to get into invoicing, hiring. We’re going to get in to how to know when it’s time to scale. A company’s either so much goodness on today’s show. Can we also get into some things that you might’ve done wrong? Yeah, for sure. And when you scaled, when you went from one company to two companies, got no, you had to make some mistakes. We’re going to talk about that. Okay. We’re also going to weave in our references to middle school school dances. Oh, we’re going to talk though. I’ve got a great middle school dance story. By the way, the show, you gotta listen, you gotta listen to this. This show’s going to be so hot. It deserves it. A dirty rating. Listen, so this is like oh look away. It’s so hot. Wow. Don’t injure yourself. You know what I mean? Don’t, don’t burn your ear holes. Yeah. So make sure you listen to a free lecture kit. Is that what you’re saying? That’s what I’m saying.

Good Sam shows don’t need a celebrity in a writer to introduce the show. This show down to math eight kids, Koch created by two different women, 13 multimillion dollar businesses. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the thrive time,


[inaudible]. Oh yes, yes, yes and

yes. Oh, you know what? You’re at clay. What’s that? It’s been a while since we’ve been back into our original studio. No. Is this the original? This is a studio B, Studio B, studio B. But if you, I call them. I know, but you’re on the river walking now with the torrential flooding that’s going on in Tulsa. You know, we’re back. Since your house got a little, a little water damage, we’ll call it one could say total wipe out a whole earthly possession. Total total wipe out or a little water damage. Water, a little water with a little water damage a little. Now that we’re back in here, um, it, it, it feels like, you know, wearing an old pair of pant, you know, that’s really comfortable. But it’s like after you’ve lost a little bit of weight, so they were like, you’re your fatal pants plus the penalty.

Yeah. And they’re on your, they already gained a pound. You’re like just a little, little tight. It, it just incredible. I’m not sure why that is. I look around here, I look up and I see my main man, he’s kind of, he’s kind of up there all by himself. Should we hang that down a little lower? I mean I’ve, I’ve thought the fun Schwas off a little bit. Let me say this, we’ve had to move every, every picture. Yes. Been taken off the walls. Yes. Every piece of technology taken down. Yes. Every table was put up on, on a block. Cement blocks. Yeah. Every desk on cement blocks. Wow. And we, we moved out because they said that we would hit 300 cubic feet per second of water out of the keystone dam. Yes. But, uh, it did not happen. Can we say on online?

We couldn’t say. We could say Okay. Cause it’s, cause it’s an actual day is an actual physical structure. That’s what you’re talking about. That’s what we’re talking. We’re not talking about uh, people’s souls and in casting people in the lake of fire. And that’s not where discussing your weight people into a lake of water. Yes. Hence the term lake Jody way. I think we need to give some serious thought. Maybe I can get Andrew on it or one of the guys of reload because he seems so what happens is we have a wall here of of pictures and memorabilia and really some cool stuff. And do you know we might move again here just like we’re supposed to find out in a couple hours. We just got a text from the riverwalk stating that they’re going to announce if they are going to go ahead and push up to 300 so they haven’t decided yet supposed to decide literally right now because your son caught me in the bathroom and said, guess what?

Which is a man. While you don’t, we didn’t teach him that. You don’t stand at the urinal and started discussion. Hey Z, look at my watch. Hey, so we’ve got to get DJ obs. You guys give him a little little man law there but Andrew, Andrew can tell us because as of right now, seriously it is two oh two at the time of this recording and Andrew they’re supposed to announce at two o’clock the big announcement so you could check and tell us what’s going to happen cause see we might have to move again. We’ll go to 300 you think it’s going to flood the studios? I was told that it will happen. Yes. But that’s like kind of like three or four more feet of why out there on the wall. I was told that once it’s 300 it’s sort of an inevitable, everybody’s dead into the end projections that we would definitely have to move out.

Well should we, should we move somewhere? Should we like leave town? Well I’ll get on a plane and just see how long the, the gas tank will keep us up. I Ma my plan is to get this thing moved into not lose a minute and as far as productivity, get the call center for elephant in the room. I’ve got a plan for that. We’re moving into our broken arrow store. Okay. We’ve got a, we’re moving into Kerrington’s office for the core of the business. We get that all go in his office, by the way. He is in a hundred and first and memorial. So he said he’s in and he’s in a good zone. He’s up behind now 121st. Uh, a young lady works at the Bank of Oklahoma. They’re 120 first and memorial, just two miles south. And uh, I was getting my phone hotspots set up for if we lost Internet where you can create her.

And she told me they were evacuating her and she was a, you know, everyone at the bank is a fry is a vice president. Oh, sure. So I’m sure she was vice president. That’s the move. If you’re a teller, you’re vice president or your VP of something, right? Everyone’s a vague statement. That’s the move. Now, Z, despite this, despite though the waters rise, despite the epic Tulsa floods, if you Google, you have to see, you’ve got a Google Tulsa floods. You gotta check it out. Despite the high water we have committed to the listeners. We’re going to put out nine shows a week. Z, we work nine days a week here. Absolutely. Why? We’re going to put it out there or how many days a week did you work when you were starting your first business? Only seven because that’s all they had in a week. Now how are we doing?

Nine odd. What we’re doing is we’re recording a little bit in advance so we can make that happen and two of the bonus shows we do a week. We do knowledge bombs. Ask us anything. Sure. Andrew, we have some microphone technology should you want to take advantage, advantage of it and update us. Sandra. Whoa. Andrea, you muted. Passive. Let’s try that tree. Are you muted? Still immediate. Okay, nice. We have no update yet. No update, but I feel it and it’s coming soon. Any moment? Any second? It’s like the drum solo. [inaudible] 72 70 cfs right now. If it goes to 300 the casino, which is now the pool area’s underwater. Have you seen the pictures? Oh yeah, I’ve drove. I drove by it. Yeah, it was looking. Okay. So the casino, the parking lots underwater, the poolers underwater. Apparently if he goes to 300 floor, one of that things underwater, just going to fill up.

Wow. So why it goes now we’re, we’re here, we’re sitting above the high water mark right now. So at any moment, if you start to hear, if you’re listening, you start to hear, then you know, we’re in for trouble. And before I answer the question from a thriver, I have a confession to make. That’s really funny to me. I had a thriver call me this morning at four in the morning, a longtime client. He calls me, okay, anyone wants to know how we’re doing? And I knew he was going to ask Dex. He asked me yesterday, so I turned on the sink in the bathroom, like raging, you know, and I’m like, hello, hello. That kind of thing we did. Where does he live? He lived south of here, south of here. I don’t want to run to the bus, but for a minute I had them going, is, are you okay? [inaudible]

holds Jack Rose thing. And then he knew I was kidding with them. Like Jack Rose. Okay. Check. Okay. So here’s the question from a thriver. Andrew, you had to take a crack at reading this here, the Mike, Right? And you got the money. Give me headphones. You go and headphone for headphones. Okay. What did you read the question? This is from a thriver, uh, based. He’s an ophthalmologist based in Alabama and he has a question. Go for it, Andrew. All right. So he asks, how do you decide whether to reinvest profits in your business versus deploying capital to another investment strategy? Timeout. Let’s set the first question. So first question here is, how do you decide whether to reinvest the profits back into the optometry clinic over and over and over, and maybe when did you decide to, okay, you know what it’s doing? Well, we have two locations, now it’s time to work on another business opportunity.

Um, that’s an excellent question. And at first, obviously day one you’re pouring as much as you can back into your business. I think that’s very important. When I started off as 10%, 10%, which is aggressive. Yeah. But I was pulling that back into it and B, B, o oppressive. Um, and then as I went, you know, as as we matured, that percentage went down. And so at some point, you know, you said to yourself, okay, I have these businesses are up and running. Well, they’re making lots of money or they’re making a good income. I feel like I can step away from them. I feel like they run themselves. I now have created a business and not a job. I still have to touch it on occasion. I still have to swing by and I thought to do my p and l meetings. Big Question for you. Okay. Big Answer for, I don’t know the answer. As a result, I don’t know the context of this question from Mr Tim, our, our thriver and Alabama.

But I do know a lot of clients. I coach a client me and I’ll coach the crap out of a club, coach him up. Coach, you might go from two employees. It’s easy. Oh, it’s easy to get to 18 employees. Easy, easy. Then I say, here’s the deal. You want time freedom. You, but big boss, you want that. You want that time pretty much. I just had that conversation today. You want that time freedom. You want to go canoe down the flooding river on a day like this. You want to be at Disney world. You need to do two things. Get those call recordings, get the call recording installed, get the cameras installed to get the, that’s the technology. That’s step one. Get that. Take Down with that accountability technology going and get the, get the, get the, you know, the double signature on the deposits going.

Get the carriers, get the video, get the gps on the vehicles that that’s, that’s the easy part. Easy part. The hard part though. Hard part, like a great haircut at elephant. The room hard part. You need to go out there and hire a manager and pay them to watch your backbone. Now you don’t. They need to be all in for you. Come on man. A managers all in for you, which means they’ll tell you when weird stuff’s happening. Well, if they’re all in for you, they will. You’re right. But that’s how you know if someone’s ready to be a manager too, they’ll tell you, you bet. And, and so when you get that in place and things are rocking and rolling. Yup. Now, now you can look Mister Tim, Dr Tim, I should say. Now you can look at the next level. Now you can look at expanding your tenant to other areas.

You know, some people like to because they can like to take whatever business or doing and just expand it. I he franchise at IEEE multiple locations. I either expand buying out or opening up new locations. Yep. And that’s putting capital into it. If you’ve got a good deal going and you really love it, there is no reason why you can’t just continue to expand what you’re doing. Okay, Tim. But on the flip side, if you’re like me and you kind of like doing some different things and you like not having all your eggs in one basket in the sense of the proverbial business basket, then you can do a little what we call that versification. I feel like you can I can I, can I go rag on you and, and if you lay down to music and I’m, I’m Kinda let me know your d every now and then you just lose the fact that you were a worldclass DJ and everything you did, you had a backbeat well why don’t you head, cause I’m out of here is I’ve got this, you’re at a store.

I don’t trust the soundboard. You’re out of sorts and hit the button. But if it sounds weird, I’m here. I don’t trust it. Okay, here we go. I’m hitting right now. Okay, there we go. Okay. I might trust your trust factor come. It’s like sitting on a two legged stool with a third one. Someone says, I think that new lake was repaired. I think it was, I think it’s good. You got two good legs take, take, take. The third one was fixed. It’s like someone going, hey, oh, that car over there and you can borrow my car. Lean into it. Pretty sure we get the brakes face. Okay. Otherwise, there is no breaks at all. They’re just, okay. What did you tell him? I’ll be flying to Houston or or to flying at an altitude of 500 feet at 30,000 miles per hour. Can we find the [inaudible] Rob?

I don’t know. If you just get causes a little bit, you lose confidence, but here, let me Brag on here. At a certain point, when you start off in business, at a certain point with you and maybe two people, okay, you can go to paypal. You’ve got to learn it this seriously. You have to learn how to manage yourself, don’t you? Ah, yes, I’m going to, I’m going to manage myself to 10 people. Is it young or 10 people? You have to learn how to manage those 10 people and yourself. Okay? Number nine, where’s number 10? Where do you go? What’s going on? This is what’s called the real law of attraction. If you want to just come work with you just because they like it. And I know many people that say is doctor z hiring, I want to work. I don’t even care what business it is.

I want to team up with him. I’m going to work there. Again, it’s not here. He, he works on their gravy train, but he has some fun. Yeah, but see, but see if you’re up out there and you’re a boss and we hate it, we don’t talk about it much on the show. But if that sound effects kind of weird. But if you’re, if you’re a boss, yeah, and people don’t like you. See, it’s hard to attract people. It is. And you’re, a lot of people come up to us. What’s when the number one complaint we get from business owners, it’s hard to find good people. And you know what? Sometimes you got to say, look in the mirror, step one, and if you aren’t the kind of light that attracts people, if you aren’t the kind of goodness that people like to be around, fairness, goodness, treating them well, treating them like family, giving them.

Because if you don’t treat them well, somebody else will come on now. Now here’s the deal. Once you start treating people well, you got to understand this. If you don’t have continual growth [inaudible] you’re good. People will grow somewhere else and that’s okay and that’s okay. So you don’t have to open up 17 optometry clinics to appease people, right? But at the end of the day, have you, if you lost some people that were great people that they serve their duty, they did a great job five years, six years, 10 years, whatever. They said, you know what? I’m going to move on now cause I can’t grow any way. Has that ever happened where you’ve lost them who just couldn’t grow anymore? They were happy, but it’s time to move on. It happens all the time. People come in and snipe is still my, my patients all the time cause they see a lot of, let’s say say a lot of patients.

So they get a lot of training very quickly. And then we, you know, like my managers had been in place for a long time. I supervise [inaudible] for a long time so there’s not a lot of upward mobility. But one thing I found out, which is kind of fun, kind of fun and Tim in Alabama to kind of get back to your original question when the cool things are, is that when you have a really good business and you’re successful and rock and you get ready to open the next business. Like for me, I opened up a new business not too long ago and I had one of the guys that’s been a supervisor in my op, my optometric business say, hey listen, I want to expand. I want to, I want to come run that for you. And I said, absolutely. You know, he’s, he’s proven himself.

He’s been with me 1516 years and he’s a great young man. And so I’m like, you bet. Come on over it. So you know, you can actually steal from your own businesses and grabbed good people that you know have already been vetted and already know your culture and already know your concepts. Now, uh, Andrew d is Matt Planning on being on the show still today as Matt has meant pointing? No, we got a hold of Matt. So Matt knows where we’re dealing with the flood here today. Correct. Okay. So, um, what I want to make sure all the listeners know as we, as we’re powering through this question is these are some action items you need to take is to make this relate to you. If your first business is doing well, ask yourself how would it run if you’re not there for a week, right? And if it’s not, if it’s all gonna fall apart, you got to hire a manager to see I, I’m serious.

I bet you 99% of the clients I’ve ever worked with, this is the biggest part they don’t want to do. They say, I don’t want to pay someone 50 grand a year to be a babysitter. And I’m like, that’s what you have to do. You have to, that’s, that’s the move. The other thing that I see that they do play a hire the person, but they won’t give them the tools I need to run the show. Don’t undermine them. They’ll say, well, they’ll shake as they could make a mistake. They’ll say, here’s the deal. I want you to be in total control. You got it. Greg. Greg, you’re in control. Greg, you, you are in control game. Oh Carl, real quick though, I want to tell you something there. Greg forgot to tell you. Hey Greg, you’re in control. Greg and I don’t know Carl.

Greg was incorrect there, but Greg, you’re still in control. Greg, you’re in control. But I’ll be there all tomorrow and we’re going to be riding together onto the visits because you know, I just want to make sure and I’ll go ahead and call that lead. Greg, Greg, I want you to watch me call the league and Greg, Greg, you’re in charge of paying those bills. I just like to sign the bill and fill out the forms and I, Greg verified that the bills. Correct. And you get to be in charge of hiring people. I just wanted to side. Right, but I’m, you’re in charge. But I get the last interview. I get the last dinner Pitino me but, but you’re my business. You can decide when to fire people, but not that guy. Cause that’s my brother’s cousin’s neighbors friend from third grade and he’s off limits.

He’s, well, you know, but, but you could fire anybody. Anybody you want, anybody want. There’s no limit on who you can fire. I remember 24 years ago, I was hired on to be the president of a company and I was in charge and I was told, you’re in charge. It’s your deal. I expressed it. I Bark Express. I’m weren’t expressed. So I moved down to Dallas for the year I was down there and it was amazing. You know, I guess in my naivety, here’s my naivety and back 24 years ago, I actually believe what I was told. No, that’s where you went wrong.f

The idea that I was going to go down to the Home Office and actually be in charge of anything. No. That just means when, when he can be reached on the golf course. V As a cell phone 24 seven is just almost a sham mockery of the word in control or in charge. I mean it was just someone called Trustar it, it was, you know, I was faith falling and nobody was there to catch me. You what you did is you went out to a local camp and they did a trust fall. Yeah. And you said you guys promised, cause they blindfold climb to the top of that pole. We promise. Promise we’ll catch you. Oh yeah. All the kids scatter scatter. They yell from the bushes do it.

There isn’t any 100 neath me, I don’t think. Does it feel good and you fall back and feel good but got, you’re not going to traction for like six months, but I got get, I’m okay. I’m paying. It was funny for them. It’s better. Yeah. Okay. I got a good laugh out of you and I mark, they told you you were in charge, but now I know. And then you know the, the owner was, I’m not, he thought he was ready to let somebody be in charge of. That’s my point is that if you’re, if you’re not ready for it, bring them in. Don’t tell him, don’t tell him something that’s not the truth. You know, if you bring in a manager, say, hey listen, I’m not quite ready to hand it all over to you yet, but let’s start with baby steps. Let’s start finding an area that you can be in charge of that I’m okay. And then kind of let it grow from there as my confidence in you. You know? But don’t bring someone in says, okay, it’s your, it’s your deal.

So here’s, here’s, here’s the deal with Tim. Okay. So Tim, I’m going to ask, I’m assuming you have quality managers who have your back, who at least, I’d say a quality manager at least has some sort of nuclear crisis once a once a week. He’s like, he’s wanting to know

and make sure everybody that’s below them, the org chart goes through them. Tim, you don’t want to have the people below them be able to access you and make decisions and, and Tim tempt your ear. You want to make sure if anybody gets you say, listen, if you’ve gone through the manager yet, cause I’m on the golf course right now. I’m going to put on number three. Are you, uh, have you gone to the manager yet? Well, no. I just thought this was something you needed to know about. You go through the chains of command the chains and that the manager can’t deal with it. Then I’ll, I’m, I’m, I’m here

and now, now let’s assume you have the manager. Okay. Let’s assume you have the clear lines of communication. Okay, got it. Now I see this as a promise for that 1% that actually hires the manager. Okay. They feel bad that they have nothing to do with the owner. Yeah. Just this Thursday I had a guy come in, he says, clay, so what are you doing? He’s wearing shorts. Dress like you have me looking like he’s relaxed, having a good time. And I said, man, how you doing? He’s normally in a suit all the time. Yeah, I’m depressed.

What were, oh gosh. It was almost like a Kramer Kramer from Seinfeld shirt always comes in and he’s like, George George got told was panties at click, click. I just, I’m depressed. I’m like, what’s going on? He’s like, I’m nothing to do. I’ve got nothing to do. This is a guy who out of town, client I’ve worked with for years and he’s, I’m just bored out. My mind started a new business there. We got, see this is, this is kind of when, uh, Tim, this is, this is, I hope you have the time freedom to start a business cause you’re gonna need it. Yes, you will. So if you’re pushed to the Max, don’t, don’t start that of their business now. Now you’re

right. But here, but here you can wrap up still clay. Yeah. Cause he talked about using monies that he’s making. Yeah. When do you, when do you go from, okay, I’m, I’m done supporting this business. It’s up and running. It’s rocking and rolling to now I’m going to start a new business, right with my resources. And this is a very big question because I know some people that do that too soon and then they both fail.

Some people can’t handle it. And I’ll use an example of um, DJ connection to epic to make your life epic. Those three companies. Okay. When I started Dj connection and I had three jobs, Applebee’s, target and direct TV, just kind of like cabin three little businesses. I do a job as a little business. You just got to make the customer happy, that’s your boss, et cetera. So target, Applebee’s, direct TV. I made enough money to afford $2,500 a month of advertisements in the yellow page ads. If we turn off the air conditioning, if we had one car, if we sold a car, if now you’re just bragging. So we did all that and a DJ connection did well and I got to go full time. 2002, I was a, which was the third one. You quit 21 years, which

was the third one you quit. Which one did you get? Which would you hang onto the last

target because you’ve got the, you’ve got the prep, they’re listening right now and you are homosexual or heterosexual, bisexual, transgender, whatever you are. This story, just come on, let’s, let’s not, let’s not be offended. Okay. I worked at Applebee’s and every single person at that particular Applebee’s was a homosexual, which is fine. It’s just my boss, he and let me know he was recruiting and I said, excuse me, I’m imitating him cause this is literally how he talked. He goes, and he by the way would hype it up. He goes, clay, I just want you to know you are being recruited. And I’m like, uh, what does that mean? He goes, well, we’re all on a different team and I’m like, you’re on a different team. What team are you on or cause, I mean there’s zero conversation up previously leading up to is me.

I know. But he goes, so I’m just saying tonight, we’re all going to go hang out if you want. I’m like, I know what. Anyway, he aggressively was recruiting. Ah, and so I talked to this other guy, he’s a native American guy, had big ponytail, looked at him. I said, Hey, uh, is he normally this aggressive? And I don’t know what the kind of guy, and I know we’re in a culture where all I was sexually harassed and they want to file and I get it. And if you’re out there and you’ve been a victim of that, I’m sorry, I’m just saying, I’m not the kind of man who would ever file, just cause I don’t want to, I just would be like, shut up, you know? So he says, uh, well, what do you mean? He goes, I said, he’s, he’s always recruiting. And he says, oh honey, I’m recruiting too.

And I’m like, good, I hear. So I find that truth out of the bottle. I found out that every single employee at this particular Applebee’s was on the other team except for the female bartender who was like in her late fifties or so. Yeah. And she’s like, honey, you’re fresh meat here. This is how it starts. And I’m like, I’m not switching teams. She says that’s what they say. And I’m like, yeah, so this will be candid. I’m not kidding. So that was the job where I’m like, I gotta get out. Okay. That was the first one. So that was the first one. So that was as soon as I could quit, I quit that job sir. Then I got a Gig at the Holiday Inn select, which my wife will never let me forget because it just was a bad decision. It’s right next to that Applebee’s 41st and you, oh well that’s where they would take 44 in Yale.

And so I go there, I go there. And uh, they hired, they hired me cause I was there on my marketing list that the hotel said we loved your deejaying in our event center. We love your style. We love the energy. We’d like to hire you seven days a week and I’m going seven days a week. Yeah. And they said we’ll pay $100 a night plus unlimited lobster because I asked for unlimited lobster in my ridiculously small non legally compliant contract. I asked for $700 a week and free lobster, unlimited, unlimited. So I come home, I’m like, Bruno’s the trip or two. And she goes, what? And she said, 10 pounds of lobster. And I said, Babe, I quit my jobs. I’m telling I got him a genius. And she says, well, what do you mean? I said, I got a gig seven days a week, right next to apple bees at holiday inn select shows you agreed to run sound for for a year for $700 a week for unlimited lobster and $700 I said, yeah, it’s awesome.

It’s awesome. And I said, and the system’s always set up so the Djs, I can train him there. And she goes, oh honey, what about the weddings you already booked for? I said, oh, the other djs can fill in on those nuts. She goes, but what about the other five, six, nine to go, I’m going to beat deejaying. I have got, you know, by, I’m good. I’m going to be seven nights a week. Wow. So much better. It’s unbelievable. And all the lobster I can do that. I bet. To the lobster and I remember she just peaced out. Wow. It was like bird. She like just kinda turned, walked away in the room and I liked that the bird walk, no world. I don’t understand why you’re upset. I never go into her going, why are you upset? And then I remember her saying something like, if you don’t even know, that’s the biggest issue with you right now. But that was when I went fulltime deejaying and I was on holiday and every single night for a year. How am I? But you had lobster. So there is a silver lining to that go dude. I had so much lobster. Did you get sick of it finally? No, he never did. No. I mean it was like, oh, I’ll have a seven tails please, please tonight.

It was just, I thought it was the coolest Gig ever. The coolest Gig ever. It was like something stupid. Like I got three adult beverages, uh, it was like three adult beverages per week or something. And all the hell the lobster I want to do. Is this like kid, it’s just a dumb thing. But I’d say is I, I went all in there and then I had this idea that I would start a company called party perfect. To a party with company because brides and grooms would ask me all the time, Hey, do you have a good recommendation for a chocolate shout in or a Margarita machine or a dance floor? And so one by one I was buying that Gary Anyway, and I thought I’ll just buy a party rental company now, Tim, this is what we call vertical integration. When you have a business, if you can expand to something that builds off your original one like you’re doing, you already have the clients.

Dude, it was a great marketing system. I didn’t have a hot manager yet. I didn’t have a, I didn’t have it. I had a manager who wanted to hang out with the people. Yeah. But now to manage who represented me. Well that’s a problem. He was loyal to the people, the people. So I bought this party rental company, all equipment, all the gear in. It ruined. I mean I seriously, my life was hell. Why? We’re like, Whoa, how, why is that? There’s it of commercial drivers. Okay. And right away the new people, there’s probably like five employees. I go over there, introduced myself, hi, I’m clay him and be your new boss and I just want to use myself. Did you buy a business? Then I bought it. It was like so small. Okay. So you bought a business, you inherited some employees? Yeah. Is what I’m hearing.

Okay. In the one of the new drivers, it’s like if you were on a truck, I said, ah, no. I’m uh, uh, started coming on DJ connection. He says, I quit. I’m just pieces out because he’d already, the new, the previous owner was telling people he’s going to sell. So he left and then one lady just refused to do her job. One lady stood up for me and did her job. But why hadn’t deliveries I had to do, cause I was better at marketing than I was fulfillment. I grew that dramatically very quickly. Sure. I got all the, I remember I got the Cedar Ridge to use us for every wedding, every wedding, every event, Cedar Ridge, Country Club. And a sled Dixie, but I didn’t have a driver and I didn’t have the time and my schedule needed to like interview cause I didn’t have a manager could count on side lead the DJ business and it fall apart this mass.

And I’d go back over there and I’d go back and forth, back and forth. And I finally got him stabilized. But I was working, I mean it at least 15 hours a day, seven days a week. So if he could go back when I hired a solid manager, I could have trusted and gotten trained on DJ connection. Got It. I got it. She got up to run without me before the next thing. That’s the key is the prop my, but I did again, I had a managing, I saw warning signs. Yeah. But I mean it got as far as like if I were at the party business all day, I’d come back and there would be zero sales the whole day. And I’m like, how’d he sold zero? Say Oh I let the guys go early today. That kind of crap. Oh yeah. So I just so, but then from that next business, epic photography is easy.

That was easy when out another add on to now you get your manager straight. Yep. Good. Now you have that now. Now you’ve learned from your mistake. Now I got the epic going, I got the DJ business going and now I’m going, okay, if we’re going to clean a great, you’ve got the one client coming in at like a multicell Downing’s tear can put them on. The marketing is taken care of at this point. Right, right. And so I went into a photography business and that was easy. That’s easiest thing. Easy peasy. I don’t think ever got stressed with that company at all ever. Ah, look like my high watermark was so high. I mean with the DJ business, I knew that if we need you to a hundred weddings a week, it’s not a pleasant thought. But if we need you to a hundred weddings a week, two are going to be screw ups every time.

Is that two, two, two, two, three, three was like I would freak out weekend, I’d freak. Well and you didn’t have to run your life. We do 40 we were doing about 80 weddings a week at the peak. So about every week and a half I planned on, you know, three to five complaints. Sure. But at epic I was just ready for people to say, you ruined my life and you took the worst photos ever and I hate you personally. I was ready for it because I know in the wedding industry you can’t screw up. It’s like flying planes. Right, exactly. So we ran a company did very well, but you know, we’ve won all the awards, the not.com best photographer. I love, I love the, I love the way that you came in, you differentiated yourself with the epic photography by having the timeframes on there. I think that was super sexy because most people get their pictures taken for a wedding and then like six months, a year later they’re like, oh there’s those pictures.

That company, we blew it out of the water. Cause I, I was, I had the board chest built up. I called, I went to the bridal show and the bride said, how much do you charge? And I mean I had it all nailed down. I said, well man, that’s a great question. I would like to ask you if you could set the price for the photographer, just say all the photographers charged the exact same price. What do you want out of a photographer? And the bride’s kept saying, I kept hearing over and over, unlimited time, unlimited time, and they all wanted, see, I’m night at your wedding. You don’t want to have to end early. You want unlimited time, you want that, you’ll never use it, but you want it. So I got unlimited time. I said, that’s included. And you did that in your DJ business too, which I love those days, late as you want, which they’re not going to say bamboo love and 30 so we offered a two week turnaround time, which is the fastest in the industry.

I also said satisfaction guarantees if you’re not happy free photos. Yeah, it’s super sexy. And then your bridal annexation with cheers, your bridal or engagements were free. So you could choose. And you could do it for free and if you didn’t like them, why would you hire us and we get did like him. You would, right. I had the whole thing on block at that point. But that they know where you transparent and they know that you owned all the different businesses. Or did you do the game where you’re like, you know, we recommend at the photography because we have found that they’re the best in the business and they have all these guarantees. You got to give them a call or you transparent going mobile, you have a photography. It’s very transparent. Okay. Yeah. I mean cause I was, but again, this is again it then not having a manager that had my back, he would come to me and go, dude, another photographer’s pissed off at us.

And I said, well let’s, let’s recap. Last year before we opened this company, I refer to young woman in town and you go look her up, you know her name, you’ve met her. We referred that lady a hundred weddings a year, a hundred weddings a year, at least 102 every weekend. And she pays us nothing. She said she would pay us referrals but she stopped nothing from her. The other photographer, the biggest one in town, I built them to by referring, these are all downstream of us, buddy. People booked the venue, they get, they get the ring first, they get the dress, they get the venue, then they booked the DJ, we’re ahead of them in the stream. I’m tired of building other people’s empires moving, I’m done. And he’s like, I get nothing for it. And that person was there going with that person’s my friend. I’m like, I don’t, I don’t care.

Get off my cloud. Couldn’t miss him with my ci Homie. He seriously, I’m tired of it. And it got really contains, you know, contentious cause he was pro employed cause he hit, the employees are upset. They said other photographers don’t like us. And I’m like, if they don’t like us that means we’re doing a good job. That’s right. So epic was, was easy to, I mean it was, it was easy to grow and then make your life epic. When people started asking me for coaching, you know, one by one they would say a clay, I want to execute the action items, but I just don’t have a web guy. And I’m like, I’ll do it for you until I just built a team. They’d say, ah, I, um, you know, I’ve, I’ve loved wanting extra Xq your action items. I just don’t have a video log refer.

And I’m like, okay, well hire that guy too. And I just kind of built it by hiring their needs. They wouldn’t have to keep asking around town. Sure. That was really easy. And then, I don’t know, just everything, it gets easier once you get that momentum, see that core. It really does. And now, you know, opening up a business is just like, just walk in the park. Elephant in the room opening that was so easy. You know y z cause you’re like elephant. No, cause I had, I told Vanessa, I’m like, let’s lose, I’m committed. I’m okay with losing five grand a week, every week for a few years. Okay. Back when you started Dj, you couldn’t say that though. No. Got five brands ever. I’ll spend five grand ever on market out my kidney for five grand right now. Right. I mean, but there’s a, Josh, are you miked up there?

Y’All? Mike. Tim. Hello. Hello. Josh with living water joins us here. Josh, tell us when you got out of the woods of living water, when you thought to yourself, cause we started with you kind of early on in your path. When did you say, Hey kid, we’re good on I got today. Oh Nice. Nice. No, that would’ve been, uh, so last spring when all attraction from all the things y’all were doing and stuff, whenever that really began to take off, I was like, oh we, we have a viable sustainable business here. Hmm. So it, but how long did it take you up? Who was it a year was as, I’m a little over a year. Um, I mean I think it was accelerated greatly by y’all without patting on the back over and over again is I actually could PR, I mean, cause when we started out I’ll take anything.

Like you want me to go do what? Yes, yes. You’re paying. And you do sprinkler repair. I’m sure people are calling you going, I’ve got a cat in a tree. Is this the, is this the fire department? Yeah. Yes, yes, yes. I got a ladder. What we do, I don’t need any more water on my lawn right now. Where’s your cup? Take my sprinkler system out. Want to install a pool while I’m here? I’ve never done it. Don’t get me wrong. You’re seeing people pull over to the side of the roadway. I changed tires. I do that too. We do it all as you see the work truck living water again. Come on. Come on man. We irrigate Tulsa with kindness, with kindness right now. Z. The rest of this question, Tim, the ophthalmologist, right? I want to grow my ophthalmology business. Hover in the back of my mind.

I worry about the risk of catastrophe by going all in in one niche. FYI, Izea fee. We, if you like to use a questioner, his name, you guys can now feel free to moving forward. My name’s Tim Johnson, ophthalmologist, southern eye consultants. Now that I have an idea for the future. Wow. We can use his name now. Tim Johnson. Parents see the veil has been torn away. Shunda Oh, so z, uh, you’re saying we, you’re saying to step one, let’s make sure you have a good manager into place, right? Come on. Said that they’re loyal to you. Step two, get that conspiracy theory gear set up. Get that gps on the vehicles xe. How cool is it to look on your, on your phone and see the video of your office?

I saw you doing this Saturday. It’s, this is so cool and nice. It’s like I’m there and I’m not there. I watched you and I look at it.

Can I can text them and say, Hey, you know, big brother is watching. Hey, why don’t you guys, uh, you know, just, no, I’m not, I’m not your brother fit physically, but metaphorically emotion. The video here and I’ll just stinking I was, was going to go to Starbucks. I’m like, get this warm glasses of, shut the heck up and get back on the phone. Now you guys want any cause you need, hey that money’s pistol in the drawer and not your pockets. Just say, oh thanks for the tip boss. Oh Wow. Well thanks for the tip there. Yeah. See without the cameras helped so much don’t they?

Oh it’s fun. It’s, it’s super fun cause you know you can kind of touch base is just one more way you can use technology to keep an eye on things because as a boss you only get to expect what you get to inspect flagged. It’s where you inspect what you expect. You expect people to do their job. I know that sounds crazy. What I know controversial have not had a pay payroll check bounce at 27 years. I’m, I’m doing my part in it and it’s crazy to think that I expect my employees

to do their part and it’s complete and utter. Uh, it’s,

it’s an abomination. It’s a Jack Rabbit you to expect the people that you’re paying to do that, which they’re painted, they’re prepared to do. Especially when you’re outsourcing your supervision and guidelines. What do they get offended? I’m well, one of your fourth and say, if you ever had someone say here micromanaging me, you know the guy who’s chronically late, you ever heard him say you’re micromanaging me? I love it when they say I’m offended that I always say when I’m offended that you’re offended. I’m triple fence. My offense is so much more than your friends. What’s beyond defense? Well, I’ve done the sky. I’ve got a fence. I’m got an exasperated, might be devastated and uh, soon I might be an abbreviated. I mean, you know what I mean? I’m not a fan trifecta. I’m not offended. Nobody is kind of fun. And that’s the thing about it is you have to continue to inspect.

And even if they’re doing the right thing today, you got to continuously look at it. That’s why you gotta have your meetings with your managers, your P and l meetings. You’ve got to go over the long range planning, what you taught us down on top of thing. Why do you sell the cars? Uh, what total listeners out there one day a week? Do you sell those every, every, every Friday? Every Friday. We have a sale now we’re starting to have a sell on Wednesdays also. Whooo. Between 700 and maybe a thousand cars on a Friday before the new Wednesday. Correct. At [inaudible] dot com and then we were do cheap cars on Wednesday and we’re doing about a hundred on Wednesday. So why’d you open up Wednesday? Well, because we’ve got this beautiful facility and I’m frustrated that we only use it three hours a week. So why are z tell, tell us about the precautions you haven’t places.

Some of the things that you do. So you know you have a pulse on making sure we’re going to cars sold, it goes to the right person, people actually pay you. The title’s clear. Talk to us. What kind of conspiracy precautions do you have? A place? Well, I didn’t have one at one once upon a time I didn’t have him. Tell us about that Shonda. And what happens is in the business of the auto auction is that the car is sold and then you have to do the paperwork on it. So the car runs through the building and we have an auctioneer and a ring man who actually bid spotting and someone buys it. They did it. They signed the paperwork that yes, in fact they had their hand up. This is the price they’re doing it. And then they come into the office and guess what?

Chicken Butt. Well, no, guess what? So now you have the title and you have to pay the check for the car. Correct? Correct. And a lot of times those will be a few days apart. Therefore I am floating, floating quite a bit of money. So if you sell 600 cars on a Friday at $10,000 a car, so I’m just, you said your son now, how many cars does he sold? 600 cars. And let’s say every car, and I’ve, I’ve seen some of the cars. I mean, didn’t Oprah’s uh, we had a card that Oprah, you stone come to the unit. What kind of car was it? Was it a month or Ronnie is a Bentley, I think as a Bentley. Okay. I don’t know. Bentley’s are like $4,000. Okay. But let’s just say you had 600 cars coming through and you know, a bunch of $7 Bentley’s coming through there.

Um, maybe Bentley, maybe like, maybe it’s like Bentley replica, plastic Bentleys or $7, I don’t know. But these, these are all 10,000. I mean, you know, yeah. Average maybe 8,500 and time sale, maybe a little bit more than other somebody. The point is, okay, six, $6 million coming through on a Friday, $6 million could just be out there. I don’t make all that money. I make a small percentage of that. No, no, no, no, no. It goes to pay the person that brought the car, you know, as you know. But the point is you have to float it. And so if you’re not collecting money, because whenever the title comes in and the people come in and want their money that the car they sold, I cut him a check right then and then I call the guy that bought it and say, Hey, guess what? Your titles, income, give me a check. So now there could be a couple of days slate in there.

Checking the mail service. [inaudible] Peter and you bought the car and I need you to pay for my good mother Mabel. She wrote the check. Am I? She’s like my godmother. She’s my godmother. I mail it out to I, she said she mailed it certified. It should be at any moment, any day. And check your mail there. Frick. Just give me kind of what I get all the lobster I want. So you want some love to the makeup full. I’ll bring you all the things like the limited life

on, sorry. Yeah. So I’ll just swing by. [inaudible] yeah. Um, so my point is, is that you might be surprised that guys are sometimes a little bit slow in paying. I know that sounds crazy. [inaudible] road. No, my fro book Caseta or Ibuprofen, my hose or where’s my check? Okay. Are you right now it serves there up difficult. So as far as slow payers try, remember one time I get a call from the bank, he goes, hey z.

Yeah, this is a president of the executive branch of the original division of the bank. And apparently money, not only you, right. It’s about Chuck Sarah,

who did it, give us about $2 million today. You don’t like call the opposite. Go when you start collecting a little bit better suite. We had to change our protocol and collecting. I know, I know. And they’ve come to find out the lady that was, that was her department, she was on vacation that week. So I’m like, whoa. Did we not think that somebody else needed to step into that role and best collection than when I’m at a talent? So I’m talking to my manager. Good. Did we? That’s kind of an important thing. Oh, and so everybody jumps on, so then everybody jumps on and get some money in there and boom. You know, crisis

worded, crisis averted, crisis averted. Virgo. We have Josh on the show now. Tim emails in the questions, but Josh is the owner of the proud owner of living water irrigation. And he’s gonna ask you some hard questions right now. Living face to face inside the box, that rocks studio the first time in the box that rocks he’s asked you have face to face aggressive paint you into a corner. Politically divisive religiously tough. Tufted tainted an offensive question. In other words. Yeah. Okay. Here we go. Josh Rabbit. Wow. The deleted. I actually think what you were just discussing, this is full transparency. You talked about at one time in a conference, death by invoice. So I think it is very, very important. Maybe if you revisit that. Precisely. So I know me personally, um, we started to grow, started doing a bunch of work and just invoicing like crazy. Oh yeah. Oh, we got this done and we got

that done and we got this dog. And then I look at my receivables and I go, man, this is awesome. Right. But what’s even more awesome is that that money is sitting in the bank. Yeah. My Bank. This sound. So somebodies bank. Yeah. Somebody going, hey. Well it just like what clay was saying. Oh yeah. Hey, uh, yeah. Could you send that invoice over again? Oh yeah. Hey, I never got that. Like everybody’s email is broken whenever you send them an invoice. Amazing. Yes. Like, oh, it must’ve went to my junk folder. Oh, okay. So if you could go back and maybe just spend another moment, doctors owner, cause I think there’s a lot of small business owners out there, including myself once upon a time for full transparency that went, hey, I got a lot of people that owe me money but not a lot of people that are giving me the money they owe me. Here’s how you fix that.

When you come back to the house and you do the deal, you ask them right then how do you want to pay for that today? Credit card, check cash and we do take kidneys.

Did the kids, sorry that wasn’t in my pitch. I didn’t know the kidney line. You can have a laugh.

Seriously because it’s like, it’s kind of funny when when something, you’re talking about money, if you’re not careful, there can be a certain awkwardness about the money. So let me just give you an example of a really, really professional guy that the, the, the basement is flooded. [inaudible] the guy who’s doing the remodel looks just like Julian Edelman. Maybe it is [inaudible] it’s off season. So he comes in there and he’s, and he’s looking to see, he’s a beautiful man and he’s in there and he’s like, well, ah guys, to get started, I’m going to need to have some insurance here. Um, do you have flood insurance or are you cash paint? And we sit [inaudible] flood is okay. Give you can give me the policy number and you can begin to file the claim. As soon as the funds are dispersed, I’d be happy to get started for you guys.

However, to go ahead and get the mold and you know, keep mold from sprint. I need to go ahead and dry it out right now. A Re insurance companies can reimburse up to x amount if you want to pay this much. Now we can go ahead and start that process. Um, did you guys want to do debit card or check and it just wasn’t, it wasn’t mean in reality. Well, but again, you can make it weird money. You could make it weird though. [inaudible]. We had to wait to get another guy who we didn’t hire a to do a project for me and this guy, it was almost funny. It’s like he had to pee when he would ask about money, it was like he had to go right now, you know kind of what you got the dance going on and he’s like, sir, we’re going to go ahead and kind of getting that, the money, the money, you know, it’s not an eastern coastline. It’s like when all of a sudden when you get kinda nervous about money, you start to say weird things. Like, like you’ll see like the monetization, the money’s about the monies, the monetization’s [inaudible]

sweaty. I thought, whoa. I don’t know. I don’t normally,

I don’t normally day drink, but I just finished. Oh, I mean, whoa. My pants, so about more Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen. I dated a girl named Jen. I think I did join. Just talking. No, I’m just talking out loud. They’re always about the money. I’m usually to get, people get weird, they get weird, he goes doing sick and so weird. It doesn’t have to be weird. It’s one of them to not, some teenager doesn’t have to be weird. You don’t have to make it, don’t have to assume that everybody’s going to dodge it. You just do it right then and then you, you know, you can talk about it up front. And that’s actually the best time to talk about it is when you’re called on to do it. Just like the guy down in your basement talking about the water. He did it upfront.

You knew there was trans people don’t like surprises, just like you don’t like a surprise on someone not paying the invoice. They don’t like a surprise on what it’s going to cost or what it’s going to be or you know, it’s kind of like sometimes you open that number and you’re like, I wonder how much that was like, oh my gosh, what are they thinking? You know, I didn’t buy that. Bees are when I rented it, you know? So I think having upfront as much disclosure can, as much transparency as you can. And I would, I mean unless it’s just a previous customer, unless it’s someone that you know that’s verified, they’re going to be a good pay. Unless you know that. Why on earth are you being a bank wound, earthy extending credit. That’s what you’re doing. You’re being a bank, but you went out and bought a bank. Well if you’re banking, that’s one thing I’m doing. I’m just saying because I know there’s one, I need your answer bank. Yeah. Cause he’s a bank right now. Another thing you could do, Josh, is you can actually go to a financial institution and you can already have a kind of pre-rolled as far as helping people finance it. And then that could be another option. Say, Oh we have some financing options.

You, I actually just went to that, literally just launched it last week. Yeah. No, there’s nothing to add to the old pitch. Yeah. So, but along those same lines, so we had to add to our script that at the end of our script, hey, here’s our rates will cause a lot of people don’t even ask, which to me is a homeowner. Like I want to have some kind of ballpark idea. Hey, I’m so I’m having somebody come out and it’s going to,

well it’s funny because it’s awkward on their part too. It’s, I don’t know why there’s so much awkwardness in this country about

say why. Okay. Tell I’m going to tell you why. By the way, do you need the, when you put on your website, a hundred percent financing available changes the game in medical and in any type of construction. It’s unbelievable. I mean crazy. How many more leads you get? Like 20% almost instantly. It’s just, it’s wild. How many board I, there was a dentist I worked with and uh, he did really, really nice veneers. Yeah. That’s who I use for my teeth. And so I hired this guy and uh, he says, uh, it’s a Berkshire dental group. And I was asking him, you know, what percentage of people pay upfront who finances and we were just talking about it and that led me to talk to my client I was working with about um, the, the veneers and how it works and how he charged and he offered care creditZ , which is a third party credit service end.

But the brochures were like hidden in the back over there by like the fax machine or, yeah, and he’d just, whatever reason wouldn’t bring it up. And once we started introducing it, unbelievable. Says like freshen up your smile for as little as $9 or $20 a month or something. And I mean, this is awesome. I said financing is consumer financing is to see Mathis brothers wouldn’t make it without it. Man. I want you to bring that up. If you own a furniture factory or a furniture dealership, retail place out there, the movie has to preapprove people on their loan report. They come in or when they’re, they’re checking in and then as they’re looking at stuff he can walk into and say, you know, you’ve been preapproved for approved $7,842 and 37 cents a buddy of mine who works at a big furniture store in Tulsa was telling me about this.

I taught him that moves here and this is what he’s dead. He goes, people will look around like, how much am I approved for? Like $5,027 or some number. It’s always even numbers. So it’s like $5,050 or 5,000 and a hundred day. Yeah. That’ll give you a number. So people are like, well, how much have I spent? He’ll go, well, you spent $4,706 after taxes and they go, I think I’ll get that lamp. So I still got another four or $500 to spend. So I get that pillow lamp in. Can I put the pretzels on next? They have the little vending machine. As soon as they have a vending thing, oh, he had the furniture store. They want you to be there all day. They still like pretzels and pizza and stuff like you get a pizza to go and I’ll get a [inaudible]. People will just go all the way I am now.

The question of why do people dance around the money thing? Why are people so afraid of the money thing? I know the answer to this, but I’m, I’m going to take it back. Old School Z. Throwback jeep. Do you remember your, did you have a middle school dance? It did. They did. Do you have a middle school dance? Did I have a middle school dance? I define the middle school dance, yes. Okay, and were you a dancer? He went out there and I was better not to been back in middle school. You never showed your limit? Let me talk about solid. There was a man, there was a man at the dance in my school, there’s a guy named Jacob and Jacob. Now he’s a man or a kid. Well, he was a man kit, so he was when the students first kid have facial hair, you know what I’m saying?

Okay, so he’s a student. He didn’t, Cody. Okay, it’s fricking jerks. Okay. And they’re like, hey, listen here guys. This is how it goes now. I was stuttering a lot as a 12 year old just trying to figure it out, you know? And they’re like, here’s the deal. What does, he didn’t even say it as much as they would just do it, they’d make a beeline for whatever girl that was attractive back in the day. To be attractive. You had two or three certain assets you had to have. He’d have huge banks. Oh yeah. Blonde hair. Huge bags, and just an insane amount of hairspray. I a Jean jacket with a big old button on it. Oh, you headed to bet that the button was like that. He wanted to have the name brand cherry on top. The guests jeans. Oh yeah. Then it was is because if they had the deans of that, that the tight jeans at the time, the vacuum pack genes and it had that little like, it was like an upside down triangle.

Oh, that was it. That was the middle when you were checking them out, but you shouldn’t be either. A little bit of acid washed, but you’d kind of be looking like, oh, and then you would like all of a sudden like you’d go, oh, that’s the guess jeans because you were checking on certain things. So Cody and Jake, these two guys, they would do be the only guys on the dance floor getting all other ladies. Oh, the lady, I mean it was crazy that you’re dancing to the dancing out there. Slow songs. There’s your, there’s not enough of them to go around more. Of course they played a red lights special by TLC. Oh yeah, it’s incredible song. They cue up that song and they’re dancing with this girl and then they’re doing like another song. Like she’s got skills by, by a all for one or dancing over hitting boys to men gets queued up there.

They’re on their dancing with each different woman because all of the, all the, the women through dancing with all of them because they, these women, they are attracted to the guy who asks for the deal. Meanwhile, there’s like, sure 200 of us that are wallflowers fighting over each other and fight over wall space. We’re, we’re, we’re, we’re thinking about switching teams to think about, because I’m like John to punch all my buddies at the time were named John. Yeah. Everyone’s name is John Or, or Jacob got a, John’s on the Jacobs, a lot of Justin’s. That was the only names of America at the time marks. Everyone’s name was mark. I turned to mark and I’m like, well mark, it seems like there’s no women out there kind of a prison, you know, we all have needs with the answers. Me. I mean, that’s kind of conversation, whereas can you tell them like, you know, I’m just kidding.

Right. But I mean, seriously. I mean seriously, if we don’t ever get anybody out there, you want to be at my fallback position here whenever. Yeah. Cause I, I’m Mark Martin [inaudible] this is John. Well, I mean, all of a sudden it’s, there’s so many minutes. So was like your pseudo accidentally grindings are so many of you there on the wall. Well, yeah, I mean you kind of, but Jake Cody had fourth Jason Cody at all of it. Well, cause you know why? Why they made the St made the ass came, made the hours. That’s what happened. So then my next year, the ninth grade, I was, I was deejaying eighth grade, ninth grade. I started to Dj and I started as a DJ. You Command the party. Oh you do it? At that point I decided, I’m asking everybody. I remember asking Nicole out and people, why not the next day someone says you dirtied by Nikki.

No, she went to Cole. But then it was like the next dance because we had a dance like, you know, every couple of weeks, every month and a half or so. Oh yeah. The next dance they’re going. Did you, did you ask Tonio Tonio Oh yeah. You just asked Nicola, you dirty dog because you know a month ago and I’m like, yeah, I did. And then I plan on asking out Amanda the next dance and then I’ll probably switch out Amanda. Why? I’m going to ask them all out. Wow. You know why I’m asking? Because you’re asking. They’re saying yes, and I’m the only option. There’s just Jake, Cody and me, the three Amigos. Yeah, and I’m, and by the way, guys, you don’t have what it takes. So don’t ask. Well, let me tell you, let me tell you about our middle school dance, or you telling me to keep me, keep me up to a songbird. Yeah, let me, let me get, let me get that. Let me give it to kid. Don’t get here. Look, give me, give me a little bit.

There it is. It’s the worst than against the wall. And I’m like, Hey, it’s the last song you guys are now. This is a lot of fun of the Nog topper to be rolling up to the, uh, to the full year here pretty soon to pick you up. So, ah, that’s right. Your last chance. Sweeten it for our last dance. That’s right. Everybody on the dance floor found a partner.

Hi Jacob. We’re going to ask our friends.

That’s what I look over at United. Say Clay. You see? Yeah, Becky over there against the wall. Becky from the valley. Yeah, I’m going to, I’m going in there by the time going, I’m going to hot. You’re going into that next. She looked at me once tonight. Remember I was getting at, when you get the punch, she started laughing. She, I think she looked at me. She start wearing makeup. I think she looked at me. I’ve seat Bot. Dot. You’ve done. What do you feel we keep the guy got shot right? You get got a shed. Do it. Do it now. Okay. So then I do this.

Hello Leanne and walk across Costa Phone, the gymnasium, majestic and I’m, I’m a Mac.

Get a beeline beeline and um, stopped by buddy and I go, hey, now I’m just going to get to punch. Just getting lunch. Catch up with you in and love it. Here I meet you guys by the basketball. Yeah. See you guys. Haven’t Donk donk yard seen a minute. Okay. And they’ll get refocused and I’m starting back over again and right before I get to her. Right before.

Oh good, good. Thanks for coming out tonight. What a great dads. Everybody get home safe and sound. We’ll see you next month for the Moon River escapade dance. So that’s right. But seriously, if you do this job, if you don’t ask for the deal, you miss your opportunity, Mr. Opportunity. I see it all the time. And you know why people don’t ask. I think people are just afraid, man. Buried down deep in his rejection. Yep. And if you don’t ask, you don’t get rejected and you hit play this game of, I’ll send it to them in the mail. It’s kind of a passive aggressive move. I’ll send it to them in the mail. Here’s the deal, and I’m saying this too, you’re going to too many prayer groups. Come on now you need to go to one and be loyal to that one. Come on and go into like three and it just to stick with it.

It’s like where’s the Christian men’s Association for the betterment of Tulsa on Tuesday? On Wednesday? It’s the Christian men’s for the development of America Thursday and each one of you, it’s a bunch of a bunch of poor people. I know. I want to stand up for one of those and just say, how many of you have an unpaid invoices pay your head? Boy says, just come on, get out of it. Seriously. You’ve seen people and they’re just, it’s weak and they’re just like, Greg, I couldn’t close anything. Cut. You know the economy’s tough. Good comments. Whenever it’s a 3% unemployment rate, we’ve never had a better economy and office. What office? I don’t know. But some office take the watch, it’s Obama last flies that’s been turned onto the total flood of cash Sunday during a floodway can’t sell anything during the summer.

So, so funny. So, uh, last week at the, our lovely eight inches worth of downpour or whatever. Yeah. And this is because of systems and procedures and checklists and doing what you’re supposed to do and showing up and answering your phone and all those good things we sold in the rain, um, with water standing in folks yards. We sold three sprinkler systems last week in the middle of a downpour they’re in. But there’s people that will say if possible, so you get the people going, oh well, well business is just down, you know things with mother thanks. Just ain’t working out for us. You know with all this rain we had to ration, right. Well we just can’t, you know, you just don’t understand. You know it’s spraying and different and you know you don’t really understand because you haven’t dived into our business. I’m like, what’s tough out there? What are you doing with your leads? It’s tough. Call him one time. Don’t worry, you don’t offend them. Following up with anybody. I covered laid one

time. See I don’t ever want to call him twice. Don’t offend anybody and everyone texts don’t him. Everyone an email. Obviously they don’t want one time. We don’t want to offend anybody but ask him again. I was at the Christian men’s council was hard and they were praying for me and they told me everybody there is having a hard time. Do you know cause everybody’s not successful. Wake up. Somebody needs to get this idea to put this, Andrew put this on the show notes. This is real. This is real talk, Yo, in America today is either a roughly 37 million Americans. Come on break yet. You know what? Preach. I want you to preach for 337 he made some brilliant, come on here. The pressure to find the new buttons. It’s up top while doing the show stuff. I don’t hit my buttons. I’m okay. Okay, here we go.

337 million Americans approximately that we know about. Uh Huh. And according to Forbes, 67% of small. Come on guys. What to start the business that works. 60 70% of Americans don’t get charged. 7% of Americans want to start a business. Come on now. But you know what percentage of people actually get the courage up. Come on now to be, I hate to use this word from the, from the don’t type it, but to get up. Don’t tend to stick to their phone until you need it to start a business. Don’t say only 10% to 10% but off the 10% of people that actually get up the courage, come on dot. A business. Give me some good news. What percentage of the businesses make it because the owners can take it. I need some good news. 90% of startups fail. No, that’s 90% of startups fail. Suck.

Good News. So you can’t be asking most people for advice cause there are wrong. Think about that. If nine out of 10 small businesses fail, come on it. Only one at a 10 people start a business. What percentage is that? I carry the two. What I’m saying? Either one out of 10 is usually too busy. To answer your question because there has to go into the Christian mates counseled to sit down and talk to you about the justification for feed weak. Come on man. Read the Bible in the Bible that talks about not being weak. It talks about have not because you ask not. It talks about being a doer and now to hear it and talk about I just feel like this and I got this new Beth Moore Book Stop Rating. Beth sets up. Then just I love Nike. I love there. They’re saying there’s been on now for quite a while, but says, just do it.

There’s just something so raw about that. And when people look at you and they go, I just dead, I’d want to just slap them and say, just do it. You don’t do it. If you’re out there, be it z. Leave our listeners with a little bit of encouragement out there. Somebody out there needs that encouragement right now to be a doer and not just to be a hearer and they’d been going to a lot, a lot of, of uh, you know, groups, networking events, chambers of events and that they’re going to these things and they’re good. They’re great organizations, but you know, they’re going to too many of them. Too many chamber events. They’re reading too many books right now. They got too much information coming in. They’re going to read too many blogs. There’s just too much in for mation that is in the way causing procrastination. There’s too much idea of smog and there’s too much overwhelmed,

too much feedback from broke people. Zig gift somebody than courage. When I’m telling you right now, step one, say no to fear. Say No. Say Fear. Get the Heck Outta here, Shanda. Take it to the river. Throw it in the river, and a 270,000 cubic feet per second. It’s going to be to Muskogee for you can blink an eye. By the way, if I’m going to throw in the river, I just actually just throw it on the floor right now. This trap of the for the rivers coming to Europe again to rebut the rivers coming to you. Okay? Step one, say no to fear. Number two, close your ears and listen to your gut. So many people, you got to understand what clay was just saying is so that it’s so true that there’s so many people out there that think they think and they mean well.

They think they know the answers. They think they, they can figure it out, but you know what? They’ve never done it. I do need to be real careful about opening your ears, that kind of encouragement. I had a guy the other day who told me, he goes, uh, I was gonna, uh, to the group interview. Like you said, I talked to a friend of mine, he says, it’s kind of inhumane and uh, his industry is different. And I said, so what have you been doing? He says, well, I’ve been reading all the resumes. And I said, all of them. He said, how many resumes? He says like, well, got 40, 50 a week, bro. Bro, Bro. So every Wednesday, Josh, you’ve seen this every Wednesday night we interview candidates up here and you, how many of those resumes I’ve ever read? None. You know why? Cause we’re taking me like 30 minutes to read it in according to ankle, put it on the show notes, screen inked magazine.

80% of resumes are completely fabricated or there’s lies on them. I’m not going to read fictitious. I’m not going to be a fiction. See, I’m not going to read star. I’m not going to read something that just some propaganda for you to try to get hired. I want to meet you. I want you to show up on time. I want you to actually, I’m going to measure you by your actions, but he went to some sites, you went to some seminar that says you should read all the resumes taught by some broke person. Well, and that’s unfortunate and that’s why we have such a passion to do the show to these podcasts, to do our in person business conferences, to do our online school and to do one on one business coaching. Yes, because we quite frankly, we’ve made the mistakes we learned, we’ve learned both ways and mentorship is much better than mistakes because that’s how you learn in this world by mentorship or mistakes. So we’re here to mentor you. A lot of our stuff is accessible for no charge and the stuff that we do charge for his pennies online videos, it’s 20 bucks a month. Did you get to come to one of our business conferences? Actually 1919 I wouldn’t call you a liar for dollar though. Cause a dollar. I can get Josh out to do my first, my first fish supper for a dollar. I’m going to confess for a over inflating our prices real quick and then I’ll give you the mic. And what was your final question?

Yeah, well I was just wanting to, wanting to it back off. Doctors owner was saying, so uh, we’ll get scriptural for a second. So walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. So in the secular way, another way of saying that secularly another way of saying that is your network is your net worth or a much more

bold way to say it is quit listening to stupid people, right? Proverbs 1320. Okay, I’m going to read the new international version. It says walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. That’s proverbs 13 too. I encourage you out there, be a dewar. Don’t just be a hearer. Take some action. Either book a ticket to an in person workshop, subscribe to the online school or listen to this show and intake. It’s implement everything you are learning. Uh, Andrew, I wanted to give you the mic just for a second. Cause you have a client that you’ve been, he came to a workshop z from Amarillo. I met him at your real, I spoke at his church. [inaudible] this guy’s on fire. Oh yeah. They stop dropping those Dados Daniel Daniel’s brag. Brag on this. On the diligence of biscuit. Tell us, tell us the name of Daniel Guy’s killing it.

Killing it. Daniel’s company’s name is Daniels heating and air. Oh, Marilla and creative. Very creative. Now he’s a, he is absolutely killing it. He has one stopped invoicing, not just the money. Yeah. Not Chasing around money. That was huge for him. Um, he’s implemented the group interview. Come on. So he’s interviewing people a weekly. Um, he is tracking his numbers. He knows what’s coming in. He knows what’s going out. He knows her loosely from reviews. He’s getting so many Google reviews. He’s getting like 40 Google reviews a week. How high, how much does they have the sales gun up? Like one call a week. Uh, we’re in the process of tracking that and looking back. Um, so, but his, his, his calls have blown up since the Google reviews do cause I’m not, I don’t think you what you’re doing, you’re, you’re, you’re not, you’re not, you’re not overhyping oh man.

Let me overhype Z, please do papa gallows. Let me Google this for coming to pop it up here. Here. Andrew puppet up. Susie can see that this pressure gallows papa, gallows pizzeria, pizza pizzeria based on a Saturday night to be in Tampa, Florida hits the Scott big pieces shop day. I said, hey, call me. We’ve got to get some reviews. They do it. The company they have boof, 890 where type in satellite beach pizza, Satellite Beach, Florida pizza. These guys are absolutely number one in Google. Their foods. He, they made it an experience. You got to Google that. See they’re number one in Google. Boom. They’re number one right there. And then what did you type in? They’ve got it. He’ll click that. Boom. Now when you click that, take a second and then look at the website. They made an experience there. They tossed the pizza in the air.

They’ve got drinks that catch on fire z. They’ve got this whole vibe going. It’s on the beach. Then on our last call I said, homeys you guys have grown from, these guys have like doubled in sales. I said, you need to go to Denver to go and see the the restaurants in the lower Denver that haven’t experienced because we’re going to take that outdoor bar to the next level. They took the next level, texted me today. We had that conversation on Monday. They’re in Denver right now doing it. They’re going, we’re doing it. We’re getting it. We’re grasping at were taken photos. These guys, I predict they’re going to triple this year. I think these guys are going to go from like a one point $2 million business this year. There are probably gonna be tapping on like two and a half, 3 million this year. I mean this is, that’s a lot of pizza Zhi to go from a five or 600,000 in our business to 1.2 million in a couple of years.

That’s huge. Huge, but they’re on the, these guys still have the fire. It’s a a piece of Pie. They’re not sitting and see what get that deal done. And the alcohol catches fire. They got to cook lot of pizza. That’s incredible. You’ve got to have fire to cook pizza right on the beach and gluten. I’m excited if we go, can we go? We have a beach here, but we don’t have any pizza. [inaudible] Salinas down the way. Pretty soon this studio will be the beach. Well, that’s what I’m saying. I mean, we’ve got beach beach front property. That water is looking nasty out there now. Well, I’ll tell you what, I think it’s about time to wrap up the show so we could do another show. Are you ready? Okay. And if you’re out there and you’re listening and you live in the Tulsa area, checkout living water irrigation.

Because if your lawn is not being watered by the flood, you Kinda have a sprinkler system. You’ve got to have sprinklers says if you’re not, if you’re not having, you know what this flood, this shall pass, hit shall pass and then they’re going to need some water on your line. That’s right. I mean by an August, she’ll be going, you know what? That wasn’t such a bad deal. I have it on that water. Now. We have no water. Do we get a discount for listing right now in our lawn is currently under water and do a discounted, we put the sprinkler system and while we’re still submerged, there’s a, there’s a flash flood, flash sale, a flash sale, flash, flood, flash, flash, flash. Okay. Check out living water irrigation. ok.com for the flash sale, a $1 service call, $1 service call, and the person answering the phone will be closed. It’s a flash sale. They’ll, they’ll be closed for a moment in time. You can trust, well, they might not be called the number. We’ll see what happens and without any further ado, three, two what? Boom.



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