When You Get Kicked Out of a College and They Ask You to Come Back What Do You Talk About? | Branding 101

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What does branding mean? Learn the importance of branding your business like Apple, Wholefoods, Chick-fil-A and America’s top companies from the former United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year for the State of Oklahoma, Clay Clark.

Who Are These Guys?


ORU Slim Shady –


  1. Clay Clark got kicked out of Oral Roberts University for writing a parody about Richard Roberts
  2. Clay Clark is the co-host of one of the top-rated business podcasts on the planet and has actually hit the #1 position in all categories on the iTunes charts.
  3. Clay Clark is married to Vanessa Clark, he has 5 kids, 25 + chickens, 4 cats, and he and his partner (Doctor Robert Zoellner) have founded 14 multi-million dollar businesses between the two of them including:
    1. AtoZMedical.com
    2. BankRegent.com
    3. DJConnection.com
    4. DrZoellner.com
    5. DrZzzs.com
    6. EITRLounge.com
    7. EpicPhotos.com
    8. FullPackageMedia.com (Franchising)
    9. MakeYourLifeEpic.com Marketing and PR
    10. PartyPerfect now PartyProRents.com
    11. RockinZRanchOK
    12. Tip Top K9 Franchising
    13. Z66AA.com

What is the Purpose of Branding Your Organization?

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “If you are going to honest you had better be funny.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed 40,000 + employees and over 1,000,000 guests/visitors per week)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE | The Great Commission

“16 Now the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain to which Jesus had directed them. 17 And when they saw him they worshiped him, but some doubted.18 And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in[a] the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” – Matthew 28:16-20

NOTABLE QUOTABLE | The Tiffany Theory

“If you give someone a present, and you give it to them in a Tiffany box, it’s likely that they’ll believe the gift has higher perceived value than if you gave it to them in no box or a box of less prestige.  That’s not because the receiver of the gift is a fool. But instead, because we live in a culture in which we gift wrap everything — our politicians, our corporate heads, our movie and TV stars, and even our toilet paper.” – Michael Levine (The public relations and branding expert of choice for Michael Jackson, Prince, Nancy Kerrigan, President George Bush, President Clinton, Charlton Heston, etc.)

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Tiffany Blue – https://www.tiffany.com/

AMPLE EXAMPLE – Apple’s Packaging – https://www.macworld.com/article/2973339/tech-events-dupe/wrapping-it-right-in-praise-of-apple-s-packaging.html

The Logos of the World’s Most Successful Companies: http://postashio.com/logos-100-largest-companies-world/

  1. Apple
  2. Coca Cola
  3. McDonalds
  4. Starbucks
  5. Amazon
  6. Google

AMPLE EXAMPLE – www.EITRLounge.com

The Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge Experience:

  1. Logo
  2. Experience
  3. Sights
  4. Sounds
  5. Smells
  6. Music
  7. Decor


“Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind. But brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product.” – Elon Musk (The man behind the Tesla, PayPal, SpaceX and SolarCity)

What does this branding say?

Pastor Steven Furtick Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBSafyCXuGI&t=2087s

You Must Deliver in the Short-Term (You Must Provide Results)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Become so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin (Legendary comedian, musician, actor and writer)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “When you’re around enormously successful people you realize their success isn’t an accident, it’s about work.” – Ryan Tedder (Grammy winning producer, the front-man for OneRepublic, Oral Roberts University graduate and the songwriter of choice for Beyonce, U2, Paul MccArtney, Taylor Swift, etc.)

If You Are Saying It, Is Anybody Hearing You Actually Say It?

  1. How to Get to the Top of Local Search Engines
    1. The Most Reviews
      1. FUN FACT – “The number of online consumers who read and trust online reviews is increasing. According to a survey by BrightLocal, 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation—which is astounding, considering most online reviews are posted by total strangers. The same survey found that only 12 percent of the population did not regularly read reviews for consumer products.” – How Important Are Reviews for Online Marketing – https://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2015/12/28/how-important-are-customer-reviews-for-online-marketing/#4171ea111928
    2. The Most HTML Content
      1. HTML stands for hypertext markup language. The standardized system for tagging text files to achieve font, color, graphic and hyperlink effects on world wide web pages.
      2. Write a thoughtful blog
      3. Record podcasts
      4. Hire a team to write your articles for you
      5. Preach and team / then record it
    3. The Most Canonical Compliance
      1. Search Engine Optimization Checklist – Insert Link
    4. The Most Mobile Compliance
      1. SEM Rush
      2. Mobile-Friendly Test
  2. How to Get to the Top of Youtube Searches
    1. Title Tags
    2. Descriptions
    3. Tags (Keyword)
    4. Thumbnails That Get Attention (see Furtick Youtube Channel / Thumbnails)
  3. How to Get Into the Facebook Feed of Potential Church Attendees
    1. Define your demographic (Moms bring their kids to church, and husbands follow)
    2. Don’t invest dollars in marketing to people who are not your ideal and likely demographic

When People Are Wowed They Will Share Close to Now

When people are not wowed they will not share (even if you ask them to)

  • Your Net Promoter Score is the One Number You Need to Grow


    1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “And loyal customers talk up a company to their friends, family, and colleagues. In fact, such a recommendation is one of the best indicators of loyalty because of the customer’s sacrifice, if you will, in making the recommendation. When customers act as references, they do more than indicate that they’ve received good economic value from a company; they put their own reputations on the line.” – The One Number You Need to Grow – Frederick F. Reichheld
    2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Become so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin (Legendary comedian, musician, actor and writer)
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Audio Transcription

Thrive nation. Welcome back to another exciting edition of the business conferences thrive time show on your radio. And on today’s show we’re talking about a subject that I think that is near and dear to my heart. Uh, but the subject is when you get kicked out of a college and they asked you to come back in to speak to the students, what do you say when you get kicked out of a college? And they asked you to come back to speak to the students or to the people. What DSA inner secondary topic is defining, defining and protecting your brand. So here’s the little, the little backstory for Ya. Uh, many years ago, um, I went to oral Roberts University, oral Roberts University.

And when I went there, um, the school’s president, his name was Richard Roberts. And Richard Roberts, you know, much like anybody out there, myself included, is not a perfect man and I was going to college and was much like anybody who’s an 18 year old, you’re looking for a utopia. You want there to be a world where all of where everyone’s values aligned perfectly with their actions. And uh, I did not see the actions aligning perfectly with the values of the school, but I also would say objectively now is a 37 year old man looking back at it.

I don’t think there’s any organization or place in the world, any country, any, anything at all where everybody’s a values completely aligned with their actions. I think otherwise we’d all be in great shape. We would all just be the perfect parents. We would all just be billionaires. I mean, you’ve got to, you could, you could know what to do and then deciding to actually do what you know to do and aligning your actions with your values. That’s, that’s not a easy thing to do for everybody. But anyway, I wrote a song about oral Roberts University I thought was hilarious with my friend are called the, Oh, are you slim shady? And I’ll put that on the show notes today, but I thought it was going to be just hilarious. I’ll share it with some buddies and that was during the time where Eminem came out with his song called some shady and I just thought it’d be kind of a funny parody, a spoof and I didn’t realize it would catch on so well.

And so my buddy Adam Bagwell and I did the song together and it, it, it resulted in me getting to have an interactive meeting with the dean of men. Devin, Devin, did you go to college anywhere? Um, I went to Tulsa Community College. And did you have a d? So you didn’t live on campus, know what? Oral Roberts University you live on campus. And so there’s like a 35 guys on a wing, we’ll call it. Okay. And then there’s, you know, there’s 35 guys on a wing and then there are maybe um, you know, you have like three wings per floor and you have like seven to eight floors. So you’ve got 24 wings, let’s say on the brother Wang and then you have 25, 24 wings on the sister wing. Okay. So what happens is you get kind of paired up with the sister wing. So my wing that I was almost called covenant the Covenant Wing when there’s 35 guys in a fraternity almost.

Okay. And then the women, they have a female dorm because it wasn’t coed dorms. Right? So we were paired up with a wing, I believe, called destiny at the time. And so long story short, it’s, it’s a, it’s a nice college campus. And then there is a, there’s a, there’s like three or four different dormitories for men and three or four different ones for women. Well there’s the dean of men who is in charge of your whole dormitory. So he’s in charge of all six floors are eight floors and all the wings. And I got a call from him and he said, hey, I’d like to have you come on down and chat with me as soon as possible. You know what I’m like. Okay. Okay. And this is strictly after recording the Oru, slim shady. Okay. And I’d given it on a CD to a friend of mine.

Okay. I just gave it to him. I didn’t give it to everybody else. He said I want to hear it. So I gave it to him and he pulls me aside and he says, clay, do you, do you remember? Um, do, do you remember putting a song on the student voice mail? And I said, what? He goes, every single student at Oral Roberts University just received this business conferences voicemail and it says you have a message from Dean Voids office, boop. And it played the song. And I’m like, I don’t recall that, although that is hilarious. Who did that? And he’s like, this is not good for you now I’m like, okay, okay. And I didn’t want her to ever want to graduate from college. So I wasn’t really super disturbed by the whole thing. Right. But then like the next day I’m walking to campus, I’m walk into a chapel at Robert University.

We had to go to chapel twice a week, I believe it was twice a week and a walk into Christ chapel. And some guy that I’ve never met before was like, whoop, whoop, Dj clue. All right. And I’m like, uh, I promoted dance party at the time, Henry through college, but I don’t know him. And I was well known on campus but I didn’t. And then I’m walking down. The next time I’m walking, I remember I was walking towards to lunch from my dorm room after chapel and everybody’s playing the song, you can hear it in a different dorm rooms. And I’m like, ah, this isn’t going to go well. So then I get another voice mail and I play it and it’s like a clay. This is our Dean [inaudible] office. You must report to the Dean’s office immediately. And I’m like, Oh wow, I’m getting to meet all the deans, meet other people.

And uh, anyway, I got asked to leave that college. Uh, I got asked to apologize to the students. Uh, I guess they asked me if I would stand up in Chapel and apologize to all the students for writing the song and I refuse to do it. And so as a consequence, I got kicked out of college and so I got kicked out of oral Roberts University and then recently they’ve asked me to come and speak to them and uh, so I’m, I’m speaking to oral Roberts University and uh, I think that is hilarious. And so I’m sort of excited that I’m speaking to them, but I’m also sort of saying I’m so are you, if you’re out there, if you’re listening and you haven’t or you connection, I’m really sorry that, um, um, you know, I, uh, wrote a parody that was very true and uh, that it caught on so well, but I haven’t been, I, I enjoyed writing it and that’s the deal.

So don’t even ask me to come back and speak. And so I said, well, look, okay, what do we want me to talk on? And they said, well, we want you to teach your, your marketing and branding stuff. And so on today’s show, we’re going to be teaching, defining your branding and protecting your brand, defining and protecting your brand. And so I have a lot of information ready to go and I’m going to break it down for you. So first off, what is the purpose of branding? So, Devin, from your perspective, if you had to explain to somebody, you do all the coding, you help code all the websites for our clients. You’re not so much on the graphic design side, although you can do that if you need to talk to me about what branding is on a very basic level from your perspective and why all of our clients, all the businesses out there where they need to get their branding high and tight.

Well, branding, um, from, from my perspective is just how your business conferences company, how yourself, how you’re perceived by anybody. So if you have just a personal brand, you know, you’re going to, your personal brand is going to be reflected by the things that you do on the day to day. Um, so for me in coding, you know, you probably don’t see necessarily my brand in the coding apart from the fact that things work well and um, but websites look good because I’m able to pull the things out. I’m not the graphic designers are able to give me.

I’ll give you an example out there. If you’re listening right now, if you go to our show notes from today’s show, I’m going to give you a notable quotable that going to give you a lot of examples, but elon musk a devin elan musk 100 percent agrees with you on this. Just in one point for you, devin. Elon Musk says, brand is just a perception and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind, but brand is simply a collective impression. Some have about a product. Elan Musk, this is the guy behind tesla, paypal, space x, solar city. So I’m going to give the listeners some examples of this. Can you think about tiffany jewelry? Tiffany jewelry. Um, what, what color do you associate Devin with? With tiffany jewelry? What you do, you have a certain color, you people call it tiffany blue, right? Tiffany believes scene. So if you go out there and you buy your business conferences loved one a, a, a gift from tiffany’s and you give, you present it to them. When they see the box right away, they assume it’s super high quality. Right? Another example would be the apple packaging. Steve Jobs said before he passed, he wanted to be one of the, uh, apple packaging to be so good that people would want to keep the boxes and not know why.

Right. I definitely have four or five apple product boxes.

It didn’t. Why are we keeping them? Because they’re great. I mean, are we going to use them as a gift move? Are we going, oh, hey, hey, hey, just joking with you, but get you an ipad.

She just got used some chocolates in an ipad box that I’ve kept for years and I use it as a re gift move. No, I mean we don’t do that, but at the same time, um, the packaging was great. We want to keep it right. Tiffany is an example and I would just ask the listeners out there, what is your brand? What is your brand stand for? Let’s think about the world’s most iconic brands. We think about Harley, right? Harley W, W, we’ll put links to the logos here for the world. The world’s most successful company, but the world’s most successful companies that have coca cola. You’ve got McDonald’s bought up, up, up, up. You got the Harley Earl, you got starbucks, you have big companies, but the brand is just a perception that you have of the companies. So devin, talk to me about logos and the logos don’t have to be super complicated to make a great brand.

Well, because your brand is so much more than a logo. A logo is one piece of the brand. Sure. Um, but you’re branding encompasses not only your logo, but it encompasses your website and cuss and eh, it takes on also your customer service, how you treat your customers, the experience that you’re giving them.

So I’ll give you example for elephant in the room. The men’s grooming lounge. I’ve heard a lot of men, uh, describe that business, the elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge as sort of like a country club for men’s hair. Yeah. And so we’re going to have the super manager from elephant in the room come on the show during the second segment, and he’s going to kind of break down for you what the experience is all about and it will get the branding of that company. Yes, we have a logo of an elephant that’s part of the brand, but the brand is simply, as you said earlier, the DB overall collective impression that people have, the perception they have of the business. And so if you’re out there, do you have a small business right now? I would just ask you to. I’d ask you this rhetorically.

What do most people think about your brand collectively? What is, what is your brand? Is Your brand, are you being branded as, as prestigious or you being brown branded as a discounter? Are you being brand? What is your brand? And so we go back to where we started because it’s the cycle at oral Roberts University. I was branded. I’m pretty quickly as a band guy, as a bat, I was, I was branded as a bad guy who branded me as a bad guy. I branded myself as a bad guy because, um, you had to wear a tie every day. And so I did wear a tie. What I did was I wore just a color. I cut off as I was only wearing the collar of a shirt and I wore that underneath my jersey with a tie lived. She was wearing just a, just a color with a tie on it, but there was nowhere else to the shirt and I did that all the time.

I did that every single day. I never actually wore a long sleeve shirt. I always wore just like baseball jerseys with the tie, the craziest thing ever. But it worked. Um, I was a DJ on a school that didn’t allow social dancing. So I was a disc jockey. I, my entire income was made as a result of violating the school’s Honor Code on a daily, if not twice a day basis. All My dance parties I threw, all the events are organized. We’re all a direct violation to the handbook that I signed the handbooks said you’re not allowed to organize or attend student dances. And I’m like, okay, you guys want to come to my dance? That’s what I did. So I mean, again, I, uh, then I wrote a song about oral Roberts University that the school didn’t find to be very funny because it was very derogatory about the school at the time.

And then, uh, um, I, I put it on a CD. No, I did not mass distributed, but I, I did that on campus. You couldn’t conduct business. You’re not allowed to have a business on the campus. I converted my dorm room into a studio where I very rarely did anything other than conduct business. I always had random guys showed up my dorm room at three in the morning, slide $100 bills underneath my door because they were paying for their sessions and you had to prepay. I mean, I violated every single rule that they had. It didn’t help the fact that I dressed like I was in the Wu Tang clan. So my brand was really not that awesome. And then when I went there to start my dj company, I continued to dress like that while trying to meet with brides and trying to convince the mom, the mother of the bride to hire me to Dj for their winnings. And it didn’t go very well. And it’s not because I, because of some mystical habit for us, it’s just simply a collective impression people had of me. So if you’re out there, I just ask you, on a scale of one to 10, how would you rank your branding? Is your branding attendance it awesome. What does it say about you? What is your logo? What is your website? What is your brand say about you?

is tuning in. I want to re, uh, tee up today’s conversation. This is one of the funnier moments of my business conferences life here. You know, years ago I was kicked out of a oral Roberts University for writing a parody about the schools. Know about the school, right? And I had a problem because I felt like the school’s values said one thing, but they did another. But now I’m 37 and I realized that if you’re listening out there today and you’re not in shape, that’s what’s happening to you because nobody says, I want to be overweight. It just means that your values, you want to be in shape, but you’re not. Or if you’re out there and you’re working all the time and you’re spending more time at work than with your kids, like you’re just, you’re not really spending the time with your kids. You want to. Then that’s the same thing.

Or if you’re out there and you suck at sales, but you want to do good at sales, but you just mail it in when every time you do a sales call you, you fall on your sword. If you are out there and you have a whacked haircut, I mean your hair cut is just whacked, but you want to act like your haircut is not whacked. Like your haircut is bad. If you’re cutting your own hair cut with a bowl, you’re putting a bowl on your head and you’re. You have a bowl cut and you’ve talked about how style matters to you, but you’re not. You know, you’re, you’re looking pretty rough there buddy. If you’re out there looking like darth vader when he took his helmet off, you know, because you, my friend are not taking care of yourself, but you talk about how you valued yourself.

If you’re somebody out there who says, I really care about my business brand a lot, but you’re not cleaning your bathrooms. We all have a form of cognitive dissonance. Everybody out there, myself included, we all have something that we’re not a. and I’d say, well, what will play, what do you struggle with? We’re talking about your personal brand. For me, I’ll just say this, I’m, I’m not as nice as I want to be, you know, I want to be nicer, I don’t want to be a kinder and I’m not as nice and kind as I want to be. And so I, I go out of my way each morning to reset and I’m like, oh, that wasn’t God redo tomorrow, let’s give her another gym or another world. Everybody, here we go. And so I wrote a parody song about oral Roberts University. They didn’t like it very much, obviously because it was very, a caustic, a derogatory and not positive.

So they kicked me out of the school and rightfully so. And uh, then I got asked about in 2013, since it’d be 14 years later if I would come back to fix their call center. And I’m like, so I came back to oral Roberts University and I was very aware of it, but I charged them more than I paid for my college. And so they paid me back and I thought yes, and then reasonably they asked me to come speak to a group of pastors and I thought, well, okay, that’s a good radio show topic is when you get kicked out of a college and they asked you to come back, what do you talk about? And they asked me to talk about defining brand. And so my brand as an oral roberts university student was sort of a bad guy, sort of a bad boys, sort of a Oh rebel.

And now my brand is, I’m a 37 year old man with five kids, 25 to 35 chickens depending upon how many ravages animals are out there. We have cats. And uh, my partner, my visit built 14 multimillion dollar companies. And so I have a confused brand. People are like, what is wrong with this guy? But I asked you this about your company today. Think about your company, think about your business. What does your branding say about you? And I’m going to put it on the show notes. We can break down all the variables. So what written I have Jason are Super Manager with elephant in the room on today’s show to break down this topic on branding. And so is Jason a branding expert? No, he’s a great manager, a great member of our team. But I want him to share with you from his experience.

I’m going to have devin share with. We’re just going to talk about the elephant in the room as an example. So the elephant in the room. Let’s talk about the logo. The first variable. Jason, how would you describe the elephant in the room? Men’s grooming lounge. The actual logo. Um, it’s minimal and it’s an elephant. Okay. Well, this just dead. Why devin? Is it? Is it, is it minimized? Why is it simplified? Why is our logo not involving 17 different colors? Why is it not super complicated? Why do we simplify? What were all of the brands of the world’s top logos? All very simplified. If they’re too complicated and you can’t put in some places so you can’t make them very small and still have them recognizable. That’s part of it. Another part is whenever it’s simple, um, I think it’s steve jobs who said as simple as hard, so whenever you’re able to simplify something, then it’s more recognizable, easier to use, things like that.

It will put a link to it on the show notes, but the world successful brands, I mean, think about this, you have apple, you have Coca Cola, you have Amazon, you have google, starbucks, Mcdonald’s. All these companies have very simplified logos. Now, Jason, how would you describe the elephant in the room? Experience? The experience of the elephant in the room. Men’s grooming lounge. I would say it’s the opposite of the logo. It’s not minimal. It’s fully immersive. We want to offer a positive and amazing experience every single time to every guy that walks in. Why? Because that’s our brand. That’s what we want to. That’s how we want to be perceived. That’s how we want to represent us. How is it different than like great clips or some. Because I’ve, I’ve gone to a lot of great competitors of ours, but I’ll just use great clips because great clips is a successful brand, economically speaking or doing a good job.

How is elephant in the room different, different from great clips for all the guys out there listening different because we offer you a longer experience. We’re going to greet you as soon as you walk in. We’re gonna make you feel like home like that, that country club feel right? It’s going to make you feel, um, unique. You’re going to feel like the show is yours to run. You become the most important person in the room. Every time you’re there. And then think about this. They’re, they’re thrive nation. Think about the sights, the sounds, the smells, the music, the decor, the sites. We have a lot of man centric, rustic decor. We have uptempo music playing at, I’d say it’s like in the Ra or Chipotle, a, that kind of vibe, that kind of energy. The smells. Um, we’ve got a lot of essential oils and there’s a lot of smells that, that really, um, they, they, they awakened the senses of the music.

Like I said, it’s upbeat, uptempo, the decor, everything about the elephant in the room is designed to create a certain look in a certain brand, in a certain field. And I don’t think a lot of people are intentional about the sights, the sounds, the smells that make up your brand. And so Elon Musk, who could not be here today, he writes, brand is just a perception and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind, but brand is simply a collective impression. Some people have about a product a, and I want to get Devon’s take on this. Steven furtick is a famous pastor and uh, he recently spoke at a church and his church while wearing a Jimi Hendrix tee shirt. How do you perceive that? What do you think that says about his brand or what, what do you, I just want to get your take on that first time hearing it. What do you think about? Um, I mean, I guess he likes Jimmy Hendrix.

He’s trying to, from my business conferences perspective, he’s trying to appeal to a younger crowd who, maybe it’s more forward thinking, um, versus, you know, suit and tie kind of more the older, the older crowd. I’m going to put a link to Steven furtick video on today’s show, notes of him speaking, whereas we’re in the Jimi Hendrix shirt and I’ll show it to you guys during the break so you can see it. I want to get your take on what Steven furtick is doing with his brain. He’s a pastor Steven furtick. I want you to look at his brand. I would like you to comment what you think about it there. And, uh, in the, in the meantime, in between time thrive nation is, I show the guys these Steven Steven furtick video. I want you to go to onyx imaging.com. If you’re in the Tulsa area and you’re buying office supplies or printer supplies, one way to save both time and money, one way to achieve time freedom and financial freedom is to stop spending time and money on things you shouldn’t be spending time and money on. Save money on your office supplies. Adr Printer supplies by going to annex imaging.com. That’s n y [inaudible] imaging.com. Au nyx imaging.com. They do get ready to enter the thrive time show three, two, one.

Oh, thrive nation. This Justin, now that we’ve hit the top of the itunes charts, Devin, we’re starting to broadcast to other planets. Wow. Yeah. Because I mean, think about it. We who are we to discriminate against other planets? I mean, do the aliens out there have questions about branding? Absolutely. Yeah. Devin, I want to get your take on this and then we’ll get back into our topic today about branding. Now you remember the question I’m going to ask you today, you, if you answer it the wrong way, this will forever affect your, your brand and if you get it the right way. Um, I don’t. There’s no right or wrong answer here, but if you answered the wrong way, it might affect if you answered the thrive nation, but they basically said the thrive nation is judging your answer here. Okay, so I’m going to ask you a tough question. I’m gonna. Ask Jason the same question. He gets to one up. You. Okay? This is a tough question and this will affect your brand forever. As hundreds of thousands of people listen to this, this question will affect your brand forever, but there is no right or wrong answer. Okay? Here we go.

Do you believe in alien life?


Do you believe in alien? Might because I’m telling you, we are now top on the itunes charts. We were number one of all categories the other day. We a broadcast in Portland and Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’re ranked in the top 20 or top 10 consistently. They’re in the business category and so we’re thinking about marketing now to aliens, other beings that are playing into their interstellar systems, other galaxies, people that green guys are listening and going, how do we do our branding? How do we do our branding? I feel like that’s how aliens talk. They use English, but they just go, how do we use our branding? How do we do so? Do you believe in alien life?

Um, I definitely, definitely believe that it’s possible. I’m not going to say that it is a thing, but I mean God put us here. So, I mean, could he not also put other things?

Okay. Jason, you know, Jason, we’re talking about branding on today’s show, but this answer to this question, if you answer this question and you can raise half, the listeners are like, this person’s crazy or they’re going to go, are you kidding me? It really, really want a small mine this guy. So what do you think? Alien Life. Do you think alien life exists at life, outside of the planet earth?

Well, my response is probably going to hurt my branding in the future. Here we go, here we go. I’m going to phrase it as much like a politician as I possibly could and kind of dance around the answer. It’s not that I believe whole heartedly in life, you know, outside of earth. But I do think it’s kind of crazy to think that there’s not cynthia at life anywhere other than one rock in the infinity of space.

Alright. I’m going to tell the listeners something that will, I think blow their minds. I think there’s definitely aliens. I think God has created definite parallel universes and I feel like that it’s going to be fun to meet these guys. That’s my take. I feel like. I mean, think about God. If we believe in the Judeo Christian concept of God, He created the earth in six days, you know, they know and like for what else is he doing? He’s like, all right, Monday I create this planet. You know that Monday through Saturday, next week, another plan. He up there. There’s other parallel universes. Some people say you’re crazy. That’s fine either way. Either way. It’s just branding and it’s I, I bring it up because it really is a branding thing. All of a sudden you’re like, Clay Clark, please, and aliens. What a sick freak. But I showed you guys the clip during the break of a of a pastor named Steven Furtick, F U R T I C K, one of the pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in America. His church is called elevation church. So I’m going to play an audio samples so the listeners can hear, uh, steven furtick, a preaching just a little 10, ten second 15 second excerpt. So you can hear Steven speaking. But I’d like for you guys to talk about his brand and what you think he’s trying to communicate to his congregation.

This is an announcement. You don’t need any other to be significant. I’m not against the turn. I’m not against the term or you don’t have to be a duchess of Sussex to be significant. No, not, not to be significant in the eyes of God. If significance was predicated on marital status, Jesus was insignificant when I broke the five loaves for the 5,000.

No. Steve Currington. You can weigh in on. This is on the big screen behind you. We’re talking today about branding. And you know, Steven furtick now, one of the top pastors on the planet is churches, churches growing quite a bit. He’s wearing a Jimi hendrix shirt while preaching. He’s got ripped jeans on. You guys heard him right? You saw him there. So, and again, this isn’t a religious discussion, we’re talking about branding and we’re bringing up Steven furtick because I was asked to speak at Oral Roberts University and I’m breaking down for the listeners out there what I was, what I’m teaching to the oral Roberts University pastors there, the pastors who are attending, I’m teaching them about branding and asking them the hard questions. When people think of you, what do they think about? So I’m gonna start with you, devin. Talk to me about branding. When you watch that video, Steven furtick wearing a Jimi hendrix shirt. What are your thoughts?

Um, my first thoughts are just that, you know, he’s, he’s kind of just another, another guy, another, another dude. He just is, has the platform. That’s kind of my first perception is that he’s just somebody that could run into on the street. Steve,

Steve Currington, their total lending concepts. What is your take when you see a pastor preaching from the pulpit wearing a Jimi Hendrix teacher?

Well, I think it’s real. You know, I think it’s just he is who he is and I appreciate somebody that can get on stage and just be who they are because I think a lot of people hop on stage and put on the act or put on the suit or put on something that’s going to display to people what they think the people want to see instead of just being who they are. You know, he wears jeans and he wears a tee shirt. So good for you. That’s who you are. It doesn’t change. The message doesn’t change what you’re saying or or what you believe. It just is a is what, who you are, what you were.

All right. I want to get your take on this there, Jason. A quick, what is your take when you see the pastor of a church but very, very fast growing church called Elevation Church and the pastor is wearing a Jimi Hendrix tee-shirt. I think he’s honest and genuine and a lot of times that’s a lot easier for business conferences people to connect to then trying to relate to somebody who’s branding themselves based off of what they want people to see. Repeat that again, please communicate that because I think someone out there just went, Whoa, I should write that down. I went downstairs was a guy that was a great take. I want to get your take on that one more time.

Yeah, so he’s. He’s honest and genuine and a lot of the times you know, somebody being who they are and being completely genuine, genuine and honest with you is easier to embrace than the opposite. Somebody who is trying to, like Steve said, you know they wear the suit and tie. It’s something that’s cookie cutter. It’s something that’s been done before. It’s a preconceived brand already. He’s branding himself and I think that makes it a lot easier for people to connect to them.

Well, I have two big teaching moments that came out of that particular example. One, you’re gonna. Think about it, whether you agree or not, thinking really agree or disagree, you’re going to remember him. So that right there is a purple cow. I’ve never seen a pasture where Jimi Hendrix tee shirt and Jimi Hendrix is famous for such songs as purple haze, you know, or you got San Lady, you know, it’s, it’s, um, that’s pretty impressive that he would do that. I mean to me or, or regrettable or whatever you want to call it. But it stands out. It’s remarkable. It’s not invisible. It’s remarkable. So I’d say from a marketing perspective, that was pretty impressive too, is I think it’s indicative of his overall philosophy because during that sermon, that particular sermon, he was talking a lot about Chris Brown, Chris Brown, needy singer, who’s made a lot of mistakes, who hasn’t?

But they may, he made. He’s made them publicly. And so we talked about Chris Brown, Chris Brown was performing at a prison and he sang a song to one prisoner, just one song to a prisoner. So he personally singing to one particular prisoner. And I think he’s all about forgiveness. And I think that’s what he thinks the message of Christ isn’t, that nobody’s perfect. And I think that if you listen to Steven Furtick, that’s what he’s trying to communicate. But all I’m saying is he did stand out. So the question is for you, Mr Thriver, when people think about your business, what do they think about when they see your logo? What do they think about? What do they think about when they think about your business? And if you’re out there and you’re thinking about, I’m looking for a pro active CPA, I’m looking for a proactive CPA, CPA who is proactive, a certified public accountant who is proactive. I encourage you to check out hood CPAS DOT com. That’s CPAS.


We’re now entering the Dojo of Mojo and the thrive time show.

All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show on your radio and thrive nation. I mean this sincerely. You are all looking foxy today. That’s one thing I want to communicate to the listeners. You don’t care. Anybody says about you. I don’t care about the people who have seen you today who are making a comment based upon actual visual interaction with your physical body. I’m just telling you on a metaphysical level, a level. It’s way deeper than that, Steve. It’s above. It’s a very meta level. You are looking foxy and today we’re talking branding. Now, why are we talking about branding? Well, I was asked by a oral Roberts University to come in to speak to a group of pastors about the importance of branding, but this, this idea, this topic can be in any business owner out there could benefit from this, and I’m using Steven furtick as an example.

Steven furtick is the pastor of a church called elevation church and I’m using td jakes as an example because they both are intentional about their branding. I’m using Craig Rochelle with life church as an example because they’re both. They’re all, they’re all intention. All three of them are intentional about their branding, but if you are intentional about your branding, by default, people will not remember you. So let’s talk about the word brand for a second. Branding. Elan Musk says, this is an elan musk notable quotable. He writes, brand is just a perception and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead.

Other times it will be behind, but brand is simply a collective impression. Some have about a product, but this is how a brand sounds because it’s your branding a cow so that every time anytime that someone would see a cow, they would know who actually owned the cow, the you would sear the brand into the cow’s hide so that forever. If somebody ever saw that cow, they knew who’s cow it was during the day where people would steal each other’s cows, so that is the way to forever people will always know who the who the cow owned or who the cow was owned by. When when you think about your business, when people see something, you want them to think about you all the time. You want them to, you want. You want to be stuck. You with a visual image of your company to be stuck in their minds at all times. So I’m going to play the branding game for 5,000 points with Steve Currington. Steve, there are no right or wrong answers, but we’re gonna.

Go around the table. Hot. Take the Jason, you’ll be next. Devin, you’re next year. We go for 5,000 mega points now. Renewable and heaven. When you think about a computer, what company do you think about? Apple. All right, here we go. Here we go. Alright, Jason, when you think about coffee, what is the company that you think about? Double Shot. Really wrap up next door to him, right? Okay. But no, but that right there. That was. I mean that was not the answer I was looking for, but that means that double shots did some great branding and they’re located next to our 17th and Boston location. They’ve got great hands, great apparel and great coffee. Oh yeah. So the issue get two shots, right? Okay. Now depth. Now. Devin. Devin, when you think about fast food, what company do you think about? Chick? Filet. Okay, here we go.

Steve Currington, you think about motorcycles. What company do you think about Harley Davidson? Jason, when you think about family vacations, what’s the destination you think about Hawaii? That’s not what I expected this the world. He’s not impacted by big brands. I’ve also never been on vacation. Oh, okay. Alright. So J. Devin. I like him. His status just went up there. This guy is great. No days off. No, no. Devon. When you think about that by the net, that’s a bill bellacheck. Bill Belichick, when he received the NFL championship, they had a big. They had a big parade in Boston to celebrate the New England patriots winning another superbowl and he was asked to speak and he hopped on the mic and chanted, no days off to a crowd of over a million people who are off because the city of Boston gave me all the employees the day off as a way to celebrate the victory. And he chanted no days off to that crowd. So that’s what that was. Okay. So devin, when you, when you think it, we’re talking about branding. Okay. When you, when you think about, you say, Gosh, you know, I think about retail. I think about a retail store or place. I got to go to buy all my goods, all my things I need. What’s. What’s a retail store? You think about a walmart. Walmart. Okay. Now here’s what’s interesting. Why are you there? Okay, that’s, that’s not what we were expecting.

There are no right and wrong answers, but there’s no wrong answer that I don’t like. They’re just like, do like get a get to know. But I want you, I want you guys thinking about the now and I’m going to sing a song to you, Steve, and you tell me what, what, what it goes to, but up up, up, up. I’m loving it. Mcdonald’s. Right? Right. Unbelievable. So all I’m saying is branding is, is all it is, is it’s the collective impression people have when they think about a product category. And if you’re branding effectively, you want people to think about your company, product or service, and that’s why you have to be consistent with what you’re saying. Over and over and over. So elephant in the room, men’s grooming lounge, Jason, that Jason, you’d better get this one, right? And I got my sound effect ready to go.

What? What is the offer that we make for all first time elephant in the room? You know, for people who’ve never been to the elephant, the room before. If any man out there who comes into the alpha in the room, if it’s their first haircut, they always get what you want the full package or do you want the finality of it? Like what they pay? Oh boy. You, you, you just get. I’ve got my buttons ready so you just go for it. Okay. So for your first time you get your complimentary beverage. You get your consultation with your stylist, you get your tailored haircut, you’d get a shampoo and condition both of the scalp massage, hot towel, a face moisturizer, a face massage to free ad-ons, paraffin hand treatment, and the essential ascot massage.

All for $1. Yes, yes, yes. I’m so excited right now. I have to queue up my name. Mrs Lewis is my therapy audio. I queue up my business conferences therapy. I wonder if I’m too excited wherever I. I’m so excited. Something great happened. I queue up my therapy audio. I listened to this. I wear, I wear ear buds. Steve. Run around wearing this and I’ll listen to this for 12 consecutive hours. It helps me get it out of that Web. If I’m too excited, I cannot contain it. I must a lot of pressure. You got to rise above it. A harness and the good energy workout, the band harness energy, block bad. Feel the flow. Happy. Feel it. It’s circular. It’s like a carousel. You pay the quarter, you get on the horse. It goes up and down around circular circles with the music, the flow, all good things.

So good. That got me so excited. So, so now that we’ve talked about what branding is, let’s talk about how to brand your business. All right, let’s talk about to do that. Well, Steve Martin, the legendary comedian, musician, actor, writer, people always ask him, will steve, what’s the key to finding a good agent? How do I really break out as a comedian? And he says this, and he says, by the way, nobody ever likes it. He says, become so good. They can’t ignore you. So if you watch Craig Rochelle deliver a sermon or you watched td jakes deliver a sermon where you watched Steven furtick deliver a sermon, all three of them are so good, you just cannot ignore them. I don’t care what kind of branding you do. If your product sucks and unless you’re selling a vacuum cleaner, you’re going to have some problems. I don’t care what your logo looks like. I don’t care all your jingles. I mean if you can’t deliver and the short term, when someone comes in to try the product or service, then you lose. If your product sucks and you’re not, dyson, you’re going to lose.

I just want to pay that. If you eat the dirt devil, you ain’t die thin. If you ain’t any of those vacuum cleaning companies and then you would probably not want to be terrible. Something

that’s a big. That’s a big problem though. So I want to now get into Devon’s take on this. Devin, you’ve seen this. There was a, I won’t mention the company’s name, but you’ve seen contractors you’ve worked with in the past where they’ve reached out to us for coaching and we’ve got them to the top of Google and their phone rings all the time, right? But the one thing they can’t do is actually deliver projects on time and on budget. Why does that hurt your branding when you can deliver on time and on budget? Um, it’s, it’s creating a mismatch between your actual branding on what people are seeing and what you’re actually delivering. So you’re actually killing your own brand. You’re creating cognitive dissonance among your audience. Do you remember the movie Godzilla? Steve had the big soundtrack by Robert Plant and P diddy, and it was like over the top branding and every commercial you’re watching TV, like every ad was come see Godzilla, know nick, you’re watching any commercial.

It’s all cosponsored. Mcdonald’s is doing something with Godzilla and it seems like everywhere you go there’s Godzilla posters and you’re getting all hyped. You remember seeing the movie, you’re thinking to yourself, this might be the worst movie ever, but everyone went and watched. Right? But yet the movie, the movie Black Panther, I felt like came out at first where it wasn’t like hype to be the best movie ever. But that thing was good. So we come back from the break. I want to talk about what made that movie so good that Jason, the super manager from elephant in the room. What did they actually go out there and buy a black panther hat that he wears white. So many people wouldn’t have thought twice, but people saw it three times. Why? The movie is just that people can’t wait for the next one is what made the movie so good because yeah, there was great branding, but the movie also itself was so great. You could not ignore it and if you’re out there looking for a chiropractor that is so great, you just simply cannot ignore him. You want to use the chiropractor of choice for Wayne Gretzky, the Nhl Hall of fame hockey player. That’s Dr. John Sibling, Dr John Sibley Dot Com was that Dr John Sibling.com

Today we are breaking down everything related to branding, oral Roberts University, the business conferences school that wants a. asked me to leave the school. I got kicked out of school. They asked me to come back ironically, and to deliberate talk to a group of pastors to teach them how branding works and so I want to make sure that everybody, as we wrap up this show, when you, when you finish listening to this show that you understand four main concept just for ideas of what to put into your head. One is what is branding? What was the quote? Elon Musk, who I think said it best? Branding, branding is just a perception and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead. Other times it will be behind, but brand is simply a collective impression. Some have about a product that’s Elon Musk. Now, if you’re looking for a different, uh, way of kind of saying the same thing, Michael Levine, the PR consultant of choice for Michael Jackson, for prints, for Nancy Kerrigan, for George Bush, for President Clinton, for Charlton Heston.

He’s been a frequent guest on the thrive time show, Michael Levine. He says, if you give someone a present and you give it to them in a tiffany box, it’s likely that they’ll believe the gift has a higher perceived value than if you gave it to them in no box or a box of less prestige. And that’s not because the receiver of the gift is a fool. But instead, because we live in a culture in which we gift wrap everything, our politicians, our corporate heads, our movie and TV stars, and even our toilet paper. So if you’re listening out there, you want to make sure that your logo, this is the checklist. Get your logo looking sharp right away. Get your logo and we’re putting a link on the show notes to the world’s most successful companies so you can see the logos of apple, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, starbucks, Amazon, Google.

You’ll see that your logo has to be tight. The second is your experience has to be awesome. This is the next big idea. You can’t just have great branding, but you actually have to deliver in the short term. You actually have to have a great experience that people have when they work with your product or service. And so Steve Martin, the legendary comedian, said on the Oprah masterclass, it was asked, how do you become a successful comedian? He said, step number one, don’t worry about the branding. Worry about becoming so good. They can’t ignore you. Ryan Tedder, uh, the Grammy Award winning artist who I went to college with, Oral Roberts University, who’s written songs for Paul Mccartney, Taylor Swift, beyonce, and youtube. He writes, when you’re around enormously successful people, you realize their success isn’t an accident. It’s about work. So again, you could, you could brandon, brandon, brandon, brandon, band, but if you don’t deliver, it gets squirrely.

So we’re going to talk about the Black Panther movie and then we’re going to talk about contractors in general because I’ve hired so many that are so terrible, so consistently that my mind is blown when I find a good one. Cause there are great, there are great contractors out there but I would just say like I’m honored to work with Shaw homes that are home builder, but I have been hired multiple times to do the branding over a dozen times the branding and marketing for a home builder and I have literally had to call them and say I cannot accept your money. I’m going to refund you because your quality is so shoddy. I don’t want my name associated with any part of branding your company because your quality is awful. So Jason, when you went and saw the movie Black Panther, what went through your mind? Why did you like that movie so much? Why did it resonate with you? Because obviously it was well branded but you liked it so much. You bought the hat. Talk to me about it. How much time do you have? You have the whole floor. You have a whole segment you’ve got all week if you want to.

No, what was great about it was, um, I was a fan of the comic book. So typically when you have a superhero movie, they can do all the branding that they want and then you come out of the, the, uh, the theater thinking much like Godzilla. That was the worst movie I’ve ever seen. But the first thing I would say they did extremely well why I loved it was they were true to the subject matter. And on top of that, it was really entertaining. Um, all of the actors gave it their, all. They became the characters they played. So it was believable.

What is the subject matter of Black Panther? You’re out there listening who’s not familiar with that movie.

So you have young prince such to Chella who is the prince of the sovereign nation of a Condo, which is like a very wealthy technologically advanced secret kingdom. And Africa got it typically keep to themselves, but his father ends up being assassinated. He becomes the new interim king basically has to prove himself in the process. He has somebody who used to be from Wakanda, come back to try to use our pim and put Wakanda out into the world and fix all the world’s problems. Right. Being the villain, killmonger, which the movie is so good that the villain halfway through you end up siding with him instead of the hero. So that was really cool trade off. But um, other than that though was as visually pleasing to look at the soundtrack is probably my favorite part of it. Yup. Came through with Kendrick Lamar. All the grades. Overall it was just really well done and that’s why I’ve seen it like four times. You’ve seen it four times? Yeah, I own it. When did you buy the business conferences hat? I bought the hat, the actually, so I saw the movie in theaters, went to see avengers infinity war. Bought the hat then because of course black panther was an infinity war and then proceeded to watch Black Panther two more times after that.

Yeah. I want you to sum up in as few words as possible what the overall motto, the slogan, the mantra, the elevator pitch. You know what, what the show that the central message that the shows trying to communicate, the one message you leave going what they’re trying to say.


So it’s open to interpretation. Yeah, sure. But it’s about becoming the, the king or the leader that you want to be, whether it be killmonger is interpretation of it being a somebody who is tyrannical because he has to be. Or a jealous father who is stern and cold because he has to be, you know,

this is my take on it and you might disagree, but I think the movie I’m hammered home, the Gandhi quote where it says you wouldn’t, you need to be the change you want to see. Right. And then I would add in parentheses the you want to be the positive change you want the world to see because the movies is very positive, but it’s all about like, hey, if you’re not happy with the darkness around you have either light. I mean, I thought that it’s all it is, is an uplifting movie. We all I would say is the branding of that movie was to audio over. She was the logo, it was the experience, the movie itself. It’s all of that and if you want a small business, you got to get your logo, the experience, the sights, the sounds, the smells. So Steve, I want to get your take on this. How many times you have to list the number of times, but I mean have you ever met a contractor that wanted to be marketed or branded is high end, but when you hired them, you’re thinking, Bro, you didn’t even invoice me. You didn’t charge me. You invoice me three months after the job. You didn’t finish on time. You kept changing the price. You, you cut corners on the. I mean, have you ever worked with a a contractor that was less than awesome. Every single contractor I’ve ever worked with has been like that.

It’s just amazing to me. It’s amazing that that’s that. That’s their mantra. I have a funny story about adding on an attic onto our house. Years ago we had a house. We added on an an attic and a the attic. I was told by the guy this will be done in two weeks, two weeks, and I’m only saying it this way because this is how the guy talked, but I said, so you’ll be done in two. He says, yeah man. I said, okay, great. So two weeks later he hasn’t really started yet. He goes, it’s taken a long time, man. You get the supplies sound like you’re sure it will be done in two weeks because that’s like tomorrow I’m on. Well, he just doesn’t care the entire process. So then it’s like eight weeks and we’re now into like 20 grand and he’s like, hey, it’s a cost them more than I.

I predicted foot, we’ll get it done by and, and this goes on for like three months. And finally I just had to kick him out of my house. Unbelievable. But he liked pitched is I’m high quality, I’m on time. He knew the words to say and if Andrew Carnegie, we’re here today. Andrew Carnegie said the as, as I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do. I would say it’s very important. What you’re saying, but it’s more important what you’re doing now. Here’s what happens is people experienced cognitive dissonance, which is where your values don’t align with your actions. When you see a covenant, the offers awesome service, but you don’t have a website and I see that a lot too where you see a really great that they deliver their company’s awesome, like their actual product or service is awesome, but they don’t have a functional website or they don’t have a logo or they don’t have devin. Have you? Have you ever seen that before? We have someone that’s an unbelievably great product or service, but their marketing is so terrible. You really would assume they’re bad.

Yeah. Yeah. In fact, that’s from what I’ve seen, that’s, that’s a lot of the clients that we end up working with or people who have a great product but um, or service, but just their branding and their, their perception of, of, of their company. I’m just doesn’t match that.

And I would tell you why I think a lot of companies out there have a great product or service, but you don’t have great branding. It’s because these marketing companies and branding companies are ridiculous in the way they charge mean Steve. I know there’s one marketing company I used in Tulsa years ago. This is what, this is what they charged me to build dj connections website. $12,000 plus $200 per change ended up coming on right under $18,000. My total cost to build dj connection.com and then they explained to me that the reason why it wasn’t ranking in search engines is because it hadn’t been built to comply with search engines, but for another three grand they could modify it to make it search engine friendly and then every time I wanted to add content to the website I had to email it to them and they’d charge me 200 bucks.

I’m not kidding. Then they said, hey, you do need a solid marketing video though, and I said, cool, who to? Who should I use? They said, well, video workers is a great company. By the way. Video workers is a great company. And they said, or steel house, which by the way, steelhouse is ridiculously awesome company. They make huge commercials for big time companies, so I called to get quotes, boop, boop, boop, boop. Yeah, I’m just trying to get a quote to make a video and they go, our videos started about $8,000. How much are you wanting to spend? Not a thousand. I just got mentally and financially raped to the tune of $18,000 and now you want. Then you know, and it’s just, it’s a branding can cost you a lot of money. That’s why our thrive time show our our business coaching program. That’s why we charge a flat rate and I’m just telling you, you’re out there listening for on average, $1,700 a month, $1,600 a month, and we give you a quote right down to the dollar.

We hit all of your marketing, your branding, your search engine optimization, your photography, your videography, your. We coach you through workflows, sales systems, hiring and firing. We teach you all of that, all for less money than it would cost you to hire even one $10 per hour employees. Steve, have you ever hired a $10 per hour employee? Yes. Every week do they provide you marketing insight, no branding, no coaching, no workflow optimization, no. No workflow, okay. With that in any of those things, no. So for less money, it would cost you to hire even one $10 per hour employee will absolutely help you get to the top of the search engine ranks, help you build sales scripts, help you learn all the hiring and firing systems. We’re gonna teach you everything, but whether you hire us to coach your business or not, if you have awesome branding, it doesn’t matter if you don’t deliver.

Now, let’s say you have great branding and you can deliver. Let’s say you can deliver it and you have great branding. This next idea is does anybody even know you exist? Because a lot of times you see companies that have a great product or service and they have great branding, but nobody can find them. So when we come back from the break, we’re going to talk about how to make sure that your company is find-able, that people can actually know that you exist because if people don’t know you exist, it’s going to be hard. Tire you. This, Justin, Steve, this, Justin. Yeah. So thrive nation, one company. I encourage you to find one company that believes in advertising. One company that’s a great business coaching client is Williams contracting. That’s Williams contract and will dash [inaudible] dot com. Will Dash Conn.com. They’re going to give you a realistic budget within three days and you get a free copy of my book thrive if you reach out to them.

Now, if you’re looking to add onto your restaurant to build a new office building, to build a new restaurant, to expand your church, uh, to build a school. Or perhaps you want to add an annex onto your jail, which has led to a Okmulgee. Did I mean if you to, if you want to build your own jail, I mean, Steve, I’ll tell you what their is. So it’s so pristinely constructed that people are traveling top Mogi to visit the jail and they’re staying there for years at a time to actually have the architectural wonders actually sped through

[inaudible] county hoping to get a night. Make It. Tip fitness is always dominate the news. They could talk about me. I could take that up as the true father nick, that I’ll be back. I wasn’t young. All right. Thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time show

on your radio and today we’re teaching you everything you’ll ever need to know about branding, but I think a lot of people overcomplicate this idea. So breaking it down into four ideas that hopefully everybody can grasp. But the first idea is what does it mean to have a brand? Well, before we move forward, Lee Cockerell, the former executive vice president of Walt Disney world resorts, wants looked me in the eye and said to me, he said, clay, the. He looked at me in both eyes, not just, Oh, he said to me, he says, if you’re going to be honest, you’d better be funny. I thought to myself, okay, okay, so here’s the deal. Thrivers, what’s funny, I want you to rate the quality of your website on a scale of one to 10 with 10 being awesome and one being it looks like somebody you knew who was going through a bout of Tourette’s and blindness made your logo, your website.

If you look, if you’re thinking like clip art being a one and 10 would be like apple. All the branding they do. How would you rate your branding of Tesla is a 10 and you know that there was a place I went to an Amarillo. I did. My wife would not allow us to eat there, but I pulled over to go there and I’m not kidding you. My wife, my daughter took a picture of it. They serve meat and they sell tires and the sign said such and such as chicken and tires. I’m not kidding. Yes. And I thought, yes, let’s go support this local business conferences business, but it’s just like you’re not going in there. Could says chicken and tires. This is right before you get into Amarillo and so she would not. Let me pull over, but that was a real thing and they offered on the sign. It was handwritten on the side. It said goat, lamb, chicken tires, tires for. I mean, it’s a really. This justin


is that they were being serious. Now I have an audio clip. I had A. I’m a listener out there who is a branding expert who called. They said, clay, I really want to be on the show and I’d like to talk to all the listeners out there about what’ll happen to someone’s business if they don’t have good branding. And I said, okay, um, could you call back later? They said, no, I cannot call back later. I’ll just tell you what needs to be said now. And then you can play the audio later. And I thought, fine. You demanding branding experts. Without any further ado, this is a notable quotable from listener out there. What will happen to your business if you don’t have good brandon

are probably seen yourselves. Hey, I’m going to go out and I’m going to get the world by the tail and wrap it around and down and put it in my pocket. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re probably going to find out as you go out there that you’re not going to amount to Jack Squat.

That’s the deal. If you’re passing out a business card to somebody and it says, here’s my card, you can reach [email protected]. It’s just not gonna work. Clay four slash seven, three, two, seven, six, [email protected]. It just doesn’t instill credibility, so branding is just the collective impression people have about your brand. The notable quotable here from Elon Musk, he says, brand is just a perception and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead. Other times it will be behind, but brand is simply a collective impression. Some people have about a product branding. Okay, so branding has to be done well. The second thing is even if you have great branding, you have to deliver. People are going to tell people whether they like your product or service or not. That’s why it elephant in the room. It’s like every single customer, we treat them like it’s our only customer ever going gonna have in anytime we get a complaint, it’s like to me the end of the earth, which is why we put a white hot.

I mean Jason Do you not? I mean do we not treat every customer like they’re our only customer, but when, when, when we we’re not perfect. So when we missed the mark, what goes through your mind when someone’s not happy? Oh, it makes me so mad. It makes me feel like I’ve personally failed. I want them to feel like you said when they come in and they are only customer. We could have all 10 chairs rocking, but I want every single person to feel like it’s their shop. They’re running the show. They are the most important person in. That’s, that’s our entire vision. Our entire focus is to make sure that every single customer is wowed, right? So you have to deliver in the short term. You can’t just have an epic looking brand and logo and marketing. You’ve got to also deliver it. Now the next idea is if you are really good at something and you have a great, have a great brand. Now people have to find you. So devin, are you aware that people are now going on the Internet to find the products and services they’re looking for?

Steve, are you now aware that according to Forbes Eight, eight, that’s 88 percent, 88 percent of consumers now read reviews before buying a product or service. We were like on the World Wide Web. Steve, are you aware that now nine out of people start searching for something using their smartphone and this thing called Google? Devin, are you aware of Google? What is Google doesn’t work, so how do you get to the top of search engine results? How do you show up top in Google? Well, this is how you do it. There are four steps you have to take to get to the top of Google. There are four variables that will impact your rank on the Google search engine results just for, and I’m gonna walk you through them and we have other more in depth, uh, podcasts that will teach you how to do that. Or if you go to thrive time show.com and you subscribe to the online videos, we have tutorials that’ll walk you through this step one, you have to have the most objective reviews.

And by the way, Jason, that’s our goal today. The most objective reviews. Yes. Why? Why do they? Why do we have to be intentional, Jason Elephant in the room about gathering objective reviews from real clients? Well, because it’s going to put us at the top of Google, but also if we’re not diligent on it, nobody else is going to be. And the average person does it by default. Go, wow, my haircut was good. I should go online and write and review. Exactly. And again, according to Forbes, 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much or more than a personal recommendation. That’s variable number one. Variable number two, Steve, you have to have the most html content. Html stands for hypertext markup language, the standardized system for tagging text files to achieve font. And the point is you have to have the most words on your website. Why do you have to have the most original word, Steve?

Because, uh, the person with the most content in the most words, winds. If you are the industry expert on a certain subject, like we’ve talked about this with wikipedia and the word cat. How many times this cat in the wikipedia, over 660 times the word cat is listed on the wikipedia for the, it’s for the word dog. Oh Dog. That’s where don on the wikipedia for the word listing. For the word dog. The dog appears over 660 times. Yeah, get my dogs and cats mixed up. But yeah, if you’re the you have the most content and therefore you win. So again, now there’s only four ways that I know of to write content. So this is, these are options that you could do. One is you could write a thoughtful blog, which I have never, ever met a client that is ever willing to do that consistently.

I’ve never met a client ever who’s willing to write a thoughtful blog ever. I’ve never seen it. If you do, you’ll be the first one. Big Bonus points for you. Second is you’re going to have to have another option that you can record podcasts. You can record. Steve, you could report record podcasts. Yeah, right? Yeah, yeah. Devin, you can do that. It’s traded. Can you can transcribe the content? Steve, how many podcasts have you recorded? A lot. I think I’m almost 200 business conferences podcast, right? Third is you could have a team write content for you, which our thrive time team can do for you. We can write content for you, or if you’re a pastor out there listening, you could just preach and teach and then just record that and transcribe it, but you have to create the most content. We come back, we’re gonna, break down even more in depth, how to get to the top of the Google search engine results, but if you’re out there and you’re driving a Ford automobile and that baby needs a repair, quit screwing around. Go to RC auto specialists Dotcom, repair your Ford. That’s RC auto specialists that come and they’ll report

there will repair your forward today. Attended the world’s best business workshop, led by America’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing is proof that you did it and your contact information to inform the thrive time show.com. All right, thrive nation. Welcome back to the thrive time

show on your radio. For anybody just tuning in today, we’re talking all about branding and there are four big ideas I want everyone to grasp. One, what is branding? Branding is simply a collective impression that people have about a product or a service, a decode. Elan Musk brand is just a perception and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead. Other times it will be behind, but brand is simply a collective impression. Some have about a product. This is the guy behind paypal, Tesla space x. all it is is what do people think about when they think about you? Okay. Second concept you have to deliver or people are going to say bad things about you. You have to deliver or people are going to think that you’re a flake. This is an example of one of my clients I work with is called morrow and the lie dentistry, morrowind dentistry.

We’ve been helping them with their marketing and their branding for this past year and they are absolutely growing at a phenomenal rate. So I’m going to play an audio excerpt and audio interview we did with April. Why? Dr. April lie. That’s La. I. I’ll look him up. It’s morrow lie and kitchen dentistry. It’s mlk dentistry.com and I’m going to play the audio excerpts. You can hear about the successes that they’re having this year and the only reason they’re having these successes is because one, they asked us to help them and we taught them a system, but two, they’re actually doing the system they’re actually delivering. So there they are growing at a phenomenal rate. So then he further ado our exclusive audio interview here with Dr. April lie from morrow lie and kindermann dentistry.

Hi, my name is April. I started practicing pediatric dentistry in 2002. I went to Oklahoma State University for my undergraduate and then went to the University of Oklahoma. I graduated in 1999, then went on to the University of Colorado Children’s hospital, pediatric dental residency and started practicing with Martin Morrow in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’ve always loved what we do. We love being pediatric dentist, but we just were not very good at putting our marketing ideas into practice. We’ve been able to implement our ideas and make them a reality since using the new approach. Um, it’s just brought a lot of new life to our practice. It’s increased patient significantly, but it’s also just brought an. Our staff loves the common goal that we all have. It’s just brought an excitement into our practice that we didn’t have before. For instance, last August we had 140 new patients compared to this August. We had 180 new patients and um, it’s just at the end of the month when you count that up, you just can’t deny what an impact that this new marketing approach has had on our office.

Steve Currington total lending concepts. You have a hot take on that audio interview with Dr. April lie about the growth of moral law and determine dentistry shoot to Osu and ou. Right. Can you do that? When I see her, I want to ask. I want to talk to her about that. This just super excited. I was like, holy. And then she graduated from. Oh, you know, Steve, I went to Oral Roberts University and one of the reasons I had a problem with oral Roberts University. Um, and by the way, I was just recently asked to speak at oral Roberts University to teach pastors about branding. But this right here was the part that made me crazy about or use. I’m going to play an actual audio excerpt from a man who spoke at oral Roberts University often, and I want you, Steve, you’ll go first, tell me the problem you have with this message, because again, branding is all about getting your.

That’s the collective impress you. Get your logo, get your website, you get all your marketing materials, make sure they look good, but the second is you have to actually deliver a product or service that people want, right? That’s how you make money. You solve a problem for people that they’re willing to pay you to solve. That’s all you do. That’s entrepreneurship. Find a problem that people have and solve it at a profit. That’s all entrepreneurship is. But there’s a guy who would come and speak at chapel often and this guy would make me so crazy every time he spoke that I had spent too much time here. And you had to go to chapel writer, you find. Yeah, and I had to listen to this guy. So I’m gonna play an audio excerpt from this guy preaching and you tell me if you have a problem with this.


Somebody shot at it.


I might push it out like a wild man tonight. In a few minutes. I’m telling you the glory of God. I’m telling you, you gonna get your money tonight. I’m telling you, look at somebody and tell them is my breakthrough time. Tell them to think about to around for me financially tonight. I’m telling you there’s a prophetic anointing on this and I’m telling you in Bocca happen, we gonna pull this level. Y’all call it a level up here. I’ll pull it three times and when we put it, something will happen to you.

We’re going to start a business, right? No, no. You’re just liver.

Why? You know the whole goal. That’s why I know it’s not by might, nor by power. It’s by his spirit, not by my speaking, not me being a go.

That’s why it gets better. Here we go. He works so excited.

You will never be the same after tonight. Is he talking about branding or workflows or systems or accounting or. No, you just have to disclaim it, I guess. Here we go. Look at them and tell them my bills paid.

Hello, Steve. You did debt collection. That’s how it works, right? Okay. Let’s keep going. This guy, he’s on fire. Go show me.

Oh Wow. This guy used to preach that crap at business conferences and I went to churches growing up where they bring in these kinds of morons. This guy’s name is Leroy Thompson. Leroy Thomas sounded like he suit Dole and the biggest, the biggest moron in the whole world, but people would go to chapel and they had no skills, no business, no workflow, no accounting, no sales scripts. That’s how you build a business, is what the real systems know. Clay, you go get a whole box of fortune cookies. He was whatever. There was pauses. He was turned around and he was smashing it on the table about that kind of wheel of fortune. You’ve heard these messages, but we’re in the knots. What does this. What do you think? Because you mute. I met some people that are. They don’t believe in Christ at all and they make millions because they have a product that solves a problem. I know people who do believe in Christ that are, you know, that are in poverty, right? Because they don’t solve a problem. Can you talk about these spiritual ramifications of not having a viable product or service? You know, I think that people, the concept of just the. There’s a book called the secret is the concept of having like positive energy and positive flow and speaking things into your life right now. Yeah, I mean, I agree that you need to have a positive attitude and that, that if you, if you’re a positive person that you know, you’ll maybe attract some positives. What do you say? Okay. Step one, be positive. Now the rest of the sermon, we’re gonna. Talk about building a workflow. Exactly. What was funny is I didn’t hear the end of that, but I guarantee you I didn’t have to hear the rest of it because dude, it’s the thrive time show on your radio

and now broadcasting live from the box that rocks. It’s the thrive time business conferences radio show.

Chicks, the mindset stuff, for instance, the magic button or something up that was then given to the street,

should I plaques it back me the tracks so I could get up on the buckets in the cash, making the Dash, the plaques, bringing them back from the tracks so I could get up on the market, speak the facts. All right,

nation. Welcome back to the conversation. It is the thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former United States Small Business Administration entrepreneur of the year, the father of five kids, the owner of 25 to 35 chickens depending upon how many predators we have in the backyard at any given time. And we have four. We via four cats. And why am I. Why am I telling you that? Because I’m a dude. I’m an average dude. I’ve happened to have my partner and I, Dr Zellner. We’ve built between the two of us, 14 multimillion dollar companies and it’s not because we’re geniuses. We just understand the process and the very beginning of the process is you want to have great branding. So there’s four ideas I want all the listeners to get today. You want to make sure your logo and your website and everything that people see looks worldclass, so just rate yourself on a scale of one to 10 with 10 being an awesome brand and a one being terrible, and if you feel like you need some help with your branding, your logo, your website, your print pieces, anything people see or touch or interact with that relates to your company, just our reach out to us today by going to thrive time show.com.

Schedule a one on one consultation, a 13 point analysis, and we can help you fix that. The second, the second main idea you have to deliver in the short term. You can’t just talk about having the world’s best pizza. The pizza has to be good. You can’t just talk about having the world’s best workshop. The workshop has to be good. You can’t just talk about offering a great haircut experience. The haircut has to be good and when possible, make it great. Now, the third concept I want to put in your mind, the third concept is you must make sure that people can actually find your product or service, and because the vast majority of humans start searching for the products and services they’re looking for with a google search from their smartphone, I think it’s very that everybody listening today knows how to optimize your website.

So step number one, there’s variable number one that allows you to optimize your website, and that is you want to get the most reviews. Objective reviews, according to Forbes, 88 percent of consumers now trust online reviews as much or more than a personal recommendation. Step two, you have to have the most original html, the most original html content on your website that stands for hypertext markup language. And there’s four ways you can do that. You could have a thoughtful blog that you write every day. You could record podcast, you transcribe, um, you can hire a team to write articles for you. Or if you’re a pastor or somebody who does a podcast or you preach, you teach, or whatever you’re doing, you can just transcribe what you’re doing on a daily basis and that will produce content for you. Now, the third variable that, that, uh, impacts your search engine rank is you have to have the most canonical compliant. She must adhere to Google’s established rules. And so we have debit on the show today. Devin is a member of the thrive time show team. He’s the web developer. Devin, can you explain what it means to have a google, a canonical, canonically compliant or a Google search engine compliant website?

Sure. So, um, there are several different pieces to this. Um, the most recent, I guess shift probably here in the last two or three years has been moving towards mobile compliance especially, um, is not just making sure that your site looks good on phones. You know, people apparently are looking up things on your phone and if it doesn’t look good or it doesn’t scale down or respond to being on your phone, then Google’s going to start ranking those sights lower. You can’t have junkie code, so if the person who’s built your website or it’s not built on wordpress and there’s a high chance that your code just isn’t going to be very clean and it’s going to slow down your site, all right? We can

help you with that. So if you don’t know if your site is up to par or what you can do to fix it, I’m just reach out to [email protected]. You can email us [email protected]. We can schedule a one on one consultation with you and show you how to fix your website. Now, the next, the next move, the next move is you’re going to have to have the most mobile compliance as Devin just spoke about. Okay? But it has to work in mobile. Now, the final branding concept I want to teach you today is you want to wow your customers, Steve. It’s not good enough just to do a good job. You have to wow the customer because when people are wowed, they tend to share. Now, the, uh, the, uh, Harvard business school did a case study, an article that appeared in the Harvard Business Review called the number you need to grow and it says here it and loyal customers talk up a company to their friends, family, and colleagues.

This, Justin, in fact, such recommendation is one of the best indicators of business conferences loyalty and growth because of the sacrifice, if you will, and making the recommendation when customers act as references. They do more than indicate that they’ve received good economic value from accompany, but they put their own reputations on the line. Again, Steve Martin says, become so good. They can’t ignore you. The brands with the highest. They called the net promoter score, but it’s how likely is somebody to refer you to a friend or family member. So you want to start to survey your customers and ask them, hey, on a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the highest and one being the worst, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or family member? And if they give you a score that ranks in that nine and 10 range, you’re going to grow.

But Steve, if you don’t, wow people, they’re not going to come back. Can you think of a restaurant in Tulsa, Steve, that you really like here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where maybe you and sally go out to it often and you, you just think, man, this is a good restaurant. Oh man, we don’t go out to eat that much, but I will tell you in a bixby, which is where we live, know the most popular is the chick fil a like and you can’t even go there between the hours of like 11 and one. Why? Because there’s a little like a liner on the building. They literally, they take your order in line halfway around the building and you don’t even order from the, like the drive up thing anymore. And then right next to it, Popeye’s ghost town. Hey, real quick, I have audio from the manager of one of the Popeye’s chicken places who saw the huge line around the chick fil A.

Yeah. And he realized there’s nobody in his line. I mean, logistically, if you want to get your chicken in like 10 minutes instead of 20, you could go over to their next door if you want to do. If you go to the chick fil a and they’re busy, you could go to Popeye’s and apparently, you know, people don’t want to do that. And so this is audio from an. I can’t verify it, but when people have said this might be the audio of the manager of the Popeye’s and what he was saying, um, when he saw the line, how big it was at chick filet and how small his line, if there wasn’t a line at all. I mean this is, this is the audio that someone has alleged was, was from, from him. Yeah. The manager reacting to the contrast of the chick fil a line versus his lack of the line.

Like I picked the wrong week, quit smoking, quit drinking. Like I picked the wrong week when I’m funimation

I picked the wrong. No, but seriously, why does anyone go there? Devin? Why does anyone go to that are allowing anyone or the opposite of real quick, real quick. I have audio, I have audio from the assistant manager and what he’s done. He gazed out the window and realized nobody’s going to Popeye’s, put everybody’s going to chick fil a and we’re next door to each other. This is what he allegedly said. Oh, was I guess billy’s the manager was so upset. He was crying. Devin, what’s a restaurant that you go to that you absolutely love here in broken Arrow or Tulsa? Oklahoma. I’m one that my wife and I absolutely love is number one kitchen. What? Chinese. It looks like a hole in the wall, but fantastic Chinese food.

Wow. What was the name of the restaurant did you like? So much. It is number one. Kitchen number one. Can I say something about number one kitchen? I heard that it’s actually twice as good as its closest competitor. Number two, kitchen.

What gap between first and second issue? The competition. You know, if you’re out there and you’re saying, know what I want. I don’t want to go to the second best automotive repair shop in Tulsa for my Ford. No, I have a Ford and Mark Ford is number one and I want to fix that. I want to fix that Mustang with class. I want to get it done the right way at the right price on time, on budget. I’ve got a transmission problem. Yeah, I’ve got a battery issue. I’ve got a suspension alignment issue, but you’ve got a lot of problems, but if I had all these problems, I’m looking for 80 years of combined experience. You want to go and visit our good friends at RC auto specialists. Now you might be saying to yourself, RC auto specialists, what’s the. I struggled with memorizing names and I would say to you,

you just want to go check out the auto fish because they have so pleasant and they’ve been held over 80 years of combined business conferences experience. The, I wouldn’t say thick thing, but I wouldn’t say it is beautiful. He didn’t do a great job and you’re just off the auto specialist.

You might be saying to yourself, listen buddy, I’m not going to remember it unless you really go all out and really sell me on the dream of going to rcs, specialist, fine.

If you want your life to be amazing and you have money to come up to you right now, all those specialists.com RC, I can’t guarantee money will come with two. You probably in fact get Kim to give them money, but go to RC auto specialists.com. There was an end the show with a boom, so here we go. Three, two, one. Boom. No.


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