Why 94% of Rich People Choose to Filter Their Emotions – A Knowledge Bomb

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Learn when to say that you don’t like your boss, your Christmas gift or anything else and learning when to say nothing at all.

Over time you will realize that the people who are really your friends are people that you share values, time and goals with.

Over time you will realize that the people who are really not your friends and who are potentially even your enemies are people who you do not share values, time and goals with:

DEFINITION – Enemy – One that is antagonistic to another.

FACT – “6% of wealthy say what’s on their mind vs. 69% for poor.” – Tom Corley (Best-selling author of Habits of the Rich)  – https://www.success.com/16-rich-habits/

FACT – “94% of rich people choose to filter their emotions.” – Tom Corley (Best-selling author of Habits of the Rich)  https://www.success.com/16-rich-habits/

Real Life Situations:

  1. Situation #1 – Not liking the Christmas gift that someone bought you.
  2. Situation #2 – Not liking a person’s haircut
  3. Situation #3 – Not like a person’s personality, world-view or values.

Giving Gifts and Watching My Wife’s Face:

  1. Victoria’s Secret Underwear
  2. Nike Shoes – Vanessa wears size 6.5 shoes (not 7)
  3. She likes liked the Silver Nike Shoes
  4. She liked the Joanna Gaines book on home decorating:
    1. Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave – https://www.amazon.com/Homebody-Guide-Creating-Spaces-Never/dp/006280197X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1545766720&sr=1-1&keywords=joanna+gaines  
  5. She liked the Joanna Gaines recipe book:
    1. Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering – https://www.amazon.com/Magnolia-Table-Collection-Recipes-Gathering/dp/006282015X/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1545766769&sr=1-3&keywords=joanna+gaines
  6. She liked the wood cutting boards
  7. She likes Yoga pants
  8. She was undecided about the Capri yoga pants
  9. She loves the organic chocolate
  10. I love the coconut body butter that I will rub all over her body and it’s really a gift for just for me.
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Audio Transcription

Grabbed the duck tape and mentally prepare yourself for yet another mind expanding knowledge bomb from America’s number one business coach, Clay Clark.

Oh, thrive nation. Welcome back to another exciting edition of the thrive time show on your radio and podcast. Download today’s knowledge bomb episode. We’re talking about when to say nothing at all and why 94 percent of rich people choose to filter their emotions. I feel like you said 94 percent and that’s a very high noper again, why 94 percent of rich people choose to filter their emotions according to Tom Corley and his best selling book called the habits of the rich, which has been featured on Dave Ramsey and countless other media publications. So it’s just provide a real example of what I’m talking about right away to get the show started off with a bang. Should you have received a Christmas gift and you did not like the Christmas gift? Should you share with the other person that you in fact did not like the Christmas gift

You tell the person who bought you the gift that you in fact don’t like. Look, gift will. If, if you do tell the person who bought the gift that you don’t like the gift in our Western culture, you’re not going to be liked. I mean people are not going to like you and there’s a strong to 100 percent chance that the person who bought you the gift is now going to be irritated with you. They’re going to be frustrated with you. I’m going to call you unappreciative and this explains the phenomenon of American idol. American idol is a known as a show that showcases a lot of very talented vocalists, singers, and performers, but yet also American idol has been known to share a horrible audition with American

John. Let me Yay someone outside. She sure

that you are a better person than me and you probably don’t process the audition the way that I do, but everybody in the viewing audience is laughing at that guy and the only one who doesn’t get the joke is performing and it’s because the people around him have either not been asked to provide sincere feedback or the person performing is a delusional optimist who does not want sincere feedback. It wouldn’t be queue up. Just another audio example from the American idol show.

my friend. If you are this guy’s friend, are you aware this guy’s friend and he asked you for sincere feedback? Do you like my performance? Do you think I’m good? Do you think I should try out for American idol? I believe it would be incumbent upon you to tell your friend, you should not go on national TV and perform a. maybe you need to hire a vocal coach or maybe you need to choose another profession, but you my friend should not go on American idol, but if your friend didn’t ask you for feedback and they just performed in front of you in our western culture, you would be viewed as a dream killer, as a horrible person, as a bad guy, as a mean person. If you told the person that same information. So here’s what I’m telling you on today’s show. If you want to be successful in the western culture that is famous for having endorsed capitalism, then you definitely need to learn when to say nothing at all and you need to understand that 94 percent of rich people choose to filter their emotions.

While a remarkable 69 percent of poor people say that they keep it real, that they share how they feel that they are going to tell you like it is. Well my friend. If you want to be poor, if you want to be real poor, then you need to keep it real. But if you want to become really successful, I would strongly encourage you to not share your feedback with other people unless they ask for it. And so let’s look at my 2018 Christmas gift giving to my wife as an example. When she opens the gifts, I watch her face because I can know subconsciously, consciously on a deeper level, whatever I can know whether she likes the gifts or not. So she opens up the first gift and here is my annual Victoria’s secret gift that I will share with you and only the hundreds of thousands of other listeners out there.

So let’s keep it private as I share about my annual voyage to Victoria’s secret and I try to get there early when no one else was there. And when the person comes up to me who’s all dressed in black and says, sir, what do you need? Any help finding anything. And I tried to play it off like I’m cool. Like, no, no, I was just browsing in here for various high level things. I’m fine. I will be over here looking through the pantry section and trying to find the smalls, you know, all my own. I don’t need your help and looking for the Bra and it’s just a whole deal is easy for me. I’ve got to a level of maturity where I. It’s easy for me to shop here if you don’t know what I’m saying.

Can you say something? I was just smelling smiling. Blouse browsing. It is warm in here. Oh, do I. out of that happened a bit nippy out nippy.

It was all worth it too because when she opened up her gifts from Victoria secret, she was wowed one mega point for me. Now, when she went to open her shoes, here is where the first gift giving mishap occurred. I gave my wife a two pairs of shoes, one pair of shoes that were six and a half size, six and a half, and one pair of shoes that were a size seven. However, upon further review, my wife does not wear size seven. Nike running shoes sheet, wears size six and a half running shoes. Should she tell me that she doesn’t like the running shoes that don’t fit her, or should she run around getting blisters with shoes that slide around while she’s wearing them and running? Well, I believe to have a, a sincere and candid relationship with my wife. She should tell me that the shoes don’t fit, which is what she did. However, in our western culture, if she told me that she did not like our shoes and I did not ask her for feedback, what would have happened?

Somebody would have been offended, somebody would have been upset, so my friend, I would, I would ask you this today. When you are giving people feedback, are you making sure that the person who you’re giving feedback to actually once your feedback, because sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all because again, 94 percent of rich people choose to filter their emotions according to Tom Corley in his bestselling book. The habits of the rich. Keeping it real sometimes is the key to keeping it real poor. Now, if the person you are talking to is somebody who you share their values and you share time with and they’ve told you that, they want you to give them sincere feedback, that I would give them sincere feedback, but don’t give people feedback unless they’re asking for feedback unless you want to be the most hated person on the planet.

So my next gift, I gave my wife a book, Joanna Gaines from the Magnolia market. I gave her the book. It’s the chip and Joanna show. I gave her the book home body, a guide to creating spaces you never want to leave and looking at her face again. I looked at her face, she loved it, right, and then I gave my wife another gift, need Joanna gaines recipe book and judging based upon her face, she loved it. Then I gave my wife some wood cutting boards, cutting boards, and again, based upon her feedback, she loved it and then I gave my wife some yoga pants and she loved it. I was on fire. Then I gave my wife some Capri Yoga pants and I don’t know whether she liked it or didn’t like it. I think when I gave my wife the gift, she was thinking to herself, Capri Yoga pants

maybe. I don’t know,

can I wear this emotion on my face so I don’t know whether she liked him or not because I don’t think that she knew whether she liked him or not, but then when I gave my wife these organic chocolate candy bars, holy crap, my wife loved these. Then when I gave my wife this incredible gift, the gift I gave my wife was incredible.

Yes, and the next gift that I gave my wife with so beautiful with the gift of coconut body butter, because this is the gift that robot over her body essentially like just the effect that, you know what I’m saying, that this gift was like a boot fade effect thing. This was a gift I gave for her fail, but then the gift was altered because it like a dual pill. You don’t think this gift was so nice.

Live nation. The point is sometimes you need to say nothing at all and in fact, 94 percent of rich people choose to filter their emotions. My wife sincerely gives me feedback about the gifts that she loves and doesn’t love because she cares about me and because I had given her permission to give her that honest feedback into my life, but the vast majority of people don’t want unsolicited feedback. So if you want to become successful and the western culture that we live in, you’ve got to learn when to say nothing at all. Which is basically what. Yes, you have to learn when to say nothing at all, which is basically time. Unless the person is asking you first, sincere and candid feedback, if you give somebody feedback that’s unsolicited, it’s not going to go well. That person is not going to appreciate it and you will ultimately end up living in a van down by the river as a result of your overly candid feedback. You’re providing the people without their permission, my friend. If you are giving people sincere and unfiltered feedback, without their permission, you are not going to have success in life, is not going to treat you kindly.

You kids are probably saying to yourselves, Hey, I’m going to go out and I’m going to get the world by the tail and wrap it around and calmed down and put it in my pocket. Well, I’m here to tell you that you’re probably gonna. Find out as you go out there that you’re not going to amount to Jack Squat,

and that is unfortunately true. If you do not learn this concept that is 94 percent of rich people choose to filter their emotions. Yet the vast majority of poor people feel the need to share with their boss, their manager, their new girlfriend. They’re honest, objective and candid feedback because they want to keep it, quote unquote real, and if you do that, people are not going to appreciate it. And if any further ado, we’d like to in each and every show with a boom. And so here we go. Three, two, one, boom.


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