When Your Stuff is Stuck in Your Zipper | Making the Tough Decisions Before You Go Broke – A Knowledge Bomb

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Do you have your metaphorical “stuff” caught in the metaphorical “zipper” of your business? If this is you then you will not want to miss out as Clay Clark explains the pain of finding yourself in a bad financially spot with no one to help.

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be.” – Jack Welch (The CEO who grew GE by 4,000% during his tenure as the CEO)
  2. DEFINITION MAGICIAN – Profound – very great or intense.
  3. Typically when you get your flesh stuck in your zipper you don’t tell anybody else.
  4. Typically it hurts in a profound way when you get your body caught in your zipper.
  5. When you really get your body stuck in your zipper, you either need somebody else’s help to get out or you just have to rip open that fly and tear that skin.
  6. After you free your body from the zipper you can’t really share it with anybody.


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Audio Transcription

Men, 13 multimillion dollar businesses, eight kids, one business coaching radio show. It’s the thrive time business coaching radio show. Get ready to enter the thrive time show. All right. Thrive live nation.

It is time for yet another thrive time. Show knowledge palm. Now. Today’s business coaching show is called when your stuff is stuck in your zipper. Tough decisions before you go broke, when your stuff is stuck in your zipper, zipper of live a hope decisions before you go broke. This is why have Chubb. Have you ever got your stuff stuck in your zipper? Luckily I have avoided that. Sits. Are you serious? I’ve been. Okay. Let me tell you. This is what happened to me when I was like in like I want to say maybe third grade. Okay. I remember the movie I went to. The what? What movie you’re talking about with Ben Stiller? Something about Mary. Okay. I have. It’s okay. It’s. It happens. That’s why I go to A. I went to a school at linwood elementary there for awhile in broken Arrow and they had these prefab buildings because they didn’t have the school.

It was almost like you were in a double wide, double wide school buildings. You weren’t actually, they weren’t actually attached to the building itself and uh, they had a covered awnings. He wouldn’t get wet when it rained, that kind of thing. And uh, I, you know, we’re going to the restroom and I’m a third grade boy, got jeans and businesses back in the 80, so the genes were kind of tighter. I mean, there wasn’t a whole lot of room there. So I zip and it’s like, oh, I’m not kidding. And I ended up getting my second the balls.

That’s not good to Volos. My, I got my flesh colored, uh, going, going first. I ended up getting my bag of marbles stuck in my zipper. If it’s not a laughing matter who it hurts so bad, it was like, oh no. Well then someone’s knocking like Internet to go at he’s restroom and it was a guy named Jp. He studied taekwondo. He was a, it was like second grade and he was willing to taekwondo really into Ninja stuff, but he’s like, dude, come on, you got to let me in there. Come on, I got to go, dude. Seriously. And I’m like, calm down. I’m working it out. He said, what are you doing in there? We have issues. Okay. And I realized like, my, I’m not kidding, like my dude wasn’t caught, but somehow the, the, the sack of fun was coming. So my, it was, it was bad.

And so I, and it was, it was awful. And so I didn’t know what to do it at the conference this past week, I met a guy who, who had his, uh, financial sack, scrotum stuck zipper like he’s down to like his last $7. Okay? And he’s going, dude, what am I going to do in this particular situation? This guy was in the fitness industry and we’re able to help the guy and I’m very happy about this. Okay? But this is a guy that, um, and those of you who listened to this podcast regularly, you know, that some of these podcasts are recorded a months before you hear him a year before you hear them. So there’s all different times. But the point is, there is a fitness guy and what happened with his partner was just screw it. So I guess his partner took out like 30 grand out of the, the the partnership account without his knowledge and check this out.

He actually opened up another business to compete directly with his own company. So there’s two partners. They’re splitting revenue. 50 slash 50. One partner takes all the money. I’d be account, opens up another business to compete directly and when the other partner confronts the guy and says, hey dude, why did you take all of her money and why are you starting a competition, a company that competes? He goes, because I never signed a noncompete and I can keep 100 percent when I bring in Super Shady. So of course. So the guy is at the conference, so to speak, with his flesh, stuck in his zipper very much. And he’s got his guy stuck in his fly. There you go. So I, I mean and so I explained this is what happens is okay. So typically when you get your, your flesh stuck in your zipper, you don’t tell anybody else because you don’t want anyone else to know.

I mean they’re going. Jps knocked on the, on the, Hey Jay, I got to use the restroom buddy. Bill collectors are calling. Hey, I gotta get paid money to get my paycheck. And the parallels are, are so similar because you never want to tell your friends or your employees, your family that you’re out of money, but at the same. So you want to like, act like it’s okay, but at the same time like it’s not okay, right? There’s some bad stuff happen. And so the business coaching conference, I told the guy, listen here, let’s go into the box that rocks. So you can just talk privately. We’ll, we’ll, we’ll talk about this. But I found that typically it hurts in a profound way when your body is caught in your zipper, it hurts in a profound way when you are financially running out of money. Now, chip, I want you to look up the definition of profound as I read this next Jack Welch quote, but Jack Welch, the CEO of Ge who grew the company by 4,000 percent during his tenure states face reality as it is not as it was or as you wish it to beat.

He says, face reality as it is not as it was or as you wish it to be. That is so important that you face reality as it is and not as it was or as you wish it to be profound me. It’s what jump, having or showing great knowledge or insight. It hurts in a powerful, a great. You like learn. Oh, here’s another that got another definition. Yes, very great or intense, right? That is the one we’re looking at. I’m just saying for other women out there who can’t relate and all the guys that there who can relate, I’m telling you, when you look down at your zipper and you see the zippers, it’s usually the different tongues that fit into locking metal teeth. Look down. I’m looking a third grade, but I looked down and I noticed that my stuff, my junk is stuck in the zipper and I realize I can’t share this with anybody else because if I do, if I went out there and I come out there and like that, I tell the teacher, hey, I have like my stuff stuck in my zipper.

She’s immediately going to like either laugh or not know what to do or not. If I tell the other guys and I said, I said Jp, I used to come on in here, help me. He would like to do. That’s crazy. Now, like nobody really empathizes or sympathizes with this idea. Right? So when you get your body stuck in your Zipper, you either need somebody else’s help to get out or you just have to rip it open, rip open that fly and tear that skin. Oh. So I’m in the bathroom and JP, he’s like, dude, I’m serious. I have got to use the restroom. I guess he was a third grader, so send them. We’re like this dude. I’m very serious. I got to use the restroom. Could have on my pants and I’m like, okay, calm down. And I just go, I just do it just. And the thing is, I’m not kidding. The first time I tried to unzip it, it didn’t work.

And as I do it, a fountain of blood begins to pour onto the floor. Weak in the knees. Right now I’m seeing, but it’s pouring on the floor. It looks like somebody has killed a rat. There’s just blood everywhere. And so I then had dark, dark, think thing. The Lord had dark, dark blue jeans on the darkest blue jeans. You could, you could buy the lease. Dark blue jeans. Uh, I take the indigo color. I ended up like I, I take the Brown paper towels that were in the dispenser and exactly what it favorite towns. You don’t know why all of the blood and trying to then just tuck it in and I get home and I am not kidding my entire, like, my underwear is just soaked with blood. Oh my God dude. But it actually, I began my underwear begin to scab with my body.

Stick to it. Yes. So I had to rip it off. I’m like, so then I don’t mind mom to know or my dad. So I throw away the underwear, I throw it away, I get rid of it, so I throw it away because I don’t want them to know either get rid of the evidence. And then, um, where it’s like the 80. So we’re wearing tight pants. You remember the eighties. So every time I sit down I’m like, and people are like, what’s going on? I’m like, oh, my leg hurts. My leg real. I’m not kidding. My junk was stuck in my zipper. And it might be you. If you’re right now and you find yourself in a spot where you financially are screwed, like you are just totally screwed. I want to help you get your junk out of your zipper. Here we want you to do metaphorically is I want you to book a ticket to a thrive time show workshop.

Yes. Now we had a guy from Michigan that did this. He booked a ticket, a guy from Florida who just did this guy from Canada. They all did this move and it’s a move you can do and I don’t think it’s a weird move. It’s a great move. You just go on to itunes and leave us an objective review about how the podcast has impacted you or helped you and we’re going to give you a free ticket. All you gotta do is leave an objective review and you get a free ticket to the workshop. Okay. So you’re saving yourself tutor and 50 bucks obviously. Obviously you still have to get here, but then, um, when you say, well, I would like to eat lunch when I’m there and I let to get a free boom book. So you might be out like 30 bucks or something.

But the point is you get the book your workbook, you get the lunch, it’s like 30 bucks if you’re not, you’re not paying the ticket cost so to speak. And then at the workshop we keep them small on purpose. I, we don’t go, you know, 400 people. We keep them small and we break into groups from time to time and you can ask us a question and I can, I can, I can sit down with you. I personally can sit down with you at the workshop. We personally sat down with real people in the conference room and you taught them search engine optimization. Yeah, that’s right. And it’s not comfortable to share with a big group about your frustrations or lack of understanding of search engines, but in a smaller group, why was that so powerful dude?

Right. It was very, very easy to interact. So as I was leading the class, it was cool. It was about an hour long is all. Yeah. And so I was able to really, um, I could see their faces hone in, hey, it looks like I’m, I’m not doing a good enough job explaining this topic. My man ask me your question. Yeah. So we can really interact with the people and breaking them up like that. And then coming back together was really, really cool experience.

And so here is the, the, the, once you do pull it out of the zipper. A No exaggeration, I had a scab for the longest time, the craziest scabs. It hurts so bad all the time. I played soccer at the time, was not good at soccer, but fit on a jock strap and it hurt. I remember like, oh my gosh, that is brutal man. And then. But I never told it to anybody until right now. That’s. So. I’ve only shared this with you. A couple people, so thrive nation, if you can just not share this with anybody except for you in the hundreds of thousands of other people that listen to the podcast and I’m in a maximum of three people. If we could just commit that you will not share this podcast with more than three, no more than three. Because what happens is when you do avoid a financial crisis, I sat down with the fitness guy and this is what I told the fitness guy, here’s the deal.

You charge how much a month? He says, roughly a hundred and 50 a month for my personal training services. It’s like a group training kind of thing, like a class. I said, here’s what you do. You’re going to tell people that you’re going to charge him 150 a month or if they want to prepay for the year, it’s only for 50. And he’s like, dude, that doesn’t make sense. I’m giving them like three months. I only charged them for three months and I’m giving them like a year and I said, I know, but by doing that it’s a complete no brainer and people are gonna say yes and long do people stick around anyway? And he’s like, oh, maybe three to four months. I’m like, okay, cool, but you got to do that Bro. Transfer start talking about. And this guy began doing this business coaching move. He texts me on a Monday after the workshop, there’s a Monday after the workshop.

He says, Hey, I’m, I’ve got. I closed three today and I’m like three what? And he goes, I got the three man, I got a thousand bucks. I just kept building up that momentum, but if it hadn’t been for that interaction at the workshop in me knowing that his partner screwed him in knowing that his junk was stuck in the zipper and he didn’t want to talk to his wife about it, he didn’t want to share with his employees, but he was honestly like almost out of money, like done like bankruptcy. We’re done. I mean, cash is the bloodstream for your business. It is the lifeblood without oxygen. You die without cash or business dies. He was almost there and when we got done, I said, dude, do not go because he was like, I’m going to go on social media and share how you helped me to go from almost bankruptcy.

I go, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Do not write on facebook or twitter or youtube or anywhere. Don’t post clay. Clark helped me go from on the verge of bankruptcy to success because what’s going to happen is all the employees who work for you now are going to think like, oh my gosh, like’s happening. What was, you’re going to kill your confidence, so again, sometimes you have to keep those things close to yourself, but if your junk is stuck in your Zipper, I would encourage you to book your tickets to our next in person. Thrive time show workshop. You find the thrive time show on Itunes, you subscribe, you leave us an objective review, an email ship, email us, proof that you did it to info at thrive time, show.com, and we will give you free tickets to our next in person. Thrive time show business coaching workshop, and all you have to pay for is the workbook and lunch. So without any further, I do three. Two.

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